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Solutions manuals available

Solutions manuals available

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Solutions manuals available at reasonable prices (NOT FREE). If you need any of them, contact me at smservice7 (at) gmail (dot) com


Automation, Production Systems, and Computer−Integrated Manufacturing (3rd Ed., Groover) Applied Mechanics for Engineering Technology (8th Ed., Keith M. Walker) Absolute C++ (3rd Ed., Walter Savitch) Auditing and Assurance Services: An Intergrated Approach and ACL Software, 12/E, Alvin Arens, Randal J. Elder Advanced Visual Basic 2005 (4th Ed., Kip Irvine & Tony Gaddis) Algorithm Design (Jon Kleinberg & Eva Tardos)

A Friendly Introduction to Numerical Analysis (Bradie)

Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language (5th Ed., Cody & Smith) Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2nd Ed, Michael Greenberg) Applied Linear Algebra (Peter J. Olver & Cheri Shakiban)

A Course in Probability (Neil A. Weiss)

A Graphical Approach to Precalculus (4th Ed., John Hornsby, Lial &


A Graphical Approach to Algebra and Trigonometry (4th ed., John

Hornsby, Margaret L. Lial & Gary K. Rockswold) An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (2nd Ed., Bradley W. Carroll & Dale A. Ostlie) Applied Statics and Strength of Materials, 5/E, by George F. Limbrunner, Leonard Spiegel Adaptive Filter Theory (4th Ed., Simon Haykin) Applied Fluid Mechanics (6th Ed., Mott) Applied Strength of Materials (5th Ed., Mott) An Introduction to Database Systems (8th Ed., C.J. Date) Applied Partial Differential Equations (4th Ed., Haberman)

Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (6th Ed., Johnson & Wichern)

A First Course in Abstract Algebra (7th Ed., John B. Fraleigh)

ADVANCED CALCULUS Gerald B. Folland Adaptive Control, 2nd Ed., by Astrom, Wittenmark Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics, 3rd Ed., by G. James Advanced Fluid Mechanics (William Graebel) Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students (4th Ed., T.H.G. Megson) An Introduction to the Finite Element Method (3rd Ed., J. N. Reddy)

Solutions manuals available

Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey (2nd Ed., John Wallace, Peter Hobbs)

Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (1 Ed., Steven C. Chapra) Advanced Macroeconomics, 1/E., by David Romer Advanced Mathematical Concepts Precalculus with Applications by


Antennas for All Applications (3rd Ed., John Kraus & Ronald Marhefka) Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences, 6/E, by Soo T. Tan Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (3th Ed., Douglas Montgomery & George Runger)

A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, 5th Edition, by Smith,


A First Course In Differential Equations, 7th Edition, by Zill, Cullen

Antenna theory, 2/E., by Balanis Applied Partial Differential Equations, 1/E, by J. David Logan Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 2/E, by Zill, Cullen Advanced Engineering Mathematics (9th Ed., Erwin Kreyszig)

Automatic Control Systems, 8/E, by Kuo, Golnaraghi( under publishing)

A Course in Game Theory by Osborne, Rubinstein

Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, 4th Ed., by Gray,Hurst, Lewis, Meyer Absolute Java (3rd Ed., Walter Savitch)

Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving, 6/e, Luger Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach (Stuart Reges & Martin Stepp) Basic Business Statistics (11th Ed., Berenson, Krehbiel & Levine) Biostatistics for the Biological and Health Sciences with Statdisk, Marc M. Triola Brief Course in Mathematical Statistics (Hogg & Tanis) Biostatistics for the Health Sciences (R. Clifford Blair & Richard Taylor) Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus (9th Ed., Allyn J. Washington) Beginning and Intermediate Algebra (4th Ed., Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby & Terry McGinnis) Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems (Madan Mehta, Diane Armpriest & Walter Scarborough) Business Data Networks and Telecommunications, 7/E, Raymond R. Panko Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 8th Ed., by J. David Irwin, Nelms BTEC First Engineering Curriculum Support Pack (Mike Tooley) C++: Classes and Data Structures, by Jeffrey Childs Concepts in Systems and Signals (2nd Ed., John D. Sherrick) Computers (2nd Ed., Barry Wilkinson & Michael Allen) Cryptography and Network Security (4th Ed., William Stallings) Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance (7th Ed., William Stallings)

C Program Design for Engineers (2nd Ed., Jeri R. Hanly & Elliot B.


