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Antonio Demico

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Writing, Game Design, and Main Illustrator: I. For the Players......................................................... 5 Dwarven Ice Cream Scoop....................................66

Antonio Demico The Harvestborn Race.................................................6 Galina’s Tiny Pressured Cooker...........................66

Veggieling..................................................................... 8 Armor of the Baker................................................. 67
Guest Artists:
Barkling...................................................................... 10 Lord Gordon’s Ram Spear....................................68
April Prime, Becca Hallstedt, Lluís Abadías, Jessica Nguyen
Flowerling.................................................................. 12 Cooking Trial: How to Run..................................... 69
Layout: Harvestborn Feats.....................................................14 One Shot Adventure: Trial of the Bookwyrm...72
Jonathan Maugard Backgrounds.................................................................. 16 Tips on Running...................................................... 73
Editors: Baker............................................................................ 16 Investigation Portion.............................................. 74
Briar Banerji, Leon Barillaro, Justin M. Cole, Leon Tan Waiter.......................................................................... 18 Opening Ceremony���������������������������������������������75

Proofreading: Butler........................................................................... 21 Important NPCs���������������������������������������������������79

Store Owner..............................................................23 Information���������������������������������������������������������� 82
The Editing Hall
Hotelier.......................................................................26 The Library of Talaba���������������������������������������� 83
Video Editor:
Farmer.........................................................................29 NPCs: The Library���������������������������������������������� 88
Nathan de Morel
Subclasses....................................................................... 31 Monsters����������������������������������������������������������������90
Familiar Creator Backer: War Cook.................................................................... 31 Cooking Portion.................................................... 100
George Gates, Patrick Cox, Robert Scripps IV Circle of the Brew.................................................... 35 The Cooking Portion����������������������������������������101
Judge Creator Backer: Pleasure Domain......................................................38 Bookwyrm Cooking Portion������������������������� 102
Edzel Luico, Joshua White, Tony Austin Oath of Beauty......................................................... 40 Battle Maps..............................................................106
College of Hosting...................................................42 Adventure: Trial of the Mushroom King...........115
Producer Backer:
Cooking Classes........................................................... 44 Investigation Portion.............................................116
Patrick Cox
Baker............................................................................ 45 The Town of Talaba: An Introduction���������� 118
Presenter.....................................................................46 Opening Ceremony������������������������������������������� 119
And everyone who participated in the error hunters program: thank you for your amazing
work! Seasoner...................................................................... 47 Important NPCs������������������������������������������������� 121
Tracker........................................................................48 Information���������������������������������������������������������125
And the most heartfelt thank you to every single backer that believed in this book, it would not Butcher........................................................................49 The Town of Talaba: Places of Interest��������128
have happened without all of you! Reciper........................................................................50 Hunting Portion.....................................................140
Example Adventurer: Melissa Honey.................51 The Fungal Wild Woods���������������������������������� 141
Dessert Familiar.......................................................... 52 The Woods�����������������������������������������������������������143
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Dog Roll...................................................................... 53 The Court of the Mushroom King���������������� 147
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permission of Antonio de Miguel Conde LLC or Metal Weave Games inc. This product is a work of fiction. Teacup Dragon........................................................ 60 Battle Maps.............................................................. 172
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Thanks to every single person that believed in me more than I did. This wouldn’t have happened with-
out your help.

Part I:
Come and sit at the table!
The last rays of sunlight stream through the need to bring the magic of cooking into your game.
kitchen windows and fall on the cutting board The book is conveniently divided into two sections,
as the rogue deftly dices the manticore steak. He one for Adventurers and one for Game Masters.
wipes the sweat from his brow and takes a step In the Adventurer section, you’ll find subclasses,
away from the wizard’s blazing oven. It always runs
a bit too hot for his taste. As the wizard expertly
cooking classes, backgrounds, familiars, and more.
In the Game Master section, you’ll find two cook-
For the Players
controls the coals to bring the oven to the perfect ing competition adventures, magical items to re-
temperature, the barbarian steps into the kitchen. ward your players, detailed new monsters, alterna-
He carries four stacks of plates, two on each of his tive judges for the Cooking Trials, battle maps, and
enormous — yet somehow dainty — palms. In a cooking rules to bring to any campaign. We recom-
flurry of cooking utensils, pots, pans, and plates, mend players don’t peek into the Game Masters’
dinner is almost served. Almost. The bard ap- section — you wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!
proaches the counter and looks the plates over with Dragon Stew was designed to foster teamwork
a “tsk.” It might just be dinner at home, but in the and to bring the party together through cooking.
eyes of the bard, that’s no excuse for the dish not to The inherent magic hidden in something as mun-
appear as fantastic as it tastes. Before long, the dish dane as cooking is easy to miss, but once you notice
looks resplendent. With a mix of heavy sighs and it and learn how to harness it, preparing a meal by
laughs, they sit at the table. They are just a group of the fire will be as exciting as fierce battles against
traveling adventurers, just four friends on the road, horrible beasts.
but tonight, like most nights, they dine like kings.
Sharing a meal, like playing games, is about
They dine like family.
making memories around a table. More than any-
Thank you for buying the Dragon Stew Sup- thing, I hope this book helps you make more of
plemental! In this book, you’ll find everything you those memories.

Happy Cooking!

Antonio Demico, writer and illustrator of Dragon Stew

Harvestborn Harvestborn society raises seedlings commu-
nally, and there is no formal concept of parentage.
They do not have physical sex characteristics or
be moving or otherwise emitting vibrations. As
long as a creature is taking physical actions, includ-
ing casting spells with somatic components, they
a concept of gender as other races like Humans, are considered moving; they don’t have to move
A Living Plant Race for Dragon Stew Elves, or Dwarves. Harvestborn who often mingle from place to place for you to detect them.
with, or live surrounded by, other races, might de-
“The young duke didn’t know what he expect-
Familial Telepathy
Birthed from Soil and Magic: cide to align their presentation with a specific gen-
You can communicate telepathically with any
ed the three traveling merchants to look like before
der of the outside culture they inhabit, or identify
meeting them. He just knew he wasn’t expecting Harvestborn sprout from soil touched by magic. Harvestborn within 30 feet of you, so long as both
as that specific gender.
what was standing in front of him. One stood over 7 The most common reason for the appearance of of you are in contact with the ground. You do not

feet tall. She had a wild mane of round green leaves Harvestborn are ley lines that are particularly close Harvestborn Names: need to see the Harvestborn you wish to address to

growing from her forehead and ending at the back to the surface, which are where many Harvestborn speak with them telepathically. You can only speak
Since Harvestborn can communicate with each telepathically to one Harvestborn at a time.
of her knees. Not an inch of anything a Human, communities settle. Ley lines are, however, not the
other telepathically from birth, they choose their
Elf, or Dwarf would call skin. Dark, striped, coarse only source of magic that may lead to the sprouting
Refreshing Repose
own names. As traditional Harvestborn society
bark covered her entire body, like a gnarled tree of Harvestborn. Harvestborn have been reported to
does not have a concept of gender, names from You can choose to sustain yourself not by eating,
trunk waiting for a sculptor to give it shape. The sprout from soil where divine miracles have taken
Harvestborn culture aren’t gendered either. Many but by spending your long rest in contact with soil.
slender figure standing next to the tree-looking one place, or where particularly powerful arcane spells
names of common plants were named after Har- When you do so, small, thin roots grow from your
was more human in appearance, although the duke have been prepared and cast. It is also said that the
vestborn heroes of legend that looked similar to body and burrow into the ground. These roots
could not tell where the vibrant green skin ended love between two Harvestborn is magical enough
that plant. shrivel once the long rest is over. In order for you
and where the wide, leaf-like dress began. From her to produce a new seedling. The soil in which the
Harvestborn names include: Carlone, Cornus, to obtain sustenance from the ground, it needs to
face and head sprouted huge petals that formed a Harvestborn sprouts dictates which of the three
Azalion, Betule, Maclun, Asclepi, Barba, Rubuso, be soft soil in which your roots can burrow for your
lush, pink rose on the crown of her head. The small- subraces of Harvestborn the seedling will be.
Veran, Jasmim, Acer, Moruse, Solal, Selis, Cardan, long rest. Stone, wood, or any other surface where
est one stood in front of the other two, smiling and Harvestborn subraces look wildly different from
Roso, Cirso, and Viburne. a plant would not be able to grow can’t give you
confident. She could not have been taller than 4 each other, more so than other races. Veggielings
enough nutrients to use this trait. You are unable
feet, and that included the very top of the cabbage
that was her head.
stand small and, as their name implies, resemble
Harvestborn Traits: to digest animal products but can sustain yourself
vegetables such as onions, cabbages, carrots, and
with a plant-based diet if the correct soil is unavail-
“So, you are…” stammered the duke, trying and potatoes. Barklings are incredibly tall and never Harvestborn may be incredibly diverse, but
able to you.
failing to look unfazed by the three living plants stop growing, much like the trees they take after. they all are birthed from the soil and all share cer-
tain characteristics intrinsic to their family. Traits Tool Proficiency
that stood before him. Flowerlings fall somewhat in the middle of the two
extremes, and sprout colorful flowers and leaves like age, size, and speed are dependent on the sub- You gain proficiency with the herbalism kit.
“Sisters,” they said in unison.”
race of the Harvestborn and will be detailed in the
Harvestborn don’t have a strong connection to
from their bodies. Instinctive Herbalist
subrace section.
nature; they are nature. Their bodies, their souls, Whenever you make an Intelligence (Nature)
An Ancient Family: Ability Score Increase check related to the nature and uses of any plants,
their very existence is tied to the soil they sprout-
ed from. Harvestborn can be as small as halflings Despite the variety of their appearances, Har- Your Constitution score increases by 2. you are considered proficient in the Nature skill
vestborn see their entire race as an extended family. and double your proficiency bonus to the check,
or as tall as orcs. Their skin can be as hard as ar- Tremorsense
mor or as supple as silk. Their faces can look nearly Two Harvestborn who have never met before will instead of your normal proficiency bonus.
Your connection with the soil allows you to in-
human or completely alien. One might think that refer to each other as siblings and treat each oth- Languages
stinctually sense the source of the most minute
the wild differences between Harvestborn would er like Humans would treat a distant cousin. This
vibrations within 20 feet. You can automatically You can speak, read, and write Common and
mean constant in-fighting and a lack of unity and does not mean Harvestborn are more lenient when
pinpoint the location of anything moving or other- communicate telepathically with any Harvestborn.
companionship, but nothing could be further from it comes to criminals of their own race, though—
wise emitting vibrations that is in contact with the The telepathic communication of the Harvestborn
the truth. The Harvestborn are family—a powerful, quite the contrary. A Harvestborn that actively
ground and within range, even in complete dark- is less of a language and more of a direct line of
ancient, omnipresent family. harms another is seen as a traitor to the family and
ness. The source of the vibrations must itself be in instinctual communication, and therefore cannot
shunned from Harvestborn communities at large.
contact with the same ground as you, and it must be written.

6 For the Players | Harvestborn For the Players | Harvestborn 7

Harvestborn Subraces
Veggieling Traits:
Ability Score Increase
Even within a subrace, appearances vary wildly, but all members of one subrace share specific traits that Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
mark them as one of the three types of Harvestborn.
Veggielings have the shortest lifespan out of all the Harvest-

Veggieling born, maturing in their early teens and living on average 70 years.

Sprouted from the rich, fertile soil of a plain or a tilled field, you Veggielings stand between 3 and 4 feet tall and average about

are a veggieling. As a veggieling, you are part of the most populous 60 pounds. Your size is Small.

of the Harvestborn subraces. Most veggielings resemble vegetables Speed

like onions, carrots, cabbages, or lettuces. They are incredibly talent-
Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
ed diggers, living in large communal structures under grassy plains.
Their underground cities sometimes rival those of Dwarves in size Burrower
and intricacy. Your instinctual mastery of agriculture makes you particularly
They are the farmers of the Harvestborn race, gifted in the art good at digging. You have a burrow speed of 15 feet. You can only
of growing crops. The agricultural and social nature of their com- burrow in soft soil.
munities, as well as their large numbers compared to other Harvest-
born, means they are the most likely to live among other races.
Accustomed to life deep within the soil that both birthed you and
A city with a high veggieling population very quickly
nourishes you, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet
becomes accustomed to the bountiful harvests that they
of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness,
bring with them, making the veggielings an essential part
only shades of gray.
of the city’s economy. It’s not uncommon in these
places to see veggielings in positions of leader-
ship in guilds and as powerful merchants. Veggieling Variant: Mushroom
You sprouted from the humid soil of a cave, hundreds of feet
away from sunlight. Your head is crowned by a wide cap
that shields you from the sun. Mushroomlings are veg-
gielings who live far below the surface. Unlike other
surface-underground relations, surface veggielings
and mushroomlings tend to get along fairly well and of-
ten trade goods only found in their respective biomes. Mush-
roomlings are less entrepreneurial than surface veggielings. Most
mushroomling colonies are busy fighting unending wars with
other living-mushroom races that also dwell deep within the
earth, but they have the same communal disposition and general
cheery attitude as their cousins from above.

