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NOTE: Important

Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Dirt will cause leaks, 7. Remove teflon rings from valve body by carefully cutting
noise and improper operation of the Hydraulic system. them so as not to damage or nick grooves. NOTE: To aid
Thoroughly clean the outside of the unit. Keep work area clean in installing teflon rings, they may be heated in boiling
and wash ai! parts in a proper cleaning solvent; wipe dry with water for 5-10 minutes. Dry completely and lubricate
a lint free cloth or air dry. before installation.
Protect the surfaces and edges of all parts. Many parts
are precision made and any nicks, burrs or scratches will Cleaning and Inspection
mean replacing the part. Compare all O-rings and seals for Clean all parts thoroughly and air dry or wipe clean with a
proper size and fit. lint free cloth. When reinstalling component parts coat
generously with power steering fluid. Replace all seals and
gaskets. Examine all parts surfaces for imperfections and
SERVICING THE STEERING GEAR UNIT replace where needed. NOTE: In some cases where slight
corrosion is evident, crocus cloth can be used to remove the
Removal corrosion.
1. Center steering wheel and mark coupling flanges
and stub shaft for proper realignment. Reassembly
2. Remove the pressure arid return lines at the steering 1. Assemble the rotary valve to the worm by aligning the
gear. Cap all lines to prevent loss of fluid. narrow pin slot in the valve body with the pin on the worm.
Install retaining ring as shown in insert. Screw worm and
3. Remove the pinch bolt from the lower coupling valve into rack piston until valve face and rack piston face
flange (steering shaft). Remove pitman shaft nut and are flush. Install assembly into gear as an integral unit. Do
the pitman shaft arm. not press on the stub shaft when installing unit. Install
.NOTE: On reassembly, the torque for the pitman bearing and adjuster plug.
shaft is 180 ft. Ibs.
4. Remove the three bolts securing the gear to the RETAINING RING — install
frame, in turn the entire unit can be removed from the with "curved in end" on
vehicle. same side as access hole.
Retaining ring access hole
NOTE: If mounting threads are stripped, do not
repair, replace entire housing. 2. Adjust worm bearing preload: Tighten adjuster plug
5. Invert gear (ports down), rotate stub shaft (Left or until it bottoms. Torque to 30 ft. Ibs. Mark housing
Right) for complete drainage of unit. and adjuster plug (in line). Measure 1/2" counterclockwise
and mark only the housing. Turn adjuster plug
Disassembly counterclockwise until line on adjuster plug matches tne
Washing the entire gear and laying out each part removed, second line on housing. Tighten lock nut with punch.
will aid in the reassemoly. 3. Turn the stub shaft until the center groove of the
1. Mount the steering gear in vise for ease of dis piston rack is aligned with the center of the pitman
assembly. shaft housing hole. Tape the splines of the pitman
shaft with exactly one wrapping of tape to protect
2. Loosen the over center adjusting screw lock nut. In the pitman shaft seals. More than one wrap of tape
sert punch in ring access hole, and depress side will cause binding of the shaft and seals due to the
cover to remove retaining ring. Using a soft hammer, close tolerance. Any tape such as masking tape can
tap the pitman shaft and side cover from housing: be used.
remove O-ring and side cover spring.
4. Install pitman shaft and cover, and adjust over cen
3. To remove rack piston and stub shaft assembly. ter preload.
remove lock nut with a punch from adjuster plug.
Remove adjuster plug using a 17mm hexagon driver. 1. Back off preload adjuster until it stops, then
Remove O-ring and inspect lower thrust bearing for screw in one full turn. With gear at center of travel,
smooth operation. check torque required to turn stub shaft using an
inch pound torque wrench. This will be reading (A).
4. To remove rack piston and valve assembly, push on
stub shaft and remove as an assembly, unscrew 2. Turn adjuster screw in until a reading at the stub
valve and worm from rack piston, and if needed, shaft is 6 to 10 inch pounds more than reading (A).
replace teflon ring and O-ring at this time. If the Torque lock nut to 32 ft. Ibs. Be certain adjuster
worm or the piston rack are to be replaced, they must screw does not turn when tightening lock nut.
be replaced as a matched set.
Installation and Adjustment
5. Remove stub shaft seal retaining ring and carefully
pry dust seal and oil sea! from housing bore. Insert Install the completed unit in the vehicle. Replenish the oil
finger into shaft cavity and turn thrust bearing race supply and cycle the unit several times to expel the trapped
while pulling up. If bearing turns smoothly, bearing is air in the system. Do not force the steering against the stops
O.K. Replace seals and lube with a calcium grease. for long periods of time for this will impose undue stress on
the entire hydraulic system.
6. Do not disassemble the rotary valve and spool ex*
cept for the possible replacement of the valve spool Road Test — Check for Leaks
damper O-ring. If this should become necessary,
remove the valve spool only — replace the O-ring and Road test for performance and follow with a check for
reinstall the spool immediately. Execute extreme possible hydraulic leak.
care when reassembling, rotate spool when install
ing to prevent binding and cocking of the spool in the