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Akai Marketing strategies

Our marketing strategy is more for less.

Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
We are offering products to the custom- Akai aims to offer a complete gamut of
ers at the lowest price points, loaded with home appliances and consumer electron-
many more features than available in the ics products. We are already into wash-
market for the same range. ing machines, color TVs, LCD TVs, LED
TVs, home theaters and DVD players.
Distribution strategies We have also launched our mobile range.
Our distribution strategy is similar to We are seriously considering cooling
that of others. We plan on increasing the products, inverters, and IT products.
number of direct dealers, direct accounts, Akai will make sure it fulfills the needs
and opening up counters for Akai that and requirements of consumers in home
will be easily accessible to consumers. electricals, electronics, as well as tele-
In areas where it is difficult for custom- communications.
ers to visit outlets, we are appointing
distributors. Key achievements
A soft launch was done six months back.
Advertising strategies We have started advertising only a
Basant Pande Our core focus area will be LED products, couple of months back. In this short time
which is the future of the TV business. period we have been able to capture the
Executive Vice President (Sales & Thus, we will be going very heavy in LED network, and now we have a national
Marketing):  Basant Pande
marketing cum advertising. network in place.
Company:  Global Brands Enterprise
Also, Akai, under the Videocon umbrella,
Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Akai) Communication strategies was only focusing on low-end products
Corp. Off.:  Plot No. 97, Sector-44, Providing high quality products at for a long time. We have changed that
Gurgaon - 122002 reasonable prices is what we will be and are focusing on high-end products,
Tel:  91-124-4305000 communicating to the consumers in the including LCDs and LED televisions.
Fax:  91-124-4305020 up-market segment. Our communication
Email: strategy will be based on our advertising Company’s vision
strategy—we are offering more for less. To reach as many households in India as
Akai is the only brand in India that of- possible, and provide maximum satisfac-
Ad Agency:  Everest Advertising fers imported CRT TVs. LCDs are also tion to the Indian consumers.
Private Limited
imported because we do not manufacture
them here. The best selling model of Akai
LEDs recently launched internationally,
has simultaneously been launched in
India too.

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The CE marking certifies that a product
AVART Marketing strategies
ll AVART draws upon its design expe-
has met EU consumer safety, health or
environmental requirements. CE stands
rience to create innovative products
for conformité européenne, French for
that aim to make an ecological change
European conformity.
in human life as we live today.
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is
ll AVART designs and supplies audio
an independent product safety certifica-
video accessories. Our products in-
tion organization. UL develops standards
clude Mightymount—swivel brackets
and test procedures for products, materi-
for LCD TVs. We sell our products
als, components, assemblies, tools and
through value-added resellers and
equipment, chiefly dealing with product
CE retailers.
safety. UL is one of several companies ap-
ll Our company has a proprietary niche
proved for such testing by the US federal
in the market—innovation, design,
agency OSHA.
market, channels, quality, cost, and
TÜVs (short for Technischer Überw-
achungs-Verein, Technical Inspection
Distribution strategies Association in English) are German
organizations that work to validate the
AVART is a Mumbai-based company safety of products of all kinds, to protect
Saurabh Shah and intends to cater to the entire Indian humans and the environment against
market by setting up distributors across hazards.
Product Manager:  Saurabh Shah major metro cities in India. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Company:  AVART We cater to the traditional CE retail Directive (or RoHS) was adopted in Feb-
Corp. Off.:  D-6, Dinathwadi, L.J. channel as well as modern trade with ruary 2003 by the European Union, and
Road, Mahim (W), Mumbai – 400016, customer-centric products and pricing. is required to be enforced and become
Maharashtra, India law in each member state. This direc-
Tel:  91-22-24314322 Advertising and communication tive restricts the use of six hazardous
Fax:  91-22-24314325 strategies materials in the manufacture of various
Email: ll Advertisements in gadgets and home types of electronic and electrical equip-
electronics magazines and journals ment. It is closely linked with the Waste
targeted towards consumers, high- Electrical and Electronic Equipment Di-
lighting ease and convenience, along rective (WEEE) 2002/96/EC, which sets
with aesthetics which would comple- collection, recycling, and recovery targets
ment their décor. for electrical goods, and is part of a leg-
ll In-store promotion with POP mate- islative initiative to solve the problem of
rial demonstrating the products func- huge amounts of toxic e-waste.
tionality and benefits, with special
emphasis on quality. Company’s vision
ll We are a company of a business dedi-
Plans for the Indian market in the cated to achieving sustained growth
coming three years in quality cash flow.
ll We intend to increase our reach ll We maintain a long-term perspective,

across the country, while adding new an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong

and better products to our existing balance sheet, and the highest ethical
portfolio. standards.
ll We recognize the customer as our
Key achievements most important asset and our people
ll AtAVART we emphasize on quality, as our most important resource. We
hence Mightymounts have the follow- are dedicated to developing both.
ing internationally acclaimed quality
and safety certifications

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Managing Director:  Mansoor
Company:  AMFAH India
Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Corp. Off.:  1005, Samarth
Vaibhav, Lokhandwala
Andheri (W) Mumbai –
Tel:  91-22-26338546
Fax:  91-22-26319572
Web: &
Ad Agency:  Aria Mediuz
Mansoor Ali

Marketing strategies
Our marketing strategies mainly revolve around creating
a lot of awareness, and educating our customers about the
utility of our products, and the tangible and intangible
benefits they can provide to their lives.
After water purification in the domestic sector, we believe
strongly that in the next coming decade there will also be
products catering to air purification and dehumidifica-
tion, thanks to rising health issues and awareness.

Advertising and communication strategies

We are focusing on the education of our customers through
various channels of communication about the concepts of
the products, and will be focusing on increasing our brand
and product visibility on an all-India level.

Plans for the Indian market in the coming

three years
We intend to introduce new products to the market,
adding to our existing range of products, and offer a
large range to our trade partners, with many innovative
products. We will also expand our operations to all major
territories covering the network.

Key achievements
We feel that our key achievements are best expressed
by the wide acceptance and satisfaction levels of end
users, and trade partners’ feedback on our products
across India.

Company’s vision
AMFAH’s vision is to become the most established trading
organization, with an edge on understanding the market
and meeting the supply chain with cost-effectiveness.

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up in a very big way in the Western and
BELTEK Marketing strategies
Beltek has been a major force in the
Southern markets, where there is already
a certain amount of brand awareness. We
North Indian market for the last 38
are also in the process of launching new
years due to the quality of the products
products such as a juicer-mixer-grinder
offered and a prompt after sales sup-
and microwave ovens, which would give
port, which enables the distributors
a boost to our home appliances division,
and dealer network to impose complete
along with the 6 Kg and 8 Kg washing
faith in our brand. We are committed to
machines, which were launched in Febru-
developing products that go beyond the
ary 2010. We also plan to launch shortly,
current expectation of value and quality.
the 6Kg single tub washer, which is in
For example, we have developed a 21-
great demand in our network.
inch flat CTV with a built-in USB port,
Next year, we plan to launch our range
which can enable the user to play mov-
of LCD and LED TVs in sizes 20-inch,
ies, songs, and pictures directly with the
26-inch, 32-inch and above.
TV set, without the requirement of any
Our new unit is under way in Chennai,
additional equipment. By offering such
Tamil Nadu, from where we plan to ad-
new products that are viable in our exist-
dress the South Indian states. We plan to
ing market, we have managed to offer a
Mohit Verma manufacture our CTVs and DVD players
complete basket to our end customers.
in this unit in stage one.
Our main area of operation is the rural
Director:  Mohit Verma market where the end customer is not Key achievements
Company:  Beltek India Limited only price sensitive, but also very quality
The company has achieved an overall
Corp. Off.:  A-37, Mayapuri Industrial conscious, and hence wants the full value
20 percent growth compared to the last
Area, Phase – 2, New DelhI – 110064 of the product purchased.
financial year. In the true flat segment,
Tel:  91-11-41845368 we have attained a record breaking 200
Advertising and communication
Fax:  91-11-41845365 percent growth. We are one of the few
strategies companies which are offering a complete
Apart from the usual leaflets, posters range of Ultra-Slim CTV (four models).
Ad Agency:  Continental Advertising
and danglers, and other POP material, We are also offering a 21-inch flat CTV
we also undertake in-shop branding very with a built-in USB port. We plan to
seriously to motivate the dealers. During launch our 15-inch slim CTV in the com-
the festive season there is a tie up with ing months.
the distributors for local print media and We have registered a 33 percent growth
cable ads. Huge hoardings and welcome in the sales of our DVD models, despite
gates are put up in the peak season to the threat from the grey market and local
highlight the brand. manufacturers.

Plans for the Indian market in the

coming three years
Apart from consolidation in the North
India region, we are planning to come

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Blue Star Distribution strategies
We have over 600 strong sales and ser-
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
vice dealer networks across the country. We have plans to introduce a much wider
This covers the metros as well as the range of window and split air-condition-
Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. We intend to ers across different star categories. To ad-
further expand our reach in Tier 2 and dress the growing residential market, we
Tier 3 cities since we see a higher growth will have a wider variety of aesthetically
potential there. appealing units with a few color variants.
In the commercial air-conditioning cat-
Marketing and advertising egory, we continue to have a unique and
strategies strong line up of energy efficient mega
Blue Star has long enjoyed the status of split ACs, and a full line up of cassette
being a preferred choice for central air- and free-standing units.
conditioning requirements in the corpo- With both the residential, as well as
rate and commercial (C&C) sector. corporate and commercial segments ex-
Based on the fact that Blue Star is a pected to grow well over the next three
leader in central air-conditioning and years, Blue Star hopes to grow its busi-
is reputed to be an office-cooling expert, ness, both in the room air-conditioner,
C.P. Mukundan Menon as well as commercial air-conditioning
the value proposition of get office-like
cooling at home was born. This enabled segments.
Vice President, Room Air-
Blue Star to leverage its reputation of
conditioners Division:  C.P. Key achievements
Mukundan Menon cooling larger spaces, as well as commu-
nicate that consumers can get the same The current year was a golden summer
Company:  Blue Star Ltd.
cooling expertise at home. Moreover, this for almost all of the room air-conditioner
Corp. Off.:  Kasturi Buildings, J Tata proposition is differentiated, as most players. Blue Star grew by roughly 32
Road, Churchgate, Mumbai-400020 other brands in the room AC space can- percent this summer, and there has been
Tel:  91-22-66654000 not stake the same claim. a wide acceptance of the new line up of
Fax:  91-22-66654150 Based on the value proposition, a new TV energy efficient star-rated air-condition-
Email:  coolingsolutions@ commercial was created. In addition, to ers introduced this year. ensure 360 degree branding, the activi-
Web: ties were optimized across various other
media, such as print, hoardings, and the
Ad Agency:  Interface
Internet, along with some on-ground
Communications Pvt. Ltd.
PR Agency:  Pressman Advertising

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Canon Marketing strategies
Canon Image Express, a year-long mo-
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
bile campaign, aims to reach out to our Canon will continue to launch its tech-
customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and nologically advanced products for the
showcase our gamut of products. Canon Indian market. We will also continue
will spend about `10 crore on this unique to target Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets so
campaign. The caravan will cover 20 as to make available Canon products to
states and 38 cities under this innovative everyone.
project. It will travel continuously for 266
days and over 18,000 kms. This is yet Company’s vision
another strategic, innovative initiative Canon India sets to touch `1200 Crores
from Canon, to reach out to the Tier 2 during the calendar year 2010, which will
and Tier 3 markets to garner a greater be a 43 percent growth over 2009. Canon
market share. The canters will be parked focuses on multiple market segments
in various cities and will create a 4800 including consumer, B2B, government,
square foot showroom, showcasing all and commercial.
products from the house of Canon. People
will be able to come in, touch, feel, and
Shunichi Senda try the products.

Director-ICP:  Shunichi Senda Distribution strategies

Company:  Canon India Canon has already expanded its penetra-
Corp. Off.:  2nd Floor, Towers A & B, tion to over 200 towns, with a partner
Cyber Greens, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon strength of more than 1500 across the
- 122002 country. Canon has over 380 primary
Tel:  91-124-4160000 channel partners, 13 national retail
Fax:  91-124-4160011 chain partners, and over 4000 second-
ary retail points, including 270 national
retail chain store partners and 33 Canon
PR Agency:  20:20 Media Care Centers. Canon products are avail-
able in over 400 towns in India. Our
aim is to make Canon products easily
available to all markets and segments
in India.

Advertising and communication

Canon recently launched a television
commercial, My IXUS, My Style for
its IXUS range of cameras. We very
recently launched similar television
commercials—My IXUS, My Style and
My Onam, My Style in Malayalam. The
TVC launched is for the IXUS range
of cameras. The stylish and creatively
rich commercial is focused on young-
sters, as this range is designed for the
fashion-forward customers, and those
who appreciate beautiful form and high
functionality in a compact camera.

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Dynamic photo is a function that creates
Casio Marketing strategies
There is huge growth potential with
moving photos by cutting moving subjects
from one background and combining
a second generation of camera users
those images on a different still image.
exploring functionality over and above
In addition to composites made with a
mega pixels and optical zoom. Here,
still image background, cut-out moving
Casio has a big role to play. We have
images can now be pasted on other mov-
the best quality cameras with unique
ing images as well. This new capability
and exciting features that aptly fit with
raises the power of expression of images.
the requirements of today’s generation of
Thus, while increasing the fun of creating
camera users. We are planning to target
images, these models will also increase
these customers in the coming future.
the fun of sharing images by making it
easy to upload images to YouTube™ us-
Distribution strategies ing the included software, or post them
Camera penetration per person is very to a blog.
low, and hence there is a huge potential
for digital cameras; this growth trend Plans for the Indian market in the
will continue for the next 5-10 years. coming three years
Additionally, being highly diversified
Kulbhushan Seth culturally and geographically, a lot of We have very optimistic growth plans for
efforts are required to develop and pen- the next couple of years, and at Casio we
Head, Sales and will be investing aggressively to grow our
etrate into the market. So, we are first
Marketing:  Kulbhushan Seth camera business in India.
planning to consolidate our sales in top
Company:  Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd.
cities, and after that we will spread to
Corp. Off.:  210, Okhla Industrial Key achievements
other potential cities.
Estate, Phase-III, New Delhi We strive to give a new direction to the
Tel:  91-11-41054321 photography market worldwide. Casio
Advertising and communication launched the first digital camera with
Fax:  91-11-41054329 strategies LCD display in the year 1995. Slim-
Unlike other camera manufacturers who ness was introduced by us in 2003. Our
Web: are focusing on pricing, at Casio we are first slim camera, Exilim was of credit
Ad Agency:  ADK planning to focus our communication card size and just 11.3 mm thick. We
PR Agency:  Perspective on key features like premium auto, and introduced our first camera with 1000
dynamic photo. images storage space, and battery life
Premium auto is one of our unique in single charge. We introduced the first
features which enables a camera to high-speed camera in still photography,
automatically analyze the scene being which can shoot at speeds of 30-60 im-
photographed — including distinguish- ages in a second, can capture different
ing night scenes, back lighting, a blue moods in a second, and can choose the
sky, green trees, or a sunset — as well best. These cameras can record videos at
as sensing whether there is a face in speeds of 1000–1200 frames per second.
the frame, the movement and position Our latest camera was launched with
of the subject, and whether a tripod is premium auto, which with its fast im-
being used. It simultaneously optimizes age processing, automatically analyzes
settings for exposure, ISO sensitivity, environmental elements (up to 100,000
point of focus, photo blur correction, tonal combinations), and performs optimal set-
range and color balance, and level of up based on actual subject information,
noise reduction. Premium auto is a state- giving a perfect picture every time.
of-the-art, fully automatic function that
makes it easy for users to take superior Company’s vision
quality photos just by pushing the shut- Casio’s corporate creed is creativity and
ter button, by analyzing the image at the contribution. It expresses the company’s
level of individual pixels, and performing commitment to contributing to society
different corrections for human subjects by offering the kind of original, useful
and the background. products that only Casio can.

