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1600 East Milan Court Aurora, Colorado 80013 303.680.9553

Strategic Planning / Electronic Health Records / Promotions / Needs Assessment /
Training / B2B RN / Territory Sales / Product Demonstration / Solution Selling
/ Product Launch / Key Accounts
I drive record sales in the medical and pharmaceutical arena with practical solu
tions. Demonstrating the value and efficacy of critical products for industry gi
ants like GD Searle, Nestle-Carnation and Carstens, I aggressively built new ter
ritories and increased market share. From hardware and software solutions to bab
y formula, I build success.
My knowledge as an RN makes me particularly adept in communicating with medical
professionals at every level. Maximizing revenues and profit margins, I build br
and awareness and customer loyalty. Whether growing existing accounts or generat
ing new business, I deliver top and bottom line results.
* Increasing sales volume with increased brand awareness
* Expanding market share, opening new territories
* Executing compelling sales presentations
* Forging lasting customer relationships, assuring YOY improvement
* Aggressively edging out the competition with customized solutions
* Driving revenue, targeting underserved market segment.
My Nursing Degree is from the University of Tennessee. Peers view me as a dynami
c and innovative, able to forge relationships built on trust and expertise. An e
xceptionally dedicated contributor, I exceed all expectations.
Boosted Revenue with Solutions Selling. Carstens desired broader brand awareness
. Met with hospitals and care facilities, demonstrating value of hardware and so
ftware solutions. Drove customer upgrades, meeting needs and assuring HIPPA comp
liance. Increased brand recognition, grew territory, quadrupling sales to $420K
Drove Record YOY Sales, Opening New Markets. GD Searle sought new territory pres
ence. Assessed product offerings and market needs, expanding into new markets. D
eveloped key relationships with pediatricians and hospitals. Drove customer serv
ice, attracting business and boosting client retention. Propelled market share 3
Introduced New Products, Driving Revenue. Carstens sought means to expand market
share. Led business analysis and strategic planning, targeting key market segme
nts. Forged critical relationships with hospitals and other service providers, o
ffering practical patient charting hardware and software solutions. Grew revenue
Exceeded Sales Goals. Nestle - Carnation was determined to maintain positive mar
ket share in highly competitive market sector. Devised and implemented aggressiv
e business plan. Consistently exceeded quarterly and annual sales goals, increas
ing market share to 14%.
Sales Executive, Cassady Connections, private consulting, 2010 to the present. O
ffer strategic planning, team building, product expertise and growth strategies
for new and emerging medical service and product companies. Assist in the develo
pment of market-driven product solutions to meet client needs and enhance market
Territory Sales Rep, Carstens, patient-charting solutions firm, 1993 to 2010. Dr
ove sales of 100's of medical record product solutions across multiple states. B
uilt long-term relationships with hospitals, nursing homes, LTC facilities, dial
ysis centers and hospices, driving YOY record sales.
Territory Sales Manager, Nestle-Carnation, infant formula division, 1988 to 1993
. Drove record sales in highly competitive multi-state market, calling on pediat
ricians, hospitals and thought leaders. Leveraging direct selling techniques and
needs assessment, increased product understanding and sales with effective prom
Earlier: Sales Rep, GD Searle. Director of Nursing Services, Brakebill Nursing H
ome, Staff Nurse, S. Fulton Hospital & University of Tennessee Hospital.
Additional: With a keen interest in health and longevity, I participate in numer
ous physical fitness activities, including snow skiing, sailing, and water sport
s. An avid reader, I also enjoy cooking and travel.

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