8 For the Players | Harvestborn For the Players | Harvestborn 9

Barkling Barkling Traits:
Ability Score Increase
Sprouted from the ancient, wild soil of a forest those back home who still dwell among the trees. Your Strength score increases by 1.
or a jungle, you are a barkling. As a barkling, you Other barklings see the transformation as a cru-
tower over the other Harvestborn and most other el curse and believe that this change is triggered
Barklings have the longest lifespan out of all the Harvestborn,
races and live indefinitely, becoming a first-hand by staying for years in a forest surrounded by the
maturing at around 20 and living indefinitely, slowly turning into
witness of what most learn through ancient tomes corpses of their family.
normal trees.
in dusty libraries. Barklings do not die, but their They too leave the
later stages of life look very different from those forest but in hopes Size
of other long-lived races. As centuries wash over of escaping their
Barklings stand between 6 and 8 feet tall and average about 260 pounds. Your size is Medium.
a barkling, their limbs keep growing and their eventual fate.
speech and movements keep slowing down until Speed
one day they stop moving entirely. Their bodies go Your body is built for strength and longevity, not for nimbleness. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
through an incredibly slow transformation, at the
Steadfast Guardian
end of which they lose their humanoid character-
istics, becoming indistinguishable from normal Attacks and spells that push you or knock you prone have no effect on you. An attack or spell that, for

trees. In barkling tradition, this transformation instance, deals damage and knocks you prone or pushes you back a number of feet will only deal damage

represents attaining enlightenment. to you. You can still be forced to move or lie down if under a charm.

These trees are living libraries in barkling Natural Armor

communities, storing the history of the Your tough, bark-like skin adds a layer of protection from upcoming blows. You gain a +1
world within their branches and roots, bonus to Armor Class. If you are wearing heavy armor, this bonus is negated.
and teaching it to younger barklings
through the natural telepathic com-
Barkling Variant: Cactus
munication all Harvestborn possess.
Barklings are protective of the forest, You sprouted from the soil of a vibrant oasis. Your skin is as hard

as many nature-inclined races are, as bark but smoother, greener, and covered in needle-like

but they do not do so out of a vague spikes. Cactus barklings come from desert climates

moral sense about “the importance of and are generally smaller and more

nature.” When barklings protect the for- slender than their tree-like cous-

est, they protect their people and, more ins. Cactus barklings tend to live

importantly, their history. a less communal lifestyle than

other barklings, many of them
Some barklings believe that the more a
becoming adventurers and wan-
barkling experiences in their life, the faster
derers. Their transformation is said
the transformation comes to them. Many
to come quicker too, which coupled with
leave the forest and embark on adven-
their wandering nature, means that it’s not
ture-filled journeys, making
unheard of for cactus barklings to transform
memories to pass to
somewhere they didn’t plan to transform.
A lonely cactus standing completely
alone in desolate deserts, miles away
from any other signs of life, could be
a cactusling who was caught by their
change by surprise.

10 For the Players | Harvestborn For the Players | Harvestborn 11

Flowerling Flowerling Traits:
Ability Score Increase
Sprouted from soil filled to the brim with mag- difference, and they straddle the line between the Your Charisma score increases by 1.
ic—more magic than most other Harvestborn need comforting humanoid shape and the alien nature
to sprout—you are a flowerling. As a flowerling, of their plant-like biology. They become virtuosos
The inherent magic that flows through their veins gives flowerlings long lifespans,
you are the most charming and beautiful of the of beauty and use their sharp minds and magical
maturing very quickly in their early teens and living 200 years on average.
Harvestborn, and you are well aware of this talents to carve out a place of their own in soci-
fact. Since flowerlings can sprout wher- eties that are not built with them in mind. It’s Size
ever powerful magic is cast, they often not uncommon to find flowerlings living as
Flowerlings stand between 5 and 6 feet tall and average from 110 to 180
find themselves without a Harvestborn influential socialites, as confidants and advi-
pounds. Your size is Medium.
community to take care of them. Not sors to the nobility, or as leaders of their own
having a community of their communities. Speed
race to fall back on does Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
not mean they are not
Intrinsically Magic
social, though. Quite the
contrary, flowerlings thrive The magic imbued in the soil that birthed you has seeped into your being. You know

in contact with other people. The one cantrip from the bard spell list.

fact that they are the most human- Magic Aromatherapy

oid looking out of all the Harvestborn
The magically infused scent of your flowers calms the emotions of those around you.
subraces makes them particular-
You can cast the spell Calm Emotions without using verbal or somatic components,
ly suited to integrate into the com-
only leaving the scent of your flowers as a trace of your magic. Charisma is your spellcast-
munities of other races. Their social
ing ability for this spell. Once you use this trait, you can’t cast Calm Emotions again until
graces and striking natural beauty make
you finish a long rest.
them perfect for life in the upper ech-
elons of these communities, so it’s not
uncommon to find flowerling courtiers Flowerling Variant: Wildflower
in Human or Elven high society. Like any other flowerling, you sprouted from soil that witnessed a power-
To maintain their humanoid appearance and ful source of magic. But instead of integrating into another race’s society, you
ethereal looks, many flowerlings take extremely made your own. Maybe you were lucky enough to sprout in one of the few
good care of their leafy skin, trimming the ex- existing flowerling communities; maybe political intrigue, diplomacy,
cess that could distort their humanoid form. and subterfuge were not for you; or maybe you refused to trim and
They force their leaves and petals to grow contort your leaves and petals into dresses to fit in with other races.
in the shape of elaborate garments, shap- You are a wildflower flowerling.
ing their natural growths into gorgeous Wildflower flowerlings let their leaves and petals grow from their
gowns, jackets, shirts, and all sorts bodies naturally. They are often asymmetrical—for instance, one arm
of intricate clothing. Flow- covered in greenery and the other almost bare, or their leaves and pet-
erlings understand als sprout freely from their faces and their bodies, obscuring their hu-
that peo- manoid shape. Some form communities of their own, giving a place to
ple both those flowerlings that can’t or don’t want to fit in societies that were not
fear and theirs. Others prefer the life of an adventurer, full of danger and ex-
are en- citement. They are rebellious, either by nature or by circumstance,
thralled by and take pride in the inherently wild nature of their bodies.

12 For the Players | Harvestborn For the Players | Harvestborn 13

Harvestborn Feats
stitution modifier. You regain all expended uses of a needle yourself and stick them in another object
this ability when you finish a long rest. that could feasibly be pierced by a needle for the
purposes of tracking it, in which case it counts as a
The Harvestborn are already a very diverse through this forest in the last 24 hours, if they have
race, with each subrace bringing additional layers witnessed a terrible or joyous event in the last 24
Needle Armor use of this ability. You can use this ability a number
of times equal to your Constitution modifier. You
of customization to the character creation process. hours, or if someone has done harm to the forest regain all expended uses of this ability when you
Prerequisite: Cactusling Variant
These feats were conceived with the purpose of in the last 24 hours. finish a long rest.
Your skin is covered in thin needle-like spines
further emphasizing a Harvestborn’s particular bi-
that you can raise or lower at will. Anyone that
ology when playing one. Some of these racial feats
Natural Beauty dares to touch you is covered in them. Whenever a Wild Body
have stipulations regarding exactly what kind of
creature grapples you or makes an attack with their
Harvestborn can take them, and are the perfect op- Prerequisite: Flowerling
exposed skin such as an unarmed strike, you can Prerequisite: Wildflower Variant
portunity to flesh out a Harvestborn variant, such
Your ethereally beautiful appearance makes use your reaction to raise your needles, inflicting The natural growth of leaves and petals on your
as a mushroomling, a cactusling, or a wildflower.
enemies hesitant to harm you. If you are within 5 1d6 piercing damage on the creature. The needles body make you incredibly hard to spot in nature.
feet of a friendly creature and a hostile creature at- are part of you and detach easily, sticking to the Whenever you make a stealth check to attempt to
Veggiemancer tacks you, make a Charisma (Performance) check creature that attacked you. You can sense the vague blend in with natural surroundings, such as foliage,
contested by the target’s Wisdom (Insight) check. direction of where your needles are for 10 minutes brush, or bushes, you double your proficiency bo-
Prerequisite: Veggieling If your check succeeds, the creature will decide to after they have detached, so long as they are in the nus to the check, even if you’re not normally pro-
You are one of the mages of a bustling veggiel- attack the friendly creature 5 feet from you, instead same plane of existence as you. You can also pluck ficient.
ing community, well-versed in the agricultural side of attacking you, so long as they are able to do so.
of magic and all its secrets. Increase your Wisdom If they aren’t, for instance if the friendly creature is
score by 1, up to a maximum of 20. You learn the out of their reach, they’ll still decide to attack you.
Druidcraft cantrip, and can cast it at will. You also This effect lasts until the start of your next turn. A
learn to cast the spell Plant Growth, which you can hostile creature that has succeeded in their Insight
cast once without expending a spell slot. If you check can’t be affected by your beautiful appear-
choose to use the long-term effects of this spell, ance again for 1 hour. A creature with an Intelli-
instead of casting it using 1 action, your cast time gence score lower than 6 is immune to this ability.
is 6 hours instead of 8. Land enriched by this spell
will only yield the vegetable you resemble. Once
Noxious Spore
you cast this spell using this ability, you can’t cast
it again until you finish a long rest. Wisdom is your Prerequisite: Mushroomling Variant
spellcasting ability for these spells.
Whenever you suffer bludgeoning damage, you
can use your reaction to liberate a puff of harmful
Arboreal Sage spores around you. Any creature within 5 feet of
you must make a Constitution saving throw. Con-
Prerequisite: Barkling stitution is your spellcasting ability for this effect.
The forest is your ancestral home, and it holds On a failure, the creature takes poison damage
no secrets for you. Whenever in a forest or jungle, equal to 1d6 + your Constitution modifier and is
you double your proficiency bonus to any Per- poisoned. A creature takes half as much damage
ception or Survival check and are unable to lose on a successful saving throw and is not poisoned.
your way while in it. You can also spend 10 min- A creature poisoned by this ability gets to make
utes reaching out telepathically to the surround- a Constitution saving throw at the end of each of
ing trees. At your GM’s discretion, you can learn their turns to overcome the poison. You can use
from them if someone you are looking for passed this ability a number of times equal to your Con-

14 For the Players | Harvestborn For the Players | Harvestborn 15

Backgrounds d6
Personality Trait
I never made much money at my bakery,
so I love to haggle and see what I can get
The master I trained under is the most im-
portant person in my life. I’d do anything
Here you’ll find brand new backgrounds to give depth to the person you’ll be designing during character
away with. to win their approval.
creation. These backgrounds focus on trades and in jobs that provide services and comfort.
2 Seeing people go hungry breaks my heart; 2 The bakery I trained in is the most import-

Baker 3
I will always share my food with anyone
who asks.

I am a total gossip, and I love to learn about 3

ant place in the world to me. I’ll defend it
and ensure its success, no matter the cost.

Baking runs in the family. I want my par-

You are a baker, either working in your own bak- Choose your specialty or roll on the table below:
who’s doing what with whom in any com- ents to be proud of me and the baker I’ve
ery or in someone else’s. You wake up every morn-
d8 Specialty munity I visit. become.
ing before the sun does, and provide your little
1 Breads 4 I have an enterprising soul and will always 4 I trained alongside another apprentice.
corner of the world with goods that go from the
2 Cookies look for a way to network with people in They are my rock and the most important
most basic of breads to the little confections that
my field. person in my life. I just want to see them
brighten up anyone’s day. You learned your trade, 3 Muffins
5 I bake for the artistry inherent in the pro- succeed and achieve their dreams.
and gained some impressive muscles, by working
4 Doughnuts
tirelessly under the watchful eye of your master. cess. Feeding people is not my priority. 5 I trained alongside another apprentice.
5 Cakes
Now you know everything they taught you—plus 6 Decorating is my favorite part of the pro- Our rivalry is legendary. I want to be a bet-

some of your own tricks you learned through hard 6 Croissants ter baker than they are.
cess, and that extends to pretty much ev-
work and dedication. You are one of the most im- 7 Bagels erything I do in my life. I’ll always take an 6 My community is constantly ravaged by
portant pillars of your community. A mainstay of 8 Pies opportunity to make something prettier. famine. I won’t stop until nobody has to go
any neighborhood, town, or city, beloved by ev- to sleep with an empty stomach.
ery client, and possibly envied by that other bak- Feature: Baker’s Touch
er down the street, who can’t get their profiteroles Your fellow bakers are more likely to help you d6 Ideal d6 Flaw
quite as soft and sweet as yours. and your friends out in a tough spot if you lend 1 Charity. Helping those in need is my first 1 I can’t see past the bottom line. Money is
your services to them for a while. Three hours of priority. the most important part of the job, and I
Skill Proficiencies:
working at a bakery in any town, every morning 2 Community. It’s the job of any merchant don’t see a reason to help out someone in
Persuasion, Athletics will win you basic lodging and food. need who can’t pay for my services.
to provide a service and strengthen the
Tool Proficiencies: Bakers, being one of the most important pillars bonds of the community they trade in. 2 My work is so important to me that I ne-
of their community, know a lot of the inner work- 3 Aspiration. I want to become the best bak- glect my relationships with others.
Cook’s Utensils
ings of the town or district they operate in. Get- er I can be. 3 If I can’t be amazing at what I do from the
Equipment: ting information from a fellow baker will be much start, then I just won’t try at all.
4 Artistry. Baking is my art. As long as I’m
A set of Cook’s Utensils, a white apron embla- easier for you than for any normal client who just
growing as an artist, I’m happy. 4 If something I do isn’t absolutely perfect,
zoned with the logo of your bakery, an official certi- comes through the door.
5 Wealth. The bottom line is how much then I’m not happy with it, which means
fication as a baker signed by the master you trained
Suggested Characteristics: money I make and how much more I could I’m never quite happy with anything I do.
under, 2 days’ rations, and a belt pouch containing
Bakers are highly skilled artisans defined by be making. 5 My sense of exploration leads me to try
15 gp.
their love of their work and their sense of commu- 6 Experimentation. I want to taste and try to eat less than savory things to see if they
Feature: Baking Specialty nity. All bakers generally fulfill the same role in a to bake all the baked goods I come across, would make a nice baked good, no matter

As a baker, you can bake pretty much any baked community, but they go about it in many different no matter how weird or foreign to me they how dangerous or potentially poisonous

good, but you have a knack for a specific confec- ways. You can use the different tables below to get a are. they are.

tion that always, always turns out just right in your feel for what your baker is like, or use it as a jump- 6 My sense of duty to my community keeps
hands. You prepare this pastry with such flavor, tex- ing-off point to start building your character. me from taking care of my own needs.
ture, and love that it’s leagues above the standard.