Solutions manuals available

Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and Analysis (3rd Ed., Baase & Gelder) C++ Programming with Design Patterns Revealed (Tomasz Muldner) Computer Security: Art and Science (Matt Bishop) Concepts of Programming Languages (8th Ed., Robert W. Sebesta) Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences (11th Ed., Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler & Karl E. Byleen) College Geometry: A Discovery Approach (2nd Ed., David Kay) College Algebra and Trigonometry (J. S. Ratti & Marcus S. McWaters)

Conceptual Physical Science (4TH Ed., Paul G. Hewitt, John A. Suchocki

& Leslie Hewitt)

Conceptual Integrated Science (Paul G. Hewitt, Suzanne Lyons, John A. Suchocki & Jennifer Yeh) Conceptual Physics Media Update, 10/E, Paul G. Hewitt College Physics (6th Ed., Jerry D Wilson, Anthony J Buffa & Bo Lou) Concrete Structures (Mehdi Setareh & Robert M. Darvas) Construction Project Administration (8th Ed., Ed Fisk Wayne Reynolds) Construction Accounting and Financial Management (Steven J. Peterson) College Algebra (10th Ed., Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby & David I. Schneider) Cost Analysis and Estimating for Engineering and Management (Phillip F. Ostwald & Timothy S. McLaren) Corporate Finance the Core plus MyFinanceLab Student Access Kit (Jonathan Berk & Peter DeMarzo) Construction Estimating Using Excel (Stephen J. Peterson) Contemporary Engineering Economics (4th Ed., Chan Park) Communication Systems Engineering (2nd Ed., John G. Proakis & Masoud Salehi) CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective, 3/E., Neil Weste, David Harris Calculus (9th Ed., Dale Varberg, Edwin Purcell & Steve Rigdon) Calculus Early Transcendentals (Dale Varberg, Edwin Purcell & Steve Rigdon) Calculus (6th Ed., Henry Edwards & David E. Penney) Complex Variables with Applications (3rd Ed., David A. Wunsch) Computer Networks, 4th Ed., by Andrew S. Tanenbaum C++ How to Program, 6/E, by Harvey & Paul, Deitel & Associates

Corporate Finance plus MyFinanceLab Student Access Kit (Jonathan Berk

& Peter DeMarzo)

Cases in International Finance (2nd Ed., Gunter Dufey & Ian H. Giddy) Communication Systems: An Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication, 4/E, A. Bruce Carlson Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics by Srinivas, Fletcher Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 5th Edition, JAMES STEWART College Physics, Volume 1 & 2, 8th Edition, by Serway, Faugh Calculus, an Applied Approach, 7/E, by Larson Chemical, Biochemical, and Engineering Thermodynamics, 3 Edition, Stanley I. Sandler Control Systems Engineering, 4/E, by Norman Nise

Calculus − Early Transcendentals, 7/E, by Anton, Bivens, Davis Communication Systems (4th Ed., Simon Haykin)

