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Volume 3 issue 21

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Page 3
nightclub has
Shannon LeClair
HCC wins big
Times Reporter
in Anaheim
At the May 18 council meeting Dar-
lene Bayes, a very upset Strathmore
Page 11 resident, made a presentation to coun-
cil regarding the newly opened night
club COOTERS at the Wheatland Inn.
Bayes said there have been a number of
complaints about sleep being disrupted
due to Strathmore’s new nightclub. The
noise levels have kept neighbouring
residents awake.
“It’s just not working,” said Bayes,
who wants to see some form of re-
Strathmore Alliance Church course taken so that people can once
again sleep.
hosts 15th Annual
“There has to be something that we
Festival of Music
can do.”
“The only thing I’m aware of that we
can do is, try to enforce the noise by-
Page 23 law. I don’t know if there’s anything
else that we can do in order to interfere
or whatever with what they are doing
there,” said Deputy Mayor John Rempel.
Bayes said when the bar has a live
band it’s not as bad, and is tolerable,
but when they have a DJ in there, it’s
unbearable. She also has concerns
about COOTERS wanting to open an
outdoor patio.
County high schools “That’s the problem…it’s an enforce-
meet for meet ment issue, it’s not a regulatory issue,”
said Councillor Bob Sobol.
“We don’t have a magic wand to make
these places disappear. There are regu-
lations and rules of what commercial
businesses have to do to get a license.
They’ve complied, and if they choose to
be in violation of the bylaws then it be-
comes an enforcement issue.”
He said once this goes through the
Look on Page 4 for court system they may begin to see a
Town of Strathmore difference, but he doesn’t know what
Municipal Notices they can do except continue to call the
authorities when it’s an issue.
Contact Us Today! It’s the Alberta Liquor and Gaming
Superheroes for the day
403.934.5589 Commission who decides the hours of
Bill Melathopolous (left), a representative from the Epilepsy Foundation of Calgary and Grade 5 Wheat-
operation, and Sobol said contacting
-@strathmoretimes.com land Elementary School student Lennon Owlchild put on a presentation about epilepsy on May 19 at
them might be something Bayes and
the school.
www. other upset residents can consider. Shannon LeClair Photo
Continued on Page 2
Page 2 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

- 110J, 800 Pine

99 ¢
110J, 800 PINE ROAD
road,Strathmore, ab TUEASCO
403-934-3439 AB


OPEN 7 DAYS • 11 AM - 9 PM

If you live in the area
(Wheatland County, Strathmore
& Langdon) and are not receiving your
FREE Strathmore Times
in your mail box please
give us a call 403.934.5589 Wheatland Elementary students participated in the annual Walk for a Cure held at
the school on May 19. Many of the students wore purple clothing to school that day.
Purple is the official colour of epilepsy. Above: Jorja Duggan (left), Jodecy Genus,
and Jenna Bishop. Right photo: Elle Sauve (left), Brooke Shaw and Rachel Huhn.
Shannon LeClair Photos

ReClaim YouR GaRaGe!

mention this ad and receive
Walk for a Cure focuses on epilepsy
Shannon LeClair and create this superhero guy, and the Give the information, if someone has
more I dress it up then the kids kind epilepsy they should not feel isolated,
2 WeeKS* Storage
Times Reporter
of get more involved with it.” should not feel rejected or fearful to go
(New customers only)
Students at Wheatland Elementary
School spent an afternoon learning
“Every year we do a Walk for a
Cure and this year we did epilepsy,”
to school and associate it with people.”
Melathopolous has epilepsy and
*Conditions apply more about epilepsy before heading said gym teacher and organizer Susan said for years it was never really talked
outside to Walk for a Cure. The after- Shearer. about and the foundation realized that
302 Canal Blvd., Strathmore noon began with a 45-minute presen- “The rule of thumb is that someone wasn’t helping with anything.
403-901-0522 tation by Crashman, also known as
Bill Melathopolous, a representative
in our school population has to be af-
fected by the illness, so there are four
“If you aren’t talking about it, how
can you help and inform people?,” said
strathmore@cwss.ca from the Epilepsy Foundation of Cal- kids in our school with epilepsy.” Melathopolous.
www.cwss.ca gary. The foundation is a non-profit Elizabeth Bertram, also a representa- Over two per cent of the world’s
organization that provides awareness tive from the foundation, said epilepsy population is affected by epilepsy. Epi-
and support to people. was not something that was talked lepsy is a brain disorder, which causes
We’ll Make You “When I first started doing this we
were trying to come up with different
about often, and now it is time to talk
about it and give information to help
seizures of any type, and can happen
without any cause. It can affect peo-
SMILE titles, and the thing that I noticed is
we’re kind of living in a comic book
eliminate some of the fear.
“The main thing is just to bring the
ple of any age, and is most common-
ly found in children. It can be scary
age so I kind of thought why not cre- awareness to everyone. So bring the when someone drops into a seizure in
ate a comic book character because epilepsy out of its own little shad- front of you, but there are things that
kids really identify with that,” said ow. It’s always been associated with can be done to make it as safe as pos-
Melathopolous. fear, and a lot of misconceptions and sible for him or her. To find tips on
Please call 403-934-9681 “Why Crashman? Because at one just wholly in a myth. It was always what to do in a situation where some-
to schedule your appointment time it was actually considered the fall- shrouded with a lot negativity and one is having a seizure go to, www.
Dr. Elizabeth Robinson • Dr. Leanne Lesniak ing sickness so that’s why I combined stigma,” said Bertram. epilepsycalgary.com and click on First
in my story, incidences of me crashing “The education is the first step to Aid for Seizures on the left hand side
NEW patIENtS WELcoME into stuff. So I try to combine the two bring epilepsy into the 21st century. bar.
#11 - 55 Wheatland trail, Strathmore

Town maintains noise bylaws needs to be enforced

www.crystalRidgeDental.com Continued from Page 1 “I wish we could say ‘you guys are Council stated for now the only
way too loud and these people can’t course of action neighbouring residents
Times tidbits There is nothing council can do about sleep, we’re going to shut you down, can take is to continue calling the RCMP.
Looking for a summer job?
the noise coming out of the bar. Though or we’re going to cut your noise down, “The accusations that have been made
Networking isn’t just for full-time employment. Tell everyone it should not exceed certain decibels af- or make you quit earlier.’ We just don’t are false, and I have no other comment
you know you are looking for a summer job and you never ter a certain hour, it’s an enforcement have that kind of power,” said Council- at this time,” said Lynette Halwa, man-
know who might be able to help you out. issue. lor Pat Fule. ager at COOTERS.

Personalized. Natural. Confident

“The focus is on you!”

Wade Klimpke DD www. mybite .ca
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 3

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Joyland Theatre
PirAteS oF the cAriBBeAn
“on StrAnger tideS”
May 27 - June 2
Johnny Depp,Penelope Cruz,
Ian McShane
Rating: PG

8:00 pm Nightly, closed Mondays

For Movie Listings 403-934-3057
or visit our websites:
www.tribute.ca • www.alberta.com
114 2nd Ave, Strathmore, AB

High school band Make a Bear!

returns from Disney Large Bear
$13.99 + GST each

with four awards

Pirate Outfit
Hat & Eye Patch
$13.99 + GST each
Shannon LeClair that best represents the com- Limited
Times Reporter munity that they come from, Quantities Available
and ours combined, we won
Students from the Holy that award as a combined 128 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
Cross Collegiate, HCC, senior group. The kids were just re- Students from the Holy Cross Collegiate senior high band were in Anaheim 403-934-6737
high band recently returned ally well behaved. They were from May 12 to 15. The Holy Cross Collegiate and Notre Dame Collegiate www.hiddensecretsstore.com
Combined Senior High Band gathered for a photo with the awards won in

from their much-anticipated phenomenal, just really po-
Anaheim. HCC band students Brianna Terry (left), Shelbi Ramsay, Kylie Wil-
trip to Anaheim. The band lite and respectful and excit- liams and Kaitlin Francis with Jaws at Universal Studios.
paired with Notre Dame Col- ed to be there and that must
Photos Courtesy of Sarah Lyons
legiate, NDC, out of High have shown to the judges.”
River. There were approximate- A lot of the kids had never May 20 to acknowledge the
“It was awesome. It was ly 84 schools at the festival been on a plane before, so badminton, track and field
really good, the kids had a from 32 states, and HCC and she said it was exciting for and rugby teams, and the
Fire & Safety
really good time, and they NDC were the only ones from them. It was her program’s high school band for their
performed really well,” said Canada. Lyons said she was first international trip. Every performances in Anaheim.
Sarah Lyons, band director really proud of them win- three years she will offer an The Pep Rally featured guest
for HCC. ning the spirit award, even international trip for band, performances by the Ches- LocALLy ownEd & opErAtEd

Fire Extinguishers
“So we went as a large more so than the two second which will allow every stu- termere drum line. The drum
group, and we performed at place finishes. She said while dent an opportunity, while line is basically the percus-
the Anaheim Heritage Fes- they did great in their perfor- they are in high school, to sion section of a marching Service & Inspections
tival, and at the Disneyland mance, it was nice to see how go. She said next year they band, and Lyons said Ches- Safety Supplies • defibrillators
well behaved and mature the will do something closer to termere has had huge suc-
Safety training • consulting
The group received a students were. The judges home, maybe in Edmonton cess with their drum line.
plaque for playing in park, talked to the hotel, the bus or Vancouver. “They have done a really cor programs
ISnet world
and also won second place company and other behind- Lyons said the students good job of bringing the
in the medium school cat- the-scenes people who had who attended the trip had a whole school and the com-
egory as a combined band met the kids, to determine chance to learn a lot about a munity together, because the 921B wheatland trail
with NDC, and second place which group was deserving different part of the world,
while seeing how other
drum line plays for all the
athletic events. So it kind of
in the small school category of the award. Behind the Golden Hills School division- South side of Hwy#1
where the HCC band com- “It was really busy, we bands perform. Lyons said ties the fine arts and athletics
peted as an individual band. did all of our performances band is more competitive in together,” said Lyons.
Times tidbits
“So we have two second in one day so that day was the States, and for the stu- “A drum line is like my
place awards, so that was re- pretty hectic, but then they dents to have a chance to see dream but it’s very expen- Interesting fact…
ally exciting,” said Lyons. had a couple of days to enjoy that, and do so well in the sive. So this is just an oppor- Did you know Comedian Weird Al Yanovic
“I was actually most excit- the parks, and go to Univer- festival was a great experi- tunity to bring them out and
and supermodel Cindy Crawford were both
ed….they give this Spirit of sal studios and Disneyland,” ence. let the community see what
valedictorian of their senior class?
Anaheim award to the school said Lyons. There was a Pep Rally on they offer.”



Tire sale
DeTailiNg sPeCial
qUiCk lUbe
Cost + 10%
lUbe, Oil, FilTer
15 PT inspection
Fast Tire service While U Wait Washer Fluid Fill - No Charge
No appointment Needed - all Makes & Models No appointment Necessary Monday - Friday. appointment
Phone for Pricing! recommended on saturdays. all Makes & Models Welcome.


900 Westridge road, strathmore

Page 4 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

We heard there’s room in...

town of
strathmore COUnCiL MeeTingS FOR JUne
will be held June 1st & 15th at 7:30 pm.
Agendas are available on the Town Website
On Sale at the Town Office $40.00


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Splash Park will be opening June 1 weather
Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. permitting. Washrooms at Kinsmen Park and
RECYCLE FACILITY PHONE NUMBER: (403) 934-0087 Lambert Park are now open
8am till 8pm.

COMe JOin THe FUn!!! AniMALS

The Town of Strathmore is looking for food ven- UnDeR THe TOWn OF STRATHMORe BYLAW’S:
dors for The Canada Celebrations in Lambert • ANIMALS ARE NOT TO BE RUNNING AT LARGE
Park on July 1st. If you or your organization is (DOGS/CATS)
interested, please call Tammy at the Town Office • ANIMALS MUST HAVE FOOD, WATER AND SHELTER
(403-934-3133) for further information. • LEAVING YOUR PET IN A VEHICLE DURING SUMMER-
Town of Strathmore Utility Bills were mailed May 10, 2011 – if you have
not received your bill in a timely fashion please contact the office for a 2011 PROPeRTY TAX nOTiCeS
reprint. Notices were mailed on May 17, 2011.

CAnADA DAY VOLUnTeeRS If you are enrolled in TIPP (Tax Installment Payment Plan), the amount of your with-
drawal will change on June 1, 2011, as indicated on the Tax Notice. If your mortgage
Town of Strathmore is looking for Volunteers for company is responsible for paying the taxes on your property, this is indicated on the
the Canada Day Celebrations. Our next planning Tax Notice, under the heading, “A Copy of This Notice is Sent To”. If you have any
meeting will be held on June 8th, 2011 questions, please call the Town of Strathmore Tax Department at 403-934-3133.
at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers.


The Town of Strathmore is looking for You!
Bring a partner and join us at Kinsmen Lake
on July 1st, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. for
Canada Day Canoe Races.
Sign up by calling Tammy at the Town Office
(934-3133) by June 10th, 2011.

ODD Numbered Houses
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

eVen Numbered Houses

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 5

Golden Hills Learning Academy

HiGH ScHooL DipLomA courSeS
July 2 - August 5
HiGH ScHooL NoN DipLomA courSeS
July 4 – August 10

Last chance to take Math 24, Applied and Pure Math 20, Work

Students Experience and CTR1010 before curriculum changes occur in fall .

Teachers/Tutors available on site

recognized for mon, Tues, Thurs 9 am – 3 pm
their efforts * Students taking diploma courses must register by July 4
in order to write August exam.
This is the 34th year Strathmore High School has
celebrated its students through their Breakfast www.goldenhillslearningacademy.com
of Champions program. Each teacher selects
a student that they feel has, in one way or an- For more information call
other, made an impact on them and the school.
Ms. Trump selected Cory Campbell a gr.10 Eng-
lish student that has had such a great attitude
throughout the year and done his very best to Times tidbits
excel in a subject he feels he struggles with. This
program was first put into existence to recog- Grad fact…
nize students and let them know that the school,
teachers and community value and appreciate all
Did you know the cap & gown started in the 12th and 13th centuries
the work they do day to day. Sobeys offers a when universities first began forming?
scholarship at the end of the year for one boy and
one girl student that has been recognized in the
Breakfast of Champions. Above: All of the stu-
dents recognized at the Breakfast of Champions.
Right: Cory Campbell and Ms. Trump.
Home improvement tips from
Wendi Tashlikowich Photos CAnADA’s
Celebrating 15 years of young entrepreneurs experts
Donella Swan Over 800 young entrepre- friendships” says Brooks.
Times Contributor neurs have gone on to start Community Futures Wild
their own businesses after at- Rose is accepting applications
The Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship tending this summer camp. until June 30, 2011. For more
camp is celebrating 15 years of entrepre-
neurial spirit in Southern Alberta.
About 60 youth per year at-
information about the Alber-
ta Youth Entrepreneurship
prime BeFore pAintinG
The camp, which is sponsored by “The kids also learn many Camp, go online to www. For Better, Longer-Lasting results
Community Futures of Wild Rose, is en- life skills, such as leader- awec.ca or contact Jennifer Priming before you paint can make a world of difference on
couraging youth aged 13-15 to apply. ship, and they make lifelong Brooks at (403) 934-8888. the outcome of your paint job. Experts recommend a prime coat
Each year, four youth are sponsored for almost every painting project.
by Community Futures of Wild Rose What can be so important about priming a surface? Primers
from this region to attend the summer serve two major functions: they seal porous materials so the
camp, which runs from August 21-27. topcoat won’t dry with an uneven appearance and they aid the
This week long camp is located in Ea- topcoat in bonding properly with the surface underneath.
gles Nest, Cypress Hills. The two main types of primers are primer-sealers and
This is an entrepreneurial-based camp, undercoaters. Unpainted surfaces, or surfaces where most of
combining education of business train- the original paint has been removed, call for a primer sealer.
ing with a summer camp atmosphere. Conventional primers should be used to form a bond between
Campers hear from guest speakers and coats of paint. Know your surface and choose the primer

$189 00
participate in educational workshops accordingly. For those rooms which take a lot of wear and
to learn components of a business plan
tear, alkyd (oil-based) primers are recommended. For drywall
such as: marketing, advertising, cash
surfaces, latex primers are better because they don’t raise the
flows, and record keeping.
naps or fibers.
They are then put into business teams
where their task is to plan a business For plaster surfaces, a latex or alkyd primer can be used.
idea, meet with potential suppliers Alkyd undercoats are appropriate for wood trim.
and bankers, build the product or ser- For best results when painting over wallpaper, use an alkyd
vice and, come the final day of camp,
+ GST primer or alkyd primer/undercoater.

