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2 • weston answerbook May 19, 2011


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203 246 6300 / 203 221 4415
4 • weston answerbook History May 19, 2011

What is the town’s history? waves of commuters who arrived by automobile after the Sec-
Weston was originally home to the Paugussett Indian tribe, ond World War, and brought the sleepy town vigorously back to
called the Aspetucks — a name meaning “river originating at the life. The mixture gives Weston its special character.”
high place” — by white inhabitants in the area. Until the 1930s, Weston was farm country, made up of several
According to the sign in front of the Weston Town Hall, erect- agricultural communities, each centered around its own one-
ed by the town of Weston, the Weston Historical Society, and the room school and/or local grist mill and forge. At one time there
Connecticut Historical Commission (text by Jim Daniel): were as many as seven one-room school houses in Weston.
“Originally the Nor’field parish of old Fairfield (1639) to the By the late 1940s and early 1950s, Weston was populated with
south, present Weston was divided into long lots circa 1670, a combination of farmers and business people who commuted to
commencing our agricultural development. By 1757 there were New York City and had evolved into a bedroom community with
enough families to become a separate ecclesiastical society. Dur- one central school.
ing the Revolution British General Tryon’s forces passed nearby In the late 1950s there were two remaining dairy farms; one
en route to and from the burning of Danbury. To escape, Weston was the Waterbury farm, where Nimrod Road is now, and the
mothers fled with their children to the Devil’s Den, a wilderness other at the Lachat farm on Godfrey Road West. By the 1960s,
landmark since earliest times. one was closed down and the other became Nimrod Riding Sta-
“Near dawn, Dec. 14, 1807, a large meteorite exploded over ble.
Weston, one of the first such phenomena recorded in America.
A 30-pound fragment became the nucleus of Yale University’s Where did the name come from?
meteorite collection. Some say it is named after a town in England. Others say it is
“Incorporated since 1787, Weston prospered from onion purely geographical, presumably named for being the western
farming and other early industries. Our forested slopes provided section that split off when the two towns of Easton and Weston
charcoal and our rapidly falling rivers the water power for iron were formed in 1845.
forges and foundries shipping their products all over the East.
“Peaking at 2,997 in 1830, the population steadily fell off to Who were the first town officials?
1,117 in 1860, 840 in 1900, and 670 in 1930. The decline re- The selectmen of Weston in 1845 were Joseph Rowland,
sulted from the loss of territory to form Westport and Easton, the David Patchen, and Hanford Nichols. Mr. Nichols lived in the
opening of the richer Ohio farm lands, the rise of steam-powered Lyons Plains area, Mr. Rowland lived near the center of town
industry on the coast, and isolation from canals and railroads. (he owned some of the land our schools now occupy) and Mr.
Lyons Plains and Valley Forge, once thriving villages, lingered Patchen was from the Newtown Turnpike/Godfrey Road area,
as population centers. As late as the 1880s wandering Indians so it would seem that diversified interests were represented.
still camped in the Den. The first town treasurer was William Noyes, the son of Rev-
“Early in the 1900s artists, musicians, theatre people, writers erend John Noyes, and the grandson of Reverend Samuel Sher-
and summer colonists discovered Weston, the vanguard of the wood. Perhaps they trusted him to balance the town budget since

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he and his forebears had lots of practice in making ends meet on finally foreclosed in 1879, he was forced to record the original
a limited salary. William Noyes had earlier organized a local cot- mortgages, which he had apparently managed to conceal from
tage industry in shirt-making. Mr. Noyes kept the books for this his subsequent creditors for more than 12 years.
endeavor in pounds, shilling, and pence right up to mid-century, Unfortunately, many of Weston’s interesting historic places
and it is possible he kept the town records in the same way. are no longer visible or visitable.
The first town clerk was Matthew Buckley — the same man There is the site of the Bradley Edge Tool Company on Lyons
who started the Weston Boarding School (a.k.a. Jarvis Military Plain Road along the Saugatuck River, which made tools that
Academy) at the corner of Route 53 and Norfield Road, that sold all over the country. It closed in 1911 and the buildings
was later mismanaged by his son-in-law Andrew Jarvis. Andrew burned in the 1930s.
Jarvis was also a town clerk, but his reputation for honesty is in The Coley Mill on River Road is now a private residence.
question. Matthew Buckley went on to become Weston’s repre- Another major industrial and residential area known as Val-
sentative in the State Legislature. ley Forge, is now under water, flooded over by the building of
the Samuel P. Senior Dam in the 1930s to make the Saugatuck
What are some historic points of interest? Reservoir. An interesting account of this is the book Village of
Norfield Church on Norfield Road, Emmanuel Church on Ly- the Dammed by local writer Jim Lomuscio. The Valley Forge
ons Plain Road, Banks Tavern on Lyons Plain Road, Hamilton area is prized more now for its scenery and ambiance than for its
Toll House on Newtown Turnpike, Cobb’s Mill Inn on Cobb’s historical importance.
Mill Road, and The Onion Barn (at one time, onions were a large Other places of historic interest are the various cemeteries
export business in Weston) on Weston Road each hold a place in around town, the largest being the Coley Cemetery on Weston
Weston’s history. Road.
The Old Weston Post Office on Route 53, just north of the in-
tersection of Routes 57 and 53, is the remaining one of two that Are there any historic districts in town?
serviced Weston in the 19th Century. Weston has five historic districts: Norfield, Kettle Creek, Ly-
The Coley House on Weston Road is the home of the Weston ons Plain, Bradley Edge Tool, and The Den.
Historical Society. The Historic Districts Commission of Weston was established
The Jarvis Military Academy on the corner of Norfield and in the late 1960s, and the five districts were established at differ-
Weston Roads was at one time the most valuable four acres ent times since then, the first district being the Norfield Historic
in town — literally, since the owner, Andrew Sanford Jarvis, District and the latest being The Den Historic District, estab-
mortgaged the property over and over but never recorded them lished in 1985.
properly in his capacity as town clerk. He not only enlarged the
school and failed to pay the builders, but before the end, he was
actually borrowing money from his hired help. When his bank


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6 • weston answerbook History May 19, 2011

Is there any place in Weston on the National Register lishing) is a pictorial history of the town. It may be purchased
of Historic Places? through Amazon.com or in local bookstores.
Yes: The Norfield Historic District, The Kettle Creek Historic There is also Village of the Dammed by Jim Lomuscio, which
District, and The Fitch House on Goodhill Road. tells the story of the Valley Forge area of town that is now most-
ly covered by the Saugatuck Reservoir.
What are the oldest houses in town? The Quarterly Chronicle is the publication of The Weston His-
There are several houses that date from the 18th Century. torical Society, edited by Karin Giannitti. It is a comprehensive
Many of them are listed at the Historical Society. compilation of articles about Weston history. Herb Day (former
One of the oldest homes dates from 1728 and is in The Den editor of the Quarterly Chronicle) wrote many history-related
Historic District. The Capt. Daniel Godfrey House on Norfield articles for that publication.
Road was built circa 1760; near it is the Jonathan Taylor House, There are also many articles about various aspects of the
built circa 1797, one of the oldest double houses in town — each town’s history written by Jim Daniel, Jim Hoe, and Mary Ann
half is a mirror image of the other, with a common chimney in Barr that have appeared in The Weston Forum, The Westport
the middle. Town Crier and Herald, Westport Magazine, and Weston Maga-
zine. These and various other writings are in the archives of the
Do any laws protect old houses? Weston Historical Society.
Properties in historic districts are protected by the state en-
abling statutes governing historic districts. Properties listed on Does Weston have a town historian?
the National Register of Historic Places are protected by the Yes. Kathleen Failla is town historian, a volunteer position
regulations of that organization. appointed by the Board of Selectmen. She acts as a steward for
town history and serves as an advocate on historic preservation
Are there any town histories? projects. She may be reached at 203-544-1048.
The latest to be released is Doors of Weston by Julie O’Connor.
This book of photographs of Weston’s iconic homes and his- What is the role of the historical society?
toric buildings includes anecdotes and historical information. It The mission of the Weston Historical Society is as follows:
is available through the historical society by calling 203-226- “The purpose of the society shall be to discover, procure and
1804. preserve whatever may relate to the Coley Homestead, the town
Weston: The Forging of a Town by Thomas Farnam may be of Weston and the region, with regard to its place in history and
purchased at Barnes & Noble, and is available at the Weston to educate the public with respect to such history. Further, the
Public Library, Weston Town Hall, and the historical society’s society shall actively preserve and maintain the Coley Home-
Coley House. stead as an example of a prosperous Weston working farm that
Images of America: Weston, by Kathleen Failla (Arcadia Pub- evolved through the 19th and early 20th Centuries.”
The society works to provide programs for young people that
are history oriented. Coley House is open to the public on Sat-
urdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The society is run by vol-
unteers and interacts with the community by opening the Coley
Homestead on a regular basis, by sponsoring various events, and
by encouraging residents to volunteer to help preserve Weston’s
The society’s Web site is www.westonhistoricalsociety.org.

Does the town have an archive?

Not yet, but it will before the end of the year. The historical
���������������������������������� society is in the process of building an archive facility at the
Coley Homestead and is planning a grand opening in September
�������������� 2011. It received a grant to help fund the $1.2-million project,
and is raising the rest of the money through private donations.
����������������������������������������� The 4,000-square-foot archive will include a temperature and
�������������� humidity controlled vault and adjacent archive workroom. The
vault will store maps, letters, and various historical artifacts,
������������������������������� including the town’s historic Fitch diaries, costumes, hats, and
����������������� quilts. There will be an exhibit hall for archival display, plus a
��������������������� society office, reading room, and bathrooms.

Information for much of this section was compiled by Mary

Ann Barr, archivist and co-collections manager at the Weston
Historical Society, and Lynne Barrelle, house histories research-
er and genealogy researcher for the society. Karin Giannitti and
Nina Daniel helped update the information.

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8 • weston answerbook Demographics May 19, 2011

How big is Weston?

Weston is 20 square miles. It is bordered by Redding to the
north, Easton to the east, Fairfield and Westport to the south,
and Wilton to the west. The ZIP code is 06883. The area code
is 203.
Weston is known for its green spaces; almost one-quarter of
the town is permanently devoted to open space use. (See Parks
and Recreation section for main tracts of open space.)

How many people live here?

According to the national 2010 census, Weston’s popula-
tion was 10,179, up by a 142 people from the 2000 census of
The CERC (Connecticut Economic Resource Center) Town
Profile for 2011 showed slightly different numbers. It estimated
Weston’s population as of 2010 at 10,025, up by 226 from the
previous year. CERC projects Weston’s poplation will drop to
9,829 by 2015.
According to CERC data, females just barely outnumber males
by 5,030 to 4,995.
The 2010 census shows racially, the population breaks down
as follows: white, 9,463; black, 131; American Indian or Alas-
kan, 12; Asian, 295; Pacific Islander, 2; other/multi-race, 190;
Latino, 336.

What is the median age of Westonites?

The median age of people living here is 42.
About 11% of the town’s population is over 65; about 8% are
under five.

What is the median household income?

According to the CERC Town Profile, there are 3,289 house-
holds in Weston. The median household income is $180,321,
down from $190,636 last year, but still much higher than median
household income for both Fairfield County ($77,620) and the
state ($65,686).

How educated are Westonites?

The CERC profile says as of 2010, 75% of those 25 or older
had at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with a state average Who are Weston’s largest employers?
of 35%. Only 2% of those 25 or older had not completed high The top five major employers are the town itself, the Weston
school. public schools, Peter’s Weston Market, and Norfield Children’s
How many cars are there?
In 2010, 8,920 vehicles in Weston were reported registered by How far is Weston from major cities?
the Department of Motor Vehicles. Weston is about 50 miles from midtown Manhattan, 65 miles
from Hartford, and about 145 miles from Boston.
What is the town’s employment picture?
According to information from the Connecticut Department of How far is Weston from the Indian Point nuclear power
Labor for March 2011, Weston’s labor force was 4,881. Of that plant?
number, there were 4,600 people employed and 281 reported as Weston is about 25 miles from the power plant in Buchanan,
unemployed for an unemployment rate of 5.8%, up slightly from N.Y.
5.1% for the same period last year, but well below the state aver-
age of 9.3% and the national average of 9.2%. What is the average temperature?
According to data from the 2000 Census, the highest number Average highs and lows in degrees Fahrenheit: January, 37/19;
of workers who live in town also work in town. The next most April, 60/38; July, 84/62; October, 64/40.
popular place for Westonites to work was Manhattan, followed On average, the warmest month is July, the coldest is January.
by Westport, Norwalk, and Stamford. The highest recorded temperature was 103°F in July 1966; the
lowest recorded temperature was -15°F in January 1968.
Who tops the town’s grand list for assessed property
value? What is the average rainfall and snowfall?
According to the town assessor, Ken Whitman, that would be September is the wettest month, with an average of 4.54 inches
Connecticut Light & Power Co., Aspetuck Valley Country Club, of rain. January appears to be the snowiest month, with about
and Aquarion Water Company. 10.5 inches on average.
May 19, 2011 weston answerbook • 9

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Weston Center
190 Weston Road, Weston (203)226-7800
Also in New Canaan at 136 Elm Street • (203) 966-9593
10 • weston answerbook Town Government May 19, 2011

Where are town offices?

Town offices are on a campus on Norfield Road. Many mu-
nicipal departments, including finance, the assessors office, the
town clerk, and the tax collector, are in Weston Town Hall. The
entire land use staff, including planning and zoning, the building
department, town engineer, conservation, and the fire marshal,
are located in the Town Hall Annex adjacent to the school cen-
tral office building on School Road. Also in the annex are the
offices for Dial-A-Ride bus service and social services.
Parks and Recreation is located in the historic Jarvis House on
the southeast corner of Norfield and Weston roads.
The police department, fire department, ambulance corps, and
library are also on the campus.
Office hours are generally 9 to 4:30, and offices are closed
on federal holidays. The main phone number for information
is 203-222-2500. The fax number is 203-222-8871. The town’s
Web site is www.westonct.gov. The mailing address is Town of
Weston, P.O. Box 1007, Weston, CT 06883.

Who is the chief executive of the town?

The chief elected executive is First Selectman Gale Weinstein,
a Democrat. She is also head of the Board of Selectmen. The
two elected selectmen are David Muller, a Democrat, and Dan
Gilbert, a Republican. The positions are part-time. The terms
expire at the end of 2011.
The selectmen’s administrative assistant is Judy DeVito. She
may be reached at 203-222-2656 or jdevito@westonct.gov.
The first selectman position is part time, and so Weston also
has a full-time town administrator, Tom Landry, whose office is
in town hall. He is responsible for planning, coordinating, and
evaluating the activities and policies of the town government,
overseeing day-to-day operations, personnel management, and
helping to develop the town budget. He may be reached at 203-
222-2677 or tlandry@westonct.gov.

Is there a directory of town officials?

Yes. There is a directory of elected officials and some town
employees right here in the Answerbook. There is also a list-
ing of officials on the town Web site, www.westonct.gov. The
League of Women Voters of Weston publishes a handy directory,
available at town hall, called Know Your Town.

What is the town budget?

The town budget for 2010-11 is $63,242,422 million, a 0.5%
increase from the previous year. Expenditures for the town for
2010-11 total about $10.98 million. Expenditures for the schools
total $44.697. There are also expenditures of about $6.9 million
in debt service and a $730,000 capital improvement budget.
The approved gross budget for 2011-12 (the fiscal year begins
July 1) is $64,125,783 million, a 0.92% increase from the cur-
rent budget. Expenditures for the town for 2011-12 total about
$11.2 million. Expenditures for the schools total $45.2 million.
There are also expenditures of about $6.7 million in debt service
and a $1.027 million capital improvement budget.

What is the town’s bond rating?

The town has a bond rating of Aaa.

What is the current tax rate in town?

The tax rate on both assessed property and personal proper-
ty is 23.86 mills, which represent a real tax of $23.86 on each
$1,000 of assessed value.
If your home were assessed at $500,000, you would pay
$11,930 in taxes.
For the 2011-12 fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2011, the
mill rate increases slightly to 23.94.
May 19, 2011 Town Government weston answerbook • 11

Where and when do I pay my town taxes?

Bills for real estate taxes are sent in June but taxes are due
twice each year, on July 1 and Jan. 1. Car taxes are due on July
1. Residents can either mail in their payments or pay in person at
town hall at the tax collector’s office (203-222-2696).
Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt a property owner
from payment of taxes or any penalties or accrued interest.

What happens if I don’t pay my taxes on time?

Residents are charged 1.5% per month interest on all back
taxes owed, which works out to an 18% annual percentage rate.
If back taxes are owed, the town will put a lien on a property,
preventing it from being sold before taxes are paid.

What’s a grand list?

A New England term, the grand list is the town’s tax base and
represents all taxable property in town. It is compiled every Oct.
The net 2010 grand list totals $2,635,349,349, up just 0.49%
from the previous year.
Real estate assessments make up about 95% of Weston’s
grand list, and total about $2.5 billion; personal property assess-
ments total about $19 million; motor vehicle assessments are
about $111.5 million.

Who determines how much my house is worth for tax-

ing purposes?
The town assessor, Kenneth Whitman (203-222-2606) deter-
mines the assessed value of each property in Weston.

How often is property revalued?

The state requires a revaluation every five years. Every 10
years, a “physical inspection” is required, meaning that every
building is visited and measured. Weston completed its last full
measure and list revaluation of all properties in 2008.

Why is property revalued?

The purpose of regular revaluation is to create an equitable
distribution of the tax load. The process is an attempt to deter-
mine accurate and equitable values for all properties within a
In Connecticut, all property assessments reflect 70% of mar-
ket value, based on the last time there was a revaluation.

How do I find the assessed value of my home?

You may call the assessor’s office at 203-222-2607 or you
may go to the assessor’s office and look at the field card for your
property. The field card lists the particulars in figuring the valu-
ation of your home.

How do I know if my assessment is correct?

In general, to determine if your assessment is correct you
should ask yourself the following questions:
Can I sell my property for approximately that amount (noting
that assessments reflect 70% of market value, based on 2008
Does the assessor’s office have the correct information on my
How much are similar properties in my neighborhood selling

What do I do if I think my assessment is unfair?

Your first step is to call the tax assessor’s office to review the
assessment for any possible inaccuracies. If none are found and
you still consider the assessment unfair you may apply to appear
before a scheduled hearing of the Board of Assessment Appeals.
12 • weston answerbook Town Government May 19, 2011

Applications must be filed early in the year. Call the assessor’s Weston Town Clerk to be eligible for the property tax exemp-
office for details. tion.

Who is the tax collector? I got a tax bill for a car I don’t own anymore. What
Weston’s tax collector is Charity Nichols (203-222-2696 or should I do?
cnichols@westonct.gov). If you have a question about your tax The Department of Motor Vehicles maintains vehicle own-
bill, call her. ership records, which it forwards to the town assessor’s office
to determine the tax roll for cars owned by Westonites. If you
Can veterans or the elderly get tax breaks? forgot to turn in the plates of your old vehicle, the DMV will
There is a tax abatement program and a tax deferral program continue to send ownership reports to the town.
for seniors 65 and older. Both have income eligibility require- To remove your car from the tax roll, return the plates to the
ments. DMV on Main Avenue in Norwalk and take the DMV return
The abatement program is a reduction of taxes. Abatements receipt to the assessor’s office.
are calculated at either 60% or 76%, depending on income, and
applications are due to the tax collector no later than May 15. What are our political parties and enrollments?
With the deferral program, a percentage of property taxes As of May 2011, there were 6,387 registered voters in Weston.
(plus interest) is put off until the house is sold. Applications are The breakdown by political party is as follows: Republican,
due May 15. For details, call the tax collector at 203-222-2696. 1,908; Democrat, 2,174; unaffiliated, 2,288; other (i.e., Green,
The town also offers a tax freeze program for seniors. Anyone Libertarian, Concerned Citizen), 17. The registrars do an annual
65 or older with a combined family income up to $100,000 may canvass of voters, and in June will make inactive all voters they
have tax increases on up to $800,000 of the assessed value of have not heard from.
their property frozen at the previous year’s level. Details and
applications, which must be filed by May 15, are available at the Where and when can I register to vote?
tax collector’s office. You may register Monday through Friday during business
Veterans (honorably discharged) who served in very specific hours at the registrars’ office or town clerk’s office at town hall.
conflicts an within a certain time frame are eligible for a $4,500 You may also register at the Weston Public Library or by mail.
property tax exemption. In addition, veterans who fall below To get a mail-in registration form, call the registrars’ office (203-
a $32,800 per year pay scale may be eligible for an additional 222-2686).
exemption. Applications must be filed with the assessor’s of- The Department of Motor Vehicles also has voter registration
fice prior to Oct. 1. For details, call the assessor’s office. Veter- cards, and will accept completed forms, which it will forward to
ans should file their original DD-214 discharge papers with the the registrars.
May 19, 2011 Town Government weston answerbook • 13

To obtain a registration form online, visit www.sots.state. absentee ballots by people who will be in town during polling
ct.us/ElectionsDivision/Elecform.html. hours. If you are a first-time voter voting by absentee ballot you
may be required to submit identification with your ballot.
Do I need to bring documents when I register?
Yes. You will need some evidence that you live in Weston. A For what elections can I use an absentee ballot?
state driver’s license or state ID is usually all you will need. If You may vote by absentee ballot for any federal, state, or local
you do not have a driver’s license or state ID, you may submit municipal election. You may vote absentee for any referendum
a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, or government with less than three weeks notice or adjourned town meeting
document that shows your address. If you are registering by mail vote. When a referendum is held with less than three week’s
and you are registering for the first time in town, you should sub- notice, absentee ballots will be available within four days after
mit a copy of your driver’s license or other document as noted the questions are finalized by legal council, and are only issued
above. in person.

Do I need to renew my voting privileges? How and where do I get an absentee ballot?
You do not need to reappear at town hall to renew your voting You must first fill out an application, which you may pick up
privileges, but you may need to confirm your voting residence at the town clerk’s office in the town hall, or it may be mailed to
on a form the registrars’ office may mail to you periodically. If you at any address. Absentee ballot applications are also avail-
you fail to return the card, you will be made an inactive voter. able on the town Web site, www.westonct.gov, and the Secretary
If your name is placed on the inactive list and you turn up at the of the State Web site, www.sots.ct.gov.
polls to vote, you will need to be restored as a voter before you After you return the application, it will be processed and the
are able to vote. absentee ballot will be sent to you, but not until two to four weeks
before the actual election. If the ballot is printed and ready, you
Are there voting districts in town? may fill it out at the town clerk’s office. Absentee ballots, how-
There is only one voting district, with the exception of state ever, cannot be mailed to a person for a referendum.
elections, where there are two Senatorial Districts, 26 and 28.
Everyone votes at Weston Middle School. Can a non-resident vote here?
Non-resident property owners who are currently paying lo-
Who can vote by absentee ballot? cal taxes on property or personal property in excess of $1,000
Any registered voter who will be out of town during all voting in assessed value and who are U.S. citizens, 18 years or older,
hours may cast an absentee ballot. Certain other reasons, such as may vote in any town referendum that deals with financial or
illness or physical disability, religious beliefs, or your duties as money matters. They cannot vote in Weston under any other
an election official at a district other than your own allow use of conditions.

Now Located In Weston Center



14 • weston answerbook Town Government May 19, 2011

What do the registrars of voters do?

Registrars Susan Moran (Republican) and Laura Smits (Dem-
ocrat) are elected for a term of two years and serve as the local
arm of the Connecticut Secretary of State.
They administer all federal, state and constitutional provisions
relating to elections, town meetings and referenda. They are re-
sponsible for safeguarding the integrity of the election process,
including the acquisition and exercise of voter rights. They are
also responsible for hiring and training the election officials who
serve at every election and town meeting.
They may be reached at 203-222-2686 or votereg@westonct.

