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Himadri S.

12820 N Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78753
Tel: 360-852-1212 (cell)
e_Mail: ha5cd44e@westpost.net

Career Objective: Suitable Challenging IT Management/Project Management/IT Lead

Positions in CRM, Contact Center, Business Transformation, Supply Chain, BPM, e_
Commerce, IT Infrastructure, and Software Development & Support Initiatives
M.B.A. Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada; December 1996: Major: MIS / Busine
ss Transformation
M. Eng., Engineering Management, University of Ottawa, Canada; May 1994; Major:
IT Operations / Supply Chain Management
B. Sc. / M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering. Moscow Power Engineering Institute, M
oscow, Russia; December 1986; Major: Systems and Networks
Professional History:
The Homedepot, Austin, Texas: IT Lead and Project Manager: August 2005 - May 201
Nike Inc., Beaverton, OR: Technical Lead: April 2002 - August 2005
Siebel Systems, Inc.: Principal Consultant - CTI & eCRM: July 2000 - August 2001
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP: Senior Lead Consultant; May 1999 to July 2000
Andersen Consulting (Accenture): Senior Consultant, April 1997 to May 1999 (Tor
onto, ON and Charlotte, N.C.)
Simon Fraser University & University of Ottawa: Computer Lab & Teaching Assistan
t, September 1992 to December 1996
Northern Telecom / Bell Northern Research: Technical Translator (Russian Languag
e), January 1993 to May 1993
Bangladesh Railway: Controller of Stores / Inventory & Stores Management (Federa
l Civil Servant), December 1989 to August 1992
GlaxoWellcome: Instrument & Computer Engineer, January 1987 to December 1989
Experience Summary:
19 years of S/W Development, IT and Management Experience
10 years of CRM and Contact Center (Siebel, Clarify, SAP, Genesys, Avaya, etc.)
8 Years of Retail / Banking Experience (Infrastructure, Application Development,
and Production Support)
Specialization in Electrical Power and Energy Systems (MBA project experience wi
th BC Hydro)
6 years of Supply Chain Experience
4 years of Project Management Experience
2 years of healthcare / pharmaceutical experience
Big Fives Consulting Experience (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture)
Experience in Retail, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Railway, Pharmaceutical, and
Entertainment Industries
Fluent in Bengali, English, and Russian; Conversational Hindi
Management / Leadership Skill:
- Skilled in Team Building and Facilitation
- Skilled in Coordinating and Solving Problems
- Strong Leadership, Presentation and Mentoring Skills
- Strong Interpersonal Skills and Attention to Details
- Strong Written and Verbal communication skills
- Ability to Effectively Chair or Lead Workgroups and Taskforces
- Experience working in both Private and Public Companies
- Multilingual and Multi-Disciplined
- Experience in hiring Experienced Professionals, Contractors, New Graduates and
Interns for various projects and positions
- Business Development and S/W Sales / Service
- Successfully Completed PMI Project Management Course
- President (successive 3rd time) of Texas Bengali Cultural Association: http://
- Excellent organizational skills - ability to prioritize demands and multi-task
to complete objectives
- Ability to interact with and influence higher level of Management and Clients
- Demonstrate integrity, maturity and a constructive approach to challenges

CRM Certifications, Telephony, Call Center, BPM, PM Experience:

PMI Certification (Project Management) Courses Completed
Project and Budget Management, Statement of Work, Offshore Vendor Management
Certified Genesys Computer Telephony (CTI) Engineer
10 Years of CRM and 8 years of Retail & Development / Production Support Experie
Avaya CT and Avaya CTI Integration with Siebel CRM: Setup Telecom and CTI Infras
Call Center Infrastructure and Desktop Image Analysis, Design, and Development,
QA Certification
Siebel CRM 7.7 Certified
19 years of IT experience (Technical, Business Analyst, & Project Management)
Siebel v7.7 Upgrade Assessment
Siebel 2000 and v7.5 Application Upgrades (QA testing, QA Performance Testing)
Worked as a Principal CRM Consultant / Project Manager with Siebel Systems, Inc
Siebel e-Business 2000 Technical Certification
Siebel e-Business 2000 Customer Certification
Siebel e-Business 2000 Business Analyst Certification
SAP CRM & BI: Prepare Implementation Plan for Infrastructure Deployment
Siebel 1999 Technical Certification (PwC - Siebel)
Siebel Application Development/ Production Support
