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S T M A R T I N S C H U R C H . O R G J U N E 2 0 1 1

Faith and fun on Main Street VBS
ISSUE: By Susan Gillies As the local bus driver, Justin Time knows the
ins and outs of Main Street better than anyone.
Announcements: 2
Vacation Bible He loves his town and the people in it- even
UTO Ingathering
School is almost though things might seem a little “backwards”
most of the time. You can always count on Justin
ECW Coffees here! All our
to go out of his way to lend a hand and make
Mary & Martha
volunteers and someone’s day- “right on course and just in
Summer Solstice
our co-directors, time”!”
Holy Land Tour
Bunco Thanks Colleen Hall and With a heart even bigger than her chef’s hat,
Fr. Jon: 3 Michelle Magee, Chef Michelle Ma Belle is near and dear to
Flood Relief the hearts of everyone on Main Street. Her
are hard at work making this the best VBS it can
Garage Sale job at the Brown Bag Bistro keeps her busy
be! Our theme this year is “Inside Out and Upside baking and delivering tasty treats to all her
Youth Group 4
Down on Main Street” because as we all know, Je- friends and neighbors. Ma Belle means “my
beautiful” in French and this beautiful lady treats eve-
sus turns our lives inside out and upside down
Scholarship 5 ryone “beautifully!”
Winner every day.
Book Club We can’t wait to meet all the kids who are com- Everyone can help make this program a success.
Music Notes 6 ing to learn a new “word on the street” each day - Please check out our donations wish list in Park
News from Lui words such as gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, Hall and drop off your items in our VBS donations
Pentecost 7 grace, and faithfulness. They’ll learn what those box. Or come help us set up our scenes during
words mean and how they can apply them to their the week of June 6 - no decorating experience is
Stewardship 8 daily lives. Each day will also bring learning necessary! Contact Michelle Magee at
through songs at the Sidewalk Celebration, story- mgmagee@gmail.com for further information on
Milestones: 9 telling with Parable Productions, snacks at the set up needs.
Brown Bag Bistro, crafts at the Fun Factory, and Registration is due for all children the first
Legacy Fund games at Firehouse Fitness. In addition, we have day of VBS - Monday, June 13. Just a reminder
Lay Ministry 10 several new faces joining us this year: that registration is $20 per child or $40 maximum
Schedule Meet the lovely Heidi Clare, super-sleuth per family. Please visit http://
June 11 extraordinaire! She’s in town to investigate www.vacationbibleschool.com/stmartinschurch for
Calendar some strange events on Main Street looking
more information.
high and low for clues to explain the unusual
Service Day 12 inside out, upside-down attitudes and behavior
she encounters. She’s sharp as a tack- but on St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
the wrong track. Slowly but surely, Heidi will Vacation Bible School
learn that Main Street is special not because of some June 13 – 17
mysterious secret but because of Jesus and the differ-
9 a.m. till Noon
ence He makes every day in the hearts and lives of
people every day!
Preschool - 5th Grade

Announcements and Events

UTO INGATHERING them full-size. Of course, the 8:30 p.m. at Emmanuel Episco-
newsletter is also available in pal Church, 9 South Bompart,
Count your blessings and have a
color on our website at Webster Groves. Tickets are
grateful heart. Save your spare
www.stmartinschurch.org. $15 for adults and $5 for chil-
change in a United Thank
Thank you for your patience dren 5 - 12. ticket price in-
Offering Box (available in
while we worked out our dis- cludes dinner, beer, wine, lem-
the Narthex) and bring
tribution challenges. onade and great acts from the
your collection to church
MARY & MARTHA new “ECM Revue.” You will be
Sunday, June 12. The
GUILD able to bid on fabulous auction
United Thank Offering
items including an afternoon
addresses compelling hu- By Phyllis Duff
sailing trip to Carlyle Lake,
man need through grants to Mary and Martha Guild will Cardinals tickets and many
projects that alleviate poverty, continue to meet during the other fun and exciting things.
both domestically and interna- summer months for informal For tickets, please call Episco-
tionally, within the Anglican get-togethers. Our next meet- pal City Mission at 314-436-
Join us for provinces, dioceses and compan- ing will be Wednesday, June 3545.
Holy Eucharist ion dioceses. 8 at 10 a.m. No planned pro-
at St. Martin’s COFFEE WITH ECW
CHURCH gram… just an opportunity to
COMMUNICATIONS keep in touch with each other. By Jeanne King