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project was on energy efficiency and life-
Carrier Marketing strategies
In the first quarter of the year, the
cycle cost benefits for the customer.
company introduced a new brand iden- Distribution strategies
tity on a global level that combines the
The company believes that business is
elements of a stylized green leaf with
not just about products, but more about
the existing turn to the experts tag line.
people. Unlike other consumer durables
This new brand identity represents our
like televisions and refrigerators, that do
longstanding commitment towards the
not need regular service, air-conditioners
environment, implemented across prod-
are engineered items as automobiles are,
ucts, services, and operations, and is a
and require regular preventive mainte-
clear indication of our commitment to,
nance. Therefore, a strong service net-
and focus on sustainability.
work is a critical part of our marketing
This focus is manifested in all of our
strategy. We have an extremely strong
activities. It includes developing prod-
dealer distribution network, and this is
ucts which are more sustainable, and
our strength.
systems, processes and procedures that
Most of our dealers are sales and service
adhere to the highest possible standards
dealers, including over 600 dealers across
of environmental appreciation.
Krishan Sachdev the country, of which 350 are Carrier-
For more than 20 years, Carrier has led
exclusive dealers. We are also looking
with sustainable solutions to advance
Director Marketing and to increase this number. We believe it is
energy efficiency and ozone protection,
Strategy:  Krishan Sachdev going to be a key differentiator when it
while minimizing the environmental
comes to providing service to customers
Company:  Carrier Airconditioning & impact of its manufacturing operations
across the country.
Refrigeration Ltd. This is an ingrained value that is cher-
ished both by the company, as well as Advertising and communication
Corp. Off.:  Narsingpur, Kherki
Daula Post, NH 8, Gurgaon- 122004, its people, and all actions and activities
have a direct linkage to this value that strategies
we profess and nurture. The new brand We believe a product, to a large extent,
Tel:  91-124-4825500 speaks for itself, and a person who has ex-
identity is being used in all of our com-
Fax:  91-124-2372230 munications, be it advertisements, cata- perienced a good product will not only go
Web: logs, mailers, or websites, and aims not back to the same brand for a repeat buy,
Ad Agency:  Percept H Pvt. Ltd. only to convey our philosophy, but also but will also recommend the product and
(MASH) to educate and make the populace aware brand to their acquaintances, friends,
of the need to focus on sustainability to and family. What we have also seen is
PR Agency:  Percept Profile
ensure a better tomorrow. that although penetration levels in India
In terms of residential products, the com- for residential air-conditioning are quite
pany continues to pursue its focus on en- low, there is a substantial amount of
ergy efficiency and developing products repeat buying from customers who are
with non-ozone depleting refrigerants. experienced and knowledgeable air con-
The company launched a whole new ditioner buyers. People who have already
range of products called Durakool Star purchased a Carrier air-conditioner look
in the high wall category, which bear the forward to buying their second or third
BEE five-star and four-star ratings. air-conditioner from Carrier. We believe
In the commercial space, Carrier recently they will recognize a product not just by
concluded a prestigious project with ITC the cost, but its overall value.
Hotel Royal Gardenia. The hotel selected We are members of the Indian Green
Carrier’s energy efficient non-ozone Building Council, and are actively in-
depleting Evergreen® 23XRV screw volved with many of the green building
chiller that achieves up to forty percent initiatives in the industry. We are part of
more energy savings than the industry many green-focused trade bodies, events,
standard, and has been installed in many and advertising. Our focus in communi-
green buildings around the world. This cation is also along the same lines. The
is the first hotel in Asia that achieved a commercial consumer is very discerning
platinum green rating with the help of and understands the significance of such
Carrier products. The main focus of the a focus on the environment as a whole,
(Continued ...)

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Carrier.indd 24 10/18/10 12:33:44 PM

Carrier as well as a life-cycle focus to ensure the
lowest overall cost of operation. The cost
80 percent in 2008.
Toshiba caters to the premium end of the
(continued ) of owning such a product in the long-run market. Toshiba and Carrier formed a
is something that continues to influence highly successful worldwide joint venture
buying decisions. for air-conditioning over 10 years ago.
We will continue to focus on sustain- Inverter air conditioners, a technology
ability moving forward, and focus on invented by Toshiba, forms a significant
reaching our customers through various part of our Toshiba sales in India. We
available media and other vehicles, ef- have a wide range of inverter-based
fectively and efficiently. products, from high walls and cassette
units, to the sophisticated, advanced
Key achievements VRF product SMMS. Toshiba products
Carrier India has been recognized for are in the ultra high efficiency range. In
its commitment to environmental stew- fact, the highest energy efficiency 1.5T
ardship. hi-wall, as per the BEE website, is a
In the consumer goods manufacturing Toshiba five-star rated product.
sector we have received the prestigious
National Energy Conservation Award for Company’s vision
three consecutive years (2007, 2008, and Carrier India’s vision is to be recognized
2009, respectively), with a citation of top as the leader of every segment we oper-
rank in 2009. Carrier also won first prize ate in, by being customer-focused in
in the manufacturers of BEE star labeled everything we do; delivering best-in-
appliances (air-conditioner) sector that class products, as well as aftermarket
was created in 2009, taking into con- service; being environmentally conscious;
sideration the energy savings achieved establishing a performance culture
through the sale of energy efficient ap- that respects human values and team
pliances over a two-year period. work; and remaining embedded in our
The National Energy Conservation core values regarding safety and ethics;
Awards are bestowed by the Govern- thereby growing profitability ahead of
ment of India through the Ministry of the market every year by making Car-
Power and, Bureau of Energy Efficiency rier a preferred choice for all within the
to recognize manufacturers that have HVACR industry.
achieved excellence in energy conserva- We are a full-range HVAC company, with
tion. The Energy Conservation Awards a focus on both the residential, as well
have been recognitions of our focus on as the commercial segment. We are also
sustainability in the country. focused on the retail, as well as dealer
In 2009, energy labeling of products was channels. This unique status allows us to
voluntary. However, of Carrier India’s offer products to all types of customers,
manufactured residential products, over catering to all segments of the market as
95 percent were energy-labeled, up from a true expert in air-conditioning.

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Carrier.indd 26 10/18/10 12:33:45 PM

D&M Premium Strategies, plans, and offerings
At D&M Premium Sound Solutions, the
Sound genesis of our existence lies in creating
sound, and the customer always remains
Solutions at the core of our activities. This faith is
reflected in the name we gave ourselves.
Head – Sales & Marketing:  Somkant We are a fully-owned subsidiary of D&M
Apshete Holdings, Inc., Japan. The D&M pre-
mium brands include Denon, Marantz,
Company:  D&M Premium Sound
Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, Snell, Cal-
rec, and others.
Corp. Off.:  504, Pentagon Tower 2,
Formerly Philips Sound Solutions, our
Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune-
global organization spearheads the
development and introduction of ad-
Tel:  91-20-66207621 vanced audio technology. State-of-the-
Fax:  91-20-66207604 art research labs and highly automated
Email:  marketing.india@dm-holdings. production lines help us serve very high-
com profile OEM clientele. Belonging to such
Web: a pedigree in India too, we have brought
innovation and entrepreneurship in ad-
dressing local needs and coming up with
market-winning products. This enables
discerning customers to get everything
they desire at the best value. Our unique
proposition is in giving one-stop solutions
to the customer.
Innovative by instinct, we inspire design
and get inspired by design. Decades of
experience and competence in acoustics
are reflected in the products we bring
to life. Present in both the consumer,
as well as the automotive segments,
our product range comprises of home
theater speaker systems, multimedia
speaker systems (for desktops, laptops,
MP3 players, and mobile phones), ceiling
speakers, full range drivers and woofers,
car head units, car amplifiers, and car
Shortly, we also plan to launch an entire
category, of home theater and multimedia
speakers under the US premium brand
name Boston for the mass market.

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DMPSS.indd 27 10/18/10 12:39:49 PM

and even on their balconies and terraces.
Daikin Strategies, vision, and achieve-
The second area of excellence is technol-
ogy, and continuous product innovation.
India presents a very exciting opportuni- This year we have already launched eco-
ty for business, and the air-conditioning nomic models, without compromising on
segment is no exception. Changing life- technology, and now everyone can enjoy
styles, disposable incomes, falling prices the comfort and calmness of Daikin air-
of air conditioners, and the falling cost of conditioners. The third differentiator is
running an air conditioner (which used our channel and customer service. With
to be a major concern in the minds of 30 service centers manned by over 125
people), are all driving AC penetration. people, and a multi-lingual 24x7 call
Air-conditioning penetration is poised to center, Daikin has changed the percep-
grow from 3 percent in 2009 to 4 percent tion of air-conditioning after-sales service
by 2012, and 5 percent by 2015. The in India. Daikin today, meets most of
overall scenario seems to be extremely its installation requests within 12 to 24
positive for air conditioners. hours. The track record of field repairs, if
As far as project business is concerned, required, is similar. We continue to work
there has been pent-up demand, and to improve these efficiencies even further.
one always sees a lag effect coming into In addition to all of this, the company
Kanwal Jeet Jawa the project business. So, when the entire recently set up a new line for VRV ACs
environment was very bad in terms of and chillers at its 40 acre Manesar plant.
MD & COO:  Kanwal Jeet Jawa
economic conditions, commercial busi- The facility is a first-of-its-kind, state-
Company:  Daikin Airconditioning ness continued to do well, and thereafter, of-the-art facility, and is an engineering
India Private Limited while the economy is being revived, the marvel. All of these initiatives will help
Corp. Off.:  12th Floor, Building No. 9, demand is only getting better. Though us gain market share at a very rapid
Tower A, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase there was a slight dip in commercial busi- pace. We are leaders in many markets
III, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India ness for a few months in 2009, now the around the world, and aim to be leaders
Tel:  91-124-4555444 growth is again looking very healthy. in India as well.
Fax:  91-124-4555333 This year Daikin is celebrating ten years Daikin India is expecting a major jump
Email: of excellence in India. 2010 is a year of in AC sales this year, led by a growth in
emergence for the new Daikin India. split ACs. Overall, we expect to double
From being a leader in the premium our sales this year.
Ad Agency:  Percept air-conditioning segment, we now aim Our core values have never changed over
to become leaders in the HVAC segment the years, and will never change in the
as a whole. future as well. Over the years, Daikin In-
Daikin has identified three key areas of dia has dedicated itself to improving the
excellence to differentiate itself. The first quality of life by developing innovative
is the brand, which indisputably stands and eco-friendly technologies. Customer
for reliability, trustworthiness, and has a satisfaction drives all of our actions, and
premium image. Consumers are proud to we strive to establish Daikin as a brand
display the brand Daikin in their homes, synonymous with trust.

28 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Daikin.indd 28 10/18/10 12:36:14 PM

to deliver an engaging and personalized
Dish TV Marketing strategies
Dish TV is known for its dedicated
experience to its subscribers. Once again
setting a benchmark and redefining the
customer focus, and we constantly en-
business through service innovations and
deavor to deliver sustained value to our
the highest standard of customer service.
customers through innovative product
Being launched for the first time in the
offerings and service initiatives. As the
service industry, these services empower
pioneer and undisputed leader in the
Dish TV subscribers, and assure them
Indian DTH industry, we are committed
the best of services at their doorstep.
to delighting our customers and offering
innovations to enrich their TV viewing Key achievements
experience. Dish TV maintains a 360
Dish TV has achieved the momentous 8
degree approach in marketing, with uni-
million subscribers mark, and aims to
form communication across media. We
reach 10 million subscribers by the end
at Dish TV firmly believe that innovation
of this year. This is clearly the fastest
is the key differentiator for our business,
growth achieved by any DTH service
and channeling it appropriately helps us
provider in the country. Dish TV has
to continuously deliver enhanced experi-
always taken the lead in enhancing the
ences to our customers. Dish TV offers
Salil Kapoor value proposition of the DTH category by
maximum entertainment options and
introducing next generation value-added
the largest content basket at an attrac-
COO:  Salil Kapoor services and the highest standard of the
tive price point. Our aim is to provide
customer delivery, thereby expanding the
Company:  Dish TV India Limited the consumers with the best of home
DTH market.
Corp. Off.:  FC – 9, Film City, Sector entertainment and convenience, through
16-A, Noida 201301 UP great value propositions. Company’s vision
Tel:  91-120-2599555, 2599395 Dish TV has always stood by its prom-
Distribution strategies
Fax:  91-120-2511186 ise of pioneering vision, adherence to
Dish TV has equal presence across the
Web: quality, technological innovations, and
length and breadth of the country, and its
Ad Agency:  McCann Worldgroup TAG breakthrough initiatives. Our philosophy
footprint covers all major cities, as well
Ideation of delivering value and service excellence
as the most remote areas such as Sia-
PR Agency:  Linopinion
to our customers, combined with strong
chen, and Ladakh. Dishtv has a sizeable
business leadership has made Dish TV
distribution infrastructure of over 1400
the largest DTH service provider in the
distributors and 55,000 dealers across
country. Dish TV has always been at
6600 towns–once again, the largest in
the forefront of bringing innovative and
the category. Dish TV is the only DTH
path-breaking offers, creating industry
platform that provides live television on
benchmarks. The DTH segment has seen
computers, in aircrafts aboard Kingfisher
record additions, and we believe that this
Airlines, railways, and in cars, buses,
trend is likely to continue. Innovation
ships, and yachts.
is the key driver of Dish TV, and the
Advertising and communication company’s strong commercial position
is the result of consistent commitment
strategies to advancing technologies. We’re winning
Dish TV has taken another innovative in the marketplace, investing for the
leap to reach its customers with a revo- future, and confident in the enormous op-
lutionary service campaign – Call me and portunity that lies ahead. Every month,
Home Pick service. For the first time in around one million subscribers are join-
the service industry, the company will ing in the DTH platform. It is expected
reach out to the customer instead of the that the country will overtake the US by
customer calling the company. With this sheer numbers within the early part of
unique service campaign, Dish TV strives the coming year.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 29

Dish TV.indd 29 10/18/10 12:38:23 PM

Electrolux Marketing strategies
Our products are mainly designed around
Plans for the Indian market in the
next three years
(PE Electronics) the concept thinking of you, which means
our products are innovative, advanced,
Electrolux will totally refurbish its
product range for the Indian market.
Ltd. and easy to use, which helps the modern
customer to manage multiple tasks with
Our aim is to make our products more
user-friendly with the introduction of
ease. The Electrolux product range in- an international range in the Indian
cludes refrigerators, washing machines, market.
microwave ovens, and air conditioners.
We will mainly accentuate key features, Company’s vision
including DC inverter technology in Our vision is to emerge as one of the
air conditioners, and the time manager leading brands in terms of preference
series in washing machines. Electrolux and admiration by 2012.
will target the mass premium segment
by engaging the customer at multiple
points like in-home, in-store, and out
of home, through advertising in the
electronic media and merchandising at
retail outlets.

Distribution strategies
We are focusing on 61 MPV towns that
Sajeev R will drive growth. We have only direct
dealers in all 61 towns, and ensure that
Chief Operating Officer:  Sajeev R. our trade partners have high retention
and profitability. To expand our reach
Company:  Electrolux, PE Electronics
we will also have a distribution-based
network in other towns, coupled with a
Corp. Off.:  5th Floor, Corporate
rural strategy.
Center, Opp Hotel VITS, Andheri Kurla
Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400059 Advertising and communication
Tel:  91-22-61171000
We want Electrolux home appliances to
Ad Agency:  Mudra Communications be the first choice for consumers. We will
launch Electrolux in a relevant, differen-
PR Agency:  Integral PR Services Pvt. tiated manner, and establish it as a pre-
Ltd. mium player. We have roped in Sonam
Kapoor as our brand ambassador, since
she is a perfect fit for Electrolux. This
will help us break clutter, and develop
immediate brand recall. We are sure that
with Sonam, there will be a far-reaching
impact and greater awareness of our
brand, creating positive buzz within the
trade, customers, and the media, since
she is a young, talented, and versatile
actress. Our advertising campaign will
be led by a TV commercial, and supported
by strong presence in retail outlets.