Solutions manuals available

Calculus, Single and Multivariable, 4/E., by Hughes−Hallett,McCallum Construction management, 3/E, Halpin Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits 3rd Edition by muller Digital Signal Processing by Thomas J. Cavicchi Digital Systems: Principles and Applications (10th Ed., Ronald Tocci, Neal Widmer, Greg Moss) Digital Electronics with VHDL − Quartus II Version (William Kleitz) Digital Fundamentals (10th Ed., Thomas L. Floyd) Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation, 10E, David Kroenke Digital Design: Principles and Practices Package (4th Ed., John F. Wakerly) Detection and Estimation: Theory; and Its Applications (Thomas Schonhoff & Arthur Giordano) Data Abstraction & Problem Solving with C++ (5th ed., Frank M. Carrano) Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ (3rd Ed., Mark Allen Weiss) Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++ (3rd Ed., Michael Main & Walter Savitch) Problem Solving, Abstraction & Design Using C++, 5/E, Frank L. Friedman, Elliot B. Koffman Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java (2nd Ed., Mark Allen Weiss) Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with Java (2nd Ed., Frank M. Carrano & Prichard) Data Structures and Other Objects Using Java (3rd Ed., Michael Main) Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java (3rd Ed., Mark Allen Weiss) Data Structures and Abstractions with Java, 2/E, Frank M. Carrano Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C (2nd Ed., Mark Allen Weiss) DataBase Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management (4th Ed., Thomas M. Connolly & Carolyn E. Begg) Database Systems: An Application Oriented Approach, Compete Version (2nd Ed., Michael Kifer, Arthur Bernstein & Philip M. Lewis) Database Systems: An Application−Oriented Approach, Introductory Version (2nd Ed., Michael Kifer, Arthur Bernstein & Philip M. Lewis) Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory (3rd Ed., Edgar G. Goodaire & Michael M. Parmenter) Distributed Computing: Principles and Applications (M.L. Liu) Dynamics of Structures (3rd Ed., Chopra) Digital Design (4th Ed., M. Morris Mano & Michael D. Ciletti) Digital & Analog Communication Systems (7th Ed., Leon W. Couch) Databases, Types and the Relational Model (3rd Ed., C. J. Date & Hugh Darwen) Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics (5th ed., Ralph P. Grimaldi) Discrete Mathematics (5th ed., John Dossey, Albert Otto, Spence & Charles Vanden Eynden) Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (2nd Ed., Jerry Farlow, Hall, McDill & West)

Solutions manuals available

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (2nd Ed., C. Henry Edwards & David E. Penney) Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems (2/e, John Polking, Al Boggess & Arnold) Digital Signal Processing (4th Ed., John G. Proakis, Dimitris K Manolakis) Digital Integrated Circuits, 2nd Ed., by Rabaey Discrete Time Signal Processing, 2nd Edition, Oppenheim Data and Computer Communications, 8th Edition by Stallings Derivatives Markets (2nd Ed., Robert L. McDonald) Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd Ed, Skylar Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits (3rd Ed., Sergio Franco) Design of Machinery (3 Ed., Norton) Digital Communications, 4/E, by Proakis Digital Signal Processing (3rd Ed., Mitra) Database Management Systems, 3rd Ed., by Ramakrishnan, Gehrke Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, 1st Edition, by Razavi Douglas C. Montgomery Design and Analysis of Experiments, 6/E, by Montgomery Design and Analysis of Experiments (6th Ed., Douglas Montgomery) DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing (9th Ed., E. Paul DeGarmo, J. T. Black, Ronald A. Kohser) Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (6th Ed., Theodore Wildi) Engineering Vibrations (3rd Ed., Inman) Engineering Problem Solving with C (3rd Ed., Etter) Engineering Problem Solving with C++, 2/E, Delores M. Etter, Jeanine A. Ingber Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices and Applications (7th Ed., Thomas L. Floyd) Electronic Devices − Conventional Current Version (8th Ed., Thomas L.Floyd) Electronic Devices − Electron Flow Version (8th, Thomas L. Floyd) Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory (10th Ed., Robert L. Boylestad,Louis Nashelsky) Electronic Communications for Technicians (2nd ed., Tom Wheeler) Error Control Coding (2nd Ed., Shu Lin & Daniel J. Costello) Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists (2nd Ed., Jeri R. Hanly) Engineering Computation with MATLAB (David Smith) Elementary Algebra (Michael Sullivan III, Katherine R. Struve & Janet Mazzarella) Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications (9th Ed., Kolman & Hill) Essentials of Soil Mechanics and Foundations: Basic Geotechnics (7th Ed., David F. McCarthy) Engineering Economics in Canada, 3/E, Fraser Elementary Structures for Architects and Builders (5th Ed., Ronald E. Shaeffer) Engineering Computation with MATLAB, by David M Smith Engineering Economy and the Decision−Making Process (Joseph C.

