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Iona colledge History

You already have a life. Now you can get the tools to make it better.

Iona College takes its name from the island of Iona just off the west coast of Scotland. On this tiny island an Irish
monk, Columba, established an abbey from which missionaries went forth to teach. It was in the spirit of this heritage that the religious order of
educators, the Congregation of Christian Brothers, founded Iona College in New Rochelle, New York in 1940.

In 1962, Iona began its graduate program, offering its first advanced degree (Pastoral Counseling). Today, the School of Arts and Science offers
16 master's and certificate programs to over 800 students.

Iona College offers many important aspects of a graduate education that other schools do not. From our commitment to a technology-based
education and academic programs that offers the most viable and flexible career options, Iona meets the needs of adult students. Classes meet
once per week and are conveniently scheduled during late afternoon and evening hours. Some of our graduate programs also offer classes on
the weekends and through distance learning.

A dynamic and dedicated faculty, all accomplished experts in their field, ensure that you will never be just another face in the crowd. Classes are
kept intentionally small, usually fewer than 20 students, allowing for lively discussion and interaction both in and outside of the classroom.

Welcome to the website of Iona's School of Arts and Science. Through its 22 academic departments, the
School offers BA, BS, MA, and MS degrees in over 30 areas of study as well as several non-degree certificate
programs. Through our major programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, we offer courses of study in
the traditional liberal arts disciplines and in selected pre-professional and professional programs designed to
provide academic challenge, intellectual depth, which are rooted in liberal learning. The Arts & Science
programs serve both traditional-age and returning-adult students. They provide a challenging education which
involves an appropriate mix of classroom instruction, independent research, and internship or practical

An Iona education equips students with the skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing environment:
critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, problem solving, ethical decision making, computer
competency, and scientific and technological literacy. Our foundation in the liberal arts enables students to
develop the habits of mind associated with our most precious human heritage: those ideas, beliefs, and writings
that are the basis of intellectual, cultural, and moral development.

We have an exceptional faculty of teacher-scholars who have both the academic credentials and practical
experience necessary to deliver an outstanding education. Our facilities are well-designed and equipped to meet contemporary technological
demands. We continue to develop new programs that enrich the academic experience at Iona and prepare students to meet the challenges of
a complex world. Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you’ll consider Iona as your college of choice.

