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To find a career where I may utilize my creative strengths in design and creativ
e management, which will allow me to contribute to the team, department and comp
any on multifarious platforms.
12+ years design experience working in perennial Fortune 500 companies such as,
Levi's Strauss and Company, GAP Inc., Wells Fargo and other popular brands such
as Hanes, Mervyn's of California and The Sak Elliott Lucca.
Established expertise in making confident, on the spot design decisions with tal
ents in computer design programs, design/production processes in both print and
web environments, and their technical requirements.
Proven track record of respecting, monitoring and supporting office practices, p
rocedures and documentation practices.
Acute proficiency in establishing and maintaining effective working relationship
s with all levels of staff, clients and vendors, while continuously and effectiv
ely signifying both written and oral communication skills.
Profound ability to lead multiple creative teams simultaneously; develop creativ
e solutions for multiple clients through various campaigns and channels; all whi
le balancing time-sensitive production schedules that support brand equity and a
competitive market presence.
Exceptional ability to inspire and lead creative teams through various creative
challenges with conventional and unconventional techniques and practices, which
yield effective, cutting edge design solutions.
COMPUTER PROFICIENCIES: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, Bridge, Wo
rd, Excel and Entourage
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
BFA in Liberal Arts
Awarded: June 1998
American University of London, UK
Certification with a concentration on Graphic Design
Awarded: March 1998
Dean's List
2007-Present, Creative Director, Market America, Greensboro, NC
Market America is a leading provider of global Internet marketing services with
over $465m in annual sales that markets over 35,000 products through its interna
tional presence on four continents. Market America markets an array of scientifi
cally based products and product brands ranging from vitamins and supplements to
cutting edge cosmeceuticals and cosmetics. This is achieved through various cha
nnels of promotion that include: international events/conferences, publications,
advertising, marketing materials, web design, social media, multimedia videos,
tutorials, demos, etc...
Successfully restructured a low-performing creative department of then 22 employ
ees to 43 current resulting in increased efficiency, decreased turnaround time f
or marketing campaigns, 100% employee retention, higher client satisfaction whil
e inspiring higher morale before the anniversary of my first year.
Supervision, direction, and leadership of all six creative department branches i
n the development of product brands, creative campaigns, which appealed to vario
us cultures, logos and marketing materials. This was accomplished while creating
, building, and strengthening Market America's brand equity that significantly i
ncreased momentum of media coverage, yielding in increases in brand awareness, s
ales of all branded collateral materials, sales aids and product.
Report to and work closely with the Vice President of Communications, along with
the Creative Services Operations Director in creating and implementing various
streamlined processes and procedures. This resulted in increased productivity an
d a strengthening of brand awareness, which has resulted in increased sales pert
aining to products and marketing materials.
Confer with all satellite International affiliates on a regular basis to obtain
information on current local practices and trends in their countries, as well as
, provide creative direction for each country pertaining to advertising, marketi
ng materials, collateral, products and brands.
Set departmental expectations and quality standards for creative team in regards
to creative development, behavior, participation and departmental structure, wh
ile monitoring and promoting professional development. This was accomplished thr
ough ongoing scheduled staff coachings and reviews which permitted taking correc
tive actions and/or
recommending promotions.
Work closely with company photographer collaborating on artistic execution and a
rt directing of photo shoots on location and in the studio, as well as, creating
the product merchandising as seen on various company product web sites, publica
tions, print media and marketing materials.
2005-2007 Freelance Graphic Designer/Art Director/Principal, Design Monkeys Crea
tive, Triad of NC
Self-motivated contract professional that specialized in art direction, branding
, graphic design, environmental/interior graphics, campaigns and visual presenta
tions for clients of all sizes and markets.
Demonstrated talents pertaining to design development, research, and creative ex
ploration practices with an aptitude to stay ahead of ever-changing design trend
s and techniques.
Worked closely with clients, Creative Directors and/or business owners to instru
ct design and produce creative solutions for their advertising/marketing challen
ges. This was achieved through meticulous attention to advising management of pr
oduction teams engaged in photo shoots, TV production, animation; including sele
ction of materials, model selection, set design and location.
Supervised and directed outside creative suppliers, photography and illustration
s on any given project to assure budgets were met and all possible savings were
achieved through excellent communication, planning, time-management and follow-u
p skills.
Explored, tested, and continuously measured market research and design strategie
s, in order to achieve the client's goals, and continue facilitating additional
client successes.
Promoted high-quality standards in creative development and production, which en
sured the highest standards of creativity were regularly challenged, conditioned
and practiced.
2001-2005 Graphic Design Manager, Levi's Store Design and Retail Development Dep
artment, Levi Strauss and Company, San Francisco, CA
Managed the Design department for the Store Design and Retail Development Depart
ment for the Levi's brand, with responsibilities that consisted of the creation
of attention-grabbing window concepts/designs and interior product displays, com
petitive product campaigns, seasonal design themes and graphics, product promoti
ons, product fixtures, product merchandising, and P.O.P. collateral design place
Continuously observed competitors, which aided in the development and forecastin
g of creative strategies while staying ahead of seasonal design trends, graphic
techniques, window treatments and in-store product promotions.
Led, conceived, researched, designed, tested and executed multiple design strate
gies pertaining to creative collateral, merchandising techniques, graphic zoning
and campaign presentations which graphically conveyed the company's brand messa
ge regardless of geographic location or store size.
Played a key role in developing a streamlined system for creating standardized g
raphics for all U.S. and Canadian locations creating more congruent, eye-catchin
g storefront visuals. This resulted in the successful reinforcement
of the company's brand message, while saving the company thousands of dollars on
materials, production,
shipping and labor.
Increased brand awareness and product sales without incurring extra costs due to
out-of-the-box thinking, measurable in-store presentations, new visual merchand
ising techniques, innovative guerrilla marketing, and ongoing research on new ma
terials, printing techniques and multifaceted graphic fixtures.
Reported directly to Levi's brand Store Merchandising and Retail development Dir
ector and the Vice President of the Levi's brand, and maintaining clear communic
ation with all key relationships through documented monthly coaching opportuniti
es, measured performance reviews, constructive criticism and constant practice.
Participated in annual trend explorations that consisted of traveling to trendy,
urban locations in the U.S. and Europe
and gathered ideas, materials and information which were presented to Company ex
ecutives prior to the initiation the fashion and trend setting processes.
1998-2001 Freelance Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA and surrounding Bay Area
Freelance contract graphic designer, who specialized in the conception, design,
and production of effective design solutions for company's like GAP Inc., The Sa
k Elliott Lucca, Mervyn's of California, Wells Fargo, and start up companies lik
e Marble Logic and Angry Monkey.
Demonstrated talents pertaining to understanding and illustrating client's visio
n, taking creative direction and constructive criticism, the acceptance of desig
ns ideas and strategies, on-time project deliveries and execution of excellent p
roject management skills.
Ensured that design concepts are evaluated and supported by research and express
a sound rationale.
Multiple roles in illustration and graphic design, including development of visu
al product logos and presenting a consistent brand message in advertising and al
l marketing materials.
Demonstrated a persistent desire to tackle any creative challenge regardless of
creative objective, in order to facilitate my growth, development, and marketabi
lity as a design professional in an extremely competitive market.
ETCETERA: Awards and professional affiliations include:
2009+2010 Addy Winner, 2008 Motives(R) NYC Editor Invitation and 2009 Motives(R)
NYC Editor Invitation
2006-2008 Diversity Chair for the A.A.F. Club of the Triad
2007 P.I.V.A. Best in Print Award, 2007 Face of Women Calendar
SAMPLES AND REFERENCES: Readily available upon request.