30 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Electrolux.indd 30 10/18/10 5:22:43 PM

ETA O’General
Company’s vision. The company plans to sell
Sr.General Manager – Sales &
200,000 units by next year, and become a `1000
Marketing:  N.K. Rao
crore company in two years time.
Brand:  O’General ACs. Distribution strategies. ETA General’s aim is to
Company:  ETA General Pvt. Ltd. expand its distribution network into Tier 2 and  3rd Floor New No.63, Tier 3 cities.
Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Plans for the Indian market in the coming three
Chennai-600034 years. With the introduction of star rating in India,
Tel:  91-44-43402345 ETA General will come up with only top-class prod-
Email: ucts, having mostly five-star ratings, to cater to the
premium segment customers. Single split inverters
N.K. Rao will play a dominant role in the next three years in
Ad Agency:  R. K. Swamy the Indian market, where customers are looking to
have the latest technological machine with lower
power consumption. In the window segment, we
plan to launch three-star rated products in 1.5 T
and 2 T capacities.

Head-Sales & Marketing:  N. Sriram Marketing strategies. All of our recently launched
Brands:  Indesit Home Appliances new models of washing machines, dryers, and dish-
washers, come with Ecotime technology, which saves
Company:  ETA Star Appliances Pvt.
water, time, and energy. Indesit appliances have
pricing points that are value for high performance,
Corp. Off.:  3rd Floor, New No.71, Old. and also are energy efficient, reliable quality, and
No.63, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam,
come with an intense focus on after sales service.
Chennai 600 034
Distribution strategies. ETA-Indesit will be focus-
Tel:  91-44-43402345 ing on making a strong presence felt with premium
Fax:  91-44-43402343 retailers across India, and extending quality service.
Email: We are planning to create Experience Zones in to con-
N. Sriram Web: tinue exposing our wide range of Indesit products.
Advertising and communication strategies. Our
Ad Agency:  RK Swamy
focus is to create brand presence at the point of sale.
This will be well supported through BTL activities.
To increase visibility we would be using exhibitions,
promotional event,s and seasonal ATL activities.

DGM (Sales & Marketing):  S. Upendra Marketing strategies. Vestar airconditioners come
Brand:  Vestar Airconditioners with one of the best features, with very efficient
Japanese compressors. ESAPL will be introducing
Company:  ETA Star Appliances Pvt.
chest-type freezers under the Vestar brand shortly.
Distribution strategies. ESAPL is already spread
Corp. Off.:  3rd Floor, New No.71, Old.
into sales and service dealers, as well as a dis-
No. 63, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam,
tributor network with already around 400 dealers
Chennai 600034
across the country. ESAPL is planning to expand to
Tel:  +91-44-43402345 more than 600 dealers by the coming season, and
Fax:  +91-44-43402343 will also be focusing on retail networks. Specific
Email: focus shall also be given to enhance distribution
S. Upendra Web: networks in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
Ad Agency:  RK Swamy
Advertising and communication strategies. A
multimedia marketing campaign shall be under-
taken through both ATL and BTL activities. These
include print media, outdoor, road shows, digital
space, in-shop branding, and POP/POS.

32 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

ETA General.indd 32 10/18/10 12:41:41 PM

For the year 2010-11, JCT is looking at a
JCT Marketing Strategies for 2010-11
The Indian CTV market crossed the 20
CRT market of 18 million, and the LCD
market is expected to cross 2.5 million.
million mark during the year 2009-10.
Our strategy will be to run both of our
Out of this, CRT-based TVs were 18.6
lines to their optimum capacity. We also
million, and LCDs were 1.8 million. In
plan to launch, by the end of the year, 21-
fact, India was the only country to clock
inch Ultra Slim, which is now being intro-
growth in CRT-based TVs, thanks to
duced in the Indian market in a big way;
the initiative taken by the Tamil Nadu
while at the same time contining to meet
Government, which provided televisions
our commitments in conventional CRTs.
free-of-cost to underprivileged sections of
JCT plans to sell over four million CRTs
society, for whom television is still prob-
in 2010–11, with a full product range in
ably the only source of entertainment.
the small and medium segments.
Major drivers were, of course, the grow-
JCT has also added capacity to our
ing Indian economy, the growing middle-
electron gun and deflection yoke plant,
income households, and penetration in
in line with our increased CRT capac-
the rural markets by CTV makers.
ity and product range, to become cost
Huge potential still remains to be tapped,
efficient so as to be able to provide cost-
as it is estimated that over 100 million
competitiveness to our customers.
Deepak Dayal households in India are still without a
We will continuously work towards
General Manager- further strengthening our relationship
In terms of size, small (14 and 15-inch)
Marketing:  Deepak Dayal with all of our customers through new
TVs were about 30 percent, and mid (20
Company:  JCT Electronics Limited product innovations, product quality, and
and 21-inch) TVs were about 65 percent.
better service.
Address:  Thapar House, 124 Janpath, The large-size share remained at a mod-
The country can look to a much higher
New Delhi 110001 est 5 percent.
growth rate if the government stream-
Tel:  91-11-43534242 The Indian market also saw the introduc-
lines the CST, and VAT implementation
Fax:  91-11-23367861 tion of 21-inch Ultra Slim sets.
of the GST (which is a long-pending de-
LCD televisions were introduced big
Email: mand of the industry) urgently.
time, and sales were close to two million
Website:  www.JCTEL.COM If the manufacturing sector has to grow,
units. This segment is now expected to
there is a need to reexamine existing
grow by over 60 percent this year.
and proposed FTAs. We need to build
JCT achieved sales of more than 4.2 mil-
efficiencies and infrastructure to match
lion CRTs during the year 2009 –10.
China, which is our strongest competi-
Our major customers were LG, Videocon,
tor today.
and Onida, among several others.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 33

JCT.indd 33 10/18/10 12:50:17 PM

launched our campaign for the tilted drum
Godrej Marketing strategies
At Godrej, we are focused on strengthen-
washing machine in major national and
regional channels, with print support
ing our premium-end franchise, by intro-
across major newspapers throughout the
ducing products that are technologically
superior, and outstanding in terms of
It is also worthwhile to mention our
looks. While most of our recent product
unique, new initiative this year—Godrej
developments and new launches have
Eon I AM Woman of Courage. Through
been in the high-end segments, we also
this platform, we recognize women
see an opportunity to offer superior prod-
who have shown courage in their lives,
ucts in the mass segments, to upgrade
stepped beyond the confines of the kitch-
the existing customers from price-based-
en, and pursued their dreams, despite
purchase to value-based-purchase.
In terms of categories, we will continue
We will continue this momentum of high-
to strengthen our leadership position in
visibility campaigns throughout the year,
the refrigerator segment, with focus on
with innovative tie-ups, both in media
the high-end frost free segment. Apart
and ground activation, to provide a 360
from this, we will look for an acceler-
degree presence of the brand, and garner
ated growth rate in the air conditioner,
Kamal Nandi the preferences of our consumers.
washing machine, and microwave oven
segments, where we have been witness- Key achievements
VP-Sales & Marketing:  Kamal Nandi ing exceptional value and volume growth
We ended the financial year 2009-10 on
Company:  Godrej and Boyce Mfg. in the last two years.
a high note, with a slew of new product
Company Ltd. - Appliance Division Innovation in marketing, with multiple
introductions, innovative marketing
Corp. Off.:  Plant 11B, 1st Floor, LBS product launches, will define our market-
activities, and connecting with a larger
Marg, Vikhroli (W)-400079 ing strategy this year
base of consumers; and we are keeping
Tel:  91-22-67961700/1800 the momentum going this year, too.
Distribution strategies
Fax:  91-22-67966066 This year, we have expanded our product
Godrej, enjoys a strong distribution net-
Email: portfolio, both in terms of width and depth
work across India – both in cities and
Web: across categories. We started the year
smaller towns. Our products are avail-
with the launch of a new contemporary
Ad Agency:  JWT, Orchard able in more than 20,000 outlets across
range of LED, LCD, and CRT televisions
PR Agency:  Madison PR India. Apart from the sales network,
in the four states of Andhra Pradesh,
our biggest strength in small towns is
West Bengal, Kerala, and rest of Maha-
the service support that we are able to
rashtra. For the first time in India, we
provide (even at the most remote cor-
also launched the Game LCD TV.
ners) through our network of more than
Our Godrej Eon Digi Fresh refrigera-
400-plus Godrej Smartcare Authorized
tors series has also been appreciated by
Service Providers.
both trade and consumers. We recently
In modern trade, we have a well-es-
launched the tilted drum washing ma-
tablished relationship with the major
chine, the first of its kind. The new Eon
modern format retail brands across
Ergoz washing machine brings the conve-
the country like Next, Reliance Digital,
nience of a top-loading washing machine,
XCite, Future Group, and Woolworths.
with the efficiency of a conventional front-
We consider these associations as stra-
loading washing machine. The key to our
tegically significant ones because they
success has been constant innovation to
are not only opinion-making counters for
connect with the ever-evolving consumers,
today, but are also an important trade
and offering them the relevant technology
channel for tomorrow.
they need. We have been effectively using
Advertising strategies this approach in our product development
front, and this has become an integral
We will continue to invest in our new part of the company’s thought process,
positioning Designed by Curiosity. We driving each and every action of ours.
launched our new campaign for i-Fresh Godrej knows that innovation backed by
refrigerators on the same platform, which strong consumer research is the key to
was highly visible during the cricket creating products and services that give
extravaganza, IPL. Very recently, we total customer satisfaction.

34 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Godrej.indd 34 10/18/10 12:46:00 PM

Center. Through these experience cen-
Haier Marketing strategies
Haier is one of the fastest growing brands
ters Haier can put its premium products
within reach of the customers. The Haier
in India. A young brand with an expertise
Experience Center is a one-stop high-end
in technologically advanced products,
destination where a consumer gets to
the company is focusing on high-end
walk around, interact with, experience,
products which are designed and de-
and learn about Haier products. Product
veloped in various parts of the globe,
demos at the experience center are aimed
especially to meet the requirements of
at enhancing the Haier brand, and its
Indian consumers. This year Haier ad-
strength and leadership across key con-
opted an aggressive marketing strategy
sumer durables and electronics segments.
as a step to strengthen and combine our
The experience center is an exclusive re-
brand image in India. Haier unveiled a
tail channel concept that merges quality
new brand campaign titled, You Inspire
and preferences for all product categories
Us in the beginning of the year 2010.
under one roof, and in return promises the
The campaign was a tribute to the In-
consumers a better and unique buying
dian consumer, who has inspired many
experience. Haier has set a target of 75
technological and innovative changes in
stores to be opened by the end of this year.
our products.
Shanta Roy There are over 4500 retail outlets selling
As part of its annual activities, Haier
Haier products in India.
will be sponsoring the only contest for
Head-Marketing:  Shanta Roy married women and reality series, Haier Advertising and communication
Company:  Haier India Gladrags Mrs. India 2010. On-ground
and below the line activity is very im-
Corp. Off.:  B-1/A-14, Mohan Co-
operative Industrial Estate, Mathura portant to Haier, as this will ensure a In the beginning of the year, Haier
Road, New Delhi-110044 complete showcase of Haier products unveiled a new brand campaign titled,
to the customers. With the onset of the You Inspire Us. The campaign was a
Tel:  011-39496000/30674000
festival season, Haier is planning to tribute to all the Indian consumers who
Fax:  011-26971562 have inspired many technological and
launch various consumer offers for their
Email: customers this season. This year Haier innovative changes in our products. In
Web: has launched more than 25 new models June, Haier announced John Abraham
Ad Agency:  Arms Cresta nationwide, inspired by consumer expe- as their new brand ambassador. John
riences across product categories, as a will be featured across all brand commu-
PR Agency:  20:20 MEDIA
step forward in achieving its ambitious nications, as well as product advertising
growth plans. These include the ultra- for our wide range of consumer durables
slim full-HD LED backlit TVs, and a and electronics products. Later this
wide range of LCDs. Haier also launched year, Haier also launched an LED film
a new range of bottom-mount refrigera- featuring the new brand ambassador,
tors (BMRs) called the BMR Plus, new John Abraham, for the Fifa World Cup.
models in Empress series refrigerators, The film shows our new LED TV, with
side-by-side coupe refrigerators, deep real life images and stylish aesthetics.
freezers, five-star split ACs, and a range As part of its advertising strategies
of front and top-load washing machines. Haier has focused more on television for
Haier has also launched the Tiana wash- advertising, as it is a medium which has
ing machine, with near-zero pressure the highest reach amongst consumers. In
technology. select cities, Haier has gotten aggressive
with outdoor publicity.
Distribution strategies
Haier’s wide product range is designed to
Plans for the Indian market in the
cater to most customer requirements. To coming three years
display and demonstrate its huge range, Haier plans to consolidate its position as
Haier’s main focus is on its Haier Experi- a pioneer in path-breaking technology
ence Centers and Zones. The company is innovation, combined with great empha-
rapidly expanding its ground presence sis on customer care and requirements.
through this. Haier today offers a host of world-class
Haier has expanded its presence in the products, and has a presence in almost
country with the opening of its Experience (Continued ...)

36 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Haier.indd 36 10/18/10 12:46:39 PM

all segments of home appliances and
Haier consumer durables. The company offers
March 31) over the corresponding period
in 2009. The company has announced an
(continued ) more than 125 SKUs to the Indian con- overall growth target of 200 percent in
sumer, which are designed and developed 2010 over 2009. Haier achieved its 2009
keeping in mind the Indian consumer turnover of `350 crore by the month of
requirements and lifestyle. Haier also May 2010, as a result of setting up an
plans to launch a new range of products aggressive sales channel expansion for
and foray into a new product category – its electronics and appliances business,
small kitchen appliances such as blend- as well as expanding and consolidating
ers, toasters, citrus juicers, and electric its after-sales service network across
kettles. In the coming years, Haier plans the country. The initiative of Haier Ex-
to launch new models of LCD/LED TVs, perience Centers and Haier Experience
refrigerators, and washing machines. Zones has started paying off. There is a
We also plan to launch our 3D LED TV substantial increase in sales of high-end
in India. Haier will introduce laptops products.
and cameras in the coming months.
Premium mobile handsets are also in
the pipeline. Company’s vision
Our vision is be the most admired brand
Key achievements in India, providing innovative, state-of-
As part of its aggressive market strategy, the-art, user-friendly products of lasting
Haier registered a robust growth of 216 value to our customers, to make their
percent in the first quarter of 2010 (ended today better than yesterday.

