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Editor: Maya Brennan (age 11).
Journalists: Ryan Curley (age 11), Eva Maguire (age 11), Jack Conneely (age11)
Yo g i B e a r Embarrassing Stories:
Directed by: Simon, age 10: Silly Singing!
Eric Brevig
This movie is One day, when I came home from my music lesson I
documentarie bout a film-maker who re started singing very loudly as I locked the door. Of course,
s . S h e t a ke s c o rds
Park for a fil a v is it t o J ell I thought only my mum and dad were home and I kept
Bear and his assignment. Here, she m ystone singing until I saw my dad’s friend was in the kitchen and
best friend, B e
humorous film oo-Boo. This ets Yogi he had heard me singing! Everyone started laughing and I
follows Yogi B w it h lots of actio is a
n a n d a d was really embarrassed!
Jellystone Pa ear’s adventures as he trieventure. It
rk from being s to s a v e
who’s running s o ld b y a n as Ryan, age 11: Embarrassing Mum!
movie 4 out o for election to be Mayor. ty man
f 5 . W a tc h o
Justin Timbe ut for the voicI rate this One Christmas, we were having a pizza in Milano’s. My
rlake. e of
Mum saw two guards writing a parking ticket for what she
By Ryan Curle thought was our car. She ran out of the café to apologize
and say that she would move the car but then realized that
it was someone else’s car after all. Everyone in the café
was trying to hold in their giggles. Mums are so
SOU R o ne s a
b o ut n
an J t ' s
c t o : D un c
r m o v i e . I n o th e r m a r , Mike, age 11: Horrible Haircut!
D ir e nt a ve
i s a b r i l l i a h e b o d y o f l i f e . Ho we
e t s
o u r c e C o d n g o i n t o ut e s o f h i s t t h a t h e i During the Easter holidays I had my hair cut really badly.
S hat ca t m in nds o
u There was noway that I wanted any of my friends from
m a n t e l a s t e ig h o vie h e fi school to see me. I thought that after the holidays were
for thon in the m O N N EEL Y over, my hair would have grown back a bit and not look so
l a te r ! ! ! C
! M U RRAY bad. However … that very day, I had to go out shopping
de a d CK
B Y JA with my mum - I met ELEVEN boys from my school AND
my teacher -they all saw my hair. What an embarrassing
TT (Transformation Technique) - Take some
Now-a-days an important thing for kids is: simple beads of your choice and colour and
Fashion! It’s important to have the latest trends, sewed them along the top and bottom of your
the latest jewelry and the latest outfits you see top.
in shop windows! Sew on a ribbon along the middle of the T-
But there’s just one problem, all of these shirt leaving the ends loose so you can tie a
awesome cloths are pretty expensive! So instead bow at the back.
of begging your parents to buy you different
outfits every week or spending all your pocket And finished!! This easy-to-make stylish T-
money on a really nice top... be creative!! shirt with some cool jeans and some nice shoes
From now on, in each issue, Top Mag is going to will look awesome, totally better then what
give YOU loads of tips showing you how to you will buy in any old shop!
transform your old drabby clothes into totally
new stylish ones!! Note: you can also try this with a long sleeved
For this issue lets start with the Casual Look: top or try using different colored beads,
I am going to show you how to make an old, sequences, buttons, etc. to make your top
boring T-shirt stylish. more Funky!

Before: So, I hope these tips will come in useful and

you choose to recycle one of your old tops
next time instead of bying something new!
By Maya Brennan