How can I get involved in town government?

To get actively involved in town government, you may be-
come affiliated with a political party, and volunteer your ser-
vices. If certain functions of government interest you — such as
education, recreation, or zoning — attend some of the meetings
of the agency involved. All town agency meetings are open to
the public.
For more information, you may want to call Glenn Major,
Republican Town Committee chairman, at 203-226-7120 or
Barbara Reynolds, Democratic Town Committee chairman, at

What is a Town Meeting? When are they?

Town Meetings are the town’s legislative body. They are
scheduled as necessary. However, the Annual Town Budget
Meeting (ATBM) to deal with town and school budgets tradi-
tionally takes place in mid-April.
Town Meetings are held as a forum for Westonites and prop-
erty holders to voice concerns, support, and make decisions on
items such as next year’s budget, budget transfers, capital proj-
ects, and changes in town ordinances.
Special Town Meetings are held as needed to discuss changes
and transfers within the current year’s budget, proposed ordi-
nances, borrowing proposals and other matters.

Who schedules the Annual Town Budget Meeting? Who

can call for a Special Town Meeting?
The Board of Selectmen issues the call for the Annual Town
Budget Meeting and Special Town Meetings.
A Special Town Meeting must be called if requested by a peti-
tion of 50 or more registered voters.

Who can vote at a Town Meeting?

Any registered Weston voter may cast a vote at a Town Meet-
ing. Non-registered residents and non-resident property holders
(who hold at least $1,000 of property or personal property on the
previous Oct. 1 grand list and are U.S. citizens at least 18 years
old) may vote on financial matters.

What is a referendum?
A referendum is a question or proposal that is submitted to
a vote of the electors or voters of a municipality. The outcome
may be legally binding or non-binding, depending on the nature
of the question. Typically, a referendum is used to approve or
reject a major project.

When do elections of town officials take place?

Like the national elections, elections for town officials are on
the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. They take
place in odd-numbered years (i.e. 2009, 2011...). State and fed-
eral elections are held during even-numbered years.
May 19, 2011 Town Government weston answerbook • 15

Who may vote in a primary?

Any registered voter who is affiliated with a major party (i.e.
Democrat, Republican) may vote in a primary. Only members of
the party may participate in their own party’s primary.

Can I look up old deeds?

Yes, they may be found at town hall. All land records are
housed in the vault of the town clerk’s office. It is open to any-
one for inspection and research.

Are birth, marriage, and death records public?

Marriage and death records are public record; birth records
are not. Birth records may be obtained only by the individual in
question or a family member.

Besides clergy, who can perform weddings?

A justice of the peace or a probate judge can also perform
weddings in Connecticut. The town clerk has a list of the justices
of the peace.

Where do I get a marriage license?

A marriage license may be obtained in the town where the
bride lives, the groom lives, or where the wedding will take
place. No blood test is needed. The fee is $30; the license is is-
sued immediately and is good for 65 days. Couples are asked to
make an appointment when applying for a license. For details,
call the town clerk’s office (203-222-2616).

Can same sex marriages be performed here?

Connecticut was the third state (behind Massachusetts and
California) to allow marriage between two people of the same
sex. The ceremony may be performed by a justice of the peace
or a minister. For details, and a list of JPs who will perform the
ceremony, call the town clerk at 203-222-2616.

What is a notary public? Where can I find one?

A notary public is someone legally empowered to witness sig-
natures, certify documents and take depositions and affidavits.
Every bank has one on staff. Some real estate agents are notary
publics. There is a notary public in the town clerk’s office. Some
may charge a small fee to notarize a document.

What does the building department do?

In compliance with the Connecticut State Building Codes,
the building department (203-222-2658) issues permits for all
new construction, alterations, remodeling, additions, renova-
tions, temporary structures, decks, storage buildings, and some
repairs. These permits are generally issued after approvals from
the planning and zoning, conservation, and health departments.
The building department is in the Town Hall Annex adjacent to
the school central office on School Road.
If you are applying for a building permit, hours are Monday
through Friday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. If you are applying for a
sub-permit (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) you may do so
from 9 to 4:30.

What does the building inspector do?

Weston’s building inspector, Rack Gleason (203-222-2659 or
rgleason@westonct.gov), reviews and grants all building permits
and inspects renovations and new construction. He issues certifi-
cates of occupancy after work has been inspected and passed.
He usually conducts building inspections in the afternoons.

What does the code enforcement officer do?

The code enforcement officer is responsible for enforcing
local laws passed by the Board of Selectmen. He investigates
16 • weston answerbook May 19, 2011




�� �����������������������
May 19, 2011 Town Officials weston answerbook • 17

Board of Selectmen
First Selectman Gayle Weinstein (D) gaylemw@optonline.net 203-222-2656
David Muller (D) david.muller@rohatyngroup.com 203-226-7120
Dan Gilbert (R) 1ctyankee@optonline.com 203-226-0514
Board of Education
Philip Schaefer, (D) (ch) voiceguy@optonline.net 203-226-4663
Ellen Uzenoff (R) (vice ch) ellen@uzenoff.com 203-227-8368
Richard Bochinski (D) raboch@optonline.net 203-544-8126
Denise Harvey (D) dih912@gmail.com 203-227-7865
Dana Levin (D) danaaynn@aol.com 203-222-4918
Sonya Stack (R) tribestack@gmail.com 203-557-4131
Les Wolf (R) lajw@optonline.net 203-227-7415
Board of Finance
Michael O’Brien (D) (ch) michael.obrien@marsh.com 203-544-9636
Gerald Sargent (R)(vice ch) jerry_sargent@mastercard.com 203-222-9212
Robert Atkinson (D) ratkins1@optonline.net 203-226-3284
Michael Carter (R) mcarter@cartermorse.com 203-227-9595
Steven Ezzes (D) steve@airliegroup.com 203-661-6200
Patrice Kopas (R) kskopas@att.com 203-227-6181
Melissa Koller (D) mzkoller@optonline.net 203-454-2217
Planning & Zoning Commission
Stephan Grozinger (R) (ch) sgrozinger@gmail.com 203-227-7813
Jane Connolly (D) ejsjdc@aol.com 203-454-3654
Kathryn Gregory (R) wnkgregory@optonline.net 203-226-2220
Britta Lerner (R) bherlitz@optonline.net 203-341-9245
Joseph Limone (D) limone5656@yahoo.com 203-227-0242
Donald Saltzman (R) donald@optonline.net 203-226-4066
Ridge Young (D) ridgeyoung@yahoo.com 203-226-3401
Police Commission
Richard Phillips (R) (ch) phillip4@optonline.net 203-222-1454
Beth Gralnick (D) (vice ch) bgralnic@optonline.net 203-227-1690
William Brady (R) brady3@optonline.net 203-222-1112
Jess DiPasquale (R) jpd@alliancegrp.com 203-221-9129
Jeffrey Eglash (D) jeffrey.eglash@ge.com 203-227-8405
Peter Ottomano (R) p.ottomano@snet.net 203-227-2748
Hal Shupack (D) norfieldpartners@yahoo.com 203-226-5843
Zoning Board of Appeals
W. MacLeod Snaith (D) (ch) wmsnaith@optonline.net 203-227-2259
Richard B. Wolf (R) (vice ch) rwolf@awolfandson.com 203-454-3819
Robert Gardner (D) bobgardner74@sbcglobal.net 203-226-2644
Frederick C. Noyes, Jr. (R) fnoyes@optonline.net 203-227-0086
Jeffrey Tallman (R) jktallman@hotmail.com 203-227-2954
Board of Assessment Appeals
Marina Coprio (D) coprio@aol.com 203-226-3023
Ryan Cornell (R) ryan@ryancornell.com 203-247-0718
Susan Seath (R) sseath@optonline.net 203-227-6744

Animal Control: Mark Harper mharper@westonct.gov 203-222-2642

Assessor: Kenneth Whitman kwhitman@westonct.gov 203-222-2606
Building Inspector: Rack Gleason rgleason@westonct.gov 203-222-2659
Finance Director: Rick Darling rdarling@westonct.gov 203-222-2678
Health Director: Mark Cooper mcooper@wwhd.org 203-227-9571
Library Director: Karen Tatarka westonlibrary@westonct.gov 203-222-BOOK
Parks and Rec. Director: Dave Ungar dungar@westonct.gov 203-222-2655
Police Chief: John Troxell jtroxell@westonct.gov 203-222-2667
Public Works Director: Joe Lametta jlametta@westonct.gov 203-222-2662
Reg. of Voters (R): Susan Moran votereg@westonct.gov 203-222-2686 (1)
Reg. of Voters (D): Laura Smits votereg@westonct.gov 203-222-2686 (2)
Selectmen’s Admin. Assistant: Judy Devito jdevito@westonct.gov 203-222-2656
Senior Center Director: Jennifer Ruddy jruddy@westonct.gov 203-222-2608
Social Worker: Charlene Chiang-Hillman chillman@westonct.gov 203-222-2663
Tax Collector: Charity Nichols cnichols@westonct.gov 203-222-2696
Town Administrator: Tom Landry tlandry@westonct.gov 203-222-2677
Town Clerk: Donna Anastasia danastasia@westonct.gov 203-222-2616
Youth Services Director: Kristin Ferrara kferrara@westonct.gov 203-222-2585
18 • weston answerbook Town Government May 19, 2011

complaints through site visits. He also represents the town in

court hearings concerning zoning matters and other town laws
������ at the request of the town attorney.
Weston’s code enforcement officer is James Pjura. He may be
reached at 203-222-2559 or jpjura@westonct.gov.
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noitnetta and musuncompromising are given to and
piece. professional engineering services for
the town. He is primarily concerned with roadways, storm drain-
������������������������������������� age, septic systems, water lines, and bridges. He supervises and
inspects town building additions, school code compliance work,
����������������� drainage, and site work as well as all construction work con-
nected to town property.
������������������ �
Weston’s town engineer is John Conte. He may be reached at
���������������������� 203-222-2680 or jconte@westonct.gov.
�������������������������������������� How are candidates for town boards chosen?
Candidates for elected positions are nominated by the political
parties. However, non-party sponsored candidates may petition
to get on the ballot.
Candidates for appointed boards are chosen by the selectmen,
usually upon recommendations from the political parties and the
current board members. However, the selectmen are not obliged
��������������������������������������������� to follow the town committee recommendations.
What town agencies have elected members?
������������������� �������������������
The Board of Assessment Appeals, Board of Education, Board
of Finance, Board of Selectmen, Planning and Zoning Commis-
��������������� ���������������� sion, Police Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals.

����������������������������� What boards and commissions are appointed?
The Library Board, Parks and Recreation Commission, Con-

servation Commission, Historic District Commission, Building

Board of Appeals, Panel of Moderators, Commission for the
������������������ � Arts, Commission on Aging, the School and general town Build-
��������������������� ing Committees, and the Board of Ethics.
��������������������� The selectmen also appoints members of the Committee for
Veterans Affairs, Lachat Building Committee, Tower Commit-
tee, Ivy Moore Cottage Committee, Insurance Advisory Com-
mittee, Cemetery Committee, Beautification Committee, Select
Committee for Sustainability, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian
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c05 serihppas What does the town clerk do?
total weight ni thgiew latot Weston Town Clerk Donna M. Anastasia has her office in
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rof generations)
hsirehc ot eceip A( Weston Town Hall and may be reached at 203-222-2616 or
danastasia@westonct.gov. The town clerk acts as the state’s
������������������������������������������������ agent for permits and certificates, and is the registrar for vital
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Her office keeps all town records from 1787 to the present
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.segnarand ecirSapphires
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ppaprice seibuR Large selection of loosetime;
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gem qualityindexes, and maintains documents in the Weston
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of jewelry.
and marriage certificates; files military discharges (all veterans
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education about Diamonds Gems. reductions); issues marriage, dog, hunting,
���������������������������������������������������� and fishing licenses; issues certified birth certificates; issues ab-
�������������������������������������������� sentee ballots and prepares paperwork for elections, and regis-
ters voters.

431 Post Road retnEast,
eC gWestport
nippohS oCompo pmoC trShopping
optseW ,tCenter
saE daoR tsoP 134
As a chief election official, the town clerk is responsible for
the absentee ballot process, voting statistics, execution of refer-
enda and final election procedures and results. The town clerk
administers the Oath of Office to all elected and appointed of-
Suite 18, Second
(203) 222-1894
O neh(Above
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bA( rooOptical)
lF dnoceS ,81 etiuS
2 ro 4981-222 )302( ficials, and is responsible for the enforcement of campaign fi-
nance compliance.
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excellent clerk is the official clerk of all Town Meetings. Her
office also keeps a calendar of all town meetings. Official no-
May 19, 2011 Town Government weston answerbook • 19

tices and agendas are posted with the town clerk. She keeps a
record of all elected and appointed officials, and maintains all
vacancies, appointments, and state records for members of the
town’s boards and commissions. The town clerk also attends �������������������������
town meetings and records the minutes. She also notarizes docu-
ments. ...yrlewej fo seceip dnik-a����������������������������������������������
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What does the town administrator do? gnilyts ni yaw eht dael ot eu�����������������������������������������������������
nitnoc ew ,pihsAcclaimed
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emialccA we continue to lead the
The responsibilities of this position are redefined
.eceip yreby
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Board of Selectmen and first selectman. Currently, the town ad- ������������������������������������������������
ministrator has oversight responsibilities for��all
and departments except for the Weston Police Department. This �����������������������������������������
includes budget development and administration, labor negotia- �������������������������������������
tions, personnel policies, program review, insurance administra-
tion, and purchasing. �������������������������������������������
Tom Landry has filled this position since December 2001. He ���������������������������������������������
may be reached at 203-222-2677 or tlandry@westonct.gov. �������������������������������������������
What does the finance department do? ������������������������������������������
The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing the dai-
ly financial affairs of the town, including employee payroll and ������������������������������
year-end tax functions. The department also assists in the annual
budget development as well as longer term financial planning �������������������������������
and coordinates the town’s annual financial audit.
Other responsibilities of the Finance Department include
handling insurance related matters, overseeing the issuance of
bonds, providing financial reports to the Boards of Selectmen
and Finance, and monitoring the budget throughout the year.
The finance director is Richard Darling. He may be reached at
203-222-2678 or rdarling@westonct.gov.
����� ������� ��������
What does the Board of Finance do?
The Board of Finance is responsible for developing the annual
town budget. It also reviews and approves or denies all budget
transfers within the annual budget. Members are elected to six-
year terms and are listed in the town officials list here in the

What are legal notices? Where can I read them? ������� ������ �������
Legal notices are notifications concerning meetings and ac-
tions of local commissions and boards. In addition, other im- ��������������������������������������������
portant town government information such as proposed budgets,
town ordinances and invitations to bid on projects or sell the ������������������������������������������
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town services appear in legal notices. �����������������������������������������������
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Legal notices may be found in the town clerk’s office at town �������������������������������������������������
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hall. Many legal notices are required to be published in a news- .sdnomainiddiamonds.
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paper having circulation in the town and almost all appear in ����������������������������������������������
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hsirehc ot eceip A(
The Weston Forum. ����������������������������������������������
How do I know if a meeting is scheduled? ,sgnirraE dutS dnomaiD ,sdnaB yrasrevinnAAlso, dnomsave
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The Freedom of Information Act requires ,thatsdlareall
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mission and board meetings be public. The yscheduletilauq meg ,sfor
enotsaesool fo noitceles egraL Rubies
p lla ni serinihall
S dnaranges.
seibuR Large selection of loose stone
board’s regular meetings must be filed each year .yrlewith
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clerk. Special meetings may be called up to 24 hours in advance. �����������������������������������������������������
Emergency meetings may be held without notice;.smhowever,
eG dna sdnthe omaiD tuoba noitacude etelpCome moc a visit
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board must file its minutes — including the reason for the emer- ����������������������������������������������������
gency — at the town clerk’s office within 72 hours of the meet- ��������������������������������������������
ing. Meetings are posted in the town clerk’s office, town hall.
The Forum publishes a list of upcoming meetings known at
press time in its Meetings column. Meetings are also posted on
the town Web site, www.westonct.gov. Anyone interested in re-
ceiving e-mail updates about agendas for Weston Board of Se-
431 Post Road ������������
eC gWestport
nippohS oCompopmoC trShopping
optseW ,tCenter
saE daoR tsoP 134

lectmen meetings or notification of special town meetings may �������������������������������

Suite 18, Second
(203) 222-1894
O neh(Above
oC evoCohen
bA( rooOptical)
lF dnoceS ,81 etiuS
2 ro 4981-222 )302(
sign up to do so. E-mail a request to webmaster@westonct.gov
ecivres tnellecxe dna sdnomaid y����������������������������������������
to be added to the town’s electronic distribution .list. tilauq enif htiS.Z.
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20 • weston answerbook Town Government May 19, 2011

Can a commission or board meet privately? What state house districts are we in?
Generally, all meetings involving a quorum of commission or Weston is in the 135th Assembly District, represented by Re-
board members (three members of a five-person board, four of a publican John Shaban. Write to Mr. Shaban at 29 Ledgewood
six-member board) must be open to the public. However, Con- Drive, Redding, CT 06896 or Legislative Office Building,
necticut statutes allow a commission to close a meeting to the Room 4200, State Capitol, Hartford, CT 06106-1591. He may
public if it is discussing personnel matters, litigation strategy, or be reached locally at 203-664-1015 and in Hartford at 800-842-
contract negotiations. 1423; or e-mail john.shaban@cga.ct.gov.
To close a meeting and enter into “executive session,” the
board must take a vote and the meeting’s closure must be sup- How can I express my views to the governor?
ported by two-thirds of those present and voting. The commis- Write to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy at 210 Capitol Avenue, Hart-
sion cannot take any action while in an executive session. It ford, CT 06106, or call 860-566-4840.
must return to open session before voting on any items.
Who represents us in the U.S. Senate?
What if I think a commission held an illegal private Connecticut’s senators are Richard Blumenthal, Democrat,
meeting? and Joseph Lieberman, an Independent.
You may file a complaint with the state Freedom of Informa- Senator Blumenthal may be reached at G55 Dirksen Sen-
tion office (860-566-5682), 18-20 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT ate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510; 202-224-2823. In
06106. Connecticut, it’s 30 Lewis St., Suite 101; 860-258-6940. His
Web site is www.blumenthal.senate.gov
What state senatorial district are we in? Senator Lieberman may be reached at 706 Hart Senate Build-
Weston is mainly in the 28th state Senatorial District. A small ing, Washington, DC 20510, 202-224-4041; or 1 Constitution
portion in the southern part of town is in the 26th District. Plaza, 7th Floor, Hartford 06103, 800-225-5605, fax 860-549-
In the 26th district, our senator is Toni Boucher, a Republi- 8478; or e-mail Senator_Lieberman@Lieberman.senate.gov.
can. Ms. Boucher may be reached at: 5 Wicks End Lane, Wilton, Web: www.lieberman.senate.gov.
CT 06897, 203-762-3232; in Hartford at 800-842-1421; or by
e-mail at Toni.Boucher@cga.ct.gov. Who represents us in the House of Representatives?
In the 28th District, our senator is John McKinney, a Republi- Weston is in the 4th Congressional District and is represented
can. He may be reached at 300 South Gate Lane, Southport, CT by Jim Himes, a Democrat.
06490, 203-254-1639; in Hartford at 800-842-1421 or 860-240- Mr. Himes can be reached at his Stamford office at 888 Wash-
8805; or e-mail John.McKinney@cga.ct.gov. ington Blvd., 10th Floor, 06901. The phone number is 866-453-
0028. In Washington, D.C., he is at 214 Cannon House Office
Building, 20515; 202-225-5541. Web: www.himes.house.gov.


�������������� ����������������������

��������������� ������������
������������ ���������

�������������������������������������� �������������������������

�������������������������������������� ������������������
����������������� ���������������������

���������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������������������������������������
May 19, 2011 Schools weston answerbook • 21

What does the Board of Education do? Hurlbutt Elementary School, 8:30 to 3:15.
The board is responsible for proposing a budget to run the Early dismissal is at 11:45 for the high school and the middle
schools, overseeing spending, setting policies and rules, hiring school, 12:35 for the intermediate school, and Hurlbutt.
the superintendent, approving administrators, adopting books In the event of bad weather or other conditions, delayed open-
and courses, negotiating staff contracts, and hearing citizen ap- ings are two hours after the regular opening: 9:45 for the high
peals. school and middle school, 10:30 for the intermediate school and
Regular Board of Education sessions generally take place the Hurlbutt.
third Monday evening of the month (sometimes it’s a Tuesday
if there is a holiday) at 7:30 p.m. in the Weston Public Library What school holidays are planned?
community room. Most meetings there is an executive session The school calendar calls for 180 days for students, 187 days
before the public session. Specific information about regular and for staff. The school board has approved a district calendar
committee meetings — including dates, agendas, and locations through the 2011-12 school year, and they are available on the
— are posted in the district office, at the schools, and on the school Web site, www.westonk12-ct.org, under Annual Calen-
district’s Web site, www.westonk12-ct.org. dars.
Board members are listed under Town Officials here in the The first day of school this year was Sept. 2, and graduation
Answerbook, and are also listed on the district Web site. is set for June 22.
For the 20111-12 school year, the first day of school is sched-
Where is the school district office? uled for Tuesday, Aug. 30. The holidays and vacations are:
The district central office is at 24 School Road. The phone Monday, Sept. 5 , Labor Day; Sept. 29, Rosh Hashanah; Oct. 7,
number is 203-291-1400; fax is 203-291-1415. The school Web Professional Development Day; Oct. 10, Columbus Day; Nov.
site is www.westonk12-ct.org. 8, Election Day; Nov. 24-25, Thanksgiving Recess; Dec. 26-Jan.
The interim superintendent of schools is John Reed. He may 2, Winter Recess; Jan. 16, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Feb. 20-
be reached at 203-291-1401. He will serve until July, when the 24, February Recess; April 6, Good Friday; April 16-20, April
new superintendent, Colleen Palmer takes over the post. Recess; May 28, Memorial Day. June 12 is scheduled as the last
day of classes. Extra snow days would be made up in June.
What public schools are in town and how many chil-
dren attend each? What is a DRG?
As of Oct. 1, 2010, there are a total of 2,504 students enrolled District Reference Groups (DRGs) are the state education
in the Weston school district. Weston’s four public schools, oc- department’s way of grouping like school districts based on spe-
cupy a 117-acre campus adjacent to town municipal offices and cific socioeconomic factors. They are most often used to com-
the district office. pare test scores within “comparable” school districts.
The schools are: Weston is in DRG-A. This group is considered by the state
Hurlbutt Elementary School, (PreK-2) 9 School Road, 203-
291-1444, fax 203-291-1452; Joanna Genovese, principal (203-
291-1448). There are 505 students. ������������ ���������������
Weston Intermediate School, (Grades 3-5) 9 School Road, �������� ����������
203-291-2700, fax 203-291-2717; Patricia Falber, principal ���������
(203-291-2701) There are 595 students.
Weston Middle School, 135 School Road, 203-291-1500, fax
203-291-1516; Kenneth Craw, principal (203-291-1515). There

are 612 students.
Weston High School, 115 School Road, 203-291-1600, fax
203-291-1603; Lisa Wolak, principal. There are 792 students.