38 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Haier.indd 38 10/18/10 12:46:40 PM

target customer in mind. The media mix
Hitachi Marketing strategies
At HHLI we work to create a differenti-
includes TV, newspapers, magazines,
outdoor, Internet, and BTL activities.
(HHLi) ated, unique, and premium brand image.
We have focused our approach on mar- Plans for the Indian market in the
keting planning, which takes the shape
of an integrated marketing communica-
coming three years
tion, including mass level and ground One of the major shifts for this year is to
level promotion. enter into the mass-premium market.
Today, HHLI has positive and strong We have already taken a step toward it
brand equity. We are creating value for by launching KAZE, a split AC brand for
our brand by giving a different experience Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. This model
to the customer through a combination will help in reaching out to those custom-
of many small steps at every level, be it ers from middle level income groups who
product, mass advertising, or showroom are aspiring to own Hitachi products. We
level promotion. are emphasizing increasing our presence
Innovation is the key aspect of HHLI’s through an exhaustive network, with an
business strategy. HHLI keeps on in- increase of 25–30 percent, and focus on
novating and introducing best-in-class Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns.
products to the Indian market every
year. HHLI’s main focus is on high-end Key achievements
Gurmeet Singh products. Our global experience helps We inaugurated our third plant in Kadi,
us marry the best of international stan- Gujarat in August of 2009. The new facil-
Head - Sales & Business Planning, dards and local needs, to have excellence ity is spread on a plot of 85,000 square
Vice President:  Gurmeet Singh in products and services. meters, with approximately 35,000
square meters of industrial shed. The
Company:  Hitachi Home & Life Distribution strategies new plant was built with a CapEx of `50
Solutions (India) Limited crore, and is equipped with advanced
Major emphasis will be placed on all
Corp. Off.:  Hitachi Complex, Karan of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns through machinery and testing labs. With this
Nagar, Kadi, Mehsana-382727, exhaustive network reach by appointing new plant our production capacity will
Gujarat new distributors. Currently we are pres- increase to 4 lakh units per annum.
ent in more than 250 towns across the HHLI always provides high-quality and
Tel:  91-2764-277571 highly energy efficient AC. Last year 79
country, at all of the premium retailers,
Fax:  91-2764-233425 including big retail chains. percent of the Hitachi split aircondition-
Email: ers sold were five-star rated.
Advertising and communication
strategies Company’s vision
Ad Agency:  Bates 141 In order to pass on a living environment
Inspiration, trust, and continual innova-
blessed with nature to the next genera-
tion are the core values that drive our
tion, HHLI will maintain close contact
brand. All of our innovations are India-
with the Lifestyle Zone in striving to
specific, coupled with the high quality,
contribute to the quality of life.
advanced technology, and trust that give
With increasing standards of living, the
us an edge over the others. This year we
need for premium and technologically
introduced another innovation, Direct
advanced products with unique and dif-
Efficient Technology, in all of our air-
ferentiating images is rising. Hitachi
conditioners, which makes them sensible
believes in inspiring the next; this state-
and intelligent, and provides high energy
ment embodies Hitachi’s commitment to
efficiency, efficient and silent cooling, and
continue to inspire coming generations
consistent comfort. We have introduced
with the latest products, systems, and
a new range of split AC—i-TEC (Tr. 1.5)
services, for a more vibrant and better
based on DC inverter technology, and
society. It is also an expression of our
ACE Followme (Tr. 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 & 2.0). In
strong commitment to boldly face what-
the duct segment, Hitachi has the Takumi
ever new challenges the times bring us
series, which is one of the best products
– whatever comes next. Hitachi intends to
with the best specifications among brands
be the catalyst for a changing society. As
in the Indian market. All of our commu-
society changes, so will Hitachi.
nication strategies are made keeping our

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 39

Hitachi Home.indd 39 10/18/10 12:49:34 PM

LG’s role in human lives, as a brand that
LG Marketing strategies
To drive home the core brand proposition
enriches lives through its innovations
and positive energy.
of enriching lives through technology,
LG Electronics launched its new com- Distribution strategies
munication theme under the Life’s Good
In keeping with its commitment to re-
umbrella Let’s Create a Wonderful Life.
define retail standards in the Indian con-
This resulted in gains for the brand in
sumer durables industry, LG Electronics
awareness and preference across the
has launched its exciting brand shops
board. Continuing its marketing initia-
across India. The LG Shop aims to offer
tives behind sports, LG Electronics, in
an experiential journey into the complete
association with ICC, announced the
digital lifestyle product range of LG, and
third edition of their Lead XI campaign,
serve as a one-stop-shop for all the digital
which was created to promote national
needs of a household.
spirit among children, and realize their
Taking concrete steps to effectively cap-
dreams of walking with their cricket
ture the growing organized retail market,
heroes to the ground. The campaign
and redefine standards for digital lifestyle
focused on the young Indian talent, and
retailing, LG is setting up a chain of ex-
presented India’s future stars on a global
L.K. Gupta clusive premium showrooms all across the
platform. With this, LG India promotes
country, and has chalked out a roll-out
the feeling of nationalism and provides
CMO:  L.K. Gupta plan to implement the LG Brand Shop
the opportunity for kids to be stars in
experience across various cities.
Company:  LG Electronics India Pvt. their own right.
It has been our endeavor to create a store
Ltd. In addition to this, LG Electronics
that will not only stand out, but also
Corp. Off.:  Plot No 51, Udyog Vihar, made a phenomenal success in its latest
showcase the values of the LG brand.
Surajpur Kasna Road, Greater Noida- initiative, Para Football, carried out in
Our retail strategy is to be where our
201306 Eastern India to celebrate the spirit of
customers are, instead of being present
Tel:  0120-2560900 football whilst the FIFA World Cup was
in the conventional electronics markets.
being viewed all over the nation. LG’s
The LG Brand Shop has been conceptual- association with Para Football is an ex-
ized as the ultimate retailing experience
tension of the company’s worldwide focus
Web: that synchronizes with our international
on promoting sports, and encouraging a
Ad Agency:  Rediffusion Y & R image of innovation, quality, and excel-
healthy and active lifestyle. LG empha-
PR Agency:  LG ONE & Corporate lence. At present we have 1000 brand
sizes product innovations, strong brand
Voice | Weber Shandwick shops in the country, and by the year’s
power, and market leadership; and aims
end we will have 1200 shops.
to continuously support sports through
innovative initiatives and campaigns. Advertising and communication
In order to take a step forward by fur-
thering their CSR association with en- strategies
vironment friendly initiatives, LG spon- LG’s advertising and communication
sored Green Ride in the biggest cyclothon strategies rest on current users sharing
event taking place in New Delhi. LG their brand experience, and helping it
Green Ride was a mass-mobilizing ride build positive WOM through this ap-
where LG called upon thousands of en- proach. The presence in digital media will
vironmental enthusiasts to ride bicycles provide a presence in a more contempo-
to proclaim their support for a greener, rary medium to build the brand along all
cleaner environment; and did its bit to stages of the consumer purchase cycle.
spread awareness about creating an eco- LG’s advertising and marketing spending
friendly and eco-conscious society. is `750 crore, and it is planning to grow
Aiming to be an aspirational brand, LG revenues on an average of 30 percent for
planned to reinstate the intrinsic quali- the next two years.
ties of innovation, fun, style, youth, and
health, while not undermining the exist- Plans for the Indian market in the
ing strength of reliability. Therefore, it coming three years
launched a full-fledged brand advertising We at LG believe that India can become
and marketing TV campaign with the tag one of our largest markets. India is a
line Life’s Good. The campaign explored (Continued ...)

40 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

LG.indd 40 10/18/10 12:51:19 PM

diverse market and customer needs reassurance.
LG here are unique. We introduced Stars
Company’s vision
(continued ) of India—a product range under Indian
insight-based products, which were very LG Electronics pursues its 21st century
well received. Now, we are beginning vision of becoming a true global dig-
a customer insight program, based on ital leader, ensuring customer delight
which we will launch a new product worldwide through its innovative digital
platform in 2012. products and services. Going forward, LG
India will synergize all activities in keep-
Key achievements ing with the global vision of becoming
It is due to sheer marketing persistence globally, one of the top three players in
and persuasiveness with customers, all business areas by 2010. As such, LG
along with offering the best of products Electronics is embracing the philosophy
meeting global standards, and innovative of great company, great people, where
marketing campaigns, that LG has been by only great people can create a great
named the Best White Goods Company company; and is pursuing two growth
at the ‘Awaaz Consumer Awards 2010. strategies involving “fast innovation”
LG has also been acknowledged as the and “fast growth”. Likewise, LG seeks
Brand of the Year by Brandwagon, by to secure three core capabilities - prod-
The Financial Express, in January of uct leadership, market leadership, and
this year. people-centric leadership.
In addition to this, LG Electronics re- LG’s top priority in 2010 is to maximize
cieved the first position in the consumer customer satisfaction and heighten the
durable category in the Brand Equity competitive edge of its flagship products.
Most Trusted Brands Survey 2010, in Its endeavour is to innovate and create
September 2010. The Survey identified products which are in sync with consumer
the most trusted brands that are not sentiments. LG  has earned a premium
just the most familiar, but those that brand positioning, and is the acknowl-
consumers believe provide quality and edged trendsetter for the industry.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 41

LG.indd 41 10/18/10 12:51:19 PM

Lloyd Marketing strategies
The core strategy for marketing Lloyd
Advertising and communication
products is essentially delivering a full In the past, we have focused heavily on
range of products to suit every price point, BTL activity, where most of our focus
and backing them up with unmatched was given to in-shop branding, and
after-sales service. To execute this strat- point-of-sale collateral. However, having
egy, in the summer of 2010 our consum- appointed R K Swamy BBDO Pvt. Ltd. as
ers witnessed three, four, and five-star our communication partner in January,
split air conditioners, along with our 2010, we felt that we should also increase
unique sliding range of air conditioners; the brand awareness, and hence, have
which were also then advertised in the put in some investment in the electronic
electronic media on channels like CNBC media as highlighted above. In fact, for
Group, NDTV Group, and Sony. Within the forthcoming festival season we have
the three star category, there were three produced a 40-second TVC by appointing
series - Ivory, Ethereal, and Mauvian. eminent film producer Pradeep Sarkar,
All of these series were equipped with all who has brilliantly executed our brand
capacities - 0.8, 1, 1.5, and 2 tons. This film showcasing the marketing tagline
gave the consumer an extremely wide pride comes standard with Lloyd.
Nipun Singhal choice of differential products to choose We have also launched a new range of
from, to suit his interior design tastes LCD/LED through dealer meets across
President:  Nipun Singhal and his pocket. In the five-star category India. Our launch of new LCDs in 24, 26,
Company:  Fedders Lloyd Corporation we launched the Claret, which was an and 32-inch sizes, and our new launch of
Limited aesthetically superior indoor panel with LED in 32, 40, and 46-inch, have made
Corp. Off.:  Plot No. 2, Kalkaji a floral design that delivered five-star ef- us join the elite quality of a few brands,
Industrial Area, Kalkaji, New Delhi- ficiency, and had the highest EER within and we are proud to launch 3D LED in
110019 the five-star categories. a 55-inch size.
Tel:  91-11-47100666 In the case of LCD TVs, we offer every We at Lloyd believe that our product is
Fax:  91-11-26425717
screen size Wherein some of our models our hero, and therefore in order to exhibit
we have a differential product, through the product, we are displaying our full
which the customer can directly plug range in 25 malls between October 8th
and play digital cameras, handy cams, and November 5th across India. These
Web: mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, experimental marketing efforts will
Ad Agency:  R.K. Swamy BBDO Pvt. and most importantly, can run all video further help the customers to recognize
Ltd. format through USB pen drives. the superior designs, aesthetics, fit feel
To exemplify our commitment towards finish, and product differentiation in our
after-sales service, we are privileged entire range of AC, LCD / LED, bread
to inform our readers that our’s is the makers, garment steamers, and clothes
Key achievements only company wherein the customers dryers.
In both air conditioners and can login their complaints through our
LCD, our brand and products toll-free number, and also through our Plans for the Indian market in the
were highly appreciated by website coming three years
both trade partners and cus-
Distribution strategies With the success of our air conditioner
tomers, which led to a jump
sales in the summer of 2010, we are now
of 350 percent in total sales Once again, there is continuity in our
clearly looking at the number four posi-
over the past years. This has strategy of low penetration and high
tion in 2011, behind LG, Samsung, and
delighted us, and given us retention. Our dealer base has grown
Voltas; and we will definitely be among
the confidence to achieve our in leaps and bounds across India, and
the top-five next year.
plans. the core reasons for this are our product
For the LCD category we are looking to
quality, product range, after-sales ser-
Company’s vision scale up to 100,000 LCDs in 2010, and
vice, and dealer margin, which, according
double that number in 2011, with an in-
Our company’s vision is to be to our trade partners, are the highest
creased focus on LED rather than LCD.
among the top five brands in in the industry. We will continue with
the consumer durables cat- this strategy, and most likely will never
egory. change this wining formula.

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Lloyd.indd 42 10/18/10 12:52:05 PM

Markson (SNR) Marketing strategies
In the present scenario, Markson is em-
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
barking upon a strategy to reach and tap The company is planning its foray into
into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. It has be- the home appliances segment. So far,
come very difficult to operate in metros or two semi-automatic washing machines,
in big cities due to high advertising (ATL/ having exclusive features and imported
BTL) and promotional activity costs, and bodies, have been introduced in the
heavy expenses for sales and distribution market, and the response has been
operations. The after-sales-service costs overwhelming. Riding on the success of
are also very high due to high levels of these washing machines, the company
servicing offered by big companies, which is planning a grand entry into the white
cannot be matched without having a goods segment by introducing a new
huge volume of sales. range of washing machines (semi and
fully automatic), microwave ovens, and
Distribution strategies air-conditioners. Refrigerators will be
Markson has now entered into new mar- introduced in the next fiscal year, as the
kets like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and N.E. company is currently in the final stages
states, and is planning very shortly to of signing a technical collaboration with
Vijay Sharma start operations in Orissa and M.P. world-renowned compressor manufactur-
Other than the traditional distribution ers in China.
President-Sales & Marketing:  Vijay
network, the company is also planning to
Sharma enter modern trade through retail chains
and online business.
Company:  SNR Electronics Limited
Address:  378, FIE, Patparganj, Delhi-
Tel:  91-11-22157662-63-65
Fax:  91- 11-22157665
Ad Agency:  Foresight Communication
PR Agency:  Foresight Communication

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 43

SNR.indd 43 10/18/10 1:04:51 PM

Mitashi Marketing strategies
Globalization has made the Indian
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
market a very competitive one, and the Mitashi has two main goals for the com-
Indian consumer has many needs and ing three years. The first is within the
many faces that differ drastically from gaming division. Since the Indian gaming
region to region. The only way to survive industry is expected to grow 32 percent
and grow in such a market is to put the at `3100 crore by 2014, and the console
customer first in every plan, and deliver gaming industry in India is expected to
the best value for their hard earned grow at a CAGR of 19 percent from `580
money and lifestyle needs, coupled crore in 2009 to `1160 crore by 2014, we
with the best after-sales service. We at plan to become even further immersed
Mitashi are always looking to do just in our activities surrounding the gaming
that. This message is the core of all of world. Mitashi will continue to innovate
our strategies, and is what has allowed and introduce cutting edge games to
Mitashi to slowly and steadily establish keep the Indian youth on the edges of
itself as a force to be reckoned with in their seats.
the electronics industry, and a leader in Our second goal is to be the third or
the gaming industry. fourth preferred and trusted choice
Ajay Sharma amongst consumer electronics brands.
Distribution strategies
Vice President:  Ajay Sharma Our distribution strategies and methods Key achievements
Company:  Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. revolve around five main facets: Our company has reached a multitude of
Ltd. ll Through distributors; achievements in recent times. In terms of
Tel:  91-25-006661 ll Through direct sellers; infrastructure, we opened regional offices
Fax:  91-25-006660 ll Through modern organized retail; in Kolkatta, Bangalore, Mumbai, and
Email: soon, Delhi. Our service infrastructure
ll Through E-commerce; and
Web: has 37 service centers currently, and by
ll Through corporate. the end of the year we expect to have 62
Ad Agency:  Origin Beanstalk
We have collaborated with Ingram Micro service centers across India. The product
PR Agency:  Icpar (Planman Marcom (a US Fortune 500 company) for distribu- line we offer has maintained a strong
Consultants) tion and SCM operations. presence and equally strong amounts of
We have also set targets to have 1000 dis- business through all modern organized
tributors and 100,000 dealers by 2012. retail formats. Also, the brand has
achieved high acceptability across all
Advertising and communication major online partners, and we are fast
strategies growing as the brand to gift across the
We are going big this year with the corporate sector.
launch of LED and LCD televisions,
Company’s vision
high-end sound systems, and top-of-the-
line DVD players. In the gaming arena Our vision is to become India’s most
we are launching a completely upgraded trusted brand.
range of the already popular portable
games, along with some amazing virtual
gaming in the form of Isports Pro.
With aggressive ATL plans involving the
top newspapers across every region of
India, and premium TV channels, com-
bined with simultaneous store-level pro-
motions, backed up with heavy reminder
advertising through magazines, SMS,
emails, and websites, we are ensuring
360 degree visibility, and plan to make
this year a high volume, high intensity
year for Mitashi.