Alexander Eodice, PhD,

Dean of the School of Arts and Science

Email : aeodice@iona.edu
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Graduate Programs
Graduate Degree Programs
Arts & Science Home Mission Graduate Degree Programs
Statement Message from the The following programs are offered at both the New Rochelle Campus and the Rockland Campus unless othe
Dean Freshmen Advising noted.
Program Graduate Programs Computer Science visit department
Overview Graduate Degrees MS in Computer Science
Advisement International Students Counseling (New Rochelle campus only) visit department
Graduate Admissions MS in Family Therapy MS in Pastoral Counseling Certificate in Family Therapy
Scholarships & Financial Aid Post Master's Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
Jewish-Catholic Studies Iona Post Master's Certificate in Gerontological Counseling
Spirituality Institute Journals & Criminal Justice visit department
Organizations Dean's Symposia MS in Criminal Justice
Rudin/Driscoll Professor
Education visit department
Faculty Hiring Faculty
MS in Teaching (for career changers) in Early Childhood (Birth - Grade2)
Development & Travel
M.S in Teaching (for career changers) in Childhood (Grade 1-6)
Committee Study Abroad
MS in Teaching (for career changers) in Adolescence Education (Grade 7-12)
Student Forms
specialization in Biology (New Rochelle only)
Registrar/Calendars Iona
specialization in English
College Catalogs
specialization in Mathematics
specialization in Spanish (New Rochelle only)
Blackboard Login Contact specialization in Italian
Information Directions Career MS in Education in Elementary Education with a Specialization in Science (New Rochelle only)
Opportunities MS in Education in Secondary Subjects
Undergraduate (914) 633-2207 specialization in Biology (New Rochelle only)
Graduate (914) 633-2208 specialization in English
Fax Number (914) 633-2329 specialization in Mathematics
specialization in Social Studies
specialization in Spanish (New Rochelle only)
specialization in Italian
MS in Education in Multicultural Education
MS in Education in Educational Leadership
MS in Education in Literacy Education
Educational Technolgy visit department
MS in Educational Technology
Certificate in Educational Technology
English visit department
MA in English (Also see MS in Teaching and MS in Education)
Foreign Languages visit department
MA in Italian
MA in Spanish (New Rochelle only)
(Also see MS in Teaching and MS in Education- Italian and Spanish)
Health Services Administration visit department
(Offered additionally at Lenox Hill Hospital )
MS in Health Services Administration
Post Master's Certificate in Health Services Administration
Certificate in Long Term and Post Acute Care Administration
History visit department
MA in History (specialization in Global Studies)
(Also see MS in Teaching and MS in Education - Social Studies)
Journalism visit department
MS in Journalism (specialization in On-Line Journalism and Print Journalism)
Mass Communication visit department
MA in Communication (specialization in Organizational Communication and Public Relations)
Advanced Certificate in Communication Arts
Psychology (New Rochelle Campus only) visit department
MA in Psychology with a specialization in experimental psychology or industrial organizational psychology or
psychology (for provisional certification as a school psychologist)
MA in Mental Health Counseling, New York State license qualifying program
Telecommunications visit department
MS in Telecommunications
Certificate in Telecommunications
Education Partner - Communication Managers Association
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Graduate Programs
International Students
Arts & Science Home Mission International Students
Statement Message from the Prospective International St
Dean Freshmen Advising
Program Graduate Programs
Overview Graduate Degrees Thank you for your interest in
Advisement International Students School of Arts and Science. W
Graduate Admissions you are considering our gradu
Scholarships & Financial Aid continue your professional ed
Jewish-Catholic Studies Iona
Spirituality Institute Journals & Iona College provides limited
Organizations Dean's Symposia living accommodations for gra
Rudin/Driscoll Professor and can help you with off-cam
Faculty Hiring Faculty arrangements. See more infom
Development & Travel
Committee Study Abroad
Student Forms
Registrar/Calendars Iona
College Catalogs

The following documents are required to evaluate acceptance into our

Blackboard Login Contact master’s programs:
Information Directions Career
Undergraduate (914) 633-2207 • Application Form and Application Fee (US $25).
Graduate (914) 633-2208
Fax Number (914) 633-2329
• Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate studies
with an assessment from the World Education Services
(www.wes.org) or an equivalent agency. The Edmund Rice
Scholarship is awarded on the basis of cumulative undergraduate
• Three Letters of Recommendation from supervisors or college
faculty who have direct knowledge of your academic aptitude and
potential for success in a graduate program.
• TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): A minimum
score of 550 on the paper-based test or 213 on the computer-
based test is required. See TOEFL web site for additional
information. TOEFL scores are accepted only when test results
are within 3 years from the intended start of a program.
• Our International Admissions Officer will assist you in securing an
I-20 form upon acceptance into a graduate program. You will be
asked to complete a Financial Statement and Affidavit of Support

You can apply online through the Admissions website

On-Campus Living Accomodations

Our Office of Residential Life will assist you in securing off-campus private
housing. If you have additional questions concerning the Admissions
process or the program curricula, I would be happy to help you further. We
look forward to welcoming you into our Graduate Studies program.
Telephone: (914) 633-2502
E-mail: admissions@iona.edu