16 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 17

Waiter d6
Personality Trait
I am genuinely interested in people’s life
stories and will gladly listen to them if giv-
2 My family has owned my tavern for gen-
erations. I have no interest in keeping the
family business and resent my parents for
You are a waiter, either working in your own tav- name drunkenly scribbled on a piece of paper), 1 making me wait tables for years.
en the chance.
ern or in someone else’s. You are the face of the day’s rations from the kitchens, and a belt pouch 3 I met the love of my life while waiting ta-
2 I love people-watching, and I like to guess
business and a friend to pretty much everyone in containing 20 sp in tips. bles. I would do anything for them.
the reason why a patron has come into a
the community you live in, even if they might not
Feature: Waiter Expertise tavern. I like to believe I’m usually right. 4 A mysterious figure came into my tavern
be friends to you. Through years of work, you’ve
3 I always try to de-escalate conflict when it at closing. They were heavily wounded and
learned to put on a show of cordiality and friend- There’s always one part of the job that you are
arises. seemed to be in a hurry. Before dying in
liness with customers to ensure the largest tips particularly good at, and it takes you substantially
my arms, they handed me a strange ob-
possible come your way, and you take pride in the less time or less effort than it takes the other waiters 4 I constantly clean up after myself to make
ject. I have no idea what it is, where it came
quality of your service. You feel at home dealing to perform. Choose your expertise or roll on the sure other people’s jobs are easier.
from, or what to do with it.
with the worst possible clientele, and you can dis- table below:
5 I tip heavily for any service.
5 A group of adventurers decided to start
tinguish at a glance a good tipper from a demand- d8 Expertise 6 I can always put on a cheery attitude, no a fight at my tavern. They were too busy
ing patron, who still believes one copper is a good
1 Cheerful attitude matter how I’m feeling. “saving the world” to notice they had de-
enough tip for a three-course meal. When you be-
2 Delivering dishes on time stroyed my life’s work. I became an adven-
came an adventurer, you did not quite realize how
3 Catching yourself from tripping turer to make them pay.
many skills from years working as a waiter would d6 Ideal
come in handy when dungeoneering and traveling 4 Cleaning 6 A rivalry with the tavern across the street
1 Charity. I will always listen and try to help
the world, but you’ve found that you can always has been going on for generations. I want
5 Dealing with drunkards the common person.
rely on your resilience, resourcefulness, and social to finally end it and prove that our estab-
6 Simple arithmetic 2 Community. My tavern is a pillar of my
skills to carry you through the harshest times. lishment is the best in town.
7 Making people think you like them community, and my job is to make sure
Skill Proficiencies: that people can come and decompress af-
8 Remembering names
Acrobatics, Deception ter their jobs. d6 Flaw
Feature: Capable Catering 3 Aspiration. I want to own my own tavern 1 I have put on a cheery attitude when I
Tool Proficiencies:
You know where to look for work and how to or completely change my line of work. wasn’t feeling happy so many times that
None make sure you’re hired as a waiter. You can find a 4 People. I’m fascinated by people, their now I’m not sure when I’m putting on an
job for yourself and your adventuring friends as act and when I’m truly happy.
Language Proficiencies: lives, and their struggles. I’ll take any op-
waiters at any party, no matter how high society the portunity to meet different folks. 2 Years of being underpaid have made me
One language of your choice that is commonly
party in question is. You can also find a job assisting callous to the plights of other people. If
spoken in the town where your tavern is located, or 5 Wealth. The bottom line is the most im-
as a waiter in a tavern in exchange for lodging or someone asks for my help but can’t pay for
is commonly spoken by tourists and travelers that portant part of any job. Money comes first.
food. my services, I see no reason to help them.
pass through your town. 6 Experimentation. I became a waiter just to
Suggested Characteristics: try out exotic food and drinks from lands 3 I have a disproportionate reaction to
far away. someone making life for people in the ser-
Waiters are defined by their resourcefulness and
A set of comfortable clothing emblazoned with vice industry difficult... namely, murder.
grit in the face of work that is often unrewarding.
the logo of the tavern you work at, an inappropri-
You can use the different tables below to get a feel 4 If something I do isn’t absolutely perfect,
ate gift from an admirer, received while you were d6 Bond
for what your waiter is like, or use it as a jump- then I’m not happy with it, which means
working (a lock of hair, directions to their house, a 1 My family has owned my tavern for gener-
ing-off point to start building your character. I’m never quite happy with anything I do.
ations. I want to become as good at running
it as my parents are, and make it thrive in
our community.

18 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 19

5 My moral compass is solely based around
how people treat other service industry
workers. If they are nice to them, they are
good, and if they aren’t, they are evil. It You are a butler, a servant classically trained in their loyalty to the house that they serve. You can
takes a lot to convince me otherwise. all the ways to serve the members of a noble family. use the different tables below to get a feel for what

6 I judge and dislike any person that is in- Maybe your parents were butlers, and their parents your butler is like or use it as a jumping-off point to

toxicated in my presence, no matter how before them, or maybe you came into this life by start building your character.

drunk they are or why they are drinking. chance. What matters is that you’ve completed the
d6 Personality Trait
exhaustive training required to hold your current
1 I’m not a fan of frivolity. I like to keep
position, and you are proud of the vast number of
things professional and in order.
skills you have developed. You are well aware that
the house you serve relies solely on you to function 2 I can’t keep a secret. As soon as I learn an

properly, and you take pride in how well you do interesting piece of information, I’ll find

your work. Above all, you are loyal to the house- the nearest person to gossip with.

hold that you serve, and take care of the servants 3 Years of serving nobles have left me em-
under you with a peerless sense of responsibility bittered to the wealthy and powerful. I
and attention to detail. have a hard time empathizing with any of
their problems.
Skill Proficiencies:
4 I have been loyal to my household for all
Perception, History
my life and will continue to be loyal to
Tool Proficiencies: them until the day I die.

None 5 I am a born leader, and always know how

to make a group of people work together
Language Proficiencies:
for the same goal.
One language of your choice.
6 I am a fantastic second-in-command and

Equipment: will always strive to perfectly follow the di-

rections of my superiors.
A set of fine clothes, a smoking pipe, a sewing
kit to mend tears in clothing, a pocket watch, and a
pouch containing 15 gp safely secured under your
d6 Ideal
1 Honor. I’ll strive to uphold the honorable
Feature: A Lid for Every Pot name of my family and of this noble pro-

Your years of training allow you to often find a fession.

contact within the servants of any noble household 2 Tradition. My family has served the same
you come across. The contact could be a fellow noble household for generations, and I
butler you trained with, or a maid you employed wish to follow in their footsteps.
in the past before she left for greener pastures. Ser- 3 Family. The noble family I serve is as much
vants see and hear a lot of what goes on inside the of a family to me as my biological family.
estate in which they serve. I love them and will protect them with my
Suggested Characteristics:
Butlers are highly skilled servants defined by

20 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 21

4 Redemption. The head of the household I
serve took pity on me in my darkest times.
I’ll serve them with my life to right the
Years of training have made me extreme-
ly stoic. I have a hard time expressing my
Store Owner
wrongs of my past. You own your own store. Your store might have 4 Rations 5 sp
5 Charity. I’ve seen the way nobles can mis- been a quaint general goods store in the busy com- 5 Tonics, shampoos, and 8 sp
2 Outward displays of emotions upset me,
treat their servants. I will not let that hap- mercial district of a city, a potion brewery tucked soaps
and I don’t know how to react to them.
pen to a person in my care. away in the damp corner of a scary swamp, or a
6 Plants and flowers 2 sp
3 Years of spending time with the most pow- backpack you carry with you everywhere you go.
6 Power. My position as a butler is a step- erful and affluent families make it hard to 7 Musical instruments 3 gp
For one reason or another, you and your store are
ping-stone to holding more social or po- empathize and relate to the problems of now on a cart carried by an overburdened donkey. 8 Quilts, carpets, and 1 gp
litical power. the common person. You are still a store owner because you sell goods, fabrics

4 My training makes me overly accommo- no matter what goods and how they are sold. Years
Feature: Discerning Eye
d6 Bond dating. I automatically help people with upon years of dealing with all types of people have
Years of buying and selling goods have made you
daily tasks like dressing themselves or eat- made you an expert in the art of sales, and you
1 I was a criminal before the leader of the an expert at discerning when someone is cheating
ing, even if they haven’t asked for my help. pride yourself in how fast you can clear your stock.
household I served saved me and trained you. You have advantage on Insight Checks when
5 My rigorous training makes me give off an Your store is your pride and joy. Where customers
me as their butler. I owe them my life. trying to ascertain if the quality of the goods being
unintended air of superiority that can be might just see an establishment, and they visit for
2 My family decided I would become a but- sold is suitable. You are also aware of the common
quite off-putting. a few minutes to get what they need, you see the
ler before I was even born. I resent their price of basic wares and are usually able to find
labor and the pride of a lifetime.
decision and wish to take back control of 6 As the head of the servants at my house- where, if anywhere, the goods of your Store Stock
my own life. hold, I’m quite used to giving orders to Skill Proficiencies: feature are sold in any city, town, or settlement.
people and assigning them tasks, which
3 The head of the household I serve died at Persuasion, Insight
not everyone appreciates. Suggested Characteristics:
the hands of criminals, entrusting me with
Tool Proficiencies: Store owners are hardworking people, defined
the care of their sole heir. I love her as if
Land Vehicle Proficiency by their powerful enterprising spirit. You can use
she were my own daughter and will defend
the different tables below to get a feel for what your
her with my life. Equipment: store owner is like or use it as a jumping-off point
4 I’ve infiltrated this household and served A set of comfortable common clothing embla- to start building your character.
them for years with the sole purpose of zoned with the logo of your store, a cart, a donkey,
finding the treasure hidden within their d6 Personality Trait
20 items of your stock worth 10 gp in total (see Fea-
walls. 1 I crave the open road and love to travel.
ture: Store Stock), and a belt pouch containing 5 gp.
5 I fell in love with one of the members of 2 Finances and business get my blood
Feature: Store Stock pumping like nothing else.
the family I serve, but my duties forbid me
from ever acting on my feelings. No store sells everything, not even general
3 A professional demeanor attracts custom-
stores. Your particular store is known for a specific
6 All the members of the household I serve ers; I take very good care of how I present
good you take great pride in selling. Choose your
were mysteriously murdered. I will con- myself to the world.
type of stock or roll on the table below:
tinue to serve them despite their deaths by 4 Networking and making professional con-
bringing their killers to justice. d8 Expertise Price per Unit nections are my favorite parts of the job.
1 Candles 2 sp 5 I love connecting with people on a person-
2 Journals, quills, and 4 sp al level. I’m always down for a chat.
stationary 6 I can always match a customer with the
3 Toys and dolls 5 sp right item.

22 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 23

banal and benign, but to the discerning eye of the
d6 Expertise Price per Unit
5 I sold my soul when I was a child. I’m now black-market customer, your store is completely
d6 Ideal 1 False documentation 6 gp
saving every copper I make from my store different from the rest... and exactly what they’ve
1 Ambition. I want my shop to grow in in- 2 Banned books 3 gp
in the hopes of buying it back. been looking for.
fluence and power.
6 My family put every copper they had to If you decide that the black market is your mar- 3 Banned liquors 2 gp
2 Community. My shop serves the people of
their name together to buy my cart and ket of choice: 4 Banned cosmetics 3 gp
a community. That’s the reason I do what
my donkey, in the hopes that I could find Swap Deception for Persuasion in your skill 5 Stolen art pieces 8 gp
I do.
fortune and save them from poverty. proficiencies. 6 Non-native plants 2 gp
3 Passion. I’m absolutely fascinated by the
Choose a set of goods to use as a front for your and flowers
type of goods I sell. I want to dedicate my
store from the Store Stock table above worth 2 gp
life to that specific passion. d6 Flaw Variant Feature: Black Market Reg-
in total. Your cart has a false bottom where you
4 People. I’m fascinated by people, their 1 I’m horrible at haggling and will often ular
keep your black-market goods, worth 8 gp in to-
lives, and their struggles. I’ll take any op- agree to a worse deal than the one the hag-
tal. You can choose your actual goods or roll on the You can always find the hub where the black
portunity to meet different folks. gler offered.
table below. You also have a concealed pouch con- market of a city operates, whether it’s an unas-
5 Wealth. The bottom line is the most im- 2 If a job can make me a lot of money, I taining 5 gp. suming tavern, the docks on a specific night of the
portant part of any job. Money comes first. won’t consider the risks that come with it. week, or the sewers. You have a wide net of contacts
Choose the Black Market Regular feature below
6 Travel. I want to see the world. Selling 3 I believe no goods can possibly compare that can procure your stock of choice for a price.
instead of the Discerning Eye feature.
goods is just my way to pay for that. to the ones I offer and will often look People involved in the dealings of the black market

down on other merchants in my same line are more willing to trade information with you.

of work.
d6 Bond
4 I have a hard time saying no to people in
1 My family has kept my store going for need and will often sell my wares for sig-
generations. I want them to be proud of nificantly less than what they are worth,
my accomplishments as the newest keep- even if that will make my life substantial-
er. ly harder, keep me from sleeping in a dry
2 My family believes my business is a fool’s place, or make me go hungry.
errand. I want to prove them wrong. 5 I love a get-rich-quick scheme and will al-
3 The goods I sell got me through a very ways try to get away with one if given the
hard time in my life. I want to bring those chance, no matter how stupid.
goods that saved me to other people who 6 I don’t know how to turn off my merchant
might need them. habit and will often try to sell goods to my
4 One night, a hooded figure came to the adventuring friends.
store, wanting to trade some of my stock
for a mysterious object. It looked valuable,
Variant Store Owner: Black Market
so I accepted the trade. When I returned
from the back of the store with the stock Maybe it’s the thrill of getting away with crim-
they wanted, they were gone, but they left inal behaviour right under the nose of authori-
the mysterious item behind. I kept the ob- ty, or maybe there’s just more money in dealing
ject, and I hope one day I’ll meet someone goods that are outside of the law. Whatever your
that will be able to tell me what makes the reason is, you are a Black Market Merchant. From
thing they left so special. the outside, you seem to be just like any common
merchant, selling rice, wheat, or something equally

24 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 25

Hotelier d6
Personality Trait
Comfort is very important for me. I always
make sure that I and all my friends want
6 Tradition. My hotel has been passed down
through generations of my family.