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Mitashi.indd 44 10/18/10 12:52:48 PM

MOSER BAER Marketing strategies
Technology changes its face everyday,
Advertising and communication
and success largely revolves around how Our communication strategy has been to
soon one identifies the new change. At target the tech-savvy youth of India. The
Moserbaer, our constant focus has been brand slogan Experience the Ultra Life
to map the ever-so-dynamic marketing has been conceptualized to relate to the
trends, and launch products that are the aspirations of today’s youth. Our primary
latest on the technology front, in order to consumer is one who thinks different,
be a part of the consumers’ consideration and is willing to try out new products.
set. Keeping in line with this, we have And hence, all of our communication has
constantly launched innovative and styl- been built around this line.
ish products. The latest addition to our Over the last year, a major focus has
portfolio has been the launch of new LCD been on an innovative and tactical com-
models in the sizes of 42-inch, 32-inch munication strategy, in order to increase
and 24-inch with the USB video port for the RoI. A strong print campaign, coupled
easy access to video playback. Marketing with participation in various electronics
strategies of Moserbaer largely revolve exhibitions and dealer-level visibility
around providing the latest technology across India are the main focus.
Rajiv Kenue at affordable prices to the masses.
Plans for the Indian market in the
Vice President Consumer Distribution strategies
Electronics:  Rajiv Kenue
coming three years
A strong distribution is a must in order
Company:  Moser Baer India Ltd. As the trend has been, Moserbaer will
to complement the marketing strategies
continue to develop newer and innovative
Corp. Off.:  43B, Okhla Industrial Area, one undertakes. Hence there has been a
technology products. Our efforts will be
Phase – 3, New Delhi – 110020 constant focus towards building an effec-
towards developing a differentiated prod-
Tel:  91-11-40594500 tive and efficient distribution channel.
uct at an affordable price, and to improve
Fax:  91-11-40594599 We have started manufacturing LCD
customer satisfaction levels by providing
TVs at our plant in Noida. Currently, Mo-
Email: strong service support.
ser Baer Consumer Electronics operates
Web: through one national distributor, Ingram Key achievements
Ad Agency:  OMD Micro India Ltd. Given our trusted brand
image, we have been able to garner the We have started manufacturing LCD TVs
PR Agency:  Corporate Voice Weber
Shandwick support of large format retail stores, at our plant in Noida. Further, we have
such as Croma and Reliance, along with been successful in penetrating the major
partnering with the key local players in metros and Tier 2 cities.
Tier 2 cities. We have also moved a step We have significantly expanded our
ahead in retailing by opening ten exclu- service network, with over 500 service
sive showrooms—Moser Baer Ultralife, points nationwide.
and by starting our e-commerce portal,
which has received good response from
Company’s vision
the online buyers. Currently we execute Touching every life across the globe
our business through 2500-plus dealer through high technology products and
points. services.

46 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Moser Baer.indd 46 10/18/10 12:53:17 PM

move tough dirt. To address this concern,
onida (MIRC) Marketing strategies
As Onida completes 30 glorious years,
we have launched Sparkle, the world’s
first washing machine with an in-built
this year is very special for us. On this
brush. It ensures that you get the quality
occasion, we have launched a range of
of hand-washing, with the comfort of a
innovative products across various cat-
fully-automatic washing machine.
egories. All of our products are a result
Our Speedcool range of five-speed i-cool
of our strong customer understanding—
air conditioners provide instant cooling,
their needs, aspirations, and desires. For
and are already one of the top-selling
a holistic consumer understanding, we
ranges in the industry. Moreover, given
observe people in their natural environ-
the widespread concern of power con-
ments, using the products the way they
sumption, i-cool comes with a five-star
would normally use them in their daily
rating, and shows the actual savings (in
lives. This leads us to develop powerful
rupees) of a user’s electricity bills, while
insights that form the cornerstone of all
giving a pleasant cooling experience.
of our product innovations.
Across categories, Onida believes in
We observed that in today’s fast paced
consumer-relevant innovations that
lifestyle, most high-end consumers are
make technology friendlier to people,
constantly engaged with one or the other
especially Indians. This will remain our
Sriram Krishnamurthy screen—mobiles, computers, gaming or
guiding philosophy as exemplified in our
TVs—leading to fatigue and soreness in
advertising tagline Tumko dekha to yeh
Vice President - Sales Marketing, & their eyes. Arising from this insight, we
design aaya.
Service:  Sriram Krishnamurthy have launched the world’s first LED TV
Company:  Onida (Mirc Electronics with i-Care technology that protects eyes Distribution strategies
Limited) from harmful UV Rays, is reflection and
Our distribution strategy is a mix of in-
Corp. Off.:  Onida House, G-1, MIDC,
glare-proof, and is also ten times tougher
creasing our penetration by developing
Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), than normal LCD TVs. All this, while
new billing points in semi-urban and rural
Mumbai – 400093 ensuring full HD picture quality, crystal
markets; ensuring addressability by focus-
clear sound, full connectivity options, and
Tel:  91-22-28201998/28200435 ing on key models in each category, and
a fantastic aesthetic design. Thereby,
Fax:  91-22-28236475 increasing the extraction of the focused
we ensure the viewer has a pleasurable
Email: models per-dealer across the country. The
viewing experience with no worries.
mantra is to ensure we cover every dealer
Web: Given the huge penetration of USB
(in our ever increasing network) with
Ad Agency:  McCann Erickson drives and mini/micro memory cards in
every product, every time. For secondary
PR Agency:  Hanmer MS&L the country, we introduced Movie TV—
sales, we support our network through
Communications Pvt. Ltd. India’s first color television with a full
participation in exhibitions and in-shop
USB 2.0 port that can play movies, pic-
displays. Besides this, we keep our net-
tures, and songs stored on pen drives.
work partners engaged with regular and
Indian consumers still prefer traditional
attractive trade schemes. We have also
cooking to more convenient microwave
developed a strong pan-India, on-ground
cooking, especially for Indian food. They
activation team to facilitate tertiary sales
also relish various regional dishes from
to ensure proper product placement and
other parts of India, but are not comfort-
implementation of point-of-sale mate-
able cooking those dishes. We addressed
rial. Our in-shop demonstrators are well
this concern by introducing the Black
trained to handle all on-ground customer
Beauty microwave oven with specially
enquiries and convert them into sales.
designed 123 Indian auto-cook touch
Our daily sales tracking of each counter
menus. So, now it is easier for a North
across our network ensures a strong
Indian to enjoy idli, dosa, and sambhar,
target-oriented achievement.
while a South Indian enjoys making
mutter paneer, and dhokla, at the touch Advertising and communication
of a button.
We observed that Indian housewives strategies
still brush clothes, especially collars Our brand strategy is a reflection of the
and cuffs, before loading them into their needs of today’s consumers. As India
washing machines. This is because they has a huge growing youth population,
believe that brushing is essential to re- (Continued ...)

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 47

Onida.indd 47 10/18/10 12:53:47 PM

addressing their ever-changing needs address the needs of different segments
onida (MIRC) and aspirations is our constant endeavor of the population. Similarly, given the
(continued ) across all of our communication. To that low penetration of the AC category in the
effect, while our products deliver supe- country, the split AC category will see a
rior functionality and design, we provide huge impetus among the upper-middle,
thoughtful features that are relevant and middle class sections of the popula-
to our consumers. All of our campaigns tion. Moreover, given the weather condi-
are a result of a rigorous insight genera- tions, AC as a category will move from
tion exercise, that leads to relevant and being a luxury to a necessity product in
persuasive communication. In terms of the Indian middle-class household.
execution, we clearly stand out due to A huge existing and growing youth popu-
our edgier, clutter-breaking, yet simple- lation of the country makes mobile one of
to-comprehend communication. This the most lucrative categories in the com-
ensures longevity and a high-brand ing years. Though there are a large num-
recall for most of our campaigns. All of ber of players in this category, primarily
our key product launches are promoted home-grown, there will be a consolidation
through extensive 360 degree marketing in the near future. There will be a need
campaigns, including traditional, online, to offer innovative, relevant features,
mobile, and innovative POS mediums. beyond the current price-value offering,
to cater to the different segments of the
Plans for the Indian market in the population.
coming three years Given the above potential, we have
With rising disposable incomes, we see made heavy investments on the R&D
LCD, AC, and mobiles as the three clear front, to offer differentiated and quality
growth drivers for Onida in the Indian products.
market for the next two to three years.
While there will be a huge segment of the
Company’s vision
population that will be upgrading from Our vision is to have profitable and sus-
CTV to LCD, there will also be a need to tainable growth, through commitments
offer products with unique features to to quality and continuous innovation.

48 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Onida.indd 48 10/18/10 12:53:47 PM

Marketing strategies
OSCAR Our focus, in the future, is on Slim TV
(Kevin Infotech) and LCDs. During the festival season,
we plan to grow our numbers in LCDs.
Value-for-money continues to be the
driving force

Distribution strategies
We have extended our reach into the
core areas in North and East India. Our
distribution has expanded to cover an
additional 500 dealers in the last year.

Advertising and communication

We are regularly in the print media and
at various points of purchase.

Plans for the Indian market in the

coming three years
Kishan Kalani We plan to focus on the Slim and LCD
segments, and anticipate a big growth in
COO:  Kishan Kalani the next three years.
Company:  Oscar International Limited
Corp. Off.:  E-41, 42, Sector 8, Noida, Key achievements
UP - 201301 We continue to dominate the value-for-
Tel:  91-120-2424686, 2424965 money segment, and have grown by over
Web: 10 percent over the last year. We have
Ad Agency:  The Base also entered into the mobile business,
and anticipate a large growth in this

Company’s vision
Our vision is to have both horizontal and
vertical expansion. We have entered into
the mobile business, and plan to leverage
our vast distribution network to grow
this business.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 49

Oscar.indd 49 10/18/10 12:54:14 PM

decision. To address the latent demand,
Panasonic Marketing strategies
Our marketing strategy comes from
not just in the metros, but across the
length and breadth of India, we are
our belief that emerging countries will
rapidly expanding the availability of our
drive growth in the world economy in
products, both through exclusive, as well
the coming years. Success in India is
as multi-brand outlets.
indispensable to the future growth of
For exemplary after-sales service, we
the company.
have Panasonic Service Plazas and One
Considering the diversity of the Indian
Stop Service Centers all over India.
market, we are focusing equally on the
Panasonic Service Plazas are large and
high-end Tier 1 markets, and the high-
comfortable service centers to provide
volume Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. In
service and spares for high-technology
line with this, we have been continuously
Panasonic products to our customers in
launching products suitable for both
a comfortable ambience.
markets. Our endeavor is to become the
most trusted brand in India across all Advertising and communication
consumer segments.
Part of our marketing strategy is to
introduce to the Indian consumers the The products deploying cutting-edge
Manish Sharma cutting-edge technologies, just as these innovative technologies are our biggest
are launched globally. For instance, we strength. Hence, our communication em-
Director Marketing:  Manish Sharma have introduced end-to-end Camera to phasizes the technological advantages,
Company:  Panasonic India Private Couch 3D solutions—Panasonic products reliability, and quality of the products.
Limited for 3D program making, editing, and We utilize our association with Bollywood
Corp. Off.:  First Floor, ABW Tower, display for final viewing by the audience. stars in creating excitement and high
IFFCO Chowk, Sector 25, Gurgaon - Another example is the launch of the brand recall among consumers. We have
122001, Haryana Inverter range of air conditioners and Ranbir Kapoor as the brand ambassador
refrigerators—Panasonic’s proprietary for our Viera range of TVs, and Katrina
Tel:  91-124-4596600
inverter technology cuts power consump- Kaif as our brand ambassador for home
Fax:  91-124-4596625
tion up to 20 percent. appliances. To also promote and educate
Email: consumers on the concept of Eco Ideas
We follow the principle that local profes-
Web: sionals, who know the local environmental and the way Panasonic works towards a
Ad Agency:  IBD Percept – Creative; conditions best, must play a leading role greener tomorrow, we have Dia Mirza as
Denstu (HA product-line creatives); in product planning and design. We also our brand ambassador.
Allied Media ( media duties) extensively research the lifestyle choices We are also associated with cricket and
PR Agency:  Publicis Consultants of consumers in India, to localize from football through the Delhi Daredevils and
among our wide range of products. For the All India Football Federation, to en-
instance, we have introduced volume courage the sport at the grassroots level.
products like a 32-inch LCD television with These associations will help us reach-out
powerful sound, which has been specifi- to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
cally designed for the Indian market, and We employ a mix of television and out-
small-screen LCD televisions to provide an door advertising, road shows, and in-shop
upgrade opportunity for consumers. displays in our communication with the
We have signed noted Bollywood actors consumers.
as brand ambassadors, which have been
instrumental in creating excitement, Plans for the Indian market in the
and high levels of brand recall among coming three years
consumers. Also, we support the sports of We are aiming for a turnover of US$ 2
football and cricket to encourage them at billion in the year 2012. We are targeting
the grassroots level, and also penetrate high growth in flat panel televisions, air
into Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. conditioners, refrigerators, washing ma-
chines, and cameras. By 2012 we shall be
Distribution strategies investing US$ 300 million (about `1400
Our distribution strategy comes from crore) in establishing manufacturing fa-
our premise that the consumer should cilities for air conditioners, refrigerators,
be able to experience the wide range of and washing machines.
Panasonic products before a purchase (Continued ...)

50 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Panasonic.indd 50 10/18/10 12:55:09 PM

Panasonic We shall also increase our infrastructure
to support growth, by increasing our
na, and there are plans to open more
across India.
(continued ) branch network, distribution and retail ll As part of our global Eco Ideas initia-
networks. We are aggressively focused tive, we have undertaken the Pana-
on expanding the footprint of after-sale- sonic Global Eco Learning Program in
service centers across India. India to promote eco-education among
youth, to sensitize them towards the
Key achievements environment. We have rolled out our
ll Panasonic
in India registered sales of ecos’kool program to reach out to stu-
`2200 crore in FY 2009, and we are dents in 100 schools across seven met-
estimating sales of `3200 crore in FY ros initially.
ll Wehave launched Sound for India to Company’s Vision
take Panasonic’s Viera range of TVs We are working towards becoming the
to 70 cities, and reach consumers number one green innovation company
across the length and breadth India. in the world, and the most trusted brand
With melody being such an integral in India by 2018. We will make the en-
part of everyday life in India, Sound vironment central to all of our activities,
for India will drive home our cutting and take the lead in promoting in India
edge research, which has delivered a the Green Revolution, which is taking
better viewing experience through su- place around the world. Innovation at
perior speaker quality and design in Panasonic has been christened Eco Ideas,
the Viera range of TVs. which includes Eco Ideas for lifestyles
ll Wehave opened an experience center and business-styles—the company de-
LifeScape to allow consumers to ex- velops energy-efficient, state-of-the-art
perience state-of-the-art technologies products, and encourages customers to
just as soon as they are introduced in- live eco-conscious lifestyles, with an aim
ternationally. Currently a LifeScape to reduce CO2 emissions in households
has been opened in Gurgaon, Harya- and manufacturing units.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 51

Panasonic.indd 51 10/18/10 12:55:09 PM

savvy consumers, who are early adopters
Philips TV Marketing strategies
Our aim is to make a difference in the
of any new technology. The theme will
revolve around our flagship product—
(PE Electronics way people live their lives. Primarily, we
want to create awareness of Philips tel-
Cinema 21:9 3D LED Pro TV, which is
the world’s first cinema-proportion TV;
Ltd.) evisions amongst our consumers. We will
promote our flat panel TV range under
along with showcasing our entire range
of LED and LCD TVs.
the flagship model Cinema 21:9 TV. This
is the world’s first cinema-proportion 3D Plans for the Indian market in the
LED Pro TV with Ambilight. The picture
and sound will be stunning, theater-like,
comming three years
and real. Apart from this, we have 15 In the next three years, we will look
more models of LED, 8 models of LCD, forward to bringing Philips’ global
and 5 models of UltraSlim CRT. All of our technologies in television to Indian
products will be advanced, with cutting consumers, and making Philips a more
edge technology, and easy to use. We are promising brand. We would also like to
targeting capturing visibility and pres- focus on LED business and high-screen-
ence across metros and non metros. size LCDs.
The price range of our LED TVs starts
from `26,500, LCD TVs start from Company’s vision
`16,499, and the range for Ultraslim Our vision is to emerge as one of the
CRTs starts from `5290. The products leading brands, in terms of preference
will be available in an array of sizes and admiration, by 2012.
starting from 24-inch up to 55-inch.
Neeraj Sethi Our plan is to embark on an aggressive
sales and marketing strategy, which will
Chief Operating Officer:  Neeraj Sethi focus on print, out-of-home, and digital
Company:  Philips Televisions in India, media; with a lot of focus on the retail
PE Electronics Ltd. spend points, where the actual sales
Corp. Off.:  5th Floor, Corporate happen through POS material and in-
Center, Opp Hotel VITS, Andheri novative merchandising.
Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai–
400059 Distribution strategies
Tel:  91-22-61171000 We are focussing on the top 61 MPV
Web: (most potential value) towns for better
Ad Agency:  Mudra Communications penetration, and targeting a dealer base
Limited of 1300 by December. We will only have
PR Agency:  Integral PR Services Pvt. direct dealers in all 61 MPV towns, and
will ensure high profits and retention
of trade.