After: JO K E S e s t da ys
e b
h a t a r e th
Q. W ace? da ys .
s i t s p o o n
to v i d a y s a n d M
A . S un ?
f l e a s tr a v e l
do g.
Q. HowBy itch-hikin
T o p -M a g h a Amazing Facts ab
s decided to out Italy (Italia
'Culture pag h a ve a )…
e' in every
starting...N issue DID YOU KNOW
OW ! ?
I n t h es e C u
about a part re pages we will talk 1. Long ago the ci
ty of Rome was
customs,tra ular country; it's attacked by troo
ps. A flock of ge
about to be
ditions,festiv to call wildly and ese began
In this issue als etc... Pizza: their calls alerte
it's Italia! Roman soldiers. d the
Ho p e y o u en Method Rome was saved!
joy it !! geese!) ! (clever
T o p - M a g ed One
itor, Stepthe flour, salt and yeast in bowl. Add 2. The longest ri
M a y a B r en n a Mix soft ver in Italy is in
n water. Stir to form a
the oil and River Po, it is 65
2 km long!
fact the
ll thinly into 2
Pizza: Knead until smooth. Ro 3. The largest Ch
ristmas tree in th
e world
circles, 15cm across. can be seen each
Christmas in Ital
What to Use: town called Gubbi y, in a
Ingredients Large mixing bowl shape of a Christ
o. It is actually
a lit-up
Step Two mas tree, which
Base: Wooden spoon the dough. Grease is
225g white flour Pinch up the edges of arranged on a m
ountain slope.
leave them to rise
½ tsp salt
Measuring jug the baking sheets and
2 tsp easy blend yeas
t Chopping board while you prepare the 4. The world fam
ous book Pinocchi
Ro lling pin written by an It o was
1 tbsp vegetable oil Cl in gfilm His name was Ca
175 ml warm water Step three rlo Collodi.
C/gas mark7.
2 tbsp flour for dust
ing Knife Preheat the oven 220
2 baking sheets uce out and then
Spread the tomato sa 5. The ice cream
cone comes from
(greased) cream in a cup w Italy. Ice
Toppings : add toppings. as often known as
Sieve which may have a ‘toot’,
Tomato sauce been taken from
word ‘tutti’ meani the Italian
2 slices of ham, torn Step four ng ‘all’. This is be
s until the dough cause
into bite sized pieces Bake for 15 -20 minute customers were
urged to ‘eat it
150g mozzarella, torn
into looks golden.
d serve... Enjoy!
bite sized pieces Decorate with basil an By Ryan Curley

1 yellow pepper, slice

d By Eva Maguire
s sliced
4 button mushroom
Fresh basil leaves
a pleasure to s
Festivals: windows. ee the variety
o f m a s ks o n d
People also we isplay in shop
Carnevale in Ita a
costume or ma r costumes for the festiv
s o m e re s e arch on Italian far one a masquerade squerade balls. (Personally al and there are
in g ball just like in I
After do
d e c id e d that Carnival is vals
by Romeo and Ju would love to go to
festiv a ls , I fe s ti liette.)
t f u n and interesting le I try to talk The different
of th e m o s
taly. In this art
e Italy has many Carnivals:
celebrated in I rent customs and describe th Cento hold the Carnival celebrations, but
f e
about the dif tions; I hope you enjoy it! V
have interestin biggest Carnival festivals. enice, Viareggio, and
Carnival celebra g traditions an Alt
d c us t o m s a s w h o ug h o t h e r t o w n s
Viareggio Car ell!
What is Carniv the biggest Ca
nival: Viaregg
io, on the Tusc
ug e r n a n y c o a s t, h a s
o k n o w n a s M ardi Gras, is a h any known for its iv a l c e le b r at
giant, paper m ions in Italy. Viareggio Car one of
Carnival, als e le b ra ted in Italy and Easter
m only at Festiva aché floats us nival is
e s ti v a l c fore ls b u e d in
winter f e w orld 40 days be ay and Lent. a n d m a s ke d b a t a ls o in other cultur p a r a d e s no t
d th al
place s a ro u n
y b efore Ash Wed
ne s d both in Viareg lls taking place throughout events, concerts,
g t
- a f in a l p a rt special Carniv io and nearby surrounds. R he Carnival season
al menus (yum e s t a ur a n t s h a
iv a l c e le b ra te d in Italy? my!). ve
How is Carn Ivrea 'Orang
, e
ly is c e le b ra te d with parades Piedmont regio Throwing' Carnival: The t
Carnival in Ita s, entertainment, music, an d
ll r medieval roots n, has a unique Carnival celeown of Ivrea, in the
masquerade ba n throw confetti at each othe followed by or . The Carnival includes a co bration with
parties. Childre d pranks are also common How fun is thaange-throwing battles in th rful parade
and mischief an t? e c e n te r o f to
wn .
during Carnival. al is actually on one date, in Carnival in Ac
Although Carniv other places in Italy the most beautifu ireale, Sicily: Acireale hold
Venice and som tions and parties may begin a l
floats, parade Carnival celebrations. Flow s one of Sicily's
Carnival celeb before. ra e
s parades durin through the town's center. r and paper-maché
couple of week in I ta li a n ) a re an important t o ur n a m e n t , c
g Carnival per
iod. There's a There are several
Masks (masche ival festival and Venice is the hildren's even ls
ts, and firewo o music, a chess
part of the C a rn a rnival masks. rks to finish.
d tr a d it io n a l C Snow Carniva
best city to fin re sold all year round and can l
near the Swis in the Alps: The Alpine re
s a
Carnival mask y shops in Venice, ranging s
of downhill sk border, celebrates Carniva ort town of Livigno,
be found in man ks to Very expensive ones. ball, and tradit
iers, followed
by an obstacle l with a procession
from cheap ma the streets of Venice, it's ional parade in
th e s tr e e t
r a c e , fa n c y d r
u g h
Walking thro
Spooky Halloween mask:
Q. What do you get if you cross a Only cover one side of the balloon length
cow with a duck? ways with layers of the paper mache. Now,
A. Cream Quackers. stick a rectangular shaped bit of cardboard at the
bottom to give your creepy mask a skeleton look and
put 2 layers of paper macke on it as well.
Then cut two holes for eyes and paint the mask green,
add some red and black for a 'spookier' effect.
Ancient Greek vase:
Paper Mache: Cover three quaters of the balloon with paper mache.
Then paint the paper mache vase black with ancient
What You Need: greek warriors, emperors, slaves or princesses on it.
*Paint all the people yellow, orange or red to give
1 Blown Up Balloon it an ‘Ancient Greek’ effect, and make sure
A Paintbrush they are wearing Ancient Greek
Cut up Newspaper clothing.
la ye r of pa st e on the bits of cut up
Put a thin ic k th
em onto the balloto
newsp ap er an d st
th is un ti l yo u h av e 6-9 layers. Leave
D o
dry for a day. d h ar dened burst the
Wh en it is d ry an
balloon. or at e your paper mache
yo u ca n d ec to
t an yw ay yo u lik e. For eg, cutting it in
ar l or a mask etc.
the shape of a bowyou want.
Paint it any colour Q. W h a t do
naughty witc chools do to
m ak e th e Pa st e m ix some glue with a h
A . T h e y e x- s e s ?
*To e.
tl e b it of w at er until it forms a past pell them.
By Eva Maguire
by Nicky Singer.

