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Kenneth W.

2006 Scotland Dr Home (727) 734-8859 387 Bodden Town Road
Clearwater, FL 33763 CEL (345) 916-7359 Bodden Town
ks64ab6a@westpost.net Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands
Construction experience in design/build Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilatin
g systems.
* Experienced in developing service department operational and organizational pr
* Skilled in developing a positive attitude in the office personnel and a commi
tment to quality from the field work force.
Professional Memberships / Licenses:
* California Mechanical Contracting License C-24:
* South Carolina Unlimited Air Conditioning License:
* South Carolina Unlimited Heating License:
* Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina (Past President)
Work History:
Caymans Island Public Works Department:2008-Present
* Manager of Plumbing, Heating Air Conditioning and Electrical Divisions of PWD
* Responsible for all Operations and Quality control of work performed on all Go
vernment building; Post Offices, Schools, Office Building and Police Stations.
* Rewrote the Mechanical Specification for inclusion with the currently used SBC
* Responsible for all Bids and Specification for the MEP Department.
Peninsular Mechanical Contractors: 2003-2008
* Service Division manager responsible for the billing and cost accounting for t
he division.
* Service Contract consist of mainly restaurant and company installed jobs.
* Currently running 6 service trucks and handling all of the construction develo
ped from the service division.
* Responsible for all the chill water system in the company and all the control
installations using Honeywell LCBS controls.
Conditioned Air Inc. -Naples FL: August 2002-2003
* Service Division Manager handling 17 service Technicians.
* Service Department experienced a 23% growth in volume, retaining a high percen
tage of profit
* Handled all Technical training for company employees
MSI/Encompass Mechanical Contractors -Clearwater FL: April 2001-August 2002
* Branch Manager responsible for the branch operation consisting of the yearly b
udget and all bidding and estimating on the West coast
* The volume for the construction division was over 1.2 million.
* Responsible for the hiring and firing of all personal in the Tampa office
* Responsibility for the negotiations of the union contract for Tampa/Clearwater
Commercial Mechanical/Facility Managers -Burbank CA: January. 2000-April 2001
* Branch/Project Manager for office servicing Southern California.
* 10 HVA/C Service Technicians and 14 mobile Facility Service Engineers.
* Responsible for all construction projects for the branch.
* Responsible for the hiring and firing of all personnel in Southern CA.
CommAir Oakland -CA: November 1997- January 2000
* Service accounts manager for several counties surrounding San Francisco CA. wi
th the responsibility for several of the larger service accounts for the company
* The volume was around three million dollars worth of service and four million
dollars worth of construction in my territory.
* Responsible for the eighteen Technicians assigned to my area's accounts and th
e quality of their work.
Dunham-Bush- Sacramento CA: August 1995- October 1997
* Western Regional Service Manager in charge of eleven western states, four Cana
dian provinces, Alaska and Hawaii.
* The duties consisted of starting up the Western sub-regional offices, hiring p
ersonnel, setting budgets and handling Technical questions.
* Held the Mechanical Contracting License for the company for California and sev
eral other states.
Cullum Mechanical Contractors -Columbia SC: 1993-1995
* Service Division Manager for the upper part of South Carolina charged with the
goal of expanding into North Carolina. Also developed a centrifugal repair divi
sion for the Columbia office.
* The service contracts increased from 40 to 190 individual contracts and the co
verage area into North Carolina as far as Raleigh NC.
* The Columbia Service Division billed $875,000.00 during the first year.
* Started a service construction division to handle projects that were under $30
0,000, which resulted in approximately $950,000 the first year of operation.
Cayce/Sypolt Mechanical -Charleston SC: 1984-1993
* The Company had a sales volume of approximately two million dollars per year i
n construction and three quarters of a million in service work, with nine servic
e trucks.
* As owner/operator was in charge of all operations including bidding, purchasin
g, insurance's and hiring and firing.
* The company also sub-contracted with other mechanical contractors to install d
uct- work and other specialty metal construction, such as curbs and stainless st
eel kitchen exhaust duct.
* The construction projects were almost exclusively design/build resulting from
the Service Department relationship with its customers
C.R. Hipp & Hipp Mechanical Services -Charleston SC: 1980-1984
* Originally hired to start up a Service Division and to run the sheet-metal dep
* Within nine months a new company was set up and was promoted to Vice- Presiden
t and General Manager. Hired all personnel for the new division.
* The construction projects consisted of power plants, hospital and commercial o
ffice buildings, and totaled around two million dollars per year.
* After two years the Service Department eventually ended up billing approximate
ly three-quarters of a million per year with six mechanics.
* During this time also opened a Service Branch office in Hilton Head, South Car
Cayce Company Mechanical Contractors -Florence SC: 1973-1980
* Assistance Service Manager of home office in Florence SC and promoted to Branc
h Manager of Charleston SC.
* The Charleston branch had two Technicians, which was increased to fourteen wit
hin four years.
* Within four years the service sales volume was increased to over two million d
ollars per year, up from $480,000.00 in 1977.
* The Construction department also did $1,435,000 in design/build projects.

To whom it may concern,,

Currently I am the MEP Manager for the Public Works Department in the Cayman Isl
ands. My contract is up in September and I am looking for a position in the Stat
es that can utilize my experience and training.
I was responsible of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing department and mana
ge over 45 Technicians. The items I handled the varied from the maintenance on D
iesel Generators, Fire Alarms, Air Conditioning systems and Plumbing waste syste
ms to the installation of the above mentioned items. .
I have just completed the renovation of the Georgetown Hospital and updating the
Door Card readers, HVAC control system and the Fire Alarms system. The majorit
y of the works were completed under budget and to the customers satisfaction.
I manage the installation section of the PWD Department in addition to the manag
ing the maintenance department. My duties ran from designing the plans for the s
ystem to insuring the quality of the installation of the equipment. I am also r
esponsible for the training of the Technician and setting the quality guide line
s for the material and equipment purchased for the EP Department.
My contract has been extended to September in order for me to complete several m
ajor projects for the Ministry of Education. I can be in the States to discuss y
our job opening with me at your convenience . Please e-mail me through the ks64a
b6a@westpost.net e-mail address and I will call and set up a time frame for an i

Kenneth Sypolt

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