1. Those members of the faculty presenting papers at conferences will receive the highest level of support. Junior faculty members will
be given preference over senior faculty members with tenure. The committee strongly feels that junior faculty need the highest level
of support to be visible and to publish. It is also assumed that senior faculty members should be established in their field and their
travel expenses will sometimes be covered by external funding sources.
2. Those members of the faculty chairing conference sessions, serving as organization officers will receive a lower level of support.
Officers in major organizations should be compensated for their travel by the organization. Most major ones do so. Please ask your
organization to consider such compensation. We will continue to sponsor those who do not receive any compensation, or to cover the
balance of those who do receive partial compensation.
3. Those members of the faculty requesting development funds or simply attending conferences will receive the lowest level of support
or, at times, if there are any funds left over.
4. The maximum amount is $1,200 per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
5. Do not send any receipts with your application—you will submit them to the Dean’s office after your request has been approved by
the committee.
6. Any material such as an official letter from a sponsoring organization, conference website, program etc. will help alleviate any
questions we may have.
7. Requests for summer travel (July 1 to September 6) will now be considered in the Spring semester. Please check the website for
deadlines. If you do not submit the application for summer travel on time, then it can be submitted in the fall.
8. Please be very specific as to the date and the exact location of the conference. Make sure you have the name of the sponsoring
organization. Do not rush your application and write clearly. This will help us speed the process.
9. If you are requesting funds for faculty development, be very specific as to the nature of your request. Remember that this category
receives the lowest funding priority. Only those requests that have a clear plan and publication objective may receive funding.
10. Travel to meetings for the purpose of program accreditation is funded from another source. Please have your chair contact the Dean

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Office of Graduate Admissions
the process
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for most programs. You may apply online or request that an application be sent to you by mail.
Applications must be completed one week prior to the start of each term and should be sent to the campus you intend to attend (New Rochelle
or Rockland). Contact the Office of Admissions for specific admission requirements, information about the program, to arrange an appointment,
or find out about the next scheduled information session.
how to apply
Complete the application by submitting the following:
- Complete application form
- Submit official transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate college attended
- Submit three professional letters of recommendation (from faculty or a supervisor in an employment situation)
- Submit the $50 application fee
- Some programs require the general test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) if the cumulative undergraduate GPA is below 3.0.
Contact the Admissions Office for details.
- An interview is a required part of the admission process for applicants to Journalism, Marriage and Family Therapy, Pastoral Counseling, and
Public Relations.

application materials should be sent to the campus you wish to attend:

New Rochelle Campus Rockland Graduate Center
Office of Graduate Admissions Office of Graduate Admissions
School of Arts and Science School of Arts and Science
Iona College Rockland Graduate Center
715 North Avenue 2 Blue Hill Plaza
New Rochelle, NY 10801 Concourse Level
(914) 633-2502 Pearl River, NY 10965
Admissions@iona.edu (845) 620-1350

Student Financial Services

(914) 633-2497

the process
Funding options available for Iona graduate students are College-based merit scholarships or loans. You are urged to begin the financial aid
application process at least six weeks prior to the start of the term for which aid is sought.

1. Apply for admission to the College.

2. To receive financial aid, all students must be accepted to Iona College and have completed the FAFSA form every year by our required
April, 15 deadline. Failure to submit the FAFSA will result in the loss of any scholarship.
3. Submit copies of your most recent federal income tax return to Student Financial Services.
4. Respond to the financial aid package sent to you, and complete paperwork required for loan disbursement.

funding options
Please refer to the course catalog for complete eligibility requirements.
Click here for a complete list of scholarship funding options.
Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans: Eligibility is determined through the FAFSA. These loans are guaranteed by the federal government.
The maximum loan is $8,500 per year. No interest accrues for students enrolled at least half-time. Eligibility requires enrollment for at least six
credits per term.

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans: The loans are made in conjunction with the Subsidized Stafford Loan program. Eligibility is
determined through the FAFSA. The maximum loan is $10,000 per year. Principal and interest can be deferred while in school. Eligibility
requires enrollment for at least six credits per term.

Federal Grad Plus Loan: The Grad Plus allows you to cover your entire education costs minus financial aid already awarded or supplement
your Stafford Loan funding. It's an affordable alternative to using savings, income, or private loans for education costs. Students must complete
a FAFSA to determine eligibility, must be a U.S. Citizen or resident non-citizen, and have a satisfactory credit history.

