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Supervisor/Manager with over 14 years in a leadership capacity who is driven by

one thing: to be the absolute best in every aspect of any position I am in. My
priorities are always safety, quality, and overall production, always in that o
rder. I am willing to do whatever it takes in order to be the best and successf
ully show continuous improvement in my 3 priorities, as long as it does not incl
ude compromising my ethics, the law, or my integrity. The tools I use to accomp
lish this include: team building skills, excellent people management skills, Le
an Manufacturing techniques, problem solving abilities, mechanical inclination,
and various other strengths I bring to the table.
Professional Experience
Archer Daniels Midland, Cedar Rapids, IA
February 2009 - Present
Utility II - Responsible for material handling functions. Accountable for safet
y, unloading of raw materials, loading of process by-products, and preventative
Archer Daniels Midland, Cedar Rapids, IA
June 2008 - February 2009
Shift Supervisor - Responsible for approximately 10 direct reports in a highly a
utomated corn processing facility. Accountable for department safety, quality o
f product, schedule adherence, environmental, and loading of product.
* Controlled cost and scrap by blending product which was out of specifications
with other product in order to meet specifications.
* Obtained buy in from union employees on new policies through thorough explanat
ion and coaching.
IPC, West Burlington, IA
April 2007 - December 2007
Production Supervisor - Responsible for 20+ direct reports in a very detail orie
nted work environment, encompassing, safety, quality, and schedule adherence. B
readth of responsibilities included Fabrication/Welding, Woodshop, Maintenance,
and Purchasing.
* Assisted in the implementation and support of Lean Manufacturing principles.
* Maintained SOPs to provide accurate production timelines. Met production requ
irements by effectively coordinating the transportation of raw materials to and
from suppliers.
* Responsible for maintaining inventory levels throughout the supply chain. Use
d the long-range production schedule to procure raw materials in time to process
through fabrication to meet production demand.
* Set up training and certifications for welders in fabrication department.
* Played key role in development of a preventative maintenance plan for all plan
t equipment.
* Controlled costs for indirect labor, materials, and tools by sourcing multiple
suppliers and through efficient labor allocation.
Henderson Manufacturing, Manchester, IA September
2006 - April 2007
Product Manager - Managed approximately 30 employees and motivated to increase p
erformance. Set record for efficiency on product line. Responsible for all asp
ects of production from fabrication to final assembly, including safety, quality
, production, scheduling, and policy adherence.
* Facilitated the implementation, improvement, and maintenance of the Kanban sys
* Developed process improvements to increase efficiencies.
* Provided daily reports on planned versus actual, total WIP, and adherence to s
* Worked on reducing total amount of WIP.
* Coordinated with two other product lines to ensure multi-product packages were
completed on time.
* Verified quality of powder coat paint, weld quality, and assembly of component
s to meet customer expectations.
Terex Cranes, Waverly, IA Augu
st 2005 - September 2006
Group Leader - Responsibilities included 40+ direct reports, four assembly areas
, and three product lines. Set consecutive record production numbers with an ov
erall improvement in quality.
* Prepared annual departmental budget of over $250,000.
* Guided the implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles.
* Provided training on company safety policies and OSHA required training.
* Participated in the interviewing process for potential Team Members.
* Coordinated with other departmental supervisors to maintain company-wide suppl
ies inventory.
* Verified quality of boom components before assembly. Evaluated and dispositio
ned piece parts based on weld quality, paint coverage, and amount of mill scale
on steel finish.
Kawasaki Motors Mfg, Corp., USA, Lincoln, NE
October 1994 - July 2005
Team Leader - Trained and motivated crewmembers to run more efficiently and cons
istently keep production over quota. Assessed and utilized strengths of each cr
ewmember to ensure highest overall productivity with lowest overall defects and
scrap per part produced. Consistently produced at or above target and kept scra
p and defects well below target.
* Participated in annual training in Kawasaki Production Systems, Training and O
rientation of new hires, Team Leader training/communication seminars.
* Performed troubleshooting and maintenance of machinery to eliminate scrap, ine
fficiencies and downtime.
* Selected for training on new automated systems for steel shearing and stamping
lines - ran either at or above production targets.
* Performed hourly quality checks on rims to verify product stays within require
d specifications. Attempted to repair and salvage all defective parts to reduce
* Rejected and repaired poor quality welds before allowing product to proceed to
next process.

Army National Guard/Army Reserve April 1989 - Octobe

r 1997
Specialist 4/E-4 - Active duty for six months during Desert Storm. Responsible
for assisting squad with accomplishing mission in given time standards.
* Primary Leadership Development Course - Program designed to produce good leade
rs by training men and women how to communicate and lead effectively
* Trained and prepared new recruits for coping with basic training, similar to e
xpatriate training - what to expect, do's and don'ts, dealing with distance from
and limited contact with family, proper way to address superiors, and proper dr
ess. Also did repatriate training for recruits upon their return from basic tra
* Filled in as acting Team Leader or Squad leader as necessary.
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
BS - Business Administration