One Furnace & Ducts

sell their product. It gives the campers Once you have selected and applied the appropriate primer,
hands-on experience to see what it is re- you are ready to paint a topcoat. And because you took the time
ally like to run a business. to prime, your finished paint job will be more attractive now and
Most residential homes without AC up to 16 vents.
“I believe this camp goes beyond Offer good until June 15, 2011 in the future.
academic skills though” says Jennifer
Brooks of Community Futures Wild For more inFormAtion, visit or CALL rAnDY
Learning the basics of business is the
main focus of the camp. However, it is
not the only activity that takes place. The
youth get to participate in many summer Furnace Replacement • Repairs & Maintenance • Air Conditioning
camp activities such as zip lining, horse-
Certified HVAC Technicians • Plumbing • Duct Cleaning 14 spruce park Drive, strathmore • 403-934-3802
back riding, wall climbing, mountain
biking and swimming.
Our Team aT YOur Service! 403.934.4957 memBer CAnADiAn DeCorAtinG proDUCts AssoCiAtion
Page 6 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011

www.StrathmoreTimes.com times
Thought Looking for a
for the
week healthy body
~ this summer?
Your dreams Healthy eating makes for a healthy
might body and it’s the time of year when
change we all pack away our woolies and
slip into short, tanks and bathing
our planet suits. Do you know the rules of a
healthy body? Check out some these
tips and get ready for summer.
Do you know that your body
requires between 1,600 – 2,400
calories per day, depending on your
gender, age and activity level?
Calories in alcohol are metabolized
first by the body, ahead of burning fat
- which is not desirable if on a weight
loss diet. Alcoholic beverages can
have anywhere from 100 calories to
500 calories per drink.
Fat should make up no more
than one-third of your daily total
calories, even less for people with
cardiovascular risk factors.
According to Canada’s Food
Guide, most adults should be eating
between seven and 10 servings of
fruit and vegetables per day.
Most adults should eat between six
and eight servings of grain products
Debbie Murray per day according to Canada’s Food
FREE MaRkEt Guide.
Evaluations Did you know saturated and
trans fats are considered to be
403.325.0372 • www.debbiemurray.ca ‘bad’ fats, but polyunsaturated and
monounsaturated fats (including
omega-3 fatty acids) are considered
Summertime to be ‘good’ fats?
BBQ Pork Chops Some Doctors advise to limit
4 pork loin rib chops cholesterol intake to between 200
3 limes and 300 mg per day, especially for
2/3 cup pineapple juice people with cardiovascular risk
1 Tbsp molasses factors.
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce Aim to consume less than 2,300 mg
2 cloves garlic, minced (1 tsp) of sodium per day, although
1 Tbsp minced fresh gingerroot some people in certain risk groups
3/4 tsp ground allspice may need to eat less.
1/4 tsp each: dried thyme and salt
Look for high fibre foods, like whole
grains and cereals. Read your labels
Place pork chops in a large plastic bag or non-metal sealable container.
Grate peel from 2 limes and reserve. Squeeze juice from all limes. Combine
and look for fibre containing between
juice with remaining ingredients and pour over chops. Seal and refrigerate five & 15 grams per serving. Your
3 hours or overnight, turning chops occasionally. Preheat barbecue body requires about 25 grams per
on high; reduce temperature to medium. Remove chops from
marinade and discard marinade. Place chops on the grill; close the
barbecue cover and barbecue 6 to 8 minutes per side. Adults need about 60 g of protein
each day.
Do you have a Know what you’re reading when
special recipe you you look at the label, and be aware of
would like to share? the amount of pop you consume on
Please submit to the Strathmore Times a hot day. A can of pop has 39 grams
by Friday noon.
Fax Tracey 403.934.5546 or of sugar, which means it contains 10
email tracey@strathmoretimes.com
sugar cubes and a 590ml bottle of
pop has 59 grams or 17 sugar cubes.
StRatHmoRe daiRy queeN &
touRiSt iNfoRmatioN ceNtRe Book Your Classified Ad Today! Keep active this summer and follow
some of these tips and you will be on
Call the Strathmore Times 403.934.5589 your way to a healthy body.
Located on the North Side of Highway #1
at 210 Ridge Road Strathmore • 403-934-5661
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 7

Letters to the editor Town of

Road safety a major concern for motorcycle riders
Where Quality of Life is A Way of Life

The Public Hearing for Bylaw #11-16

To the Editor safety issue. Perhaps you are the one who needs to
The reason for this letter is to respond to Mr. Sobol see someone else’s perspective. Using the disaster
and his comments in your paper on May 20 “Sweep-
ing changes on Strathmore streets.”
in Slave Lake as a backdrop to minimize the abil-
ity of council is unethical and completely insulting
- Recreational Vehicle Parking scheduled
Gravel on the road is not a safety issue? Really? I’m to my intelligence. Perhaps if your take on gravel for the June 1st, 2011 Town Council
Meeting has been cancelled.
pretty sure there are a thousand motorcycle riders on the roads is not a safety issue, then maybe we
in the area which may disagree. My wife and I like should rethink the whole seatbelt and drunk driving
to take our bikes out on nice days, and after seven thing. Send me a text while driving and tell me your
months of winter, there is a small re-learning curve
when it comes to getting on the bikes after such a
Derrick Andersen
Therefore, Bylaw #10-15, Section 61(4)
long down time. Gravel for novice riders is a huge Strathmore - Recreational Vehicle parking stands.
This Bylaw is posted on the
Fed up ‘average’ water user Town of Strathmore website.
To the Editor Mar-Apr 2010 - 72 M3
I am so fed up with town council telling us that May-Jun 2010 - 128 M3
the average home uses 11 cubic metres of water per Jul-Aug 2010 - 97 M3
month. Well how’s this for average: We are a family Sep-Oct 2010 - 115 M3
of four. Two adults, two children, one a teen and one Nov-Dec 2010 - 64 M3
a tween. We probably do approximately 10 loads of Jan-Feb 2011 - 51 M3
laundry per week. That’s including bedding and lin- Mar-Apr 2011- 72 M3
ens. My husband is a tradesman and I work in turf Guaranteed the first place I will cut out will be
maintenance, both of which require getting very my outside watering (and probably others outside
dirty. watering as well). This does not bode well for “Com-
We hand wash most of our dishes but do run the munities in Bloom”!
dishwasher twice a week. I don’t fill a swimming pool, nor do I have a hot
Showers, that’s a hot issue in our house. Everybody tub. I can’t imagine what the cost will be to someone
showers at least once per day in the morning before who does! Or to someone who has a large family.
school / work (as I’m sure does most everyone else). My sister and her husband were away for the entire
And having a teenager requires extra shower time month of February and somehow still managed to
monitoring! Maybe other parents can relate? use 19 cubic metres with only two people living in
In the spring/summer I’m guessing that most kids/ the home in January.
adults play sports, maybe spend the day at the lake/ Incidentally, I used only 51 cubic metres of water
beach, or perhaps are outside doing yard work etc; yet my Sewer Levy alone was $188.12. Starting May 1
as do we. This will of course result in extra bathing. the Water Consumption rate will be increased to the
Then there is outside usage. I am not serviced for same amount as the Sewer Levy.
irrigation so that option is not available to me or I would be curious to hear from other average ho-
many of the other residents of Strathmore. I have meowners in town to see how average they are and
underground sprinklers so if I choose to water my how the rate increases have affected them.
lawn (which obviously I don’t in the winter months, I understand that the rate structure is based on a
and am limited to in the spring/summer months as “user pay” logic and if you use, you pay. However,
per Strathmore’s watering restrictions). I can set my what I can not fathom is that my family is anything
timer for a specific amount of time to water, there- but the average user!
fore not overwatering. On a hot day sometimes the I have to wonder if there is actually anyone who
kids want to run through the sprinkler or maybe only uses 11 cubic metres of water per month. And
have a water fight. if there is; hats off to you! I don’t know how you do
All in all I’d say that we are pretty average. Well it raising a family.
here is what our average really is: Regards,
A very fed up average user.
Water Consumption Adele Davidson
Jan-Feb 2010 - 64 M3 Strathmore

DUC’s Strathmore Banquet set for June 4

Ducks Unlimited Canada work here at home, and across Alberta.”
At this year’s Strathmore Banquet, attendees will
Tickets for DUC’s Strathmore Banquet are going dine on a great meal, and have the opportunity to
fast! If you love the outdoors and want to have bid on silent and live auction items, and purchase
a fun, social evening while supporting a good raffle tickets for DUC merchandise. Folks will also
cause, mark your calendars for June 4. learn about DUC’s work in their area.
This is the 29th annual fundraising banquet for The Strathmore Chapter Committee, made up of
the Strathmore Chapter. residents from Strathmore and Wheatland Coun-
According to Art Harris, Co-Chair of the Strath- ty area, has raised a whopping $1,049,177 since
more DU Committee, area banquets are put on 1983 for DUC’s conservation of wetlands, water-
to raise money for DUC’s programs, and 80 cents fowl and associated habitats to date. There are
from every dollar raised goes directly to habitat currently 60 DUC projects within a 50 km radius
conservation and research. of Strathmore, conserving over 28,585 acres of
“The remaining money is spent on education wetland and upland habitat – 16,641 acres upland,
and raising more money to continue on-the- and over 11,944 acres wetland projects.
ground conservation work,” says Harris. “It’s a So continue the tradition and secure yourself a
great opportunity for people in the area to work ticket, donate to this successful event or sign up

together to raise money for DUC’s conservation to volunteer by calling Art Harris at 403-286-8931.


Mario Prusina Shannon LeClair Rose Hamrlik Tracey Rogers Jody Schneider
Publisher / Editor Reporter Advertising Office Manager Production
Contributors - Wendi Tashlikowich, Manny Everett, Doug Taylor, Donella Swan

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Page 8 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Council asks for help,

AGGIE DAYS Carseland, alberta
shannon LeClair
June 24, 25, 26, 2011
with the sale of the land at NW 12-24-
Times Reporter 25 W4M to DevMor Developments Inc.,
for a total purchase price of $4,375,700,
* Parade * Breakfasts * Lions BBQ Dinner * 50/50 Draws * Councillor Rocky Blokland opened excluding GST. It’s to be paid by a ven-
up with a statement asking residents to dor-take-back mortgage and paid from
* Ball Games * Beer Gardens * Dance * BBQ Lunch * have patience, consideration, and un- sales on a pro-rated land area basis. It
* Kids Midway and Activities * Magic Show * Church Service * derstanding about some of the issues was also moved by Councillor Pat Fule
the Town is currently dealing with. He that a letter of intent be accepted and
You Are Invited to Sign Up or just come join in the fun!!! also stated that it’s pretty good here in that the Chief Administrative Officer,
Strathmore, compared to some of the Dwight Stanford, be authorized to sign
Show AnD Shine - Bill Taylor 403 934-4067 issues other communities are dealing the letter on behalf of the town.
TrACTor PuLL - Bert Dunsbergen Phone 403 554-3334 with, for example, Slave Lake. Councillor Bob Sobol said the town
CrAfT/TrADe fAir - Lana Warren 403-901-0889 Councillor Dave Hamilton suggested is now at a point of being able to pro-
PArADe - Sharon Alce 403 934-2473 (Theme: Transportation Throughout the Years ) a venue for the public to make dona- ceed with an agreement to purchase
SLow PiTCh BALL TournAMenT - Derek Alce 403 901-0371 tions, and said they are looking to gath- and sell. Sobol made a motion autho-
To purchase BBQ TiCKeTS call 403 934-5038 er donations for Slave Lake through the rizing Stanford and Mayor Steve Grajc-
Red Cross or Salvation Army. Hamilton zyk to sign the agreement on behalf of
said kitchen utensils are an item des- the town, and that the legal land de-
Check Us Out on Facebook! perately needed. Administration at the scriptions which are missing from the
town office will collect the donations agreement to be included. The motion
and will keep the public updated as to was carried.
what has been gathered.
Lambert Centre additional staffing
upgrades The town has requested the addition
In 2010 engineering and operations of one regular member to the Strath-
staff for the town were asked to con- more and District RCMP detachment
duct a building envelope assessment of for 2012/2013. The request doesn’t ob-
the Lambert Centre. Reed Jones Christ- ligate the town in any way to add an
offerson Engineering conducted the as- additional member, but if they don’t
sessment. Lambert Centre houses the write the letter requesting additional
library, Happy Gang and Wheatland resources, they will lose the opportu-
Family and Community Support Ser- nity.
vices. The report identified water infil- “We did forego our anticipated ad-
tration through the skylights, windows, ditional member for 2010/2011 due to
and doors, as well as various additional budgetary restraints. It was with reluc-
penetrations throughout the building. tance that we did so, but it had to do
In the 2010 fall workshop, $80,000 with budgetary restraints,” said Sobol.
was approved to be used for repairs, “The fact remains, this town is con-
and to help eliminate the water coming tinuing to grow, and as a council, it’s
into the building. imperative that we recognize the fact
“We’re concerned with the amount that as the town grows, with it grows
of water and mildew smell, and there the level of crime. That’s just a sad fact
was minor evidence of mould in the of life and I would strongly support
building,” said Chuck Renkas, project that we put in for an additional mem-
coordinator for the Town. ber for 2012/2013, which would obvi-
“Once the building envelope assess- ously be further discussed at budgetary
ment was completed by Reed Jones talks.”
Christofferson Engineering out of Cal- He moved that the town sign a let-
gary, it was determined that we do ter of intent, indicating their desire to
have a water infiltration problem in the add a member to the detachment for
building.” 2012/2013
Tenders were put out and SIS, Sup-
ply Install Systems, was awarded the Downtown Park
tender for a total of $52,681.65. Con- is named
struction is to be completed prior to A name has finally been decided
the Heritage Days long weekend. The upon for the centennial park project.
building will still be open to the public, The centennial committee submitted
though sections will be closed off as a request to the names advisory com-
repairs are being made. mittee for the park, located between
109 and 115 Second Ave. An electronic
Land sale poll was given to the members of the
almost complete names advisory committee with four
On May 4 Councillor Earl Best made in favour, and one member against the
a motion that would see land sold in suggested name. On May 17 Council
the industrial area of Strathmore. Ad- voted in favour of naming the park,
ministration was directed to proceed Heritage Times Square.
as long as the original purchaser of the part owns the vehicle on which the part was installed. Labour is covered for the first
Ford-approved part fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, wear out or rust through, it will be replaced at no charge

12 months or 20,000 km (whichever occurs first) after the date of installation. Emergency brake pads are not eligible under

replacement of rotors and drums available at additional cost. Taxes payable after discount amount is deducted. ˆ Based on a
Ford Fusion V6 automatic that has a fuel consumption rating of 10L/100 km in combined city/highway driving (properly tuned),

depend on model, year and condition of vehicle. ‡ Applies to single rear wheel vehicles only. ** Some conditions may apply.
a one-year driving distance of 24,000 km and $1.02 per litre for gasoline. Improved fuel efficiency and emission reduction levels
All offers expire June 30, 2011. See Service Advisor for complete details. Applicable taxes and provincial levies not included. Dealer

this plan. See Service Advisor for complete details and limitations. ◊ Excludes emergency brake pads or shoes. Machining or
may sell for less. † Ford Protection Plan is only available for non-commercial cars and light trucks. If an eligible Ford, Motorcraft® or


25 OFF
Enjoy the stops along the way. Never buy ◊
another set of Motorcraft® brake pads or
shoes with our lifetime warranty!† Applied at time of purchase.
See Service Advisor for details. ± Discount applies to parts only (not service).

