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Market positioning study on Airline companies R S

Sector: Aviation

Company chosen: a) Jet Airways

b) Indian

c) Air Deccan

Market share:

Jet airways has positioned itself as a premium brand airline that
would compete with the best in the world. It has positioned itself as a
Jet Airways full service carrier airline with strong domestic & international
(The joy of operations with unparallel & unique in flight entertainment options.
flying) With its international operations, Jet Airways has tapped the large
non-resident Indians (NRIs) segment that resides in the USA and
Europe. The company’s advantage of being an early entrant has
helped it in tapping this segment.
The carrier was a monopoly provider of scheduled domestic air
service until 1994, when deregulation took place. The national
Indian carrier has been positioned as a reliable, economic brand which
(New reaches out to all destinations including those not covered by the
Horizons) private airlines. After years of neglect the carrier also rebranded in
2006 with a new livery and logo, which emphasizes the name
(enduring “Indian” rather than “Indian Airlines”.
Positioned as India’s low cost no-frill airline carrier, Air Deccan targets
the low income and under-served segments of India. Deccan's vision:
Air Deccan " to empower every Indian to fly & to demystify air travel in India, by
(Simplify) providing reliable, low cost and safe air travel to the common man
by constantly driving down the air fares as an ongoing mission".



Jet Airways High quality of service Unparallel entertainment

,comfortable and efficient systems
operations. modern aircraft fleet with an
Good frequent flier program average life of 4 years,
Reliability Network
Online Booking facility Comfort of Travelling
Flights on Time, excellent staff

Indian Competitive price State-owned carrier

Good in flight food Strong national & international
Ground service Network
Coverage Cost effective service
online bookings
Frequent flier program
Air Deccan Modern fleet Low cost prices
New sectors Tickets through a mobile phone
Instant online booking SMS texting system
Frequent flier program largest e-commerce website
Great Discounts
Efficient & prompt operations
For the common man

Breakdown of the principle reasons why passengers

choose each airline
Jet airways Indian Air Deccan
Flight Schedule 17.0 18.5 10.1
Reliability 18.1 15.2 -
Quality 18.7 15.0 2.4
Connections 10.4 14.8 -
Fare 13.2 11.2 87.5
FFP 8.1 10.7 -
Company Policy 6.2 7.3 -
Safety 2.6 3.2 -
Service 3.2 2.4 -
Comfort 2.1 1.7 -