Do you have an announcement Bring your own lunch. Looking Coming this summer to our
for the Sunday bulletin or forward to seeing you! Call own parish hall: Coffee with
weekly iMessages? E-mail your Anne Gravatte or Phyllis Duff if ECW. Watch for the dates to
at 8 & 10:15 a.m. information to: communica- you have questions. be posted in the weekly an-
and tions@stmartinschurch.org. SUMMER SOLSTICE nouncements. Remember all
Wednesdays Please send the information for FESTIVAL women of the Episcopal
at Noon the upcoming weekend by 10 Church are automatically mem-
Please join us for an evening of
a.m. each Wednesday morning. music, food and fun for the bers of ECW. Enjoy this fact.
Thanks to Kim Montgomery for whole family to benefit Episco-
volunteering with this ministry pal City Mission (ECM). ECM
for the summer. provides chaplains to children
NEWSLETTER in the St. Louis City and
DISTRIBUTION County detention centers and
Lakeside residential center. In a By Jeanne King
After much discussion, trial and
error and even a little confusion, very real sense, the chaplains Thank you to all
we are once again mailing hard are the compassionate face of a who made the
copies of our monthly newslet- loving God in the lives of chil- Bunco Girls’ Night
ter to everyone on our church dren who are in trouble and Out on May 6 a success. Susan
mailing list. The newsletters will frequently have no one to Gillies, ECW President, was an
come folded, which costs less whom they can turn. excellent hostess. Everyone
and arrives quicker than leaving This year’s event will take place had fun playing, eating and talk-
Friday, June 10 from 5:30 to ing. “That’s how we roll!”

A flood of relief to Southeast Missouri

Dear brothers and sis- meet the basic try was now empty. She also
ters in Christ, needs of food said that the phone was only
and shelter for getting busier as people re-
It is with a great deal of JOPLIN
displaced group and try to organize
gratitude that I cele- TORNADO
households. their lives again. RELIEF
brate your positive
The longer- It is the long-term issues of
response to the flood- Our prayers are with
term needs rebuilding a community where
ing in the Poplar Bluff the victims of the
include ongo- I wonder if we can help in the devastating tornado in
area. During May’s
Joplin, Missouri.
ing clean-up, future. I wonder if a few Mar-
Priest Discretionary St. Philip’s, the only
Contact The Rev. Jon Hall at rebuilding and tineers would be willing to Episcopal Church in the
Fund Sunday, I re-
organization of help with part of a clean-up
city, was not damaged.
quested help with the
They will be assisting
food bags at project or to organize and fill
recovery needs after flood waters with local relief efforts.
Holy Cross, one of only two area food bags at Holy Cross for a If you would like to
claimed farms, crops and houses
food banks. help, you can send
in the lower parts of that com- day or two. Perhaps this
donations to:
munity. The total given by our I have met their food bank coor- group could play hooky from Episcopal Relief and
dinator and seen their food pan- Sunday services here to wor- Development’s
congregation was $1,405. Thank
USA Disaster Response
you very much! try ministry first-hand and know ship with our diocesan sister Fund. Learn more at
that they screen and assist fami- church there before returning www.er-d.org.
The Rev. Annette Joseph, the
lies very efficiently. home. What do you think?
new priest at Holy Cross Episco-
pal Church, says they are planning I spoke with Annette recently and Thank you for your prayers
with other churches in town to she told me that her food coordi- and action.
have two types of assistance. The nator called her about an hour Blessings,
short–term assistance will be to before to tell her that their pan- Fr. Jon

