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Sutherland Global Services is a multinational Technology-Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company specializing

in Integrated BPO solutions across the back and front office that support the entire lifecycle of our client’s customers.

Having started operations in 1986 in Rochester, New York, Sutherland now employs over 29,000 professionals offering
RightSourcing™, seamlessly blended services from its 32 delivery centers in Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico,
Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. By integrating highly trained people with state-of-
the-art technology and proven business methodologies, Sutherland collaborates with clients to help them excel in their industry and
maximize their customers’ lifetime value.

Banking and Finance
 Government
 Health Care
 Insurance
 Retail & Internet
 Technology
 Telecommunication
 Travel, Transportation & Logistics

The Sutherland business transformation group is often the first point of engagement with our clients. The business transformation
group provides four distinct services that allow us to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business before a solution is
implemented, resulting in increased speed of transition and implementation, improved profitability for our clients, improved
forecasting ability and the potential to identify additional areas for business improvement across the client’s entire organization.

In many cases, the business transformation group will unearth new opportunities for the client to realize value and allow clients to
sequentially streamline additional business functions. Typically, our business transformation group will maintain close contact with
our clients throughout the client relationship, resulting in ongoing identification of new areas for process improvement and allowing
us to implement globally delivered solutions to address these needs.

Social Responsibility

Charitable Giving

Our employees and company have a long standing history of generosity and support of our
communities. To maximize our impact in supporting worthy local and global causes, Sutherland
established a global Charitable Mission Statement in 2007.

Go Green

Sutherland Global Services recognizes its corporate responsibility towards preserving and protecting
environmental resources and has implemented sustainable business practices that continue to have a
positive impact on the environment.
Commitment to Diversity

We consider a diverse workforce a natural requirement to our continued success, and we have
maintained a strong commitment to diversity since inception. The qualities we strive for within our
own organization are the same qualities we look for in our suppliers – creativity and innovation.
Sutherland has officially been recognized as a regional minority business enterprise in good standing
with the Upstate New York Regional Minority Purchasing Council, Inc. and is entitled to all privileges
of certification. Our certification number is 2623.

Company Sutherland Global Services

Year Founded 1986

Headquarters Rochester, New York

Chairman and CEO Dilip R. Vellodi

Investors Oak Investment Partners

Standard Chartered Private Equity (Merlion Fund)

Industry Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Quality Standards PCI DSS, COPC, Six Sigma, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001:2005, PCMM Level 5

Head count 30,000 employees

Locations Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, Philippines, United Arab Emirates,
United Kingdom and United States

Dilip R. Vellodi – Chairman and CEO

Michael Bartusek – Chief Financial Officer

Ashok Jain – Chief Operating Officer

K. S. Kumar – Global Head of Operations

Kam Shenai – Chief Client Officer

Iris Goldfein – Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President – HR Outsourcing

Deepak Batheja – Chief Technology Officer

Sumit Bhattacharya – Senior Vice President and Global Head of Marketing

Daniel Lang – Senior Vice President - Mexico, United States & Canada

Andreas Schulte – Senior Vice President and General Manager of Europe

Bharat Chadda – Senior Vice President, Client Services

Charles Harmornick – Senior Vice President, Head - Enterprise Client Engagement

Katie Hirning – Senior Vice President, Government Sector

Vik Renjen – Senior Vice President, Global Head – Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Division

Kumar Subramanian – Senior Vice President, Head of Banking Services Practice

Niket Patankar – Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Services Practice

Vivek Arora – Senior Vice President, Head of Travel Services Practice

Joseph Buggy – Senior Vice President, Customer Lifecycle Management Services

Muthu Narayanan – Senior Vice President, Finance

Dan McCue – Senior Vice President, Head – Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Services

Bala Sivanesapandian G – Senior Vice President, Head – APAC Operations

Marwan Chouha – Senior Vice President, Business Transformation Services


The Sutherland Banking and Financial Services Practice

Financial Services companies in every segment are under intense pressure to remain profitable. Customer expectations continue to increase as industry leaders
face cost challenges. Sutherland Global Services offers a BPO model that integrates contact center and back-office processes. Delivery options include North
American onshore, work at home, offshore or “blended” service delivery via our facilities in Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, Philippines, United
Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.


With today’s ever increasing need for services and solutions, Governments find themselves in a position of need with respect to resources, scalability, and
knowledge. At the same time, Governments are faced with the realities to produce more efficiency, operate more effectively and provide cost savings to their
constituents. Strategic Business Process Outsourcing continues to grow as a necessary solution for government decision makers to deliver constituent services, IT
Help Desk and back-office processing of information and documents.

Sutherland offers multi-channel constituent care via telephone, email, chat and self-service. Our service portfolio and integration of front office and back office
services allow Government’s to focus on their core mission – providing services to their citizens, while improving the citizen experience and reduce overall cost of
Government services.


Like most customer-focused industries, Health Insurance companies are evaluating strategic sourcing alternatives that will allow them to better control costs,
reduce capital expenditures and improve the level of service they deliver to their members. One way Health Insurance companies can accomplish these objectives
is to consider selective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for certain sales, customer service, claims management and back-office processing functions.

With over two decades in the outsourcing services arena, Sutherland has developed a time-tested outsourcing model that delivers measurable results for
insurance clients - whether it is converting marketing inquiries into closed sales, improving customer satisfaction scores or reducing administrative costs for
manual, paper-intensive processes.


