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By Grant M

Keith Richards


Life by Keith Richards is a biography on Keith Richards life. kicked out of many southern states when they started coming to
Keith Richards was born December 18th, 1943 into a poor family America for not being the good ole boy type band. This led to
in Dartford right outside of London. His parents were Bert and depression in some years for Keith but he would soon overcome
Doris Richards. He was a restless child who always found himself these downfalls and would become a member of one of the most
in trouble. His parents didn’t know how to keep him busy all the famous bands of all time.
time so they bought him a guitar. He would play for his family I liked how the book had so many details about his life. Their
when they would take trips to the shore and it was a way for him were many stories that talked about how he overcame some
to connect to other people. The city of Dartford was a poor mill situations and how popular the band actually was. If I was to
town along the Thames. Keith would ride through old buildings change one thing in the book I would of made things a little more
falling down on his bike everyday and he would say “I’ll never compressed. Some stories really got dragged out, and it became
make it out of this town.” This would be true because he was a boring in some parts like when he talked about biking along the
poor student and he would end up a factory worker just like his river in his old town of Dartford. Besides that I felt the book was
father Bert. He grew up in the same town with his good friend very interesting and I would not change anything.
Mick. Keith was influenced by jazz and loved to listen to musicians Someone who really enjoys music would enjoy this book. It
such as Miles Davis. They would end up starting a blues band that doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, this book can still be
turned into the Rolling Stones. entertaining. Someone who enjoys history would enjoy this book
The Rolling Stones started getting popular playing new music to because it talks about how the Rolling Stones grew up with a
called rock and roll around the year 1960. They became one of the generation and how the band changed people. It explains how
biggest bands after their song “Satisfaction” which made them people were thinking back in the 1960’s and how much racism
superstars in 1964. They would end up getting evicted from then was in the south. It was interesting how some people tried to
concerts for their behavior and they would be scolded by parents outlaw rock music to. I really cant think of someone who cant
and government officials for being “evil”. As the band grew Keith enjoy
became an alcoholic and eventually a drug addict. They had been


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