Garage sale opens for business

By Beverly Kinkade We have select chari-

St. Martin’s 38th Garage Sale is off and running! ties to pick up the

The Members Sale is Thursday, June 2, from 6:30 remains, but there is

till 8:30 p.m. always lots to do at

Please honor this as members only to give the the end! Paper and

church an opportunity for a fair first chance at pur- plastic bags are wel-

chasing from all of the wonderful departments. come Thursday night

Regular Sale hours are: as well, along with

Friday, June 3: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. cash donations to help offset the costs of food

Saturday, June 4: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. and supplies for the workers. For those of you

If you can, please plan on coming back Saturday at who have never experienced the Really Big Ga-

1 p.m. to help us put the church back together for rage Sale at St. Martin’s, you will be just amazed,

the next day. This is a huge effort and requires all and for those of you who are regulars-Welcome

hands on deck! Back!!!!


What youth group means to me

Preface: I asked graduating senior Gina Garbo if she would share some reflections on her youth group ex-
perience. As you’ll see, youth group is about being an accepting & loving presence for our teens, perhaps just
when they need it most. It’s truly the Holy Spirit at work! – Heidi Gioia

by Gina Garbo ceive a million hugs, but I ate and laughed until

It really is quite strange to think after so many I was sick, and truly felt the friendship that is

years I won't be a part of the St. Martin's our congregation.

Youth Group. I was lucky to get to start back This year, once again I found myself facing
when we had the Dolphins Youth Group in 5 some rough times. In March my grandfather
grade. Honestly, for a long time youth group passed away. The week before, much of my
didn't mean too much to me. It was another family was constantly in the hospital to say our
thing to do, and sure I had a few friends, and goodbyes and huddle around each other. The
we did some fun things, but I didn't see it how Sunday before he passed, we had a youth
I see it now. group event, and I

I'm not really knew that was

sure when exactly where I

the transition had to be. Of

happened, course, my friends

but the last drowned me in

few years hugs and words of

youth group encouragement,

has provided which made me

something feel immensely

incredible. Gina Garbo (second from left) poses with youth group friends Ellie better.

The friends I Ecker, Kiki Cogan, Lindsey Peters and Matthew Greenbaum during a Over the years
youth group event at the bowling alley May 15.
made within I’ve had so many

youth group have quickly become some of my laughs, deep conversations, hugs, and hilarious

closest friends. I can talk to them about any- moments with youth group. I cannot believe I

thing, from the hilarious thing that happened at will be leaving as I graduate and go on to Rock-

school, to my questions about faith. My junior hurst University, but I know I will always treas-

year, I had about the worst week you could ure it. Without youth group I would not be as

possibly imagine: a kid from the camp that I go strong in faith as I am today, or as confident. I

to passed away, my chemistry teacher was will miss sharing moments like the bowling

pounding me with impossible amounts of together (Michael, I've still got your back!), or

homework, and that was only the start. Feeling just running around in a zany Minute to Win It

miserable, I looked to my best friend, Jonathan, game. Thank you to everyone who has shaped

to help find me an escape. We decided to go my experience. I cannot say thanks enough.

to movie night at church. Not only did I re-


St. Martin’s scholarship aids local student

By Youth Ministries Director In the fall, she will be attending
Heidi Gioia Missouri State in Springfield where

