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COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

Questions 1 to 40 - Multiple Choice Questions

Please read through the questions below, and circle the correct answer. There is only one
correct answer. Each question is worth 1 mark.

1) You have a group of five 500-GB disk drives that you want to configure as a RAID 5 array. After you
have configured the RAID array with the five disk drives, what is the storage capacity, in GB, of the
single drive that is created by the RAID array.
A) 500 GB
B) 2 TB
C) 2.5 TB
D) None of the above

2) Derive the Boolean expression for the logic circuit shown below:

A) A’+B’
B) A’*B’
C) (A+B)’
D) (A*B)’

3) An operating system designed for a DVD player is of what type?

A) Embedded
B) Multiuser
C) Multitasking
D) None of the above

4) The file exam.html has permissions set as rwxr-xr--. This means that:
A) The file is really a directory and was named incorrectly
B) It is impossible for an html file to have permissions set that way
C) Everyone can read, write, and execute the file
D) None of the above

5) Which UNIX utility does not provides secure access to a remote computer?
A) Telnet

6) Which of the following is not a function of Operating System?

A) Implementing the user interface
B) Sharing hardware among users
C) Protecting users from virus and malwares
D) Preventing users from interfering with one another
E) Handling network communications

7) Which protocol automatically provides computers with an IP address (automatically configures

network devices)?
COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

8) Which of the following codes exhibit odd parity?

A) 10011000
B) 0111011
C) 11111110
D) All of the above
E) None of the above

9) The BCD number for decimal 246 is

A) 111011010000
B) 110001110011
C) 001001000110
D) 010011110011

10) What purpose do registers have in a computer’s internals?

A) Main memory is made up of a number of registers.
B) The CPU has a small number of registers for storing temporary information.
C) Registers hold the logic for performing calculations; e.g. the arithmetic logic register.
D) Registers are information packets that are transmitted between the CPU and other internal
devices (memory, hard disk, graphics card, etc.)

11) How many address bits are required for a 2048-bit memory organized as a 256 X 8 memory?
A) 256
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9
E) 2048

12) The decimal number +34 is expressed in the 2’s complement system as
A) 01011110
B) 10100010
C) 11011110
D) 00100010

13) Hex-to-binary conversion is accomplished by simply replacing each octal digit with its 8-bit binary
A) True
B) False

14) PCs are occasionally known as __________.

A) MiniComputers
B) MicroComputers
C) NanoComputers
D) PicoComputers

15) Which bus controls how much cache memory you can have?
A) Data
B) Control
C) Address
D) System
E) None of the above

16) The mask ROM is

A) easy to reprogram
B) volatile
C) permanently programmed during the manufacturing process
D) extremely expensive
COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

17) EPROM stands for

A) Electrical programmable read-only memory
B) Erasable programmable read-only memory
C) Elementary programmable read-only memory
D) Erasable programmable random-only memory

18) To implement (A+B)*(C+D), it takes one AND gate and

A) One OR gate
B) Two OR gates
C) Three OR gates
D) Four OR gates

19) Choose the Boolean expression for a 3-input AND gate.

A) X=A+B+C
B) X=A·B C
C) X=(A+B+C)’
D) X=(A·B C)’

20) Add the hexadecimal numbers D1+5C.

A) 2D
B) 12D
C) 18D
D) None of the above

21) The number of input combinations for a 2-input gate is

A) 1
B) 2
C) 4
D) 8

22) What is the process used to store a binary word in a memory location?
A) Memory READ
B) Memory SELECT
C) Memory WRITE
D) None of the above

23) What is the default administrator username (Linux/UNIX)?

A) administrator
B) admin
C) sudo
D) root

24) Which of the following commands would grant read, write, and execute permissions to user, read
permission to a group, and read permission to others?
A) cmod 711 filename
B) cmod 766 filename
C) cmod 744 filename
D) cmod 722 filename

25) What is a DoS attack?

A) an attack to prevent access to a resource by a legitimate user
B) an attack that uses ip fragmentation to bypass firewalls
C) an attack to find passwords by brute-forcing them
D) an attack aimed at finding modems plugged on an internal network
COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

26) The sum 00011101+00010111 equals

A) 00110011
B) 00100001
C) 00110100
D) 00100100

27) A typical memory cycle consists of which of the following steps:

A) Fetch – Execute – Decode – Store
B) Fetch – Decode – Execute – Store
C) Input – Process – Output – Store
D) Retrieve – Fetch - Execute – Store

28) Which of the following gates generates the truth table shown?

x y | F
0 0 | 1
0 1 | 1
1 0 | 1
1 1 | 1

A) AND gate
B) OR gate
C) NAND gate
D) NOR gate
E) None of the above

29) The binary number 01001110 is equal to the decimal number ___ .
A) 65
B) 83
C) 78
D) 126

30) The decimal number 19 is equal to the binary number

A) 00011110
B) 00010001
C) 00010011
D) 01111000

31) The binary number 11101011000111010 can be written in hexadecimal as

A) DD63A16
B) 1D63A16
C) 1D33A16
D) 1D63116

32) The binary number for E3A16 is

A) 111000111110
B) 000000111010
C) 111000111010
D) 000011000100

33) Dynamic memory cells store a data bit in a

A) diode
B) capacitor
C) resistor
D) flip-flop
COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

34) Which best describes solid-state storage?

A) A data storage medium suited for carrying audio data.
B) A data storage medium used for backup purposes.
C) A data storage medium that uses no moving parts.
D) A data storage medium that is portable.

35) What operating system does the Nokia N8 use?

A) iOS
B) Android
C) Symbian
D) Windows Phone 7

36) The Boolean expression for the circuit shown below is:

A) X= (A+B)*B
B) X= A+B
C) X= AB
D) X= (A+B)*A

37) The octal number 361 can be written in binary as

A) 001110011
B) 001101100001
C) 011110001
D) None of the above

38) The output of an AND gate with three inputs A, B, and C is HIGH when
A) A=0, B=0, C=0
B) A=1. B=1, C=1
C) A=0, B=0, C=1
D) A=1, B=1, C=0

39) Which vendor has no plans for an Android-based tablet?

B) Cisco
C) Samsung
D) Motorola

40) The iPhone doesn't require a stylus to use its touch screen, instead it has been specifically designed
for use with a finger(s) to touch and drag the screen. This technology is called what?
A) Tap Touch
B) Multi-Touch
C) iTouch
D) 3D Touch

(40 marks)
COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

Questions 41 to 45

Write your answers under each question in the space provided.

• What is the difference between security and protection?

• What is an encryption?

• What is a firewall and how is it used?

• What is the purpose of a digital certificate?

• Who assigns a digital certificate?

(5x1=5 marks)

42) Define: “logic bomb”, “age passwords”, and “trap door”.

(3x1=3 marks)

• What is RAID used for?
COSC 2510 Introduction to Computer Systems & Platform Technologies

• Explain the difference between RAID-0 and RAID-1.

• What is the difference between Disk mirroring and Disk duplexing.

(1=1+2=4 marks)

• What is the purpose of virtual memory, and where is virtual memory stored?

• There are three main types of backup strategies used. List and describe them


• Find the Boolean expression for the following circuits.

• Construct circuits for the following Boolean expression:

(1+2=3 marks)