Edify IVR - Genesys CTI - Genesys Voice Portal (GVP) Siebel Development / Produc
tion Support
Siebel e-Business Design / Data Modeling / Programming / Architecture
Siebel e-Scripting / EAI / EIM
Cadence and MS Project Management Tools / Training
Experience in Retail, Banking, Telecom, Railway, Pharmaceutical, and Entertainme
nt Industry
Range of Technical Experience:
* Lead BPM (Business Process Management) initiative for Inventory Control Supply
Chain Exception Resolution Processes Improvement (Late Purchase Order and Vendo
r Fill Rate)
* Lead (Lead System Administrator) team to build Lombardi Teamworks (BPM) Infras
tructure on WAS 6.1, Hyperion / SQL Server Cube and SQL Server 2005 Database; Le
ad System Administrator
* Requirements, Design, and Implement Call Flow with Speech Recognition System
for Homedepot HR Call Center
* Planning, Design, and Implementation of 3rd Party Call Center (225 seats) in O
rlando, FL. Architecture Design and Setting up VPN tunnel, Citrix Access, firewa
ll changes, Desktop image, TFN setup and Application Access.
* Avaya CT (v4.0) and Avaya IC (7.0) Design / Development with Siebel (SOSI) v7.
* Homedepot Call Center(@Addison, Texas (600 seats) Analysis, Design, Developmen
t & Implementation. Managing full life cycle development leading a matrix team o
f 25 people
* Call Center Desktop Image Design, Development for Homedepot with Siebel CRM
* IT Project Management and Leadership
* Developing CRM Technology Roadmap (h/w and s/w) for FY 06
* Siebel Servers Deployment Project Plan for EAI integration for HTTP post with
iPlanet Web Servers
* Siebel v7.x upgrade assessment (all integration points covered) and GAP analys
* System Analysis & Application Development, Upgrade, Configuration & Customizat
ion, and e-Scripting
* Load Test using Load Runner Application v7.5. Develop test conditions and sett
ing up the environments
* Built Citrix Meta frame architecture with MTSE to install Siebel Connected Cli
ents, Siebel Web Server and Siebel Enterprise Server architecture for the instal
lation of Siebel .COM applications and Siebel 2000 application suite.
* Siebel e-Mail Response System (EMRS 6.0) architecture, configuration, Business
Requirements / User Interviews and implementation with Siebel FINS 6.0.2
* Upgrade work from Siebel 99.5 to Siebel 6.3 (2000) with Oracle 8.1.6. Project
* Global Multimedia Call Center with Genesys CTI Software and Siebel CRM Package
at INTEL, Portland, OR. Business Analyst / Design, User Requirements, Project M
* Automating Test Scripts for Siebel Consumer Goods Application using Visual Tes
t 6.0 (a Siebel Test Library based Application)
* Siebel Consumer Goods (TAF - Textile, Apparel, & Footwear for Nike), Siebel Pr
ofessional Service Management and Siebel Call Center Applications QA Testing
* Auto E-mail Response System for Call Center (Technical & Process Requirement A
nalysis, and Implementation Planning)
* Develop State-of-the-Art Call Center Proposal / Presentation for Sequent (IBM
* Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Technical Testing for Call Centers
* Call Center CTI Infrastructure Implementation & Certification at Bank of Ameri
* Call Center Call Volume Stress Testing with Simulators, Performance Analysis,
Multi-Site Call Routing Testing, and Call Center CTI Architecture Technical Test
ing with Genesys Call Routing Applications at Bank of America
* Voice & Data Infrastructure Testing for Call Centers at Bank of America
* Production Support for Call Center Applications
* Application Support for Assembly, Inter-component, Technical, and Product Test
Environments of Call Center at Bank of America
* Teaching Assistance: Software Applications for Undergraduate Business Optimiza
tion Courses and Computer Lab Technical Support
* Leading and managing Information Systems project for Inventory & Stores Manage
* Electrical Maintenance and Instrumentation Engineering for Pharmaceutical Indu
stry Machines / Utilities
* Specialization in Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
IT Professional Experience:
At Home Depot, Inc., Austin, Texas: (08/2005 - 05/2010)
Lead the initiative to build (start to finish) Lombardi Teamworks (BPM) Infrastr
ucture and solution on WAS 6.1, Hyperion / SQL Server Cube and SQL Server 2005 D
atabase; Manage deployment, Change Management (Server and Application side) and
Go Live Certifications (working with Functional / Application Teams and Business
); Lead Project Management and System Administration; Manage Offshore Prod Suppo
rt Team; Responsible for Code migration, running customization scripts in Unix.