Each year, Circle of Concern she intends to study nursing. In

awards scholarships to outstanding order to prepare herself for this

seniors in need from area high highly selective program, Chelsea

schools. St. Martin’s is a proud will join a “Living & Learning”

sponsor of one of those scholar- dorm where she will be paired up

ships. With the continuing in- with other students majoring in

creases in costs for higher educa- the medical fields. In addition to

tion, these grants provide assis- sports, Chelsea works at a local

tance to a delightful group of area assisted living program for adults

teens. with Alzheimer’s. She is highly

motivated & excited to begin a
The 2011 St. Martin’s Scholarship
new chapter in her life at Missouri
recipient is Chelsea Johnson. I had St. Martin’s Scholarship winner Chelsea Johnson poses
State. with Youth Ministries Director Heidi Gioia at the Circle
the pleasure of meeting Chelsea at
of Concern awards banquet in May.
this year’s award banquet. She is a Thanks to all the parishioners who

bright young woman who attends help to make the St. Martin’s YOUTH MINISTRIES CALENDAR
Parkway South and is active in Scholarship a reality for Chelsea!
Mini-Mission Trip
Cross Country and Field Hockey.
Shannondale Community Center
June 24 – 26th

June book club Registration materials are available

in Park Hall and on our website.

By Ruby Downs she's breaking up with her boyfriend Kirenan, a former

St. Martin's Book Club will meet Tuesday, June 28, from neighbor who's become like family, Mary Beth is slightly

7 till 8:30 p.m. in Packwood Library to discuss Every Last alarmed, but soon distracted by her son Max, who's feel-

One by Anna Quindlen. Newcomers ing overshadowed by his extroverted, ath-

are always welcome so pick up a copy letic twin brother Alex. Quindlen's novel

of the book and come join the discus- moves briskly, propelled by the small dra-

sion. mas of summer camp, proms, soccer games

and neighbors, until the rejected Kirenan
Review From Publishers Weekly:
blindsides the Lathams, and the reader,
In her latest, Quindlen (Rise and Shine) with an incredible act of violence. Left with
once again plumbs the searing emo- almost nothing, Mary Beth struggles to
tions of ordinary people caught in cope with loss and guilt, protect what she
tragic circumstances. Mary Beth has left, and regain a sense of meaning.
Latham is a happily married woman Quindlen is in classic form, with strong
entirely devoted to her three teen- characters and precisely cadenced prose
aged children. When her talented that builds in intensity.
daughter Ruby casually announces

Notes from the organ bench

As we head to- nelius, Mopsi Hanley, Theresa
wards our summer Lubcke and Susan Shepperd.
schedule here at We all enjoyed having the chil-
St. Martin’s, I want dren singing in worship. They
to thank all those made six appearances over the
people who have course of the school year.
worked so hard to Many thanks to the children,
make the music Contact Music Director Earl Naylor at their parents and the Christian
ministry here hap- enaylor@stmartinschurch.org
Formation teachers that gave
pen. It takes a lot up some of their lesson time so we could re-
of commitment and dedication to make eve- hearse.
rything happen. Here are the names of those
Several of the youth participated as instrumen-
who have sung with the choir at some point
talists on Christmas Eve and during the rest of
during the year: Caitlin Cogan, Elin Cogan-
the year, as well. Many thanks to Lindsey Pe-
Adewunmi, Mary Edmonson, Ann Harbert,
ters, Brian Peters, Will Gerretsen, Patrick
Beverly Kinkade, Robin Ragsdale, Carrie Mor-
Parker, Abby Trieschmann and Michael
rison, Linda Bennett, Jane Klieve, Lynn Lange,
Jeanne Whitney, Beverly DuPont, Jeff Klieve,
Kurt Greenbaum, Ray Harbert, Errington As you can see there are a great number of
Brown, Doug Edmonson and John Lange. This people involved in making a “joyful noise to the
group sang no less than 36 anthems, as well as Lord.” Thank them when you see them at
leading us in singing hymns, psalms and ser- church. If you want to be part of this ministry
vice music. here at St. Martin’s, let me know. There is al-
ways room for one more.
Another important part of the Music Ministry
is the bell choir, Tintinnabulation. Our ringers Peace,
include: Sherrie Algren, Lee Eislen, Larry Cor- Earl Naylor

