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With revenues of US$ 46 billion in 2003, Pfizer Inc. USA is a leading healthcare company of
theworld, focusing on pharmaceuticals and consumer products. Its portfolio includes 5 of the
world¶s20 top-selling medicines. Pfizer has a team of over 12,000 scientists for research and
developmentwho are engaged in mor e than 300 projects for 19 major diseases.

In 1959, Pfizer acquired control of Dumex and Pfizer India Ltd. was formed. Pfizer India is a
40per cent owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc., USA. Pfizer India has revenues of US$ 216
million andemployee strength of over 2,000. It has a manufacturing unit in the state of

Pfizer in India has three business divisions:

‡ Pharmaceutical Division: This division markets both prescription and OTC products. The
keybrands of Pfizer are Corex, Becosules, Gelusil a nd Benadryl

‡ Animal Health Division : This division caters to animal pharmaceuticals and is amongst the
topfour players in the Indian market with revenues of US$ 12 million .

‡ Research and Development Division : This division includes Pfizer¶s clinical re search
operationsas well as the biometrics division. Over the years, Pfizer India has participated in
Phase II, IIIand IV global trials and has contributed significantly to advancing standards and
the researchculture in India. The biometrics group also per forms statistical and data
management activitieson behalf of Pfizer Global Research and Development centres in the
United States, Europeand Japan.

µMarketing Powerhouse¶in the pharma sector

Pfizer India is recognised for its marketing strength.Pfizer was awarded the prestigious
µExpressPharmaceutical Pulse 2002¶ award for overallexcellence in the Indian
pharmaceutical industry.

‡ Corex was the first brand in the Indianpharmaceutical industry, to cross the US$ 22 million
‡ Has the unique distinction of having two of itsbrands, Corex and Becosules, ranked at the
topamong all industry brands for three successive years

Factors for success

The Indian pharmaceutical market is extremelycompetitive with a large number of domestic
andMNC companies all compe ting for share of voice,presence and market -share. In
addition, there isgovernment -regulated price control in some areas.Pfizer India has
overcome these by leveraging thefollowing success factors

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Our Values are a declaration of our core beliefs and the defining features of a culture that breeds
achievement. Not only do they provide the direction necessary for making our Vision a reality, they
are also the principles that guide us in our day-to-day decision-making.

These Values crystallize who we are, who we have always been, and what we stand for. They
reflect the enduring character of Pfizer and its people.




Awards remind us that we are on the right track.  

Pfizer India has been recognized as one of The Best Companies to Work For by Business Today


Pfizer Limited awarded the Most Admired Pharmaceutical Company of the Year by Pharma
Leaders Magazine
KewalHanda, Country Manager - Pfizer Limited recognized as Pharma Professional of the
Year by Pharma Leaders Magazine
Pfizer wins the Community Engagement Award at the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship
Awards 2010 in India.


Pfizer Limited (India) conferred the Multinational Pharmaceutical Company of the YearY YY

Mergers and alliances

In pursuance of its global strategy of growth throughacquisitions, Pfizer India has
acquired businesses, whichhas resulted in growth and augmentation of its
capabilities ±

‡ Parke-Davis Merger: Pfizer emerged with a strongportfolio in the therapeutic segments

of the centralnervous system, cough and cold and consumer healthcare products after
its merger with Parke -Davis.

‡ Pharmacia Merger: In addition to augmenting itsportfolio, the Pfizer -Pharmacia merger

resulted inenhancing the distribution network.

‡ Alliance with Bayer: To strengthen Pfizer¶s presencein the cat tle, poultry and
companion animalbusiness, Pfizer has an alliance with Bayer. This
provides Pfizer with a presence in segments wherepreviously there was a zero or
negligible presence.

Board of Directors (India) Y
Mr. R.A. Shah Y Y Y
Mr.KewalHandaY Y   Y
Mr. Richard Gane Y Y
Mr.Pradip P. Shah Y
Dr. B.M. Gagrat-Executive Director   Y  Y 


Mr. R.A. Shah is a leading Solicitor and a Senior Partner of M/s. Crawford Bayley& Co., a firm of
Advocates & Solicitors. He specializes in a broad spectrum of corporate laws in general, with
special focus on Foreign Investments, Joint Ventures, Technology and License Agreement,
Intellectual Property Rights, Mergers and Acquisitions, Industrial Licensing, and Anti Trust Laws,
Company Law and Taxation. He is the Chairman/Director of various public limited companies and
Chairman/member of Audit Committees.

Mr. R.A. Shah was first appointed on the Board on November 9, 1965.


Mr.Handa holds a Masters degree in commerce and a member of The Cost and Works
Accountants of India and The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He joined the Company in
June, 1990 as Controller in MIS-Taxation and was promoted as Financial Controller in August,
1991 and then moved to head the Animal Health Division in December, 1994. He is the Chairman
of the Pricing Committee of the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) and the
President of the Bombay Management Association. He is also a Committee Member of the
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Indian Pharmaceutical Alliances (IPA) and the Bombay
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). He is a visiting faculty in NMIMS. He was recently
awarded the ' India CFO 2004-Excellence in Finance in MNC ' by the International Market
Assessment Group.

Mr. K. Handa was appointed to the Board on December 16, 1996.



Mr.Pradip Shah holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He is also a Chartered
Accountant and a Cost Accountant and ranked first in India in the Chartered Accountancy

Mr.Pradip Shah is the ex-Managing Director of CRISIL, India¶s first and the largest credit rating
agency. Prior to founding CRISIL, Mr.Pradip Shah assisted in founding the Housing Development
Finance Corporation (HDFC) in 1977. Mr. Shah has also served as a consultant to USAID, the
World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Mr. Shah is a Director on the Board of several
reputed companies. He is also a member of various prestigious committees/commissions.
Mr.Pradip Shah is presently the Chairman of Indasia Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.Pradip P. Shah was appointed to the Board on December 7, 1999.

 & '

Dr.Gagrat is a Post Graduate in Science. He has published scientific papers in international

journals and has completed the Postgraduate Diploma in µOperations Management¶ and in
Marketing. Dr.Gagrat joined Pfizer in May, 1989 as Plant Manager, Thane Plant and then moved to
head the Animal Health Division in December, 1996. He was the head of the Marketing before
taking on the assignment of Technical Operations.
Dr. B.M. Gagrat was appointed to the Board on September 29, 1998.


Mr.RichardGane holds a LL.B. degree from Queens University in Belfast and a LL.M. post
graduate degree in International Law from Nottingham University. He attended law school at the
College of Law, Chester, UK. Before joining Pfizer, he was a trainee Solicitor with Edwards
Geldard, Cardiff, UK. He joined Pfizer in January, 1997 as a Legal Advisor in UK for Pfizer¶s
prescription business and in January, 2001, he became the Head of Legal Affairs in UK and
European Union (EU) for Pfizer¶s Consumer Healthcare products. In 2003, he moved to head the
Legal Division of AFME Region of Pfizer Inc., as the Corporate Counsel-PGP-Africa/Middle

In 2006, Mr.Gane moved to Hong Kong where he is currently the Senior Corporate Counsel for
Asia Region of Pfizer Inc. Mr.Gane is a Member of the UK Law Society.

Mr. Richard Gane was appointed to the Board on November 30, 2007.

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