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Bahrain government ministers from Al Khalifa royal family

Mother of Conqueror
Salman "
Ruler of Bahrain
(1783 - 1795)

Mother of Bin Ahmed
Khalifa Ruler of Bahrain
(1796 - 1825)

Abdulwaha Khalifa Bin

Mother of b Bin Mother of
Salman Salman
Abdrulrah Mohamme
man Wazir 1869-
d Ruler of Bahrain
(1825 - 1834)

Abdrulrah Mohamme
man Bin d Bin Ali Bin
Mother of Miriam Al Aisha Al Khalifa Mother of Thajba
Abdulwaha Khalifa Bint
Ateyatalla b Sadun Jalahma Ruler of Bahrain
Khalid Ahmed
Ruler of Bahrain (1868 - 1869)
Wazir 1888 (1834 - 1868)

Ateyatalla Ibrahim
Bin Bin Khalid Bin
Hamad Bin Mother of Mohamme Isa Bin Ali Haya Bint Aisha Bint
Shaikha Abdulrahm Mother of Mother of Ali Maryam Al
an Mohamme Mohamme d Mohamme Mohamme
Al-Sowaidi Khalifa Salman Binali Ruler of Bahrain
d d Governor of (1869 - 1932) d d
Mbr Education Vice-Chair Brd Riffa
Council 1957 of Education

Abdulaziz Ahmed Bin

Bin Ateyatulla
Ateyatulla Mohamme Hamad Bin Abdullah
Minister for
Mother of Mohamme d Bin Isa Isa Daughter Bin Isa
Follow-up at the Khalifa Bin Mother of Mother of Salman Saeda Bint Mother of Mother of
Advisor to PM
on Security
Royal Court, Mohamme Hamad Mai d Bin Ahmed Bin Khalid Rashid Salman Khalifa Hamad
former Minister Chair Mananma Minister for
Affairs, Director of Cabinet d Ibrahim Municipality
Ruler of Bahrain Bin Duaij Education 1960-
(former?) of Affairs and head 1929-1938 (1932 - 1942) 1961
National of the Central
Security Informatics
Apparatus, Organization

Mai Bint Bin Hamad Khalifa Bin Hamad Bin
Salman Daughter Hamad
Mohamme Mohamme Ahmed Bin Bin Hamad Mother of Mother of Abdullah
Aisha Bint d Mother of Ahmed Bin Mother of Mouza Bint Abdullah Presdt Mother of Rashid Bin
Ahmed d Bin Khalid Salman Abdullah Mohamme Hamad Bin Jabir Education Mohamme Dir-Gen of Khalifa Abdullah Mohamme
Presdt Hidd
Khalifa d Ruler of Bahrain Council 1956- d Police & Public d
Minister of (1942 - 1961) Al Dosari 1957, and Security Dept Municipality
Culture Health Council 1937-1961

Ahmed Bin d Bin Mohamme
Khalid Bin Khalifa Bin Mubarak
Shaikha Mohamme Ahmed Khalifa Bin Isa Bin d Bin Khalifa Bin
Bint Ahmed Mother of Abdullah Mother of Salman Hessa Bint Salman Hessa Bint Salman Munira Rashid Mother of Mohamme
d Deputy Prime Khalifa d Bin
Mohamme Minister of State
for Royal Court
Minister for Rashid Bin Ahmed Duaij Bin Ahmed Ali Prime Minister
Salman Ruler of Bahrain
Minister for Bint Ali Chief Justice of
Ahmed Hamad
Employed with Ministerial Minister for the
d the Interior Affairs since Defence since
since 1971 (1961 - 1999) Committees Interior 1973- Bahrain
Ministry 2004 since 2005, 2004
Foreign Minister
from 1971-2005

Ahmed Bin
Ali Bin Fawaz Bin Mohamme
Rashid Bin Duaij Bin Khalifa Hamad Bin Mohamme
Khalid Bin Abdullah Salman Sabeeka Ali Bin Isa d
Ahmed Isa d
Deputy Prime Bint Minister of Royal Minister for
Minister of Bahrain Defence Minister and
Foreign Minister Interior since Force Chief of Transport Ibrahim King of Bahrain Court Affairs
since 1995
Minister since
Finance since
2005, Governor
2005 Staff since 2004 Minister since (since 1999)
2010, previously Bahrain
2005 sports minister Monetary

Bin Hamad
Crown Prince of
Bahrain and
Deputy Supreme
Cdr of the
Armed Forces
(BDF & National
Guard) since

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