You are a hotelier. Perhaps you own a little bed of your business, bedding and pillows, a master key
for nothing.
and breakfast in a small crossroads town, an ex- that opens every door in your business, a book con- d6 Bond
2 I love imagining the lives of the people I
clusive club in the middle of a bustling financial taining the names of everyone that stayed a night 1 My hotel is the work of not only my life,
see and will make wild guesses to entertain
district, a steaming onsen on the side of a snowy in your establishment during the last year, 5 ra- but also the lives of countless other gener-
myself and my friends.
mountain road, or a relaxing spa in a tropical tions, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp. ations that came before me. I will protect
coastal city. What matters is that your establish- 3 I’m nosey and always want to know what it with my life.
Feature: Service Offered everyone is up to.
ment always offers a place to sleep in a warm, soft 2 A tyrannical lord wishes to take the land
bed. Travelers from all around the world relish the All hoteliers follow the rules of hospitality and 4 I rarely left my hotel, so tales of adventure my hotel currently stands on for himself.
thought of seeing your store sign swaying gently offer a warm bed to weary travelers, but each specif- fascinate me; I never say no to hearing a I need to stop him no matter what it takes.
in the wind. They know it means repose from the ic business specializes in a type of service. Choose good story.
3 One dark and stormy night, a horrible
harsh life on the road, however momentary that your type of service or roll on the table below:
5 I’m obsessively clean and I will not have killer murdered every one of my guests in
repose might be. It never gets old to see those tired, d6 Expertise myself, the place I sleep in, or any of my the middle of the night. Their ghosts now
thankful smiles on the faces of visiting adventurers 1 Spa friends looking dirty or otherwise unpre- haunt my hotel and clients are too scared
as they come through your door. You don’t deal in sentable.
2 Onsen to stay the night. I need to find the per-
simple goods; you offer hospitality, relaxation, and
3 Tea house 6 I appreciate luxury when I see it and love petrator of the guests’ murder and bring
a piece of home to everyone that comes through
to indulge in an expensive pleasure from them to justice so they can finally rest...
your door. Nothing brings you more pride and 4 Bed and Breakfast
time to time. and I can finally make some money again.
joy than seeing someone come in exhausted and 5 Retirement home
4 I fell in love with an adventurer who left
bruised only to leave a couple of days later with
6 Cafe
years ago and promised to come back. I
high spirits and a twinkle in their eye. For one rea- d6 Ideal
started my hotel so they would have a soft
son or another, you find yourself about to embark Feature: Hotelier Hospitality
1 Beauty. I want my hotel to be an oasis of bed to come back to after their travels, but
on your own adventure, but after years of seeing Hoteliers respect hoteliers. No matter where you beauty, calm, and luxury in the uncom- after years of waiting, I have finally decid-
other adventurers come and go, you know the im- find yourself, other hoteliers will make sure your fortable and unforgiving desert that is the ed to go look for them myself.
portance of rest and comfort and are determined stay is as comfortable as possible for you and your outside world.
to bring with you a piece of that on the road. No 5 My hotel is just a front—I steal from the
group. The services delivered by any establishment
2 Charity. Giving a place to sleep to people most defenseless of my guests and blame
matter how dark, cold, and scary the path might where you rent a room for the night will be con-
who have nowhere to go is my calling in it on the local goblin population. Every-
be, you and your friends will always have a warm sidered one Lifestyle level higher, but will cost the
life. My home is everyone’s home. thing was going fantastically until I stole
bed to sleep in. same price. For instance, an establishment that is
3 Hospitality. I love the idea of my business from the wrong group of adventurers,
considered Modest will deliver services considered
Skill Proficiencies: being a home away from home for strang- who swore to bring me to justice. Now I’m
Comfortable for the price of a Modest service.
Perception, Persuasion ers, and I strive to bring comfort where on the run.
Suggested Characteristics: there is none. 6 Once I was a powerful and immensely rich
Language Proficiencies:
Hoteliers are defined by the importance they 4 People. A hotel is the perfect way to meet noble, but my fortune kept dwindling un-
One language of your choice that is commonly
place on hospitality and the care they put into all kinds of colorful characters, learn about til I was forced to turn my family’s estate
spoken in the town where your business is locat-
making their business a home away from home other cultures, and stay in the loop of the into a hotel. After seeing how much gold
ed, or one that is commonly spoken by tourists and
for all their clients. You can use the different tables goings-on all around the world. there is in adventuring, I left one of my
travelers that visit your business.
below to get a feel for what your hotelier is like, or servants to manage the hotel and decided
5 Wealth. The bottom line is the most im-
Equipment: use it as a jumping-off point to start building your
portant part of any job. Money comes first. to try the adventurer’s life for myself. My
character. only wish is to restore my family’s status.
One set of comfortable common clothing and
one set of fine clothing emblazoned with the logo

26 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 27

Even if I insist that I manage a hotel, it
sometimes feels more like a shelter. I can’t
Variant Hotelier: Luxury Hotelier
Your hotel is no simple inn on the side of the
road—you manage a luxury establishment known
refuse to welcome someone in need under among the most select circles as the place to stay You are a farmer. You work from dawn ’til dusk Feature: Animal Whisperer
at. You cater only to the most discerning, the most lovingly taking care of the animals in your care. Your years of taking care of the animals on your
my roof, regardless of whether they can
wealthy clientele, and you do everything in your The work is hard and might not be the most glam- farm have given you an extraordinary ability to
pay for it or not, even if that means mak-
power to shower them in the best comforts this orous, but it’s honest work. You’re well aware of understand the subtle intricacies of the complex
ing my life and managing my hotel harder.
world has to offer. Your establishment is a staple of what an integral part you play in your community, body language of chickens, cows, and other farm
2 Being comfortable for me isn’t a prefer-
your town or city, and people from all over save and you take pride in that. You might have been animals. You can always tell what a farm animal’s
ence, it’s a need. I will complain and drag
every penny their whole lives just to spend a night born to a family of farmers and are now following emotional state is, and you have advantage on any
my feet if I’m in a situation I don’t find suf-
in one of your rooms. You care about quality, not in the footsteps of your parents, taking care of the medicine checks used on farm animals.
ficiently comfortable.
affordability, and will cut no expenses to offer your family ranch. Maybe you were once an infamous
3 I’m accustomed to a calm, sheltered life
guests the best possible service. With a price to pirate who decided to leave the high seas behind Suggested Characteristics:
and have a hard time with tense, ac- for solid ground, stability, and tranquility. You Farmers are extremely hardworking people de-
match, of course.
tion-filled situations. don’t have time to think about all that though—the fined by their work ethic, tenacity, and love of the
4 I’m a gossip to a fault, and will always stick If you decide that the luxurious hotel is the ho- cows are not gonna feed themselves, the chick- land. You can use the different tables below to get a
my nose where it doesn’t belong. Especial- tel for you, choose the Select Club feature below ens have found a way through the fence and are feel for what your farmer is like, or use it as a jump-
ly when it comes to my party members’ instead of the Hotelier Hospitality feature. warring with the geese once again, and there are ing-off point to start building your character.
business. crops to water. If all that wasn’t enough, somehow
Variant Feature: Select Club d6 Personality Trait
5 I believe my hotel is the best there could you’ve found your way into the adventuring busi-
Quality recognizes quality. Your establishment’s 1 I’m a nature lover. I feel more comfort-
ever be. I will be needlessly critical of any ness. Some people might think that a farmer such
reputation precedes you and gives you access to able sleeping under the stars than boxed
other hotel I visit, even directly to the staff as yourself is not suited for a life of adventuring,
other establishments that are more selective about in some room of an inn, no matter how
of the establishment. but you know the skills that life has taught you are
who gets to be their patron. If a restaurant, tavern, fancy.
invaluable, and your work ethic will bring success
6 I love sleeping and will take any opportu-
inn, hotel, or another business only welcomes in- in any job you take. It’ll just take some resolve, ded- 2 I get anxious and gloomy when staying in
nity to do so. If I ever sleep less than what
dividuals of a certain stature or wealth, you are al- ication, and a lot of elbow grease. big cities for too long; not seeing the hori-
I would like to, my anger and crankiness
ways considered worthy and are given permission zon extend forever makes me feel claus-
know no bounds.
to enter. Skill Proficiencies: trophobic.
Athletics, Animal Handling
3 I get nervous and jumpy if my animals are

Tool Proficiencies: not close to me.

Land Vehicle Proficiency 4 I find the company of animals or plants

more enjoyable than that of people.
5 I have tons of siblings and always seem to
A set of common clothes; your choice of mount have a story about a sibling that relates to
between a donkey, a mule, or a pony; your choice any possible situation me or my adventur-
of pet between a hen, a goat, a goose, or a mastiff; a ing party find ourselves in.
small leather pouch tied with a string around your
6 I get really competitive around other
neck filled with some dirt taken from your farm;
farmers and feel the need to prove that
and a pouch containing 5 gp.
my products and methods are better than

28 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Backgrounds 29

Tradition. My farm is the work of gener-
ations of family members, and now it has
4 My mother used to read me stories of a
chicken that laid golden eggs worth hun-
dreds of platinum. I’m convinced that the
stories are true, and now, I’m on a quest to Here are five different subclasses you can use in foes, and some are all about bringing them down.
been passed down to me. I wish to see it
find that chicken and stop it from falling any adventure, cooking-themed or not. Some are These subclasses follow the same rules as any other
thrive and grow under my care.
into the wrong hands. centered around supporting you and your friends subclass and are completely independent from the
2 Community. My work as a farmer is in-
5 An evil witch turned the love of my life through battle, some specialize in weakening your new Cooking Classes you’ll find in this book.
tegral for a community to function. I’m
aware of this responsibility and honor it. into the animal that I now pretend is my

3 Family. I wish to instill in my children the

importance of hard work, dedication, and
love of the land that my parents taught me.
pet. I’ll find a way to turn them back to
their original self and bring that witch to
War Cook
4 Redemption. I was once a despicable crim-
6 My family has developed amazing farming
A Fighter Martial Archetype
techniques over the years that could feed
inal. I’ve decided to live an honest life as
the hungry and make the work of farm-
a farmer, serving my community to atone Sometimes, finding the best ingredients requires tied to their Arcane Utensil feature.
ers around the world easier, but they are
for my sins. going out into the world to hunt incredibly powerful To build a War Cook, prioritize Strength/Dex-
illiterate and can’t share their knowledge.
beasts; sometimes, someone needs to cook for troops terity, Constitution, and Charisma, in that order.
5 Aspirational. I left my farm behind be- My only wish is to teach other farmers the
of soldiers in the heat of the battlefield. Sometimes, Take a good look at the Cooking rules included in
cause I think I have a brighter future ahead ways of my family.
it’s just about cooking outdoors. Whatever the rea- this manual, since you will be able to cook outdoors
of me. I’m more than just a farmer, and I’ll
son may be, some cooks need to be able to fight, and thanks to your Ever-Ready Kitchenette.
prove it to the world.
these know how to do it.
6 Secret. Years ago, I committed a horrible d6 Flaw
A War Cook is a fighter who knows how to take
act and fled the city to avoid getting caught. 1 Years of solitude in my farm with only the Ever-Ready Kitchenette:
their extensive knowledge of the art of cooking and
I’ve been pretending I’m just a simple company of animals make it hard for me
apply it to the art of fighting. Using the same tools At 3rd level, you acquire an Ever-Ready Kitchen-
farmer in hopes of avoiding the law. to form connections with people.
that they would use to cook a wonderful meal, they ette, a small, magical kitchen that weighs 9 pounds
2 I see any work that is not physical in nature and can cook one dish a day. The kitchenette needs
bring the most wicked creatures to their knees—
as a waste of time and of no real worth to 10 minutes to set up and warm up.
d6 Bond and if those creatures look appetizing, they might
society at large.
1 My farm and my animals are my life’s
even consider serving them with baked potatoes on You have proficiency with Cooking Weapons
3 I spoil my animals and will buy them the the side. (see “Cooking Weapons” below) and can switch
work and what I care the most about. I will
best possible feed and even possibly rooms from one cooking weapon to another in battle as
protect them with my life. War Cooks excel at doing damage while weak-
in inns, no matter if that will make my life a free action.
2 One night my pet goat came to me in a
ening their foes and controlling the flow of battle,
substantially harder, keep me from sleep-
dream and spoke of a terrible curse that
and their culinary expertise makes them incredibly
ing in a dry place, or make me go hungry.
would destroy the world, including my
useful out of combat. Arcane Utensil:
4 My family never saw it necessary to teach
farm! It hasn’t spoken to me since, but I
me how to read or write. At 3rd level, you learn to infuse your cooking
decided to trust it. Now I’m on a quest to The War Cook Martial archetype is based on utensils with Arcane energy. When you gain this
stop this horrible prophecy from coming 5 I wasn’t the one tasked with actually selling
other fighter archetypes that use magical options feature, you learn two Arcane Utensil options of
true. the goods produced at my farm. I’m hor-
for the fighter’s blows, but with a much bigger em- your choice (see “Arcane Utensil Options” below).
rible with money and very easy to take ad-
3 My parents, siblings, and animals were phasis on melee fighting and on the different ef-
vantage of financially. Once per turn, when you use a cooking weapon
suddenly overcome by a horrible illness. I fects produced by their Arcane Utensils.
as part of the Attack action, you can apply one of
took my life’s savings and set out to find a 6 I don’t know how to take a break and will
They come with their own unique weapon pro- your Arcane Utensil options to that attack. You de-
way to cure them. overwork myself to exhaustion. I see peo-
ficiency: Cooking Weapons. Cooking Weapons can cide whether to use the option when an attack hits,
ple that do know when to rest as lazy.
only be used by War Cooks, and are intrinsically