A new bishop in our companion Diocese of Lui

By Deacon Susan Naylor helped fund the wells in Lui. Congratulations

On Saturday, May 14, the Province of Sudan Stephen! We

met in Juba to elect the new bishop for the pray for wisdom,
Diocese of Lui. We learned that Stephen grace and humil-
Dokolo has been elected! Many people at St. ity in your new
Martin’s have had the opportunity to meet role.
and talk with Stephen during his two years
here among us, and more than a few walked
with him during the Walk for Water that

ESM offe

Celebrate the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

Pentecost is often fly kites and blow action to bring Jesus’ words to
called the birthday of bubbles to remem- life. I always liked that idea.
our church. When the ber the great gusts Here’s a suggestion: Pick up a
apostles heard the of wind. We can Bible and read the story of Pen-
rush of a violent wind, release multitudes tecost to a child or a
saw tongues of fire of lady bugs to go
Contact Christian teen in your life. Talk
appear among them out and spread
Formation Director about the story and
and began to speak in Janis Greenbaum at God’s seeds. Those share what the Holy
other languages, they jgreenbaum@
are just a few fun Spirit means to you.
recognized the Holy ways to celebrate As Peter says in Acts
Spirit upon them. Thousands the day. 2:39, “For the promise
were baptized that day and set
But perhaps more important, I is for you, for your
out to tell the world about
hope we will let that same Holy children, and for all
Jesus. (Read the story beginning
Spirit come upon us… not that I who are far away, eve-
in Acts 1:2.) That was the day
wish any more violent winds come ryone whom the Lord
we recognize as the real begin-
to St. Louis! But I hope we can our God calls to him.”
ning of Christianity.
recognize the Holy Spirit dwell- This Pentecost, I’m
Pentecost is June 12 this year ing in ourselves and let it move going to listen for that call and
(50 days after Easter). So what us. I once had a priest describe try to be the “verb.”
can we do to celebrate? Sure, the Holy Spirit to me as the
we can all wear red to church “verb” of the Trinity. He said
Janis Greenbaum
to symbolize the fire. We can the Spirit is what makes us take

Confirmed in the Episcopal Church

Bishop Smith poses with
Fr. Jon Hall, Deacon Susan
Naylor and 15 members
from St. Martin’s who par-
ticipated in this year’s
Confirmation Service at Christ Church
Cathedral May 22. Congratulations to
all those confirmed, received or reaf-
firmed: (left to right) Jenny & Jeremy
Brown, Kay and Joe Fletcher, Jane
Oliver, Nancy Helmer, Michelle
Magee, Susan Merchak, Colleen Hall,
Lynn Corning, Jackie Patterson, Sandy
Steinlage, Assaad Merchak, Jeff Lee
and Madison Lee. (front, center: Emma
Merchak and Abbey Hall lend their
Stewardship spotlight

Christian stewardship is the grateful and responsible use of God's gifts in

the light of God's purpose as revealed in Jesus Christ. Christian stewards,
empowered by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves to conscious, purpose-
ful decisions.

By Carole Gerretsen they would have had outdoors.”

Each spring the Episcopal Church Women Susan said she never thought of the hunt as
(ECW) host the Easter Egg hunt for St. Mar- an act of stewardship before this event. “That
tin’s. This year, 34 children between the ages puts a new light on it for me,” she said. “The
of one and twelve ECW Easter egg hunt is a form of steward-
participated in the ship through generously funded donations
tradition. ECW either from the members of the ECW or as
provided 750 was the case this year, from an anonymous
Easter eggs filled donor. In addition, the members in charge of
with toys and the event and the volunteers who spend their
candy, Amazingly, time with us Easter morning helping to run
the eggs were the event are stewards through giving their
donated by an time. The ECW egg hunt has become a tradi-
(above) Lilly, Ellen, Abbey anonymous mem- tion at our church and will continue in the
and Carson check out ber! ECW also purchased four raffle baskets future as another area of stewardship for
their collection of Easter
with prizes which were awarded to boys and which we can be thankful”.
girls in the “five and under” and “six and Thank you to Susan and the women of ECW
(below) ECW President over” category. Julie Clark spear-headed this for being good stewards!
Susan Gillies gets in to
event and ordered all of the eggs from Sunny
the Easter spirit!
Bunny Industries – a company which em-
ploys disabled people to
fill the eggs.

