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Babur was born on February 14, 1483. He was the son of a Mongolian king called Omarshey
Khmira. He was the son of Omar Sheikh Mirza and grand son of Tsuen Sheykh Mirza.

Tseuen Sheykh Mirza did know that Babur was born. Omar Sheikh Mirza sent a message to
his father that Babur was born. Omar Sheikh Mirza first named him Zahiruddin. Tsuen Sheykh
Mirza named him Babur. Omar Sheikh Mirza said “We already named him Zahiruddin”. Qutlaq
Nigar Khanum, Babur’s mother came there and said “we all together name him Zahiruddin
Muhammed Babur”.

In 1489, Tsuen Sheykh Mirza dies. Omar Sheikh Mirza said “From today your name is Babur”. Six
years later, while Omar Sheikh Mirza was playing with pigeons, one of them flew. Omar Sheikh
Mirza jumped and fell from terrace. He fell down and died on 1495. Babur became the emperor
of Ferhana. He ruled there for 8 years.

In 1503, a Chinese king was trubled by Babur. So he marched and dethroned Babur. Babur came
to Kabul and in 1508, his first son, Naseruddin Muhammed Humayun was born. Following that,
Kamran Mirza in 1509, Hindal Mirza in 1510, Gulbadan Begum in 1515, Hindal Begum in 1516
and Altun Bishik in 1518 were born.

Babur ruled in Kabul for 22 years. Again the ruler of China got trouble from Babur. So he
marched with a large army to kill Babur. But before he could reach, Babur got the news and ran
away into India.

Babur and Guru Nanak

One day a Sikh guru called Guru Nanak went to meet his friend Maruda. On the way, he saw
dead bodies, women crying and houses destroyed. These were caused by Babur. On the way,
Babur’s two soldiers caught Guru Nanak and his men and put them all in jail.
Guru Nanak started singing hymns. All the people were shocked to see grinding stones moving
on their own. Babur heard the songs sung by Guru Nanak. Babur said “Bring that old man here.
His song touches my heart”.
When the soldiers brought Guru Nanak before Babur, Babur said “Old man, do you want
something to eat?”.
Guru Nanak said “No, My hunger is satisfied by God”.
Babur asked “What can I do for you?”
Guru Nanak replied “Do whatever the people want. An emperor should not be proud or cruel”
Babur did all the things Guru Nanak told him. At last, Babur asked “Old man, will I become the
emperor of India?”.
Guru Nanak said “Yes you will become the emperor of India”.
Babur respected Guru Nanak and Guru Nanak went on his way to Maruda.

Emperor Babur
Babur came to India 4 times but failed all the 4 times. Fifth time he came to India on April 24,
1526. Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi fought it and in the battle, Ibrahim Lodi was killed by Babur’s
army. People named this battle as First battle of Panipat.

In 1527, first Rajput Rana Sanga do not want Mughals in their country. Rana Sanga said “I will
fight Babur and kill him”. Rana Sanga has many scratches on his body. He also lost an eye and a
hand in a war. So Babur thought it is going to be difficult.

So he said”I will not touch wine until Rana Sanga was defeated”. So drums of wine were
dumped into rivers. Gold and silver cups were broken and given to poor.

Then Babur began to march. The battle was named battle of Kanua. In the battle Rana Sanga
was killed by babur.

Babur found the dynasty called Mughal dynasty.. He became the first Mughal emperor.

In 1530, Humayun fell ill. It seemed that he woud die. Babur did not want his son to die. He
start sleeping in bed in which Humayun slept. Humayun start recovering but Babur start feeling
ill. On December 26, 1530 Babur died at the age of 47 years. He was buried in Bagh-e-Babur in

Q And A
1. When was Babur born?
2. Who were Babur’s parents?
3. Who weer Babur’s sons?
4. When did Omar Sheykh Mirza died?
5. When did Tsuen Sheykh Mirza died?
6. When did first battle of Paniput fought?
7. What did Babur say before fighting battle of Kanua?
8. Whom did Babur met in 1521?
9. When did Babur died?
10. How did Babur die?
11. What was the age of Babur when he died?
1, Born - Life starting
2. Died - Life ended
3. Father - Predecessor
4. Son - Successor
5. Grand Father - Father’s father
6. Sikh - A person who follow the religion Sikhism
7. Years - age

1. Mother X Father
2. Born X Died
3. Grand Father X Grand Mother

Make sentence
1. Emperor
2. Fought
3. Son
4. Father

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