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Fermax policy prevents us from a direct comparison-communication.

We here give below

comparison with a “white” competitor who is assumed to operate in the same techno-
commercial range as your current supplier

Fermax - Loft Colour Video Kit Typical



-Alumunium Body (Chromiumised finish) Plastic Body

- Thick chromium plated call button to prevent wear & Plastic /Rubber call buttons

-Resident Name Plate holder provided. When call button Not present
is pushed the Name Plate lights up.

- Holding screws ( provided) are of allen type. Once Visible

tightened completely hidden from view by protection

- Electronic circuits are made from gold band tolerance Cheap brown band tolerance and
components using SMD technology hand insertion technology

- Possibility of onsite sound control - to prevent feedback Not provided

whistle and hiss problem

-Video camera has a built-in white-LED lighting system May not be provided.
which auto switvhes on when camera switches on.
Ensures sufficient basic illumination on visitor

-Camera has possibility of onsite pan-tilt adjustment. Pan tilting facility may not be

- 3.6mm wide-angle lens May be pinhole

-Auto iris system. Protects "brown -outs" and the CCD May not be provided.
incase bright light gets flashed on to camera

-External panel visor of Video camera made of scratch Acrylic - Scratches easily. Cracks
resistant clear polycarbonate. with age. Sometimes yellows incase

- Sealing gaskets, screws etc comes with kit Locally has to be purchased, non-
controlled quality - has effect on
moisture entry

-Ingress Protection - IP43 Not declared. Typically IP33 or


-Impact Protection - IK7 Not declared. Not built for


-High Impact ABS. Texturised finish. UV protected - Cheaper grade plastic. Discolours
doesnot yellow with age.

-Double Duplex audio communication. Both Visitor and (Handsfree) Half Duplex audio
Resident can speak and here at same time on handset communication - One way audio

-Handsets - increases privacy - operable in noisy -Typically "handsfree"

environment - double duplex communication

- Handset gets Magnetic locked onto monitor in no-use - Handset if provided, locked
condition physically

- Electronic circuits are made from gold band tolerance Cheap brown band tolerance and
components using SMD technology hand insertion technology

- Brightness, Contrast, Colour , Volume control by user Insufficient controls

-Low slip tropicalised low wear neoprene buttons Plastic or rubber buttons

- Additional function F1-F2 buttons ( can be used for Not provided

cutrsey light switch ob , hooter activation etc)

- Separate metalic backplate to remove static charges as If provided made of thin GI

well as to ensure firm and stable physical mounting on
wall and electrical connection

- Back plate of zinc-passivated , corrosion proof 12 If provided made of thin GI

gauge steel

- Door lock release from monitor May not be provided

- Auto camera switch on May not be provided

- Curly wire uses 99.99% pure stannated copper Sheathing with cheaper
connections, long life low wearing , non discolouring, zero plastic/rubber sheath - prone to loss
halogen polymer sheathing of "curliness" and colour; low purity
copper,- loss of signal – hiss and


-Separate PSU - Input 230V AC - Low Voltage output to Typically "integrated" with handset.
monitor, Panel and Lock - Output has Overload and
Shortcircuit Electronic limitation - Input has PTC 2.5A fuse

- This "kit" is the basis of our MDS(Multiplexed Digital May not be expandable
System) can be used to build a 2 / 3 level security system
for multi-apartment operating on single bus for
multifarious functions including audio-visual
communicating with guard, audio communication with
other residents, integrating access devices etc.
- Our System also can be Interface with CCTV Surveillance May not be provided
(After adding some accessories)

However as is a well known fact “quality” and “dependability” are intangible attributes which though arising from
material USPs are beyond the sum total of the material specifications and becomes obvious only when a customer
uses the product.