30 For the Players | Backgrounds For the Players | Subclasses 31

unless the option doesn’t involve an attack roll. You utensils are available whenever battle starts. If you ence its mood and could react violently.
have two uses of this ability, and you regain all ex- roll initiative and have no uses of Arcane Utensil The bludgeoning damage increases to 4d6 when
pended uses of it when you finish a short or long remaining, you regain one use of it. you reach 18th level in this class.
Ice Cream Scoop: When hitting with this
At the beginning of each round of combat, you Arcane Utensil Options: Arcane Utensil, you cause ice crystals of a color and
can choose to switch the arcane utensil you are flavor of your choosing to envelop the target. The
The Arcane Utensil feature lets you choose op-
holding as a free action. creature hit by the attack takes an extra 2d6 cold
tions for it at certain levels. They are all magical
You gain an additional Arcane Utensil option of damage and is restrained. The target or any crea-
effects, and each is associated with one specific
your choice when you reach certain levels in this ture that can reach it can use its action to remove
Cooking Weapon. In order to use these Utensil Op-
class: 7th, 10th, and 15th level. Each option also im- the ice crystals with a successful Strength (Athlet-
tions, you need to buy the corresponding Cooking
proves when you become an 18th-level fighter. ics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check against your Ar-
Weapon and cook with it once (see the “Cooking
Additionally, you have grown accustomed to cane Utensil save DC. Otherwise, the ice lasts for 1
Weapons” section below).
carrying an entire arsenal of cooking weapons on minute or until you use this option again.
If an option requires a saving throw, your Ar-
your person. The weight of cooking weapons is The cold damage increases to 4d6 when you
cane Utensil save DC equals 8 + your Proficiency
negligible to you for the purposes of carrying them. reach 18th level in this class.
bonus + your choice of your Strength or Dexterity
This bonus to your carrying capacity only comes in Frying Pan: When you hit with this Arcane
to effect when carrying arcane utensils with you. Utensil, you cause magical oil to fall onto the crea-
ture and around it, covering the floor in a sticky,
Magic of Cooking: Rolling-Pin: When you hit with this Arcane slimy liquid. Any creature in a 15-foot cone extend-
Utensil, you cause small illusory birds to fly around
ing from you must make a Dexterity saving throw
At 7th level, you gain the ability to infuse your
the head of the target. The creature hit by the at-
against your Arcane Utensil save DC. The creature
utensils with magic. Whenever you make an attack
tack takes an extra 2d6 bludgeoning damage and
takes 1d6 extra acid damage on a failed save, or half
with a Cooking Weapon, you can make it magical
has to make a Wisdom saving throw against your
as much on a successful one. The terrain in that
for the purpose of overcoming resistance and gain-
Arcane Utensil save DC. On a failed save, the crea-
15-foot cone is considered difficult terrain until the
ing immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.
ture’s mind is completely clouded by the blow. The
start of your next turn.
Any attacks of opportunity made with Cooking
creature must roll a d6 to determine what they will
Weapons can also be considered magical for that The acid damage increases to 4d6 when you
do with their turn:
same purpose. reach 18th level in this class.
1-3: The creature uses all its Movement to move
Wok: When you hit with this Arcane Utensil,
away from the War Cook, triggering attacks of op-
Master Haggler: you cause fire to catch onto the creature’s body or
portunity. The creature doesn’t take an action this
clothing. The creature takes an extra 2d6 fire dam-
At 7th level, you have talked to so many mer- turn.
age and is set on fire. The creature takes 1d4 fire
chants over the years, trying to procure the best 4-5: The creature falls prone. The creature
damage at the start of each of its turns. A creature
ingredients and tools, that you are an expert at it. doesn’t take an action this turn.
can end this damage by using its action to make
You gain advantage on all Persuasion checks when
6: The creature is under the effect of the cantrip a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check against your Arcane
trying to haggle for a lower price on an item at a
“Friends” and considers the War Cook an esteemed Utensil save DC to extinguish the flames. Other-
shop. This only extends to items, not services.
ally. For up to one minute, the target creature is wise, the flames last until you use this option again
You also have advantage on Insight checks to more inclined to believe, be persuaded, or oth- or the creature dies.
determine whether a shopkeeper is being fair with erwise influenced by the War Cook, and the War
The extra fire damage on a successful hit in-
their prices and telling the truth about their wares. Cook has advantage on all Charisma checks di-
creases to 4d6, and the continuous fire damage
rected at the creature. When the effect of the spell
Ever-Ready Utensil: wears off or the creature is attacked, the creature
increases to 2d4 when you reach 18th level in this
Starting at 15th level, your magical cooking immediately realizes that magic was used to influ-

32 For the Players | Subclasses For the Players | Subclasses 33

Skewer: When you hit with this Arcane Uten-
sil, you cause the skewer to fly in a straight line,
which is 5 feet wide and 30 feet long. Each crea-
succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your
Arcane Utensil save DC or is stunned until the end
of their next turn.
Circle of the Brew
ture in that line of a size Medium or smaller must The force damage increases to 4d6 when you
A Druid Subclass for Dragon Stew
make a Dexterity saving throw against your Arcane reach 18th level in this class.
Utensil save DC. On a failed save, a creature takes
Cooking Weapons: Circle of the Brew druids respect nature like any group without losing their mental capacities like
2d6 piercing damage. On a successful save, a target
druid should, but they do so in their own unique someone under a polymorph spell does. There’s
takes half as much damage. Cooking Weapons, like Simple and Martial
way. To them, nature is a giver of blessings, and it’s just as many out-of-combat uses for their po-
Weapons, are a separate kind of weapon. Only War
On a failed save, up to 4 enemies in the trajec- the druids’ duty to take those resources and trans- tion-brewing, making them extremely versatile as
Cooks are able to wield them efficiently both as
tory of the skewer are pushed back 15 feet. If the form them to suit their needs, a belief which makes support, utility, and buffing and debuffing their al-
tools and as weapons.
skewer hits a wall or other structure, all creatures them sort of the odd one out of the druid circles. lies and enemies. This subclass is highly technical
that failed the Dexterity check are pinned against Before you cook with them, all cooking utensils
They are also the most likely out of all druids to live and not suited for first time players. It’s perfect for
the wall against each other, restrained, and take are considered an improvised weapon in battle.
close to or even in civilization, sharing their par- those players that enjoy planning and preparing
an additional 1d6 force damage from the impact After cooking any meal with them, whether in a
ticular brand of magic with those who need them, before setting on adventures.
against the wall. A creature that has been skewered normal kitchen or in your Ever-Ready Kitchenette,
some making quite a living for themselves in the
or any creature adjacent to them can use their ac- you imbue them with your own magical energy,
process. A Circle of the Brew druid’s main concern
tion to make a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check to and they become Cooking Weapons. They can now Circle Spells:
is not preserving nature in its purest, rawest state
break free of the skewer. If one creature succeeds be used in battle as normal weapons and channel Nature’s gifts are plentiful, and your skills and
but adapting nature while respecting it, taking the
on this check , it frees all other skewered creatures. the different Arcane Utensil options you have ac- spells are perfectly suited to harnessing and shap-
raw materials nature generously offers and giving
quired. ing those skills to suit your needs. At 3rd, 5th, 7th,
The extra piercing damage on a successful hit them new form. The form that Circle of the Brew
increases to 4d6 when you reach 18th level in this In order to use the Arcane Utensil feature, you druids choose just so happens to be brews. and 9th level you gain access to circle spells perfect

class. need to have the corresponding cooking weapon for imbuing brews with. These are the only spells
With the help of their trusty cauldron, a Brew
and have cooked with it before. you can make brews out of.
Wooden Spoon: When you hit with this Ar- Druid creates magical liquids to assist them and
cane Utensil, magical energy gathers on the spoon All these weapons could have magical versions. their friends in and out of battle. These liquids can Once you gain access to a circle spell, you al-

and is delivered as you hit. The creature hit by this It’s up to your GM to create magical Cooking take any form—mysterious potions, hearty soups, ways have it prepared, and it doesn’t count against

attack takes an extra 2d6 force damage and must Weapons for you to find on your adventures! fragrant soaps, or artisanal beers, to name a few— the number of spells you can prepare each day. If

but they all have one thing in common: They are you gain access to a spell that doesn’t appear on the

magical. The druid pours the power of nature itself druid spell list, the spell is nonetheless a druid spell
Weapon Damage Cost Weight Properties
into their brews, imbuing them with raw, natural for you.
Rolling Pin 1d8 bludgeoning 3 sp 5 lb Versatile (1d10) magic that can be used by the druid themselves or
Ice-Cream Scoop 1d8 slashing 5 sp 3 lb Versatile (1d10) any other person the druid gives their brews to.
Druid Level Spells
Frying Pan 1d6 bludgeoning 6 gp 2 lb Light, Finesse
3rd Invisibility, Enlarge Reduce
Wok 1d12 bludgeoning 1 gp 7 lb Heavy, Two-handed The Druid Circle of the Brew is a very unique
5th Bestow Curse, Haste
Skewer 1d6 piercing 1 sp 2 lb Thrown (range 20/60), Versatile (1d8) circle focusing on prep work, buffs, and debuffs.
7th Polymorph, Stoneskin
Their signature ability is their capacity to make
Wooden Spoon 1d10 bludgeoning 8 cp 6 lb Heavy, Reach, Two-handed
Brews, which can hold specific spells and be used 9th Hold Monster, Anti-life Shell

not only by the druid but by whoever drinks the

Collapsible Cauldron:
This Brewing ability opens a world of possibil-
When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you
ities. With their ability not only to use wild shape
gain the ability to take a cauldron with you wher-
themselves but let other people Wild Shape, a frail
ever you go by reducing it to the size of a thim-
wizard could become an emergency tank for the

34 For the Players | Subclasses For the Players | Subclasses 35

ble. As an action, you can collapse or expand your
Magical Brew: Once you finish a long rest, you regain all spell
cauldron from its thimble size to its full size or slots, including those used while making magical
vice versa. It takes a minute for the cauldron to Starting at 3rd level as you acquire your first two brews. Any magical brews you prepared but not
complete the collapsing or expanding process. circle spells, you can infuse a brew with any of your consumed lose their magical effect. You can have
The cauldron’s weight when collapsed in its thim- circle spells. Making a magical brew takes 10 min- a number of magical brews equal to your wisdom
ble form is negligible, and in its expanded form it utes and uses a spell slot from one level lower than modifier active at a time. Brews of Wild Shape do
weighs 70 lbs. You can make any cauldron worth the spell slot level of the spell (minimum of 1). For not count towards the total number of magical
at least 20 gold pieces become a collapsible caul- instance, making a brew of Invisibility uses a level brews you can have active at a time.
dron by concentrating on it for 1 hour. Once a new 1 spell slot instead of the level 2 spell slot it takes to
cast the Invisibility spell. You cannot make a potion
cauldron becomes collapsible, the old one loses its
of a spell at a higher level than the base spell. Only
Refined Brew of Wild Shape:
collapsible property and reverts to its full size if it
was in thimble form. spells from the Circle of the Brew spell list can be Starting at 6th level, you have become an expert
used to make magical brews. If a spell has a ma- at crafting your brew of Wild Shape. Any creature
terial component, it must still be used even when that consumes it, even if they do so unknowing-
Brew of Wild Shape: brewing a magical brew. ly or unwillingly, is turned into a beast. When an
When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you A magical brew’s magic still takes effect even if unknowing or unwilling creature consumes your
can bottle your Wild Shape ability into a brew of the creature that consumed it did so unwillingly brew of Wild Shape, you choose the beast form
Wild Shape. or unknowingly. If a creature that has consumed a they assume from the array of forms you yourself

Making a brew of Wild Shape in your collapsible magical brew needs to make a saving throw to avoid can assume when creating the potion. Additionally,

cauldron takes 10 minutes and spends one use of the effect of the brew, like with the Bestow Curse creatures that consume your brew of Wild Shape

your Wild Shape ability. As an action, you or any brew, the Polymorph brew, or the Hold Monster no longer need to make a Constitution saving

willing creature can consume the brew of Wild brew, they do so with disadvantage. You choose the throw against your spell DC once the Wild Shape

Shape. The creature that has consumed the brew beast a creature transforms to when brewing the ability ends, and therefore are not stunned when

of Wild Shape immediately uses the Wild Shape Polymorph brew when you brew it. The choice of they turn back into their original form.

ability as if they were a druid; they are limited by creature is subject to the same limits that the spell
the same rules and enjoy the same advantages as a dictates. Expert Ritualist:
druid assuming the form of a beast. If the creature
When you reach 10th level, you have become
consuming the brew of Wild Shape is not a dru-
an expert at ritual casting. When you cast a spell as
id, they can only maintain their beast form for half
a ritual, the casting time and cost of any material
the time you would be able to maintain it. When
components is reduced by half, rounding down.
this time is over, they make a constitution saving
throw against your Spell DC or are stunned for one
round. If a creature consumes your brew of Wild Master Brewer:
Shape unknowingly or unwillingly, the brew of
When you reach 14th level, brewing holds no
Wild Shape has no effect.
more secrets for you. When you prepare your spells
When a brew of Wild Shape is made, you can’t after a long rest, choose one spell from the druid
regain that use of Wild Shape until the brew is spell list that you know and that can only affect one
ingested, destroyed, or until you take a long rest. creature. You can make magic brews of that spell so
At the end of a long rest, you regain all your uses long as you have it prepared, even if it’s not on your
of the Wild Shape ability, including those used circle spell list. You can change the spell you make
to make brews of Wild Shape. Any brews of Wild magical brews with at the end of a long rest.
Shape prepared but not consumed lose their mag-
ical effect.