Service includes:

Get checked. Get out there. • Replacement of front or rear brake pads or shoes◊ • Ford Protection Plan† that offers replacement
coverage on brake pads and shoes, for as long
• Service of calipers, mounts and sliders
as you own your vehicle even if they wear out
Trust the experts who know your Ford best. • Inspection of rotors and hydraulic system due to normal use.
Ford Trained Technicians. For more details and • Add brake fluid as required
offers see your Service Advisor or visit us online.

May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 9

With access to policies from a wide range of insurers, your Western Financial Group
Infinitus in Hussar insurance broker can help you find the most suitable coverage for your RV, ATV and boat.

Once again, the Hussar Recreational Insurance

School had a real treat
when the trio Infinitus en-
tertained the school. The
• RV, motor home, fifth-wheel, camper van, tent trailer - whatever type, your RV is an
chamber music played important investment and should be insured on a specialized policy to reflect this.
on violin, viola, and cello
taught the students what Depending on which type you own you may require different coverage.
it really means to listen
to music. A super per-
formance enjoyed by all! • Recreation equipment such as motorcycles and ATVs require specialized coverage
The Grade 1 to 6 classes tailored to the unique use and exposures of these types of vehicles.
all enjoyed this on May
11, 2010. Thanks to the
Kindergarten Association • From runabouts to sailboats, yachts and classic wooden boats we have you covered.
for sponsoring this event.
Photos Courtesy
of Pam Collett Phone or stop in for a quote or comparison - no obligation!

Raising funds in a new way Strathmore, AB

shannon LeClair dear to her. She has had a number of 105 A 100 Ranch Market
Times Reporter family members who have suffered
from cancer, and she herself had a
A new kind of trade show will be cancer scare when she was 15-years-
at the Quonset on the Strathmore and old.
Get your Classified Ads in! Call Tracey 403-934-5589
District Agricultural Society grounds Lang was at the farmers market in
on June 4. The trade show will be fea- early April and saw a lot of home-
turing home-based businesses, while based businesses there. She thought it
raising money for a worthy cause: Re- would be a neat idea to hold a whole
lay for Life. trade show for home-based business-
“Last year I guess was not a very es. All of the proceeds from the tables
good year for Relay for Life, so they’re will be going to Relay for Life, which
trying to bring it back to the commu- Lang is also a board member of. She
nity,” said Kristel Lang, who is organiz- said two businesses have donated 15
ing the event. per cent of their sales for the day to
“I thought this would be another
good way, a fundraiser for them, but
Relay for Life. She has also had a num-
ber of people say they will be donat-
Your safety is of utmost
also a good way to showcase different
businesses that we have here in town.”
ing items for the silent auction/raffle.
The women also have full use of the
concern to Encana.
Lang has also brought in the help of concession, so Lang plans to buy pre-
Melissa David, of Quality Dog Groom- packaged goodies that people can en- During your field work this year, please be
ing, who recently finished working on joy while they shop.
Strathmore’s first Pet Expo. “We’re just hoping that people do- aware of all potential hazards. In particular,
“Basically, she just asked because nate something from their business,” pay attention to the location of any natural gas
we had done the Pet Expo and we’ve said Lang.
made some great contacts with home David said it’ll be a little bit differ- wells on the land and ensure that you prevent
based businesses,” said David. ent from a normal trade show because agricultural equipment from contacting them.
“We’ve had such great local support, some of the people from the Pet Expo
that I was able to pass along some will be there too. Lang said there are
of my contacts and even call some of more home-based businesses than If a well or associated equipment is hit, stay clear of the
them up. Everyone was just awesome she ever knew about in the area and
thinks it’s great to be able to promote
location and call Encana’s Emergency Line immediately:
and like, ‘yeah lets do this’. Qual-
ity Dog Grooming ourselves, we love
helping do stuff like this and so we’re
those businesses.
The idea is to showcase Strathmore 403.645.3333
like tell us what we can do and how and the possibilities here. Lang is
we can do it.” against having to travel to the city to
There is one little hitch to the date, be able to get certain items, and wants
but both women are sure it can be a people to know they don’t always
benefit and not a downside. have to drive to Calgary. Lang said you
“We do realize that it’s the same day can buy almost anything from home-
as Spring Fest but we’re hoping that’s based businesses and was surprised at
a positive. We’re hoping that people how many things are available.
will just kind of do everything at There are 12 tables left, and the
once,” said David cost of a table for the show is $35. It
There were only 21 teams registered will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the
with the Relay for Life and Lang said Quonset. The women are still looking
the goal this year is to have 25 teams for more silent auction items, and any- follow us on twitter.com/encanacorp
and raise $100,000. one is more than welcome to donate. like us on facebook.com/encana
“My personal goal is $2,500 for the To find out more information con- watch us on youtube.com/encana
day,” said Lang. tact Melissa David at 403-923-8983
“I think everyone, when they find or on her website www.qualitydog- www.encana.com
out the cause it’s for, is completely grooming.com. People can also con-
happy about being involved.” tact Kristel Lang at 403-901-8450 or
This is a cause that is very near and via email at ke_kristel@hotmail.com.
Page 10 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

When thinking about Joey’s Restaurant, some people may

think it’s only a battered, deep fried fish joint, when in fact it
is really much more than that. There are salad options, pan-
fried options and many specials that are guaranteed to please
any palate. Fish is considered brain food and a good source
of Omega 3 and has a number of other health benefits.
Joey’s offers more than just fish, they have Wing-it
Wednesdays, All you can eat pork riblets on Thursdays,
which are slow roasted and then grilled to perfection.
Tuesday’s are all you can eat fish and chips.
There are also daily lunch specials, plus a great kids menu
to choose from.
For people in a hurry, Joey’s prides itself on providing
customers a quick in and out lunch in under an hour, while
still receiving quality service and food.
Dave Lyall the newest owner of the restaurant, was
previously in the transport business and has eaten in a
Dave, number of establishments all over Canada and the US and
Alexandra said he sets a high standard for himself dining out which
& Cortney
he tries to pass on to his customers. Lyall and his wife
Alexandra took over the store just over a year ago and

One Year
said it’s been an exciting year, and they have done a lot of
work bringing the restaurant up to his, and Alexandra’s

Under new
According to head office, the store is now operating above
normal restaurant standards. Lyall said word of mouth is
travelling and he said it’s nice to see the community willing

Ownership!!! to give the business another try.

Another way Joey’s is accommodating to busy lifestyles is
by staying open until midnight from Wednesday to Saturday.
Joey’s aims to be the place that caters to everyone, from
the group of high school students looking for a quick lunch,
Dave, Alexandra & Family to a date night option, to a place for buddies to hang out
are celebrating our One Year and watch the game.
They are a fully licensed establishment, which offers Pay
Anniversary during the month of May. Per View events, including one on May 28. Joey’s is keeping
their prices affordable, while providing second-to-none
We would like to invite you service.
for these Take As part of their first-year anniversary celebration, Joey’s
will offer two-for-one fish and chips from May 28-30.
special offers. OUT Lyall grew up in a town similar to the Town of Strathmore,

available before he moved to High River in 2001. His father started
the Joey’s there in 2003, so Lyall has a lot of experience
11 am - 9 pm
7 days a week dealing with people and with the company.
Monday & Tuesday wednesday thru He enjoys people and is getting more involved with the
11 am - 10 pm saturday community. Dave said Alexandra is the glue. She works
wednesday thru saturday
until midnight side by side with him everyday and is always smiling and
11 am - midnight
happy. She was a personal care attendant at the High River
JOeY’s afTer hOUrs Hospital and enjoys people of all sorts.
wednesday thru Either him or Alexandra are at the restaurant during all
saturday hours of operation and have the old-fashioned business ideal
8 pm - midnight where they will go to each table and speak to the customers
If you haven’t been to Joey’s Restaurant in the past year,

saturday, May 28, sunday, May 29 you need to treat yourself to an all-new mouth-watering
dining experience.

& Monday, May 30

2 fOr 1 fish & Chips dine in or
Take Out all day
All specials served with saturday, May 28 until Midnight
Joey’s famous fish. for our One Year anniversarY
under new Ownership
We would like to thank our customers
by passing on some savings as well as,
inviting new customers to see the awesome 403-934-3668
changes that we have made. Thank you for
your support and we look forward to serving
110G 800 Pine Road.,
you in the very near future. Strathmore
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 11

Festival of
The 15th annual Festival of Music 2011 was a great
success, with almost 40 performers of all ages. This
event was held at the Alliance Church on May 19.
Donella Swan Photos


Thursdays thru Sundays

Looking for volunteers

May/June: 12 noon to 6 pm
July/Aug: 10 am to 6 pm
Also open holiday Mondays

shannon LeClair they can give. the Alberta Citizens on Pa-

Times Reporter Volunteers will have to trol website, and that can be
have a record check. They found through any search
Citizens on Patrol is looking for more can’t have criminal or police engine,” said Anderson.
volunteers to help lend an extra set of histories. They must have a The general application is
eyes to the RCMP and help keep Strath- valid drivers license because available on the website and
more safe. They are a group of citizen most of the patrols are done people who are interested
volunteers who go out into the com- within the safety of a vehicle, can fill it out and deliver it
munity and patrol anywhere and every- and at least one person out to the RCMP. Anderson will Located 10 km south of
where around town, reporting suspi- at any given time must have then do the criminal history Strathmore, Alberta on Hwy 817
cious activity to the RCMP. a cell phone. The rest of the check and will let the indi-
“Essentially they give us an extra set equipment is supplied by vidual know if they qualify.
of eyes out running around the neigh- the Citizens on Patrol, said Anyone looking for more in- www.fieldstonefruitwines.com
bourhood,” said Cnst. Keith Anderson, Anderson. formation can also call Cnst.
with the Strathmore RCMP. “Anybody that is interested Keith Anderson at 403-934-
Anderson is the RCMP liaison for Citi- in the program can look up 3968.
zens on Patrol, and his role is to pro-
vide them with information and assis- All the fun at
tance where he can.
“The group itself is entirely citizen Twenty-Five becomes
run and the RCMP doesn’t directly run
it,” said Anderson. a chore at Fifty-Five!
The patrol group are just observers,
and are not out there to actively inter-
vene with crimes. They are out there to
just keep an eye on the community and
let the RCMP know if they see anything
Citizens on Patrol has been in Strath- priciples of garden design
more for many years, but is currently
going through a reinvigoration due to
free seminar
a turn over in the personnel and new
people becoming interested. Join us at eagle lake
“For quite a few years it was relative- nurseries garden centre
ly dormant. Even though the group still
existed, they weren’t terribly active but sunday, may 29th
their activity has picked up again,” said 10:00 am till noon with
Anderson. maria del sol galdon an expert
“We have people interested again,
and they’re getting out and doing their in garden design!
patrols.” 29th Maria will be discussing Principles of Garden Design
Citizens on Patrol are always looking *The Design Process
for volunteers. The commitment, said *Site Analysis and Site Conditions
from Angie, Mary
Anderson, is they come out and get a *Needs, Wants Desires/ Site preferences
little bit of information about the pro-
*Concept/ Theme
gram. They will get basic training as to
*Construction and Planting & the Gang
how to document their observations
*Garden and elements of design for consideration
and then it’s essentially whatever time
Page 12 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Day Busy
Friday, June 10 Darren Tiede owner, operater of Target Airspray LTD and local farmer located southeast of Strathmore
takes time away from his own fields to get his planes ready for another busy season of spraying. Al-
berta regulations require commercial spray planes to be calibrated once every 20 months. To complete
this, Specialized Spray Systems from Lethbridge travels to Darren’s farm to test his planes. Above:

Strathmore UFA Farm & Ranch Store

Darren checks the nozzle for a leak. Top photo: After completing the spray testing Darren, releases the
remaining water all at once prior to returning to the hanger.

58 Slater Road
Photos Courtesy of Kevin Link

403-934-6684 Denture Clinic nOw Offers
Terry Grant Denturist
403.934.3877 full
Hot Dogs & • Complete / Partial Dentures
• Same Day Relines & Repair

• Custom Mouthguards

• Custom Night Guards

services &
11 am - 1 pm • Natural Teeth Whitening
Oil changes
For the kids: No appointment required for Oil Changes

• Petting Zoo Call to book Mechanical Services today

• Bean Planting 403.934-3053

• Colouring Competition 413 - 3rd St. Strathmore
1010 westridge road, strathmore
- Grand Prize - Toy Barn.
Get your colouring page
inside the store. For the adults: Digging into her family history
• Cowboy Classic Deb Ross is on a mission to try and track down any information regarding
her family’s history, and is looking for help from Strathmore residents.