Advertising and communication

We would like to establish the sentiment
that Philips TVs provide the consumer
with the ultimate television viewing
experience. The idea is to touch the
consumer at every communication point
and position with Philips as a technology
leader, thus strengthening the trust and
reliability factor of our brand. Our main
target will be the top-end, technology

52 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Philips.indd 52 10/18/10 12:56:34 PM

focused on driving home the key features
Reliance BIG TV Marketing strategies
Reliance BIG TV entered the DTH
and benefits of DTH, comprising digital
picture and sound quality, the largest
market as a challenger brand in August
repertoire of channels, availability of
2008, when there were already three
multiple price points, and value-added
established players in the category.
services. In addition, we have also had
Reliance BIG TV’s marketing strategy
innovative alliances with multiple
was to build a significant presence in
brands spanning the durables and ser-
the entire media and entertainment
vices category, to increase salience and
ecosystem—spanning content, services,
brand uptake. Given the low awareness
and distribution platforms.
and penetration levels of the category,
We are of a strong view that the key to
we obsessively focus on engaging the
DTH expansion lies in increasing product
consumer through retail media and last
relevance, and ensuring differentiation
mile contact programs. All these pieces
through product features, content, and
of communication are held together by a
pricing. The biggest barrier however,
consistent brand tone across mediums.
for an analog cable consumer to adopt
DTH, is inertia. Key achievements
Reliance BIG TV has relentlessly worked
Umesh Rao In a span of just two years, Reliance
towards educating the consumer about
BIG TV has had some commendable
the benefits of its DTH service over ana-
achievements – the fastest ever ramp
Chief Marketing Officer:  Umesh Rao log cable, and has invested significantly
up of 1 million subscribers within just
Company:  Reliance BIG TV in promoting key features and benefits
82 days of launch; the largest bouquet
Corp. Off.:  Reliance Communications like digital picture and sound quality, a
of channel offerings, with over 260 chan-
Ltd., BHQ, 4th Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani large repertoire of channels, availability
nels; India’s best after-sales installation
Knowledge City, Thane-Belapur Rd, of multiple price points, and value-added
record, with 85 percent of installations
Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai-400710 services, through both ATL and BTL
within 24 hours of booking the service –
Tel:  022–30-370000 measures.
anywhere in India; India’s first and only
Fax:  022-30-371009 high definition cum digital video record-
Distribution strategies
Email: ing box, with 200 hours of recording and
Reliance BIG TV comes with a strong allied trick play functions; and relent-
Web: telecom heritage. This expertise is ef- less innovations through cross-category
Ad Agency:  Leo Burnett ficiently utilized in customer segmenta- bundles, smart packaging, and a slew of
PR Agency:  Hanmer MS&L tion and marketing programs, customer value-added services.
Communications Pvt. Ltd. care, advanced IT and billing capabili-
ties in pre and post-paid platforms, and Plans for the Indian market
exploiting pan-India sales and distribu- RCOM recently acquired India’s largest
tion networks. Moreover, DTH is the cable TV service provider, Digicable. The
only platform that can reach cable-dark new entity named Reliance DigiCom is an
geographies. integration of RCOM’s DTH, IPTV, and
Reliance BIG TV, through 800 distribu- retail broadband operations with Digi-
tors and 700 installation service provid- cable. Further, this new entity is most
ers, reaches 6500 towns, with a retail competitively positioned to commercially
distribution of over 100,000 points. exploit the recently announced TRAI
recommendations on addressability and
Advertising strategies digitization in the Indian TV market.
The Indian DTH industry is investing
heavily in advertising and promotions. Company’s vision
We estimate that the industry spent Reliance DigiCom will leverage the
upwards of `500 crores last year. This combined might of Reliance’s fully in-
was primarily to raise the awareness and tegrated world class telecom infrastruc-
engagement levels of DTH brands. ture, with the formidable power of local
Reliance BIG TV’s communication relationships of over 10,000 local cable
strategy has always been to address operators, to offer world-class digital
key consumer needs, and demonstrate TV entertainment and ultra high speed
the benefits of upgrading to Reliance broadband experiences in 100 million
BIG TV. Our campaigns have singularly Indian Homes.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 53

Reliance BIG.indd 53 10/18/10 12:57:30 PM

Ricardo Marketing strategies
We have reinvented ourselves, and
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
(Daya Maher) within the few months of revival we
have changed our logo; appointed CSAs
We plan to establish ourselves as a major
brand in particular market segments
in different states; established service depending on the product portfolio.
facilities in all of the markets; moved to Within the first year we will have our
new verticals like color TVs, and mobile network developed in all of the states in
phones; and we are planning to position an organized manner. We will take the
ourselves as a trusted brand in the mid- following year to consolidate ourselves
segment, and therefore have priced our in an aggressive manner, along with
products lower than premium brands, our entire product range of CTVs, LCDs,
but slightly higher than economy seg- DVD players, multimedia, subwoofers,
ment products. and mobile phones. By the third year,
we plan to have ourselves recognized as
Distribution strategies an established brand in the consumer
We plan to develop trade channels with electronics industry.
better service facilities. We will continu-
ously provide them with new products, Key achievements
and updated models with technologically We have been able to develop our
advanced versions in order to keep pace network in Delhi, U.P., Rajasthan, Ut-
with the market, and enable them to
Pankaj Mathur tranchal, Gujrat, and J & K in a short
have products as per the changing needs span of time after reinventing ourselves
of customers. We will focus on new mar- as the brand–Ricardo, and very soon we
Vice President-Sales &
kets only after consolidating our network will have our presence felt in Haryana,
Marketing:  Pankaj Mathur
in existing markets. Punjab, Bihar, and W.B..
Company:  Daya Maher Electronics
Corp Off:  A-126, Sector-63, Noida Advertising and communication Company’s vision
Tel:  91-120-4206666 strategies Our vision is to become a respected brand
Fax:  91-120-4575330 Our communication strategy is we de- in consumer electronics, and have the
Email: liver what we claim. We plan to advertise faith of all of our customers and trade
Website: and communicate the features and USPs partners.
of our products, and have no plans to play
Ad Agency:  Hey Day Communications
price card.
PR Agency:  Enn Enn Advertising

54 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Daya Maher.indd 54 10/18/10 12:36:44 PM

RAMAKRISHNA Marketing strategies
We have an association with an inde-
Company’s vision
Our vision is to offer strategic independ-
pendent design house to help us develop ence to our customers worldwide, as a
complete solutions for upcoming leading profitable and viable broad-range product
products in the Indian market; such as manufacturer.
LCD TVs, LED TVs, DVRs, and DTH.
India still has a huge potential in terms
of Tier 2 and Tier 3 customers. Now is
the right time to approach these custom-
ers, as CRT prices are going down, and
demand may transform towards high-
resolution LCD TVs.

Distribution strategies
We offer vendor-managed inventory pro-
grams, with kitting and local warehouses
to cater to the Indian market demand.

Ashish Luthra Advertising and communication

Director- Marketing:  Ashish Luthra
We constantly focus on brand enhance-
Company:  RamaKrishna Electro
ment and brand building, through par-
Components Pvt. Ltd.
ticipation in exhibitions, seminars, and
Corp. Off.:  351,Tower B, Agarwal magazines.
Cyber Plaza, Netaji Subhash Place,
Pitam Pura, New Delhi - 110034 Plans for the Indian market in the
Tel:  011-47010811-15 coming three years
Fax:  011-47010816
Continuous research and development
Email: are a must for any company to grow. We
Web: intend to invest more than US$ 5 million
in analog market products in the coming
three years, to provide solutions for the
ever-changing market, from analog to
digital; such as set-top boxes, DVRs, IP
TVs, and video door phones.

Key achievements
Rama Krishna Electro Components has
recently been awarded by ST Microelec-
tronics for being the best innovator of
the year 2010, for solution approaches in
lighting and UPS applications, to maxi-
mize power transistor division (PTD)
The Rama Krishna Group has also be-
come a Billion Club member of NXP for
general application products, and a most
admired distributor in South Asia.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 55

RK Electro.indd 55 10/18/10 12:58:40 PM

Samsung Marketing strategies
Technology leadership, product innova-
Key achievements
Samsung India has won several product
tion, and strategic marketing, along with awards and recognitions across the audio
a widespread sales and service network, video, home appliance, IT, and telecom
are all key components in Samsung’s mar- product categories. It is a market leader
keting programs and their success. We are in product categories like LED TVs, LCD
creating new markets through technol- TVs, Slim TVs, and side-by-side refrig-
ogy, such as this year’s 3D TV market. erators. It is the second largest mobile
Being the first to launch this technology handset brand in India, and leads in the
in home entertainment, Samsung has touch screen segment in India.
driven the industry trends by launching
not just 3D TVs, but an entire 3D ecosys- Company’s vision
tem that includes a 3D Blu-ray player; a Samsung Electronics aims to strengthen
Blu-ray integrated home theater system; its foundation to become a world premier
3D active glasses; and a 3D movie—thus company, through innovation to creation,
delivering on its vision to create a total 3D focusing on securing competent human
solution for home entertainment. resources, enhancing creative R&D, and
strengthening our differentiated brand
Ravinder Zutshi Distribution strategies power.
The company is reaching out to the Samsung India too, will further strength-
Dy. Managing Director:  Ravinder customers through a wide distribution en the competitiveness of our businesses,
Zutshi network of over 260 Samsung Digital thereby solidifying our market position in
Company:  Samsung India Electronics Plazas, which complement the 17,000- each respective industry. Furthermore,
Private Limited plus retail points (including large format Samsung will also develop convergent
Corp. Off.:  4th Floor, Tower - C, Vipul stores) located all over the country. For products to combine the strengths of our
Tech Square, Sector 43, Golfcourse audio video products and home appli- businesses and create synergy, thus de-
Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, ances, the brand shops provide consum- livering quality services to differentiate
India-122002 ers with a one-stop-shop to experience all our competitiveness going forward.
of our leading technology products in one
Tel:  91-124-4881234
location. We are focusing on educating
Fax:  91-124-4882122 consumers on the differentiated features
Web: of our products through trained demon-
Ad Agency:  Cheil Communications strators at our retail points, as well as
Private Limited, Leo Burnett India through our POP/POS material. We plan
to expand our distribution network by 30
PR Agency:  Text100 PR
percent this year, to include additional
Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Advertising and communication

Premium brand positioning is being
linked with the innovative products that
we are launching in the Indian market
across various product segments.

Plans for the Indian market in the

coming three years
Samsung’s focus is on launching innova-
tive technologies across segments, both
for the premium segment and for the
semi-urban and rural segments. The
strategy going ahead will be to strength-
en the existing technologies – 3D, HD,
and LED—and launch new technologies,
so that they can thrive in coexistence.

56 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Samsung.indd 56 10/18/10 12:59:45 PM

GM Marketing:  Anil Dutt
Company:  Samtel Color
Corp. Off.:  6th Floor, TDI
Center, District Center – Jasola,
New Delhi 110025
Tel:  91-11-42424000
Fax:  91-11-42424099

Anil Dutt

Marketing strategies
Our strategy is to work with the TV industry, especially
with those players who focus on smaller towns and rural
areas. This belief is strengthened by the fact that CRT
television has witnessed an impressive growth in the small
size segment (14 and 15-inch).
A good quality LCD television is still beyond the reach of
the majority of Indian people, and the differential between
CRT and LCD TVs is still substantial. The LCD television
demand is still concentrated in urban centers, and most
of it is replacement demand.

Plans for the Indian market in the coming three

Moving forward, we are planning to launch more variants
like 14-inch round ultra slim color picture tube to promote
CTV in the price sensitive segment. Already we have
14-inch R and 15-inch F CPT which are increasing our
presence in this segment. We have been closely working
with our customers on this front, and results have been
very encouraging.
Another size which is growing at a fast pace is 21-inch
ultra-slim, of which Samtel has a substantial share. To
strengthen our position here, we are soon introducing 21-
inch US pin-free CPT, which will bring down the cost of
the chassis and the overall cost of the television.
We are very confident that CRT-based televisions are here
to stay for far longer, and we are well positioned to cater
to the demands of the industry.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 57

Samtel.indd 57 10/18/10 1:01:32 PM

Sennheiser Strategies, brands, and offerings
Sennheiser Electronics India was es-
tablished in 2007 as a 100 percent
subsidiary of our parent organization,
with a focus on both its professional
and consumer product segments. In the
professional sector, wired or wireless
microphones and professional systems
for broadcast and the music industry
are our most important products; while
headphones are the key driver in the
consumer business. Two full-fledged
service centers, equipped with the lat-
est testing and measuring equipment,
ensure that all service requirements of
our customers are being met according
to Sennheiser’s high quality standards
in Delhi and Mumbai.
Sharmila Sahai Besides Sennheiser-branded products,
Sennheiser India also represents the
Managing Director:  Sharmila Sahai other two group brands, namely Georg
Company:  Sennheiser Electronics Neumann GmbH, Berlin (studio micro-
India Private Limited phones), and the joint venture Sennhe-
Corp. Off.:  102 A, First Floor, Time iser Communications A/S (headsets for
Tower, MG Road, Sec-28, Gurgaon – PCs, offices, and call centers).
122002 Sennheiser users in India include re-
Tel:  91-124-4187800 nowned names from the music industry
Fax:  91-124-4187827
like Shankar Ehsaan Loy, KK, Lucky Ali,
and Sandeep Chowta; bands like Indian
Email:  Saahil.kumar@
Ocean, and Karma 6; as well as some
of the most sophisticated broadcasters,
Web: rental companies, and corporate and
Ad Agency:  Metal HQ educational institutes, such as Adlabs,
PR Agency:  Genesis Burson- Doordarshan, Star TV, Zee TV, INX, Sun
Marsteller TV, BAG TV, Times TV, Infosys, Sound.
com, Electrocraft, Whistling Woods In-
stitute, and many more.
The Sennheiser consumer headphone
range is widely available across the
country through most electronics and
appliance stores, mobile stores, music
software-selling stores, and the stores
of Reliance Digital, iStores (by Reliance
Digital), Croma, Landmark, Jumbo Elec-
tronics, and P3.