36 For the Players | Subclasses For the Players | Subclasses 37

Pleasure Domain Channel Divinity: Divine
Find Desire
Starting at 17th level, you can learn someone’s
most intimate desires. After you spend at least 1
A Cleric Subclass for Dragon Stew At 6th level, you can use your Channel Divinity
minute talking with the target, your deity whis-
to revitalize yourself and your comrades, raising
pers to you one of the target’s desires, ambitions,
Clerics of the Pleasure Domain commune with their spirits and enabling them to fight again. As an
Cleric Level Spells or goals. You can keep talking to the target to learn
the divine through the gratification of the sens- action, select a number of creatures you can see up
1st Sanctuary, Sleep more desires for a number of minutes equal to
es and all manner of earthly delights, whether it’s to your Wisdom modifier. This can include your-
your Wisdom modifier. You learn one desire for
3rd Calm Emotions, Aid self. These creatures regain the use of all features
through food, drink, dance, music, or any other every minute you spend talking. Once you use
pleasure. A Pleasure Cleric doesn’t believe that true 5th Create Food and Water, Tiny and abilities that refresh on a short or long rest,
this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a
happiness comes from sitting around contemplat- Hut such as racial spells or class features.
short or long rest.
ing deep, metaphysical, unverifiable half-truths 7th Private Sanctum, Hallucinatory This does not include spell slots, hit points, or
that are impossible to apply to anyone’s daily life; Terrain class features that have a pool of uses to spend, such
they instead chase the everyday joys of the material as Ki points, Action surges, or Channel Divinity.
Restful Healing
9th Greater Restoration, Dream
world, concentrating on the present. Starting at 17th level, each time you use a heal-

Some clerics of this domain take part in a

Exalted Existence Potent Spellcasting ing spell on an exhausted creature, the target loses

world-spanning pilgrimage that serves as a reli- one exhaustion level.

Starting at 8th level, you add your Wisdom
gious practice, travelling to faraway lands to dis- When you choose this domain at 1st level, you
modifier to the damage you deal with any cleric
cover the hidden delights of the material plane and use your time of rest and leisure to enhance your
learn how to harness them. Others settle down to abilities. At the end of a long rest, you can select
cultivate their own specific tastes and make others any skill you are proficient in. Until the end of your
discover what they find so pleasurable about their next long rest or until you die, your proficiency bo-
interests. nus is doubled.

The Domain of Pleasure is a unique domain in

that its abilities all revolve around downtime and Channel Divinity: Invigorat-
rest. When not fighting, dungeon delving, or oth-
ing Rest
erwise adventuring, Clerics of Pleasure seek to rest
and find the earthly delights wherever they are. Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Chan-

That way, when those perilous situations do hap- nel Divinity during a short or long rest to soothe

pen, they are always prepared to help their friends. yourself and your allies and empower them by
making their rest as pleasurable as possible. At the
start of a short or long rest, you can give a num-
Domain Spells: ber of temporary hit points equal to 5 times your
These are the domain spells of the Pleasure Do- cleric level. Choose any creatures within 60 feet of
main. You gain these spells at the cleric levels noted you and divide those temporary hit points among
in the table below. Once a domain spell is gained, them. A single creature can’t receive more tempo-
that spell is always prepared and doesn’t count rary hit points than half of its hit-point maximum.
against the number of total spells you can prepare This feature works on constructs and undead. If
as a cleric each day. the short or long rest is not completed, the use of
Channel Divinity is expended.
Every domain spell counts as a cleric spell for
you, regardless of whether that spell is on the cleric
spell list.

38 For the Players | Subclasses For the Players | Subclasses 39

Oath of Beauty Guardian of Grace. As a bonus action,
you vow to protect an ally from all harm with your
life. Choose one friendly creature within 60 feet of
ly, you or any friendly creature within 10 feet have
advantage on checks to see through illusions.

At 18th level, the range of this aura increases

A Paladin Subclass for Dragon Stew you that you can see. All attacks against that crea- to 30 feet.
ture are made at disadvantage, the creature under
Guardian of Grace also makes all saving throws Angel of Beauty:
The Oath of Beauty is a solemn promise to protect rule over their tenets are ruled by emotion.
with advantage. This effect lasts for 1 minute, until At 20th level, you can assume the form of an
beauty at all costs. The beauty a Paladin chooses to A Shield for the Beautiful. I am and al- you drop to 0 hit points, or if you use this abili- impossibly beautiful Angelic Defender. Using your
protect can be any beauty: the beauty of nature, the ways will be my Muse’s shield. No harm may come
ty on a different target. Each time a creature un- action, you undergo a transformation. For 1 hour,
beauty of a loved one, the beauty that nobody else to what I consider beautiful as long as I breathe.
der Guardian of Grace takes damage, you take the you gain the following benefits:
considers beautiful, or their own beauty, to name
Beauty Must Conquer. I vow to make same amount of damage. You can end the effects • Wings sprout from your back and grant you a
a few. Paladins of Beauty aim to protect what they
every place I pass more beautiful than when I en- of Guardian of Grace as a bonus action. You can
find beautiful from the ugly, graceless forces of the flying speed of 60 feet.
countered it. switch the creature protected by Guardian of Grace
outside world. Those that swear this oath become • You have advantage on Charisma saving
staunch, deeply passionate defenders of what they
Passion is Paramount. No decision is as a bonus action.
throws, as do your allies within 30 feet of you.
call their Muses, that or those which they admire
truer than the one made from the heart. I will Dazzling Appearance. As an action, your
• You emanate a beautiful protective aura in
trust what I feel is right and won’t let my Passions’ appearance changes to reflect a divine, resplen-
most. Contrary to many other oaths, the Oath of a 30-foot radius. When a friendly creature is
screams fall on deaf ears. dent form of the beauty you have vowed to defend.
Beauty encourages those that swear by it to throw within the aura, they add your Charisma mod-
themselves into the arms of their passions, to feel ev- Strive for Beauty. I’m not only Beauty’s Choose a number of creatures within 30 feet that
ifier to their AC and their saving throws.
ery feeling unashamedly and courageously. Objec- protector, I’m also its wielder. I will strive to make can see you equal to your charisma modifier. Each
Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again
tivity and cold hard logic hold little to no meaning myself as beautiful as what I’m sworn to protect. creature must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a
until you finish a long rest.
to a Paladin of Beauty. It is subjectivity, passion, failed save, a creature is stunned until the end of
There’s Beauty in Difference. What I
admiration, and love that drives them. A Pala- your next turn.
find beautiful may not be the same that others find
din of Beauty’s most powerful weapon is not their beautiful. So long as one is driven by pure admi-
sword, but their rejection of society’s insistence on ration for a Muse, they are my friend and my ally. Elegant Defense:
remaining unemotional and impersonal, because
Starting at 7th level, your desire to defend and
when wielded dexterously, it can inspire a crowd,
a city, a country, or the entire world.
Oath Spells: protect gives you a supernatural ability to accom-
plish that desire. When a creature within your reach
You gain Oath Spells at the Paladin levels listed.
makes an attack of opportunity at a creature other
The Paladin of Beauty has been conceived as a Paladin Level Spells than you, you can use your reaction to become the
defender and a tank. While other oaths are all about 3rd Heroism, Protection from Evil target of the attack instead of the original target.
the Paladin themselves and killing other creatures, and Good
the Oath of Beauty is all about protecting and bol-
stering your allies.
5th Alter Self, Enhance Ability Aura of Beauty:
9th Protection From Energy, Spirit
Starting at 15th level, you and your
Tenets of Beauty: 13th Faithful Hound, Fabricate
friends’ appearances subtly change, be-
coming more beautiful according to their
The tenets of the Oath of Beauty vary by the 17th Seeming, Wall of Force own ideas of beauty. You also become ad-
Muse that the Paladin chooses, but all the tenets re- ept at perceiving the true beauty of every-
volve around defending Beauty at all costs. Paladins thing and anything, regardless of what is
who have sworn this oath will go to any lengths to
Channel Divinity:
obscuring it. Aberrations and Monstrosities’
protect their Muse, even if it means going against When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain attacks are made at disadvantage against you or any
what they consider just or right. The principles that the following two Channel Divinity options. friendly creature within 10 feet of you. Additional-

40 For the Players | Subclasses For the Players | Subclasses 41

College of Hosting bardic inspiration features. For instance, you can’t
use Words of Warding and Words of Steel at the
same time.

A Bard Subclass for Dragon Stew

Words of Steel
Bards of the College of Hosting are called Hosts. rather than in subterfuge. At 6th level, your words ring truer than any oth-
A Host’s talents do not lie in music, singing, or Don’t let this emphasis on role play and social ers, including those said when casting a spell. As a
dancing but in the purest, rawest form of charisma: interaction fool you into thinking that the Bardic bonus action, you can roll a Bardic Inspiration Die
conversation. College of Hosting is weak when it comes to battle. and add the total number to your Spell Save DC.
A skilled Host can make the most introvert- Their role is to empower their allies by taking the This effect lasts for 1 minute. You can end this
ed person on the planet talk about themselves for art of conversation to the battlefield, and they fill effect with a bonus action. Every time you force a
hours, thanks to the powerful aura of Amiability, that role well. creature to make a saving throw against your Spell
Kindness, and Social Magnetism that constantly Save DC, it goes down by one until it has decreased
envelops them. They can lead any conversation,
Magnetic Presence back to its normal state. Once you use this fea-
masterfully adapting their tone to speak with crews ture you can’t use it again until you finish a short
of sailors with just as much ease as with members of When you join the College of Hosting at 3rd lev-
or long rest. This use of bardic inspiration can’t be
the highest of courts. el, you gain the ability to empower your friends in
used simultaneously with other bardic inspiration
the art of conversation, your mere presence strong
Hosts are seen everywhere, from decadent par- features. For instance, you can’t use Words of Steel
enough to make them seem more charismatic than
ties to important trade deals. It is often said that the and Words of Warding at the same time.
they actually are.
winner in any diplomatic battle is not the one with
the most money or influence, but the one with the When you are standing within 30 feet of a
friendly creature, that creature can choose to use
Words of Resolve
best Host at their side. Their presence is almost ad-
dicting, especially to those not particularly strong your Charisma modifier instead of their own when At 14th level, you gain the ability to talk with a

in social graces, as just being in the proximity of rolling a Charisma Ability check. Once a creature mystical aura of charisma that gives your allies the

a Host makes one feel able to lead a conversation has used your charisma modifier, they can’t do so resolve and determination they need to accom-

and have every listener wrapped around their little again until they finish a long rest. plish any task.

finger. As an action, choose a number of creatures

Hosts can use their influence and their social Words of Warding that can hear you, up to a number equal to

gifts to stop wars before the soldiers even hit the your Charisma modifier (minimum of one)
Starting at 3rd level, you can protect your al-
ground, or convince the most tyrannical of rulers and roll a Bardic Inspiration die. Each of
lies using your words alone, guiding them out of
to take better care of their subjects. They can just them can add the number rolled to all Charisma
harm’s way.
as easily start that same war with a twist of a con- saves and have advantage against being charmed
As a bonus action, choose a number of creatures and to see through illusions.
versation, gain influence and power for themselves
that can hear you, up to a number equal to your
masterminding their way to more and more suc- This effect lasts for 1 minute. You can end this
Charisma modifier (minimum of one) and roll a
cess, all without drawing a blade or casting a spell. effect with a bonus action. This use of Bardic
Bardic Inspiration die. You can now distribute the
Inspiration can’t be used simul-
number rolled and add it to the AC of the creatures
taneously with other Bardic
The Bardic College of Hosting shines the bright- chosen. A single creature can’t increase their AC by
Inspiration features. For in-
est when political intrigue is involved in an adven- more than 2 points.
stance, you can’t use Words
ture. Instead of skulking in the shadows, trading in
This effect lasts for 1 minute. You can end this of Resolve and Words of
rumors and secrets to bring people down, the Host
effect with a bonus action. This bardic inspiration Warding at the same time.
operates right in the open, dealing in diplomacy
feature can’t be used simultaneously with other

42 For the Players | Subclasses For the Players | Subclasses 43

Cooking Classes Baker
There are as many ways to be a Chef as there are Chefs! good synergy with Cleric, all classes

Masters of Baking, one of the core branches of

The Cooking Classes are meant to go alongside to keep their body going? Take the opportunity to
the Cooking Arts. Bakers are extremely specialized
your traditional class. You can be a Wizard Evoca- let the Cooking Class influence your backstory and
cooks, trained in handling sweet flavors. They find
tion Baker, a Bard of Glamour Presenter, or a Bar- roleplaying!
their way into many recipes that require a sweet
barian Berserker Seasoner. There are no wrong Cooking Classes are not meant to be as strong as
combinations, but some Cooking Classes work bet- regular classes. They are meant to be a fun addition
ter with certain traditional classes. to your characters. Look at them as similar to feats
When choosing a Cooking Class, looking at or additional background perks. Sweet Tooth
mechanics and advantages is encouraged but also Some of these Cooking Classes are designed By spending 10 minutes after finishing a
think about how this Cooking Class affects the fla- more with the Cooking Trials in mind, while oth- dish, you can add sugar and honey to a finished
vor (no pun intended) of your character. ers have more abilities that can be completely di- dish to change its taste from Spicy or Plain to
How did your character become a baker? What vorced from the Cooking Trials, but all of them Sweet.
is their favorite dish to cook? What’s their relation- offer something to every player.
ship with cooking? Do they love to cook for oth-
Sugar Rush
ers? Do they just see food as sustenance and a way
By spending 10 minutes with any Healing Po-
tion, you can ensure that whoever uses it receives
the maximum number of hit points possible.