Silent Auction Competition She lives in B.C and is trying to find out if any of her family on her father’s
side is alive. Through her research she has been able to find out one of her

with proceeds • Mini-Golf fathers great uncles, George Lloyd, was a Strathmore pioneer
and owned the King’s Hotel.
“My father died when I was an infant and I had no history to go on,”
going to the disabled Farmers of said Ross in an email.
She would like to find any living relatives that may still be in the area, and
Alberta. If you would like to donate plans to visit someday. Ross said other brothers of George Lloyd lived in
Langdon and have also been referenced as pioneers in the area.
an item please give us a call.
Anyone with any information that may help
Fun for the whole FAMILY! Deb Ross can contact her at 1-205-770-7808
or via email at gdross@shaw.ca.
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 13

At 1:40 a.m. on March 22 a fire raged through a home at the corner of Bri-
arwood Road and Briarwood Crescent in Strathmore. Four neighbouring homes were
evacuated for the safety of the occupants due to the severity of the fire and wind
direction. The occupants of the residence where the fire started were not
home at the time. A second residence next to the first, was damaged by the

The Crowfoot 4-H Multi Club held their achievement day on May 14, celebrating the many accom-
plishments of the club.
Photo Courtesy of Crowfoot 4-H Multi Club

Crowfoot 4-H Multi Club news Helping out those in need

crowfoot 4-h multi club for all club activities). The members
Parents and teachers at Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy collected donation items for Slave
were given Alberta 4-H foodies. Con-
Lake on May 23. By the end of the day approximately 100 bags, and over a dozen boxes
The Crowfoot 4-H Multi Club is wind- gratulations goes to: Lauren Guttinger, were filled. Don Derraugh (left), Jamie-Lee Panteluk, Rochelle Derraugh, Tarynn Derraugh, Brian
ing down by having their Achievement Hunter and Marshall Biskup, Sydney Burne, Tanya Baron and Heather Limb.
Day on May 14th. We were very fortu- Berreth, Stephanie and David Limb and Shannon LeClair Photo
nate this year to be able to have it at the Toni and Billi Comstock.
Strathmore Ag Grounds. We had all the Record books that placed first in each
displays in the Quonset and the mem- project and age category are also able
bers were able to put on both Dog Agil- to be judged at the next level being Jack and the
ity demos as well as an Archery demo Wheatland 4-H District of which hap- Beanstalk
in the Lammle’s building. We contin- pens in the fall. Those awards goes out
ued with awards and amazing pot luck. to: take over Hussar
There was enough chilli there that next Sewing: Intermediate – Stephanie School for a day
year maybe the adults need to compete Limb, Senior – Toni Comstock Although there were no hu-
in a chilli cook-off, just a thought. Scrapbooking – Junior – Natasha Rus- mans to fill his tummy, the
We were blessed to have a special sell Giant from Alberta Opera’s
guest, 4-H’s Cleaver. For those who Archery – Junior – David Limb, Inter- production of “Jack and
mediate – Stephanie Limb the Beanstalk” found lots
do not know, Cleaver is our province’s
of enthusiastic listeners at
4-H mascot. Jason Wilson from Glei- Dog Agility – Junior – Kendal Russell,
Hussar School on Tuesday,
chen did an amazing job helping us Intermediate – Billi Comstock, Senior – May 17th. The Kindergar-
out, thinking he had one little boy who Toni Comstock. ten to Grade 6 students
thought he was more than amazing. An amazing year. We have 17 of our were treated to musical
The leaders, sponsors, judges, mem- members participating in 4-H on Parade theatre performance that
bers, their families and anyone else for many different events throughout taught them a lesson about
who has contributed to our club this the last weekend of May. And a great making friends too. Thanks
year, we could not have had such a suc- number of our members are signed up to the Kindergarten Asso-
cessful year without all of you. to attend 4-H Camps this year. We can ciation for sponsoring this
only look forward to yet another re- event.
This year we also awarded members
with 100% attendance awards (this was markable year beginning in the fall. Photo Courtesy of
Pam Collett

3rd annual
Strathmore’S got talent Let’s
Get Cruisin’
Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Strathmore Civic Centre
Doors open 5 pm
Ticket Prices:
Dinner by in kahooTS,
Here comes
Entertainment, Door Prizes,
SGT Show and ballot.
the 2011
Entertainment by Lecile harris,
Comedian, Rodeo Clown, actor
and 4 time PRCa Rodeo Clown of the Year

$25.00 The events will take place at

SGT show and ballot only
(7:00 pm door admittance)
If your club would like to host a
A&W, Strathmore
Silent auction proceeds go to the
WhEaTLanD CoWboYS & CoWGiRLS RoDEo SoCiETY regular Cruise Night or create a from 6 pm - 9 pm on
STRaThMoRE’S GoT TaLEnT - Limited to 15 acts. acts must provide own
custom event for the group give
us a call and we’ll help you set
June 2, 16 & 30
music & props! no aGE LiMiT! Deadline for Entry - July 15, noon it up. Or you might be July 14 & 28
considering a Show & Shine or
August 11 & 25
- if more than 15 acts register then an audition will be held one week prior to event.
Pick up your entry form at the Strathmore agricultural Society office, Civic Centre
or www.StrathmoreRodeo.com
a Poker Run, we can help you!
$150000 Prize Money September 8 & 22
TaLEnT: Singing, Dancing, Juggling, Magic Tricks, Playing an instrument,
bands, acting, Comedy Routine, Poetry Reading, Pet Tricks, etc.
510 Highway 1, Strathmore
FoR MoRE inFo: CaLL JUDi at 403 934 5737 or 403 361 0808 403-934-3724
Page 14 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

What’s What’s happening is a free weekly community calendar.

if you are a non-profit group and have a special event you would like to promote, please email your information to
tracey@strathmoretimes.com or call 403-934-5589 or fax 403-934-5546 and we will include your information on this
weekly Community page. Due to space restrictions, please keep information to a minimum.

Mark Your Calendars for these

Royal Canadian Legion The Hope Bridges Society Strathmore Masonic Lodge #53
For information regarding hall Board meetings held the third Tuesday meets the first Monday of each
rentals, darts and crib, please call of each month at 7 p.m. at #3-236-3rd. Month at 7:30 p.m. Call Glen at
403.934.5119 Avenue. Please visit our website at
www.hopebridges.ca or contact us at
403-901-6038. Website:
www.strathmore53.com Special Events....
Strathmore Elks Lodge #491
meets 3rd Tuesday at the Strathmore Adult Competitive Volleyball Cooking TogeTher Program
Curling Club 6:30 pm. Steak Supper at Meals on Wheels at Crowther Memorial Junior High in is a social get together for those 55+ to prepare and have a group lunch
7 pm. New Members welcome. is available in Strathmore. the gym every Wednesday from 7-9 pm and take home a second portion. Cost is $5.00 per session from
Call Greg 403-888-6155. For information or to obtain this service Contact is Lavern Lein 403-934-4646. 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Fridays ~ May 27, June 3.
please contact Wheatland FCSS at
To register call Betty-Anne, Volunteer Coordinator with
MOPS Strathmore Regional Victim Services Bridging the Gap at (403) 901-7811.
(Mother’s Of Preschoolers) Society needs community members
meet 1st and 3rd Thursdays 9:30am Strathmore FASD to be Advocates (volunteers).
Parent Support Group TasTy, healThy & BudgeT
– 11:30am at the Strathmore Alliance Training is provided. Contact
Church. at the Strathmore United Church. Victim Services through the RCMP Friendly Program
Babysitting available for ages 0 - 6. For more info call Pam @652-4776. Detachment at 403-934-6552 is a social get together for those who want to learn and exchange
For more information call Jennifer at information with Greta Kubis, Community Nutritionist.
403-934-5799 or visit www.mops.org Strathmore Caregiver Support Group Strathmore Homeschool Familes. Sessions are from 1 to 2 pm on Fridays ~ June 3 - Weight Management
This is an opportunity for caregivers to Any Strathmore and Area familes that with Medications.Sessions are FREE, but pre-register by calling
Strathmore Parent and Tot Playgroup, find support and benefit from are homeschooling are invited to join Growing Families Society at (403) 361-7216.
meets every Thursday at 9:30 - 11:30 interaction with others in a similar our Yahoo Group. groups.
am. in the Strathmore United Church situation. For more information yahoo.com/group/strathmorehsfams
Basement. For more information call or to register call Amy Yaneza gleiChen CommuniTy garage sale.
Tammy at 403-983-7284 or at 403-361-7176. SATURDAY, MAY 28TH. 11am – 4pm.
Healing Rooms,
Ali at 403-934-2089. $1 per child
open for prayer Mondays from 7 to 9
Follow the signs to the deals!!
Sunday School for All Ages: pm. at the Harvest Healing Centre at
Strathmore District Health Lord of All Lutheran Church offers 115A-3rd. Avenue in Strathmore. 1sT annual Teddy Bear PiCniC
Services Auxiliary Christian Education opportunities Everyone is Welcome. Saturday, May 28, at noon. In front of and sponsored by Rocky’s Bakery
Meetings are held the fourth Monday for ages 3 years to adult, on Sunday
& Hidden Secrets, 126/128 2nd Ave. Strathmore.
of the month @ 1:30 pm, (excluding Mornings. All are Welcome! For more
information please call Margo Sevick Strathmore Full Gospel Church
July & August). Lower level Confer-
403-901-2044 or call the Church Office We’re a Pentecostal Bible based messy sunday:
ence Room at the Strathmore Hospital.
family church that has something for all
New members welcome. For more info at 403-934-2374.
ages. Call 934-2225 or visit a WorshiP serviCe For all ages.
please call 403-934-4436 www.strathmorefullgospel.com May 29, 10:30 am at St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church.
Wheatland Conservation & Wildlife Celebrating God’s love through worship, music, craft activities and more!
Strathmore & District Chamber Association (Your local fish & game SENIORS 50+HAPPY GANG, We will be blessing the new community garden at this service. For more
of Commerce club). Meetings – 2nd Thursday every General Meeting the second Tuesday of information, call 403 934 3017 or visit http://stmics.ning.com/
meets the third Monday of the month @ month, 7:30pm at the Clubhouse. each month at 1:15. For more informa-
7:00 p.m. All members welcome. Call Larry at 403-934-4388 for more
Check web page for meeting information.
tion call 403-901-2377. ConCerT in The Park
location. For more information Friday June 3, featuring Strathmore High School and Crowther
call 403-901-3175 or Strathmore Musical Arts Society, Memorial Junior High Bands. Special guest appearance from the
Wheatland Rural Crime Watch.
If you love music and musicians and Rocky Mountain Concert Band. Kinsmen Park (SHS in case of rain).
www.strathmoredistrictchamber.com. Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each
have a special soft spot for the Blues, BBQ @ 5pm, Concert @ 6pm.
Month. Featuring guest speakers. For
you would enjoy being part of this
Come Fly With Us more information call 403-934-4055. group. Call 403-934-4196 or 403-680-
903 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Sqn. 7721 to get on our phone or email list sTraThmore monTessori soCieTy’s
Meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the
blue building and Quonset on the
Strathmore Lions Club and be notifies about meetings and 4Th annual ChariTy golF TournamenT
meets the first and third Thursday at the upcoming events.
Ag grounds. Boys & Girls welcome June 4 at Speargrass Golf Course. Proceeds directly benefit the
Strathmore Civic Centre at 6:45 pm.
between 12 & 19 years. Kidz 1st Network Parent Link Centre, children in the Public Alternative Montessori Program
Call Joanna Howard at 403-983-5796 We offer programs for children (0 – 6 at Wheatland School. Tournament will be followed by a
Strathmore Country Gardens Club yrs.) and their parents (caregivers) prime rib dinner, entertainment, silent auction, and prizes for everyone -
for more information.
Meetings at least once per month.
Tours, guest speakers, workshops and
Strathmore Drop-In Program regardless of golf skill! For more information please contact
HIV Edmonton Stay & Play Mondays 10:00 – 12:00 Trina Lloyd at 403-901-0516.
much more included in a membership.
providing support, education and advo- $20 single, $30 family. and Wednesdays 9:30 to 11:30 and
cacy for those infected with, affected by 4:30 to 8:30.
or at risk of HIV and AIDS for 25 years.
For more information visit www.strath-
For a list of all other programs,
FirsT annual home Based Business
Go to www.hivedmonton.com or call or phone Linda Pekrul 403-901-0017. please visit our website at: Trade Fair
toll free 1.877.388.5742. www.cscommunitycurrents.com Join us in making this fundraiser for Relay for Life a success. And see what
All programs are free. home-based businesses are here in town. June 4th 2011 from 10 - 3 at the
Free Tree for all New Born Babies
TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly Please call 983-0016 for program details. Ag grounds Quonset. For more information please call Kristel Lang @
Attention all infants – remind your par-
Want to Lose Those Unwanted ents to register your birth so a tree can 403-901-1309 or email her at strathmorerelayforlife@hotmail.com
Pounds?? Need support to reach your be planted commemorating your birth
goal? We are here for you!
We meet every Thursday at
in the Chinook Credit Union Birth For- heriTage days sTamPede – 3rd annual
est in Strathmore. Registration Forms are
6:30 pm @the Anglican Church. available at the Town office, Chinook sTraThmore’s goT TalenT
Contact Melissa @ 403-901-1566 Credit Union and Health Unit. Wednesday, July 27, 2011 (doors open at 5pm), at the Strathmore Civic
or Lynne @ 403-934-4359
(A Communities in Bloom Project) Centre. No Age Limit!! Deadline for entries is July 15 @ noon.
to join our journey to a fitter you.
Call Judi at 403-934-5737 or 403-361-0808

especially for KIDS*

when accompanied by a paid adult

*under 16 years of age

www.speargrass.ca TEE TIMES: 403-901-1134

May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 15

Robert Strathmore & area 24 HR. REAL ESTATE HOT LINE

www.aztecrealestate.ca 403-934-5533
934-5533 "The Sign of experience"

call robert & taMara call nicole call nonie call shauna hIllvIew estates
Keith 3 lots + home perFect FamIly
home $159,900 $379,900
Garrioch $139,900 ENOURMOUS LOT BACKING RENOVATED WITH NEW Over 1800 sq.f.t.
of living space
• Corner Lot... THREE BEDROOM, 4 bdrms, 3 full baths
333-8411 21,056 sq ft of Land! THREE BATH
Luxurious owner's suite
• Cute...Quiet... CALIFORNIA CLOSETS DETACHED GARAGE Walkout on 3rd level
Mls c3432272 Affordable! Mls c3464526 $349,000 LARGE PIE SHAPED LOT to yard

La Shaun call robert & taMara beautIFul gated call nicole call nonie call shauna walkout
Andrews new lIstIng bungalow -
160 Acres - Pasture and
Hay. Completely
Renovated Home.
$85,000 $393,000
Immaculate with 1491
• 1456 Sq Ft SINGLE FAMILY HOME - ON LARGE LOT sq.ft.. 3 bdrms,
Hip Roof Barn. 2 full baths
3 Bedroom Home Perfect Horse Set-up. HARDWOOD FLOORS - 2 LARGE BEDROOMS 3 season sunroom
• Bright & Spacious Many Outbuilding. CLOSE TO SCHOOLS & PARKS Too many extras to
Mls c3459482 • Backs to Canal mention
Sheila Beautifull Mature Yard
Bassen call robert & taMara call debbie $154,900 call shauna lambert vIllage
403 land near
361-0390 chestermere
Pay your own mortgage
instead of someone
we can help $174,900
Retire in style!
• 4.0+/- Acres
• Good Well
elses, why rent when
you can own! This home you FInd 1 bdrm suite
Buckle Mls c3468312
• Great Building
Sites Mls c3469958
is perfect for singles,
first time buyers,
empty nesters.
your dream home! single garage
Gorgeous view
call robert & taMara call debbie call chantale call shauna
325-7347 open house $89,000 $124,900 westlake condo
saturday Double oversize (24x24)
heated garage, large Gated Community,
3 bdrm condo
may 28 corner lot, interior
renovations started...
Overlooking Soccerfield
Beautiful 3 Bed, 2 Bath, with upgrades
17 Brentwood lots of potential. Open Concept, Vaulted 1 full, 2 half baths
Buckle Drive East Ceilings, Covered Deck, Fully finished basement
Located in quiet
403 Mls c3471730 1-4 pm Mls c3465612 community of Mossleigh Mls c346562 Immaculate Condition! Single attached garage
call la shaun granIte, hardwood/slate call debbie owner motIvated! call chantale call tracy why rent!
oversIze lot backs to prIce reduced adult lIvIng aFFordable

park $428,800! $149,900 at It's FInest!
Nicole All this is hard to find in Immaculate, tastefully lIvIng $47,000!
Strathmore for this price! decorated condo. Why rent Top floor end unit with Show of owners pride. This home
Cordes Full developed 3+1 bedrooms, when you can own! Corner
SW view. 2 Bed 2 Bath is freshly painted throughout.
fireplace, bungalow style,
403 3.5 baths, large open concept 2bdrms, oak cabinets, all and Den. 2 Heated
A pleasure to show! Bright and
spacious, 2 bedroom, 2 baths,
901-5855 Mls c3469369
Mls c3464541
appliances including washer/
Mls c3451768 Parking Stalls. Solarium Mls c3450472
fenced yard and parking pad
Ready to move in quick poss. dryer included. for 2!

call la shaun sunny brIght walkout call debbie $339,900 call chantale Fully developed wIth call tracy Fully FInIshed
to park $347,500! walkout , potentIal up & down
Tamara Hillview Estates, fully
suIte $339,900!
Very clean bright spacious floor developed bungalow, $189,900!
Desjardins plan throughout this fully finished 1381 sq ft, recent 3+1 bedrooms. 3 full baths.
403 home. Shows like new with 2+3 upgrades include 2nd Open concept with Well maintained home,
gas fireplace, upgrades. Mother-in-law 2+2 bedrooms, 2 full
934-5533 bedrooms, plus office. 3 full baths
open concept with vaulted hardwood, carpet, and suite potential. Infloor heat,
underground sprinklers baths, open concept, all
Mls c3467410
ceilings. Trendy Aspen creek ceramic tile....must
community. Mls c3475376 see. Priced to sell!
Mls c3461194 and more. Mls c3462464 on 3 lots, totally fenced!