Susan Gillies, this year’s

ECW President, said,
“Despite the rainy
weather preventing the
Easter egg hunt from
being held outside, all
the comments we re-
ceived stated the hunt
was successful and the
kids had just as much
fun hunting for eggs Ella takes a break from her search for
downstairs in our Sun- Easter treasure.

day school rooms as

Scripture tells us that blessings shared, multiply and multiply and multiply.
If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact a member of our Stewardship Committee:
Jeff & Jane Klieve (co-chairs), Murrell Cunningham, Mary Drastal, Carole Gerretsen, Janis Greenbaum.

Milestones at St. Martin’s

JUNE June 12 - Diane Metzger DEATHS
BIRTHDAYS - Kim Montgomery
- Melissa Jarrell William Steinlage
June 1 - Alexis Adewunmi June 13 - Mike Esser April 1, 2011
- Chandler Spies - Pam Lee Husband of Sandy Steinlage
June 2 - George Tash June 14 - Savanna Lee
Orville Kenneth Oliver
- Julie Rauh June 15 - Jason Smith
May 1, 2011
- Jane Oliver June 17 - Alex Moranz
St. Martin’s member and
June 3 - Lou Voit, Sr. - Jack Allen
husband of Jane Oliver
June 5 - Carolyn Duddy June 22 - Tucker Thomas
- Carson Spies June 24 - Madaleina Durley Herman Ulrich
June 6 - Kevin Clark June 26 - D’Arcy Elsperman May 15, 2011
June 9 - John Aleman June 27 - Helen Murphy Uncle of Judi Moon
- Bill Wilkins June 28 - Nicole Goettelmann
Christopher Lee
June 10 - Bob McElroy June 29 - Laura Valere
May 13, 2011
June 30 - Susan Gillies
Grandson of Clayton & Darla Lee

God’s will be praised!

Bob Tragnitz
May 16, 2011
Uncle of Heidi Gioia


By Beverly Kinkade could perpetuate her support to this wonderful church, which
been her spiritual home and the home of her family for so many
Our thanks to Larry Robertson for his presentation to St.
years. She has decided to make a bequest to The Legacy
Martin’s in May.
Fund for the purpose of augmenting her annual stewardship into
For those of you who missed this interactive session, you may perpetuity.
visit his website at www.ljrobertson for further information.
A bequest can be made directly to St. Martin’s Legacy
Writing your will is the most important step you can take in Fund which stipulates that the income from the endow-
planning your estate. Without one, your wishes for your as- ment can be used for special needs. As with any true en-
sets and their distribution could be in jeopardy. A properly dowment, the principal will be held intact. Members of the
prepared will is a very effective means for accomplishing many Legacy Fund Committee would be happy to answer ques-
goals, including charitable intentions. It would be our hope tions about preparing a specific bequest to St. Martin’s at
that your spiritual home at St. Martin’s would be carefully con- any time… or feel free to contact Larry Robertson or your
sidered. What follows is an example of how one person hypo- own personal attorney for professional advice.
thetically used her will to benefit the church:

She is an active member of St. Martin’s, attending weekly, pledging Keep up with all the Be a Messages
faithfully and participating where she can in other church activities. latest news and contributor!
information online.
As the years passed by, she has remembered the church in many Send articles,
honorariums. Her children went to Sunday school here and, al- St. Martin’s: pictures, announcements
stmartinschurch.org and anything you’d like
though now in different cities, still come back for holidays to see her
Diocese of Missouri: published in the June issue
and the friends they have developed at St. Martin’s. Last year,
diocesemo.org of Messages to:
sadly, she lost her husband of forty years, and she was supported in janis@igreenbaum.com
a very meaningful way by her life-long friends and her Stephen’s Episcopal Church U.S.A: by June 15.
Minister at St. Martin’s. Lately, she has been praying over how she

