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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ________________________________________________________________________ CRITICS RAVE ABOUT FIVE UNEASY PIECES Hollywood, CA, June 13, 2011

FIVE UNEASY PIECES by Todd Waring is off to a soaring first weeks run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The outrageous solo show garnered rave reviews from critics: "Todd Warings one-man show, Five Uneasy Pieces, is definitely worth catching at this years Hollywood Fringe Festival. The title is half accurate. Audiences will actually be treated to six unique characters, instead of five. The uneasy part remains true, in the most wonderful way possible. Each of the six characters is struggling with those demons that live just below the surface of everyday life. And each character is losing that struggle. Whether it is the battle against having no talent as a performer (the character, I assure you, not Waring), or battles against reality or the status quo, Waring makes sure each of these six people is engrossing and hilarious. Be warned, the piece includes mature language and gunshots on stage, and the humor is incredibly dark, but absolutely worth it. As both the writer and the performer, Waring demonstrates an advanced ability to explore extremes with a range that is to be envied. Separated by little more than an accompanist on the upright bass (Lyman Medeiros), each character is wildly different and instantly accessible. While the phrase tour-de-force gets thrown around a lot in theater reviews, it fits quite nicely while watching Waring on stage. His ability to instantly throw himself into each of the characters keeps the audience engaged and excited. Add the intimate setting of the Elephant Space and you have one heck of a theater experience". -- "Delightful, provocative, and joyously gratifying. Waring's Five Uneasy Pieces showcases his envy-evoking talents for both writing and performance. His attention to natural detail lends believability and eerie familiarity to eccentric and emotionally complex characters. Waring is a charismatic performer, affectionately delivering each monologue with tact and sympathetic subtlety. Waring lulls his audience into a reality-suspending trance that ignores typical constraints of age, gender, race, sexual preference, and nationality. -- GO" -- ********** SHOWTIMES: FIVE UNEASY PIECES The Elephant Space 1076 North Lillian Way, Hollywood CA 90038 June 9, 16, and 23 @ 8 pm & June 11, 18, 25 @ 2 pm BUY TICKETS NOW:

TODD WARING BIO: Todd Waring is a writer and actor with a track record of dozens of television appearances including Greys Anatomy, The Good Guys, Nip/Tuck, Castle, Desperate Housewives, On the Lot, Boston Legal, Monk, Judging Amy, Cold Case, NYPD Blue, The West Wing, Jag, Family Law, Wings, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Waring has also performed on Broadway in Mike Nichols' The Real Thing and Garson Kanins Peccadillo, by as well as many OffBroadway shows. CREW: Don McManus -- Director/Music Consultant Lyman Medeiros -- Bassist Virginia Anzengruber -- Associate Producer/Stage Manager MORE PRAISE FOR FIVE UNEASY PIECES: "It doesn't get better than this. This is alive, vital theater with a capital T and smack dab on the cutting edge." -- Jeffrey Tambor, actor 'Arrested Development' "I laughed til I cried. This is going to be a cult hit." -- Tony Shalhoub, actor 'Monk' "Todd Waring is like no one else in the world and his show is like nothing else out there. This is dangerous theater, queasy comedy of the first order. Five plays, one actor, no safety-net. Does our acrobat fall? Nope, Todd Waring soars!!!!" -- Peter MacNicol, actor '24', Numbers "Smart, original, and clever. Even his French gibberish is witty." -- David Fury, Exec. Producer '24' He is a master, both as a writer and an actor. Do whatever you can to see this show!" -- Jane Kaczmarek, actress 'Malcolm in the Middle'


For more information about the show, please contact: Julia Drake Julia Drake Public Relations 323-304-2433