The worldwide insurance industry is undergoing changes at an increasing rate. Driven by the ability of consumers to access information, competition in the
industry has never been greater. Customer loyalty remains critical but with extreme cost pressures, companies strive to provide exceptional service to retain hard
won customers. Business models are changing and it is critical to streamline operations and improve processes.

Sutherland provides public and private Insurance companies an end to end strategy to improve their operational efficiencies and enables them to compete more
efficiently which in turn help them to innovate and create a lasting competitive advantage.


The current economic downturn has resulted in significant pressures for retailers to reduce costs, drive top-line revenue, and improve their operational
performance. In addition, most retail organizations are evaluating how to enhance their customer interaction models in order to create an emotional bond with their

“Know your customer” has been a retail industry mantra for the past several decades. Retailers have made tremendous investments to increase profitability,
reduce cost, and increase competitiveness. In spite of these significant investments, customer loyalty remains elusive.

Many studies show a high correlation between customer experience and loyalty. Sutherland helps Retail organizations measure and understand the “voice of the
customer” to design and manage unique outsourced solutions that maximize that relationship and deliver measurable results that you can manage to. Our focus
on the bottom line drives increased revenues and reduced cost.

Service Offerings

Our services consist of back and front office services, which are integrated to provide end-to-end services involving the management of entire business processes
for our clients. Our services are custom tailored to each client’s business model and their end customer needs and are typically provided via multiple delivery
centers throughout the world. Our expertise includes process mapping and consulting, analytical analysis, technology, including our own scalable technology
platform, and operational insight arising from managing complex processes in diverse industries for numerous clients. We apply this using our award winning Six
Sigma based approach and know that our experience minimizes the risks clients encounter when they outsource. We provide complex, end-to-end BPO services
that help improve our clients’ efficiency and productivity while delivering measurable results.

People, Process and Technology are the foundation upon which Sutherland has built and grown over the past 24 years. The Sutherland Service Excellence
Framework , defined by Flawless Execution, Consistent Quality, Enhanced Customer Experience, Continuous Process Improvement and Ability to
Scale is built on a suite of Customized Technology solutions (100+ Sutherland IP Applications, Tools & Products) designed, developed and deployed for our
clients by Six Sigma certified engineers leveraging our 24 years of domain expertise in the BPO space.

Technology companies today (hardware, software, peripherals and devices) are investing significant resources to develop the people, technology, infrastructure
and management processes to support an increasingly demanding customer base. Sutherland understands the technology eco system and the challenges of
commoditized products, reduced spend per customer, increasing customer support cost and the need for continuous product innovations.


There are not many industries more competitive than the telecommunication and cable industry. Service providers are rapidly developing new offerings and are
aggressively entering new markets, blurring the lines between voice, data, cable, IP and wireless. Enhanced technologies, changing regulations and merger-mania
have become facts of life.

Unique price and regulatory pressures are also making it more difficult for providers to grow market share and manage a healthy profit picture.
Telecommunications and cable companies must significantly invest in resources to develop people, technology, applications, infrastructure and management
processes to obtain, retain and grow an increasingly demanding customer base.


The Travel, Tourism and Leisure sector includes complex organizations with numerous international business units managing separate P&L responsibilities. As
business and personal travel volumes decline, every company faces intense competition to provide extraordinary customer service while controlling costs. It is
essential that customers receive best-in-class service and care which can be a challenge as the industry is faced with rapidly rising costs, changing customer
needs and economic pressures. Now more than ever, companies that leverage outsourcing as a strategy to maintain and gain competitive advantage will be able
to maximize the lifetime value of their customers.

RightSourcing™ - A unique blended delivery model

Sutherland Global Service offers RightSourcing™, a unique blended delivery model where we find the
right locations for delivery of our services which best meets our client’s need. We carefully identify the
right talent matched to the requirements and can offer a truly blended delivery model using:

• Onshore – from an existing in-country delivery center

• Nearshore – from a neighboring country or continent
• Offshore – from a distant continent
• Sutherland@Home – a virtual model enabling access to a highly skilled and very large talent pool
(Currently in North America and the UK)

April 04, 2011

Sutherland Global Services awarded Outstanding Employer for 3rd time
February 28, 2011
Sutherland and Tyfone Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Mobile Financial Services
January 13, 2011
Sutherland Global Services Innovates to Put Veterans to Work and Stop CMS Abuse
September, 2010
Sutherland Global Services is number one job creator on Inc. 5000 list
September, 2010
Sutherland Global Services Earns a Spot on 2010 InformationWeek 500 List of Top Technology Innovators Across America
Sutherland Global Services acquires Adventity
Sutherland Global Services awarded ‘Fastest Growing BPO Company’ in the Philippines Expands from 0 to 10,000 employees in under 5 years.

For 24 years, Sutherland Global Services has built and managed outsourced operations for Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries and around the
world. Over the last two decades, Sutherland has consistently entered new markets and segments by adapting our proven methodology for managing outsourced

By hiring the best possible individuals from an industry, we build a knowledge base that enables us to understand the uniqueness in a particular industry.
Combining this subject matter domain expertise with our understanding of BPO has allowed us to bring to market solutions that look and feel familiar - but deliver
better performance and results.