Winner of BLUE
P E T E R bo o k o f
the year award
. he w ei rd es t, m os t ta lented and
disgusting lizard ever!
Feather Boy is,
in my opinion, on
reads ever. This e of the most gri
book really is ‘un pping
Admittedly, I fo -put-down-able’. t talented and disgustin
und it hard to fo One of the weirdest, mos sa
beginning. But ta
ke my word for
llow just at the
ev er is th e Ho rn ed Li zard; this creature look
worth the effort it, ‘Feather Boy’ lizards es
is so spikes on its back and sid
story unfolds, e
of sticking with
it, because as th bit like a fat toad with
verything becom e e m ad e fr om m od if ie d scales) and horns on
character is a b es clear. The m
ain (which ar
oy called Robert
at school. He m who isn’t at all p it’s head. rt
eets up with a st opular ing lizard is able to squi
sends him on a m range old lady w This disgusting yet amaz
ysterious quest.
The story becom
fr om it’ s ey es fo r a di stance of up to 5 feet!
strange, eerie an blood ood
d filled with susp es edators, but also the bl
I won’t spoil it. ense - but don’t This not only confuses pr
to read it now.
I give this book
4 out of 5 and u
ul to ca ni ne an d fe lin e predators though it
rge you tastes fo
em s to ha ve no ef fe ct on predatory birds.
se rned
y different types of ho
By Ryan Curley However, there are man t
ds an d no t al l of th em have this ‘gift’. The mos
lizar rned
ed lizards are Texas Ho
common species of horn
wh o ea t m ai nl y Ha rv es ter ants but they also
lizards d
ot he r in se ct s su ch as beetles, grasshoppers an
ea t
termites. g
pe yo u ha ve en jo ye d th is article and are lookin
I ho zy
ue's info on another 'cra
forward to the next iss
creature' ! By Maya Brennan