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a poet in love, act 1

a poet in love, act I

your love has launched a million starships!

Ricardo Saúl LaRosa

I have longed an eternity to hear your voice

I have finally received your coded message telepathically Your spirit has touched my spirit

Now I know where you are my love! Where you are being held captive Imprisoned by those coward jealous gods who planned our demise

Soon they shall know my wrath! Beware those who have hurt one solitary hair upon your body Who have caused tears to fall from those most precious eyes of yours

For I shall find you monstrous demons; spineless cowards; parasites Every single one of you so-called gods And I will rip you all apart nerve by nerve with my bare hands!

Today this sacred battle begins For the liberation of my love; my reason for living; my reason for dying! And it will be a very horrible war; no mercy; just a joyous inferno!

I shall destroy my enemies, one by one, with impunity!

Rivers of blood will flow in their lands, their children and animals will die too! Their world shall become a wasteland; a total destruction of their faith!

For where there exists a true love; a divinely sanctioned love as ours No wretched king, no false god, no pathetic demon, no one can keep us apart! The force of our love will overpower them and all their hatreds

By the eternal powers vested in me by The Great Spirit of this universe Herself,

I commend all the Spiritual Beings; all the Principalities under my authority To prepare the launching of a million starships, right now!

The rescue of my love from her tyrannical captors has begun

For love, our love is more powerful than all the stars in the heavens

I am invading the very pits of Hell with a heavenly vengeance

I will look at my enemies straight in their eyes before I smite them

And when I walk in the mist of their valleys of death, I will smile

© XVII aprilis MMXI - Ricardo Saúl LaRosa - Long Island, New York

a poet in love, act 1

I shall laugh at them, for they can harm me not!

You can not kill a man who is already dead! For my mortal body is dead; but my spirit has been transformed!

My Spirit has conquered Death; My Spirit now divine and eternal and so in love with you! My army shall annihilate them once and for all!

Stop your crying my love! For I am heading towards you, today No more tears of hurt but of love and of happiness shall you shed only!

By the eternal powers vested in me; by my birthright; by my conquests

I commend all the Stars under my authority

To shine their Lights upon this poet and his one million starships!

Stop your hurting MY LOVE! For I am heading towards you, this moment, with my spirit on fire for you! Soon you shall be in my arms!

With love! This love! The love that dwells infinitely in my heart for you! Our love! The love that I hide under the very throne of THE ALMIGHTY! And shortly we shall be reunited! Our love unjustly denied now forevermore in togetherness, you and I!

I am heading towards you, MY LOVE!

With one million starships to rescue you, to defend you, to honor you, With Godspeed!!!

© XVII aprilis MMXI - Ricardo Saúl LaRosa - Long Island, New York