Solutions manuals available

Hartman) Engineering Management: Challenges in the New Millennium (C M Chang) Engineering Economy (14th Ed, Sullivan) Engineering Electromagnetics (7th Ed., William H. Hayt & John A. Buck) Engineering Materials: Properties and Selection (8th Ed., Budinski) Electromagnetic Fields and Waves by Iskander Electronics, 2nd Ed., by Allan R. Hambley Essential Biology with Physiology, 2/E, Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Eric J. Simon, Larry Mitchell Essential Biology, 3/E, Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Eric J. Simon Engineering Mechanics − Statics (5th Ed., Anthony Bedford & Wallace Fowler) Engineering Mechanics − Dynamics (5th Ed., Anthony Bedford & Wallace Fowler) Engineering Mechanics: Statics (11th Ed., Hibbeler) Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (11th Ed., Hibbeler) Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (4th Ed., Allan R. Hambley) Electric Circuits (8th Ed., James W Nilsson & Susan Riedel) Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics (6th Ed., Nannapaneni Narayana Rao) Elementary Statistics Using the Graphing Calculator: For the TI−83/84 Plus (Mario F. Triola) ELEMENTARY NUMBER THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, (5TH EDITION, Bart Goddard, Kenneth H. Rosen) Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems with IDE CD Package (2nd Ed., Werner E. Kohler & Lee W. Johnson Elementary Differential Equations Bound (2nd Ed.,Werner E. Kohler, Johnson) Economics: A Tool for Critically Understanding Society (8th Ed., Tom, Riddell, Jean Shackelford, Steve C. Stamos & Geoffrey Schneider) Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes (3rd Ed., Felder & Rousseau) Economics Today, 14/E, Roger LeRoy Miller (MICRO & MACRO VIEW) Economics, by Michael A. Leeds, Peter von Allmen, Richard C. Schiming Economics, 8/E, Michael Parkin (Micro− and Macroeconomics) Economics: Private Markets and Public Choice, 7/E, Ekelund, Jr., Ressler, Tollison Econometrics: A Modern Introduction (Michael P. Murray) Environmental Economics and Policy (5th Ed., Tom Tietenberg) Engineering Materials Vol. 1: An Introduction to Properties, Applications and Design (3rd Ed., Michael Ashby & David R H Jones) Exploring Engineering: An Introduction for Freshmen to Engineering and to the Design Process (Philip Kosky, George Wise, Robert Balmer & William Keat) Differential Equations Computing and Modeling, 4/E, C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (3rd Ed., Brian D Hahn & Dan Valentine) Environmental Engineering (4th Ed., Ruth F Weiner & Robin Matthews) Engineering Materials Vol. 2: An Introduction to Microstructures,

Solutions manuals available

Processing and Design (3rd Ed., Michael Ashby & David R H Jones) Engineering Materials Science, by Milton Ohring Environmental Pollution and Control, 4e, J Jeffrey Peirce, P Aarne Vesilind, Ruth F Weiner Electric Machinery (6th Ed., Fitzgerald) Electric Machinery Fundamentals (4th Ed., Chapman) Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals (Chapman) Engineering Circuit Analysis (6Ed. William H. Hayt, Jack Kemmerly & Durbin) Experiments with Economic Principles, 2/E, by Bergstrom, Miller Electronic Circuit Analysis, 2nd Ed., by Donald Neamen Essentials of Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications (1st Ed.,Cengel) Engineering Mechanics − Dynamics, 5th Ed (J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige) Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems (8th Ed., Boyce & Diprima) Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications (8th Ed., Howard Anton & Chris Rorres) Electronic Communication Systems, 4th edition, Roy Blake Essential Calculus, 1st Edition, James Stewart Engineering Statistics (3 Ed., Douglas Montgomery, George Runger & Norma Faris Hubele) Engineering Mechanics − Statics, 6th Ed (J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige) Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 8th Ed (Clayton T. Crowe, Donald F. Elger, John A. Roberson) Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics (Koretsky) Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, 3rd Ed., by Felder,Rousseau Econometrics of Financial Markets, by Adamek, Cambell, Lo, MacKinlay, Viceira Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers, Sensors, and Communications, 3/e, Stenerson Fundamentals of Complex Analysis with Applications to Engineering, Science, and Mathematics (3rd Ed., E. Saff & Arthur Snider) Finite Math and Its Application (9th Ed., Larry J Goldstein, Schneider & Martha J. Siegel) Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences, 11/E, Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler, Karl E. Byleen Fundamentals of Investing plus MyFinanceLab Student Access Kit and OTIS Student Access Kit (10th Ed., Lawrence J. Gitman & Michael D.Joehnk) Foundations of Finance: The Logic and Practice of Finance Management, 5/E, Arthur J. Keown, J. William Petty Fluid Power with Applications, 7/E, Anthony Esposito Fluid Mechanics (5th Ed., White) Fluid Mechanics (3rd Ed., Kundu) Fluid Mechanics (4th Ed., Kundu) Flight Dynamics Principles (2nd Ed., by Cook) Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery (5th Ed., S.L. Dixon) Financial Reporting and Analysis, 3/E Lawrence Revsine

