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DCX Insta

September 2021

Legal and Compliance

DCX Insta

Table of Contents
A. Overview 
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B. Hassle Free Registration And Secured Account  ����������������������� 3
C. KYC Requirement and Process  ����������������������������������������������������������������� 4
D. Investment using DCXInsta  �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4
E. Withdrawal 
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F. Record 
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G. Conclusion 
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DCX Insta

A. Overview

1. DCXInsta is primarily for the users who are willing to ‘invest’ in cryptocurrencies. It provides for an
easy interactive user interface that will help the investors, whether new or not, to take safe and
secured steps towards their crypto journey wherein they can buy, sell, send, receive and store
a range of cryptocurrencies a numerous cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),
Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX) etc directly using the bank account linked Fiat Wallet. Meaning thereby,
users on DCXInsta do not have to go through the hassle of entering a market by placing orders
in the order books. You can now own crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum within a matter
of a few clicks. You can buy and sell as much as you want without worrying about liquidity in the
market as all orders are instantaneously executed.

2. One can send and receive cryptocurrencies instantly at once. However, while using the product,
one must be required to complete the KYC registration process as well.

3. Primary features of DCXInsta other than the interactive friendly user interface is provision of a
dashboard to track the investment portfolio, quick calculator to convert to INR and vice-versa,
allowing for an investment of as minimum as INR 100, smooth yet detailed KYC process for
investments above INR 10,000.

4. Further, it is to be noted that a new registration for using the product is not necessary, old users
may use the credentials of other products/Online Platforms. In other words. For all products and
Online Platforms, only one login credential is required.

B. Hassle Free Registration And Secured Account

1. To ensure that you do not face any hassles in maintaining your portfolio, simply login using your
existing email address that was used to register on CoinDCX.

2. To register you must share your name and account registered with the Bank, email address,
mobile number and such other information requested including KYC documents. Click on the
checkbox to enter the referral code if you have one.

3. For the existing users who have not secured their existing account or the new users who have
joined, there are following multiple ways in which you can secure your account.
a. Keep your account secured by keeping a strong password. Remember, hackers can easily get
access to your account if you put a password like “0123456789” or your birthday or the name of
your school. We request you to keep a password as strong as possible. DO NOT let anyone know
what your password is. In case you feel someone else might have access to your account, then
change your password immediately and inform us at support@coindcx.com.

DCX Insta

b. Keep your account secured by enabling 2 Factor Authentication. Go to Account > Security > 2
Step Verification and follow the steps to complete your 2FA. In case you have more doubts, you
can always contact Customer Support at Account > Help & Support > Security.
c. Set a strong withdrawal password that is different from your current login password. This will
help you keep your funds secured in case someone gets access to your account. Keeping a
different withdrawal password means that no one can send your cryptos/assets to some other
address in case of a hack or otherwise.

4. Your crypto funds are safe and secure no matter how many times you log in and log out of your
account or uninstall your mobile application.

C. KYC Requirement and Process

1. If you are an existing user and have done your KYC, you do not have to do it again. Detailed and
extensive KYC process is to be completed before making any transaction over and above INR

2. In case you are a new user, go to Account > Account Settings > KYC verification and follow the
steps to complete your KYC. In case you have more doubts, you can always contact Customer
Support at Account > Help & Support > Verification (KYC & Bank Account).

D. Investment using DCXInsta

1. There are over 100 cryptocurrencies available on Insta and you may buy or sell cryptocurrencies
upon logging into our website or App.

2. To buy available cryptocurrencies instantly you may select the cryptocurrency that you wish to

3. To do this, you can add INR into the Fiat Wallet using Bank Transfer or other payment methods
available. The addition of INR funds is to be done manually and you may only add INR from
your own registered bank account i:e beneficiary account, and not from any third party or joint

4. Upon transferring the funds through any paying method allowed, please issue deposit request for
the correct amount. Upon issuance of Deposit request, funds will be added to your Fiat wallet, the
same shall reflect on the wallet, which can be used to enter into transactions. The wallet shall not
be considered as a deposit or an investment account. The INR added shall not yield any interest.

DCX Insta

5. Once you have added the funds in your Fiat Wallet, you can directly press the buy button present
on the right of the below snapshot or view how the selected cryptocurrency has been performing
over the last couple of days/months in the given chart.

6. Click on the Buy button and based on the current market price, select the amount of INR that you
would like to spend to purchase the selected cryptocurrency of equivalent amount. Once that is
done, click on Buy (name of cryptocurrency selected) and your order will get executed instantly.

7. You can now view your cryptocurrencies in your investments/portfolio and all your latest orders in
Orders>> Insta History.

8. Similarly, to sell a particular cryptocurrency instantly on DCXInsta, select the cryptocurrency you
wish to sell. It is here that you can directly press the sell button or view the Price Chart to see how
the selected cryptocurrency has been performing over the last couple of days/months in the
given chart on the left.

DCX Insta

9. Click on the Sell button and based on the current market price, select the amount of the selected
cryptocurrency that you would like to sell from your existing portfolio. Once that is done, click on
Sell and your order will get executed instantly.

10. You can now view your remaining cryptocurrencies in your investments and all your past in the
order history.

11. It is to be noted that you cannot sell cryptocurrency to someone else if you do not own the same

12. The price you see you tap Buy or Sell is the price at which the coin is available for Buy or Sell. This
price can be different from last traded prices as the markets can move since the last trade took
place. The final price at which you order will be confirmed also takes into account the quantity
you are looking to buy and the movement in the markets that took place while you confirm your
buy or sell.

13. The money added can be used to purchase supported cryptocurrencies. The user authorizes us
to debit the money added in the wallet to complete the transaction. To complete the transaction
using the added money, the user must follow the relevant instructions. We strive to ensure that
the transaction made using the money added in the wallet shall be settled instantly, however,
it may be possible that money will be debited from your wallet before the cryptocurrency is
delivered to your wallet. The user may also sell the cryptocurrencies in exchange for money
added to the wallet. You authorize us to debit crypto currencies from your wallet and credit your
wallet with the relevant amount of INR.

E. Withdrawal

1. You may withdraw all or part of any INR held in your Fiat Wallet at any time by selecting the
relevant option in the Site or on the App and following the instructions subject to a minimum
threshold amount. The INR held in your Fiat Wallet will be transferred to the bank account you
have registered with us.

2. Prior to withdrawing your funds from your Wallet, we may conduct checks for the purposes
of preventing fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crimes, and as
required by applicable laws. This may mean you are prevented or delayed from withdrawing
money until those checks are completed to our reasonable satisfaction in order to comply with
our regulatory requirements.

3. Where a purchase of a cryptocurrency and / or withdrawal of money added in your wallet is

initiated from your Fiat Wallet using your credentials, we will assume that you authorised such
a transaction, unless you notify us otherwise. It is reiterated that we are not responsible for any

DCX Insta

claim for Unauthorised Transactions or Incorrect Transactions if you have acted fraudulently,
intentionally or with gross negligence and this has resulted in the Unauthorised Transactions or
Incorrect Transactions.

F. Record

1. You may check your portfolio, amount in wallet, amount deposited and withdrawn by going to

G. Conclusion

1. With DCXInsta, one can easily and effortlessly buy, sell, send, receive and store a range of
cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. all using a single app which is exceptionally
friendly and comfortable to use. You do not have to go through the hassle of entering your trades
in the order book. All your orders are automatically executed.

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