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Bigfoot From Outer Space! no.

1 issue 1 april 2011

Psychic Nahu on Bigfoot and Jon-Erik Beckjord

Nahu is an author, psychic and medical intuitive living in Oregon’s

Willamette Valley. Some time ago, he shared his views on searching for
Bigfoot, and his interactions with Bigfoot researcher Jon-Erik Beckjord, who
passed away in June of 2008.

Have you ever heard of Eric Beckjord? He is or was the director of a

group who investigated Sasquatch and other anomalous phenomena. I
talked with him on the phone once and got into a semi-argument about
my contention that I could find a Bigfoot using my psychic abilities. This
was back in 1982. He challenged me to meet him at a coffee house in
Seattle and sit down, have coffee and talk about it. I was surprised when
I saw him--he is a huge Swede, blond bigfoot. Anyway to make a long
story short I picked a spot intuitively out in the Weyerhaser forests near
Park B.C. We stayed a couple days and decided to give it up due to
excessive rain. The upshot of this story is that I got a phone call from
Beckjord about a week or so later and a group that monitors Bigfoot
activity and reports in Washington reported that someone reported
spotting a bigfoot right in the area where I took him to explore. I always
felt an empathic aura with this much maligned being.

Jon-Erik Beckjord

He seemed like such a huge bear of a man. Aries, as I recall, like to

challenge. We had a number of outright disagreements. But once out in
the woods, he seemed like he was in his element. What his problem was
with me, he resented the idea that I had the arrogance to think I could
attract a bigfoot the first time out when he had been out on expeditions
looking for him for five years and hadn't seem more than a glimpse of him.
His interest in me was primarily a challenge and only secondarily curiosity,
I think. At that time, I presented my theory to him my that Bigfoot was an
intra-dimensional being recurring at certain cyclic points from the collective
unconscious, so to speak, in attunement to an individual's vibration. Like
the white buffalo story. Native Americans looked upon bigfoot as a
medicine--I agree--he definitely had the ability to scare the sickness right
out of someone, almost like the bogey man in caucasian mythology.
Oh, by the way, I believe the year was 1981 during the winter
season. I had a couple distinct times I felt I was quite close to contacting
this intra-dimensional being, once while in the woods of Sasquatch Park
while camping, and another time in a wooded area near Escondido,
California. While living in Oakridge, Oregon,
when is pretty primitive, heavily wooded and quite near an area as I
recall named Blue Springs, where Sasquatch was often seen I felt his
presence also. I never felt any negative energy, just calm, as though I
was close to a very ancient, spiritual fount. I could sense elements of my
own subconscious fears holding a face-to-face off from happening.
Although to be honest, I was never really afraid of this being.
On another note,I did feel some extremely strange vibrations while
out in the West Virginia hills near where the Silver Bridge collapsed that
gave me the willies, though.

The Holographic Universe

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Nahu on the web
It’s The Roger Patterson Official Bigfoot Membership Certificate!

I’ve had this in my files for years. I don’t remember how I came
across this, but here it is, for your enjoyment: Official
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Roger Patterson, President.

The text at the bottom reads:

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