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8764 Malone Rd Ph: 903-948-4748
Olive Branch, MS 38654 EM: pc50b498@westpost.net

Management of multi-modal transportation and logistics services business units.
Expertise includes ocean, barge, truck and rail shipping; terminal operations; l
abor management; sales/business development; supply chain logistics; distributio
n; public and private warehousing; inventory control; materials handling; custom
er service; quality control; and occupational safety. Developed and deployed pol
icies, procedures, and systems meeting defined criteria with goal to improve pro
fits, efficiencies, and customer services. Ability to resolve problem areas reso
urcefully, increase quality service levels, and ensure long-term customer relati
ons. Adaptable to change and increased responsibility.
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Managed multiple business units handling over 3 million
tons general, dry bulk, and liquid bulk cargoes annually. Maintained profitabili
ty during economic down turns by controlling spend and improving productivity. E
stablished job cost metrics to validate quoted rates. Initiated audit controls f
or billing and spend. Led and motivated staff and union/non-union labor to ensur
e adherence to established processes and safe work practices. Administer mainten
ance schedules and repairs for terminal equipment.
SALES, COMMERCIAL, CUSTOMER SERVICE - oversight for network of business units in
* Develop annual revenue budgets exceeding $50 million.
* Respond to RFQs promptly. Ensured thorough understanding of customer's needs t
o develop turnkey pricing for services. Quoted hundreds of rates annually coveri
ng various cargoes and services. Created and maintained tariff using MS Access t
o communicate rates to billing staff.
* Negotiated and closed short and long term service contracts valued up to $10.0
million. Managed contract implementation, renewal, and annual CPI adjustments.
* Nurtured strategic relationships with current and new customers to grow new bu
siness opportunities. Example: Grew one account from zero to over $15 million an
nually in 5 years.
* Prepared ROI analysis for capex projects. Coordinate new project development i
ncluding evaluating feasibility, design, financing, and construction.
* Audited billings to ensure accuracy. Recovered over $100,000 in unbilled servi
ces. Successfully collected aged and difficult accounts receivables.
* Arbitrated and mitigated demurrage expense. Negotiated over $40,000 reduction
in rail demurrage by documenting car bunching and mis-delivery. Kept barge demur
rage to a minimum through proper communication of delays with responsible partie
* Effective collaboration with C-level execs, transportation managers, port auth
orities, community economic development leaders, etc.
* Consulted in developing proprietary WMS/inventory control systems and internal
processes with focus to ensure customer defined criteria was achieved.
* Managed over 400k sqft of warehouse space, 30 acres outside storage, 500,000 g
al liquid storage.
* Ensured stored products shipped on FIFO and JIT basis as requested by customer
* Provided value-added services such as screening, bagging, repacking, recouping
, and consolidation/deconsolidation of various products.
* Obtained US Customs Bonded warehouse status at multiple sites.
D. PAUL CAMPBELL Ph (903) 948-4748 Page 2

TRANSPORTATION/LOGISTICS - Managed company trucks, joint venture trucking divisi

on, and contract carriers to ensure timely order fulfillment from warehouses. Ac
hieved desired revenue goal of $500/truck/day for 30 dedicated local delivery tr
ucks. Responsible for effective dispatch, CDL driver recruitment, training, comp
liance, and retention. Obtained required licenses. Reviewed and audited driver l
ogs, IFTA fuel reports, and driver purchases. Limited OOS violations through eff
ective inspections and maintenance. Ensured contracted carriers retained adequat
e liability coverage and maintained acceptable safety ratings.

QUALITY CONTROL - Drive process improvement, resolve issues, and implement corr
ective action solutions that improved services and customer relationships. Auth
ored and implemented following documented controls:
* ISO 9000 Quality manual
* Standard Operational and Administrative Procedures addressing proper receipt,
handling, storage, shipment, and documentation tailored to meet specific custome
r requirements and improve internal processes. Achieved uniformity of services a
cross multiple business units.
* Contact point to deal with and correct customer issues.

SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL - Developed and implemented policies, training, and cul
ture resulting in 68% incident rate reduction in 1 year. Result was reduced comp
any MOD factor and WC premiums. Ensured compliance to OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulat
ions through effective facility audits, observe and correct unsafe conditions/wo
rk practices, and evaluate root causes of incidents. Performed safety training a
nd maintained documented records. Reviewed Hazmat bookings, documentation, stora
ge, and segregation requirements aboard ocean vessels.
Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery - Family Service Counselor 2009-Present
Provide arrangements for interment of deceased. Develop leads and sales of pre-a
rranged cemetery and funeral goods and services. Achieved top sales volume award
after 3 months employment.
Independent Contractor - Light construction and home improvement 2008-2009
IE Miller Services District Manager - Rifle, CO and Fairfield, TX 2007-2008
Oil field services division of Complete Production Services, Inc. Responsible fo
r managing business unit relocating land based drilling rigs.
Kinder Morgan Terminals Regional Operations and Sales Manager - Memphis, TN 1995
Perform various management duties with focus on providing efficient transportati
on and warehousing solutions that exceeded customer's requirements and expectati

EDUCATION: Houston Community College GPA: 4.0 Non-Graduate

Various training courses in human resource development and motivation
Multiple OSHA & HSE seminars/courses including "Safety 24/7"
DOT-HAZMAT training
AFFILIATIONS: Memphis Propeller Club, World Trade Club, Pittsburgh Traffic Club
Orchestrated annual "Clean Harbor Day" with Memphis President's Island Indust
rial Association (PIIA).