Does the school board have guidelines for average
class sizes?
The Board of Education is responsible for setting guidelines
for class size after consulting with school administrators. Rec-
ommendations for kindergarten and grade one are 18-20 students �������������������
per class, and 20-24 students per class in grades two through
12. ���������������������

What are the average class sizes at each school? ������������������������������������

As of Oct. 1, 2010, average class sizes were as follows:
At Hurlbutt: 19.9 for kindergarten, 18.4 for first grade, 22.3 �����������������������������������
for second grade. ���������������������
At Weston Intermediate, they are 21.4 for third grade, 21.7 for
fourth grade, and 20.7 for fifth grade. �����������������
At Weston Middle School: 20.9 for sixth grade, 21.3 for sev- �������������������������������
enth grade, 19.6 for eighth grade.
What are the hours of operation at the schools?
The regular class schedule is as follows: ����������������������������������������������
Weston High School, 7:45 to 2:30 �����������������������������������������������������
Weston Middle School, 7:45 to 2:30 �������������������
Weston Intermediate School, 8:30 to 3:15
22 • weston answerbook Schools May 19, 2011

education department to be the “most affluent and least needy” How have students performed on the CAPTs?
group of school districts in the state. Other school districts in The Connecticut Academic Performance Tests, known as
DRG-A are Darien, Easton, Redding, Region 9 (Joel Barlow CAPTs, test proficiency in math, science, reading, and writing.
High School, shared by Easton and Redding), Ridgefield, New Taken in early spring 2010 by the Weston High School soph-
Canaan, Westport, and Wilton. omore class, more than 85% of Weston students scored at or
above the goal level on all four tests. The percentage of students
What tests do students take? who performed at or above state goal was as follows:
Students in third through eighth grade take the Connecticut Math - 85.2%
Mastery Test, a state assessment whose results are reported un- Science - 89%
der No Child Left Behind. Reading - 88%
The Connecticut Academic Performance Test is given to 10th Writing - 95.1%
What is the SAT?
How have students performed on the Connecticut The SAT is a standardized test that the College Board admin-
Mastery Tests? isters nationally seven times a year. The SAT tests students in
Since March 2006, reporting requirements of the federal No mathematics, critical reading, and, beginning in 2005, writing.
Child Left Behind Act require the Connecticut Mastery Test Test results are reported on a scale of 200 to 800 for each cat-
(CMT) to be given annually to students in grades three through egory. The Class of 2006 was the first class to take the three-part
eight. SAT.
For the test taken in 2010, the percentage of Weston students Most colleges request student applicants to submit scores
achieving at or above goal level are as follows: from either the SAT or the standardized ACT test.
Third grade — Math: 81.3%; reading: 75.6%; writing: 65.6%
Fourth grade — Math: 91.9%; reading: 81.5%; writing: 81% What are the average SAT scores for seniors at the
Fifth grade — Math: 92.3%; reading: 86.5%; writing: 83.9%; high school?
science: 84.8% Weston High School’s Class of 2010 had among the highest
Sixth grade — Math: 89.2%; reading: 91.5%; writing: 89.3% average SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) scores of any school
Seventh grade — Math: 90.3%; reading: 94.4%; writing: district in the state, with a combined average score of 1,793 out
85% of a possible score of 2,400. The average scores for Weston stu-
Eighth grade — Math: 90.9%; reading: 94.9%; writing: dents were: Math, 596; reading, 587; and writing, 610.
88.9%; science: 89.4%
Does the school offer SAT preparation?
The PTO offers after-school PSAT and SAT review courses.
They are open to all students. A fee is established each year. The
PSAT review is offered in the beginning of October and the SAT
� review is held in April. For information, call the Weston High
School guidance department or PTO.
The Weston Public Library also offers free 24/7 SAT study
help to anyone with a Weston library card through prepme.com.
Visit www.westonpubliclibrary.org for details.

How have students performed on the National Merit

Scholarship program?
The scholarship program is based on PSAT scores and other
criteria. This year, Weston High School had eight commended
scholars, two semi-finalists and two finalists.

What is Weston High School’s graduation rate?

“Reducing Your Carbon Paw Print” 100%.

What percentage of students go on to college?

Recycle your bottles and cans for a cause! For the Class of 2009, 93% of students went on to higher edu-
The mission of the Kat’s PAWS Bottle and Can
Redemption program is to raise funds for PAWS No-Kill When can my child enter kindergarten?
Animal Shelter in Norwalk, CT by redeeming recyclable & Any child who turns five before Jan. 1 during a given calendar
redeemable bottles and cans, while reducing landfill and year may enter kindergarten that fall; otherwise they enroll the
helping the environment. next year. A bill is working its way through the legislature that
would a student to enroll in kindergarten by age six.
If If you are interested in Kat’s PAWS
you are interested in Kat s PAWS,
How do I register my child for school?
Contact Kat Fischer at:
Contact Kat Fischer at  To register a child for kindergarten through grade two, call or
katspawspickup@gmail.com .com visit Hurlbutt Elementary School (203-291-1446) and ask for a
registration packet. For grades three, four, and five, call the in-
We will drop a Kat’s PAWS bag in your mailbox, and when
We will drop a Kat’s PAWS bag in your mailbox, and when  termediate school (203-291-2700). For grades six through eight,
filled, email me, and we will pick it up!
filled, email me, and we will pick it up! call the middle school registrar at 203-291-1525; and for high
school, call 203-291-1600.
May 19, 2011 Schools weston answerbook • 23

Information that will be needed includes a copy of your child’s for transportation to and from school. (Exceptions may be made
birth certificate, previous academic records, health records, in- for physical conditions or hazardous conditions.)
cluding immunizations, and verification of address. The school district employs First Student Bus Company (203-
454-1984) to handle its transportation services. Bus routes are
posted on the school district Web site, www.westonk12-ct.org,
What interscholastic sports are offered at the high just before the beginning of the new school year.
school? David Lustberg is the schools’ transportation coordinator. He
More than 70% of Weston High School students participate in may be reached at 203-291-1477 or davidlustberg@westonk12-
school sports. Weston High School offers the following: ct.org.
Fall/Boys: Cross Country, Football, Soccer
Winter/Boys: Basketball, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track, Skiing, What is the Weston Education Foundation?
Swimming/Diving, Wrestling The Weston Education Foundation is a non-profit, community
Spring/Boys: Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Ten- organization that promotes excellence and innovation in educa-
nis tion through grants for teacher and curriculum development,
Fall/Girls: Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Soc- technology initiatives, and community education. For informa-
cer, Swimming/Diving, Volleyball tion, including a list of the board members, visit www.weston-
Winter/Girls: Basketball, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Indoor educationfoundation.org.
Track, Skiing
Spring/Girls: Golf, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Softball, Tennis What is the current school budget?
The Board of Education budget is $44,697,023 million for the
What extracurricular activities are at the high school? 2010-11 school year. The approved school budget for 2011-12
Clubs and activities available at Weston High School in- is $45,520,867.
clude: American Cancer Club; Company/Theater Arts; Dance
Club; Debate Club; Diversity Club; Future Business Leaders What is special education? Who does it help?
of America (FBLA); Heliotrope (yearbook); HOW (Help Our Special education offers services for physically handicapped
World environmental club); Inlook (literary magazine); Instru- and learning disabled children. In Connecticut, special educa-
mental Music; Intramurals; Junior Engineering-Technical So- tion and related services are available to eligible children by age
ciety (JETS); Key Club; Leadership Council; National Honor three and are provided by local and regional school districts.
Society; Pep Band; Risk Club; Student Government; The WHS
Journal (school newspaper); Young Democrats Club; and Young How can I find out if my child needs special
Republicans Club. education?
The Early Learning Center is a district program that will eval-

What about the middle school?

Clubs and activities at the middle school include: Chamber
Singers; Chamber Orchestra; Community Connector (mentor-
ship program); Environmental Club; Intramurals and After ����������������������������������������
School Sports; Jazz Ensemble; Math Team; Newspaper; Short �������������������������������������������
Wharf (theater); Spanish Club; String Ensemble; Student Asso- �������������������������������
ciation; Writing Club/Literary Magazine; and Yearbook.
Does anyone offer before- or after-school care?
Norfield Children’s Center (203-227-7047), 64 Norfield ������������������
Road, offers before and after school child care services from
7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for ages 3 to 10.
The Westport/Weston YMCA, 59 Post Road East, offers
child care programs for children 2 to 12. Transportation is pro-
vided for children in Weston schools. For details, call 203-226-

How can I find out if school is canceled?

There is a link at the top of The Weston Forum’s home page,
www.theWestonForum.com, that takes you directly to any school
cancellation or delay notices. Yo may also sign up for Break-
ing News Alerts on our Web site, and you will be notified when
there is an unexpected school closing, delay, or early dismissal.
Many local radio and television stations announce school delays
and cancellations due to weather or other causes. You may also
visit the school district Web site, www.westonk12-ct.org, and
click on “Delays & Cancellations.” Another helpful Web site is
www.ctweather.com. �����������������������������
What is the district’s transportation policy? ������������������������������
Any student in grades kindergarten through five who lives ������������������������������������������
more than 0.25 miles from school, and those in grades six
through 12 who live more than 0.5 miles from school are eligible
24 • weston answerbook Schools May 19, 2011

uate any child from two years nine months to five years old. toddlers who have delays or disabilities. For information, call
Children from three to five who exhibit mild to moderate delays the Child Development Infoline at 800-505-7000 or visit online
are recommended for placement in a preschool special educa- at www.birth23.org.
tion program. For information, call the director of pupil services SPED*NET, the Special Education Network, exists to edu-
at 203-291-1405. cate the public on special education issues and to offer parents
resources. Visit www.spednet.org for information, including an
Are there any special education resources? extensive list of links to resources in Fairfield County.
The Connecticut Birth to Three System helps families meet The Connecticut Association for Children and Adults
the developmental and health-related needs of their infants and with Learning Disabilities, CACLD (www.cacld.org), is an
independent, regional non-profit organization serving children
and adults with learning disabilities and attention deficit disor-
ders. CACLD provides information, education, and consulta-

bring home tion while promoting public awareness and understanding. Call
203-838-5010 or e-mail Beryl Kaufman, executive director,

the big top. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, is a non-profit or-
ganization providing information and support to parents of chil-
dren with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders
�������������������������������������������� (ADHD). For more information, visit www.SmartKidswithLD.
org or call 203-226-6831.
�������������� Is there a PTO?
����������������� Each school has a parent teacher organization, which raises
money for teacher appreciation, school enrichment, and student
�������������� activities. For information, visit the PTOs’ Web sites: Hurlbutt
����������� Elementary School PTO (hurlbutt-pto.org.), Weston Interme-
������������������� diate School PTO (wis-pto.org), Weston Middle School PTO
(wms-pto.org) or Weston High School PTO (whs-pto.org).
����������������������������������������� What nursery schools are in town?
Emmanuel Nursery School, 285 Lyons Plains Road (203-
226-4432), Norfield Children’s Center, 64 Norfield Road
(203-227-7047), and Saint Francis of Assisi Preschool, 35
Norfield Road (203-454-8646), are in Weston. The Westport-
Weston Cooperative Nursery School (203-227-9318) in the
Unitarian church at 10 Lyons Plain Road, is just over the town
������������������������������������ line in Westport. There are many nursery schools in neighboring
�������������������������� What private schools are in the area?
�������������������������������� Greens Farms Academy at 33 Beachside Avenue, Westport
(203-256-0717, www.gfacademy.org), is an independent coedu-
May 19, 2011 Schools weston answerbook • 25

cational day school from kindergarten through 12th grade.

In Wilton, there is Connecticut Friends School on Route 106
(203-762-9860, www.ctfriendsschool.org), a Quaker school that
offers kindergarten through eighth grade; Our Lady of Fatima,
225 Danbury Road (203-762-8100, www.olfrs.org), a Catholic
school for pre-school through eighth grade; and Montessori
School, 34 Whipple Road (203-834-0440), which offers pre-
school through sixth grade.
In Ridgefield, St. Mary’s Regional Catholic School (203-
438-7288, www.stmaryschoolridgefield.org) on High Ridge of-
fers kindergarten (full-day) through eighth grade; and Ridgefield
Academy (203-894-1800, www.ridgefieldacademy.com) offers
preschool through eighth grade at 223 West Mountain Road.
Fairfield Prep (203-254-4000, www.prep.fairfield.edu), a
boys-only Catholic high school in Fairfield is run by Jesuits. Im-
maculate High School (203-744- or www.immaculatehs.org) is
a co-ed Catholic high school in Danbury.

Is there adult education?

Weston Open Learning is a community education program
sponsored by the Weston Education Foundation and Weston
public schools. Winter and spring sessions are offered with
courses covering a wide variety of topics. For information, visit

What colleges are nearby?

Norwalk Community College (203-857-7000) in Norwalk
offers a degree program. Western Connecticut State Univer-
sity (203-837-8200) in Danbury has both graduate and under-
graduate courses as does the University of Connecticut, Stam-
ford (203-251-8400), Fairfield University (203-254-4000), and
Sacred Heart University (203-371-7999).

Is there an art school?

The Silvermine School of Art (203-966-6668, www.silver-
mineart.org) in New Canaan offers courses for all ages and levels
of expertise. The Ridgefield Guild of Artists (203-438-8863, ��������
www.rgoa.org) in Ridgefield offers instruction for beginners and
advanced students, as well as many children’s programs. There’s
also the Wooster Community Art Center (203-743-6311, ) in
Danbury. ����������

What dance schools are nearby? ��������������������

The Academy of Dance is in Westport (203-226-9987, ���������������������������
www.westportdance.com). There is also the Wilton Dance Stu- �������������������
dio (203-544-9007 or www.wiltondance.com).
In Georgetown, there is The Conservatory of Dance (203- ������������������������
544-8455, www.conservatory-of-dance.com), The Art of ��������������������������
Dance (203-544-9821, www.artofdancegtown.com), which is �����������������������
also home to the Western Connecticut Youth Ballet, and The
Millennium School of Irish Dance (203-544-9868, www.mil-
lenium-school.com). ������������������
Where is the nearest vocational school? ������������������
Henry Abbott Regional Vocational and Technical School ��������������������������
on Hayestown Road in Danbury offers an academic curriculum ��������������������������������
along with programs in auto repair, auto body, electrical, elec- �������������������
tronics, manufacturing technology, machine drafting, HVAC
(heating, ventilation and air conditioning), graphic communi-
cations, plumbing, hairdressing, culinary arts, and off-site LPN �������������������
(licensed practical nurse) training. An eighth grade transcript is �������������������
required. Post graduates and adults interested in a program may �����������������
call 203-797-4460, ext. 4427, for information or visit www.ct-
tech.org/abbott/. �����������������
26 • weston answerbook Public Services May 19, 2011

Is there a library and when is it open? Is there a town social worker?

The Weston Public Library is at 56 Norfield Road. The phone The Department of Social Services (203-222-2663) in the
number is 203-222-BOOK. The library is open Monday, Tues- Weston Town Hall Annex on School Road (next to the Board
day, Thursday, and Friday from 9 to 5; Wednesday from 9 to 8; of Education’s central office). It is best to call in advance for an
Saturday from 10 to 4; and Sunday from noon to 4. The library is appointment.
closed on Sundays from mid-June to mid-September. The direc- The town social worker is Charlene Chiang-Hillman, MSW,
tor is Karen Tatarka. LCSW. Her office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from
The Web site is www.westonpubliclibrary.org. The library’s 9 to 4. Assistant Social Worker Suzanne Friedman, RN, MS, is
e-mail address is westonlibrary@westonct.gov. in the office on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 4.
The office offers a number of confidential services to Weston
What does the library offer, besides books and residents including: crisis intervention; short-term counseling,
magazines? diagnosis, and referral; case management, child and elderly pro-
Although small in size, the library offers videos, audio books, tective services referrals. The office also screens people for ser-
and DVDs, as well as other items most libraries have for research vices such as the food pantry and energy assistance applications,
or circulation. For those with laptop computers, the library of- and also assists with applications for agencies such as ConnPace,
fers free WiFi wireless Internet access during library hours. Medicare, and Medicaid. Meals-on-Wheels and Dial-a-Ride are
Through the library’s Web site, you can access eAudioBooks also coordinated through this office.
(electronic book titles that can be downloaded to your computer Weston’s Social Services Department also works with the re-
or MP3 player), purchase museum passes and discount cards, gional United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, which focuses
access interlibrary loan services, search for jobs, or connect to on helping to prepare children for school, helping families be-
continuing education opportunities. Students can prepare for the come and remain financially stable, providing access to quality
SAT, learn a foreign language, and access Encyclopedia Britan- health care, and providing a link to basic needs services like
nica online. food and shelter. Visit www.unitedwaycfc.org or call the United
Way’s Infoline at 2-1-1.
Can I access the card catalog from home?
You may search the general library catalog as well as the chil- Does the town have a food bank?
dren’s catalog from your home computer. Yes. It is located in the parking lot behind the Police Station
Through iCONN, you may search thousands of general and and near the Norfield Firehouse. The Weston Food Pantry is
scholarly articles published from 1980 to the present. The data- open 24 hours a day to all Westonites who need to supplement
base also includes Spanish-language articles, newspapers, busi- their groceries. Call the Department of Social Services (203-
ness information, health and wellness information, and more. 222-2663) for details on using it or making a donation.
You will need your library card number for access.
The library’s Web site also offers a link to Facts on File News What is the Weston Warm-Up Fund?
Services. You will also need your library card number for this The Weston Warm-Up Fund (www.westonwarmup.com) pro-
service. vides financial help to low-income Weston families and indi-
viduals. Assistance is available for the purchase of oil, gas, or
Are there any library activity groups? electricity for heat; repairs to or replacement of heating equip-
During the school year, the library has Story Hours for chil- ment; and home improvements to increase energy efficiency.
dren 2-4 years old. Registration is required and children must be For information on applying for assistance, call Nadine Kerns,
accompanied by an adult. Story Hours run 45 minutes to an hour 203-222-0517 or nkerns@optonline.net, or Dawn Egan, 203-
and include stories, songs, games, and films. Contact Joy Beck- 221-9114 or jdweston@optonline.net.
with at 203-222-2651 or look online under Children’s Services To make a donation to the fund, send a check to P.O. Box 1254,
for schedules and more information. Weston, CT 06883. The tax-exempt number is 061087836.
Two book discussion groups meet once a month, one during
the evening and one in the late morning. Anyone is welcome to Does the town offer help to those who find
join. Call the library for details. themselves temporarily or permanently homeless?
Chess Mates is a relatively new program for kids interested Call the town social worker, Charlene Chiang-Hillman, at
in playing and learning more about chess. There are sessions 203-222-2663.
for those in grades 1-3 and in grades 4-6. Call the library for Homes with Hope, also known as the Interfaith Housing As-
specifics. sociation, is located in Westport, but it is partially funded by the
Occasional concerts, author talks, and art exhibits also take town of Weston and serves Weston clients. Homes with Hope
place at the library. Town groups use the Community Room for provides supportive services in a structured environment to en-
special programs. able people achieve independent, self-sufficient lives through
permanent affordable supportive housing; casework and sup-
What is the Friends of the Weston Public Library? portive services; emergency shelter for men, women, and fami-
This is a volunteer group of members of the community that lies; food and meals; and life skills training.
provides extra services and programs not covered by the town
budget by paying for many educational, cultural, and literary What do I do with my trash?
programs. The Friends of Weston Public Library welcomes new There is no municipal trash collection and most residents con-
members; applications are available in the library. The group tract with a private hauler.
also encourages citizens of Weston to financially support the li- For do-it-yourselfers, the Weston Transfer Station (203-222-
brary. 2668) is at 237 Godfrey Road East and is open Monday through
Friday from 8 to 3:45 and Saturday from 8 to 2:45. Stickers are
Does the library accept books for book sales? required for vehicles entering the transfer station. They are is-
There is an ongoing sale in the library, but there isn’t room for sued free to Weston residents with their motor vehicle tax bills
large donations of books. each June, and are valid for one year. For an extra sticker, or if
May 19, 2011 weston answerbook • 27


���������� �������������������������
������������������� ����������
�������������������������� ��������
����������������� ��������������
����������������� ����������������
����������������������� ��������������
����������������� �����������


28 • weston answerbook Public Services May 19, 2011

you are a new resident, visit or call the Selectman’s Office (203- hazardous waste. The one at the Weston Department of Public
222-2656) at Weston Town Hall. You will need a copy of your Works garage is usually held in conjunction with Green Up Day,
car registration and proof of residency. the last Saturday in April. There is a list of what can and cannot
You may drop off solid waste, which is regular garbage, in- be disposed of. For information, call the Selectman’s Office at
cluding food waste, paper or plastic bags, paper towels, etc. 203-222-2656.
Stickers are required on each bag, which can weigh up to 30
pounds. Stickers are $1.50 each and are available at Weston Where can I get help with my income taxes?
Town Hall (in the Selectmen’s Office) or at Weston Hardware in Tax Counseling for the Elderly (Tax-Aide) is a free program
Weston Shopping Center. There is a discount for those who are that provides federal and state income tax preparation service
receiving tax abatements. for middle- and low-income taxpayers, with special attention to
You may also drop off what is called bulky waste — scrap those 60 and older. The service is offered at Westport Senior
material, construction debris, old furniture, etc. — for 17 cents Center, 21 Imperial Avenue, through April 17. Appointments are
per pound. Payment is by check on site. required. Call 203-341-5099.
To dispose of tires will cost $3 per car tire and $5 per truck The Weston Senior Activities Center also offers tax help for
tire, without rims. seniors. Call 203-222-2608.
No leaves, grass, or brush will be accepted.
Is there a community calendar of events?
Is there a recycling center? Each week The Weston Forum publishes What’s Happening,
There is a recycling center at the Weston Transfer Station (see a round-up of community events. It is available online at www.
above). Standard recyclables may be disposed of for free. For theWestonForum.com (click the Community tab at the top of the
information, call the station at 203-222-2668 or the Selectman’s page). There is also a calendar of town events online at www.
Office at 222-2656. westonct.gov. The Weston Community Service Coalition keeps
Each spring and fall the Connecticut Resources Recovery Au- an updated list of service opportunities and activities at www.
thority (CRRA) offers a Residential Electronics Recycling Col- wcscct.net.
lection program where you may get rid of old computers, moni- For area events, check out The Forum’s Arts & Leisure page
tors, cell phones, TVs, VCRs, copiers, fax machines, printers, for extensive information on happenings all across the region.
radios, and stereos for free. For dates, check the Web site www.
crra.org or keep an eye on The Weston Forum. Is there a town lost and found?
The closest thing to a lost and found is the police station. Any
How do I get rid of my hazardous waste? item may be turned into the dispatch office, which is next to
There are a number of hazardous waste collection days — list- the fire department. To inquire about a lost item, call 203-222-
ed on the town Web site — to which Westonites may bring their 2600.
May 19, 2011 Emergency Services weston answerbook • 29

What kind of calls should be made to 9-1-1? down slightly from the previous year’s 599.
Only emergency calls should be made to 9-1-1, such as to
report a fire, medical crisis, or police emergency like a home Does Weston EMS have any community programs?
intruder or other life-threatening situation. Yes, Weston EMS offers Weston Injury Prevention (WIP),
People should not call for directions, to find out if roads are an ongoing education program to prevent injury in and around
icy, or for routine service such as barking dogs. Routine police the home. The goal is to educate families on how to make their
calls should be directed to 203-222-2600; routine fire calls to home injury proof, as well as what to do in case an injury does
203-222-2647. occur. It is especially appropriate for scout troops and civic or-
If you dial 9-1-1 by accident, stay on the line, otherwise police ganizations. For information, call 203-222-2649.
will wind up at your doorstep when they can’t determine the Weston EMS also offers HeartSmart, a program covering all
cause of the call. aspects of cardiac health. The program focses on training groups
and individuals to deal with cardiac events. Volunteers conduct
Who answers the 9-1-1 line? CPR training sessions. Call Nissan Eventoff at 203-222-2600 to
Weston Police dispatchers answer 9-1-1, which is available 24 arrange a HeartSmart program.
hours a day. Dispatchers can send police, fire, and/or emergency
medical services depending on the situation. The police suggest What else does Weston EMS do besides answer
that when calling, you try to remain calm and answer any ques- emergency calls?
tions. A lot! EMS volunteers are on site at all manner of special
An upgraded mobile 9-1-1 system enables dispatchers to events in town, such as the Memorial Day and Fourth of July
quickly track a cell phone caller’s location anywhere in the celebrations, road races, the Norfield and Emmanuel Church
state. fairs, and all youth and high school football games.

