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1102 Murray Drive * Edgewater, MD 21037-4124
Cell: 410-279-3006 * jf59b958@westpost.net
Accomplished senior executive with exemplary experience and recognized success i
n global sales and market development. Talent for defining business strategies a
nd translating vision into high-impact actions, new business opportunities, prof
itable business partnerships, and revenue and profit growth. Resourceful leader
and team builder; expertise in recruiting, developing, and leading in-country bu
siness teams. Highly skilled at maximizing account potential and exceeding busin
ess goals in highly competitive global markets.

International Business * Business Development * Startups * Turnarounds * Joint V

entures * P&L * Consulting
Client Relations * Product Marketing * Logistics * Procurement * Purchasing * Ne
gotiations * Team Leadership * Training and Development * Market Analysis * Need
s Assessment * Branding * Importing / Exporting * Customs

MARIF INC., Edgewater, MD * 1988-Present
Export management company representing US poultry and seafood producers in inter
national markets; annual sales range up to $120 million.
Drive international sales and marketing of commodity and retail food products fo
r Export Management and Brokerage Company, with 7-figure annual revenue. Hold fu
ll P&L accountability; develop and maximize operating budget. Manage growth by e
xpanding products offered to customers. Negotiate private label contracts for sp
ecific export markets.
Perform in-country market surveys to source, qualify, and target optimal custome
rs in market. Negotiate with supplier C-suite executives on representative expor
t management and brokerage agreements. Develop and execute regional product-spec
ific export strategies, including targeted customer profile for optimal channel
penetration; selection and management of in-country sales consultants; and inter
face with logistic providers and international banking operations.
Ensure compliance with international trade requirements; interface with leading
US and foreign international trade organizations and government agencies, includ
ing Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Emirates Trading Agency, USAPEEC, USDA, and USDOC
. Leverage knowledge and expertise related to international banking and credit i
nstruments; maximize US government export programs.
Develop and maintain productive and profitable relationships with key accounts,
including Agility Logistics, Al-Munajem Co., Angliss International, Channel Fish
eries LLC, Federal Foods, Giant Food, Hellman's Worldwide, Hogan & Hartson, HSBK
, Pilgrim's Pride Corp., Poseidon Freight Group, Samsung, Shenzhen Aquatic Produ
cts, Simmons Prepared Foods, Toshouku Corp., The Vestey Group, and Whole Foods M
* Recognized as 1st company to make sales of US agricultural and seafood commodi
ties directly to Chinese customers; captured $800+ million in revenue over 10-ye
ar period.
* Became 1st western company to utilize Chinese banks for L/C payments to wester
n processors; broke ranks with rest of world selling to HK companies; represente
d Tyson Food, Simmons Foods, Pilgrim's Pride, and Ocean Angel Seafood for direct
sales to China.
* Negotiated fishing rights contract on behalf of Chinese customer with Governme
nt of Oman, resulting in 100,000 MT catch of fish from Indian Ocean.
Middle East:
* Orchestrated first US company sales of US agricultural products directly to Ir
aq; drove $64 million in annual sales revenue; added $13 million to bottom line
by developing innovative logistics system for movement of products to Baghdad vi
a Kuwait.
* Added $30 million in average annual gross revenue to US processors' bottom lin
e by representing frozen commodities sales for Pilgrim's Pride Corp. and Simmons
Foods; recruited and trained team of in-country independent contractors to perf
orm logistics, sales, and account management functions.
* Pioneered implementation of USDA EEP program for sales of Gold Kist and Pilgri
m's Pride whole chickens to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan.
JOHN T. FRANK * Page 2 * jf59b958@westpost.net

* Spearheaded $80 million in net sales over 2 year period while reducing costs b
y $28 million by developing logistics plan for shipments to Kazakhstan and new t
rade route from US to Central Asia.
* Recognized as 1st to export US produced frozen commodities to market; introduc
ed USDA GSM-102 and SCGP programs to Kazak customers and banks.
* Designed joint venture plan in 2007 with estimated value of $160 million for c
onstruction of 1st vertically integrated poultry complex in Kazakhstan and $110
million joint venture plan for construction of 1st ethanol fuels plant in Kazakh
stan; both projects on hold due to challenges in ethanol and financial markets.
United Kingdom:
* Added $250,000 average monthly revenue to Channel Fisheries UK EBITDA by devel
oping US sales channel.
* Developed US sales channels for United Kingdom seafood producers, Severn & Wye
Smokery, Scottish Sea Farms, and Glenarm Organic Salmon, from 2009 to present;
identified customers and recruited, hired, and trained 2 independent contractors
to manage daily sales.
PREMIERE INTERNATIONAL INC., Alexandria, VA * 1986-1988
Importer of consumer goods from Thailand.
Vice President
Managed North American marketing and sales of consumer products manufactured by
Thai-based parent company Led and developed 3 direct reports. Administered multi
-million dollar budget. Identified and negotiated private label contracts with U
S-based customers for parent company's manufacturing operations. Developed strat
egic relationships for distribution of luggage, seafood, clothing, medical suppl
ies, and variety of consumer goods. Negotiated all sales, marketing, and procure
ment agreements.
Developed strategic relationships with senior level decision-makers at numerous
companies, including Nestle USA, Starkist, Samsonite, Borden Foods, Fieldale-Can
non, Mobil Oil, Bamberger Polymers, and Muehlstein Trading.
* Grew EBITDA by 640% over 2-year period.
* Played key role in averting failure of joint venture with Chinese by convincin
g Mobil Corp. to supply critically needed thermo plastic resins.
* Initiated and negotiated 1st Thai-produced private label supply contracts with
famous US brand name seafood companies.
* Negotiated private label manufacturing contracts with Bumble Bee Tuna Co., Sta
rkist Co., Samsonite Corp., Sears & Roebuck Co., Fieldale Cannon Co., Nestle (US
A) Inc., and Borden Foods.

CAREER NOTE: Additional professional background includes:

International Logistics Management Company.
Vice President
International Freight Forwarding Company.
Account Executive

Bachelor of Science in International Marketing