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Sandy Frantz

629 Platt Street Apt 2

Niles, MI 49120
( 269 ) 683-5712
Dedicated registered nurse (RN) with specialty experience in geriatric nursing c
are. Developed strong evaluation and treatment-planning skills through numerous
years of nursing home staff nursing and management positions, Knowledge of medic
ation administration, management and training.
Reliable, ethical healthcare provider with ability to stay calm and intervene du
ring crises, to facilitate groups and educational seminars, and to collaborate o
n multidisciplinary teams. Proven ability to build positive relationships with p
atients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals.
Work Experience
Registered Nurse
10/22/2007- 06/03/2009
Served as RN at nursing home facility housing approximately 92 residents. Assign
ed to the Medicare skilled unit played a key role on interdisciplinary team of p
hysicians, RNs, social workers and CAN's. I actively participated in development
and implementation of individual treatment plans for patients with broad range
of mental health issues. Ensured that doctors' orders were effectively carried o
ut, including testing, medical procedures, consultations and stat orders.
Key Accomplishments:
* Helped refine unit policies and procedures in the areas of procedures, safety
methods, discharge planning and documentation.
* Responded to numerous violent misbehavior situations and violent outbreaks, e
arning the respect of physicians and coworkers for calm, levelheaded and quick t
hinking to restore the safety and security of patients and staff.
* Completed training in team building, management of assaultive behaviors and p
sychotropic-medication administration.
Student Nurse / Clinical Rotations
1987-1990 Southwestern Michigan College
Worked under the supervision of an RN providing bedside care, treatment and clin
ical documentation for patients on cardiac, oncology and medical-surgical floors
. Handled medication administration, dressing changes, IVs and all other aspects
of nursing care. Facilitated admissions, discharges and transfers; prepared cha
rt notes and other documentation; and participated on interdisciplinary team.
Key Accomplishments:
* Treated an average of 10 patients daily. Gained experience in procedures such
as feeding tubes, trach insertion and cleaning, and ventilators.
* Presented in-service training on ethics concerning elderly atrial fibrillatio
n treatment, proper restraints, and patient's rights.
1987 Practical Nursing program at Southwestern Michigan
1990 Associates Degree program at Southwestern Michigan
2007 earned 93 credits toward BSN through Phoenix University
2009-2011 Medical Coding/Billing through Herzing University
* Case Management
* Critical-Care Nursing
* JCAHO Standards/
* Medication Administration
* Parent/Patient/Family Education
* Patient Advocacy
* Patient Assessment
* Psychiatric Nursing
* Quality & Continuity of Care
Additional Information
Known as a patient advocate and team player; believe in empowering patients by d
elivering health education and nursing care that enhances wellness and quality o
f life.