Solutions manuals available

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics for Electrical and Computer Engineering, by Narayana Rao Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes (Aldo da Rosa) Fundamentals of Database Systems (5th Ed., Ramez Elmasri & Shamkant B. Navathe) Fundamentals of Communication Systems (John G. Proakis, Masoud Salehi) Foundations of MEMS (Chang Liu) Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems (5th Ed., Franklin, Powell & Emami− Naeini) Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics (5th Ed., Fawwaz T. Ulaby) First Course in Probability (7th Ed., Sheldon Ross) FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING ELECTROMAGNETICS, by DAVID CHENG Field and Wave Electromagnetics 2nd Ed by David K. Cheng Financial Markets and Institutions (6th Ed., Frederic S. Mishkin & Stanley G. Eakins) Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 2001 Media Edition, by Ulaby Fundamentals of Multinational Finance (3/E Ed., Michael H. Moffett, Arthur I. Stonehill & David K. Eiteman) Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design (1 Ed., Stephen Brown Vranesic) Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design (1Ed., Stephen Brown, Vranesic) Fundamentals of Structural Analysis, (2 Ed., Leet & Uang) Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (3 Ed., Anderson) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (4E., Charles Alexander & Matthew Sadiku) Fundamentals of Investments, Charles J. Corrado Fracture mechanics; fundamentals and applications, 2/E, by T.L. Anderson Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices, 1st Edition by Anderson Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications, 10th Edition, by Finnemore Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 5th Ed (Michael J. Moran, Howard N. Shapiro) Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer (6th Ed., Incropera, DeWitt) Financial Management: Theory and Practice , 10, by Eugene F. Brigham, Michael C. Ehrhardt Fundamentals of Physics (7Ed., David Halliday, Robert Resnick & Jearl Walker) Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems (2 Ed., Mikell P. Groover) Fundamentals of Thermodynamics,6/E., by Sonntag Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 5E (Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H.) Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications (Stuart Wentworth) Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications (Stuart M. Wentworth) Futures, Options, and Swaps, 4/E, Robert W. Kolb Fundamentals of Machine Component Design (4th Ed., Juvinall) Gas Dynamics (3rd Ed., John & Keith)

Solutions manuals available

History of Mathematics: Brief Version (Victor J. Katz) History of Mathematics, A, 3/E, Victor J. Katz Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis (4th Ed., Philip Bedient, Wayne Huber & Baxter Vieux) Health Economics (3rd Ed., Charles E. Phelps) Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach − 2nd Edition by Cengel Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (3rd Ed., Gilbert M. Masters & Wendell P. Ela) Introduction to Graph Theory, 2nd Ed, by Douglas B. West Introduction to Optimum Design (2nd Ed., Jasbir Arora) Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (Rizza)

Introduction to Engineering Experimentation (2nd Ed., Wheeler & Ganji) Introduction to Java Programming−Comprehensive Version (7th Ed., Y. Daniel Liang) Introductory Circuit Analysis (11th Ed., Robert L. Boylestad) Introduction to Data Communications and Networking (Wayne Tomasi) Information Security: Principles and Practices (Mark Merkow, James Breithaupt) Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2005 (6th Ed., David I.Schneider) Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First Course (8th Ed., Kolman

& Hill)

Introduction to Computer Security (Matt Bishop) Internet Effectively: A Beginner's Guide to the World Wide Web (Tyrone Adams & Sharon Scollard) Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (6th Ed., Hogg, Craig & McKean)

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications (4th Ed., Larsen & Marx) Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics and the Life and social Sciences (12th Ed., Ernest F Haeussler, Richard S. Paul & R.J. Wood) Introductory Chemistry, 3/E, Nivaldo J. Tro Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2/E, Cecil Bozarth, Robert B. Handfield Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, 2/E, Wade Trappe, Lawrence C. Washington Introduction to Abstract Algebra with Notes to the Future Teacher, An, by Olympia Nicodemi, Melissa A Sutherland, Gary W Towsley Introduction to Management Science with Student CD (9th Ed., Bernard W. Taylor) Introduction to Electrodynamics (3rd Ed., David J. Griffiths) Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Ed., David J. Griffiths) International Economics (4th Ed., James Gerber) International Economics (7th Ed., Steven Husted & Michael Melvin) Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice (3rd Ed., Don E. Waldman

