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Angela Gril

1685 E 5 St, # 2F
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Tel: (718) 376-5247
Fax: (718) 376-5247
Cell: (347) 262-9744
E-mail: ag516384@westpost.net

Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York
Social Worker: Pediatric and Medical Floors, ICU and ER.
*Conduct assessment of patient's social needs as well as family functioning
*Provide screening for child/elderly abuse and maltreatment
*Identify risk factors impacting on patient's safe discharge
*Provide emotional support and counseling to patient and family
*Assess service needs and make appropriate referrals
*Keep up-to-date documentation and case records
Revival Home Health Care, Inc, Brooklyn, New York
Social Worker
*Conducted in-home psycho-social assessments and crisis interventions
*Assess patient's service needs and provide appropriate referrals
*Complete case documentation and assist agency supervisors with documentation an
*Provide short term therapy/counseling to the patients
Administration for Children Services (ACS), New York
Child Protective Specialist, Child Protective Supervisor
*Receive and investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect.
*Conduct regular home visits and make necessary collateral contacts.
*Maintain constant contact with the clients, provide support and guidance.
*Make proper determinations on the case and refer clients for appropriate servic
*File court petitions and testify on the case matter if necessary.
*Track investigation completion and compliance with the agency guidelines
*Provide guidance and assistance to the unit of five workers.
*Compile reports for administration.
KINGSBOROUGH Community College, Brooklyn, New York
TOURO College, Brooklyn, New York
ESL Instructor, Resource Room Coordinator, Lecturer, Tutor
*Work closely with students to streamline their efforts on various academic topi
*Assign lessons and tests, provided help to students.
*Track various information about resource usage and compile reports for administ
Public school # 187, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR, NYC Public schools
Elementary School Teacher; After-school Group Teacher, Coordinator of Pedagogica
l Work
*Prepared course objectives and outline for course of study following guidelines
*Conducted presentations for faculty and administration.
*Planned and presented outlines for all educational and vocational programs.
*Supervised counselors in preparing and coordinating pedagogical activities.
1/2001-1/2004 New York University, New York, NY
Graduate School of Social Work, MSW.
2/1995-6/1997 Brooklyn College, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY
MS in Education /Major: Mathematics.
State Pedagogical Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR
BS in Education. Diploma with Honors.
Major: Methodology of Pedagogical Work. Minor: Family Ethics and Psychology.
State Certified in Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention. Possesses NYS Social
Work License (LMSW). Fluency in Russian. Member of NASW.