Where is the nearest emergency room? How can I join Weston EMS?
The nearest emergency room is likely at Norwalk Hospital on To become a Weston EMT you do not need any prior medi-
Maple Street. Call 203-852-2160. cal knowledge, just a commitment to help others. Yo must be at
If you live near the Georgetown line, you are closer to Danbury least 18 years old to apply and be able to pass a physical exam.
Hospital, where the emergency room is on Locust Avenue. Call For other requirements and questions, e-mail Giselle Vogel,
203-739-7100. head of EMS membership, at gisellevogel@aol.com or call her
at 203-227-9127.
What ambulance service is available?
Since 1962, the town has been served by the all-volunteer
Weston Emergency Medical Services (originally called Weston
Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Squad), headquartered at 52
Norfield Road. The non-emergency number is 203-222-2649.
Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 9 to noon. The Web site is
Weston EMS has its own ambulances, which are staffed with
three Weston EMTs and a paramedic from Norwalk Hospital.
The service has about 45 members.

Where will the ambulance take me?

The ambulance will most likely take you to Norwalk Hospital,
unless Danbury Hospital or a Bridgeport Hospital is closer. If ���������������
the patient is stable, the ambulance will usually take a patient to ������������
the hospital of his choice. ��������������������
What kind of training do Weston EMS volunteers ������������������
Training is ongoing and includes monthly drills and meetings
and periodic special drills, such as pediatric, new equipment,
and mass casualties. Volunteers are on call a minimum of four ��������
12-hour day or night shifts per month. Everyone is re-certified ��������
every two to three years. �������
Do we have paramedics and what can they do?
Weston EMS does provide paramedic service. Paramedics can ������
provide advanced life support treatment and care.

How much does an ambulance call cost me?

Nothing. Weston EMS is a free service, unlike neighboring
towns, in which an ambulance call can routinely cost from $500
to $700.

How many calls did the ambulance service answer last

In 2010, Weston EMS responded to 529 calls for service,
30 • weston answerbook Emergency Services May 19, 2011

How can I help Weston EMS?

Make a donation. Weston EMS receives no funds from the
town and therefore is funded solely by private contributions.
Running an emergency medical service is an expensive under-
taking. An ambulance costs about $200,000 and must be replaced
every five to seven years. Donations must also cover the cost of
the department’s state-of-the-art equipment, all of its training,
supplies, operating expenses, and maintenance costs.
Donations are tax deductible. You may make a donation on-
line at www.westonems.com. To send a check, make it payable
to Weston EMS and send it to Weston EMS, P.O. Box 1163,
Weston, CT 06883.

Where is the fire department?

The Weston Volunteer Fire Department is headquartered at 52
Norfield Road town behind town hall. Office hours are Monday
through Thursday from 9 to noon. The non-emergency number
is 222-2647. The Web site is www.wvfd.com. There are two fire
stations. Station #1 is the headquarters on Norfield Road. Station
#2 at 234 Lyons Plain Road was rebuilt in 2009.
Firefighters have monthly and weekly drills. The firefighting
How does the department operate? force is state certified Firefighter One (130 hours of training) and
The Weston Volunteer Fire Department is made up entirely of many members have achieved Firefighter Two certification (an
volunteers and since 1931 has been the sole source of fire and additional 160 hours of training).
rescue services in town. Except for town funds to pay for fire
equipment, the department relies on private donations to supple- What equipment does the fire department have?
ment operating costs. At the Norfield Station, there are three class A fire engines,
The department is divided into Fire Rescue and Emergency one engine dedicated to water supply that carries over a mile
Medical Services (for EMS, see above). Their combined mem- of hose and can pump 2,250 gallons of water per minute, and a
bership is about 90, with many people serving on both divisions. tanker with a 2,500-gallon capacity.
The fire chief is John Pokorny. He is also the town’s fire mar- The Norfield station also houses a mobile communications
shal. bus, a dive/rescue boat, and “Old Mack,” an historic fire engine
dating back to 1934.
At the Lyons Plain station, there is one class A engine that
has a capacity of 1,000 gallons and can pump 1,500 gallons per
minute. (Most engines need to pump at the rate of 200 to 300
������������������������ gallons per minute.)
Each engine carries hundreds of feet of hose, various tools,
���������������������� and ground ladders up to 35 feet in length. The rescue truck,
which is at the Norfield Station, carries a wide variety of special-
ty equipment and power tools as well as a Jaws-of-Life power
������������������������������������ unit that allows rescuers to work on two vehicles at once.
The fire department also has a supply of oxygen masks de-
signed to fit dogs and cats. Each Weston fire pumper engine car-
ries a set of the animal masks, which plug into the same tank
����������������������������������� used to give oxygen to humans.
���������������� How can I become a volunteer firefighter?
You must live or work in Weston, be 16 or older and in good
physical condition to join the fire department. The department
will provide all necessary training. For information, call Bruce
�������������������� Ando at 203-222-2647 and leave a message with your name and
�������������� number, or e-mail membership@wvfd.com.
How many calls did the fire department answer last
������������ In 2010, the fire department responded to 526 calls, including
������������������� automatic fire alarms, up slightly from the previous year’s 502

Must my fire alarm be registered?

Yes. Homeowners must register their automatic alarm systems
with the secretary at the police department. Call 203-222-2600
for details.
May 19, 2011 Emergency Services weston answerbook • 31

Where is the police department? Police responded to 182 motor vehicle accidents (including
The Weston Police Department is headquartered at 56 Nor- one fatality), and made 535 motor vehicle stops (187 written
field Road. The non-emergency number is 203-222-2600. The warnings issued, 82 verbal warnings issued). They received 412
department Web site is www.westonpolice.com. road/traffic complaints, 157 reports of disabled motor vehicles,
The department provides emergency service 24 hours a day, 117 motor vehicle complaints, 88 parking complaints, and 39
seven days a week. Its mission is to protect life and property and motor vehicle lockouts.
foster and maintain the feeling of stability and security in the Police investigated a number of thefts, including seven bur-
community. Weston police officers are well trained and demon- glaries, 28 larceny thefts from buildings, three motor vehicle
strate a high level of skill and motivation in the investigation of thefts, 13 larceny thefts from motor vehicles, and 16 other lar-
crimes and motor vehicle accidents. cenies. There were 14 complaints of credit card/ATM fraud, five
complaints of fraud under false pretenses, and two complaints of
How many policemen does the town have? fraud impersonation in 2010.
The Weston Police Department has 10 full-time patrol offi- There were a number of complaints from residents, includ-
cers, three sergeants, and one detective. The chief of police is ing 66 vandalism complaints, 33 noise complaints, 24 property
John Troxell. damage complaints, 36 civil disputes, 25 reports of lost property,
41 animal complaints, 13 deer complaints, 25 gunshot/hunting
How do I get an accident report? complaints, 11 complaints about telephone calls, seven com-
Call the police station at 203-222-2600 and ask for the records plaints about trespassing, and one arson complaint.
department. They will let you know if the report has been filed There were also 189 reports of suspicious incidents, 119 re-
and processed. Then you may pick it up. ports of suspicious vehicles, and 56 reports of suspicious per-
What are the town’s police activity statistics? In 2010, the department conducted two death investigations
There were 5,250 police incidents reported in 2010, down and responded to three suicide/attempted suicide calls. There
from 5,955 incidents in 2009. In 2010, police made 53 criminal were five missing persons reported to the department.
arrests, compared with 78 in 2009. Of the arrests made in 2010, Police conducted 118 welfare checks on residents, and offered
there were 10 for driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol. assistance to citizens 100 times.
There were also four liquor law violations, and three drug/nar- In addition to their own matters, police assisted Weston Emer-
cotic violations. gency Medical Services on 372 calls, and the Weston Volunteer
In other crimes, police investigated two reports of forcible Fire Department on 208 calls. They also received 136 calls to
rape/fondling, four assaults, 27 complaints of intimidation, assist other agencies.
three disorderly conduct complaints, and one child pornography Finally, there were nine line of duty injuries reported by
case. Weston Police officers in 2010.
Not all police calls in 2010 were related to crimes or criminal
activity. Alarms took up the bulk of the department’s time, with Are police involved in any community programs?
1,095 alarm calls reported. The department periodically runs a Citizen Police Academy.
32 • weston answerbook Emergency Services May 19, 2011

The eight-week program is open to all town residents and is de- (203-222-2600) can provide you with information regarding the
signed to give citizens an overview of the department and the necessary requirements. Or, check with the Connecticut State
American Criminal Justice System. Police Special License and Firearms Unit, at www.state.ct.us/
Is there a Neighborhood Watch Program?
The Weston Police Department has a “cyber” neighborhood Is there a town emergency plan?
watch program called e-Watch, which has hundreds of mem- Weston has an Office of Emergency Management that is com-
bers. Those who have signed up receive regular e-mail alerts mitted to the safety and security of those who live and work
about recent crime activity in the community. Members may here. The department is responsible for handling emergencies
also alert the police about scams they have encountered or other that arise from both natural and man-made disasters.
suspicious activity. There is a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that
Subscription to the program is free. To be added to the list, e- details what each department (such as Fire, Police, and EMS) is
mail cfilsinger@westonpolice.com and put “E-WATCH” in the required to do during an actual emergency. There are a number
subject line. of ways people may be notified of an emergency, inlcuding the
CodeRed® emergency notification system, with which town of-
Will the police fingerprint me for an application? ficials can automatically call the entire town or certain streets or
The police offer this service to Weston residents and town em- neighborhoods to deliver a pre-recorded phone message.
ployees. You may visit the police department during business The Town of Weston Emergency Operations Manual contains
hours, but they can’t guarantee an officer will be available. Try the Emergency Operations Plan. The town works with munici-
calling ahead. pal neighbors and the South Western Regional Planning Agency
to create both terrorism and bio-terrorism responses to add to
Does the police department have a Lost and Found? the Emergency Operations Manual. The town is in constant con-
Yes. Found items may be turned in to the dispatch office, ad- tact with the Connecticut Office of Emergency Management, the
jacent to the fire department on Norfield Road, at any time. For American Red Cross, and the Office of Homeland Security at
inquiries about lost items, call 203-222-2600. both the federal and state levels in order to ensure the safety and
security of the community.
Do I need to register my burglar alarm? For more information on emergency preparedness, the fol-
Yes. Call 203-222-2600 for details. lowing Web sites are helpful: www.redcross.org, www.fema.
gov, www.ct.gov/hls (CT Office of Homeland Security), www.
Am I allowed to carry a gun in town? whitehouse.gov/homeland (Department of Homeland Security),
To carry a firearm, either on your person or in your vehicle, www.ed.gov/emergencyplan (Department of Education), and
you must obtain a permit to do so. The records department www.ready.gov (also 800-Be-Ready) provides citizens with in-
formative preparedness suggestions and advice for families.
Mike Ferullo (203-222-2633) is the director of Emergency
Management for Weston.
���������������������� What should I do in the event of a severe storm?
Connecticut Light and Power offers the following tips: Check
���������� medications that need refrigeration. You may want to keep a
small cooler handy for that purpose. Have a supply of canned,
non-perishable food and drinking water that will last a couple
of days. Get extra ice and put it in plastic bags. This will help
maintain the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer.
Set aside water. Fill the bathtub with water for toilets; a bucket
in the bowl is all that’s needed for flushing. You can buy bottled
water for drinking. Be prepared to cook outside, but don’t bring
grills into the house.
Stock up on batteries for a battery-powered radio and flash-
lights, and have extra wood for fireplaces or wood stoves. Fill
your car’s gas tank.
Stay away from downed power lines.
You should avoid talking on the phone or watching TV during
a lightning storm. Consider unplugging expensive items such as
computers, televisions and refrigerators to avoid power surge
damage, which can occur even if they are plugged into surge
������������� protectors.
If you lose power, call Connecticut Light and Power at 800-
�������������������� 286-2000. Have flashlights or candles readily available and
don’t use a gas stove for heat or illumination.
������� How do I reach poison control?
Dial 800-222-1222. This national number will connect you
������������������������������������� with medical experts at a local poison control center. There is
������������������������������������������ also a Web site, www.1-800-222-1222.info.
������������������������������������ In an emergency, when fast medical assistance is required,
dial 9-1-1 and tell the dispatcher what the problem is.
May 19, 2011 Business weston answerbook • 33

Is there a business district? plaints, which can be mailed to 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford,
Weston Center at 190 Weston Road is the closest thing Weston CT 06106.
has to a business district — nearly all the town’s commercial
businesses are located here. It is a small shopping center with Where is the post office?
Peter’s Weston Market, The Lunch Box, Lang’s Pharmacy, The Weston Post Office is in Weston Center, 190 Weston Road.
Peter’s Spirit Shop, Weston Hardware & Houseware, Minute Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5, Saturday from
Men Cleaners, Camelott Realty, Fairfield County Bank Insur- 9 to 1. For information, call 800-ASK-USPS. The postal service
ance Services, LLC, and Fairfield County Bank. Weston Service Web site is www.usps.com.
Center and the post office are also in Weston Center.
Where can I ship something via UPS?
Is there a Chamber of Commerce? There is nowhere in town, but there are several UPS Stores
Weston merchants may belong to the Westport/Weston and self-serve drop boxes just over the town line in Wilton and
Chamber of Commerce (227-9234 or www.westportchamber. Westport. These include UPS Stores at 5 River Road, Wilton,
com) with offices at 215 Main Street in Westport. The chamber and at 606 Post Road East in Westport. There are self-serve
serves the business community through a number of events and drop boxes in Wilton at 372 Danbury Road, 21 River Road, and
services, and also contributes to the community in general. 43 Danbury Road, and in Westport at 185 Main Street, and 16
Regular events include networking breakfasts (Business Be- Wilton Road,
fore Hours the second Wednesday of every month) and eve- Check www.ups.com for the most convenient location.
ning events (Business After Hours the fourth Thursday of every
month). There are also special business and social events. Where can I ship something via FedEx?
FedEx does not have a drop box right in Weston, but there are
Who protects consumers? several in surrounding towns, including at 941 Danbury Road in
The local Better Business Bureau is in Wallingford. For infor- Georgetown, 372 Danbury Road in Wilton, 73 Redding Road in
mation, call 203-269-2700 or visit www.bbb.org. West Redding, 195 Danbury Road in Wilton, and 11 River Road
The Better Business Bureau provides reports on businesses, in Wilton. There are also locations in Westport and Norwalk.
charity groups, and organizations. It can help resolve consumer Visit www.fedex.com for the most convenient location.
disputes with businesses and promotes ethical business stan-
dards. You may file a complaint online at www.connecticut.bbb. What banks are in town?
org or call for information. Fairfield County Bank has a branch office and 24-hour ATM
You may also file a complaint about a business through the machine in Weston Center at 190 Weston Road. The Web site is
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection hotline at www.fairfieldcountybank.com or call 319-7820.
800-842-2649 or visit state.ct.us/dep. The bank is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.;
The department will investigate cases where consumers feel Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
they were cheated or defrauded. It will also accept written com-
34 • weston answerbook Food & Shopping May 19, 2011

Are any stores open all night? and at Lang’s Pharmacy in Weston Center. School PTOs will
There are none in Weston. The Dunkin’ Donuts at 35 Danbury often provide opportunities to buy a “Back to School Kit.”
Road (203-761-8663) is open 24 hours. There are other possi-
bilities along Route 7 toward Norwalk. Where can I buy gifts and cards?
Lang’s Pharmacy (203-226-7800) at Weston Center offers
What supermarkets are in town? a wide range of gift items, including bath and body products,
Peter’s Weston Market at 190 Weston Road (known as clothing, jewelry, stuffed animals, toys, home goods, trinkets,
Weston Center) is the town’s only food market. The phone num- gift baskets and Weston-wear. The pharmacy gift wraps and
ber is 203-227-2066. will help with personal shopping and shipping.

Where is the nearest farmer’s market? What restaurants are in town?

There is a great seasonal farmer’s market right here in town, The Lunch Box (203-227-4808) at Weston Center is a more
open Saturdays from 8 to noon. It is held at the Weston Histori- casual restaurant offering pizza delivery, sandwiches, burgers,
cal Society on Route 57, and is organized by the Weston Wom- fried chicken, specialty salads and more. They serve breakfast
en’s League. In addition to fresh local produce and products, (including homemade donuts) and lunch, as well as baked goods
the league also arranges for entertainment on most Saturdays. and coffee, lattes, and and ice cream.
If you miss the market on Saturday, there is also a Georgetown
Farmer’s Market at Route 57 and 107. It is open Sundays from Is there a liquor store in town?
10 to 2. Peter’s Spirit Shop (203-226-3740 or www.peterspirit.com)
The Norfield Grange, 12 Goodhill Road hosts an indoor win- is at Weston Center. It offers an extensive wine selection, spirits
ter farmers market featuring farm fresh fruits and vegetables, and a wide variety of beer. Hours are 10-8, Monday through
herbs, jams, honey, maple syrup products, baked goods, cheese, Saturday.
eggs, pork, beef, plants and goat’s milk soap. It’s open on Satur-
days from 10 to 2. Where can I get an ice cream cone?
Other nearby seasonsal farmers markets include: Ridgefield You can satisfy your craving for ice cream at The Lunch
(88-90 Danbury Road/Route 35), open Fridays, 3-6; New Ca- Box.
naan (Center School parking lot) open Saturdays, 10 to 2;
Norwalk (North Water Street parking lot at the Maritime Aquar- Who sells coffee to go?
ium) open Wednesdays, noon to 5. Grab a cup to go at The Lunch Box or Peter’s Weston Mar-
Most are open through October. For more Connecticut farm ket.
market listings, check www.ctfarmfresh.org.
Ambler Farm in neighboring Wilton runs a farm stand offer- Is there a catering service in town?
ing vegetable and flower transplants. The stand opens in late May Try A Dash of Salt (203-943-9950), Bon Soiree on Salem
for sales on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:30 to 5. For infor- Road (203-222-7327), or Cabbages & Kings Catering on
mation visit www.amblerfarm.org or e-mail bsaundersis@gmail. Lords Highway (203-226-0531). The Lunch Box and Peter’s
com. Weston Market also offer food-to-go services.

Where can I pick my own fruits and vegetables? Is there someplace that can help me with things other
The nearest pick-your-own places are Silverman’s Farm, than food if I want to host a large party?
Warrups Farm, and Blue Jay Orchards. Events Party and Tent Rentals on Main Street in George-
Silverman’s Farm at 451 Sport Hill Road in Easton (203-261- town offers party and tent rentals, including tents, dishes and
3306) offers peaches, apples, nectarines, and sunflowers. There glasses, linens, tables, etc. 203-544-RENT or www.eventsct.
is a farm market, florist, animal farm (admission fee), seasonal com.
cider, and tractor rides. It is open all year.
Warrups Farm on Lonetown Road in Redding (203-938-9403) Is there a hardware store?
is an organic farm offering pick-your-own flowers, summer veg- Yes. Weston Hardware & Houseware (203-227-7995) is at
etables, squash, and pumpkins. There is a small farm stand and Weston Center.
farm animals across the street. Seasonal hayrides. In the fall,
there are pick-your-own pumpkins. Where can I get my clothes dry cleaned?
Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel (748-0119/bluejayorchardsct. Minute Men Cleaners (203-349-5302, www.minutemanclean-
com) is well-known for apple and pumpkin picking. Early ap- ers.com) in Weston Center offers many services including fine
ples are expected to arrive in August; pick-your-own starts in dry cleaning, premium shirt laundering, flat work, and free pick-
September and continues through early November. up and drop-off service.
Colonial Cleaners in Ridgefield (203-431-6397 or www.co-
Where can I buy plants and garden supplies? lonialcleaners.com) and Classic Cleaners in Georgetown (203-
Weston Gardens at 1 Goodhill Road (203-227-3871) is a 544-9177) also provide pick-up and delivery service in Weston.
nursery that offers landscaping and lawn and garden supplies.
Weston Hardware in Weston Center (203-227-7995) also of- Is there a mall nearby?
fers gardening supplies. A ride north on Route 7 will lead to the Danbury Fair Mall
(Park Avenue exit), with more than 200 stores, including Ma-
Where can I buy a newspaper? cy’s, J.C. Penney, Lord & Taylor, and Sears.
Peter’s Weston Market (203-227-2066) sells The Weston The Stamford Town Center is at Grey Rock Place in down-
Forum and other popular newspapers. town Stamford (Atlantic Street exit off I-95 south) and offers
135 retail outlets including Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. The
Can I buy school supplies in town? Trumbull Mall is off Exit 48 of the Merritt Parkway. Anchor
You can buy many of them at them Peter’s Weston Market stores include Lord & Taylor and J.C. Penney.
May 19, 2011 weston answerbook • 35

What to do when Dad

has Alzheimers?

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May 19, 2011


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May 19, 2011

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weston answerbook • 37
38 • weston answerbook Property Issues May 19, 2011

When do I need a building permit? fencing of open mesh is permitted so long as the total height
If you are planning any kind of home construction or renova- does not exceed 10 feet. For fences around playing courts, con-
tion, construction of a deck, driveway, pergola, just about any- sult Planning & Zoning.
thing, you should first check with the building department (203- If you are building a fence or wall within 20 feet of a town
222-2659). Building permit applications must be accompanied road, you must get a zoning permit and it can be no more than
by approvals from a number of other departments depending four feet tall.
on the type of work being done. These may include the health
department, town engineer, conservation planner, fire marshal, What are the setback requirements?
zoning, and tax collector. All buildings must be set back a minimum of 50 feet from the
front lot line and 30 feet from side and rear lot lines. Buildings
When do I need a zoning permit? are limited to 35 feet in height and the total footprint of all build-
If you are doing any building, alterations, additions, or exca- ings (residence, outbuildings, etc.) may not exceed 15% of the
vation work, you will need a zoning permit. Call 203-222-2614 total lot area.
for assistance.
Can I bring in landfill?
What are the regulations on swimming pools? Probably, but you should check with Planning & Zoning and
Swimming pools and tennis courts are allowed but must be the Conservation Commission. You will probably need a permit
within the minimum setback requirements (see below). Before a and you should make sure you are not anywhere near a wet-
building permit is issued for a swimming pool, the homeowner land.
must secure a certificate of approval from the town health officer
regarding construction, drainage, filtering, etc. What is a wetland and a watercourse?
The state building codes have additional requirements for Wetlands are diverse and not always visible to the eye. In
safety including fencing. The fence must be at least four feet Connecticut, they are defined by the chemical and physical char-
high and enclose the pool. acteristics of the first 18 to 24 inches of soil.
In Weston, a watercourse is defined as “any flow or body of
What are the regulations regarding fences? water which contains water or a flow of water at least six months
Fences and walls up to six feet tall are permitted. Walls or in the aggregate during the course of an average year.”
fences taller than six feet but no more than eight feet are allowed
only if they are at least three-fourths open construction. Deer
May 19, 2011 Property Issues weston answerbook • 39

What are the rules regarding “for sale” signs?

You may have one sign advertising the sale or lease of a prop-
erty. It may be no bigger than two square feet and it must be set
back at least five feet from the property line. It may be only one
board and may not have anything hanging from it.
The Planning and Zoning Commission has proposed chang-
ing this regulation to allow signs to be a maximum of for square
feet and to allow the addition of up to two additional hangers or
toppers of up to two more square feet. The proposal would also
eliminate the five-foot front setback and eliminate the require-
ment for For Sale signs to be removed prior to closing.

What if I have a tag sale?

