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Centre for Enterprise Development, TRISTART BUSINESS EVALUATION TOOL
Kenya Institute of Management,
Maple Court, 1st Floor,
Westlands Close, off Westlands Road.
P. O. Box 43706 – 00100 Nairobi.
Call: +254 020 3749929, 2396411. How successful will your business be, and will
E-mail: ced@kim.ac.ke
your efforts lead to excellence?
Starting a new business is both exciting and rewarding, but it also presents great challenges. The TriStart works for
amount you will need to invest in time, money & emotional energy should not be underestimated. • Anyone thinking of setting up a
Given the amount you are investing and the relatively high rate of start-up business failures, it business
makes sense to spend some time making an honest assessment of your skills and outlook in • Businesses at inception stage
order to identify where you might be weak and the strengths you bring to the business. • People dissatisfied with the speed of
business development
The Kenya Institute of Management, in partnership with TriStart, is offering an online evaluation • Anyone unsure of the next course of
tool for business readiness in different stages which can include-start-up, early-stage business action in business development
and ongoing business. • Anyone who wants to ensure they
have the right skills in the team
leading the business
What is it?
Benefits of TriStart
A new and unique online
TriStart Analysis is a statistically proven
evaluation tool that provides
solution aimed to:
an analysis of you, your
• identify key factors critical to your
business and the likelihood of
business success
your venture being successful
• apply a business readiness score
highlighting the propensity for
It provides a personalised
success or failure
business readiness report
• offer bespoke recommendations for
based on 19 key components
personal development and learning
that have been identified
• provide a longitudinal survey
through many years of
solution for future tracking and on-
research led by Dr Shai
going development
Vyakarnam, Director of the
• allow investors to understand the
Centre for Entrepreneurial
survival rate an individual business
Learning at Judge Business
School, Cambridge University.
• help to identify and weed out
Based on the responses
weaknesses that hold a business
provided in the online survey,
back from growing after take off
individuals are scientifically
graded against successful and
• Allow investors to understand the
not-so-successful businesses
survival rate an individual business
which have gone before
• Helps to identify and weed out
weaknesses that hold a business
TriStart process helps to
back from growing after take off
minimise the risk of failure and
develop a solid foundation
• The tool is also designed to
on which to build and grow
help banks and venture capital
a successful business. It also
companies understand the viability
identifies points of weakness
of the business that they advance
in already existing and or
ailing business.