Debbie call la shaun totally renovated call chantale upgraded, FunctIonal call tracy 3 acres, fully fenced,
Enslen hoMe, 3 car garage

thinking of a
home on oversIze bungalow $434,900!
mature lot $329,900! $379,900!
403 Open concept with vaulted
Easy communte to Calgary &
Simply move in and enjoy! This ceilings over 1566 sq ft on the
852-5923 large home has space for everyone. main level with fully finished Strathmore. 3 bedrooms,

career in
Large kitchen for mom, oversize
basement. 5 bedrooms, 3 bath, 2 baths. Open concept with
garage for dad! And all the large family room. Fenced &
bedrooms are huge! 2 fireplaces, upgrades
throughout, the list goes on! cross fenced. Horse shelters.
Mls c3462058 Walking distance to shcools,
Mls c3440756 Ready for a new family. Mls c3466776 Oversize triple garage.
Nonie church, park and all your shopping!

Hall call la shaun aFFordable lIvIng, call ron adult condo call tracy
403 adult lIvIng-
renovated, move overlookIng lake
934-3382 In $47,000! Beautiful condo designed for gated communIt
Home, parking, yard all this independent living. All Huge Bright Kitchen...

for a price you can't pass up! appliances, gas stove/ Sun Room...1200 sg ft.
Simpley adorable, clean and fireplace. Single garage, deck,
Dbl Car Garage....
tastefully finished. 2 bedroom, walkoutm to patio. 4
Chantale 2 bath, located in the bedrooms, 3 baths. $279,900. Covered Enclosed Deck....
Mls c3450472 Mls c3452843 Mls c3469591 Porch!!!Lots of OAK!!!!
Hill heart of Strathmore! Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

325-3860 call sheila beautIFul executIve call ron purchasIng call lorna the FamIly Is

home! $539,900 power all home!

Over 4000sq ft in total this Home
has everything! 5 Bedrooms,
3 baths, Huge Kitchen and eating
area, seperate dining room, 2 family
call robert at Remarkable renovated two
story home. Oversized
heated double garage.
Over 3000 sq. ft of elegant
living. Bonus room over
garage. Professionally Dev.

rooms, living room, hardwood, Gorgeous landscaping @ Lower. 4 Bdrms, and 4 Baths.
Kaechele infloor heat, airconditioning, trees, flower beds. New front
All on nearly a quarter acre!!
403 triple car garage, security rollco veranda. So much for so little!
blinds and so much more! Mls c3466341 Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097
Priced at $409,000

real estate for

call sheila Fabulous call ron call lorna brand new bungalow,

Immaculate vIew oF countrysIde

$234,900 new lower prIce reduced $343,500
2 large bedrooms, 2
This newly painted 1221 sq ft
home is perfect and waiting
just for you! 3 bdr, 2 1/2 baths,
all appliances, fully finished,
more details. Location, price, and low taxes. Substantial renovations
complete. Single garage. Huge fenced lot with RV parking
space. First time buyer or rental revenue. $139,000.
full baths and over
1400 sq ft of
875-4166 Mls c3459854
garage, etc, and located near
Mls c3475570 Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097
upgrades throughout.
schools, shopping and parks. MLS C3450431

call sheila $269,900
Immaculate 3bdr home in a quiet
call nonie
$329,900 call ron so much For
so lIttle
call lorna
$35,000 +
culdesac! Over 1400 sq ft on a pie
shaped lot this home features oak
Large condo - small fees
Open floor plan, newly
403 cabinets, loads of counter space,
kitchen open to living area leading OPEN DESIGN - CUSTOM
painted. 3 large bedrooms,
3 baths, family room Includes training,
875-1170 out onto newly painted deck. FINISH - HARDWOOD Single garage all shelves, racks,
Large master bedroom, 2 full baths FLOORS Near schools, recreation,
and 2 half baths, den, single car NEAT TO COMPLETE shopping. $264,900
cooler, great
garage, etc You must see this one! LOWER DEVELOPMENT Mls c3474817 Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097 location!

call sheila perFect For call nonie
$139,900 call ryan on the pond! call lorna brand new

extended FamIly -
$321,900 WHY RENT $369,900 ranch vIlla!
403 $289,000
Spacious 1370 sq.ft. home FRONTING ONTO PARK 1400 SQFT
934-5533 3+1 bedrooms, 3 full baths Walkout Home. 3 bedrooms,
Professionally developed Brazlian Cherry Hardwood 3 baths,
suite for family only. 2 LARGE BEDROOMS Floors. Dark Oak Cabinets.
Centrally located with large LOCATION PLUS Call Ryan for more
double garage
Tracy back yard. PRICED TO SELL information 403.875.1170 Wildflower Ranch
934-5533 For all mls lIstIngs vIsIt our websIte
www. aztecrealestate.ca
# 1 0 6 - 3 0 4 3 r d A v e n u e, S t r a t h m o r e, A l b e r t a T1P 1Z1
Page 16 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com


201 1 THE


docket # CAC_11099.01
Prints: Bk+PMS 286
RS Model Shown


f u e l e f f i c i e n c y▼ • b e s t- i n -
Best-in- class d a r d a i r b a g s◊
, and
fety with 10 s
class 5 star sa

s t c o v e r a g e in canada
y pick • b e
llHS top safet

t kms on six
i l l i o n t e s $
198 ‡ 6.1% Client

dwide, 6 m
• proven worl

t o c a n a d a • modern, EFFECTIVE

ior to comin g RATE 7.8% Creative Dire

continents pr


o f p e r s o n a l t
ll Art Director

stylish and fu g interior

a s s - l e a d i n
y • cl
& connectivit

o f s t a n d a r d features
room • long
Account Dire
Account Ma

ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA CHEVROLET DEALERS. Albertachevrolet.com 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ‡/*Offers apply to the purchase of a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze (R7C) equipped as described. Freight included ($1,450). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and
taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers valid to June 30, 2011. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Alberta Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be Prodution M
required. GMCL, Ally Credit or TD Financing Services may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See Chevrolet dealer for details. ‡Based on a 60 month lease 6.1% advertised on new or demonstrator 2011 Chevrolet Cruze LS equipped as described.
Annual kilometer limit of 20,000km, $0.20 per excess kilometer OAC by FinanciaLinx Corporation. Monthly payments may vary depending on down payment/trade. Down payment or trade of $2,299 and security deposit may be required. Total obligation is $14,536. Option to purchase at lease end is $5,129 plus applicable taxes.
Other lease options available. Applies only to qualified retail customers in Canada. Freight & PDI ($1,450), $350 acquisition fee included. License, insurance, PPSA, dealer fees, excess wear and km charges, and applicable taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Dealer order or trade may be required. Offer may McGill

not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See participating dealer for details. ~Offer applies to all eligible non-current GM owners with a vehicle that has been registered and insured in
Canada in the customer’s name for the previous consecutive six months. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one 2011 Equinox/Malibu/Traverse delivered between May 3, 2011 and May 31, 2011. The credit amount is inclusive of any applicable taxes. Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same
household (proof of address required). This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Void where prohibited by law. See your GM dealer for details. GM reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice.
◊U.S. Government star ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). For more information on safety ratings, go to www.safercar.gov. ▼Based on Natural Resources Canada’s 2011 Fuel Consumption Guide ratings. Your actual fuel consumption may vary.

A.C.CRZ.609.2C.SMT.01.indd 1 11-05-18 1:42 PM

May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 17

the weather
Playschool kids in Standard
welcome spring with floating
homemade boats in the pud-
dles. The three-year-old class
with the help of their teacher
Crystal Cavanagh made boats
out of recycled milk jugs and
then went to float them in the
Manny Everett Photo

In the words
songs. Sometimes we go to camps with teach us interesting stuff. At day camps ture walks and making board games
Guides from other units. you have a snack and lunch. We do are just some of the things we do in
Learning about Lord and Lady Baden- games and learning activities. At over- guides.
of the youth Powell is an important thing in Guides.
Lord Baden-Powell’s sister started
night camps we play games and do
crafts. We also do learning activities.
Sometimes when we play the games
or activities we earn badges. Badges
Strathmore Girl Guides Guides. You’ll learn more if you join! After meals, that we cook ourselves, we are little crests that we earn when we
Badges are little crests you earn to have to do dishes. do certain things. We earn badges like
Two young ladies from the Strath- recognize that you did certain activities. These are just some of the things we fire safety, first aid and camping.
more Girl Guides are nearing gradua- There are a lot to earn. Most go on your do at Guides. I hope you join! Camping is an important part of being
tion from this wonderful organization. sash, but some go on a camp blanket. From Claire a Girl Guide. There are day camps and
Both have nearly completed a very spe- To earn badges you must complete a overnight camps. You can cook, learn
cial award called the Lady Baden-Pow- certain amount of activities to complete Hi, my name is Mackenzie. I am from about safety and make new friends.
ell award. (She was the wife of Lord them. the Strathmore First Girl Guides. In my Cookie selling is another important
Baden-Powell who started Scouts and Now we also have parties! We have a seven years of Girl guiding I have never part of Guiding. We sell the cook-
she was a strong supporter and orga- Christmas party and a Halloween party! gotten tired of it. ies around Strathmore in the fall and
nizer of Guides). At the parties we do games and crafts. Once a week we meet to do games, spring. The money that comes from the
Each girl was asked to describe Girl We also have a snack. crafts, and fun activities. Sometimes we cookies goes for camping and crafts.
Guides to those who are not familiar We also have camps: day camps and even cook. We learn about culture and Hope you come next year.
with the program. Here is a glimpse of overnight camps. The camps usually lives of Guides around the world. Na- From Mackenzie
what they had to say;

Hi, my name is Claire, and I am from

the 1st Strathmore Girl Guides. In
Guides we do games, crafts and learn
about guiding. We also sing campfire

Trinity Lutheran
Christian Academy
630 Westchester Road,
Strathmore, AB T1P 1H8

TRiniTy LuTHeRAn
is now accepting registrations in

at home
kindergarten to grade 9 for the
2011-2012 school year.

Go to BVC
In addition to offering a strong academic
program in a Christian environment
there are many other reasons to
consider Trinity:
• Alberta Curriculum taught by
Alberta certificated teachers
You can study at Bow Valley College without ever
• Courses in music, drama, French, art
• College size gym
leaving home. In partnership with eCampusAlberta,
• Activboards in all classrooms by the
end of this school year
we offer 60+ programs and 600+ courses online. And
• Secure, fenced playground
• Mandatory school uniforms
we’re working with your community to develop a post-
• Addition of $3500 worth of Christian
books to our library this year
secondary education strategy for Strathmore and area.
• Two teachers nominated for
provincial Awards of Teaching Learn more. Earn more. Do more.
• Winner of Aggie Days competition in
the grades 4 to 6 category for
2010-2011 For more information, contact the Strathmore regional representative
• Weekly chapel and daily devotions
• Hot lunch program Teri McKinnon: tmckinnon@bowvalleycollege.ca | 403-462-2550
• Christ-centered Christmas Concerts
• Spring Theatrical Production

• Full day kindergarten Fill out the survey and let your voice be heard
To take a closer look at Trinity, please
attend our oPen HouSe
this spring:
Thursday, June 2, 2011
5:00 to 8:00 Pm
For further information please call the
school at (403)361-9631 or visit our
web site at www.trinitylca.com.
community vitality • economic growth • education




Page 18 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011


Manufacturer Rebates up to





10.2L/100km 28MPG HWY

13.9L/100km 20MPG CITY ■

2011 F-150 SUPER CAB 5.0L XLT 4X4
than any other brand.






Ford offers more vehicles with



Visit your local Ford Store or albertaford.ca today and GO FURTHER FOR LESS.


2011 F-150 4X2 3.7L V6 SST


Now, not only will you go further, so will your money.

Eligible Costco members receive an additional
12.8L/100km 22 MPG CITY ^^
8.9L/100km 32 MPG HWY ^^




Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ^ Fuel efficiency based on ratings of 2011 Ford Motor Company of Canada vehicles. Total of 5 Best in Class models: Fiesta (B Car), Fusion Hybrid (CD Car), Escape Hybrid (Small Utility), F-Series (Full Size
Pick Up inclusive of F-150 and Super Duty), and Transit Connect (Full Size Bus/Van). Classes per R.L. Polk Canada, Inc. (Canada). Fuel ratings (excluding Super Duty) are based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading, vehicle equipment and driving habits. ^^Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs. GVWR, non-hybrid. Estimated
fuel consumption ratings for the 2011 F-150 4X2 3.7L V6 SST: 12.8L/100km city and 8.9L/100km hwy based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits. *Purchase a new 2011 Ford [F-150 Super Cab 5.0L XLT 4x4/ Ranger Sport Super Cab/ F-250 Super Cab XLT 4x4 Western Edition (with Power Seats)] for [$29,999/
$14,999/ $37,499] after Total Manufacturer Rebate of [$6,500/ $6,000/ $7,000] and Costco incentive (of [$1,000/ $0/ $1,000] deducted. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate has been deducted. Offers include freight and air tax (where applicable) [$1,550/ $1,450/ $1,550], but exclude license, fuel fill charge, insurance, PDI, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any
environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. †† Receive $1,000 /$1,500 /$5,500/$6,000/$6,500/ $7,000 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2011 F-150 Regular Cab XL 4X2/ Ranger Super Cab XL and Regular Cab/ F-150 Regular cab (excluding XL 4X2)/Ranger Super Cab (excluding XL)/ F-150 Super Cab and Super
Crew/ F-250 (excluding Chassis Cabs). F-150 Raptor models are excluded. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ‡ Offer only valid from April 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians
with a Canadian Costco membership on or before March 31, 2011. Use this $1,000CDN Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2011/2012 Ford/Lincoln vehicle (excluding Fiesta, Focus, Ranger, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302 & Medium Truck) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The new vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford/Lincoln dealer within the Offer
Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, is subject to vehicle availability, and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. This offer
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deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ©2011 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved. �Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2011 Ranger Sport Super Cab Automatic: 13.9L/100km (20 MPG) city and 10.2L/100km (28 MPG) hwy. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport

Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits. ◆Projected best in class fuel economy based on competitive data available at the time of testing using Ford drive-cycle tests (in accordance with the guidelines of the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Standard J1321) of comparably equipped 2011 Ford vs. 2010 competitive models.
Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR. ¤Maximum towing capacity of 24,400 lbs. on F-450 when properly equipped with 5th wheel/goose neck. GVWR. Maximum payload capability of 7,070 lbs. on F-350 when properly equipped. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 19