Tag sale signs are permitted as long as you have a tag sale
special permit issued by the selectman’s office.

May I rent an apartment in my house?

You may have one apartment, as long as it is part of the main
house and you, the owner, live in the house. You may not have
an apartment in an outbuilding and you may not rent out both the
main house and apartment. There are quite a few rules regarding
accessory apartments. Consult Planning & Zoning. technical brochure for homeowners called Septic Care & Main-
tenance for the Homeowner. It is available online at www.con-
May I take in boarders? servect.org/southwest.htm. Click on the septic care link and then
Yes, but you are restricted to no more than three and they may click on the link for the downloadable format.
not have separate cooking facilities.
Who do I call if my neighbor’s septic system is leaking
Do I need a permit for a business in my home? onto my property?
You do not need a special permit from Planning & Zoning for First call your neighbor, then call the Westport Weston Health
a single person; you do need one if you have one or two em- District at 203-227-9571.
ployees. Home businesses are not permitted to have more than
an employers plus two employees. There are quite a few rules
and regulations regarding home businesses. They are outlined in
the town’s zoning regulations available online at www.westonct.

May I burn brush? ������������

Yes, you may burn brush but not leaves. You don’t need a
permit, but you do need verbal permission, which will depend
on that day’s air polution, fire hazard status, and exactly what
you are planning to burn. Call the Communications Center (203-
222-2600) before burning anything outside. Burning is allowed �������
at any time of year.
May I shoot off fireworks at home?
No. Anything that goes “bang” is illegal. Only non-exploding, ���������������������������
non-aerial sparklers may be used by anyone over 16. ���������������������������
How do I know if my well water is safe to drink? �������������������������
A private well means that it is your responsibility to have the
water checked. All new wells must have tests submitted to the
town health department before a new water supply is approved
for use.
It’s not a bad idea to have a bacterial check done on an annual
basis. If you suspect the well has been damaged by construction
or landscaping, it might be a good idea to have it tested. In addi-
tion, if you notice a strange taste or a funny odor in your water, ������������������
have the well tested. Various private laboratories can test your ������������������
water quality; look under Laboratories — Testing in the yellow
pages or online directory.

How do I take care of my septic system? ����������������������������������������������

You should have it cleaned out every few years by a licensed ����������������������������������������������
company. If you think you have a problem, call a licensed septic
system installer. ���������������������������
The Norwalk River Watershed Initiative offers a simple, non-
40 • weston answerbook Health May 19, 2011

How can I find a good doctor for my family? Are there CPR classes in town?
All hospitals have physician referral services. Try Norwalk Weston Emergency Medical Services, through its HeartSmart
Hospital (203-852-2609 or www.norwalkhosp.org), Danbury program, offers CPR training to groups such as the Girl and Boy
Hospital (203-797-7001 or www.danburyhospital.org), St. Vin- Scouts, community service organizations, sports programs, and
cent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport (877-255-SVHS or www. high school students. Call Nisan Eventoff from Weston EMS
stvincents.org), or Bridgeport Hospital (203-384-3000 or www. at 203-222-2600 to arrange a HeartSmart program or for more
bridgeporthospital.org). There are also published directories at information.
area libraries, and lots of online referral services like www.phy- American Red Cross Connecticut Region offers CPR, first aid,
sicianreports.com or www.AmericasTopDoctors.com. Some- and baby-sitting courses in the area. For times and locations, call
times the best references come through word of mouth. 800-319-9935 or visit www.ctredcross.org

Do any doctors take walk-in patients? Is there a town health department?

There are none in town. In Wilton, there is Wilton Medical The Westport Weston Health District is a regional health
Walk In Clinic (203-834-8885) at 35 Danbury Road. It’s open department that provides professional health services. It is at
Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, Saturdays from 9 to 2, Sun- 180 Bayberry Lane, Westport. Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30. The
days from 9 to 1, and holidays from 9 to 1. The last patient is phone number is 203-227-9571. The Web site is www.wwhd.
seen one-half hour before closing. org.
In Fairfield, the Walk-In Medical Care Center (203-259-
3440) is at 1055 Post Road, and the Fairfield Family Medical Is there a clearinghouse of health services?
Center (203-384-2273), 525 Tunxis Hill Cutoff, is open Monday Infoline of Southwest Connecticut offers information and
through Friday, 9 to 9; Saturday and Sunday, 9 to 3. referrals on adult day care, nutrition, home care, respite care,
In Norwalk, there’s Primary Medical Care (203-849-7777 health services, mental health, social services, legal services,
or www.pmcc-ohc.com) at 345 Main Avenue, open from 8 a.m. transportation, financial services, and other topics. Call 2-1-1 or
to 9 p.m. weekdays, 9 to 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Call for visit www.211infoline.org.
hours on holidays. The Connecticut Self-Help Network is a statewide clearing-
Immediate Medical Care of Monroe (203-459-0191), 388 house for all support groups across the state. Its Self-Help Di-
Main Street (Route 25) is affiliated with Bridgeport Hospital. rectory lists more than 1,450 local and statewide groups dealing
To access information online, go to www.bridgeporthospital.org with abuse, addictions, bereavement, disabilities, health, mental
and click on Community Services, then Walk-in Medical Cen- health, parenting, and many other stressful life situations. It also
ters. has contact information for more than 1,000 national networks.
For information, call 203-624-6982.

Does anyone make house calls?

The Westport Weston Health District Homebound Health
Looking Check program provides regular non-skilled home visits by a
registered nurse to Westonites unable to leave their home due
for a QUALITY Preschool? to chronic illness or advanced age. Services are tailored to meet
individual health needs and include monitoring of vital signs,
blood sugar levels, and medication compliance. For information
or to register, call Loren Pace, RN, at 203-227-9571.
one that
encourages Where is the nearest nursing home?
The nearest nursing homes are in Wilton: Wilton Meadows
EXPLORATION Health Care (203-834-0199 or www.wiltonmeadowshealth-
and care.org), 439 Danbury Road; and Lourdes Health Care Cen-
ter (203-762-3318), 345 Belden Hill Road.
DISCOVERY, In Georgetown, there is Meadow Ridge (203-544-1000 or
www.meadowridge.net) at 100 Redding Road.
Quality-related information on nursing homes is available on-
line at www.medicare.gov.
one that How can I arrange for home health care?
understands You, your doctor, or a friend can call any of several visiting
nurse services to arrange for home health care.
JOY and The Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County offers
LEARNING are several home care programs, including skilled nursing, rehabili-
tation, medical social work, support services, and community
intertwined. services.
Assisted Living at Home is offered to people who need sup-
port to remain independent at home and out of a long-term care
Westport Weston Cooperative facility. Services include help with bathing, cleaning, cooking,
Nursery School dressing, driving and shopping, running errands, and even pro-
10 Lyons Plains Road viding companionship.
Westport, CT 06880 Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County also offers
203-227-9318 high-tech and long-term professional nursing; aides for personal
info@westportwestoncoop.org care and home management; physical, occupational, and speech
May 19, 2011 Health weston answerbook • 41

therapists; and volunteer peer counselors. Sunday, 9 to 3. The pharmacy may be reached at 203-834-
Call 800-898-HOME for more information. The Web site is 9735.
www.visitingnurse.net. Achorn’s Pharmacy at 166 Main Street in Westport serves
VNS of Connecticut offers skilled nursing for children and Westonites, and also offers free morning delivery for residents.
adults; occupational, physical and speech therapy; medical so- Pharmacy hours are Monday through Friday, 8 to 7, Saturday, 8
cial work; and home health aides as well as many specialty ser- to 6, and Sunday, noon to 5. Call 203-226-0741.
vices. Call 203-838-8621 or visit www.vnsct.com. There is also Colonial Druggists at 611 Post Road East (203-
227-9538) and CVS at 397 Post Road East in Westport (203-
Is there a clearinghouse of information on home 227-7343). For those closer to the north end of town, there is
health care? Redding Pharmacy, 73 Redding Road (Route 107) in George-
Home Health Compare allows consumers to see clinical town (203-544-8306).
information about home health agency quality. The service is The nearest 24-hour pharmacies are in Norwalk. CVS (203-
sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Ser- 847-2351) is at 235 Main Street and Walgreen’s (203-845-0457)
vices. It is available online at www.medicare.gov. is at 55 Westport Avenue.

How can I get help with household tasks while I’m Who organizes blood drives? How can I give?
recuperating from my illness? With local sponsorship of groups like the Kiwanis Club of
Through Assisted Living @ Home (800-898-4663 ), a ser- Weston and the Weston Women’s League, the American Red
vice of the Visiting Nurse/VNA Care Network in Wilton, people Cross Connecticut Region, (800-319-9935 or www.ctredcross.
can get help with bathing, cleaning, cooking, dressing, driving org) conducts blood drives.
and shopping, and running errands.
Is there a flu clinic in the fall?
Who provides hospice service? The Westport Weston Health District has flu clinics in the fall
Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County provides at its Westport office, as well as at various community locations
hospice services in Weston. Hospice is a community-based pro- in both Westport and Weston. Sites and times are published in
gram that focuses on pain relief, symptom control and comfort The Weston Forum and are posted online at www.wwhd.org or
for terminally ill patients, allowing them to be cared for where call 203-227-9571 for more information.
they are most comfortable, usually at home. For information, The health district also offers a pneumonia vaccine clinic for
call 203-762-8958 or 800-898-HOME or visit online at www. seniors — a once-in-a-lifetime vaccine covered by most Medi-
visitingnurse.net. care plans. Call for details.
From its Norwalk office, VNS of Connecticut offers hospice
care for Weston patients in their homes. For information, call
203-838-8621 or visit www.vnsct.com.

How can I become a hospice volunteer?

Volunteers are an integral part of a hospice program. Visit-
ing Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County offers volunteer
training courses at least twice each year. Volunteers may choose
to work with patients and families, or may help in many other
ways. Call 203-762-8958 or visit www.visitingnurse.net for de-
VNS of Connecticut offers a free, eight-week training pro-
gram for adults over 18 who are interested in becoming a hos-
pice volunteer. The program takes place in the Norwalk office at
137 East Avenue. For details, call 203-366-3821.

Does anyone help the handicapped?

Call the Department of Social Services (203-222-2663) for
Specializing in Weston,
Is there a therapeutic riding program? Wilton, Westport, Ridgefield, Redding
Pegasus Therapeutic Riding (203-356-9504 or www.pegasus-
tr.org) teaches horseback riding to the disabled to improve their CAMELOT REAL ESTATE
mobility and balance, strength, and self-confidence. There are
programs in New Canaan, Greenwich, Easton, and North Salem,
N.Y. www.BethBerkowitz.com

Where is the nearest pharmacy? Phone: 203-321-9062

Lang’s Pharmacy, a family-owned pharmacy that began with Fax: 203-682-9446
a store in New Canaan, has a store in Weston Center. It offers E-mail: BethBerkowitz@CamelotRE.com
prescriptions, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and bath and body
products. The pharmacy delivers, gift wraps, and will assist with
personal shopping and shipping. Pharmacy hours are Monday Selling or Buying? Get professionalized
through Saturday, 8 to 6; Sundays, 10 to 4. Call 203-226-7800.
service and quick results!
Stop & Shop Pharmacy is in Wilton Center. Pharmacy hours
Just call Beth...
there are Monday through Friday 8 to 8, Saturday, 9 to 5, and
42 • weston answerbook Health May 19, 2011

Is there a wellness clinic? Does the health district offer cancer screenings?
The Westport Weston Health District (203-227-9571) offers a Yes. Free skin cancer and prostate cancer screenings are avail-
walk-in clinic for adults and children on Monday mornings from able through the Westport Weston Health District. Call 203-227-
9 to 10:30 at its Westport office. The clinic offers free blood 9571, ext. 231, for information.
pressure screening, monitoring, and counseling. Blood sugar,
and TB testing are available for a minimal charge. No immuni- Where is the closest drug treatment center?
zations are given during the wellness clinic. For information about drug abuse and treatment centers, call
Social Worker Charlene Chiang-Hillman at 203-222-2663.
Where can I get my cholesterol checked? Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan (800-899-4455 or www.
The Westport Weston Health District offers cholesterol screen- silverhillhospital.com) has inpatient and outpatient programs for
ing that includes total, LDL, and HDL levels, blood sugar, and drug and alcohol abuse.
triglyceride levels. Fasting is required. There is a $25 fee. For an Hall-Brooke Behavioral Health Services in Westport (203-
appointment, call 203-227-9571, ext. 242, or make one online at 277-1251 or www.hallbrooke.org) also has inpatient and outpa-
www.wwhd.org. tient programs.
Norwalk Hospital has a wide range of mental health and sub-
I will be traveling abroad. Where can I get necessary stance abuse services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.
immunizations? Call 203-852-2988 or visit www.norwalkhosp.org.
The Westport Weston Health District offers immunizations,
preventive medications, and travel health counseling. For an ap- What type of help or counseling is available for the
pointment call the Travel Clinic at 203-227-9571, ext. 243. Fees mentally ill and their families?
are payable by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill has a Stamford-
Greenwich affiliate at 730 Summer Street, Stamford. Call 203-
Where can I get my child’s immunizations? 388-1603.
Most parents bring their child to their pediatrician, but the For information about supervised apartments or for consul-
Westport Weston Health District offers immunizations and tations, call the Mental Health Association of Connecticut’s
boosters to children and adults. There is a fee payable by cash or Supported Living Community (203-797-8621 or 798-2527).
check, MasterCard, or Visa. Call 203-227-9571 for an appoint- The association has a list of support groups throughout the state;
ment. call 800-842-1501.
The health district also offers immunizations for school or The Connecticut Network of Care for Behavioral Health
college-bound students that include MMR, Meningitis, Hepati- provides information about available mental health services, as
tis B vaccinations and TB testing. No appointment is necessary. well as information on insurance maters and the law. Visit www.
Call for details. connecticut.networkofcare.org. Other sources of help include
Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan (800-899-4455 or www.
silverhillhospital.com); or Hall Brooke Behavioral Health
Center in Westport, (203-277-1251 or www.hallbrooke.org).

Where can I get help for an eating disorder?

The Renfrew Center of Southern Connecticut, 436 Danbury
Road in Wilton (203-834-5020 or www.renfrew.com) offers an
intensive outpatient program for young people and adults with
eating disorders. The center also offers nutritional counseling
and support groups for individuals (adults and adolescents),
families, and couples. A free support group meets every Satur-
day morning at 11. The drop-in group is open to anyone strug-
gling with eating disorders, their families or friends.
The Wilkins Center (203-531-1909 or www.wilkinscenter.
com) is located in Greenwich, but has staff members with of-
fices located throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties. The
center provides integrated psychiatric, medical, and nutritional
Danbury Hospital (203-797-7000) has an outpatient pro-
gram. Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan (800-899-4455); and
Hall-Brooke Behavioral Health Center in Westport (203-277-
1251) offer treatment programs for anorexia nervosa, bulimia,
and other eating disorders.

What is radon gas and what can I do about it?

Radon gas is a decay product of radioactive uranium that
cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. In open air it is harmlessly
dispersed, however, well water passing through soil with high
levels of the gas may be a significant source of radon in a home.
High levels of radon occur in Connecticut, particularly in Fair-
field County.
Exposure to radon increases your risk of developing lung
cancer. According to the U.S. E.P.A., radon causes more cancer
deaths than any other single air pollutant except tobacco smoke.
May 19, 2011 Health weston answerbook • 43

When exposure is combined with smoking or inhaling someone

else’s smoke, the risk increases dramatically.
Radon gas gets into homes through cracks in foundations,
block walls, sump pumps, drains and other openings in cellar
floors and walls. It can also be released into the air by running
water from faucets and showers if the source of water is a well
with high levels of radon.
The simplest way to find out if your home has high levels of
radon is through a carbon filter test. Kits are available in stores
or may be purchased inexpensively by calling the Radon Hot-
line — 800-SOS-RADON — operated by the National Safety

Should I worry about Lyme disease?

Lyme disease, spread by ticks, is prevalent in Weston. The
most common carrier is the deer tick, which is about the size of
a poppy seed. Take precautions when going in the woods and
fields. Use insect repellent, dress in light-colored clothing, roll
pant cuffs into socks, wear long sleeves and a hat. Inspect pets
that roam daily.
Insect repellents that contain DEET are quite effective against
ticks. Follow the label instructions for use and application.
Products containing 15% or less DEET are recommended for
children, but products containing DEET should not be used on
If you notice a tick bite or any bite around which a redness forms in
the shape of a bull’s-eye target, or if you have flu-like symptoms, see a
doctor immediately.

What about other tickborne illnesses?

There are other tickborne diseases found in this area — eh-
rlichiosis and babesiosis.
The symptoms of erlichiosis include fever, headache, chills,
malaise, muscle and joint pain, nausea, and vomiting. Acute
weight loss, low platelet count, and a low white blood cell count
can also occur.
The symptoms of babesiosis include a gradual onset of mal-
aise, loss of appetite, and fatigue, followed by intermittent fe-
ver, with temperatures as high as 104 degrees. Usually one or
more of the following occur: Shaking, chills, sweats, headache,
muscle aches, and anemia.

Does anyone test ticks for Lyme disease?

The Westport Weston Health District will identify ticks for
residents for $10. There will be no additional fee to send en- Town Hall on the first Thursday of each month. Call 203-969-
gorged ticks to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment station 1333 or visit www.timeforlyme.org.
for testing. Call 203-227-9571 for details. The Ridgefield Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromy-
The Connecticut Veterinary Diagnostic Lab will examine algia Support Group meets the second Thursday of each month
ticks for the presence of the pathogen that causes Lyme disease. from noon to 1 at the Visiting Nurse Association offices at 90
The fee is $35. Wrap ticks in a moist towel sealed in a zip-lock East Ridge in the Venus Building. For information, call 203-
bag and bring or send to Connecticut Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, 431-0462 or visit www.ridgefieldvna.org.
University of Connecticut, 61 North Eagleville Road, Storrs, CT
06269-3203. Results will be received in one to two days. How prevalent is rabies in this area?
According to the state Department of Public Health, five of
How can I get information about Lyme disease? the 23 raccoons that tested positive for rabies in Fairfield County
The Westport Weston Health District has extensive informa- in 2010 were found in Weston. Statewide, 112 animals (62 of
tion about Lyme disease on its Web site, www.wwhd.org; click them raccoons) tested positive for the disease in 2010. However,
on Target Lyme Disease. Weston’s animal control officer reports that he disposes of scores
The following Web sites also are recommended: www.time- of wild animals every year that he is fairly certain were rabid.
forlyme.org; www.ilads.org; www.columbia-lyme.org; www. Rabies is a fatal disease caused by a virus that travels through
cdc.gov; www.dph.state.ct.us. Color pictures of several varia- the body to the brain via the nervous system. Once it reaches the
tions of the Lyme rash may be viewed at the Lyme Disease brain, it causes encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, which
Foundation Web site, www.lyme.org. results in neurological damage and cannot be treated.
During the last 15-20 years, there has been an outbreak of
Is there a support group for those with Lyme disease? rabies along the East Coast. Raccoons, skunks, and bats are the
Time for Lyme offers support group meetings at Greenwich most common carriers of the rabies virus.
44 • weston answerbook Health May 19, 2011

The best way to protect yourself against rabies is to not ap-

proach or handle wild animals (dead or alive) or strange pets and
to keep your own pets vaccinated.

What should I do if I have been exposed?

Consult a doctor immediately and report the incident to the
local health district (203-227-9571) and animal control officer

������������� (203-222-2642). Because the rabies virus is carried in saliva, the

wound should be washed thoroughly with soap and water. This
decreases the chance of infection. If possible, the animal should
������ be captured for testing. The Veterinary Medical Association sug-
gests trapping the animal under a large box, but do not try to
� handle it. Because the testing procedure for rabies involves dis-
secting the brain, the animal must be euthanized in order to be

������������� tested.
Once rabies has been contracted, it is nearly always fatal.
(There has been only one known survivor.) However, prophy-
��������������� lactic treatment in the form of a series of injections is available
for people who have been exposed to the virus. The procedure
involves administering a dose of immunoglobulin, followed by
��������������� a vaccination. This is succeeded by a series of four injections
given in a 28-day period after the initial treatment.
What is West Nile virus?
�������������������������������� West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne infection that can cause
encephalitis. Mosquitoes trapped in Weston have tested positive
��������������������������������� for West Nile virus.
������������������������� Although most mosquitoes do not transmit the virus, the one
most commonly associated with it is the Culex pipiens mosqui-
����������������������������������������������� to, also known as the common house mosquito. These mosqui-
��������������������������� toes can reproduce in any stagnant water that lasts more than
four days. People can best protect themselves by eliminating
any such pools of stagnant water around their home, such as
birdbaths, old tires, kiddy pools, and clogged gutters. Minimize
outdoor activities between dusk and dawn. Consider the use of
mosquito repellent.
Viral encephalitis may not have any symptoms at all; mild
cases may include a slight fever and/or headache. Severe infec-
tions are marked by a rapid onset of high fever, head and body
aches, and usually occur five to 15 days after exposure. There is
������������������������������������� no specific treatment for viral infections, other than to treat the
symptoms and provide supportive care. Those who may be most
����������������������� susceptible to encephalitis are infants, the elderly and people
with damaged immune systems.
���������������������� Where is smoking banned?
Smoking is banned in all public buildings in Weston. A state
��� law bans smoking in all restaurants, bars, health care institu-
tions, schools, retail stores, elevators, and private businesses.

������������������������ How can I find an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter?

The local AA help line is 203-227-2496, the Web site is www.
�������������� ct-aa.org. Many alcohol abuse hotlines are listed in the phone
book. Al-Anon, for families of alcoholics, and Alateen, for
young people affected by a drinking problem, may be reached at
�������������������������������� 888-825-2666. The Web site is www.ct-al-anon.org.

������������������������� Does anyone offer HIV/AIDS testing?

The Westport Weston Health District offers anonymous or
confidential HIV/AIDS testing and counseling. There is no
charge, but a $10 donation is suggested. For details or an ap-
pointment, call 203-227-9571.
May 19, 2011 Senior Citizens weston answerbook • 45

Is there day care for the elderly? advantage of the Dial-A-Ride van service. The van offers door
There are a number of possibilities in the region. One is El- to door service primarily for medical appointments (doctor,
derHouse adult day care at 7 Lewis Street in Norwalk. Meals dentist, therapy) locally or in Westport, Norwalk, Redding, and
and door-to-door transportation are available. Hours are Monday Wilton. Van service is available Monday through Friday from 9
through Friday from 8 to 5, Saturdays from 9 to 3. For informa- to 3. Appointments are required; call 203-222-2576.
tion, call 203-847-1998. The Web site is www.elderhouse.net. The RSVP medical transportation program is a free volunteer
Ridgefield Crossings (203-431-2255 or www.bench- service that provides residents with rides to medical appoint-
markquality.com), 640 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, offers a day ments in the area. Pre-registraton is required. Call Social Ser-
program for seniors with memory impairment in its Harbor Pro- vices at 203-222-2663.
gram. Meals, activities, and trips are included in a daily fee. The Independent Transportation Network of Coastal CT,
The adult day care program at Waveny Care Center, 3 Farm based in Westport, offers door-to-door transportation to Weston
Road in New Canaan, is dedicated to improving the quality of seniors. Visit www.itnamerica.com or call Social Services at
life for disabled or frail older adults who are still living at home, 203-222-2663.
but who may require assistance throughout the day and/or more Family and Children’s Agency/Home Care Plus also offers
social interaction. Call 203-594-5200 or visit www.waveny.org. senior transportation options, including a wheelchair accessible
Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County provides van. Call 203-831-2900 or visit www.familyandchildrensagen-
home health and hospice care. Services include preventive, ther- cy.org.
apeutic, respite, rehabilitative, counseling and hospice services.
Call 203-762-8958 or visit www.visitingnurse.net. Is there a clearinghouse for local services for seniors?
The Weston Senior Services and Resource Directory, pub-
Is there a senior center? lished by the Weston Commission on Aging, a free 44-page
The Weston Senior Activities Center is in two renovated directory, is a comprehensive guide to services and programs
classrooms at Hurlbutt Elementary School. The hours are Mon- that serve Weston seniors, their families, and their caregivers. It
day, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 to 2:30, September through includes information on regional and state agencies, counseling
July. There are game tables for bridge, mah jongg, and Scrabble. and health care services, legal, financial, and utility assistance,
There is also a piano, television, and foosball table. Classes are enrichment opportunities, and veterans services.
offered in beading, Tai Chi, yoga, strength training, and line The directory is available at the Weston Public Library, the
dancing. Activities include poker, bridge, watercolors, and a town clerk’s office in town hall, the senior center, and the Social
book club. A senior luncheon is held every Wednesday at the Services office in the Town Hall Annex. Or call Social Services
Norfield Congregational Church parish hall at noon. The Dial- at 203-222-2663 and ask to have a copy mailed. It is available
A-Ride van will pick up seniors and bring them home again, but online at www.westonct.gov under the Senior Center section.
you must make a reservation by calling 203-222-2576.
There are a number of special activities and trips sponsored
by the senior center. Call Jen Ruddy, director, or Nancy McCor-
mick, program coordinator, at 203-222-2608 for more informa-
tion and to be put on the monthly newsletter mailing list.