& Elizabeth J. Jensen)

Introduction to Econometrics, Brief Edition (James H. Stock & Mark W. Watson)

Introduction to Econometrics (2nd ed., James H. Stock & Mark W. Watson)

Solutions manuals available

International Money and Finance (7th Ed., Michael Melvin) Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers (6th Ed., Shackelford) Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers (7th Ed., Shackelford) Introduction to Finance (Lawrence J. Gitman & Jeff Madura) Introduction to Statistical Quality Control (5th Ed., Douglas C. Montgomery) Introdution to Solid State Physics, 8th Edition by Kittel Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer by Moran, Shapiro, Munson, DeWitt Introduction to Heat Transfer (5th Ed., Incropera, DeWitt) Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (6/E., Robert Fox, Alan McDonald & Philip) Introduction to Electric Circuits, 7E, Dorf Introduction to queuing theory, by Robert B Cooper, 2nd Ed Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems, by John P. Uyemura Introduction to Algorithms, 2nd Ed by Cormen, Leiserson Introduction to Linear Algebra, 3rd Ed., by Gilbert Strang Introduction to Probability by Grinstead, Snell Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms (2nd Ed., Anany V. Levitin) Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top−Down Approach Using OpenGL (5th Ed., Edward Angel) Introduction to Data Mining (Pang−Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach & Vipin Kumar) Introductory Mathematics (4th Ed., Cook) Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (7th Ed., Smith & Van Ness) Introduction to Optics (3rd Ed., Frank L Pedrotti, Leno M Pedrotti Leno S Pedrotti) Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming (5th Ed.,Walter Savitch) Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design (6th Ed., John Lewis & William Loftus) Java Software Structures: Designing and Using Data Structures (2nd Ed., Lewis, Chase) Java How to Program, 7/E, (Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Deitel Kernel Projects for Linux (Gary Nutt) Linear Algebra, by J. Hefferon Linear Systems and Signals, 1/E, B P Lathi Linear Circuit Analysis: Time Domain, Phasor and Laplace Transform Approaches by DeCarlo/Lin 2nd Ed Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Gary L. Peterson & James S. Sochacki) Linear Algebra and Its Applications with CD−ROM, Update, 3/E, David C. Lay Modern Electronic Communication (9th Ed., Jeff Beasley, Gary M.Miller) Mechanical Behavior of Materials 3rd Ed. Dowling Mechanical Measurements (6th Ed., Beckwith, Marangoni & Lienhard) Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials (5th Ed. Kalpakjian & Smith)

Solutions manuals available

Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology (5th Ed. Kalpakjian & Smith) Modern Control Engineering (4th Ed. K.OGATA) Modern Physics, 2/E, by Randy Harris Macroeconomics 2008−2009 Update Ed, 6/E, Andrew Abel, Bernanke Microeconomics (5th Ed., Jeffrey M. Perloff) Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain (3rd Ed., S. Thomas Foster) Managing Business Process Flows: Principles of Operations Management (2nd Ed., Anupind, Chopra, Deshmukh, et al) Machine Design: An Integrated Approach (3rd Ed., Norton) Modern Database Management (9th Ed., Hoffer, Prescott & Topi) Managing Engineering and Technology (4th, Morse & Babcock) Machine Design: An Integrated Approach (3rd Ed., Norton) Mechanics of Materials, 7/E, by Russell C. Hibbeler Modern Control Systems (11th Ed., Dorf) Mathematics for the Technical Trades (Cook) Mathematical Statistics with Applications (7th Ed.,Miller) Modern Wireless Communications (Simon Haykin, Michael Moher) Mathematical Methods for Economics (2nd Ed., Michael Klein) Macroeconomics Michael Leeds, Allmen, Schiming Microeconomics Homework Edition By Michael Leeds, Allmen, Schiming Macroeconomics (3rd Ed., Stephen D. Williamson) Money, the Financial System, and the Economy (6th Ed., R. Glenn Hubbard) Microeconomics: Theory and Applications with Calculus (Jeffrey M. Perloff) Modern Industrial Organization (4th Ed., Dennis W. Carlton & Jeffrey M. Perloff) Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy (9th Ed., Ronald G. Ehrenberg & Robert S. Smith) Market Regulation (Roger Sherman) Mechanics of Materials (3 Ed., Beer) Microelectronic Circuit Design (2 Ed., Richard Jaeger & Travis Blalock) Materials Selection in Mechanical Design (3rd Ed., Michael Ashby) Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design (Michael Ashby, Dr Hugh Shercliff & David Cebon) Mechanics of Materials: A Modern Integration of Mechanics and Materials in Structural Design, Jenkins & Khanna) Modeling in Transport Phenomena: A Conceptual Approach (2nd Ed.,Ismail Tosun) Mechatronics: Principles and Applications (Godfrey Onwubolu) Mechanics of Fluids (8th Ed., Massey) Mastering Networks: An Internet Lab Manual (Jorg Liebeherr & Magda El Zarki) Mathematical Thinking: Problem−Solving and Proofs, 2/E, John P. D'Angelo, Douglas B. West Multinational Business Finance (11th Ed., David K. Eiteman, Arthur I. Stonehill & Michael H. Moffett) Mechanical Engineering Design, 7th Ed. by Mischke, Shigley Mechanics of Fluids, 4th Ed., Irving H. Shames