Lay Ministries Schedule for June


8 a.m. 8 a.m.
Lector: Jeanne King Lector & Chalice Bearer: Jim Crabtree
Chalice Bearer: Lou Voit, Sr. Ushers: Bob & Jan Waters
Ushers: Rich & Honor Hebenstreit Greeter: Elin Cogan-Adewunmi
Greeter: Elin Cogan-Adewunmi
10:15 a.m.
1st Lesson: Maxine Heller
10:15 a.m.
2nd Lesson: Janis Greenbaum
1st Lesson: Rina Chittooran
Prayer Leader: Kurt Greenbaum
2nd Lesson: Chuck Batch
Ushers: Joe & Lana Biondo, Mark Edwards,
Prayer Leader: Judi Batch
Bob Pomeroy
Ushers: Wayne Peters, Mary Jane Drake,
Healing Ministers: Mary Pomeroy, Bev Weaver
Rich Brown, Steve Gillies
Chalice Bearers: Janis & Kurt Greenbaum
Healing Ministers: Barb McCann, Leanne Lyle
Acolytes: Ellie Ecker, Kiki Cogan,
Chalice Bearers: Chuck & Judi Batch
Mackenzie Morrison
Acolytes: Mackenzie Morrison, Ellie Ecker,
Greeters: Nancy & Steve Young
Grace Gerretsen
Children’s Worship Leader: Terri Garbo
Children’s Worship Leader:
CW Assistants: Mackenzie Morrison
CW Assistants: Gina Garbo
Nursery: Jody Mena, Alice McLaughlin
Nursery: Jody Mena, Alice McLaughlin
Eucharistic Visitors: Nancy Young, Diana Hauser
Eucharistic Visitors: Rebecca Barger, Leslie Pattengill
Greeters: Theresa & Rich Luebcke
JUNE 12 8 a.m.
Lector & Chalice Bearer: Loretta Go
8 a.m.
Ushers: Jim & Bette Crabtree
Lector: Bob Elsperman
Chalice Bearer: D’Arcy Elsperman 10:15 a.m.
Ushers: Bob & Ginny Marchetto 1st Lesson: John Lange
2nd Lesson: Mary K Heyde
10:15 a.m.
Prayer Leader: Tom Allen
1st Lesson: Doug Edmonson
Ushers: Tom & Sandy Baranowski, Rich Eidson,
2nd Lesson: Mary Edmonson
Jeff Nordeen
Prayer Leader: Rich Luebcke
Healing Ministers: Barb McCann, Leanne Lyle
Ushers: Sarah Aleman, Larry Cornelius,
Chalice Bearers: Mary K Heyde, Tom Allen
Jean DuPont, Bob McElroy
Acolytes: Matthew Greenbaum, Grace Gerretsen,
Healing Ministers: Judi Batch, Diana Hauser
Chalice Bearers: Mary Edmonson, Rich Luebcke
Greeters: Carole Gerretsen
Acolytes: Lindsey Peters, Abby Trieschmann,
Children’s Worship Leader: Julie Clark
Matthew Greenbaum
CW Assistants: Kiki Cogan
Greeters: Vicki & Jeff Nordeen
Nursery: Jody Mena, Mary Kate Turntine
Children’s Worship Leader: Teresa Reeves
Eucharistic Visitors: Ray Harbert, Phillis Duff
CW Assistants: Abby Trieschmann
Nursery: Jody Mena, Mary Kate Turntine
Eucharistic Visitors: Mary K Heyde, Phyllis Duff