Are there clubs or social groups for the elderly?

The Y’s Men of Westport/Weston is an organization of re-
tired and semi-retired men. Any retired or semi-retired man in
Weston is invited to join. For information, call William Mayer,
203-226-3704, Mario Sa’Couto, 203-227-4077, or visit www.
The Y’s Women group is also affiliated with the Westport/
Weston Family Y. It serves active and involved working and re-
tired women. For information, call Barbara Rogan, president,
203-226-0858, e-mail info@yswomen.org, or visit www.ys-

Where is the nearest AARP chapter?

That would be the Westport-Weston AARP Chapter 1588,
which usually meets the third Wednesday of each month in
Westport. Call Jen Ruddy at the Weston Senior Center (203-222-
2608) for information. Each year during tax season, the chapter
assists seniors with income tax preparation.

Is there a Meals on Wheels program?

Yes. Meals are delivered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
The program is sponsored by the town, administered by the so-
cial services department, and drivers are organized by the vol-
unteer Weston Women’s League. Call the social services depart-
ment at 203-222-2663 or visit www.westonmealsonwheels.com
for details.

Is there special transportation for the elderly?

Weston seniors over age 60 and disabled residents may take
46 • weston answerbook Recreation May 19, 2011

What local parks are there? What do they offer? and cliffs and more than 500 types of trees and wildflowers.
Weston has three municipal parks. They all open at sunrise More than 140 bird species and mammals such as red fox, bob-
and close at dusk. cats, and coyotes call the Den home. There are a number of pro-
Bisceglie-Scribner Park on Newtown Turnpike has a picnic grams for all ages and guided hikes, or you can strike out on
area with a pavilion and picnic benches; a half-mile, 22-station your own. Parking is at the end of Pent Road. The preserve is
fitness trail; a swimming pond with lifeguards; a playground; owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy.
and three Little League fields. Dogs are allowed on leashes on The Aspetuck Land Trust manages a number of properties
the trails only, not on the fields. in Weston. They are detailed on the Web site www.aspetuck-
The 32-acre Morehouse Farm Park is also on Newtown landtrust.org. One of the most diverse is the 1,009-acre Trout
Turnpike. It is an active recreation area with five fields for soc- Brook Valley Conservation Area with trails for humans and
cer, softball and baseball. It, too, has a picnic pavilion with ta- horses. (Part of Trout Brook Valley is owned by the state.) There
bles, and there is plenty of parking. No dogs allowed. are a number of places to park, including Bradley Road and Elm
Keene Park is on River Road. This is a more natural park Drive. There is better parking at the land trust’s Crow Hill and
with a path to the Saugatuck River and a sandy area. There is a Jump Hill Preserves in Easton, from which you can access Trout
toddler playground for preschool age children and a small park- Brook Valley.
ing area. The Elizabeth Luce Moore Nature Preserve encompasses
28 acres in Weston. There are four trails. Parking is on Hill Farm
Where is the parks and recreation department? Road.
The offices are in Jarvis House on the corner of Weston and The Stonebridge Waterfowl Preserve is traversed by the
Norfield roads. The parks and recreation director is Dave Ungar Saugatuck River. There are also numerous wetlands and a pond
(dungar@westonct.gov). Office hours are 9 to 4:30. The number on this 21-acre property. Parking is just off Newtown Turnpike
is 203-222-2655. north of Stonebridge Road.
The recreation department publishes information on seasonal The 38-acre Honey Hill Nature Preserve is on the Weston-
programs, which it also maintains on its Web site. Go to www. Wilton border. Although Wampum Hill Road leads to the pre-
westonct.gov and click on Municipal Departments, then Parks serve, there is no parking. Park at the end of Mayapple in a
& Recreation. cul-de-sac and walk to the Honey Hill entrance at the end of
Wampum Hill Road.
Are there any nature preserves?
There are quite a few. Where can I go hiking?
The largest is the Devil’s Den Preserve (203-966-9577), Weston is one of the greenest towns in Fairfield County, with
which is in Weston and Redding. A 20-mile trail system winds hundreds of protected acres and miles of trails. Some trails rec-
through the preserve’s 1,756 acres past numerous rocky crests ommended by the Aspetuck Land Trust include:
Trout Brook Valley off Bradley Road
Stonebridge Waterfowl Preserve, Newtown Turnpike and
Stonebridge Road
Elizabeth Luce Moore Nature Preserve, entrances on Hill
Farm Road and Davis Hill Road
Honey Hill Preserve on Wampum Hill Road (park on May-
Benjamin Wildflower Preserve on Old Stagecoach Road
Walter Wagner Preserve at the intersection of Pleasant Hill
Road and Partridge Lane
The land trust offers printable trail maps of these properties on
������ ��� �� ����� ����� ��� its Web site at www.aspetucklandtrust.org. Maps are also avail-
���������� �� ��������� �������� able at town hall.
There is also wonderful hiking at the Devil’s Den Preserve on
��� ��������� ���� �� � ������� Pent Road (see above).
���������������� ��������� �������� Bisceglie-Scribner Park has walking trails.
Aquarion offers a hiking permit that allows access to the five-
� ������������ ���� mile Saugatuck Nature Trail along the shore of the Saugatuck
� �� ����� ������ Reservoir and 35 miles of scenic trails in Weston and Redding.
� ���������� ������� ������� Call the watershed management department at 203-452-3510.
� ���� ��� ������������
Where can I go swimming?
� ����� �� ������� ����� You have two choices for municipal swimming.
���� �� �������� �� ����������� �� ���� �� ��� � ����� During the summer, you can swim at the pond at Bisceglie-
Scribner Park. It is open seven days a week from 11:30 a.m. to
6 p.m. from June 18 through Labor Day. Permits are free for the
��� ����� ������� ������ 2011 season, but are required. Download a permit form at the
parks and recreation section of www.westonct.gov or pick one
�������� � ������������
up at the offices in Jarvis House on Norfield Road. Call parks
and recreation at 203-222-2655 for details.
�� ����� � ������������� �� ����� During cooler weather, Weston residents may swim at the pool
at Weston Middle School. Swim permits are good from Sep-
tember through mid-June. The pool is open early in the morning
on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Monday and Wednesday
May 19, 2011 Recreation weston answerbook • 47

evenings; and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Permits are

available for $50 for a family, or $28 for an individual. Seniors
(62 and older) are free. You may also pay a drop-in fee of $5.
The pool is open on a more limited basis during the summer.
For information, check the parks and recreation Web site or call
The town also sells beach stickers for Compo Beach on the
Long Island Sound in Westport at the town clerk’s office in
Weston Town Hall. Beach stickers are required from May 1
through Oct. 1. For Westonites, the stickers cost $220 per car, or
$120 for seniors. The drop-in cost is $20 per day on weekdays,
and $40 per day on weekends and holidays.
Several private clubs in town offer swimming facilities to
members; these include The Weston Field Club (203-227-8487
or www.westonfieldclub.com), which has a fresh water lake and
an outdoor pool, and the Aspetuck Valley Country Club (203-
226-9989) has an outdoor pool.

Where is the nearest public beach?

Sherwood Island State Park (203-226-6983) on Long Island
Sound in Westport has changing rooms and eating areas, two
large picnic grounds, space to play beach sports, and a conces-
sion stand in season. The park is open from 8 a.m. to sunset.
There is a parking fee from Memorial Day through September.
No pets allowed.
There is also Jennings Beach in Fairfield and Calf Pasture
Beach in Norwalk.

Where can I play tennis?

There are six municipal tennis courts at the Weston High
School athletic complex behind the football field and track. They
have hard courts with a four-layer rubberized cushion coating.
The courts are open for play on a first-come, first-served basis
with priority during the school year going to the high school ten-
nis teams and physical education classes. From Memorial Day
through Labor Day, there is a pass required for play, which can
be purchased at the parks and recreation office.
The Weston Racquet Club is a private tennis club at 405
Newtown Turnpike (203-226-3349). The Weston Field Club,
38 Ladder Hill Road South (203-227-8487 or www.westonfield-
club.com) has several types of individual and family member-
ships, and facilities include outdoor courts.
Are there any races in town? ������������������������������
The Weston Memorial Day 5K Road Race is an annual event
at Weston High School. There is also a Children’s Fun Run. Visit ���������������
www.hitekracing.com/weston5k/ for more information. ��������������������
Are there any running clubs in the area? ������������������������������������������
The Lightfoot Running Club, based in Norwalk, offers a ���������������������������������������
little social activity and a newsletter, but primarily the club runs �����������������������������������
races, sponsored by the Norwalk Parks and Recreation Depart- �����������������������������������������
ment, every other weekend from late spring through the fall. For ���������������������������������
details, visit www.lightfootrunners.com.
The Wolfpit Running Club in Ridgefield is open to runners ���������������������
and walkers of all abilities. For information, check online at ����������������������������������
The Joggers Club in Westport meets from the first Saturday �����������
after Labor Day to the last Saturday in June. It’s free and open to �������������������
all levels of runners. Visit thejoggersclub.com to sign up.
Is there an adult softball league in town? ��������������
Parks and recreation runs softball teams for men and women. ������������������������
Call Paul Schaeffer at 203-222-2655.
48 • weston answerbook Recreation May 19, 2011

What public golf courses are in the area? near Lakeside Drive..
Public golf courses include the Ridgefield Golf Course at The Winter Garden ice rink at 111 Prospect Ridge Road,
545 Ridgebury Road, Ridgefield (203-748-7008); Richter Park Ridgefield, is open from October to late May, with public skat-
Municipal Golf Course, Aunt Hack Road, Danbury (203-792- ing, hockey leagues and figure skating. Call the rink at 203-438-
2550); and Oak Hills Golf Course, 165 Fillow Street, Norwalk 4423 for information on memberships.
The Aspetuck Valley Country Club, 67 Old Redding Road Where are some good places to go sledding?
(203-227-9989) is a private, members-only golf club in town. One of the more popular spots for school children is the hill
behind the Weston Public Library. Otherwise, Weston’s public
Are there any driving ranges in the area? areas are pretty flat.
There are no driving ranges in Weston. Belmont’s Ridgefield
Golf Complex (203-431-8989) is on Ethan Allen Highway Where can I fly a kite?
(Route 7). Golf Quest (203-775-3556) in Brookfield has a driv- What’s not good for sledding is good for kite flying. There are
ing range, a putting and chipping area and practice bunkers. In plenty of open fields at the parks and school campus. Be careful
Bethel, the Stony Hill Long Drive (203-778-2777) is on Stony of power lines, buildings, trees, and bird nests.
Hill Road.
Are mountain bikes allowed in open spaces?
Are there any miniature golf courses in town? Mountain bikes are allowed on some trails at Trout Brook Val-
To the north, Belmont’s Ridgefield Golf Complex (203-431- ley Conservation Area. Check the map online at www.aspetuck-
8989) is in Ridgefield on Route 7, at the intersection with Pick- landtrust.org.
etts Ridge Road. It has both miniature golf and a driving range.
Weather permitting, the complex is open daily year-round. To Is there a helmet law for bicyclists?
the south, Cove Marina Mini Golf in Norwalk has an 18-hole Children age 12 and under must wear a helmet when bicycling
“pro golf” style mini golf course with views of Calf Pasture in Connecticut.
Beach and Long Island Sound.
There is also Golf Quest (203-775-3556) in Brookfield. Are there any good bicycling routes?
There are many fine roads for bicycling in the area. The
Is there an ice rink or public skating in town? Weston Forum has a free guide to 19 trips ranging from five to
There is no ice rink and no public skating. Skating is not al- 45 miles, in Fairfield County and nearby Westchester. For a copy
lowed on area reservoirs. However, there are many ponds in send a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope to Bi-
Weston where people skate at their own risk. Crystal Lake is one cycle Trips, Hersam Acorn Newspapers, Box 1019, Ridgefield,
of the more popular ponds, as is the pond on Newtown Turnpike CT 06877.

Are there any bicycling clubs in the area?

The Tokeneke Road Club, 151 Tokeneke Road, Darien, is a
road-racing team. For details: 203-655-2600 or www.tokeneke.
Sound Cyclists runs group rides throughout Fairfield County
year round. There are special events, a newsletter, and members
are entitled to discounts at more than a dozen area bicycle shops.
For information, visit www.soundcyclists.com.

Where can I go boating?

Although the Saugatuck River goes through Weston, it is
����������������� not navigable at that point. There is a public boat launch on
������������������������������ the Saugatuck River on Underhill Parkway off Bridge Street in
���������������� Westport. It is a paved launch, good for large or small boats. It
is a popular spot for canoeists and kayakers to convene. From
the launch, you can paddle about a mile north to a dam or you
���������������� can paddle south to Long Island Sound. Since the Saugatuck is
������������������� a tidal river, you might want to check the tide tables. Kayakers
report it’s more fun at high tide.
������ Is there a rowing club?
The Norwalk River Rowing Association offers youth and
adult programs, instruction, and recreational and competitive
����������������������� activities. For information, call 203-299-5467 or visit www.nor-
����������������� Where can I go fishing in town?
���������������������� Fishing is available in all public ponds and lakes if you have a
state fishing license, available at the town clerk’s office in town
hall. For privately owned ponds and lakes, permission from the
���������������� owner must be obtained. Particularly popular is the Saugatuck
������������������ Reservoir off Route 53 (a permit is required, see below), and the
Saugatuck River which winds through town south of the Samuel
May 19, 2011 Recreation weston answerbook • 49

Senior Dam. For more information contact the DEP at www. What are the hunting seasons here?
ct.gov/dep. Depending on the game, hunting seasons begin and end at dif-
Aquarion offers fishing permits (separate from state fishing ferent times. Check the latest state Hunting and Trapping Guide,
licenses) that allow access to reservoirs in Weston, Redding available in the town clerk’s office or online at www.dep.state.
(including the Saugatuck), Monroe, and Shelton. They are free ct.us.
to Weston residents and available at the town clerk’s office. Bowhunting deer seasons are from Sept. 15 to Nov. 14, and
Dec. 20-30 on state land; Sept. 15 to Dec. 31 at state bowhunt-
ing-only areas; and Sept. 15 to Jan. 31 (except Dec. 31-Jan.1) on
What kinds of fish can you catch here? private land. The shotgun-rifle season for deer on private land is
Brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee, largemouth Nov. 15-Dec. 5. For landowners it is Nov. 1-Dec. 30.
bass, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, northern pike, striped The spring turkey season is May 3-27. Fall turkey bowhunt-
bass, white perch, yellow perch, walleye, brown bullhead, chan- ing season is Sept. 15 to Nov. 14 and Dec. 20-30. The firearms
nel catfish, and whitefish are typical to the area, including in season is Oct. 7-31.
Long Island Sound. Check the latest Connecticut Angler’s Hunting on Sunday is prohibited in Connecticut.
Guide descriptions of these fish — free copies of the guide may
be found in the town clerk’s office in town hall. Can I shoot a gun on my property?
You may shoot for target practice on your property as long as
When does fishing season start? the projectile doesn’t leave the property.
You may fish year-round in Long Island Sound but for most Hunting regulations stipulate that hunting, shooting or carry-
inland locations, the season begins the third Saturday in April ing a loaded firearm within 500 feet of any building occupied by
and continues through November. people or domestic animals is illegal. Hunting or shooting from
or across the traveled portion of a public roadway, or from motor
Where do I get a fishing license? vehicles, is also prohibited. Shooting toward a person, building
Inland fishing licenses are $28 (free to seniors and the dis- or domestic animal when within range is illegal.
abled) and are required for anyone 16 and older. They are avail-
able at the town clerk’s office and many tackle shops. A license Where can a person practice shooting?
for fishing in all inland and marine waters is $32. For details, There are the Ramapoo Rifle and Revolver Club in Ridgefield
check the Connecticut Angler’s Guide, available free at the town (203-438-2095), and Shooting Sports Limited Indoor Range
clerk’s office or online at www.dep.state.ct.us. (203-847-2767) in Norwalk. The Wooster Mountain Shooting
Range on Route 7 in Danbury is open for public shooting sea-
What do I need to get a hunting license? sonally. The range phone number is 203-794-9821.
To obtain a hunting license, you must have had a resident li-
cense within the last five years or have proof of successful com-
pletion of a hunter safety course. A firearms hunting license costs
$19, $11 for a junior (age 12 to 15) firearms hunting license. An
archery license is $41, $19 for juniors. Hunting licenses may be St. Paul Christian School
purchased at town hall, archery licenses must be applied for by
mail. Permits for hunting specific animals are extra. For details,
consult the Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, available
free at the town clerk’s office, call DEP at 860-424-3011, or visit
the Web site at www.dep.state.ct.us.

Where can I go hunting in town?

While the Aspetuck Land Trust does not allow hunting on
its property, you may hunt on the state-owned portion of Trout Embraced by love, Empowered to learn
Brook Valley Conservation Area in Easton. It is open for turkey St. Paul Christian School has been providing
hunting in the spring and deer hunting in the fall. Check on spe- quality and excellence in education since 1976.
cific requirements. Promoting spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive,
You may hunt on private property. All hunters are required to and physical development of children from 2
have permission from the landowner when hunting on private years to state licensed Kindergarten. NAEYC
lands. Verbal permission for the hunting of animals other than accredited since 1992.
deer and turkey is sufficient.
Deer and turkey hunters must carry the written permission of
the landowner for the current season on official DEP forms. A
landowner must have a minimum of 10 acres to authorize the
use of a rifle for deer hunting.
For further information on game law issues, bowhunting, or
conservation, refer to the latest issue of the state Hunting and
Trapping Guide, available at the town clerk’s office or online at

Who teaches firearms safety courses? St. Paul Christian School

Try firearms dealers or call the state’s Conservation Education Lesley Troup, Director
Firearms Safety office in Burlington at 860-675-8130. 41 Easton Road • Westport, CT 06880
50 • weston answerbook Clubs & Organizations May 19, 2011

How can I find somewhere to volunteer? coalition’s Web site, www.wcscct.net.

Many of the civic groups and organizations listed through- Check with the town Social Services Department (203-222-
out the pages of The Weston Answerbook welcome volunteers. 2663 or e-mail Social Services Director Charlene Chiang-Hill-
Some are listed below. man at chillman@westonct.gov) and with local churches for
Volunteer Solutions (www.VolunteerSolutions.org) lists area suggestions and contact information.
nonprofits looking for volunteers. Specific projects are listed.
Another is Volunteer Match of Stamford-Norwalk (www.vol- How can I get a guide to the town’s government and
unteermatch.org). community-minded organizations?
The Voluntary Action Center of Coastal Fairfield County Check the “Web Sites” page toward the back of this Answer-
(www.hscct.org/vac), a Human Services Council of Connecticut book.
and United Way initiative, promotes, coordinates and recognizes Also, The Weston Forum has an extensive list of links on our
volunteerism in Bridgeport, Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Web site, www.theWestonForum.com. Click on “Community.”
New Canaan, Norwalk, Stratford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, A list of community groups also appears on the town of Weston
and Wilton. It offers ways for volunteers to connect with their Web site, www.westonct.gov, under Important Links.
community by exploring volunteer opportunities that match
their interests, skills and time availability. How can I get involved in a political party here?
The Weston Community Service Coalition (www.wcscct. To help the Republican party, call RTC Chairman W.Glenn
net) is a coordinated effort by many Weston organizations to Major at 203-226-7120 or visit www.westonrtc.org.
match community service opportunities with local volunteers. To help the Democrats, call DTC Chairman Barbara Reyn-
The Web site offers a calendar of upcoming service opportuni- olds, 203-227-5074.
ties as well as lists of ongoing community service needs.
The Weston Women’s League (www.westonwomensleague. What does the League of Women Voters of Weston do?
org), Women’s Club of Weston, and Kiwanis Club of Weston The League of Women Voters promotes citizen awareness of
(www.westonkiwanis.org) are local organizations whose prima- civic issues in town. Each February it presents the Speak Up
ry objective is community service. These groups fund-raise and program, enabling citizens to air their concerns to local officials.
coordinate volunteering for local and regional needs. Each May, it hosts the Betty Hill Forum on International Af-
Locally, groups that invite or depend on volunteers include the fairs.
Weston Warm-Up Fund, Weston Food Pantry, and Meals- The league produces a directory of town and school district
On-Wheels. Other volunteer organizations include the Weston elected and appointed officials and staff. It offers an online guide
Volunteer Fire Department, Weston EMS, Weston Garden to the town budget process and a series of educational meetings
Club, Weston Historical Society, Wildlife in Crisis, Weston on topics of local interest.
Supports the Troops, Weston Cares, WestonArts, and Saf- The Web site, www.lwvweston.org, also offers links to state
eRides. Contact information for all these may be found on the and national issues. For membership and other information, e-
mail webmaster@lwvweston.org.
������������������������������ Is there a women’s club?
����������������������������������� There are several.
The Weston Women’s League promotes a sense of commu-
nity through civic services, raising money for local charities,
and sponsoring social and cultural activities. Membership is
open to Weston women over age 21. The group meets the sec-
ond Tuesday of each month at Norfield Congregational Church
Parish Hall.
���������������������� For information, visit www.westonwomensleague.org.
���������������������������������� The Women’s Club of Weston is open to all women who
������������ live in Weston. The club sponsors activities and discussion
groups that appeal to a variety of interests, such as book dis-
��������������������������������������������� cussion groups, gardening, antiques, theater trips, needlecraft,
������������������������������������������� investments, volunteering, and pot luck suppers. For more in-
formation, call President Joyce Murray (until June 2011) at 203-
���������������������� �������������������������� 748-4448 or President Loren Mitchel (beginning June 2011) at
����������� ���������� 203-227-6145, or Ani Bauerlein, new member representative, at
���������������������� ����� 203-454-3280.
��������������������� ������������� The Y’s Women of Westport/Weston is a club affiliated with
���������� the Westport Weston Family Y. The club meets the second and
����������������������� fourth Monday of the month, September to June, at the Unitar-
������������������������ ����������������������� ian Church on Lyons Plain Road just over the Weston border
�������������� in Westport. Meetings feature speakers on various issues. There
are also smaller group activities. For information, call Barbara
Rogan, president, 203-226-0858, e-mail info@yswomen.org, or
We Deliver! visit www.yswomen.org.
The Westport/Weston chapter of Hadassah is one of the
227-4808 largest volunteer women’s organizations in the United States.
Hadassah supports the Hadassah Medical Organization in Is-
rael and works to enhance the quality of life in the U.S. and
Israel by initiating and supporting health care, education and
May 19, 2011 Clubs & Organizations weston answerbook • 51

youth programs. For information, e-mail Corri Neckritz at What is the Junior League?
cneckritz@optonline.net or 203-341-9996, Alison Sherman at The Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk, with offices
alisonsherman@optonline.net or 203-761-8834, or visit www. in Darien, serves Weston. It is a not-for-profit organization of
connecticut.hadassah.org. women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the
potential of women and improving communities through the ef-
Is there a men’s club? fective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The league’s
The Y’s Men of Westport/Weston is an organization of re- purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. For informa-
tired and semi-retired men. Meetings are every Thursday, from tion, call the league’s office at 203-655-4662. The Web site is
September to May, and feature guest speakers on a wide variety www.jlsn.org.
of topics. Club members may also participate in numerous ac-
tivities such as golf, bowling, camera club, bridge, chess, sing- Is there an organization devoted to the arts?
ing, investments, sailing, and hiking, as well as organized trips. WestonArts, Inc. was formed in 2005 with the broad mission
Members also volunteer for community programs. Any retired of raising funds to support and develop the arts in Weston. Its
or semi-retired man in Weston is invited to join. For informa- first project was to raise money toward the refurbishment of the
tion, contact Bill Meyer, membership chairman, 203-226-3704, Weston High School auditorium, a project that was completed at
Mario SaCouto, president, 203-227-4077, or visit www.ysmen- the end of 2008. It works in cooperation with the Board of Edu-
westportweston.org. cation and the town to promote a mindset of on-going enhance-
ments to the arts facilities and programs in Weston.
What about a Kiwanis Club? The Web site is www.westonarts.org; e-mail is info@westonarts.
The Kiwanis Club of Weston is very active in supporting org.
local causes through community service, fund-raising and phi- Also, the Board of Selectmen appoints up to 12 members to
lanthropy. While it serves citizens of all ages, there is a special the Commission for the Arts, which offers free cultural events
emphasis on youth services. The Kiwanis Club has more than in town throughout the year, including music, visual arts, the-
80 members and raises money for causes like Make-A-Wish ater, film, and dance.
Foundation and other local charities. The Web site is www.we-
stonkiwanis.org. Is there an organization dedicated to open space?
The Kiwanis Club meets every Saturday (except in Jly and The Aspetuck Land Trust is devoted to preserving open
August) for breakfast at the Norfield Congregational Church space in Weston, Easton, Westport, and Fairfield. Since it was
parish hall. For details, contact Fred Schneider, club secretary, formed in 1966, it has preserved more than 1,700 acres of land.
at 203-226-3748 or fscnei1@optonline.net, or visit www.we- The land trust is managed by a board of directors from the four
stonkiwanis.org. towns.
Land is obtained in one of three ways: Outright gifts, easements


for50 years

52 • weston answerbook Clubs & Organizations May 19, 2011

(in which the owner gives up development rights), and through

purchases. For information, visit www.aspetucklandtrust.org or
e-mail info@aspetucklandtrust.org.
The Nature Conservancy’s Connecticut chapter has its larg-
est preserve at Devil’s Den Nature Preserve in Weston and
Redding. For Nature Conservancy information, call 860-344-
0716, e-mail ct@tnc.org, or go online to www.nature.org. For
Devil’s Den information, see the section in the Answerbook on
Parks and Recreation.