Solutions manuals available

Microelectronics: Digital and Analog Circuits and Systems by Millman Microelectronic Circuit Analysis and Design, 3rd Edition, by D. Neamen Mechanics of Materials (6th Ed., Riley, Sturges & Morris) Multivariable Calculus, 5th Edition, JAMES STEWART Mechanics of Materials (7th Ed., Gere) Microelectronic Circuits, 5th Ed. by Sedra and Smith Mathematical Techniques: An Introduction for the Engineering, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences, 3/E, by Dominic Jordan, Peter Smith Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction (6th Ed., William D. Callister, Jr.) Microeconomic Theory, by Mas−Colell, Whinston, Green Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems, 3rd Ed., by Lathi Microwave and Rf Design of Wireless Systems, 1st Edition, by Pozar Microwave Engineering, 3rd Ed., by David M. Pozar Microeconomic Analysis, 3rd Ed., by H. Varian (Ans. to Exercises: Ch. 1− Ch.25) Mathematical Proofs: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics (Gary Chartrand, Polimeni & Zhang) Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers (5th Ed., Calvin T. Long & Duane W. DeTemple) Modern Physics 4/E by Tipler Mathematics for Economists, by Carl P. Simon , Lawrence E. Blume Nanoengineering of Structural, Functional and Smart Materials, Mark J. Schulz, Ajit D. Kelkar Network Flows: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications by Ravindra K. Ahuja , Thomas L. Magnanti , James B. Orlin Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, by Dunn, Constantinides & Prabhas Moghe) Numerical Methods Using Matlab (4th Ed., Mathews & Fink) Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards (3rd Ed.,William Stallings) Numerical Analysis with CD−ROM (Timothy Sauer) Network Management: Principles and Practice (Mani Subramanian) Numerical Methods for Engineers (5th Ed. Steven C. Chapra) LabVIEW 8 Student Edition (Bishop) Lab Manual Solutions, by Magda El Zarki,Jorg Liebeherr Linear Algebra with Applications (7th Ed., S. Leon) Linear Algebra for Engineers and Scientists Using Matlab (Hardy) Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 4/E, by Morris Mano and Charles Kime Law and Economics (5th Ed., Robert Cooter & Thomas Ulen) Linear Algebra, 4th Ed, by Stephen H. Friedberg , Arnold J. Insel , Lawrence E. Spence Linear Algebra with Applications 3rd Ed by Otto Bretscher Languages and Machines: An Introduction to the Theory of Computer Science (3r Ed., Thomas A. Sudkamp) Oracle 10g Programming: A Primer (Rajshekhar Sunderraman) Objects First With Java: A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ (4 Ed., Barnes & Kolling) Operating Systems (3rd Ed., Gary Nutt)

Solutions manuals available

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Trefzger) Technical Calculus with Analytic Geometry (4th Ed., Allyn J.

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Cheng, Eklow et al.)

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