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Work Experience

Area Manager - Southern Star, Inc. (12/11/2008 - Present)

Austin, TX
Duties include, but not limited to:
* Area/Office Manager for a Regional Service Provider to Dish Network providing
customer service to a population base of over 1.7 million people within assigned
* Manage, maintain, and report operational and maintenance budget for office and
* Work with Corporate and Regional leaders to develop mutually acceptable projec
t plans
* Ensure the efficient, timely and effective management of assigned programs, ex
ercising judgment and initiative in carrying out assignments
* Develop operational plans that support strategic initiatives
* Advise Regional Manager of potentially controversial or precedent setting situ
* Review organizational effectiveness and modify business plans to achieve busin
ess goals and guidelines
* Assess soundness of conclusions and overall effectiveness in accomplishment of
assigned objectives
* Provide in-depth analysis of programs for implementation/revision recommendati
* Use experience-based and doctrinally sound judgment in choosing, interpreting,
and adapting available guidelines to specific issues or situations
* Develop, monitor, coordinate, and implement a variety of contingency and logis
tical plans and programs
* Ensure continuity and consistency in planning initiatives involving assigned p
rograms and directly impact the efficiency of Area and Regional operations
* Routinely use telephone/e-mail/written communication to interact within the co
rporate structure as well as external agencies to ensure smooth business operati
ons and continual improvement in program implementation
* Participate in both telephonic and in-person business update briefings and pro
gram proposals
* Apply technical and operational judgment, coordination and implementation duri
ng the development and implementation of various programs
* Assign work by defining scope of responsibility and establishing overall objec
tives to be achieved
* Plan the work schedule and operations of the Area/Office, taking into consider
ation the work to be performed, the employees available to perform the work, and
the qualifications and capabilities of the employees
* Ensure that work assignments are evenly distributed and that employees are awa
re of the performance requirements of their positions
* Retain authority to interview, hire, promote, reassign, suspend and/or discipl
* Invoke formal disciplinary actions if warning or reprimand methods fail to bri
ng about satisfactory results
* Develop and monitor Key Performance Indicators for operations and employees
* Identify training needs for employees and arrange for such development/trainin
g opportunities
* Complete employee performance appraisals
* Receive, evaluate, and submit personnel payroll documents for disbursement of
* Achieved the lowest daily clock-in average for first morning job arrival time
within the company
* First manager within the company to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction
ratings at or above 92%
* Improved job completion rates from 81.06% to above 88% within 6 months of assu
ming duties
* Received merit raise of 10% of gross annual salary after 6 months of employmen
* One of two managers within company to receive 10 of 12 merit bonuses
* Identified training shortfalls company-wide and assisted in re-developing the
company's new-hire training program
First Sergeant - US Army (04/14/2005 - 10/31/2008)
Fort Hood, TX Security Clearance: TS/SCI
Duties included, but not limited to:
* First Sergeant of a Direct Support M109A6 Paladin-equipped Field Artillery Bat
tery and III Corps Headquarters and Headquarters Company in garrison, field, and
* Responsible for the day-to-day operations of each unit of 115 and 550 personne
l, respectively
* Conducted mission planning, project management, personnel administration, and
policy development/implementation
* Planned operations and developed objectives that supported higher-echelon init
* Assigned duties, scope of work, and managed all personnel activities
* Produced detailed reports based upon in-depth facts analysis
* Administered personnel development program
* Directed management of maintenance program for over $60 million in facilities
and equipment
* Identified, analyzed, and resolved personnel issues
* Developed, implemented, and monitored leader development programs for over 70
Senior and Junior NCOs and Officers
* Analyzed/interpreted complex personnel policy and directives and advised comma
nd on strategies to implement/effects of implementation
* Participated in multi-echelon planning meetings and presented material for dec
* Directed new material/equipment training
* Maintained and manage individual training competency
* Received new personnel and integrated into cohesive teams
* Conducted inspections of equipment, personnel, training, and facilities to ens
ure compliance with policies and directives
* Developed and presented training programs and outsourced training shortfalls
* Conducted daily Risk Assessments and implemented Risk Mitigation measures with
follow-up assessments of effectiveness
* Managed and developed Individual Readiness Training (IRT) plans
* Supported multiple Division and Brigade elements through Artillery fires
* Maintained security of Forward Operating Base (FOB) population of over 17,000
* Screened entry of all Iraqi, Third Country National, and other personnel onto/
off of the FOB
* Denied entry of explosives, contraband, and other illegal material onto the FO
* Planned, implemented, and managed security over-watch of a Main Supply Route (
MSR), Entry Control Point (ECP), and internal access points