58 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Sennheiser.indd 58 10/18/10 1:02:54 PM

Sony Marketing strategies
Sony is a quality-driven company. Our
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
marketing strategy is to offer the world’s India is amongst the top-ten priority
highest quality advertisements, unparal- markets for Sony and thus, we plan to
leled customer service, and to continue make huge investments to penetrate
developing the most efficient logistics deeper into the market.
chain. We plan to employ the best qual-
ity marketing communication materials, Key achievements
with strong messages that can appeal all We have been rated as the market leader
over the world. in flat panel display sales, overtaking
the competitors. Also, Sony is recognized
Distribution strategies across the industry for offering the best
We plan to expand our distribution net- quality products and services; the latest
work further. Currently, Sony has its recognitions being the Best Grey Goods
footprint across all major towns and cit- Company Award, by CNBC Awaaz, and
ies in the country, through a distribution the Most Trusted Brand Award, by Read-
network comprising of over 5000 dealers ers Digest.
and distributors, with 240 exclusive Sony
Masaru Tamagawa outlets, and 19 direct branch locations. Company’s vision
Sony India also has a strong service Sony aims to establish a fundamental
Managing Director:  Masaru presence across the country, with 20 strength of operations, and emphasize
Tamagawa company-owned centers, 190 authorized the quality-driven culture in its DNA.
Company:  Sony India Private Limited service centers, and 16 exclusive demon- Sony is committed to ensuring that both,
Address:  A-31, Mohan Co-operative stration centers. the products and the marketing activi-
Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New ties employed, truly make a difference
Delhi - 110044 Advertising and communication to people’s lifestyles, and offer them
Telephone:  91- 11-66006600 strategies new dimensions of enjoyment. A relent-
Fax:  91- 11-26959141/43 Our target consumers are people who less commitment to quality, continuous
Email: want the best quality products. They dedication to customer satisfaction, and
aspire to own high-end, quality products. unparalleled standards of service are
The focus will be to strengthen the brand what we strive to deliver, and they are
Ad Agency:  JWT image with above-the-line and below- what reflects the true image of all that
PR Agency:  Perfect Relations the-line activities that involve print and is Sony.
electronic media, online, outdoor, and
shop-front methods.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 59

Sony.indd 59 10/18/10 1:08:55 PM

Sharp Marketing strategies
Sharp is synonymous with innovation,
Plans for the Indian market in the
coming three years
and is known for its one-of-a-kind tech- The industry is going through a turbu-
nology products. Our product offerings lent transformation, and companies are
include LCD, and LED TVs, refrigera- re-working their strategies and desper-
tors, MWOs, Plasma Cluster Ion genera- ate for growth, fueled by revival in the
tors, air purifiers, and CRT televisions. economy. We are revamping our entire
Sharp has recently launched the world’s business structure, and capitalizing on
first LED TV, using four-primary-color our product strength. We are also aim-
technology under the Quattron series. ing to be in the league of the top three
This high technology product will en- brands in India, which give the complete
hance Sharp’s image further in the experience of varied products to consum-
Indian market. This is expected to be ers. Sharp is aiming to become a one-of-
the industry’s next growth driver in the a-kind company that creates 21st century
LCD and LED industry. Apart from this, life styles.
we are reintroducing air-conditioners
with our patented Plasma Cluster Ion Key achievements
technology for health conscious Indian Today the brand is respected for its
Kazunori Ajikawa customers, and frost free refrigerators in quality conscious approach and fair trad-
the entry and mid-level segments. ing policies. With a strong foothold in
Managing Director:  Kazunori Ajikawa
Southern and Western markets, we are
Company:  Sharp India Ltd. Distribution strategies aiming at increasing our network across
Corp. Off.:  Gat no 686/4, Koregaon Sharp is geared up for a robust expan- the north and east.
Bhima, Tal:-Shirur, Dist:-Pune 412216 sion plan in India, which will be done
Tel:  91-2137- 252417 / 666520-27 in a phased manner by creating niche Company’s vision
markets for our high-end products, and We are aiming for market leadership in
Fax:  91-20-66405516
penetrating further to leverage our pre- the LCD and LED TV segments, three
Email:  ajay.bendbhar@ mium product image. There will be major years down the line. We have chalked out
thrust in metro cities and A-class cities, marketing initiatives to make our brand
Web: as per MPI. We are going to emphasize one of the most-sought after brands in
Ad Agency:  Pratisaad more on channel-specific models, which India, across all categories.
Communications are strategically suitable to gain further Quality Policy. We aim to achieve cus-
market share and increased reach. tomer satisfaction by integrating our
business processes and making efforts
Advertising and communication for continual improvements in all activi-
strategies ties. We are dedicated to the use of our
Sharp has been formulating marketing innovative technology to contribute to
initiatives in India to effectively com- the benefit of people, and to earn profits
municate the brand value. As part of from business. Towards this philosophy
this, we are already working on different and purpose of our business, we have
campaigns that will run in print and adopted the policy of total commitment to
electronic media. Besides doing holistic the quality and reliability of our products
range campaigns, we will also do season- and services.
specific and market-specific campaigns
that are suited to their local cultures, as
India is a diversified country.

60 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Sharp.indd 60 10/18/10 1:04:00 PM

T-SERIES Marketing strategies
The Indian consumer electronics indus-
Advertising and communication
(SUPER CASSETTES) try has, in the past few years, taken a
big stride forward. Today, the consumer
The company will be advertising mainly
through newspapers. Specific hoardings
has loads of options as far as buying a and banners will be placed in strategic
new TV, music system or DVD player is locations in major towns showcasing
concerned. Even more important is the our entire range. It will be ensured that
fact that everything offered is suited to dealer outlets are well furnished with our
a consumer’s budget and requirement. POP material like posters, danglers, and
Numerous companies have forayed into catalogs. Besides this, we are promoting
this viable segment, egged on by the our products through our audio video
present success and huge volumes. But, CDs and DVDs. We wants to position
the most intelligent and endearing of our products as value-for-money, and this
them will have one eye on the future. will be reflected in our entire promotional
One amongst them is–T-Series. activities.
In order to increase our sale and thus
profits, out company is going to adopt Plans for the Indian market in the
strategy of low margin – high volumes.
In today’s competitive market, prices
coming three years
are proving to be the main differentiator l Penetration into the Southern part of
A.N. Sehgal when it comes to purchase decisions. We country.
would ensure that our end customer is l Extending the range of Slim TV with
Director: A.N. Sehgal getting the product at the prices devised more features.
Company: Super Cassettes Industries for them. Lucrative schemes for distribu- l Extending the range of semi-automat-
Ltd. tors and dealers will encourage them to ic washing machines.
Corp. Off.: Plot No. 1, Sector-16A, push our product, and proper placement
l Extending the range of ceiling fans
Film Center, Noida-201301, Dist. in all of the leading dealer outlets.
and fresh air fans.
Gautam Budh Nagar, (UP)
Distribution strategies l Extending the range of multimedia
Tel: 91-120 - 2515108, 2515109 speaker systems, with higher sound
Distribution will continue to be from
Fax: 91-120 - 2515743 traditional styles and systems—network output and more features.
Email: of distributors and dealers across the
Web: country. In order to further strengthen Key achievements
Ad Agency: Trai Blazer Media P Ltd and upgrade distribution channels the Despite fierce competition and price wars
following measures have been devised. unleashed by domestic and multinational
PR Agency: Trai Blazer Media P Ltd
l Developing new markets and re- companies to garner larger shares in the
gions not covered by the company at market, T-Series has been able to keep its
present, especially focusing on rural flag high and flying. T-Series consumer
markets by deployment of sales force electronics products are regarded as true
and after-sales-service operations. value-for-money. They enjoy tremen-
l Opening-up T-Series-exclusive show- dous faith and a high level of customer
rooms in big metros, and appointment acceptance, especially in the Northern
of direct dealers in rural areas to in- part of the country. Apart from gaining
crease market penetration. the confidence of distributors, dealers’
l Having tie-ups with big store chains and customers’ acceptance of our re-
to make T-Series products available launched ceiling fan and newly launched
in all of these stores for the conven- semi-automatic washing machines were
ience of the customers. Development satisfying experiences for us.
of specific models exclusively for big
stores and departmental stores, keep-
Company’s vision
ing in mind the cost factor. Our vision is to pursue excellence in
quality with the future in mind. To keep
Above all, to facilitate the channel part-
abreast of changing consumer percep-
ners and for the smooth flow of logis-
tions. To provide comprehensive value for
tics, the company already has 23 fully
money to our discerning consumers.
equipped branch offices, having ware-
housing facilities across the country.

62 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

TCL Marketing strategies
TCL is slowly building itself up as a
Advertising and communication
world class brand by focusing more on its On the advertising front, we are plan-
marketing activities. We are now more ning brand campaigns focused on our
focused on marketing and selling prod- premium range of LED and LCD TVs,
ucts under our own brand name around Asian Games campaigns, and we are also
the world, to completely transit from launching a TCL India website (www.
Made in China to Created in China, and
to promote Chinese brands on a global Our focus has been more on region-spe-
basis. We have integrated our industrial cific advertisements and BTL activities.
chain, strengthened our innovation, and We plan to communicate our consumer
increased our competitiveness. offers mainly through regional channels,
TCL utilizes its global design resources and are pressing to reach the target cus-
and market insight to bring innovative tomers. Apart from ATL, we will be very
and excellent designs to life. The char- aggressive on the shop level, with various
acteristic of TCL designs gives users a POS material like banners, posters, and
stylish and user-friendly experience. We arch, and through participation in festive
are planning brand campaigns focused exhibitions. The idea is to meet the con-
Rambo Zhang on our high-end LED, LCD, and premium sumer’s eye, and subsequently influence
range of Slim TVs. The communications their purchase decisions.
Head:  Rambo Zhang will be based around style and technology
Company:  TCL India Holdings Pvt. delivered by TCL products, which will Plans for the Indian market in the
Ltd. project the premiumness of the brand. coming three years
Corp. Off.:  3rd Floor, Marwah Center, There will be more stress on BTL activi-
ties to drive the Natural Eye Technology, We are looking for a ten percent market
Krishnlal Marwah Marg, Sakinaka,
Andheri East, Mumbai - 400072 Glossy Finish, and Health Platform share, for this we have very aggressive
features which are the USP of our CTV expansion plans for the market. We are
Tel:  91-22-40080600
range. TCL is the official sponsor of going to make significant investments in
Fax:  91-22-40080800 the LED and LCD flat panel segments,
the Asian Games 2010, which are to be
Web: as these are going to be the growth mar-
held in China. Considering the Asian
Ad Agency:  AMO Communication Games as a good platform and precious kets, and we intend to become a complete
PR Agency:  Percept Profile chance, TCL will be much closer to the display solutions provider. TCL is an
consumers by displaying their creative acknowledged global technology pioneer,
products, techniques, and services. TCL with many firsts to its name; and continu-
India will work towards leveraging the ing with its tradition, it is now developing
Asian Games for visibility and brand new LED technology. In India, thinner
Key achievements awareness. LED TVs are replacing LCD TVs as
ll TCL Corporation signed an the premium CTV category. In order to
agreement with the 16th Distribution strategies match up with the current technology,
Asian Games Organizing we are launching LED and new LCD
In the last couple of years, we have made
Committee, becoming the TV models. These will give customers a
significant inroads in the rural market,
official partner of the 2010 wide variety of choices, thus resulting
given the fact that the rural market con-
Guangzhou Asian Games. in rapid growth in the sale of LCDs, and
tributes around 70 percent to our overall
also allowing us to penetrate more in the
ll RREEF issued The Most sales, and 70 percent of our dealers are
urban market.
Valuable Brand List in Chi- located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and
na in New York, on which rural regions. Given the significance Company’s vision
TCL ranks first in China’s of rural markets to us, in line with our
ll Tobe a globally prestigious and most
color TV industry, with a rural focus, we have branches in Tier 2
total of RMB 40.869 billion. cities like Indore, Ahmadabad, Cochin, innovative enterprise.
Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, ll To focus on the flat panel business.
ll Inthe 16th annual report
of the top 100 most valu- and Nagpur. On the other hand, we are ll Apersistent pursuit for digital tech-
able brands in China, TCL also focusing on retail chain stores for our nology innovations and applications.
maintained the title of Chi- high range products, such as LEDs and
na’s Number One Color TV LCDs. We believe in exclusive business
Brand. models for our partners, and have such
partners across India

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 63

TCL.indd 63 10/18/10 1:10:39 PM

Usha Shriram Marketing strategies
Our marketing strategies revolve around
Key achievements
The cookware category successfully
being in the top-three brands in the next launched in the market, and in a very
three years, and being seen as a brand short span of time of almost a year, we
to work with in the cookware category. have established ourselves as a market
We have worked out a plan for the intro- player. Our consumers are appreciating
duction of new products, and extending the product and quality. The dealers and
the existing range as per the market consumers are looking forward to exten-
requirement. We are working on creating sions in the range. We have operations
market awareness by doing various ATL started in the North and East.
and BTL activities; and making policies
which are market friendly and that the Company’s vision
trade understands easily. Our vision is to introduce a range of prod-
ucts which will give our consumers the
Distribution strategies utmost convenience and satisfaction. The
We are working on creating our distribu- range of products should give the com-
tor network at the district level initially, plete kitchen solution to the consumers,
and then going to the city level. Creating and we look forward to further improving
Rakesh Kumar a network of dealers under distributors, quality and service standards to remain
and making secondary sales plans for the best in the industry. Continuous
DGM-Sales & Marketing:  Rakesh each distributor with special attention innovation of our products to remain
Kumar to SKU-wise distribution, are key parts at par with the latest technology is also
Company:  Usha Shriram Enterprises of our distribution strategies part of our vision. We strive to maintain
Pvt. Ltd. a healthy environment in the work place,
Corp. Off.:  Block A, DDA Commercial Advertising and communication which helps our team members contrib-
Complex, Ring Road, Naraina, New strategies ute their best.
Our strategies are to create POP and
Tel:  011-45770990 POS material, which will help introduce
Email: brands in the cookware category; and
Web: to use print media selectively for com-
PR Agency:  Value 360 municating unique features available in
Communications Pvt. Ltd. the products. We participate in various
exhibitions to get feedback and sugges-
tions from the consumers directly.

Plans for the Indian market in the

coming three years
In the coming three years we need to
extend our distribution network, and
plan to appoint a minimum of 5000 active
dealers dealing with us under distribu-
tors. We plan to introduce products that
are suitable for our consumers, and
also extend the range of our existing

64 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Usha Shriram.indd 64 10/18/10 1:11:30 PM

V-Guard Marketing strategies
V-Guard is the largest selling voltage
Key achievements
We have established our brand name as
stabilizer brand across India. We market a synonym to the product name, volt-
stabilizers for TVs, LCD TVs, refrig- age stabilizer. We are the largest sell-
erators, air conditioners, and medical ing brand across India. We believe in
equipment. We have recently launched ethical business practices, and fulfilling
products for microwave ovens, washing our obligations to all stake holders. We
machines, and tread mills. We have had perform continuous research, and create
a strong presence in the South Indian innovations with our ISO-certified R&D,
market, right from 1977 onwards. After to develop different types of models to
being a public LTD company, we have cater to the numerous needs of custom-
expanded our network all over India. ers across India. We are able to diversify
various segments like electrical water
Distribution strategies heaters, water pumps, house wiring and
We have around 200 distributors across LT cables, UPS, electric fans, solar water
India. We bill our products directly to our heaters, digital UPS, and inverters. We
distributors, who supply the products to are able to conquer the minds of our cus-
our dealers. In most of the established tomers by providing the best quality, and
P.V. Padmakumar markets, we conduct door delivery excellent after-sales service in whatever
through van sales. We have more than products we market.
General Manager–Marketing 10,000 retail dealers.
(Stabilizer):  P.V. Padmakumar Company’s vision
Company:  V-Guard Industries Ltd. Advertising strategies Our vision is to make V-Guard a success-
Corp. Off.:  Vennala High School Road, We spend a reasonable percentage of our ful household name, by providing quality
Kochi – 682028 turn-over on advertising. We advertise products at an affordable price.
Tel:  91-484-3005000 in both print and electronic media. We
Fax:  91-484-3005100 also undertake below-the-line activities
in coordination with our dealers and
Ad Agency:  Publicis, Bangalore & Plans for the Indian market in the
Mudra Connext coming three years
By 2013, we are planning to establish
our network in all geographical regions
of the country. Currently, we are mainly
catering to the needs of the domestic
sector. We are planning to introduce
models suitable to cater the needs of the
industrial sector as well, by launching
three phase and servo stabilizers.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 65

