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Executive Manager with 20 years experience improving business processes, softwar

e production, QA, medical device management, equipment planning and procurement,
health care administration and operations. Outstanding marketing achievements.
Marketing Executive Sales Account Management
Persuasive Technical Business Writer
--Marketing, Statistics, Graphics
--Release Notes, 510 K Premarket Validation Proposals,
--Software Purchasing Proposals
Information Technology
--Microsoft Office Enterprise Suite 2007
--Comp TIA Training 2008
--Advanced Data Analysis 2007
--Software Life Cycle Tools:
----Visual Source Safe, TestTrack Pro, Visible Analyst (1990-2007)
Hospital and Clinic Administration
--Financial Planning, Budget, Inventory, Staffing, Healthcare IT,
--Supply Chain Management
FDA Regulatory experience
--Class I, II, III, Title 21and CFR Regulatory 510K Premarket
--Factory Certifications Bear II Ventilators, Cell Saver 4, Propaq
--VS Monitors, Castle Sterilizers
Direction of Personnel
--Human resource allocation
--Human resource recruitment and procurement
--Employee hiring,performance evaluation and counseling
-Wrote pre-market 510k approvals for two FDA Class I devices (2007)
-Performed software process validations successfully prepping device for French
market (2007)
-Wrote macros customizing 140+ software client services (2006)
-Established and ran successful service business-billed 100K plus by year 3 (200
-Reduced requests for equipment parts by 550K (1995)
-Directed 15 contract employees in $1.5 M inventory (1995)
-Contracted maintenance improved operating room response time by 75% (1994)
-Led OR software change analysis, implementation decreased inventory requisition
s100K (1992)
-Recovered $10 M automating nurse labor contracts (1990)
-Increased five state sales territory by 300% (1983)
-Reduced patient record document backlog 75% through process change (1981)
-Initiated EMT certification requirements for Hospital Corps ER personnel (1980)

Keller Graduate School Irving, Texas Oct 2007-
MBA Student Focus-Management Information Systems, Marketing
Drew Scientific, Inc. Dallas, Texas Dec 2007 Feb 2007
Software Validation Engineer for FDA Class I Hematology Analyzer
Ken Block Consulting - Richardson, Texas Sep 2007 Oct 2007
Software Validation Engineer for FDA Class I Digital Traction Device
T-System - Dallas, Texas May 2005 - Aug 2007
Software QA-Emergency Room Client Provider Interface
S. E. Personal Assistants - Georgetown, Texas Nov 2000 - Dec 2004
Established small business - provided services to disabled and elderly
United States Navy San Diego, CA Jun 1986 - Jun 2000
Served in hospital corps - direct care, medical device repair, administration
Van Waters & Rogers Denver, Co Mar 1983 - Jun 1986
B2B Sales and Marketing-1000 products -textiles industry
United States Navy Naples, Italy Jun 1979 Dec 1982
Served in hospital corps - direct care, administration
Keller Graduate School of Management- Irving, Texas
MBA, MM, MISM Graduation June 2011-GPA 4.0
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale- Carbondale, Illinois Bachelor of Sci
ence, Health Care Management- GPA 3.5