Almost ready
to head home
Shannon LeClair do another year in Germany and re-
Times Reporter peat the grade, which she didn’t want.
“It’s for the language and also the
The school year is almost over and countryside because in Germany, you
that means it’s almost time for three can not drive like half an hour without
German students attending Holy Cross seeing any houses or something. Here
Collegiate, HCC, to head home. Alena you can drive like three hours without
von der Mehden and Marc Schneider- seeing any houses,” said Schneider-
meier have been in Strathmore since meier.
August, opting to spend a full school The three students didn’t know each
year at HCC. Friederilce Kobel has other before coming to Strathmore,
been here since the end of January. but have bonded a bit through their
“I came here to learn English and shared experience. They said the food
because of the landscape, because I is different, with more choices here. All three of the German students who have been attending Holy Cross Collegiate will be heading home
heard Canada was very beautiful,” said They said they only have a few fast at the end of the school year. Friederilce Kobel (l), Alena von der Mehden and Marc Schneidermeier.
von der Mehden. food places in Germany: McDonalds,
Shannon LeClair Photo
“I thought if I was only here for half Burger King, Subway and sometimes
year I wouldn’t learn the language as KFC. Schneidermeier did choose to stay you,” said Kobel.
much as I did.” None of them got to decide where in with the same family his brother had “We’re all like in public school in
“My main reason…I just wanted to Canada they would go but are happy stayed with. The thing that stands out Germany, and this school is so much
go somewhere else for like half a year to have spent their time in Strathmore. the most, which all of three unani- better concerning like the teachers
or something,” said Kobel. “We didn’t decide. We can only de- mously agreed upon, is the people. care about every single person. I guess
“I decided Canada because I wanted cide on the country and they pick a “I was in the States for three weeks it’s because it’s a pretty small school.”
an English-speaking country and just family somewhere out there and that’s and the people here are way nicer,” While the cold winter was tough to
the landscape. I imagined it’s so beau- where we go,” said Schneidermeier. said Schneidermeier. handle, it wasn’t a deterrent for the
tiful and it is.” “My brother was here last year and “Way more open minded. They just three students, who all said they plan
She said she kind of wishes she was I could decide if I wanted to go to the talk to you, even if they don’t know to come back on vacations and see
staying a year but then would have to same family or not.” you at all, and everybody asks how are more of the country.

Geocaching the Canadian Badlands this summer!

Courtesy of Hills. Attendees will learn about GPS and dance, with many staying for the week- looking for something, they’re probably
sweis ubels geocaching through interactive science end in local hotels and camping at the geocachers visiting our area. Please feel
experiences in a 1500 square foot in- Jurassic MegaPark, a campground created free to give them a friendly Alberta wel-
Geocaching – the worldwide treasure door maze and an outdoor GPS training specifically for this event. So, if you no- come! For more information on the mega
hunt with GPS – has grown immensely course. This world-class exhibition opens tice people wandering around odd places event seewww.bestofthebad.ca.
over the past eleven years with now more Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 at the Centen-
than 1.3 million caches hidden around nial Place Recreation Complex and con-
the world. tinues through the summer until July 31.
Enthusiasts load coordinates for indi- The Best of the Bad Mega Event ex-
vidual caches from www.geocaching. pects to see over 500 geocachers in atten-
com onto their GPS devices and head
outdoors for the adventure of finding the

June 1
caches. With this many people involved
in the hobby, tourist organizations are
now utilizing the sport to highlight their
attractions, Alberta’s Canadian Badlands
Ltd. and Boomtown Trail are no excep- is our 2nd Come on out
to the
tion. In fact, this summer, Three Hills will
be the centre of the geocaching universe
with people from all over North America,
we’re Birthday StRAthmoRe heRitAge
DAyS StAmpeDe
Europe and Australia attending a major celebrating with and let our Small town atmosphere
geocaching event and exhibit!
On Saturday, July 16, 2011, Three Hills Cake, Gifts & Door Prizes. enteRtAin you in a Big wAy!
will host the Best of the Bad Mega Event
(WestCan1)! Held at the Centennial Are-
Stop by for the fUn and
na and Prairie Bible College campus, this
full day event will consist of seminars,
some Great Specials! unlimited
specialty geocaching related vendors,
kids’ activities, a BBQ dinner, entertain-
ment, and much more.
Have you tried our ride bracelets
Mystic HD
In addition to the July 16th Mega, sev-
for the neW midway
eral smaller ‘satellite’ events are being
held through the preceding week all over
SUnLeSS SPRay Tan??? available nOW at sobey’s, $25 for one day
the Canadian Badlands and hundreds of of unlimited rides Plus your admittance
new caches will be hidden to draw at- Great natural looking color for to the general grounds.
tention to the region’s many wonders your special occasion or just
and attractions. Besides giving attendees
the opportunity to explore the Canadi- because... ask us
an Badlands through geocaching, these about an instant tan.
events facilitate the building of commu-
nity between cachers from all over the “The Hottest
The Best of the Bad Mega Event is Tanning Place in Town!”
Western Canada’s first geocaching mega. Vitamin D Sunbeds • Tanning
The organizers are working together to Infrared Sauna • Mystic HD Sunless
create a geocaching and Western Canadi- 510 Hwy 1, Strathmore - Country Lane Mall
an legacy, hoping to see WestCan become
HOURS 403-983-1803
an annual affair in Western Canada, host-
ed by a different community each year. Mon - Thurs:
However, Three Hills is where it’s at 9:30 am to 8:30 pm July 28 -
Fri: 9:30 am to 7 pm
this summer in the geocaching world as
it also plays host to a traveling educa- Sat & Sun: August 1, 2011
tional GPS exhibit! This ‘GPS Adventures 10 am to 3 pm
Canada Maze,’ prominently features Al- We feature: 403-934-5811
berta’s Canadian Badlands and will em- www.StrathmoreRodeo.com
bark on a Canadian tour starting in Three
Page 20 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Students from the

University of Calgary
department of Ar-
chaeology field school
have begun the 2011
excavation. This is the
fourth year the Univer-
sity has sent students
to the Earth Lodge Vil-
Shannon LeClair

Unearthing pieces of history

Shannon LeClair ing there was a palisade wall all the help piece together bits of history. “This is what we’re hoping to do so
Times Reporter way around the site, but what the lat- “It’s a rare privilege that I am able it’s good to get the experience,” said
est excavations are suggesting is there to spend my whole life doing it,” said Ryan Jevons, another junior student.
Spring is here and once again stu- are different kinds of structures, and it Walde. He intends to do forensic work with
dents from the University of Calgary may be something they have never seen “I don’t get bored with it at all. That the police, and admits it’s kind of a
archaeology field school are digging up before. site, because it’s unique, it’s the only jump. Archaeology covers the culture
the past in Siksika Nation at the Clu- “We don’t like to open up a whole one, every time I go out I find some- and the region and he said it’s impor-
ny Earth Lodge Village. The Village is bunch of sites, in part because it’s very thing that I’ve never seen before, which tant for people to know and understand
located directly west of the Blackfoot important that you save portions of the for at my age is pretty exciting.” their history.
Crossing Historical Park Interpretive site for future investigators,” said Walde. The field school is not a mandatory “It’s messy but it’s fun so far,” said
Centre. He said they are of course digging course, though it is recommended, and Adam Brousseau, another junior stu-
“We’re working at a site called the up lots of arrowheads, bison bones and is often the first real experience the stu- dent.
Cluny site, which is the only known lots of dogs. He said if people think dents have in archaeology. The students are excited for the ex-
prehistoric fortified village on the Ca- of the local culture at the time, which “It’s all new, we’ve never done any- perience, and look forward to spending
nadian plains, so it’s a very important they call the Old Women’s Phase, it was thing that was real, you’re all nervous the next few weeks playing in the dirt.
site,” said Dr. Dale Walde Associate Pro- probably Blackfoot people. Walde said you’re going to screw something up,” The items excavated will be studied fur-
fessor for the Department of Archaeol- they don’t find a lot of dogs in Black- said Kaelyn Michayluk, a junior student. ther at the university, but the artifacts
ogy at the University of Calgary. foot sites, and in the Cluny site they Michayluk is interested in Mezzo will eventually make their way back to
The site represents a settlement area have found a lot of dog bones, which America, in the basin of Mexico, study- Blackfoot Crossing. People are invited
established around 1740 to 1742, and indicates the people who built the site ing the Aztec and the Mayan. to head down to the centre and see the
historical evidence shows the people weren’t Blackfoot. Gina Carroll has been interested in excavation taking place.
may have come from the Mandan tribes. “We see the remains of fortifications. archaeology since she was five-years- To find out more about past excava-
Excavations have been done in 1875, We’re finding the remains of the posts old, and as she grew older she real- tions and what has been found to date
1881, 1911 and the University of Cal- that helped make up fortification,” said ized there is a wide variety of things to go to www.blackfootcrossing.ca/earth-
gary began sending their field school to Walde. study in the field. lodgevillage.html.
the site in 2007. “We’re exploring the form of the for-
Dr. Brain Kooyman, the head of the tification ditch and some of the pits, At 1:40 a.m. on March 22 a fire raged through a home at the corner of
department at the time, took the field we’re doing a really detailed topo- Week one is intense, but going well
Briarwood Road and Briarwood Crescent in Strathmore. Four neighbouring
school out the first time. Walde has been graphic study there, and we’re coming
homes Everywere evacuated
week studentsforinvolved
the safety
in ofdiving
the occupants due to
in has been the severityMyof
running the field school ever since. up with a lot of pottery that the people
Every year the pits are covered back made which is unique to that particular thethefirearchaeological
and wind direction. The occupants
excavation of the residence
will discoveries so far are where the fire
bone fragments
up, and every year the new students un- culture.” started were not home at the time. A second residence next to the first,those
be submitting their own account as and bits of charcoal, but just was
cover them before beginning with the The students, Walde and Lance Evans, damaged by theare
to how things fire.
going. Readers will simple discoveries have made yearn
new excavation. A fair number of the a teacher’s assistant, started their exca- have an opportunity to follow along for more, and have actually made me
senior students come back and help su- vation on May 12, and will be at the as they unearth pieces of history. believe that a long weekend may be
pervise the junior students and work on site Monday to Thursday until the end too long of a weekend to be away
their own projects. of June. Every year something new and Week 1: from the excavation.
Walde said they were always think- exciting has the chance to emerge and Ryan Jevons
I’ve always enjoyed Archaeology Kaelyn Michayluk
for a great many reasons. I’ve always The first full week of field school
Strathmore Veterinary Clinic found that the study of ancient cul- was intense but fantastic. I have never
tures and history is enlightening and been so happily exhausted in my life!
entertaining, and I have always found There was certainly a huge learning
ancient relics to be of particular inter- curve at the beginning with getting
est. I’ve encountered ancient objects used to the trowel and taking mea-
over the years, such as arrowheads surements accurately and quickly.
and coins, and have enjoyed research- After our first day of actual exca-
Pet Alert!

ing the history behind the object and vation, Dr. Walde told us that the
Leah Smith strathmore learning how and why it was made.
In starting field school, I am find-
minimum expected, when working in
consulting, is three levels a day which
Dog Trainer, vision clinic ing myself doing that exact thing, but seemed incredibly insurmountable!
Canadian & American Certified on a far more precise and grandiose By Thursday though, myself and an-
403-934-0517 Adult & Children Eye Examinations
scale. I, along with my colleagues,
have begun digging and excavating
other member of my team (the Screen
Machines) had done four levels in the
Contact Lenses the site and we have already found a course of the day, including interrup-
variety of objects (charcoal, seashell, tions for brush clearing.
Quality Eyewear
Southpaw Sunglasses
hearths, etc) that are helping recreate
the population and people who lived
I had sterile levels that day, mean-
ing no artifacts or features or any-

K9 Stylist there so many years ago.

This week was one of learning
thing were found, so it was definitely
easier to achieve the level mark and
the basic methods and practices of also helped me get used to using the
archaeology, such as proper trowel trowel correctly. There were a few
Cara Johnson OptOmetrists technique and how to make the units groups that came to tour the site as
Professional K9 Stylist Dr. Garth Anderson • Dr. russell Doig precise and perfect. For me, it has well, which is pretty neat since they
Dr. Aaron Hesla • Dr. Kris Duguay been a time of great learning and cor- get excited and interested to see what
403-324-3955 rection. My corners at the start were we are finding. Makes it more excit-
mon, tue, Wed & Fri 9 am - 5 pm
southpaw.cara@gmail.com rounded, my pits were uneven, and ing for us too! Overall an amazing
thur 7 am - 5 pm • (2nd) Wed 9 am - 8 pm
my use of the other tools has been first week! Lucky, since this was sort
43 Spruce Lane, Strathmore, AB 321 - 3rd Street, Strathmore, Alberta shoddy at best. of a make or break, whether or not I
Clinic 403-934-3311 403-934-5034 It has been a start however, and was on the right career path!
m ay 2 7 , 2 0 1 1

High School rodeo

Shannon LeClair “We are going to try to get
Times Reporter one in, in the fall. It’s unfor-
tunate because it was the last
After reports were released rodeo of the 2010/2011 series
about horses contracting the before finals, but there’s no
Equine Neurological Herpes way, I just don’t think we can
Virus, EHV-1, rodeos all over get it done. We’re going to talk
Top: From the Kyle Shew- the province have been shut about it next week but so far
felt Invitational in Calgary. down, including Strathmores the plan is to go in the fall,”
Front row: Geena Schramm high school’s event this past said Dowler.
(l), Krysta VanVerdegem, There should be a couple of
Delaney Carless, Taylor
Mathieu, Shelby Stephens. “It showed up within the last kids who make it into finals,
Back row: Jordann Mackay, couple of weeks and it came which will be decided around
Kasandra Greig, Kate Sch- to light on Tuesday (May 17) June 1. The standings won’t be
ramm. that this virus was around,” affected in District One even
Left: Sophie Sanders (l), said Strathmore and District with the delay. The kids had
Naomi Rehlau, Kate Barrett, High School Rodeo Associa- a two-week hiatus and now
Jaymie Smith, Zoe Benoit. tion President Dan Dowler. it’s going to be a little longer,
Photos Courtesy of “There was a horse down though Dowler said some of
Tara Smith in Southern Alberta that con- the kids will still be practicing.
tracted this virus and then, of “Again, throughout Alberta,