V-Guard.indd 65 10/18/10 1:11:56 PM

of sports channels on board. Viewers can
videocon d2h Strategies, vision, and offerings
Videocon d2h, the fastest growing DTH
get truly world class services at afford-
able prices with our services, and since
(BBCL) provider in the country, has taken the
market by storm with its innovative fea-
we have the maximum number, with 267
channels and services, we are the world
tures and services. Right from providing
class players in the DTH industry, and
the maximum number of channels, and
are currently in high acceleration mode
now moving towards the high definition
for acquiring new subscribers.
segment, Videocon d2h has several more
We wish to make Videocon d2h an in-
reasons for this laudable performance.
tegral part of our consumers’ lives, by
Videocon d2h has always been a brand
offering all that they could expect from
with mass appeal. We at Videocon d2h
a DTH service provider. We will be ag-
keep in mind the target segment while
gressively promoting our Active Music
launching and pricing our products. The
Space channels, which are our own 22
most important aspect of Videocon d2h
audio video channels. We have regional
is that the services we provide are truly
devotional channels like Marathi Devo-
world class, making television viewing an
tional, Sai Amrit, Bengali Devotional,
experience itself, through differentiated
Gurbaani, Oriya Devotional, Bhojpuri
content, through active music channels,
Music Hamaar Geet, and many more. We
and also with high-quality MPEG 4 DVB
will be promoting these exclusively in the
S2 quality of transmission.
Anil Khera upcoming festival season. We have pre-
Consumer satisfaction is one of the most
pared a 360 degree marketing promotion
important principles of Videocon d2h,
campaign, focusing on our USPs.
Chief Executive Officer:  Anil Khera since the company believes in value-for-
At present, we offer every service that
Company:  Bharat Business Channel money for its loyal customers. Along with
a consumer can imagine, right from the
Limited the urban audience, we plan to penetrate
maximum number of channels to MPEG
Corp. Off.:  1st Floor, Tech Web the rural market, more specifically keep-
4 DVB S2 digital viewing; from audio
Center, New Link Road, Near Mega ing in mind the needs of the target seg-
levelers to tickers, we have all that one
Mall, Oshiwara, Mumbai 400102 ment. An additional benefit is that our
could possibly think of.
Tel:  022-4255-5000 reach has always been of a strong nature,
Being a major player with the right
due to being an Indian company. All
Fax:  022-4255-5050 technological capabilities, we have all of
the channels of distribution have been
Email: the resources, in terms of technology and
tapped by Videocon d2h with precision;
distribution, one could expect. This is the
this is one of the primary reasons why
reason why we constantly keep on inno-
Ad Agency:  Publicis Ambience we are the fastest growing DTH service
vating as a brand, because we believe in
in the country. Other reasons are that
putting our best foot forward. It is quite
we offer the maximum number of chan-
evident that our sentiments have been
nels, and the highest number of regional
appreciated and acknowledged by our
channels currently as a DTH service pro-
consumers, looking at the overwhelming
vider, which enables the viewer to have
response we have received.
freedom of choice, which is expressed in
Looking at the current scenario, we envi-
all of our communication mediums.
sion ourselves as one of the leading DTH
As the festive season is approaching, we
service providers in the coming years,
will be launching our satellite HD-DVR
looking at our growth, and primarily
in the market; besides the satellite HD-
because of the services we provide. We
DVR, our communication will even focus
want to make sure that the expectations
on the services being offered by us, like
associated with Videocon d2h as a brand
the maximum number of channels, and
are fulfilled in every possible manner,
also the maximum number of regional
since the core mission of our company
channels, making sure that we offer a
is customer satisfaction. The goodwill
complete package to our consumers. We
earned over the years is an asset to the
offer the highest number of channels in
company, and we are very sure that it
languages like Marathi, Bengali, Pun-
will only get appreciated more in the
jabi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and
coming years.
Tamil. We also have the highest number

66 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Videocond2h.indd 66 10/18/10 1:12:49 PM

to the consumers. Also, the company is
Videocon Marketing strategies
While consumption of consumer durables
providing small mini-trucks for speedy
logistics in these remote areas.
Group is rising in urban India, rural markets,
including small towns, are showing en- Advertising and communication
couraging trends. Having realized the
potential of the rural market and the
opportunities it offers, Videocon Group Advertising has always been a focus area
has launched a fresh thrust to penetrate for Videocon. The coming months will
in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns of India. see new advertising campaigns that will
Videocon, over the last few quarters, focus on product features; besides launch-
has been re-aligning its resources to ing campaigns for its individual products
cater to the needs and requirements of ranges like satellite LCDs, LEDs, wash-
this new set of rural markets which are ing machines, and refrigerators.
showing huge growth potential. We have, Below-the-line activities pertaining
over the past few months, introduced a to regional touch and flavor will be a
right product mix with newer category very important tool to connect with the
additions and a focus on below-the-line consumers and understand their prefer-
activities. Our media spending will also ences. We believe, brand ambassadors
be in accordance with these markets to Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan,
spur demand. Moreover, by mobilizing and Shruti Hassan will give the needed
Jaideep Rathore service engineers, aligning service cent- edge and visibility touch to brand cam-
ers with adequate spares, and above all, paigns.
CMO-Consumer Electronics &
Household Appliances: Jaideep catering on-time and at the doorstep of
Rathore the consumer, Videocon intends to cre- Plans for the Indian market in the
Company:  Videocon Industries Ltd. ate an additional customer base which coming three years
will generate additional volumes for the The Indian market is changing very
Corp. Off.:  248 Udyog Vihar Phase IV,
company. Videocon will also be coming dramatically, and moving towards
up with new ad campaigns and special digitalized products like LCDs, satellite
Tel:  91-124-4215400 customer experience programs through- LCDs, LEDs, fully-automatic washing
Fax:  91-124-4215401 out the country. machines, and music systems that are
Web: Videocon also plans to open 2000 Digi- high on sound bars. Videocon, being a
Ad Agency:  McCann Worldgroup world stores in small and large retail leading consumer electronics and home
PR Agency:  Torque Communications formats, in order to reach out to small appliances company in India, is focusing
towns and cities across the country. We on this segment. The company recently
Pvt. Ltd.
believe that these Digiworld stores will unveiled its latest range of HD satellite
become a revolution in retailing for the LCDs–a revolutionary breakthrough in
Videocon brand, and will offer unique LCD technology, which receives signals
selling experiences to consumers. directly from the satellite, without the
use of any set-top box (STB). The com-
Distribution strategies pany plans to have a range of HD satellite
Videocon is strengthening its distri- LCDs in the near future.
bution network, with an organized Videocon has launched several eco-
distribution channel for each district, friendly products in the last one year.
ensuring control and aligning last mile Recently, Videocon launched India’s
of retailing. Furthermore, the company first tilt tub washing machine, which
has opened offices in remote areas, which comes with a direct drive motor, which
earlier remained inaccessible. To offer helps in saving water. The company
speedy delivery of products and services, also received a five-star BEE rating
these offices are further connected to for its top loading model the Digi Dol-
the branch office. The company is also phin Dlx, and a four-star BEE rating
making sure that all schemes and POP for the Careen Plus tilt tub washing
material are made accessible to the machine, which helps customers save
sub-dealers who are sitting in remote upto 30–33 percent of electricity. In the
areas. These sub-dealers are also being coming years, the company plans to get
provided transport facilities for trans- its entire range of washing machines
porting products from branch offices BEE rated. (Continued ...)

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 67

Videocon Group.indd 67 10/18/10 1:12:24 PM

Videocon has also launched India’s first ll India’s first touch-pad microwave;
Videocon refrigerator with the Wings Flow Turbo ll India’s
first five and four-star BEE
cooling function that ensures equal cool-
Group ing throughout the refrigerator, and is
rated washing machines.

(continued ) very high on energy saving. A new range Company’s vision

of air conditioners with 18 models will
The Videocon brand has been driven by
be coming soon to the market. This BEE
the philosophy of delighting its customers
rated AC range will have DC invertors
with unique offerings, which not only allow
to ensure equal cooling and help save
them to experience technologically ad-
vanced, innovative products and services,
Looking at the market trend, Videocon is
but also provide them with value-for-mon-
focusing on launching 3D LED TVs that
ey propositions. The brand has touched the
will not require 3D glasses. Videocon will
lives of over 160 million customers, and
be also launching a range of Slim and
is driven by the philosophy of innovation
Ultra Slim TVs with USB ports that will
and customer centricity. The company has
enable viewers to watch and store songs
invested significantly in research and de-
and movies.
velopment, as well as in customer service,
Key achievements to offer consumers innovative products and
a superlative experience.
Videocon Consumer Electronics and
Over the next year, we plan to focus
Home Appliances Division has several
on launching innovative products in
firsts to its credit. 2010 was a year of
the washing machine, LCD, and LED
great innovations when the company
segments. The company is also looking
launched various products including:
at increasing television exports in the
ll India’s first tilt drum washing ma-
markets of the Middle East, Europe,
and China.
ll The world’s first satellite LCD range Our vision for 2011 is that for every ten
in India; products sold in the Indian market for
ll India’s
first top load fully-automatic any category of consumer durables, at
washing machine with a direct drive least four should be from the Videocon
motor; Group.

68 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Videocon Group.indd 68 10/18/10 1:12:24 PM

tial in a landscape cluttered with feature-
Voltas Marketing strategies
Opportunity presented itself to the in-
led promotions. The idea was to educate
consumers on the appropriate use, instal-
dustry unprompted, in the form of an
lation, and maintenance of ACs, in order
unusually harsh heat wave. It set in even
to reap the maximum benefits.
before the usual peak summer season,
Kicking off with press advertising, the
and drove up the demand for ACs.
Sensible Cooling message was seen
Voltas was more than ready for it, with a
everywhere—in TV commercials, radio,
well thought-out product line-up, which
posters, translites, and glow-signs. Stra-
had been researched, planned, and
tegic media helped counter the brute
launched well in time. By introducing
force and frequency of the competition’s
the first star-rated ACs in 2007, even
messages, responding with high-quality
before they became mandatory, Voltas
time, in well-chosen mediums, such as
earned the Vertis brand an enduring
IPL and news channels.
top-of-mind association with low-cost of
operation and sustainable low energy Plans for the Indian market in the
consumption. The new line-up in 2010
was tailored to advance that initial lead,
coming three years
and widen its appeal in entry, mid, and Going forward, the brand is poised to
Pradeep Bakshi upper segments. appeal to an increasingly demanding
This was with a new and apt promotional group of consumers. They can expect a
Senior VP & Dy. Chief Operating platform, besides making all the right wide spread of choices, lots of features
Officer:  Pradeep Bakshi moves in extending the sales and service and benefits, and evidence of superior
Company:  Voltas Limited reach. Voltas’ new product range and technologies, which team Voltas is all set
Corp. Off.:  Unitary Products Business marketing platform has spurred growth to deliver in the ensuing journey.
Group, A 43, MCIE, Mathura Road, to a new high of 82 percent from January They will also get the benefits of service
New Delhi-110044 to June of 2010. efficiency initiatives, franchise expansion,
Email: the deployment of customer relationship
Distribution strategies management, and even an online spare
The company has taken steps towards parts module, called e-catalog. This is
Ad Agency:  AdCapital only the beginning, and over time we will
reaching out deeper and wider during the
PR Agency:  Vaishnavi year. Initiatives were taken to penetrate make sure that Sensible Cooling brings
Communications more user friendly messages to our very
deeper into the burgeoning, affluent mid-
dle class. They were prospering in a cli- valuable customers.
mate of economic growth, and needed to
be both served and tapped. Retail touch
Key achievements
points were increased by 25 percent, for In terms of key achievements, the figures
greater presence, visibility, and sales. say it all. Growth was 82 percent, having
This was based on a thorough exercise notched 18 percent market share during
of market mapping and expansion. We the first half of 2010.
will continue it into the year, as it is a The brand was accorded with the indus-
marketing imperative. try-validated Superbrands status for
2010-11, and also the Reader’s Digest
Advertising and communication Most Trusted Brand award for 2010, as
strategies voted by consumers.
The brand worked on a new plank – Sen- Company’s vision
sible Cooling – which was well-accepted
The company aspires to be passionately
and applauded by customers. This new
customer-focused by providing innova-
creative plank, developed by media agen-
tive products and services, and exceeding
cies, not only delivered the message, but
all stakeholders’ expectations; besides
also pumped energy and freshness into
commanding a preferred brand status in
the brand, giving it a clear-cut differen-
the minds of consumers.

An ADI Media Publication | | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 69

Voltas.indd 69 10/18/10 1:13:18 PM

has been used in cause marketing, suc-
Whirlpool Marketing strategies
Whirlpool is a brand focused solely on
cessfully leading an initiative to support
a reputed NGO focused on cloth. Cause
home appliances, and the equity of our
marketing will become an integral ele-
brand as a specialist in home appliances
ment of our brand communication in
has strengthened over the last year.
the future.
Our strategy is to make our’s the most
appealing brand when it comes to home Plans for the Indian market in the
appliances, distinguishing it from others
through our product range, innovation,
coming three years
design, and communication. Innovation-led market share growth
The four core categories of home appli- in our core categories; revenue growth
ances—refrigerators, washing machines, through new businesses (power acces-
air-conditioners, and microwaves, will sories, water, and cooking); expansion
attract the bulk of our investment to of distribution in small towns; increased
ensure a strong cadence of innovation. retail visibility through exclusive outlets;
Our expansion into adjacent categories, and stronger brand presence in emerging
such as power accessories and consum- media, will be the five thrust areas of our
ables, indicates the potential we see for business in the next three years.
Shantu Das Gupta our brand in these businesses. Water
purification is also a category with long- Key achievements
Vice President Corporate Affairs and term growth potential, and our plans We delivered outstanding results in the
Strategy-Asia South:  Shantu Das include introducing new products beyond financial year ending in March 2010,
Gupta our impeccable range of reverse osmosis posting a net profit of `145 crore versus
Company:  Whirlpool of India Limited products. Finally, we see significant `70.5 crore in 2008-2009. Our share
Corp. Off.:  Whirlpool House, Plot 40, opportunities to leverage our brand price has been amongst the best. In
Sector 44, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana, equity in the cooking category, beyond addition, we have received a number of
India microwaves. awards that reflect the depth of talent in
Tel:  91-124-4591300 Whirlpool. These include Product of the
Fax:  91-124-4591301
Distribution strategies Year for Whitemagic 123, for the most
We have a two-pronged distribution innovative product in washing machines;
Email:  Shantanu_dasgupta@ Readers Digest Trusted Brand Gold strategy of reaching retail outlets, serv-
ing them directly or indirectly through Award 2009-2010 for Refrigerators &
Web: Washing Machines; ranked number 15
distributors. Approximately 700 Tier 2
Ad Agency:  Draft FCB & Contract and Tier 3 towns are under our radar in India’s Best Companies to Work For
Advertising Services where we will strengthen our presence, 2010, ranked number one in India’s Best
PR Agency:  Corporate Voice Weber enlisting new distributors where neces- Company for Leadership Development,
Shandwick sary. Exclusive brand outlets, numbering and ranked in the top-three in Manufac-
40-50 at present, and concentrated in the turing and Production Industry by Great
North, are likely to expand in the year Places to Work Institute, India; and the
ahead. Finally, we will build on good National Award for Excellence in Cost
relations with modern trade partners by Management by The Institute of Cost
improving our service levels to them. and Works Accountants of India

Advertising and communication Company’s vision

strategies We have a very strong brand in India
and strong positions in two categories –
Television will be the primary medium,
refrigerators and washing machines. Our
followed by print, for our communication
vision is to achieve the same position of
and advertising strategies. Our share
strength in all the categories that we are
of expenditures in on-line, outdoor,
in, thereby becoming the brand leader in
and radio, are likely to increase as we
home appliances, a brand that becomes
look ahead. We will look for tactical op-
the default choice when it comes to buy-
portunities to increase brand visibility
ing a home appliance.
through associations in high viewership
events such as cricket. Our strong brand

70 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | | An ADI Media Publication

Whirlpool.indd 70 10/18/10 1:14:25 PM

WESTON (Dixon)
COO-CE & CA:  Sunil Sethi
Company:  Dixon Technologies
(India) Pvt. Ltd.
Corp. Off.:  B-14, Phase-II,
Noida – 201305
Tel:  91-120-4737200
Fax:  91-120-2562681
Ad Agency:  BEI Confluence
Communication Ltd.
PR Agency:  Management &
Communication Group
Sunil Sethi

Strategies, vision, and partners

This year saw a huge amount of focus on Weston channel
expansion. The first six months of the financial year saw
an addition of 65 new distribution partners in the country,
increasing our conventional channel sales by 50 percent.
Today, we are close to 4500 dealers in the conventional
channel, and have a healthy relationship with modern
trade partners like Reliance, Vishal, Bharti Wal-Mart
B2B, Bharti Wal-Mart B2C, Big Bazaar, Croma, Haryali,
and Godrej Aadhar. Our thrust on channel expansion
will continue throughout the year, and our goal is to
have 7000 dealers by the end of the financial year. The
focus on CTV has been the Mosfet Technology and our
two year warranty. Our focus on the color television
category will remain on 14-inch and flats, and in the
coming times a huge energy will start flowing into the
21-inch Slim category. LCDs will get added during the
course of the year.
The product category DVD continues to be a huge strength
We have introduced a new product category multimedia
speakers. Our first foray into info technology peripherals,
the with launch of three new models Piano, Rockstar,
and Popstar.
Washing machines, washers, and JMGs will be our focal
point in the appliances business.
Our communication to the market is through the vehicle
of electronic media, which will be supported by print and
road power during the festival season.
New products, upgrading otechnology, channel expansion,
and value addition, will be the mantra we will follow dur-
ing the coming times.

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