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Visa Regulations

No V isa type Period Fees A uthority
-220 riyals for each visa
Directory of
Visit visa for One month renewable for a maximum period of five -50 riyals for each Residents Affairs
1 family months for immediate relatives and two months for other companion in the passport in the General ____
members relatives Directory of
-220 riyals for each month Passports
of renewal
-520 riyals for the wife Directory of
Visit visa for Residents Affairs
2 wives and One year or more in the General ____
children -120 riyals for each Directory of
companion in the passport Passports
Work visa Directory of
Approval of the
under the Residents Affairs
3 sponsorship One year or more 220 riyals in the General
Committee of
of companies Directory of
and institutes Passports
Work visa
-220 riyals for Qataris Directory of
under Approval of the
Residents Affairs
personal Permanent
4 One year or more in the General
sponsorship -1020 riyals for non- Committee of
Directory of
(servants and Qataris Recruiting
The visa visit
-220 riyals Directory of
should be valid
Residents Affairs
for a period
5 Return visa ____ in the General
50 riyals for each longer than the
Directory of
companion in the passport Passports person’s stay
- two-way ticket
on the Qatari

-50 riyals for each two -either the

Directory of
weeks presence of
Residents Affairs
6 Tourist visa Two weeks renewable for two more weeks in the General
relatives in Qatar
- 20 riyals for each Directory of
or booking at a
companion Passports

- an amount of
5000 riyals or its
Issued at the
Directory of entry on
Residents Affairs condition that
50 riyals for each two
7 Business visa Two weeks renewable for two more weeks in the General there is a deputy
Directory of from the
Passports company or
- 50 riyals Directory of Valid residence
Residents Affairs permit in one of
Visa for GCC
8 Two weeks renewable for another two weeks in the General GCC countries
residents -20 riyals for each Directory of for at least three
companion Passports months
Directory of
Visa for
Residents Affairs
companions One month renewable according to the request of the
9 100 riyals for each month in the General ____
of GCC sponsor
Directory of
- 100 riyals for each month
if the sponsor is a company
or an institute The Permanent
10 Work visa Six months or less Committee for ____
- 20 riyals for each month if
the sponsor is a person

- five days and can be extended - The Directory of The lorry should
Lorry Residents Affairs be Qatari
drivers’ visa - 100 riyals for each month licensed or
- three months for a number of travels
-Qatari missions owned by one of
- visa fees obtained abroad abroad GCC nationals

http://english.mofa.gov.qa/visa.htm 5/16/2011
Visa Regulations Page 2 of 3

+ fax fees -The directory of and loading

Passports of goods from GCC
Entries countries
Issued for
technicians, and
workers with
- 300 riyals+50 riyals for short-term
- not exceeding six months each companion contracts and
Multi-visit Directory of employees of
visa Recruiting Affairs foreign
-not exceeding one year -600 riyals+50 riyals for companies that
each companion have branches in
Qatar whose
residence in
Qatar is for a
short period.


1. V isas of com panions of the nationals of GCC countries:

These are issued for servants, drivers, nurses and wives accompanying the sponsors or their families. They are issued for a period of one month that can
be extended. The fees are one hundred riyals.

2. V isas of sailors' transit: these are issued to sailors of Qatar Navigation Company or Qatar Petroleum to board or unboard ships in Qatar's regional
water. They are issued at the land or air entries to the sea entry and vice versa for a period of 48 hours. The fee is 120 riyals.

3. T ourist and business visas: These are for 33 countries, namely, USA, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan,
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, The
Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The visas are issued directly
without special conditions.

4. T he joint Qatari-Om ani tourist visa is issued to the citizens of the above mentioned 33 countries without any special conditions for a period of
three weeks through Qatari missions abroad for a fee of 70 riyals or through the country's entries for a fee of 55 riyals. The visa is extendable for one
week through the Directory of Residents' Affairs for a fee of 70 riyals.

Rules for joint visit visa between Qatar & Oman

1. The joint visit visa can be obtained from the entry Points of the two countries or from embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions.

2. The validity of the visa is three weeks and can be renewed for another week from the General Directorate of Border, Passports and Aliens
affairs for the State of Qatar and Oman.

3. This visa shall be null and void if the holder enters any third country other than the two countries. In this case, tourists can get new visas at
one of the countries’ entries.

4. Fees collected for this purpose will be according to each country’s regulation ( 55 Qatari Riyals for Qatar).

5. The fine value for non renewal of the expired visa is according to each country’s rules and regulations (200 Qatari Riyals per day for Qatar)
regardless of which of the two countries issued the visa.

6. The holder of this joint visit visa will not be permitted to enter either of the two countries, if the visa is invalid unless he obtains a new one,
he will be granted the visa from the embassy , consulate or the diplomatic mission of that country.

http://english.mofa.gov.qa/visa.htm 5/16/2011
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7. This visa will be stamped along with the other obtained visiting visa by the embassy or the authorities at the point of entry.

8. The holder of the visa can enter the other country directly without having to go to the country which first granted him the visa.

http://english.mofa.gov.qa/visa.htm 5/16/2011