Gymnastics season course, rumours just spread

like wildfire, horses were dy-
ing and a bunch of other
we don’t know what’s going
to happen, and we’re nervous
about it. We don’t want to run

comes to an end
things.” a rodeo and have a bunch of
Dowler said that’s not the horses together. Our sanc-
case, and there has only been tion is under the Alberta High
one confirmed case as of May School Rodeo Association, so
Shannon LeClair last competition of the season and almost all 18. He called the Alberta High that’s the directive we followed
Times Reporter of the girls went. Smith said it was a great School Rodeo Association ex- and unfortunately that was the
weekend to finish off. ecutive because of the con- decision,” said Dowler.
Jumphouse Gymnastics recently sent some Provincials also recently took place, and cern around horses. Nobody “It’s pretty disappointing
of their pre-competitive athletes to their first Jordann Mackay, 14, was the provincial cham- wanted to see a horse contract for sure, but not much we
two competitions. pion, coming first overall in provincial two the disease, and Dowler want- can do. Nobody wanted this
“This is the first time we’ve actually tak- open. ed to find out what the associ- virus to come up. Even if we
en our pre-comps to a couple of fun meets, “That was her last competition, she’s actu- ation planned to do about the were to hold the rodeo in a
just to kind of give them the idea of what ally retired now. She’s going to try helping me rodeo. He organizes the rodeo week, what’s going to hap-
it’s all about,” said Tara Smith, head coach for coach the pre-competitive, and get her feet but it is sanctioned under the pen Wednesday or Thursday,
the Strathmore Silhouettes and co-owner of wet doing that and see if she enjoys coach- Alberta High School Rodeo what if another case comes
Jumphouse Gymnastics ing,” said Smith. Association. up. Then we do all this work
“They had a great time, and they did really Taylor Mathieu took fourth place at the pro- “So they made the call, again and then they end up
well. It’s always great to see how they’re go- vincial two novice level. Kasandra Grieg came and it was a go right up un- pulling the rodeo on us again.
ing to do under pressure because it’s different out with third for the vault, Delaney Carless til Thursday (May 19) at about There’s so much uncertainty
than just training day in and day out.” placed fifth on the balance beam and Shelby 9:30 p.m.,” said Dowler. right now in regards to this
Smith said the experience and the exposure Stephens placed second for her floor routine. “The directive came from the particular strain of the virus
were two of the biggest reasons the girls had Smith’s daughter, Caylie, helps coach the National High School Rodeo that, it’s a little scary.”
gone, as well as getting a chance to see what competitive, and previously her son Justin Association, which is actually The Little Britches rodeo in
they have to work towards. Smith said the had helped before heading off to university. down in the States, and they High River was cancelled, and
girls are pumped, excited and eager to learn He is now coaching for the University of Cal- wanted the rodeos cancelled the Foothills Cowboys Associ-
and improve after attending the meets. gary gymnastics team, which she said is kind or postponed for three weeks, ation, FCA, was also cancelled,
The same five girls were at both meets. of neat because they have kept it in the fam- no trailoring for horses.” right after Dowler got word
Jumphouse Gymnastics has provincial level ily. The Alberta executive called to cancel the Strathmore High
one to provincial level three gymnasts in the “I’ve been involved with gymnastics since I Dowler and said the rodeo School rodeo. Dowler said the
club, and the girls that went are juniors, not was little so it just seemed to be an easy tran- had to be cancelled. Some as- FCA is lucky in the sense that
quite provincial level one. sition to coach. I’ve been coaching on and off sociations are choosing to go their rodeo season has just
“In my eyes, it gave them that exposure to since I was 18, in between kids,” said Smith. with it but because this district started, so they can postpone
know what they’re working towards,” said For a town this size, Smith said the program is sanctioned, that was a call until July.
Smith. is a good size, but it is hard to build the com- they made. “Unfortunately…this season
Sophie Sanders, Naomi Rehlau, Kate Bar- petitive too big because they need the space The Alberta High School Ro- is over. We’ll try to run two
rett, Jaymie Smith and Zoe Benoit were the and time for the recreational too. deo Association did ask them rodeos next year, that way we
five girls who attended the competitions. Now that summer is here they will be focus- to try to reschedule in a week, can make use of the prizes and
On May 6 - 8 the club was in Canmore at- ing on new skills, flexibility, conditioning and which is not possible with all the sponsorship that we’ve
tending a three-day meet. They also attended starting new floor routines for those that are graduation coming up. attained so far,” said Dowler.
Gymtastics May 13 - 15. Gymtastics was the getting them for next year.

Weekly Specials MixEd OPEn

Wednesday’s After 6 pm All You Can Eat Pasta Only $5.99
Thursday’s After 6pm - Peel & eat shrimp night. Sunday, June 5 - 8 am
Tossed in garlic butter or Cajun spice. $75 per player
Orders of 10 for $1.99 For additional information, please visit us online or contact the Pro Shop.

saTurday’s After 6pm - ½ Price Wings Call today to register (403) 934-2299 Ext 1

Visit us online at strathmoregolfclub.com 403-934-2299

Page 22 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

furniture mattress

Black spurs take home a victory

$1899 00
Strathmore Black Spurs (U10) played a tight game on Thursday against the Chestermere Chargers.
Strathmore defeated the Chestermere team in the end with a score of 2-1. Adam Smith is working
hard for his team.
Wendi Tashlikowich Photo

Brown leather recliner set: sofa, loveseat

& chair with cup holders, all 3 recline
- sofa, loveseat & chair. Was $2899.

58 Spruce Park Drive, Strathmore, AB


Years Young Hard
fought win
Full Page
100th Year 7.5” wide x 10” deep $995
The Strathmore Spartans competed
against Highwood High School on their
home field May 18. The Spartans took a
Commemorative HalF Page Horizontal victory over Highwood, winning the game
7.5” wide x 5” deep $625 Shannon LeClair / Colt Phillips Photos
magazine HalF Page Vertical
3.5” wide x 10” deep $625
The Strathmore TimeS
will be publishing the Quarter Page
Commemorative magazine 3.5” wide x 5” deep $375
on behalf of the
Town of Strathmore for Business card
October 1, 2011 3.5” wide x 2.5” deep $199
All ads will be in full color.
The Magazine
Deadlines: August 31, 2011
will feature:
• History
Please book your ads as soon
• Special Events that happened as possible.
throughout the year For further information call
• Future growth of Strathmore
Rose at 403-934-5589
• Profile community initiatives or email
• Our volunteers rose@strathmoretimes.com

For more info and to register

The Strathmore Triathlon RegiSTeR by june 1ST
is designed to celebrate individually or as a Team
and encourage athletes of ALL ages,
levels and abilities. 403.480.1218
June 25th, 2011
www. tri-smore .com
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 23


Colpoys, Esme
1920 ~ 2011
Esme passed away peacefully
on Friday, May 20, 2011 in
Calgary, aged 90. Esme is
survived by her nieces and nephews: Donna
(Wayne), Pat (Ken), John, Henry (Mary Ann),
Colleen (Keith), Nina and Victoria (Dan).
She is also survived by many great-nieces
and nephews. Esme was predeceased by
her parents, Harry and Ada Colpoys, sister,
Dorothy (Earl) Harwood, brothers: Gerald
Strathmore Motocross racer Jared Petruska hit the track again May 14 and 15 for the Southern Alberta Colpoys, Jack (Virginia) Colpoys and Victor
Race in Calgary.
Jody Schneider Photos (Mamie) Colpoys. Esme was born and
raised in the Namaka area. She attended

Back into the swing of things Hammerhill School and from there worked on
the family farm. After her parents moved to
Gleichen, Esme remained and continued as a
Donella Swan “It was hard getting back into the ag- against some of the best riders in Can- homemaker for her brothers until she moved
Times Contributor gression of racing” said Petruska. ada. to Gleichen in the early 60’s. Esme remained
He was fairly happy with his results When asked what his goals were for in Gleichen and cared for her brother Gerald
Last year, Jared Petruska won the in the Southern Alberta race, consider- the season, Petruska said “I want to until his passing in 2007. She moved to
Bronze Boot at the Western Canadian ing it was his first time back from his make it into the top ten of the pro race.” Strathmore Lodge and then on to Mayfair
Amateur Nationals. The Bronze Boot is injuries. Petruska has been racing for quite
Centre until her passing. Funeral Service
the highest award that can be won by “I had bad starts all weekend, but I some time.
will be held in the Chapel of Mountain View
an amateur Canadian motocross racer. felt I rode pretty good considering my “I’ve been doing it all my life” he said.
Funeral Home on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at
However, following a broken collar- time off” said Petruska. His hopes and plans for the future are
Many Pro Racers attended this race to make motocross his career. Despite 10:00 a.m. Interment to follow in the Garden
bone and a hurt shoulder, Petruska was
to prepare for the upcoming Canadian setbacks like injuries and extended time of the Last Supper. To email expressions of
forced to take a year off to heal.
Petruska returned to the sport, healthy Motocross Racing Association National off, Petruska has many goals set for sympathy: mountainview@arbormemorial.
and motivated, when he attended the Races being held in Kamloops, British himself in the near future. com Subject heading: Esme Colpoys.
Southern Alberta race that was held in Columbia in early June. Petruska will This Strathmore native plans to make Arrangements entrusted to Mountain View
Calgary in the second week of May. be attending this race and competing his dreams become a reality. Funeral Home and Cemetery, 1605 - 100
Street SE (17 Ave. SE at Garden Rd.), Calgary
AB, T1X 0L4. Telephone (403) 272-5555

Jacob Friesen was born on April 11, 1932 in
Saskatchewan and passed away on May 19,
2011 in Calgary, Alberta. He is survived by
his loving wife Nancy; children Ron, Melody,
Deborah and Wesley; brothers Sandy and
Pete; sisters Elsie, Mary, Ann, and Marg; and
his loyal friend Max. Jacob was predeceased
by his brothers Hank, George and Ben; and
sister Tina. Jacob lived in and was proud
to work for the City of Calgary, and retired
in Strathmore. He loved watching hockey,
camping, reading crime novels, playing

Looking to clinch
horseshoes, and tic-tacs. A celebration of his
HAUS TREE FARM - LYALTA, AB life will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2011

AUCTION a spot in zones

at Nancy’s home, commencing at 12:00 p.m.
TREE For more information, please call Melody
& EQUIPMENT The high school track and field meet took place at 403-269-4084. To send condolences,


at Strathmore High School on May 18. Students please visit www.wheatlandfuneralhome.
from Standard, Siksika and Holy Cross Collegiate ca. WHEATLAND FUNERAL HOME LTD.
took part in the meet. Competitors were looking (Strathmore) in care of arrangements. 403-
1 ST PLACE ON RIGHT ACROSS THE TRACKS for a spot in the zone meet, which took place May
25 in Calgary. Results from zones were not avail-
12’ TO 16’
able as of press time.
1000 TREES: • APPROX 75 POTTED ASPEN, WILLOW, • 500 GAL POLY TANK Colt Phillips Photos
• APPROX 45 BAILEY SCHURBERTS– 60 Multi-Family Garage Gentleman, 72, single,
MM - 12’ TO 16’ AND SOLD IN LOTS TO SUIT ALL MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT: Sale. 148 & 200 Camden N/S, N/D, English speaking,
• APPROX 130 BYLAND POPLAR – 70 MM • 2 – 500 GAL FUEL TANK W/STANDS Place Fri., May 27 3-7pm wishing to hear from senior
& Sat., May 28 9am -1pm. lady. Photo exchanged. P.O
• 8’ DIAMOND HARROWS & DRAWBAR Box 141, Medicine Hat, AB
• APPROX 121 TRISTIS POPLAR – 70 MM – SPADE S/N 5386 – LIKE NEW www.StrathmoreTimes.com
12’ TO 16’ • NH 60” ROTOTILLER MOD 105A
MM – 12’ TO 16’ • FARM KING 3 PTH 100” FLEX HARROW • 1982 FORD F350 DUALLY TRUCK, 351, 4
12’ TO 16’
MM – 12’ TO 16’
– 12’ TO 16’



Box 839 • Vu Ltd.

business, lc an, Alberta T0 EVERYONE. SALE TIME IS 10:30 AM ON
our only busines L 2B0
Business: 485-2440 Residence: 485-2529 YOUR TRAILERS AND TAKE YOUR NEW
Calgary Direct Line: 264-4771 Sales Day Phone: 485-8123 TREES HOME. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND.
Page 24 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

vehicles recreation coming events coming events coming events

De Jong’s Tours
1996 Dodge avenger,` 2007 - 21’ Jayco Extra-
2 door Black, 2L 180KM, light Trailer with 5’ rear
CD disc changer, in work-
ing condition asking $800.
slide. Queen bed to 26’.
Mint condition. a/c, fur-
You are invited to
& For bookings call 1-866-362-5416
Phone 403-826-6367.

for sale
nace, bunk beds fold up for
storage, sleeps 6, 19” HD
TV. Bathroom w/tub & 2 dave Jessey’s
Sale Three Day Trip to Edmonton at
TO BE MOVED - Older Atco
showers. $16,500. Call 403- Saturday, June 4 the River Cree Resort & Casino
Mobile home. 14 x 66 with
901-2371 or 403-901-5157. 80th Birthday Celebration 9:30 am - 12 noon June 27 - 29, 2011 Cost $169/person dbl.
Must sell due to health. Anglican Church, 237 1st Ave.
addition 10 x 30. Insu- Includes transportation, 2 nights accommodation at
lated water shed (9.5 x 9.5), Sunday, June 12 • 2 - 5 pm Homemade Cookies, the Marriott attached hotel, $15 in slot play,
Comes with 2 – 250 gal- thank yous i.O.O.F. Hall in Langdon Mix or Match $3.50 per dozen. $15 in meal coupons, 2 continental breakfasts.
lon water tanks & pressure Indoor & Outdoor Plants Leaving Strathmore Tim Horton’s at 9:30 am
system. 2 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. No gifts please
F/S, air conditioning, new
Thank You Twenty-One Day Trip
Royal Canadian Legion
furnace. $8,500. OBO. Call
to Yukon & Alaska
Ladies Auxilliary
403-533-2427. I would like to thank 903 Strathmore
18” gas snow blower
Re/Max and Sobeys Royal Canadian July 12 - August 1, 2011
for the Easter Egg Hunt Cost $3,490/person dbl.
with electric start running. Air Cadet Squadron
this year. I had such
Asking $200. Bow Flex
Revolution Home Gym
a great time and for
being just two
will be holding their
AnnuAl CeRemoniAl Review
AnnuAl Spring Five Day Trip to
Rocky Mountain Circle
like new. Asking $1200, new I got a ton of treats!
$3600. Electronic Dart My parents said they
board (bar style). Darts and
Sunday, June 5th at 2pm August 22-26, 2011
really appreciate the
tips included. In good shape hard work that went in the Civic Centre. Cost $740/person dbl.
asking $500. Phone 403- into making this event Please come out and help them
Twenty-Five Day Trip to
826-6367. such a success
for our community.
celebrate the end of another
Eastern Panorama
Saturday, June 4th
Get your successful training year.
Classified Ads in! Thank you,
Call Tracey 934-5589 Nolan McKinnon September 7 - October 1, 2011
1:30 - 3:30 pm at the Legion Cost $3,350/person dbl.
“Serving Alberta’s Livestock Industry Since 1940”

BrookS, ALBertA
memoriams (403) 362-5521
For any further information on these trips and for a
Admission: $2/person detailed brochure call 1-866-362-5416

Frederick june 3 Strawberry Shortcake or visit our web site www.dejongstours.com

In loving memory of Archie,

Regular Sale + legal
husband, father and grandfather Cow/Calf Pairs @ 9:00 am help wanted
who passed away May 23rd, 1976.
Pairs @ 12:00 noon BANKRUPTCY OF
1135096 ALBERTA LTD.
There is a link death cannot sever,
Love and remembrance,
All Breeds Bull Sale @ 1:00 pm O/A DAYS INN & SUITES
Last forever. Estate # 25-094159

Sadly missed by Hazel & family Complete Dispersal Ken Torkelson Notice is hereby given that
80 red, RNK, Blk Tan, the bankruptcy of 1135096
Alberta Ltd. occurred on
Cows w/ Char X calves the 12th day of May, 2011
birthdays Jim Stimpson
and that the First Meeting
of Creditors will be held on
the 1st day of June 2011 at
70 Red & Blk Cows w/ Black Calves 2:00 o’clock in the P.M.