Dessert Familiar
You can cast your own version of the
spell “Find Familiar”. You infuse a confec-
tion with arcane energy, giving it the gift of
sentience. Creating a familiar takes 20gp
of cooking ingredients and takes 1 hour.

Once the familiar is created, it can do ev-

erything a normal familiar summoned through
“Find Familiar” can, except for delivering a spell
the baker has cast as if the familiar had cast
it. Instead of being a fey, fiend, or celestial,
a Dessert Familiar is a construct. You can
see a list of Dessert Familiars available to
you in the “Dessert Familiars” section.

44 For the Players | Cooking Classes For the Players | Cooking Classes 45
Presenter Seasoner
good synergy with Bard, Warlock, Paladin, Sorcerer good synergy with all classes that use weapons to fight

Masters of presenting a dish. The best ones are Chefs that specialize in the use of spices. They
said to save even the worst dishes with their dexter- usually come from merchant families or noble lin-
ous hands and silver tongues. In restaurants, they eages that can afford expensive spices. Their mas-
are often used to deal with harsh critics, using their tery of the art of seasoning allows them to add spe-
mastery over words to convince them that a dish is cial effects to dishes and to their own weapons.
better than it actually is.

Resistance to Cold
Master of Languages The amount of spices you have eaten over the
You know one extra language. years keep you warm, halving all cold damage re-

Detail Oriented
You can spend 10 minutes
fine-tuning the plating of a dish to By spending 10 minutes after finishing
increase its final score. a dish, you can add spices to a dish
to change its taste from Sweet or

Purple Prose Plain to Spicy.

Once a day, you gain advantage

on one Charisma Check and one In-
Coat of Spices
sight Check when presenting a dish. As a bonus action, you can coat your weapon be-
fore you make an attack for extra damage. The type

Way with Words of damage depends on the spices used.

Level Uses Dice Rolled Damage type

Once a day, you can cast any spell
with a verbal component at one spell slot 1 to 4 2 d4 Fire

higher than the spell slot you used. (Using a level 1 5 to 9 3 d6 Fire, Cold
spell slot, they can cast a spell with a verbal compo- 10 to 14 4 d8 Fire, Cold,
nent as if it were cast with a level 2 slot.) Lightning

15 to 20 5 d10 Fire, Cold,


If an attack with a coat of spices misses, the coat

is still active, but as soon as they deal damage, the
coat is used. Only one coat of spices can be used
per attack. You regain all uses of coat of spices used
after a long rest.

46 For the Players | Cooking Classes For the Players | Cooking Classes 47
Tracker Butcher
good synergy with Ranger, Rogue, Cleric, Druid, Monk good synergy with any class that uses a blade

Trained in the art of catching prey. They are Masters of blades, Butchers are formidable war-
experts on tracking and taking down a monster in riors that also excel in the kitchen when it comes to
its own lair. They also excel at preparing the target cutting up ingredients. Butchers see the blades they
and, through their knowledge of the natural world, use as extensions of themselves and are incredibly
turning it into usable ingredients to use when knowledgeable when it comes to weaponry and
cooking. cooking tools. Their ability to sharpen weapons for
extra effectiveness is useful for cutting up both in-

Bloodhound gredients and enemies.

When in the wilderness, you have advantage on

all Survival Skill Checks when tracking a creature.
Your blades are always ready for slashing

Animal Lover through your enemies. At the start of your first

turn in combat, if you take the Attack action on
You have advantage on Animal Handling that turn, you have advantage on the attack so
Checks. long as the damage inflicted is slashing dam-

Best Cut
Thanks to your knowledge of animals, you can
Tool Connoisseur
attempt to cut the best piece of meat to use in a By spending 10 minutes with
dish. Roll a Survival Check and check on the table a weapon, you can cast the
below to see what kind of cut you are able to get. spell Identify on it, and
find out its magical
properties. This
Roll Quality Points added or lost
only works on
1 to 9 Scraps -10
weapons, not
10 to 14 Good Cut +0 armor or ob-
15 to 18 Quality Cut +5 jects.

19 and above Fine Cut +10

Precise Cutting
You cut down the time of cut-
ting any ingredient by half.

48 For the Players | Cooking Classes For the Players | Cooking Classes 49
Reciper Example Adventurer: Melissa Honey
good synergy with an intelligence-heavy build Adventurer concept created by Patrick Cox

Recipers are masters of the written word when This is a level 5 adventurer with a cooking class but incredibly spicy dishes that grown folks could
it applies to the kitchen. They believe that good so you can see an example of how these classes add barely handle. It’s her love of cooking that made
practice can only stem from good theory and pride to character creation. Melissa leave her town with a simple goal—to share
themselves on their encyclopedic levels of culinary her grandma’s cooking with
Melissa Honey grew up in a small, snowy vil-
knowledge. To them, cooking is a complex, exact the world.
lage hidden deep in the mountains. Since she
science; a true Reciper never “eyeballs” a mea-
could talk, two things were clear about Melissa: She
surement. Their precision and eye for detail help
could brighten a room with her joyful disposition,
every dish achieve a level of technical perfection
and she loved cooking. Melissa was raised by her
that simply can’t be reached without their exper-
grandmother, and they would spend hours cook-
tise. They are esteemed members of every cooking
ing the tastiest dishes. Melissa showed a particular
team for their extraordinary technical know-how.
penchant for spices, cooking, and eating delicious

Helping Hand
No wrong measurement escapes your watchful Melissa Honey
eye. If you use the Help action to assist a creature Medium silver dragonborn druid seasoner
that is attempting to cook, roll a d4. The creature
you’re helping gets to add the result of your roll, in Armor Class 14 (natural armor)
addition to rolling the check with advantage. Hit Points 32 (5d8+10)
Speed 30 ft.

Technical Expertise
str dex con int wis cha
Your encyclopedic knowledge of cooking allows
you to accelerate the cooking process. You can cut 14(+2) 12(+1) 14(+2) 4(-3) 13(+1) 12(+1)

down the time it takes to finish one step in a recipe

Saving Throws Wis +4
by half. Once you’ve used this ability, you can’t use
Skills Insight +4, Medicine +4, Survival +4
it again until you finish a short or long rest.
Damage Resistance cold

Written Word Prodigy Senses passive Perception 11

Languages Common, Draconic

You have advantage on Investigation Checks,
so long as what you’re investigating can be read.
For example, you have advantage on Investiga-
Other than a druid and a dragonborn, Melissa is Melissa is level 5, which means she can also
tion Checks to find a specific book in a library or
also a seasoner. infuse her weapons with spices to cause different
read a script carved on the walls of a temple, but
As a seasoner, she gets resistance to cold damage kinds of damage, thanks to her ability Coat of Spic-
not on checks to find a key hidden in a dresser. Ad-
and the ability to make any food spicy by spending es. She gets 3 uses of this ability, inflicting a d6 of
ditionally, you are a particularly fast reader, cutting
10 minutes with it. either Fire or Cold damage, her choice.
down the time it would take to read any text by half.

50 For the Players | Cooking Classes For the Players | Cooking Classes 51
Dessert Familiar Dog Roll
Dessert Familiars are special familiars made by A Dessert Familiar can’t deliver a spell with a (Dog + Cake Roll)
the union of cooking and the arcane. Bakers can range of touch the baker has cast as if the familiar
create Dessert Familiars as one of their Cooking had cast it. However, if you decide to use your Find Bakers make Dog Rolls because of their unwav- their bulkier bodies make it so they are not com-

Class perks, but feel free to use any of these Des- Familiar Spell to create a Dessert Familiar with it, ering loyalty. Whether chocolate, strawberry, or pletely hopeless on the battlefield.

sert Familiars for your regular Find Familiar Spell. the Dessert Familiar can deliver a spell with a range matcha flavored, all Dog Rolls love their masters

of touch you have cast as if the familiar had cast unconditionally and will defend them until the
Dessert Familiars are different in some ways
it, as any familiar summoned by the Find Familiar end.
from regular familiars:
spell can. Their amazing sense of hearing and smell help
Dessert Familiars are not fey, celestials, or
There’s one interesting benefit Dessert Famil- them warn their bakers of incoming danger, and
fiends, but constructs.
iars have that other familiars lack, and it’s their
In order to create a Dessert Familiar, the player
False Appearance. If a Dessert Familiar remains
needs 20gp worth of cooking ingredients. Those
immobile, it’s indistinguishable from a normal
ingredients will be consumed at the end of the cre-
dessert. This can open some interesting spying
ation of the Dessert Familiar.
opportunities, like planting a Dessert Familiar in
It takes 1 hour to create a Dessert Familiar.
plain sight in order to spy on someone. Dog Roll
Small construct, unaligned

Armor Class 13 (natural armor)

Hit Points 11 (2d6+4)
Speed 40 ft.

str dex con int wis cha ing the dog roll’s creator, the dog roll can use its
reaction to redirect an attack directed at its cre-
14(+2) 12(+1) 14(+2) 4(-3) 13(+1) 12(+1)
ator to the dog roll instead.

Skills Perception +3, Persuasion +3 False Appearance. While the dog roll remains

Senses darkvision 20 ft., passive Perception 13 motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal

cake roll.
Challenge 0 (10 XP)

Keen Hearing and Smell. The dog roll has ad-

vantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that
Help. The dog roll can aid a friendly creature in
rely on hearing or smell.
attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After the dog
Loyal Friend. If the dog roll is within 5 feet of its roll has taken the Help action, the next attack roll
creator, or within 5 feet of a creature attack- against the target is made with advantage.

art by April Prime

52 For the Players | Dessert Familiars For the Players | Dessert Familiars 53
Weaclair Snail de Leche
(Weasel + Éclair) (Snail + Dulce de Leche)

Weaclairs will be baked when a baker needs a to resemble an ordinary éclair when motionless, Snails de Leche are not the most charismatic, Give them enough time, and a Snail de Leche
particularly dexterous assistant. Their tiny legs are makes them the perfect companion for a baker nor the most intelligent, and certainly not the most can infiltrate even the most fortified strongholds.
surprisingly agile, and their soft elongated bodies who’s up to some mischief. dexterous familiars, but they have an incredibly
allow them to make it through some really tight useful skill in the hands of the right baker. Their
fits. Their sneakiness, combined with their ability almost liquid bodies let them squeeze through the
tiniest cracks.

Weaclair Snail de Leche

Tiny construct, unaligned
Tiny construct, unaligned

Armor Class 13
weaclair Armor Class 14 (natural armor)
Hit Points 2 (1d4)
Hit Points 4 (1d4)+2
Speed 30 ft.
Speed 5 ft.

str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the weaclair remains
str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the snail de leche re-
motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal
1(-5) 16(+3) 10(+0) 2(-4) 12(+1) 2(-4) mains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a
éclair. 1(-5) 2(-4) 14(+2) 2(-4) 13(+1) 2(-4)
normal puddle of dulce de leche.
Skills Perception +3, Stealth +7

Senses passive Perception 13 Actions Skills Perception +3

Senses blindsight 30 ft., passive Perception 13 Actions

Challenge 0 (10 XP)
Help. The weaclair can aid a friendly creature Challenge 0 (10 XP)
Help. The snail de leche can aid a friendly crea-
in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After the
Keen Hearing and Smell. The weaclair has ad- ture in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After
weaclair has taken the Help action, the next at- Amorphous. The snail de leche can move
vantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that the snail de leche has taken the Help action, the
tack roll against the target is made with advan- through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide, with-
rely on hearing or smell. next attack roll against the target is made with
tage. out squeezing.

