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This is the type of research in which the experimenter is

present at the scene of data collection and has considerable
control over the experimental environment, which is the
laboratory. Due to the control, he or she attempts to establish a
causal relationship. Experimental research is normally performed
in the laboratories and the experimenter aims at establishing

Experimental research is highly controlled method of

showing the existence of a causal relationship between variables.
This method of research is very scientific since the basis of
science is experimentation. It involves cause and relationship that
must be present and also involve a control group. The control
group makes it important for us to understand the experimental
group. Even though it is common in the natural sciences,
experimental research is also carried

out in social sciences. The respondents are drawn from the

sample population and each has the same chance of being
selected to any of the control experimental groups.

By description, an experimental research is an artificial

arrangement of conditions specifically designed to allow objective
conclusions about the effect of some factors or some aspects of
behavior. The factor or behavior whose effects we want to know
more about is called independent variable. For instance, for one
to know whether negative feedback makes people more or less
persistent on subsequent tasks, types of feedback given would be
the independent variable and time spent working on a later task
might be the dependent variable.

The experimental group is the group in which its

environment is changed and it is the group that is treated
specifically with the variable that is being tested. The control
group on the other hand is the group that is treated as much as
possible like the experimental group except that it does not
participate in the experiment manipulation by not providing it any
special treatment or special experience like the variable that is
being tested.

One significant feature of experimental research method is

that science hypothesis is always first made to serve as a guide. A
hypothesis is an assumption that is precise enough to be tested
and which can be shown to be incorrect by the use of some
special statistical manipulation.


In Social Science research, experimental research is not

mostly suitable since human beings are not easy to control. The
way it is done to other beings in which the experimental group is
different from the control group. Also the experimenter is
expected to have some knowledge of statistics. This makes
analysis almost impossible if the experimenter does not have
knowledge of statistics.

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