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Lloyd G.

VP of Operations / Chief Operating Officer / Senior Management
Strategic Business Planning & Implementation / Organizational Leadership Strateg
ies / Process & Project Management / Career Succession Planning / Quality Contro
l & Budget Analysis / Organizational Development / Personnel Development /
Implement Communication Strategies / Building a Team to Match the Organizational
Proven Leadership Strategies: Implemented organizational infrastructure to impr
ove quality control systems, increase customer satisfaction, better defined prod
uct / service development while decreasing defects, identified specific core com
petencies and performance standards to ensure the organization employed individu
als were accurately placed in the best match position. Emphasized effective com
munication strategies throughout the system to minimize waste and maximize perso
nnel accountability and ownership of tasks and performance. Ensured compliance
documentations were in place, monitored and implemented.
Process and Project Management Analysis: Established well-defined goals, object
ives and action plans to ensure the respective corporate Vision and Mission Stat
ements successfully exceed their respective expectations. Developed and impleme
nted zero based budgets to ensure profits for conducting business increased on a
n annual bases while the cost for conducting business was managed and controlled
. Ensured a well-defined business strategy plan was written, monitored and succe
ssfully achieved within a realistic time line. Developed a realistic target mar
ket business strategies to ensure deliverables met, if not exceeded, customers e
Education: Graduated with a MA from Southwestern in Organizational Administrati
on & Leadership Development. Graduated with a BA from Southwest Baptist Univers
Selected Achievements
Positioned a major Professional Sports Entity for sale to new ownership. Process
included budget analysis; implementing personnel core competencies, title bands
and performance standards; and evaluating and improving the Season Ticket Sales
, Group Sales, and Daily Ticket Sales procedures. Served as the construction pr
oject team leader in completing a 12 million dollar stadium remodeling process t
o be completed on time and under budget. Responsible for working with local, c
ounty, and state legislation entities in stadium lease contract negotiations.
Entrepreneurial Leadership and Experiences includes a variety of organizations,
such as the Mayo Clinic, Hormel Corporation, Stanford Law School, Washington Reg
ional Medical Center, Missouri Employee Mutual, First Community Bank, Heartland
Capital Investments and Pennsylvania Blue Cross Blue Shield. Enabled these enti
ties to identify critical path issues for improving quality output, fiscal manag
ement and personnel development. Extensive work with Fort Polk, Fort Bragg, Wh
iteman Air Force, and Martin Marietta to develop, implement and ensure the succe
ss of Self Directed Quality Control Teams culture. Prepared proposals, negotia
ted high value contracts, and managed all projects to completion.
International Leadership and Development influences include working for such ent
ities as NCR, Smith Kline Beechum, HJ Heinz, United Kingdom Nuclear Plant, and B
ank of London
Selected Professional Experiences:
LA ResourceS: Since 1986 my work has focused on coaching, mentoring, assessing,
developing and implementing business, marketing and fiscal management strategie
s as Chief Operating Officer of this organization.
Greater Dallas FCA: In 2004 became the Executive Director for this non-for-profi
t organization to redesign, re-engineer and implement a business strategy model.
Focus included broadening how the organization was funded, hiring, coaching an
d mentoring staff and working closely with the Board of Directors until 2006.

Kansas City Royals Baseball Organization: Began in 1997 as an Organizational De

velopment Consultant and transitioned into the Vice President of Administration
and Development until the team was sold in 2000.