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Monday 4/4 Tuesday 4/5 Wednesday Thursday 4/7 Friday 4/8


Mini: lit.
Reader’s Papers passed CMT elements
Theatre out Literature mini/Beliefs/Cust Independent
Using Poetry Continue circles using oms Reading(teach
Reader’s Poetry Story Read er
Theatre/(mini-lit. Mini Dip Stick conferences)
ele/Ass/allit/sim/ Journal:
met entry/closing
Poetry work

Monday & Tuesday
Literacy Performance Tasks

Bulletin Board connecting themes and Acrostic poems

Acrostic Poems
Reader’s Theatre using poems

Objective: Students will utilize Reader’s Theatre, to practice and recognize volume,
clarity, expression, cooperation, and reading in turn.

Materials Needed:

Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop for Death He Kindly Stopped For Me”
Diane Shore, “Get out of Bed”
Anonymous “A Lesson Learned”
Anonymous, “I’d Rather”
Reader’s Workshop Poetry Rubric


Teacher will model and discuss Reader’s Workshop

Students will practice Reader’s Workshop with “Get out of Bed”
Students will then be placed in pairs for their oral read


Students will write a two voice poem that can be used for Reader’s Workshop.

Wednesday 4/6

Objective: students will utilize literature circle roles to analyze the poem “Nothing
Gold Can Stay”, from The Outsiders, and select Free verse poems from Out of the


Copied poems:
“Nothing Gold Can Stay:
3 Free verse poems from Out of the Dust

Teacher will review literature circles roles and responsibilities

Teacher will pass out poem one
Students will use literature circle/poem modified role sheets,
To discuss poems meaning, patterns, and other poetic devices.
Students will have an open discussion regarding poems to finish
Literature roles turned in.

Copies of cloze practice passage and ____

4.7 Thursday

Objectives: students will practice CMT strategies for mini 3 objectives, A5, B3, D3


Teacher will read small paragraph from the board.

Teacher will model responses for questions B3/D3/A5
Teacher will pass out short story
Students will independently complete questions
Turn in work
Teacher will independently conference during completion.


Complete CMT exit slip question

Friday 4.8

Objectives: Students will practice independent reading skills. Students will also look
for examples of similes, metaphors, assonance, alliteration, theme, and other
literary elements while reading.


Teacher will provide examples on the board (review) of :

Similes, metaphors, assonance, alliteration, theme
Students will independently read 20minutes
Students will orally share examples of literary elements from the text
Students will write about one specific literary element in their journal

No Homework/Rest up for mini #3