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): Funded by the State of New York, this grant has a maximum annual award of $550, and is available
to full-time students who are New York residents with net taxable family income below $20,000 or net taxable single income that does not
exceed $5,667.

Veterans' Benefits: Veterans or their eligible dependents under the terms of Title 38, U.S. Code are required to submit the certifying official
claim form for G.I. Bill benefits. This form must be submitted every term.

Persian Gulf Veterans Awards: Tuition awards up to $1,000 per semester for full time students and $500 per semester for part-time students
who served in the US Armed Forces in the Persian Gulf from August 2, 1990 to November 30, 1995.

Vietnam Veterans Awards: Tuition awards up to $1,000 per semester for full time students and $500 per semester for part-time students who
served in the US Armed Forces in Indochina anytime from December 22, 1961 to May 7, 1975.

Visit the Student Financial Services page for more information.

* If selected for verification, submit signed copies of your most recent federal income tax return to Student Financial Services. You must also
complete the Independent Verification Worksheet. To determine if you are selected for verification and are required to submit this
documentation, please review your Student Aid Report (SAR). In the upper right hand corner, you will see your EFC. If there is an asterisk (*)
next to the EFC number, then you have been selected for verification by the Federal Government. For any student selected for verification,
there is also a paragraph in the SAR that explains you have been selected for verification. The SAR will be sent to you after you have
completed your FAFSA.

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Here are the main contacts for Iona College departments and offices. Additional contact information may be found on the
individual department or office pages.
Admissions Office
General Information admissions@iona.edu (914) 633-2502
800 231-IONA
Assistant Vice President for College Admissions
Kevin Cavanagh kcavanagh@iona.edu (914) 633-2120
Setting Up Campus Visits
Liz English eenglish@iona.edu (914) 633-2622
Undergraduate Admissions
Christine Cahill ccahill@iona.edu (914) 633-2501
Billy Childs wchilds@iona.edu (914) 633-2679
Michael DiPiazza mdipiazza@iona.edu (914) 633-2064
Lindsay John ljohn@iona.edu (914) 633-2589
Kimberly Kennedy kkennedy@iona.edu (914) 633-2702
Sarka Nastalkova snastalkova@iona.edu (914) 633-2249
Kathy Reilly kreilly@iona.edu (914) 633-2439
Transfer Admissions
Bart Grachan bgrachan@iona.edu (914) 633-2529
Evening/Weekend Admissions
Vinette Richards-Morrison vrichardsmorrison@iona.edu (914) 633-2440
Graduate Arts & Science Admissions
Veronica Jarek-Prinz vjarekprinz@iona.edu (914) 633-2420
Director of MBA Admissions
Jude Fleurismond jfleurismond@iona.edu (914) 633-2289
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Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs
Rich Petriccione rpetriccione@iona.edu (914) 633-2412
Visions of Excellence Campaign
Amy Torigian atorigian@iona.edu (914) 637-7739
Marilyn Wilkie mwilkie@iona.edu (914) 637-7749
Alumni Relations
Stephen DeSalvo sdesalvo@iona.edu (914) 637-7706
Special Events
Jennifer Feely jfeely@iona.edu (914) 637-7759
Annual Fund
Joe Valenti jvalenti@iona.edu (914) 633-2066
Goal Club
Corey Shapiro Aronstam caronstam@iona.edu (914) 633-2071
Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations;
Scholarship Stewardship dkonopka@iona.edu (914) 633-2069
Dan Konopka
College Communications
Herb Lopez hlopez@iona.edu (914) 633-2686
Public Relations
Cecilia Donohoe cdonohoe@iona.edu (914) 633-2005
Advancement Research Office
Barbara Hammitt bhammitt@iona.edu (914) 633-2534
Advancement Operations
Nancy Patota npatota@iona.edu (914) 633-2413
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Athletics Director
Pat Lyons plyons@iona.edu (914) 633-2654
Senior Associate AD/Student-Athlete Services/Compliance/SWA
Jamie Fogarty jfogarty@iona.edu (914) 633-2320