Prepared and Presented Monthly Systems Health Report and FMEA (Failure Mode Effe
ct Analysis) Reports to Executive Management. This initiative has been the part
of Supply Chain Inventory Control Business Transformation (100% product availabi
lity to satisfy customers) process.
Responsible for requirement gathering, project charter, project plan, design of
Call Flows (with Speech Recognition) for Home Depot HR Call Center. Led the effo
rt to draft and finalize Statement of Work with AT&T on this initiative.
Responsible for Project Management and delivery of (outsource) three Convergys
Call Centers in Orlando, FL and setting up of infrastructure. Lead the initiati
ve to setup VPN Network and Firewalls between Homedepot and Convergys. Manage in
tegration with Convergys WAN for Call Center specific Applications accesses.
Lead the development effort to deploy SAP CRM and implementation of Google Searc
h Appliance (Knowledgebase) and SAP Enterprise Search with Knowledge Management
Module (Long term).
Lead the Development effort (EBN Thank You) to modify a data link / feed (Thank
You letter Generation) to point to different vendor site between Mainframe and B
2B gateway using FTP and JCL (PGP) encryption utilities.
AS CTI lead, lead the complete CTI implementation efforts (Requirements, Design,
and Development, and Implementation) for Tampa Call Center and Addison Call Cen
ters (design only) with Avaya CT and Avaya IC CTI applications respectively. I h
ave successfully implemented Avaya CT with Siebel SOSI CRM for Tampa Call Center
. Lead the effort (Desktop Image development) with a team (Matrix) consisting of
10-15 people. Also production readiness and post implementation support includi
ng training support to Tampa Call Center CTI Users.
As a Call Center Development Lead, I performed the discovery and analysis of Cal
l Center requirements for Desktop Image, Infrastructure, and Applications develo
pment including Siebel CRM (SOSI). Also, lead the effort to design the Infrastru
cture and Desktop Image Development for Homedepot Addison Call Center in Texas.
Lead the effort (Desktop Image development) with a team (Matrix) consisting of 1
5-20 people. I was responsible for production readiness and post implementation
support including training support to Addison Call Center Users.
I worked with Human Resources in hiring Experienced Professionals, Contractors,
New Graduates and Interns for various projects and positions throughout the orga
At Nike Inc., Beaverton, OR: As a Production Support Technical Lead was responsi
ble for Support and development work (enhancements) for Advanced Consumer Manage
ment System (ACMS) on SIEBEL CRM Application platform with Genesys CTI, RightNow
Web e-Mail, ATG and Edify IVR middleware integration. Responsibilities include a
nalysis, gathering business requirements, design, development, programming, code
review, testing, and deployment work. Performed upgrade assessments for Siebel
v7.5 and Siebel v7.7. I configured Sandbox, QA and DEV Siebel 7.7 environments f
or Siebel 7.5 implementation. Built and deployed Siebel UNIX servers to handle H
TTP posts from Right Now Web server (external) with a separate EAI channel. Curr
ently, technical lead for projects such as Dealer Locate implementation & Automa
tion, Siebel upgrade, Right Now Web upgrade, and ACMS Catalog Projects, New Data
Link .conversion work (DB2 to SAP from Siebel). Worked with Human Resources in
hiring Experienced Professionals, New Graduates and Interns for various projects
and positions throughout the organizations.