54 For the Players | Dessert Familiars For the Players | Dessert Familiars 55
Gingerbread Man Mochat
(Gingerbread + Man) (Cat + Mochi)

Not many bakers bake Gingerbread Men. Some knowledge on one specific skill. The plain ginger- Sometimes the unwavering enthusiasm of a Mochats excel at tasks requiring more dexterous
say their beady little eyes are unnerving. Some say bread man becomes a Gingerbread Historian, or a Dog Roll proves to be a bit too much for some bak- paws. They make for amazing scouts, incredible
the fact that they look like tiny little cookie people, Gingerbread Theologist, or a Gingerbread Biolo- ers. Mochats were baked by those bakers, and ever infiltrators and, if they deem the person worthy,
but act as loyal servants, makes them feel weird. gist, etc…. since, both sides have tried to prove to the other great companions.
For some bakers, though, Gingerbread Men are the One has to wonder though, where do the Gin- that their familiar was, in fact, better. This takes the
only Dessert Familiar they would ever make. gerbread Men get that knowledge from? form of friendly competition or unbridled hatred,

They are the only Dessert Familiars capable of depending on the bakers in question.

speech, and their expertise on one very specific

field makes them perfect if the baker needs infor-
mation on one specific subject. When a baker dec-
orates a Gingerbread Man, they give it a “Job” and

Gingerbread Man Mochat

Tiny construct, unaligned
Tiny construct, unaligned

Armor Class 13
Armor Class 9
Hit Points 2 (1d4)
Hit Points 1 (1d4-1)
Speed 30 ft.
Speed 20 ft.

str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the mochat remains
str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the gingerbread man
motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal
remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from 8(-1) 17(+3) 10(+0) 3(-4) 14(+2) 11(+0)
1(-5) 8(-1) 8(-1) 17(+3) 14(+2) 13(+1) mochi.
a normal gingerbread cookie.
Skills Perception +4
Skills Persuasion +3, One Intelligence Skill +5

Senses blindsight 30 ft., passive Perception 12 Actions Senses blindsight 30 ft., passive Perception 14 Actions
Challenge 0 (10 XP)
Languages All languages that its creator knows Help. The mochat can aid a friendly creature
Help. The gingerbread man can aid a friendly
Challenge 0 (10 XP) in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After the
creature in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. Keen Sight. The mochat has advantage on Wis-
mochat has taken the Help action, the next attack
After the gingerbread man has taken the Help dom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.
Knowledgeable Pastry. Choose one intelligence roll against the target is made with advantage.
action, the next attack roll against the target is Judge of Character. The mochat has advantage
skill when baking a gingerbread man. The gin-
made with advantage. on Wisdom (Insight) checks to determine if a
gerbread man is now proficient in that specific
creature means harm to it or its creator.

56 For the Players | Dessert Familiars For the Players | Dessert Familiars 57
Craboissant Owlfin
(Crab + Croissant) (Owl + Muffin)

Craboissants are known for being both cranky to spot, which makes them great ambushers and Owlfins are independent familiars. Contrary to These offerings are one of their many obscure
and also very attached to their bakers. Their pin- scouts, especially when it comes to underwater ad- many other dessert creatures, they prefer peace, ways to show affection. A baker that knows how to
cers will snap at anyone who even looks at their venturing. These crabby little creatures don’t seem quiet, and solitude. This does not mean they do read these and not demand the owlfin to be some-
masters funny or maybe just looks in their gen- to be aware that they are smaller than almost any not love their bakers, it simply means that an owl- thing it isn’t will find in these familiars an incredi-
eral direction. They are small, but smart bakers other thing, and will hold on to anything and any- fin’s affection takes a different shape. Owlfins will bly loyal companion.
won’t let their size fool them into thinking that the one with a tenacity seldom seen on a battlefield, seldom ask for scratches from bakers, but they will
Craboissant is a less than stellar familiar. convinced they can take down any foe if they just bring them errant sprinkles and the occasional

Their exceptional bulkiness makes them hard pinch hard enough. dead rat.

to hit, and their slow movement makes them hard

Tiny construct, unaligned
Tiny construct, unaligned Armor Class 13
Hit Points 2 (1d4)
Armor Class 17 (natural armor) Speed 5 ft., fly 60 ft.
Hit Points 4 (1d4+2)
Speed 20 ft., swim 20 ft. str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the owlfin remains
motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal
False Appearance. While the craboissant re- 6(-2) 16(+3) 10(+0) 8(-1) 16(+3) 8(-1)
str dex con int wis cha muffin.
mains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a
12(+1) 14(+2) 14(+2) 2(-4) 10(+0) 1(-5) Skills Perception +5, Stealth +5

Skills Stealth +4, Athletics +3

normal croissant.
Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 15 Actions
Senses passive Perception 10 Actions Challenge 0 (10 XP)
Help. The owlfin can aid a friendly creature in

Challenge 0 (10 XP) attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After the
Nocturnal Scout. The owlfin has advantage on
Help. The craboissant can aid a friendly creature owlfin has taken the Help action, the next attack
Wisdom (Perception) checks at night.
in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After the roll against the target is made with advantage.
Amphibious. The craboissant can breathe air
craboissant has taken the Help action, the next Flyby. The owlfin doesn’t provoke opportunity
and water.
attack roll against the target is made with advan- attacks when it flies out of an enemy’s reach.
Strong Pincers. The craboissant has advantage
on Strength checks to hold on to something.

58 For the Players | Dessert Familiars For the Players | Dessert Familiars 59
Teacup Dragon Frosted Ermine
(Dragon + Tea) (Ermine + Ermine Frosting)

The primary use of teacup dragons is, unsur- Frosted ermines are a tough familiar to bake on creatures less-suited for those climates. Wheth-
prisingly, brewing tea. By letting a teacup dragon since they require very precise temperature con- er they are hiding in freshly fallen snow or in a
steep their tail in hot water, one can brew a deli- trol to achieve their famed winter coat. Once baked, mound of powdered sugar, the frosted ermine is
ciously sweet tea that is known to have remarkable however, a talented baker will have on their hands a nearly impossible to spot.
healing properties. fantastic companion.

Frosted ermines are cunning and incredibly

dexterous creatures that thrive in cold climates,

Teacup Dragon blending in perfectly with their surroundings and

ignoring any effects cold temperatures might have
Tiny construct, unaligned

Armor Class 11
Hit Points 2 (1d4)
Frosted Ermine
Speed 20 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover)
Tiny construct, unaligned

str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the teacup dragon re-
Armor Class 14
mains motionless and completely submerged in
4(-3) 12(+1) 10(+0) 10(+0) 12(+1) 11(+0) Hit Points 1 (1d4)-1
water, tea, or another liquid, it is indistinguish-
Speed 30 ft.
Saving Throws Cha +2 able from the rest of the liquid.

Skills Perception +3 Dragon’s Brew (Recharges after a Long Rest). By str dex con int wis cha snowy difficult terrain costs the frosted ermine
steeping its tail in hot water for 10 minutes, the no extra movement.
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 13 10(+0) 18(+4) 8(-1) 8(-1) 12(+1) 2(-4)
teacup dragon can brew a magical healing tea False Appearance. While the frosted ermine re-
Languages Understands all languages that its
that, when drunk, heals 1d4 hit points. Skills Perception +3, Stealth +6 mains motionless, it is indistinguishable from
creator knows and Draconic, but can’t speak.
Damage Resistances cold normal ermine frosting.
Challenge 0 (10 XP)
Actions Senses passive Perception 13
Tealepathy. The teacup dragon can magically Challenge 0 (10 XP)
communicate simple ideas, emotions, and im- Help. The teacup dragon can aid a friendly crea-
ture in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After Help. The frosted ermine can aid a friendly crea-
ages telepathically with any creature within 60
Winter Coat. The frosted ermine’s coat pro- ture in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After
ft. of it that can understand a language and has the teacup dragon has taken the Help action, the
tects it from the cold and gives it an edge when the frosted ermine has taken the Help action, the
previously drunk tea brewed by the teacup drag- next attack roll against the target is made with
it comes to hiding. The frosted ermine is resis- next attack roll against the target is made with
on. advantage.
tant to cold damage and moving through icy or advantage.
Infinite Tea. A teacup dragon can brew non-mag-
ical tea an infinite number of times.
Familiar concept created by Robert Scripps IV

60 For the Players | Dessert Familiars For the Players | Dessert Familiars 61
Badgerberry Tart Cinnahamster
(Badger + Fruit Tart) (Hamster + Cinnamon Roll)

There are familiars that enjoy the adrenaline of Badgerberry Tarts might be slow, but they are in- Cinnahamsters are the familiars of bakers who, Baking a suitably adorable Cinnahamster is
a chase in a crowded city or the intensity of a dan- credibly wise creatures that know their way around like most people, can’t resist their cuteness. They an extremely complicated process, but those that
gerous fight. Badgerberry Tarts are not one of these any forest or orchard. A baker that makes a Bad- are not particularly speedy or strong, but few can manage to do so will have not only a companion
familiars. gerberry Tart will see their patience rewarded with resist the adorable influence that this familiar ex- for life, but a secret weapon that could make any

Badgerberry Tarts are baked by bakers that a sage companion that will follow them for many udes. Feuds, battles, years-long disputes all have high strung ruler or horrible tyrant coo in delight.

know the importance of taking their time and do- years to come and they will never want for fresh ended by the intervention of a particularly clever

ing a good job. They can only be made by using fruit in their life again. baker and their Cinnahamster familiar.

the freshest of fruits and berries and baking them

slowly to perfection. The resulting familiar is one
that also likes to take its time. Make no mistake,

Badgerberry Tart Tiny construct, unaligned

Small construct, unaligned

Armor Class 12
Hit Points 2 (1d4)
Armor Class 15 (natural armor)
Speed 30 ft.
Hit Points 4 (1d6 + 1)
Speed 30 ft.
str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the cinnahamster re-
mains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a
str dex con int wis cha False Appearance. While the badgerberry tart 4(-3) 14(+2) 10(+0) 4(-3) 12(+1) 17(+3)
normal cinnamon roll.
remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from
14(+2) 8(-1) 12(+1) 6(-2) 16(+3) 6(-2) Skills Persuasion +5
a normal fruit tart.

Skills Perception +5, Survival +5

Senses passive Perception 11 Actions
Senses passive Perception 15 Actions Challenge 0 (10 XP)
Help. The cinnahamster can aid a friendly crea-
Challenge 0 (10 XP) ture in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. After
Help. The badgerberry tart can aid a friendly Adorable Aura. When a creature holding the
the cinnahamster has taken the Help action, the
creature in attacking a target within 5 feet of it. cinnahamster makes a Charisma (Persuasion or
Forager. The badgerberry tart has advantage on next attack roll against the target is made with
After the badgerberry tart has taken the Help Deception) check, it does so with advantage if
any Wisdom (Survival) check to find fruits or advantage.
action, the next attack roll against the target is the creature they are trying to persuade or de-
made with advantage. ceive finds the cinnahamster cute.

Familiar concept created by George Gates Familiar concept created by Patrick Cox

62 For the Players | Dessert Familiars For the Players | Dessert Familiars 63
Magic Items
Here’s a list of magic items that adventurers can a dungeon, or a precious object to be stolen in a
find on their travels. You can use them as a prize heist! The items are classified in order of rarity.
for a job well done, a treasure hidden deep within

Part II: Soup of the Celestial Nanny:

Wondrous item, common

For Game Masters

A small ceramic jug with a relief of an older woman’s smiling face.
It weighs 1 pound whether full or empty. As an action, a creature can
drink from the jug or administer its contents to another creature. The
soup inside the jug is always warm and tastes of whatever the creature
drinking it associates with home-cooked meals. Drinking the soup
cures one disease and ends one of the following conditions: blind-
ness, deafness, paralysis, or poisoning. The GM chooses
which condition is healed or rolls a d4. The soup does
not heal any condition caused by the loss of a body
part. For example, if a creature is blinded because
they have lost their eyes, the soup does not cure the
blinded condition. In order for a disease or a condi-
tion to be cured, the contents of the jug must be con-
sumed in full by the creature. The jug produces enough
soup to heal one creature, and the jug cannot produce
more soup until the next dawn.

Galina’s Fork of Lifting:

Wondrous item, common (requires attunement)

An intricately carved, four-pronged, silver fork. When the fork

is plunged into any object that is non-living, non-magical, and
weighs less than 200 pounds, the object’s weight becomes
1 pound and can be carried comfortably in one hand by
holding it with the fork. Only the object the fork is
plunged into becomes lighter. If the fork is plunged
into a wooden cart filled with crates of apples, the
cart would weigh 1 pound, but the crates would
retain their normal weight.

For Game Masters | Magic Items 65

Poisoner’s Spoon: except the creatures that take part in the feast don’t Pressured Cooker successfully casts the modified
gain advantage on Wisdom saving throws, their hit Heroes’ Feast spell, the DC for the Performance

Wondrous item, very rare for 1d4 days. point maximum only increases by 1d10, and they check to cheer it on increases by 5. Each day the

On a success, the gain the same number of hit points. Tiny Pressured Cooker is allowed to relax and not
A two-headed spoon—one end is gold, the other
creature takes half With each successful feast that the Tiny Pres- prepare a feast reduces the performance check DC
glistening amethyst. Stirring a liquid with the gold
as much damage and is sured Cooker prepares, the pressure on it to do a by 1, to a minimum of 10. Once it has prepared a
end for 1 minute removes all poison from it, while
not paralyzed. The spoon good job increases, and the weight of everyone’s feast, or failed to work up the nerve to do so, the
stirring a non-magical liquid with the amethyst
can’t add or remove poison expectations fuels its anxiety. Each time the Tiny Tiny Pressured Cooker can’t try to prepare another
end for 1 minute infuses a deadly poison into the
from more than 1 gallon of liq- one until the next dawn.
liquid. If the poisoned liquid is ingested by a crea-
ture, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC uid. Once the spoon has added or

18) or take 8d8 poison damage and be paralyzed removed poison, it can’t be used for Armor of the Baker:
the same purpose until the next dawn.
Armor (plate), legendary (requires attunement)

Dwarven Ice Cream Scoop: An intricate suit of armor, decorated with beautiful
golden engravings of croissants, éclairs, baguettes,
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) and other baked goods. The armor is warm to the

An ancient ice cream scoop made of magic-infused iron. It is Dwarven in make and touch and gives off the sweet, comforting smell of

a little battered. It weighs 8 pounds. When plunged into non-magical, non-ani- a small-town bakery. Any time a creature makes

mated stone, the ice cream scoop carves through it as if it were ice cream, a melee attack with a metal object against you

turning it into a perfect 1 foot wide in diameter sphere. It takes while wearing the armor, the attacker must

30 minutes to create a 1-foot-long tunnel that a Small crea- make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. On a

ture can walk through and a Medium creature can crawl failure, the metal object they attacked you

through. with is affected by the Heat Metal spell for

1 minute. You do not need to use your bo-