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Aladdin and the magic lamp

Long ago, in the town of Persia, a mother living with her son
called Aladdin. One day there came a man approaching who is playing Aladdin. Then
the man recognizes Aladdin as his nephew. The man took Aladdin went out of town
with the permission of Aladdin's mother to help him. The road is very far. Aladin
complained to his uncle's overwrought but instead he was shouted at and told to look
for firewood, if you do not want to kill Aladdin. Aladin ultimately realized that the
man was not her uncle but a witch. The man then lit a fire wizard with firewood and
began to utter incantations. "Kraak ..." the ground suddenly become hollow like a

In the pit of the cave there are stairs down to the bottom. "Come on down! Get me an
antique lamp in the bottom of the cave, " cried the Witch. "No, I'm afraid to get down
to it, " replied Aladdin. Witch was then pulled out a ring and gave it to Aladdin. "This
is a magic ring, this ring will protect you", said the Witch. Aladin ultimately down the
stairs with a feeling of fear. Having reached the bottom he found the trees bear fruit
gems. After the fruit gems and lighting brought there, he quickly climbed the ladder
again. However, the door was closed some holes. "Quick give the lights!", cried
witch. "No, this lamp will give you after I get out, " replied Aladdin. After debate, the
Witch became impatient and finally "Brak!" pit door closed by the magician and then
left the Aladdin trapped in an underground hole. Aladdin became sad, and sat. "I'm
hungry, I want to see mother, God, help me!" says Aladin.
Aladin pressed her hands and rubbed his fingers. Suddenly, around a red and
billowing smoke. Along with that came a giant. Aladdin was so scared. "Forgive me,
because it has been surprising sir ", I was a fairy ring giant said it. "Oh, then take me
to come home." "Good lord, take kepunggungku, we will soon go from here", said the
fairy ring. In a short time, Aladdin had reached the front of his house. "If the host
needs to rub the ring I call to you."
Aladdin told him all things in nature to his mother.
"Why did the witch want this dirty lamp huh?", said Mother, rubbing it clean light.
"Syut!" Suddenly, smoke came billowing and a giant fairy lights. "Name it command
Mistress", said the fairy lights. Aladin who have never experienced anything like this
to give orders, "we're hungry, help prepare food for us. " In a short time fairy lights
bring delicious food, tasty and menyuguhkannya. "If anyone wants more, just call me
by rubbing the lamp, "says the fairy lights.
Similarly, days, months, tahunpun change, Aladdin lived happily with his mother.
Aladin has now become a young man. One day, through a daughter of King in front of
his house. He was fascinated and felt in love with Princess Belle's. Aladdin and his
desire to tell his mother to marry a princess. "Calm Aladdin, Mother would
commercialize them. " Mother went to the palace of the king by bringing the jewels
belonged to Aladdin. "Your Majesty, this is a gift to the king of my son." King very
happy. "Well ..., your son is definitely a handsome prince, tomorrow I will come to
your palace with her daughter. "

After arriving at home Mom immediately rubbed the lamp and asked the fairy lights
to bring a castle. Aladdin and his mother waited on the hill. Soon the fairy lights come
with a magnificent palace on his back. "Sir, this palace". The next day the King and
his daughter came to visit the Palace of Aladdin's very majestic. "Will you make my
son as a wife?", asked the King. Aladdin is very pleased to hear that. Then they both
perform weddings
Far away, the witch turned out to see it all through a
crystal ball. He then went to the Aladdin and pretended to be a seller in front of the
Palace of Aladdin's lamp. He shouted, "given in exchange for your old lights with
new lights!". The empress who saw the old Aladdin's magic lamp to get out and
exchange it with a new lamp. Immediately the witch rubbed the lamp and ordered the
fairy lights bringing the palace and its contents and Aladdin's wife into his home.
When Aladdin came home from tour, he was astounded. Then call the fairy ring and
asked him what had happened. "Then please return again everything to me",
exclaimed Aladdin. "Sorry sir, my strength is not of fairy lights," said the fairy ring.
"Well if so I'll take it. Please Take you there", exclaimed Aladdin. Arriving at the
Palace, Aladdin slipped inside to find the room where the Princess locked up. "Witch
was sleeping due to drinking beer, " said the Princess. "Well, do not worry I will take
back the magic lamp, we will be victorious", said Aladdin.

Aladin settle close to the sleeping witch. It turned out that a

magic lamp protruding from the pocket. Aladdin then took it and immediately rub it.
"Get rid of these criminals, " said Aladdin to the fairy lights. Wizards woke up, then
attack the Aladdin. But the fairy lights were immediately slammed the witch to death.
"Thank you fairy lights, take us and the Palace was returned to Persia". Arriving in the
Persian Aladin happy life. He uses the magic of fairy lights to help poor people and

Nama : krisna rizky

Kelas : VIII dhe

Tugas : bahasa inggris