At Siebel & its Clients: Worked with Human Resources in hiring Experienced Profe
ssionals, New Graduates and Interns for various projects and positions throughou
t the organizations. As a Principal Consultant and Project Lead (Managerial Capa
city), developed project plans / estimates for Siebel 7.x upgrade assessment and
upgrades for various clients. Implement Siebel Call Center with Avaya, upgraded
to Siebel 2000 v6.2.1 from Siebel 1999 v5.6, evaluated design of Smart Scripts.
Lead an internal project evaluating features / functions of the latest versions
of Avaya CentreVu, Dialogic, and Genesys for possible integration of one of tho
se CTI middleware into Siebel Internal Call Centers. Responsibilities also inclu
ded gathering CTI business & functional requirements through user interviews and
recommending appropriate CTI middleware based on the features / functionalities
offered by CTI M/W in question.
At Itron Inc., I successfully upgraded Development and Production environment fr
om Siebel 99.5 to Siebel 6.3 (2000) for the Siebel Sales Enterprise 2000 impleme
ntation by leading Client technical team through the upgrade process.
At Farmers Insurance Group, successfully lead the team to build the architecture
and configuration for Siebel EMRS (e-Mail Response System) implementation with
Siebel Finance and Insurance 2000. I was also responsible for preparing Business
& Technical Requirements and conducting user interviews.
At Gateway Computers, lead the team to build the Citrix Metaframe (v1.8) environ
ment on MTSE architecture (Microsoft Terminal Server Edition 4.0) and successful
ly installed Siebel dedicated clients. Also, built and installed Siebel Enterpri
se Server and Web Server environments to install Siebel Call Center, Marketing,
Sales, Field Service, Service, E-Mail Response Systems. I have also installed an
d configured Siebel eChannel, eCustomer, eSales, and Siebel eService.
At Sprint, Kansas City, Kansas (from 05/15/00): As a CTI team lead, developing f
unctional and technical design requirements for Desktop Call Control Application
s (compatible with Clarify 8.0) with Aspect ACD, Rockwell ACD, Genesys and Geote
l CTI applications. Responsibilities include setting up development & test lab e
nvironment for would be Desktop Call Control Applications. I am also defining th
e data elements and help redesign Operational Data Source for CTI operation.
At Intel Call Center Project, Portland, OR (from 12/13/99): Leading a CTI team f
or building a pilot multimedia call center with Genesys CTI software and Siebel
CRM package. Responsibilities include developing functional and technical requir
ements for CTI implementation and integration with Siebel
At Siebel-Nike project: (from 11/01/99): Automate Test Scripts for Siebel Consum
er Goods Application using 'Visual Test 6.0' (TAF & eTAF - Textile, Apparel, & F
ootwear) for Nike. QA tested Siebel Consumer Goods (TAF) Siebel Call Center and
Siebel Professional Services Management applications. Consumer Goods Modules inc
luded are: TAF Marketing Administration, TAF Account Administration, TAF Seasona
l Product Plan Creation, TAF Planning Group Management, Computer Telephony Integ
ration, and TAF Buying Group Management. Professional Services Management module
s included are: Resource Assignment, Risk Management, Subcontractor Assignment,
Time & Expense Tracking, Customer Engagement Setup, Contract / Project Setup, an
d Automatic Time Sheet / Expense Reports. I worked as a contractor from Pricewat
erhouseCoopers to Siebel for QA testing of Siebel Applications for Nike.