How about groups that help take care of the Norwalk

Weston is one of the seven towns in the Norwalk River water-
shed. The Norwalk River Watershed Association is dedicated
to improving the water quality of the river and quality of life in
those towns. Some of its projects include river cleanup, habitat
restoration, extension and mapping of the Norwalk River Valley
Trail System, and septic maintenance education.
For more information, visit online at www.norwalkriver.org
or call 203-846-8210. You may also e-mail info@norwalkriver.

Are there any garden clubs?

The Weston Garden Club is a local community organization
made up of members who share a passion for all things related
to gardening. It was founded in 1952 and is a Member of The
National Garden Clubs, Inc. and The Federated Garden Clubs of cept July and August). For more information, contact Jennifer
Connecticut. Inc. It has about 30 active members. Barron at 203-227-5264, Shirley Schneider at 203-226-3748,
The objective of the club is to increase knowledge of horticul- e-mail westongardenclub@gmail.com, or visit www.westongar-
ture and conservation, to assist in community, civic and garden denclub.com.
projects, and to develop the art of flower arranging.
Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (ex- Is there a newcomers club?
Weston Newcomers and Neighbors Club’s mission is to
foster a close social and community network for families new to
���� � � � � ������� � � � ��� � � ��� � ���� town, and to maintain those links for established residents. The
������ club provides an opportunity for new residents to meet others
�� �� while enjoying a variety of activities and social events. These
��� ��� ���
� � � � ������ � ������� ��� ������� � � � ������ � �������� � � � � � �

� ���� �������� activities range from gourmet dinners, bridge, book discussion
���� � � � � � � �������� ��� � � � � � ������� � ���� � � � �

� ��
to bowling, skiing and tennis. There are movie nights, bunko,
and even playgroups. Social events include a progressive din-
ner, a gourmet dinner, a holiday party and a wine tasting group.
For information, call Derry Blatt, 203-557-0888, e-mail presid
ent@westonctnewcomers.com. or visit www.westonctnewcom-

SUMMER CAMP What about a veterans organization?

Many Weston veterans are members of the Georgetown Area
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10190. The post espouses a
���������������� long tradition of honoring veterans and embraces all of the ef-
��������������� forts of the national VFW. It raises money to benefit veterans
������������ and the community.
Area residents who fought in any foreign war or campaign
��������������� are invited to attend one of the post’s meetings, held the second
��������������� Wednesday of every month, 8 p.m., at the Georgetown Fire-
��������������� house, 6 Portland Avenue (203-544-8800).
�������������� Is there a group that mentors children?
������������� Shepherds is a grassroots, non-denominational, nonprofit
organization reaching out to disadvantaged high school youth
������� in inner city Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford, and New Haven.
������������ Shepherds sponsors pay for all or part of a student’s tuition and
serve as their mentors, providing encouragement, direction and
���������� support over the four-year journey. For information, call 203-
367-4273, e-mail info@ShepherdsInc.com or visit online at
������������������������ www.ShepherdsInc.com.
���� � � � ���� ��� ��������� ���� ��� � ����
May 19, 2011 weston answerbook • 53

54 • weston answerbook Utilities May 19, 2011

Where does our water come from?

There is limited public water supply in Weston. With the ex-
ception of 28 properties on Ravenwood Road, which are pro-
vided water by the town, and 93 residential customers served
by Aquarion Water Company (800-732-9678/www.aquarion.
com), each home has its own well and septic system for which
the homeowner is responsible. (For information on septic sys-
tem care, see the Property Issues chapter.)

But isn’t there a big reservoir in town?

Yes. The Saugatuck Reservoir in Weston covers 635 acres,
mostly in Weston and partly in Redding. The reservoir was creat-
ed by Bridgeport Hydraulic Company in 1938, when it dammed
the Saugatuck River, submerging what had once been the village
of Valley Forge. The reservoir, now owned by Aquarion Water
Company, holds more than 12 billion gallons of water, which is
piped mainly to Norwalk.

Who provides electric power?

Weston is served by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P).
For customer service — or for downed, burned, or hanging wires
or if you see a flash or hear a loud noise — call 800-286-2000
any time of the day, any day of the week. For TTY/TDD service,
call 800-842-0010.
For information on starting or stopping service, billing ques-
tions, safety and energy-saving tips, storm updates, or outage
reports, visit www.cl-p.com. off. You may be able to draw a few gallons of emergency water
from the faucets.
Will I have water if my power goes out? If your house is prone to power outages, it might be a good
If you have well water and an electric-powered well pump (as idea to fill a bathtub or basin with water during electrical storms,
most homes have), no. However, most water systems will retain just in case. Even better, a generator can keep your pump — and
a residual amount of water pressure even after the pump shuts furnace — going during a power failure.

What cable television service is available?

Cable service in Weston is provided by Cablevision of
Norwalk, 28 Cross Street, Norwalk, 888-363-4448. The Web
site is www.cablevision.com.
Cablevision’s Channel 77 is a public access channel; Chan-
nel 78 is reserved for educational access; and Channel 79 is the
government access channel.

����������������������������������� Does Weston have any cell phone towers?

Yes. Weston has two. The first tower is at the communications
������������������������������������������ center on the town hall campus on Norfield Road.
���������������������������������������������� A second tower is at the transfer station at Godfrey Road on
land owned by the town. The tower was built and paid for Sprint,
������������������������� but is owned by the town, which has placed its emergency com-
munications equipment on it.
Carriers with equipment on one or both of Weston’s towers
include Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Will the town remove my leaves or brush?

No, but you may take them to the town transfer station, 237
Godfrey Road East (203-222-2668), Monday through Friday, 8
a.m. to 3:45 p.m. or Saturday, 8 to 2:45.

Who do I call about hazardous trees?

You have several options. For trees within the right-of-way
of town roads, call the Department of Public Works at 203-
If you think the branches are over the power lines, call Con-
necticut Light & Power’s toll-free emergency and customer
service number, 800-286-2000. If the branches are hanging over
������������������������������ the telephone lines, call the phone company’s repair and emer-
������������������������������������� gency number, 611. If you’re not sure which lines are in jeop-
ardy, call both.
May 19, 2011 weston answerbook • 55



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���������� ������������������
������������� �������������������
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�������������������� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �������������������
�������������� ��������������
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��������������������� � � � � �� � ������������
���������������� ������������ ������������
���������������������������������� �����������
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��������������������� ���������� ������ ���������
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��������������� ������������ �����������������
������������ �������������������
��������������� �������������� ������������������

����������������������� �����������
������������������������ �����
������������������������ ���������������������
������������ ��������������������� ������������� ���������������������
����������������������� ������������������� �����������������
������������������ ��������������������� �����������
�������� �������������������
������������������������������������������������������� ������������ ��������������������
�������� ����������������������
���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������
56 • weston answerbook Media May 19, 2011

What newspapers cover the town? Can I read The Forum online?
The Weston Forum (203-894-3332/ www.theWestonForum. Those looking for the latest Weston news can find it on The
com), a weekly, is the only newspaper devoted to Weston. The Weston Forum’s online site, www.theWestonForum.com.
paper is published on Thursday and the office is at 16 Bailey The Forum’s Page One stories and the top stories from the
Avenue in Ridgefield. current week’s issue of The Weston Forum are available on the
The Westport News (203-750-5362/ www.westport-news. paper’s home page and remain accessible at no charge for sev-
com) is published on Wednesdays and Fridays and has some eral weeks. The entire content of the newspaper is added to the
Weston news in it. The office is in Stamford. online archive within about two weeks after publication.
The Westport Minuteman (203-752-2711/ www.westport- The Forum’s archives are searchable online by going to www.
minuteman.com) is a weekly that has some Weston news. It is theWestonForum.com and clicking on “Print Archives” on the
published on Thursday, and the office is in New Haven. left-hand side of the page.
The Norwalk Hour (203-846-3281/www.thehour.com) and Users may then search for information from The Weston Fo-
The Connecticut Post (203-333-0161/www.ctpost.com) are rum (as well as its 19 sister newspapers) going back as far as
daily newspapers that include Weston in their coverage areas. June 2003. Just enter a keyword or phrase, choose a time frame
(or search all available years), and click search.
How can I get an announcement in the paper? The first few paragraphs of all articles that match the search
For The Weston Forum, you may e-mail press releases, criteria entered is available for previewing. To access the entire
birth or wedding announcements, or letters to the editor to article, several pricing options are available.
editor@theWestonForum.com. To allow for flexibility, users may purchase a day pass, a week
For the What’s Happening column, e-mail pass, or single articles. Those looking for longer-term access
pgay@theWestonForum.com. may buy “packs” of articles — options range from a three-pack
Youth sports stories should be e-mailed to Sports Editor Roc- (to be purchased within one week) up to the 1,000-pack option
co Valuzzo at sports@theWestonForum.com. (to be used within one year).
To submit a hard copy, mail information or pictures to The Pictures from The Forum are not available through the ar-
Weston Forum, P.O. Box 1185, Weston, CT 06883. For ques- chive, but may be ordered online by clicking on “Photo Store”
tions, call 203-894-3332. on the left-hand side of the home page or by calling 894-3332,
For display advertising, call Dave Pross at 203-926-2080, ext. or e-mailing editor@theWestonForum.com.
329. For classified advertising, call 800-372-2790. The Weston Recent obituaries, an up-to-date What’s Happening calendar,
Forum’s advertising rates are on the Web at www.acorn-online. useful Web links, and the Weston Answerbook, as well as access
com. to the Hersam Acorn classifieds, real estate listings, and stories
from the Arts & Leisure section and special monthly supple-
ments are also available at no charge on The Forum’s Web site.
Readers may also sign up for Breaking News Alerts on the
Web site to get news alerts, cancellation announcements and
other information sent directly to your e-mail.

Are there other online sources for Weston informa-

Many links to Weston Web sites are listed right here in the
Answerbook and on The Weston Forum’s site, www.theWe-
stonForum.com. The Forum’s About Town columnist, Margaret
Wirtenberg, also maintains a Web site, www.aboutweston.com.
The Weston-Redding-Easton Patch (www.weston-ct.patch.
com) covers those three towns, and The Daily Weston (www.
thedailyweston.com) runs online submissions about Weston and
regional events.

What publications are there about the town?

The town publishes an annual Town Report with information
on municipal services. The Town Plan of Conservation and
Development was just updated in 2010. And, of course, there’s
The Weston Answerbook.

Do any specialty publications cover our area?

Weston Magazine publishes periodically. For information,
call 203-319-0873 or visit www.thewestonmag.com.
Westport Magazine is published monthly and covers Weston,
as well as Fairfield and Westport. For information, call 203-222-
0600. The Web site is www.westportmag.com.
Natural Awakenings: Fairfield County is a magazine on
healthy living. Call 203-354-0998.
Fairfield County Weekly (www.fairfieldweekly.com) covers
area activities, arts, and news.
Connecticut Magazine is a statewide general interest maga-
zine. Call 203-380-6600 or visit online at www.connecticutmag.
May 19, 2011 Media weston answerbook • 57

Are there any local television news programs? How can I find local Web sites?
Cablevision’s News Channel 12 covers Weston news. Chan- There is a listing of local Web sites right here in the Answer-
nel 77 is the Public Access channel, Channel 78 is the Educa- book. You can also find a listing of local links on The Forum’s
tional Access channel, and Channel 79 is Government Access; Web site, www.theWestonForum.com. There are also links on
Weston Board of Selectmen and Board of Education meetings the town Web site, www.westonct.gov.
are broadcast here.
Where can I get local weather information?
What public radio, classical or jazz stations are in the The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administra-
area? tion’s National Weather Service (www.weather.gov) gives up-
WSHU-FM in Fairfield (91.1 mHz) is a National Public Ra- to-the-minute pinpoint weather reports and forecasts, as well as
dio station that programs primarily classical music and news. radar and satellite maps, air quality reports, hazard assessments,
Connecticut Public Radio’s WEDW-FM in Stamford (88.5 storm information, and more. Enter Weston’s zip code (06883)
mHz) also carries NPR and classical formats, audible in parts of for the most accurate reports.
town, while its higher-powered but more distant sister station, Visit www.wunderground.com and enter 06883 for weather
WNPR-FM in Meriden (90.5 mHz) can also be heard here with data direct from a weather station in Weston. The same data and
an outdoor antenna. a real-time Web cam is available at www.radiusevents.com
WKCR-FM (89.9 mHz) at Columbia University in New York — click on “weather station.”
City is a jazz station. WPKN-FM in Bridgeport (89.5 mHz) car- You also may call the Connecticut Weather Center at 203-
ries a mix that includes much jazz. WMNR-FM (88.1 mHz) car- 837-8552. The federal government broadcasts weather 24 hours
ries mostly classical music, but Saturdays from 5 till midnight on VHF frequencies 162.55, 162.475 and 162.4 mHz.
programs music from the 20s through the early 50s, including
big band and swing. WQXR-FM (96.3 mHz) offers classical
music, including opera.

For the news of Weston: TheWestonForum.com



58 • weston answerbook Pets & Animals May 19, 2011

Where do I get a dog license? and report any wild animal you suspect may be infected. If the
The town clerk’s office (203-222-2616) in Weston Town Hall animal in question is still around, the animal control officer can
on Norfield Road. Dogs are required to be licensed and the fine have it tested.
for having an unlicensed dog is $75. To get a license, you must
have a valid rabies certificate for your dog. Dogs must be vac- My dog is lost. Where can I get help?
cinated by the time they are six months old. You should call Weston Animal Control at 203-222-2642. If
The cost is $19 for non-spayed or neutered dogs, and $8 if the dog’s been missing for more than 24 hours, you should call
your dog’s been spayed or neutered. Dogs must be licensed by the animal control officers in neighboring towns.
July 1, and by state law, a $1 penalty is imposed for each month
past July the dog is unlicensed. Licenses must be renewed every What is the law regarding roaming dogs?
year. State law prohibits dogs from roaming on someone else’s
private property or on any portion of public highway when not
Does anyone offer a rabies clinic? attended by an owner and 100% under the owner’s control. A
The Westport Weston Health District offers rabies shots for leash is helpful but not required.
dogs and cats in conjunction with the Connecticut Veterinary If a loose dog is on your property, chasing your children or
Medical Association. Call 203-227-9571 for details. pets, or being a nuisance in any other way, you should call the
animal control officer. The fine for letting your dog roam loose
What should I do if my pet is in a fight with a wild is $75.
Because rabies is so prevalent, it is probably safest to assume What about barking dogs?
that any wild animal in a fight with your pet is rabid. Never try to Nuisance barking can result in a $75 fine for the first offense.
break up a fight between your pet and a wild animal. If your pet A second offense is a misdemeanor and the owner will have to
is bitten or has had contact with a potentially rabid animal, wear appear in court.
protective rubber gloves when handling it or treating its wounds.
Call your veterinarian immediately for further advice. He or she Are there any dog obedience classes?
will probably want to examine and treat your pet for wounds and Connecting with Your Canine (203-505-1409/ www.con-
determine if rabies prophylaxis or revaccination is needed. nectingwithyourcanine.com) is run by Westonite Jeffrey Stuhl.
If you are unsure if your pet has had contact with a potentially Paws Up Positive Training (203-544-9033/ www.pawsup-
rabid animal either through a bite or scratch, and regardless of pdt.com) in Georgetown offers obedience classes for puppies
vaccination status, take the pet to a local veterinarian immedi- and dogs.
ately. Good Citizen Dog Training is offered in Georgetown. Call
It is also a good idea to call Animal Control (203-222-2642) 203-938-2951.
Canine College is located in neighboring Redding (203-938-
There is also Bone Afide Dog Training in Ridgefield (203-
544-0400/ www.bone-afidedogtraining.com) and A Canine
Training Center in Norwalk (203-846-3647).

Do cats need a license?

Cats aren’t required to be licensed but codes require cat own-
ers must be able to prove their pets have had rabies vaccina-

Are cats allowed to roam on others’ property?

Yes, the state considers cats to be feral by nature.
Full Service Garden Center,
Landscape Installations, and Is there any limit on the number of domestic animals
people may keep on their property?
Lawn Maintenance There are no limits to the number of cats or dogs you may
keep at home, as long as they are truly pets and you are not rais-
Family owned and operated, ing them to sell. You are not allowed to run a kennel from your
home — or anywhere else, for that matter — in Weston.
Established in 1929
Where can I adopt a dog or cat?
There is a no-kill Animals in Distress cat shelter (203-762-
Deb Gilbertie-Giannelli – 2006) next door to the Wilton Town Hall annex on Danbury
Road. Hours are Saturday, 2 to 4:30, and other times by appoint-
Sole Proprietor ment.
Other options are the Pet Animal Welfare Society (203-750-
9572/ www.pawsct.org) in Norwalk, the Connecticut Humane
Receive $5.00 off any Society (203-227-4137/ www.cthumane.org), Save Our Strays
(203-255-0514) in Westport, and Strays and Others (203-966-
purchase of $25.00 6556/straysandothers.petfinder.com) in New Canaan.
Many area shelters, including Animals in Distress and Save
or more with this coupon! Our Strays, are listed on the Web at www.petfinder.com or www.
May 19, 2011 weston answerbook • 59
60 • weston answerbook Pets & Animals May 19, 2011

Are any animals illegal to have as pets? cremation. You may also call All Pets Crematory in Stamford
Generally speaking, people are prohibited from having ani- (203-967-4949/ www.allpetscrematory.com), which offers a
mals considered “wild’’ by the State Department of Environmen- number of services and will come to your house to pick up your
tal Protection as pets. Call 860-424-3011 for more information. pet.

How about horses or chickens? A dog ran out in front of my car and I hit it. What
Both are allowed. For horses, there are no acreage require- should I do?
ments, although common sense should be used regarding fenc- Do not abandon the animal, but do not touch it, either. In-
ing, stabling, and manure management. You should check with jured animals can bite out of fear. Call the animal control officer
the Westport Weston Health District about manure management at 203-222-2642. If he cannot be reached right away, call the
plans and other health requirments. Weston Police at 203-222-2600.
Chickens are allowed under Weston’s farming regulations.
However, if you keep roosters, you should keep in mind they Is there anywhere to ride a horse?
may be an annoyance to your neighbors. There are riding trails through the Trout Brook Valley conser-
vation area.
Where can I take my pet in an emergency?
If you cannot reach your own vet or if it is after hours, there Is there a wildlife rehabilitator nearby?
are two nearby emergency clinics. Yes. Wildlife in Crisis (203-544-9913/ www.wildlifeincrisis.
The Animal Emergency Clinic of Danbury (203-790-6383) com), under the aegis of director Dara McDonough-Reid, helps
is at 22 Newtown Road, Danbury. It is open Monday through rehabilitate orphaned, sick and injured wildlife. The organiza-
Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following morning; from Satur- tion welcomes volunteers and donations. The mailing address is
day at 1 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday morning; and 24 hours on most P.O. Box 1246, Weston 06883.
The Veterinary Referral and Emergency Clinic at 134 West Is there an emergency wildlife number?
Cedar Street, Norwalk, is open 24 hours a day. Call 203-854- The emergency number for the state Department of Environ-
9960. mental Protection, Wildlife Division, is 860-424-3333.
If you can’t reach your own veterinarian right away, you can
call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at 800-548-2423. It is Is the town doing anything to control deer herds?
staffed 24 hours a day, but there is a charge for services. In 2005, Weston’s Board of Selectmen appointed a Select
Committee on Deer Management and charged it with studying
Whom may I call if my pet dies at home? the deer that live in Weston, whether the herd is too large, and
Most veterinarians will assist in sending a pet for burial or if so, how it can be reduced. The committee’s Selected Findings
May 19, 2011 Pets & Animals weston answerbook • 61

and Proposed Recommendations, which are on file at the town

clerk’s office, were presented to the selectmen in June 2006.
It determined that there is no real urgency in Weston when it
comes to reducing the deer population. The deer committee was
disbanded after its final findings and recommendations were
The Nature Conservancy, which owns and manages Devil’s
Den Nature Preserve on Pent Road, has conducted controlled
deer hunts on its property since 2003. The meat from deer taken
during the controlled hunt is given to Hunters for the Hungry, an
organization that donates venison to food banks.

There appears to be an abandoned fawn in my yard.

What should I do?
Definitely do not touch it or move it as your scent will scare
off the mother, who may be hiding nearby. Lone fawns are rarely
abandoned. Deer will leave their fawns for periods of time. Of-
ten, deer give birth in the middle of the night and leave the fawn
during the day, particularly if people are around. The fawn’s
camouflage helps protect it from predators.
If there is a dead doe nearby, the fawn may be orphaned. Call
DEP at 860-424-3011 or, if the fawn appears injured, you may
call Wildlife In Crisis in Weston at 203-544-9913.