* Managed logistic requirements for unit and all operations
* Managed unit personnel administration programs
* Recommended/initiated awards and disciplinary actions and follow-up actions
* Recommended promotion and reduction actions
* Coordinated and conducted promotion evaluation boards
* Awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, the Army Achievement Medal
, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Korean Defense Service Medal
* Selected to represent the III Corps Command Sergeants Major during a Joint Tra
ining Mission in Korea; recognized for leadership by the Republic of Korea Army'
s Command Sergeant Major
III Corps Fires and Effects Ops and Intel NCO - US Army (08/01/2003 - 04/13/2005
) -
Fort Hood, TX Security Clearance: TS/SCI
Duties included, but not limited to:
* Served as the principle Action Officer for the commander of Multi-National Cor
ps - Iraq (MNC-I) and the US Ambassador to Iraq on strategic manning, equipping,
training, and employment of the 80,000-member Iraqi Facilities Protection Servi
* Served as the MNC-I Commanders assistant Action Officer for the strategic mann
ing, training, equipping, and employment of the 60,000-member Iraqi National Gua
rd and their transition into the Iraqi Army
* Produced and presented numerous intelligence/counter-intelligence briefings an
d analysis reports for strategy development on the security of Iraq to Corps-lev
el and Ambassadorial-level leaders
* Developed operations plans, policy, policy implementation measures, and policy
strategy regarding training and personnel development through personally visiti
ng and assessing training programs throughout Iraq
* Developed, managed, inspected, and improved the Individual Readiness Training
program taught to the Iraqi National Guard through the management of 50 US Army
Drill Sergeants assigned to task
* Assisted in development of theater-specific classified planning sessions tailo
red to support sophisticated tactical operations; Served as the MNC-I Action Off
icer for the initial standup of the Iraqi Joint Coordination Centers (JCCs)
* Maintained liaison with multiple Multi-National partners on sensitive/classifi
ed training and strategic planning sessions to develop the Iraqi operating envir
Served as the III Corps Fire Support Element Operations and Intelligence NCO
* Developed Joint Targeting processes and supporting documents/briefings
* Developed and intelligence/counter-intelligence reports
* Managed handling, storage, and disposition of classified material
* Developed training for- and delivery to subordinate personnel
* Awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, and the National Defe
nse Service Medal
* Selected above senior personnel to serve in a Field-grade Officer billet
* Successfully transitioned the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps into the Iraqi Army
* Successfully transitioned the Iraqi Facilities Protection Service into the Ira
qi Police Service
* Created and stood-up the Joint Coordination Centers and Provincial Joint Coord
ination Centers for use and liaison by all multi-national partners
Active Component/Reserve Component Advisor - US Army (01/01/2000 - 07/31/2003)
Fort Jackson, SC Security Clearance: Secret
Duties included, but not limited to:
* Operations NCO/AC-RC Advisor within a Training Support Battalion of the 1st US
* Managed and planned near-, short-, and long-term training for a Training Suppo
rt Battalion providing customer-unit support to 12 Field Artillery units within
three states
* Assessed customer-unit training needs and tailored support packages to meet ne
* Developed doctrinally-sound and challenging lanes training to meet directed tr
aining objectives
* Evaluated customer-unit training and provided detailed After Action Review (AA
R) briefings
* Inspected, compiled information, analyzed data, and reported readiness of Pres
idential Call-up criteria through completion of Unit Readiness Estimate Reports
(URER) for 19 1st Army units
* Developed customer-unit senior NCOs and Officers through professionally delive
red Training Support Packages (TSPs)
* Developed doctrine in coordination with the Fires Center of Excellence for use
by Total Army Artillery units
* Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, two Army Commendation Medals, and the A
rmy Achievement Medal
* Selected to serve at the Battalion Operations Sergeants Major during three maj
or brigade training operations
Private thru Sergeant First Class/Platoon Sergeant - US Army (10/27/1988 - 12/31
Multiple Locations Security Clearance: Secret
Duties included, but not limited to:
* Technical and Leadership positions within the Field Artillery
* Personnel development, evaluation reporting, and technical writing
* Training development and delivery
* Budget development and management
* Technical equipment maintenance/repairs and reports
* Received multiple military awards and commendations
Formal Education
Central Texas College, Killeen, Texas - Associates Degree (12/2002) - GPA 3.25 -
65 SH
Additional Education/Training
* Contracting Orientation Course
* Commanders Safety Course
* Change Management Course
* Basic Incident Command System Course
* Managers Development Course
* Action Officer Development Course
* Level II Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Advisor
* Small Group Instructor Training Course
* Battalion Training Management Course
* Equal Opportunity Representative Course
* First Sergeant's Course
* Advanced NCO Course
* Basic NCO Course
* Primary Leadership Development Course
* Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Advisor Course
* Combat Lifesavers Course
References Available upon request