At Sony Playstation EMRS project (from June, 99): Technical lead to implement e-
mail response system project. Responsibilities included developing As-Is and To-
Be Technical Infrastructure, limitations, & requirement analyses for implementin
g Auto E-mail Response System for the Sony Computer Entertainment America in Fos
ter City, CA. Other responsibilities were to: 1) Analyze Sony Play Station's cal
l center desktop applications and distributed data model/elements/database /repo
rts for generating a 'front-end software solution 2) Develop Sony Playstation We
b Site Contact categories by researching their current semi-automated response m
essages, contact histories, and existing & to-be products & service offerings 3)
Provide recommendations for enhanced performance / Tuning of the client's Call
Center Database (Progress - Wilke/Thornton) 4) Develop Comparative Technical eva
luation of Auto E-mail solutions from companies like eGain, Kana, and Brightware
At Bank of America Call Center Project (while working at Accenture; April 1997 t
o May 1999): Supervised a team of five to implement two new call centers in Las
Vegas and Rio Rancho. As the Call Center Control Room Coordinator, I have manag
ed the processes for the Infrastructure and Early Technical Certification (Voice
& Data) of the new Call Center Sites Supervised a team of seven for the Compute
r Telephony Integration (CTI) Architecture and Performance Testing with the Gene
sys simulators. Developed Production like CTI technical testing architecture and
CTI testing scripts, and executed the technical tests. Wrote System Investigati
on Reports (SIRS) and worked with the developers to solve the problems. CTI tech
nical Testing included cross-call center routing, multi-center call balancing, d
efault voice-only routing, call center transfers, telephony functions such as Wa
rm, Hands-off, and Direct transfers. As a lead of the application support team,
supported assembly, inter-component, and product test environments to 'regress a
nd new enhancement test' Telephone and Web Banking applications for major bank's
call centers. I delivered periodical presentations on 'Virtual Call Center & Co
mputer Telephony Integration' and release specific 'Oracle Database Configuratio
n' to the client. Also prepared call center 'Reference Guide' for the production
support team.
At Simon Fraser University and University of Ottawa: In addition to extending te
chnical and maintenance support, as a Computer Lab assistant, delivered computer
lab sessions and demonstrated various solutions with software packages for busi
ness related assignments to undergraduate students.
At Bangladesh Railway (December 1989 - August 1992): As the 'Controller of Store
s' (Federal Civil Servant), lead & manage the CIDA funded Information System Dev
elopment Project to better manage countrywide Railway inventory & stores managem
ent information systems. Primary responsibilities were to manage resources, proj
ect planning, and optimize steps / processes for ordering /purchasing /supply /i
nspecting/shipping and re-ordering of the materials. Also oversaw the re-enginee
ring of the budgeting processes. I have supervised a team of 50 people comprisin
g domestic & foreign experts. I worked with Human Resources in hiring Experience
d Professionals, New Graduates and Interns for various projects and positions th
roughout the organization.
At GlaxoWellocme Bangladesh (January 1987 - December 1989): As Instrument & Comp
uter Engineer, I was responsible for maintaining and operating pharmaceutical pr
oduction & quality assurance machinery. Responsibilities also included supervisi
ng software development and programming for new sophisticated machinery installa
tion & testing projects. Lead a team of 7 people for support and maintenance. I
worked with Human Resources in hiring New Graduates and Interns for various proj
Technical Skills:
Software: MS-DOS, Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, Outlook Express, Lotus
Notes, SCA, SPSS, Quattro Pro, Visio, TOAD, SQL Plus, ClearCase, Java & e-Scrip
t, C programming, .NET Framework, ATG Dynamo, NICE, Blue Pumpkin, Siebel, e-Scri
p / Java Script, EIM, Siebel EAI, Web 2.0 technologies, J2EE, Lombardi Teamworks
(Authoring Client, and Blue Print - Business Process Modeling, Teamworks Eclips
e Development Tool, WAS administration, Linux, BPMN), QA Testing, QA Assurance a
nd QA performance testing tools (such as Test Director, Load Runner, Hammer, et
Personal Information: Fluent in Bengali, English, and Russian; Conversational Hi
Reference: Available upon Request