Should I be concerned if I see a raccoon during the

Even healthy raccoons are active during the day, especially cluse are poisonous. Their bites are rarely fatal, but again vic-
in spring and early summer when they are taking care of a fam- tims may be subject to allergic reactions.
ily. If the animal is obviously sick (acting aggressive, circling, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, entomol-
stumbling, acting disoriented or showing signs of paralysis) call ogy department (203-974-8600), reports seeing only one black
the local police or animal control officer. In the event they can- widow spider in the last 20 years.
not be reached and it is truly an emergency, call DEP Emergency All spider bites are venomous to some degree. People bitten
Dispatch at 860-424-3333 to reach a local conservation officer. should save the spider and seek emergency help by calling the
Poison Control hotline (800-343-2722).
I saw a coyote in my yard. What should I do? The elderly, children, people with heart conditions, and preg-
Coyotes now live and breed in every town in Connecticut. nant women should be wary. Seek medical attention immediate-
They are extremely adaptable and comfortable living in close ly when bitten by a snake, spider or other creature. Call the state
proximity to residential areas. They are usually not a threat to DEP emergency line (860-424-3333) or local wildlife service
humans; however coyotes may attack pets, particularly cats. for more information.
There been reports of coyotes attacking small dogs.
Coyotes eat a variety of foods including rodents, birds, fruit, Are there good places to go birding in the area?
and berries and will also eat food provided by people including You may go birding at any open space or park during the hours
spilled bird seed, compost piles, pet foods, or unsecured garbage. they are open. For special events, check the Bird Notes column
If you live in an area frequented by coyotes and you have cats or in The Forum’s Arts and Leisure section.
very small dogs, your pets should be supervised while outdoors. Wildlife preserves in the area include: Devil’s Den Preserve
Keeping pets indoors or limiting their time outdoors, especially (203-226-4991) on Pent Road; Woodcock Nature Center (203-
at night when coyotes are most active, is recommended. 762-7280) on Deer Run Road in Wilton; New Canaan Nature
For more information, call DEP Wildlife Division at 860-675- Center (203-966-9577), Oenoke Ridge Road; and Connecticut
8130 or the Hartford office at 860-424-3011. Audubon Center in Fairfield (203-259-6035).
Some 285 species of birds have been seen at Sherwood Island
How can I get rid of nuisance animals? State Park in Westport (203-226-6983).
DEP’s wildlife division (860-424-3011) will offer advice and
suggestions over the phone. It will also give out the names of Does Connecticut have a zoo?
commercial wildlife control operators in this area. The same in- Yes. The state’s only accredited zoo is the Beardsley Zoo on
formation is available from the DEP emergency dispatcher at Noble Avenue in Bridgeport (203-394-6565), a 30-minute drive
860-424-3333. from Weston.
The zoo exhibits North and South American animals, includ-
Are there any poisonous snakes or spiders that I ing many endangered and threatened species, on 52 acres in
should know about? Beardsley Park. Highlights include a New World tropical rain
Timber rattlesnakes and copperheads are the only poisonous forest (open 10:30 to 3:30) with toucans, scarlet ibis, caiman,
snakes native to Connecticut and are found only in certain ar- and monkeys; New England farmyard; pop-up prairie dog ex-
eas. They are rare and their bites are rarely fatal unless one is hibit; Victorian carousel and Victorian greenhouse.
allergic. They will bite only when threatened. It is important to The zoo is open from 9 to 4 year round, but closes on New
remember nearly all snakes found around the home are perfectly Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Special events are
harmless. held throughout the year.
Both the black widow spider and far less common brown re- Visit www.beardsleyzoo.org.
62 • weston answerbook Religion May 19, 2011

What houses of worship are in town? Georgetown, 203-544-8394

The following churches are in Weston: United Methodist Church, 49 Weston Road, Westport, 203-
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 285 Lyons Plain Road, 203- 227-4707
227-8565, www.emmanuelweston.org Temple Israel, 14 Coleytown Road, Westport, 203-227-1293
Norfield Congregational Church, 64 Norfield Road, 203- Temple B’Nai Chaim, 82 Portland Avenue, Georgetown,
227-7886, www.norfield.org 203-544-8695
St. Francis of Assisi Church, 35 Norfield Road, 203-227- The Conservative Synagogue, 30 Hillspoint Road, Westport,
1341, www.sfaparish.com 454-4673
Beit Chaverim Synagogue of Westport/Norwalk, 85 Post
What houses of worship are nearby? Road West, Westport, 203-227-3333
Georgetown Bible Church, Main Street and Route 107, 203- For information on when services take place, call the church
544-8673 or temple or look in The Weston Forum under Religious Ser-
First Church of Christ, 55 Compo Road South, Westport, vices.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Church Street, Georgetown, Are there Bible study programs?
203-544-8154. Emmanuel Episcopal Church offers Bible study following
Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Church Lane and services on Wednesday morning at 9:30.
Myrtle Avenue, Westport, 203-227-0827 Georgetown Bible Church offers small group home Bible
Hope Church, 240 Wolfpit Road, Wilton, 203-762-0706 studies, and a men’s Bible study on Saturday mornings.
United Covenant Church, 68 Westport Road, Wilton, 203- Norfield Congregational Church offers Bible study Wednes-
834-0644 day mornings at 9:30.
Bethlehem (ELCA), 44 Portland Avenue, Georgetown, 203- St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church offers Bible study
544-8858 most Wednesday mornings. Call 203-938-0874. The Scripture
St. Paul Lutheran Church, 41 Easton Road, Westport, 203- Network meets the second Tuesday of each month, 10 to noon
227-7441 to explore different books of the Bible. Call 203-544-8942 or
Wilton Presbyterian Church, 48 New Canaan Road, 203- 203-226-3389.
Wilton Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Is there a Jewish center?
(Quaker), 317 New Canaan Road, Route 106, 203-762-5669 The Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, 8 Webb Road,
The Unitarian Church, 10 Lyons Plain Road, Westport, 203- Westport (203-226-5451; www.humanisticjews.org) is a wel-
227-7205 coming, supportive community, for secular Jews and their fami-
Georgetown United Methodist Church, 33 Church Street, lies to enrich Jewish identity and values. Events and programs
take place throughout the area.
The Wilton Jewish Center-Nefesh Yehudi is a multi-denom-
inational center for Jewish study and worship. Creative rituals
include shabbat and holiday services, monthly women’s Rosh
Chodesh celebrations, healing services, etc. For information,
call 203-762-7089, e-mail thejewishcenter@aol.com, or visit
The Chabad Jewish Center of Ridgefield, 10 Sarah Bishop
Road, offers Hebrew school, adult education, and holiday events.
Call 438-4421, e-mail chabadridgefield@aol.com, or visit www.
Other temples and synagogues are listed above under houses
of worship.

May 19, 2011 Web Sites weston answerbook • 63

Weston Web Sites:

About Town - www.aboutweston.com

ADAP (Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program) of Weston - www.westonadap.org
Aspetuck Land Trust - www.aspetucklandtrust.org
Emmanuel Episcopal Church - www.emmanuelweston.org
e-Watch - www.westonpolice.com/Ewatch1.htm
First Night Westport Weston - www.firstnightww.com
Kiwanis Club of Weston - www.westonkiwanis.org
League of Women Voters of Weston - www.lwvweston.org
Norfield Congregational Church - www.norfield.org
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church - www.sfaparish.com
Town of Weston - www.westonct.gov
Weston Arts - www.westonarts.org
Weston Baseball Association - www.westonctbaseball.com
Weston Basketball Association - www.westonbasketball.com
Weston Boy Scout Troop 788 - www.westontroop788.org
Weston Community Service Coalition - www.wcscct.net
Weston Education Foundation - www.westoneducationfoundation.org
Weston EMS - www.westonems.com
Weston Fire Department - www.wvfd.com
Weston Forum - www.theWestonForum.com
Weston Girl Scouts - www.westonctgirlscouts.org
Weston Historical Society - www.westonhistoricalsociety.org
Weston Lacrosse - www.westonlax.com
Weston Little League - www.westonll.com
Weston Music Center - www.westonmusiccenter.org
Weston Police Department - www.westonpolice.com
Weston Public Library - www.westonpubliclibrary.org
Weston Public Schools - www.westonk12-ct.org
Weston Soccer Club - www.westonsoccer.com
Weston Swimming - www.westonswimming.org
Weston Warm-Up Fund - www.westonwarmup.com
Weston Weather Station - www.radiusevents.com/weather.htm
Weston Women’s League - www.westonwomensleague.org
Weston Youth Services - www.westonyouthservices.org
Westport/Weston Chamber of Commerce - www.westportchamber.com
Westport Weston Health District - www.wwhd.org
Westport Weston Family Y - www.westportymca.org
Wildlife In Crisis - www.wildlifeincrisis.org

Area Web Sites:

American Red Cross - www.westernct.redcross.org

AmeriCares - www.americares.org
ASPCA - www.aspca.org
CL&P Power Outages - www.cl-p.com/stormcenter/outage.aspx
Connecticut Digital Library - www.iconn.org
Connecticut Library Consortium - www.ctlibrarians.org
Connecticut General Assembly - www.cga.state.ct.us
Freedom of Information - www.state.ct.us/foi/
Humane Society of the United States - www.hsus.org
Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk - www.jlsn.org
Nature Conservancy - www.nature.org
Norwalk River Watershed Association - www.norwalkriver.org
Nursing & Home Care - www.visitingnurse.net
Representative John Shaban (State) - http://repshaban.com
Senator Toni Boucher (State) - www.senatorboucher.com
Senator John McKinney (State) www.senatormckinney.com
Representative Jim Himes (U.S.) - www.himes.house.gov
Senator Richard Blumenthal (U.S.) - www.dodd.senate.gov
Senator Joseph Lieberman (U.S.) - www.blumenthal.senate.gov
State of Connecticut - www.ct.gov
United Way of Coastal Fairfield County - www.unitedwaycfc.org
64 • weston answerbook Reader’s Index May 19, 2011

4th of July, 29 Churches, 62 Fairfield County Bank, 33

9-1-1, 29 Citizens Police Academy, 31 Farmers markets, 34
AA, 44 CL&P, 8, 32, 54 Farming, 4, 6
AARP, 45 Class size, 21 Fences, 38
Absentee voting, 13 Clinics, 40 Finance Dept., 19
Accidents, 31 Clubs, 45, 50 Fingerprinting, 32
Agendas, 19, 21 CMT, 22 Fire alarms, 30
Ambulance service, 10, 29 Cobb’s Mill Inn, 5 Fire Dept., 10, 30, 50
Animal control, 17, 44, 58, 60, 61 Code enforcement, 15, 18 Fire equipment, 30
Animal emergencies, 60 CodeRed, 32 Fire marshal, 10, 38
Animals, pets, 58, 60 Coffee, 34 Fire stations, 30
Animals, wild, 43, 49, 58, 60, 61 Coley Cemetery, 5 Fireworks, 39
Apartments, 39 Coley Homestead, 6, 34 First selectman, 10, 17
Appointed officals, 17, 18 Coley Mill, 5 Fishing, 48, 49
Aquarion, 8, 46, 49, 54 College enrollment, 22 Flu, 41
Arts, 51 Colleges, 25 FOI, 19, 20
Aspetuck Land Trust, 49, 51 Commission for the Arts, 18, 51 Food pantry, 26, 50
Aspetuck Valley Country Club, 8 Commission on Aging, 18 Friends of the Library, 26
Assessor, 10, 11 Committee for Veterans Affairs, 18 Garden club, 50, 52
ATBM, 14 Concerts, 26 Gardening, 34
Babesiosis, 43 Conservation Commission, 18 Gas station, 33
Bank, 33 Conservation Dept., 10 Gifts, 34
Beaches, 47 Consumer protection, 33 Golf, 48
Beautification Committee, 17, 18 Counseling, 26, 42, 45 Governor, 20
Better Business Bureau, 33 Coyotes, 61 Graduation rate, 22
Bible study, 62 CPR, 40 Grand list, 8, 11
Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, 17, Crime statistics, 31 Green Up Day, 28
18 CT Birth to Three, 24 Guns, 32, 49
Bicycling, 48 Dairy farms, 4 Hamilton Toll House, 5
Birds, 61 Danbury Hospital, 29, 40 Hardware store, 33
Bisceglie Pond, 46 Daniel Godfrey House, 6 Hazardous waste, 28
Bisceglie-Scribner Park, 46 Debt service, 10 Health department, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43,
Blood donation, 41 Deeds, 15 44, 58
Board of Assessment Appeals, 11, 17, 18 Deer, 60 Health district, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 44, 58
Board of Education, 17, 18, 21 Democrats, 12, 14, 50 Health services, 40
Board of Ethics, 17, 18 Demographics, 8 HeartSmart, 29
Board of Finance, 17, 18, 19 Devil’s Den, 46, 61 Hiking, 46
Board of Selectmen, 6, 10, 17, 18, 19, Dial-A-Ride, 10, 26, 45 Historic District Commission, 18
51 Directory, town, 10, 17 Historic districts, 5
Bond rating, 10 Doctors, 40 Historical archive, 6
Book clubs, 26 Dogs, 58, 60, 61 Historical society, 6, 34, 50
Book sales, 26 DRG, 21 History, 4
Books about Weston, 5, 6 Driving ranges, 48 HIV/AIDS, 44
Bradley Edge Tool Co., 5 Drug treatment, 42 Holidays, 21
Bridgeport Hospital, 29, 40 Dry cleaning, 33, 34 Home health care, 40
Budget, 10, 14, 19, 21, 23, 50 DTC, 14, 50 Homeless shelter, 26
Building Board of Appeals, 18 Early Learning Center, 23 Honey Hill Nature Preserve, 46
Building Dept., 10, 15, 38 Eating disorders, 42 Horses, 41, 60
Building inspector, 15, 17 Education foundation, 23 Hospice, 41
Burglar alarms, 32 Education, 8, 21 Hospitals, 29, 40, 42
Burning, 39 Education, adult, 25 House calls, 40
Business, 33 Elder care, 45 Households, 8
Business, home, 39 Elected officials, 17, 18 Houses, 6
Calendar, 18, 28 Elections, 12, 13, 14, 18, 50 Hunting, 49
Camelott Realty, 33 Electricity, 54 Hurlbutt Elementary School, 21, 22, 45
CAPT, 22 Elizabeth Luce Moore Preserve, 46 Ice cream, 34
Catering, 34 Emergencies, 29, 32 Ice skating, 48
Cats, 58, 60, 61 Emergency room, 29 Immunizations, 42
Cell towers, 54 Emmanel Nursery School, 24 Income, 8
Cemeteries, 5 Emmanuel Church, 5, 62 Indian Point, 8
Cemetery Committee, 18 Employment, 8 Industry, 5
Census, 8 EMS, 29, 30, 50 Infoline, 26, 40
Central office, 21 EMTs, 29 Injury prevention, 29
Chamber of Commerce, 33 Erlichiosis, 43 Insurance Advisory Committee, 18
Chess, 26 E-Watch, 32 Insurance, 19, 33
Chickens, 60 Executive session, 20, 21 Ivy Moore Cottage Committee, 18
May 19, 2011 Reader’s Index weston answerbook • 65

Jarvis House, 10, 46 Panel of Moderators, 18 SAT, 22 Town clerk, 5, 10, 12, 15, 17,
Jarvis Military Academy, 5 Paramedics, 29 Saugatuck Nature Trail, 46 18, 19, 49, 58
Jewish center, 62 Parks & Rec. Commission, Saugatuck Reservoir, 5, 46, Town engineer, 10, 18, 38
Jonathan Taylor House, 6 18 48, 49, 54 Town Hall Annex, 10, 15, 45
Junior League, 51 Parks & Rec. Dept., 10, 17, Saugatuck River, 5, 46, 48 Town hall, 10, 12, 18, 28, 45
Keene Park, 46 46 School Building Committee, Town historian, 6
Kindergarten, 22 Parks, 46 18 Town Meeting, 14, 18
Kites, 48 Parties, 34 School calendar, 21 Town offices, 10
Kiwanis Club of Weston, 50, Permits, 15, 18 School hours, 21 Town officials, 4, 10, 14, 17
51 Permits, building, 38 School registration, 22 Town Plan, 56
Lachat Building Committee, Permits, fishing, 48, 49 Schools, 4, 8, 21 Town Report, 56
18 Permits, special, 39 Schools, art, 25 Transfer station, 26, 27, 54
Land use, 10 Permits, trash, 26 Schools, dance, 25 Transportation, 45
Landfill, 38 Permits, zoning, 38 Schools, private, 24, 25 Trash, 26
Lang’s Pharmacy, 33 Pet adoption, 58 Schools, vocational, 25 Trees, 54
League of Women Voters, 50 Pet obedience, 58 Select Committee for Trout Brook Valley, 46, 48,
Learning disabilities, 23, 24 Peter’s Market, 8, 33, 34 Sustainability, 18 49, 60
Legal notices, 19 Peter’s Spirit Shop, 33, 34 Selectmen, 4, 6, 10 TV, 54, 57
Library Board, 17, 18 Pharmacy, 33, 41 Senior center, 45 U.S. representative, 20
Library, 10, 12, 21, 26, 45, 48 Phone service, 54 Senior services directory, 45 U.S. senator, 20
Licence, marriage, 18 Planning & Zoning, 10 Seniors, 45 Unaffiliated voters, 12
License, dog, 18, 58 Planning and Zoning Septic systems, 18, 39 United Way, 26
License, fishing, 18, 49 Commission, 17, 18 Setbacks, 38 Utilities, 54
License, hunting, 18, 49 Playground, 46 Shipping, 33 Valley Forge, 4, 5, 54
Liquor store, 33, 34 Poison control, 32, 61 Shopping, 33 Vehicles, 8, 12
Lost and Found, 28, 32 Police chief, 17, 31 Signs, 39 Veterans, 12, 45, 52
Lunch Box, 33, 34 Police Commission, 18 Size, 8 VFW, 52
Lyme disease, 43 Police, 10, 19, 28, 29, 31, 60 Sledding, 48 Visiting nurse, 40, 41
Lyons Plain, 4 Political candidates, 18 Smoking, 44 Volunteering, 50
Malls, 34 Political parties, 12, 18, 50 Snakes, 61 Voting districts, 13, 20
Maps, 18 Pools, 38, 46 Social Services, 26, 41, 45, Voting, 12, 13, 14, 18, 20, 50
Marriage, 15, 18 Population, 4, 8 50 Walter Wagner Preserve, 46
Meals-on-Wheels, 26, 45, 50 Post office, 33 Social worker, 17, 26 Warm-Up Fund, 26, 50
Meeting minutes, 19 Post office, old, 5 Softball leagues, 47 Water, drinking, 39, 54
Memorial Day, 29 Precipitation, 8, 57 Speak Up, 50 Watercourse, 38
Men’s clubs, 51 Primaries, 15 Special edcation, 23, 24 Weather, 57
Mentors, 52 Property assessment, 11 SPED*NET, 24 Wells, 39, 54
Meteorite, 4 PTO, 22, 24 Spiders, 61 West Nile virus, 44
Mill rate, 10 Public health, 43 Sports, 23 Weston Boarding School, 5
Miniature golf, 48 Public session, 20, 21 St. Francis of Assisi church, Weston Cares, 50
Minute Men Cleaners, 33 Public works, 54 62 Weston Center, 33
Morehouse Farm Park, 46 Rabies, 43, 58 St. Francis Preschool, 24 Weston Community Service
Mosquitoes, 44 Racoons, 61 St. Vincent’s Hospital, 40 Coalition, 50
Name origin, 4 Radio, 57 State legislature, 5, 20 Weston Hardware, 33
National Merit Scholarship, Radon, 43 State representative, 20 Weston High School, 21, 22,
22 Real estate, 33 State senator, 20 24, 47
National Register of Historic Records, birth, 15, 18, 23 Stonebridge Waterfowl Weston Intermediate School,
Places, 6 Records, death, 15, 18 Preserve, 46 21, 22, 24
Nature Conservancy, 52, 61 Records, land, 15, 18 Storms, 32 Weston Middle School, 21,
Nature preserves, 46, 51, 61 Records, marriage, 15, 18 Student enrollment, 21 22, 24, 46
Neighborhood watch, 32 Records, military, 18 Superintendent, 21 Weston Raquet Club, 47
Newcomers, 52 Recycling, 28 Swimming, 46 Weston Service Center, 33
Newspapers, 19, 34, 56 Red Cross, 32 Synagogues/Temples, 62 Weston Women’s League, 34,
No Child Left Behind, 22 Referenda, 14 Tag sales, 39 50
Norfield Children’s Center, Registrars of voters, 12, 13, Target Lyme Disease, 43 WestonArts, 50, 51
24 14 Tax collector, 10, 12, 17 Westport Weston Health
Norfield Church, 5, 45, 51, Republicans, 12, 14, 50 Tax relief, 12 District, 40, 42, 43, 44, 58
62 Restaurants, 34 Taxes, 10, 11, 12, 19, 28 Wetlands, 38
Norfield Grange, 34 Revaluation, 11 Temperature, 8 Wildlife in Crisis, 50, 60, 61
Norwalk Hospital, 29, 40, 42 Road races, 47 Tennis, 47 Women’s Club of Weston, 50
Norwalk River, 52 Roads, 18 Test scores, 22 Women’s clubs, 50
Notary public, 15, 18 Rowing, 48 Ticks, 43 Zoning Board of Appeals, 17,
Nursery schools, 24 RTC, 14 Tower Committee, 18 18
Nursing homes, 40 RTC, 50 Town administrator, 10, 19 Zoning, 38, 39
Onion barn, 5 Running clubs, 47 Town Building Committee, Zoo, 61
Open space, 51 Samuel Senior Dam, 5, 48 18
66 • weston answerbook May 19, 2011

west o n
a n s we r b o o k i n d e x o f a d ve r t i s e r s

ABC Man With a Van . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Norfield Children’s Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

American Wanderer Foundation . . . . . . . . . 52 Pennington Roofing, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
BBM Home Improvement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Physical Intelligence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Brennan’s Shebeen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Prudential CT Realty/Margaret Block . . . . . 57
Camelot Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Redding Nursery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Camelot Real Estate/Carrie Shea . . . . . . . . 47 Ridgefield Academy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Camelot Real Estate/Beth Berkowitz . . . . . .41 Riverside Realty/Alex Chingas . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Camp Gan Israel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Riverside Realty/Barbara Babcock . . . . . . . . 3
Carolton Chronic & Convalescent Hospital . . . . . 7 Scap Chrysler/Jeep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
Castelli Construction & Landscaping . . . . . 55 Shepherds, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Cesar’s Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 St. Francis Preschool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
College Nannies & Tutors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 St. Paul Christian School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Community Nursery School . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Taylor Rentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Emmanuel Nursery School . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Town & Country Door & Operator Co. . . . . 29
Exteriors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 United Methodist Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
The Greens at Cannondale . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Vibbert’s Tree & Yard. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Kat’s PAWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Village Pediatrics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
Landmark Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Weichert Capital Properties/Joey Lindwall . 48
Lang’s Pharmacy Weston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Weston Arborists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 11
Longshore Sailing School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Weston Gardens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58
Lucci Electric. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Weston Music Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Lunch Box . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Weston Service Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Maxwell’s Fine Gardening . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Westport Writers’ Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Medical Reserve Corps/Westport Weston Westport Weston Nursery School. . . . . . . . 40
Health District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14,15 Westport Weston Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . 39
Minute Men Cleaners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Wilton Fencing Academy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60
M. Lato Excavating & Tree Care Service . . . 55 Yankee Doodle Stove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Mr. Handyman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Y.Z. Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18, 19
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