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FIFTH ATR FORCE m ‘THE TAIWAN STRAITS cmszs oF 1958 ( 31 December 1958. Director of Historical Services Office of Information Services Win Foreign Dig ‘Hestricted D, Section FIFTH ATR FORCE 4), PACIFIC ATR FORCES — _ ~ ares, YE ae Abh) This document contains information affecting the National De- fense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C., Section 793 and 79. Its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthor- ized person is probibited by law. This document is Classified and marked in accordance with para- graphs 37e and lisa, respectively, Air Force Regulation 205-1. 7-10-03 TED DATA er aras, 67-080 (In Foreign Di: ‘ation, Handle As *. 7 Ne Tot _—= topics Restricted Data SMording to Section "9... SOM oe Lee rena 4gb.. ktonic Act of. 1954.) Pages FOREWORD Recognizing the defense of Taiwan as a continuing prob- em in which the diplomatic and military services of the United States have become incrédsingly deeply involved, Fifth ‘Mr Force has perceived the need of keeping ‘a thorough record of its role in the: international developments in that area. ‘Fron the ‘establishnent“of-its own provisional task force headquarters in the Taiwan’ theater in early-1955, mtil the re~ newal of hostilities ‘by the Communist Chinese over the Taiwan Straits late in‘August 1958,":this command has maintained a posture of readiness to assist in defense of the Island bas~ ‘Hon. It has thus exemplified the spirit of the alliance long existing between the Covernnent of the United States and ‘that. of, Nationalist. Chinas: 2 ~ ‘The early circimstances of this alliance have been pre= « served in studies prepared while facts were still recent. The study at hand-presents a sequel to the earlier record, pro- viding a permanent narrative of subsequent events for the ar~ chives of. this command. Jn composing the Teport,' the histofian has béeri given fullest assistance of the staff. -Its nenbers have made all pertinent commmications available ‘to hin,’ and he has been Permitted to'visit-the zones of which he writes. A single imitation has been placed upon his efforts, the instruction to treat only those aspects of the Taiwan ‘situation with which Fifth Air Fores was’ directly concerned. ns glk. vW. Ly -HEIMANTOLER Golonel, USAF. Chief, Infornation Services