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OBJECTIVE To obtain the position of art teacher with the intent of providing

students with an engaging environment for which they can realize their full crea
tive talents.
EDUCATION New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NTPNJ), a Master of Arts in
Teaching/Alternate Route Program.
Kean University, Union, NJ
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art
CERTIFICATION Certificate of Eligibility (CE): Art K-12

Public Schools of Edison Township, Edison, NJ
Substitute Teacher
Edison Township Department of Recreation, Edison, NJ
Art Instructor 2004 Present
*Introduced students 6th-12th grade to comic book art, composition, character cr
eation, and story.
Instructed 6th-12th grade children in art, sketching, drawing, painting, mural
, and sculpting.
Inspired students to explore and showcase their creativity utilizing various a
Demonstrated the use of a variety of art techniques such as graphite/colored p
encils, pen & Ink, watercolor, tempera/acrylic paint, stenciling, stamping, phot
ography and clay.
Establish and maintain quality positive relationships with students, parents,
and colleagues, fostering an environment of open communication and support.
Observe and evaluate students works of art utilizing cooperative learning and
constructive criticism.
Responsible for purchasing and managing art supplies.
Arranged for exhibitions of student art work within Edison Rec. Stelton Commun
ity Center/South Edison Library.
Assisted in mediating and organizing ideas pertaining to community-based art c
lasses offered through Edison Recreation.
Minnie B. Veal Community Center/Edison Recreation, Edison, NJ
Kids Fun Club Classes Instructor1997-Present
*Work with k-5th grade children instructing arts/crafts, sports, science and che
Encouraged respectful behavior & discipline in order to maintain a positive env
Woodrow Wilson Middle School/Edison Recreation, Edison, NJ
Youth After School Program (YAP) Assistant Instructor/Art Instructor 2007-2008
*Instructed 6th grade students in drawing, painting and ceramics.
Assisted in maintaining a safe productive environment for (YAP) children.
*Chaperoned (YAP) children during field trips.
Summer Playground Program/Edison Recreation, Edison, NJ
Head Counselor: 2001, Assistant Counselor: 1997-2000
2001, Responsible for all playground activities, trips, and events for six week
*1997-2000, Assisted in supervising k-5 grade children in arts/crafts, sports, t
Technical: Microsoft Windows 98/XP/Vista, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office, Int
ernet, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, I Movie HD (Mac Based
), Final Cut Pro (Mac Based).
*Possess patience and great enthusiasm.
Strong communication, organizational, written, and interpersonal skills.
Profound commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.
*Solid knowledge of the theory and techniques required to create works of art.
*Extremely capable in installing art exhibits.