If you cannot serve on an assigned date, please get a substitute and notify the church of the change (636-227-1484).
If you have any special scheduling needs please contact:
Readers, Chalice Bearers, Ushers: Rebecca Barger, 636-778-0799 / rsbarger@charter.net
Acolytes: Bob Ecker, 636-230-7302 / dvs-be@charter.net;
Greeters: Mary K Heyde, 636-532-9345 / heydes@charter.net.;
Children’s Worship & Nursery: Janis Greenbaum, 314-651-1843 / jgreenbaum@stmartinschurch.org.
June 2011
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* Adult CF Committee will
meet at the Greenbaum’s, 1 Garage Sale Set-up 2 3 Office Closed 4

14393 Rainy Lake Drive, 8 am - 7 pm - Garage Sale Diocesan Youth

Chesterfield Noon - Holy Eucharist Mission Trip
1:15 pm - Staff Meeting 8 am - 1 pm - Garage Sale
6:30 - 8:30 Garage Sale 1 pm - Garage Sale
6:30 pm - Bell Choir Members Only Clean-up

5 7 Easter 6 7 8 9 10 Office Closed 11

8 am - Holy Eucharist 10:30 am - Bible Study 10 am - Mary & Martha 9 am - Men’s Group
9 am - Adult Bible Study 1:15 pm - Staff Meeting Noon - Holy Eucharist Breakfast
10:15 am - Holy Eucharist
11:30 am - Lector & 7 pm - Evangelism 6:30 pm - Bell Choir 6:30 pm - Lector &
Chalice Training Chalice Training

12 Pentecost 13 14 15 16 17 Office Closed 18

Food Pantry Sunday 9 am - Noon - VBS 9 am - Noon - VBS 9 am - Noon - VBS 9 am - Noon - VBS 9 am - Noon - VBS
8 am - Holy Eucharist 10:30 am - Bible Study Noon - Holy Eucharist
9 am - Adult Bible Study 1:15 pm - Staff Meeting
10:15 am - Holy Eucharist 6:30 pm - Adult Christian 7:15 pm - Legacy Cmte. 6:30 pm - Bell Choir 7 pm - Facilities
Formation mtg.* 7 pm - Stewardship 7 pm - Pastoral Care Team

19Trinity Sunday 20 21 22 23 24 Office Closed 25

Priest’s Discretionary 10:30 am - Bible Study 9 am - Investment Club 2:30 pm - Youth Group
Fund Sunday 1:15 pm - Staff Meeting Noon - Holy Eucharist 11:30 am - Lunch Bunch Mini-Mission Trip
8 am - Holy Eucharist
9 am - Adult Bible Study 6:30 pm - Bell Choir 5:30 pm - Executive Cmte.
10:15 am - Holy Eucharist

26 2 Pentecost 27 28 29 30
8 am - Holy Eucharist 10:30 am - Bible Study
9 am - Adult Bible Study 1:15 pm - Staff Meeting Noon - Holy Eucharist
10:15 am - Holy Eucharist

8:30 pm - Mission Trip 6 pm - Vestry Meeting 7 pm - Book Club 6:30 pm - Bell Choir
returns home
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
15764 Clayton Road
Ellisville, Mo., 63011-2330
Phone: 636-227-1484 PERMIT NO. 57
E-mail: stmartin@stmartinschurch.org


8 a.m. - Holy Eucharist I
9 a.m. - Christian Formation
10:15 a.m. - Holy Eucharist II
Noon - Holy Eucharist II

St. Martin’s cleans up

By Sherry Algren

Our building and grounds got a

good clean-up during the May 1
Service Day. We fixed a hole in
the church wall on the east side of
the church, leveled the handi-
capped walk, weeded the gardens,
organized the altar guild supplies,
cleaned the pews, re-hung the
pictures in the narthex, planted
flowers in the north circle in mem-
ory of Don Harbaugh, the children
painted the trash enclosure with
their shadows, we tied blankets
and made cards for the card minis-
try. The hospitality committee
provided a lunch for the work-
ers. All in all, it was a day to renew
friendships, make new friends and
enjoy being in community.

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