Happy Kevin Wilson

at Meyers Norris Penny
Limited, #700 – 6 Avenue
SW, +15 Level, Bantrel
50 Black Mixed Cows w/ Black Calves
Birthday Buildings (across from the
sandwich shop) in the city

of Calgary in the Province
Check Us Out of Alberta.
on Facebook! Dated at the City of Cal-
gary in the Province of
Alberta this 24th day of
From notices May 2011
all of us at the
Strathmore Meyers Norris Penny

Times! VillAge of Limited

300, 622 – 5th Avenue SW
RockyfoRd Calgary, AB T2P 0M6
Phone (403) 538-3187
notices NoTice of pRepARATioN Fax (403) 537-8437

of AssessmeNT Roll help wanted

NOW OPEN VillAge of RockyfoRd
province of Alberta In Preparation for our
StrathmOrE PrayEr Notice is hereby given that the 2010 Assess- 2011 Building Renovation,
ment Roll for Village of Rockyford used for
& hEaliNg rOOmS 2011 Property Taxation, completed under the
we RequIRe addItIonal staff! We have immediate opportunities in the following

Come in and be encouraged! provisions of Municipal Government Act, has
Free Prayer for healing, miracles & restoration. been prepared and is open for inspection at General Maintenance and Farm
Every monday 7 - 9 pm. Village of Rockyford Administration office Equipment Operators – Mossleigh
EvEryonE WElcomE
For more information call 403-901-0893
Monday to Friday during business hours of
8:30 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm MST. Consultants Requirements: This is an outside position and
maintenance duties will include fixing fences,

& seRvICe
Any person who desires to object to the entry repair/cleaning of water bowls and other general
or visit us at 115a 3rd. avenue.
of their name or that of any other person upon feedlot activities as required. If applicants are

the said roll or to the assessed value placed interested, opportunities are available to operate

upon any property must, on or before July 2,
2011 lodge their complaint(s) in writing to the
Clerk of the Assessment Review Board, for
teChnICIans feed trucks, loaders and other farming equipment.
Feedlot experience is not required, but a positive
attitude, willingness to learn and ability to work in

SHAW TV IN 2011 Village of Rockyford; along with an appeal fee Sales experience preferred but not a team environment is essential.
of $50. necessary as we will provide training. Western Feedlots Ltd. is a diverse company
specializing in feeder cattle management, software
If you’ve ever thought television Notice of mailing 2011 property Tax & development, and commodities. We offer competi-
Send your resume (with personal
might be an interesting career or hobby Assessment Notice from Village of Rockyford tive wages, a benefits package, and encourage the
presentation website, if you have one) to
- contact us to get involved! Combined 2011 Assessment and Tax Notices growth and development of our employees.
Shaw TV volunteer orientation + training have been mailed on May 3, 2011. If you value a respectful, proud, team orientated
or drop it off at
session will be held Saturday, May 28 If you have not received your combined environment within a very unique “Western
notice in the mail, please contact the 1040 Westridge Road, Strathmore Culture”, please forward your resume to:
for placements for the
Village of Rockyford Administration Office
spring/summer 2011 production season. at 403-533-3950.
Western Feedlots Ltd.
APPLICATION DEADLINE Attention: Recruitment
is Friday, May 27. Please note the following rate by-law: Box 5279, High River, Alberta T1V 1M4
Fax: (403) 601-8324
Any taxes remaining unpaid after the 31st day
For the info package: of July, 2011 shall be subject to a penalty of
Email: admin@westernfeedlots.com
email judy.barrette@sjrb.ca or 18% and a further penalty of 18% after the For further information, please visit our website
ph: 403 539-6711 31st day of December, 2011. www.byronsmithford.com
at www.westernfeedlots.com
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 25

help wanted help wanted painting livestock rentals rentals

Help wanted 3, 1 ½ hour
shifts per week, only mature,
self motivated need apply.
Get your Woyke’s Painting. Over
20 years experience, Qual-
ity workmanship, Free esti-
RED and BLACK angus bulls
for sale. Yearlings and 2 year
olds. Semen tested and de-
Upper duplex one mile
from Strathmore, 2
bdrm, N/P. $1000/mth + util-
3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath
townhouse. Garage. Com-
plete renovation in 2008.

Please drop resume off at mates. Call Ben at 403-660- livered. Call Mardy Skibsted ities & $1000/ D.D. Upper $1175/month plus utilities.
at 403-934-2571.
Book Keeper
Joyland Theatre after 8:30 2577. duplex in Strathmore, Call 403-934-0639.
Part Time pm (except Mondays). 3 bdrm, N/P, N/S. $1000/
mth + utilities & $1000/D.D. 2 bdrm furnished bach-

Ads in the
Locally Owned & Operated
1 Day a week up to 6 hrs a day. Bartender/Server; cook; Wood burning fireplace in elor, includes all utilities

general kitchen help. both rentals. References re- along with bedding, dishes
Experience in the following: Please drop resume off at quired. 403-934-3196. etc. $975/mth and month-
- Reconcile Bank acct. the Rockyford Hotel, or fax STRATHMORE to-month rental available.
- Accounts Payable and Receivables.
- Prepare Daily Journal
to 403-533-3740 or you
can call 403-533-3760 for
further information.
times! Hitting over 11,500
Get your
D.D required & N/P. Clean
and comfy, responsible
working tenants only. Call
- Prepare GST & Gov’t payables households weekly! Ads in the 403-936-5541 or 403-615-
- Familiar with Simply Payroll F/T waitress & F/T cooks times! 5678.

Call Tracey
required immediately. Contact Rose for all advertising needs!
Wage compensable with experience Nights & weekends, some 403.934.5589 • Fax 403.934.5546
days. Contact Dawn at Email: rose@strathmoretimes.com Check Us Out
Apply by
Fax 403-934-4962
Shilo’s Place in Carseland
at 403-901-0302 or fax re-
202, 114 Canal Garden, Strathmore on Facebook!
Email: gbleier@strathmoreflooring.com sume to 403-934-6188.
real estate

Town of Hillview
3 Bedrooms, laminate 4 Bedroom
STraThmore Where Quality of Life is A Way of Life and slate flooring,
2 washrooms, partial
Fully finished,
24x24 garage
finished basement,

G.I.S. TechnIcIan (F/T)

fenced landscaped.

26 Grand
Competition Number: TOS2011 - 023 Pointe Estate
Responsibilities Backs onto canal.
• To maintain the current GIS data and information using ESRI GIS Software, AutoCAD, Mother-in-law suite,
GPS Pathfinder Office and road analysis software. loft over garage,
• Provide GIS backup support for all Municipal departments. 93 Acres walkout basement.
• Research and provide recommendation to enhance GIS as it is integrated into the town’s 4 bedrooms, huge work shop
current software systems and information infrastructure (garage), east of Strathmore
• Review Engineering Standards, proposals from developers for new standards, and 1.5 Acres
changes adopted by the City of Calgary to their Engineering Standards Policy, to ensure 3 bedrooms,
that the Town’s Engineering Standards reflect Council’s intent for the future infrastructure New Listing 30x30 garage, approx.
of the Town. 3 bedroom bunglow 1800 sq ft of living space.
• Review subdivision design drawings proposed by developers for compliance with current Back alley room for
double garage.
Town Standards and for establishing best management practices for Town operations
management. 3 Acres West
• Conduct condition surveys and provide recommendations on repair and/or rehabilitation of Strathmore
of existing infrastructure, (sidewalks, roads, etc.). 4 Bedroom 2 mobiles, line in one,
• Provide assistance with municipal projects, which could include planning, surveys, Fully finished, large
other being used for
hobby dog grooming, all
and site meetings. corner lot, room for set up with kennels.
double car garage
• Post secondary education in GIS Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, CAD, or related
discipline with a minimum of three to five years of related industry experience preferred; Commercial 3 Bedroom
• Knowledge of latest version of AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office software
(Excel, Word, Access and Outlook);
Building Finished Basement,
back ally,
• Additional course work in roads and utilities, construction and operations, in public works, Includes living room for garage.
waste management, subdivision and development is desirable. quarters, was
convenience store
• Must possess and maintain a valid Class 5 Operators License;
• Must possess or be able to attain an ASET membership.
Salary 1/2 Duplex Townhouse
• Salary to Commensurate with experience. Bungalow, Front
3 bedroom
Garage, Fully Finished,
If you are interested in this position please submit a resume to: RV Parking
Linda nelson, Deputy caO
Town of Strathmore
680 Westchester Road Call for a FREE Market Evaluation
Strathmore aB T1P 1J1 Buy, Sell or Refer
closing Date is June 10th, 2011
*RECEIVE* FREE Cruise for Two!
properites *Certain Conditions Apply on closing of deal!* (Air fare and port charges extra)

real estate 403-561-0037 www.KevinBaldwin.ca

call lorna beaUtifUl brick call lorna call lorna brand new call lorna bUY YOUrself
bUnGalOw $349,900 a hOme &
$309,900 tUrn keY OPeratiOn 1420 sq ft bUsiness!
3200 sq ft
Paved Circle Drive
Lots of Trees
Manager in Place bungalow, commercial building.
Walking Distance to all Retail Outlet. 28 Contracts 3 bedrooms, Last use a pub.
Amenities 2 baths, Living at rear.
Attached Double Garage Priced at $375,000 hardwoods Priced at $269,900
call lorna call lorna call lorna
its all here! $414,900 call lorna
views, trees!
4.22 acres
$349,900 4.77 acres near
Langdon. 120 acres!
Associate Broker
Pole shed.
Loads of oak.
5 bdrms, 3 baths.
1400 sq ft
bungalow. Double
40 gal well. Cambridge Glen & single garage. Hiway frontage. Cultivated land.
Call 1/2 mile to pavement. location. Mountain views. Surface rights income.
lorna call lorna call lorna call lorna call lorna
GOrGeOUs fOr YOU! ranch estates!
Phibbs $343,000

2 stOreY
$155,000 $92,900
403-874-7660 1896 sq ft
Huge country

Raised bungalow. Backs onto park.
Tons of friendly people!
to buy 1400 sq ft. Great Hillview
Guest Suite! Great second kitchen. Backs
floor location!
or sell! Hardwoods. location. SW deck with views. on soccer field.
Hillview location. $369,000. Newly decorated. Retire here!
call lorna
10 acres call lorna
Yes it is 3 call lorna
On the Park
call lorna brand new

$348,000 bedrOOms $173,500 ranch villa!
106 - 304 - 3rd Ave.,
Nice Bungalow
$159,900 Listen to the Birds
Sing! Or the
Double garage, 2+1
Strathmore Garage/ Barn Yes corner unit to, Friendly People bdrms, 3 baths, frpl
less than rent!! Walk Downtown
Mature Trees (Wildflower Ranch)

ld ld
Page 26 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011

rentals rentals rentals rentals

1200 sq. ft. 2 bdrm, base- Acreage with newer 16’ Spacious 2 bdrm apart- CHINOOK III. First months Nancy Stairs & Steve Farran
ment suite available June x 80’ mobile home, 5 miles ment available June 1. 2nd rent is half price! 2 bdrm 403.934.1625 403.901.9335
1. 5 appliances + vacu-flo, North of Carseland. Animals floor downtown location. Only $900/mth or 1 bdrm $800/
N/S, N/P. 25+ only, no chil- negotiable, N/S. $1200/mth $875/mth + power and D.D. mth. +DD required. Heat &
dren. $1100/mth + D.D and plus $1200/Security deposit Open plan, vaulted celilings, 6 water included. No pets. Call
utilities are included. Call and utilities. Call 403-934- appliances and gas fireplace. Jane at 403-934-6896.
403-934-9700 for informa- 4769. Adults only, N/P, N/S. Call Rita
tion. at 403-934-5000 ext. 111. www.StrathmoreTimes.com
“Your Local Real Estate Experts”

Strathmore real estate Serving Strathmore and rural area

It’s a GREAT Time to BUY! Low, Low Interest Rates! for 25 plus 10 years expereience

Commercial/ RE/MAX Platinum Club, Hall of Fame, 100% Club • MLS Million Dollar Club 25 Years Serving Strathmore & Rural areas.

Retail Space www.nancystairs.com

for Lease 149 Park 182

1500 ft2 strathmore

NEW Lane Dr Hillview NEW Westmount
$424,900 Terr
Good access to Kori-Lynn Stepaniuk MLS# $229,900
Highway #1. Kitchen Mortgage Specialist
C3474098 MLS# C3475759
facilites available. • Backs onto future GREENSPACE
• 1332 sq ft 3 bdm-1 1/2 bath END UNIT
• 1259 sq ft -3 bdm -2 full bath
Strathmore & Area • IN FLOOR HEAT,WALKOUT • Open Concept --BUNGALOW
403-861-6258 or • Hardwood flooring • Double Att garage • Loads of cabinets and lg eat area
Tel: 403.333.6070 Fax: 403.901.0738
403-870-4356 kori-lynn.stepaniuk@rbc.com
• 5 Bdms-3 Baths
• Executive home with everything
• Fireplace,
• Master will acco. a KIng bed
• Att Garage
Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour
Call for an appontment today!

real estate firSt in mortgageS 5 Acres East of

216 Hillcrest 210 Strathford
Co Bay
$369,900 $334,900
$364,900 MLS# C3470042 MLS# C3470573
MLS# C3472441
• 1500 sq ft BUNGALOW with FF bsmt • 1340 sq ft WALK OUT BUNGALOW • Front Veranda BUNGALOW
no • 4 bdm - 2 full bath • 5 bdms, 3 baths,Full Fin bsmt • 4 bdms--3 full baths
obligation! • Completely renovated
• Garage/Heated Quonset/Horse Barn
• Main floor laundry, Hardwood floors
• Full Fin bsmt with fireplace
• Creek and dugout • CUL DE SAC location • Cul De Sac location
Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour

for a free
215 Maplegrove
entry form 312 Highland
Circle Cres
89 Strathford
Call your $369,900
MLS# C3468599
MLS# C3469676
MLS# C3469692
favorite • 2300 sq ft developed
• 4 bdm + den--3.5 baths
• Meticulous 3 + 1 bedroom home
• Large kit with OAK cabinets, NEW countertops
• Custom BIRCH cabintry-pull out drawers
• Features BI recycle bins,spice rack,

• Slate--and MAPLE hardwood floors main and upper • All new Stainless steel appl.
• Custom maple cabinets with veg drawers appliance garage
• Fully fin bsmt with fam room/games room • Front veranda--interlocking brick drive
and many features

realtor! • Master bdm has WALK IN CLOSET and full bath bdm and bathroom • Fully fin bsmt with WALK OUT
• Fully fin basement--Georgeous COUNTRY VIEW • Double 24’x22’ HEATED garage • Radiant heated 28x28 garage
from back • Mature treed lot and big yard • Massive treed & fenced yard
Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour

Canyon Creek 403.934.2001 101 323 4 Ave

104 3rd Avenue, Strathmore $224,900
MLS# C3468241 70 Acres, North of Strathmore
“The Old Home Hardware Building” 929 Briarwood Cres. $799,900 MLS# C3467408
“We Have You... on the Move” • Don’t let the outside fool you $198,900 MLS# C3462735 • Farm set up, 5 year new home
• 3023 sq ft developed 3 full baths
• Very roomy 1099 sq ft BUNGALOW • 1557 sq ft 3 bdm-2 full bath
• Hot water and in floor heat
• Open Concept kit’/liv room • 2x6 construction-own the land
juSt liSted yeS you Can afford to buy!! time to liSt • Corner gas fireplace backed in SLATE • Vaulted ceilings--skylight
• 2 BARNS-heated, with exhaust fans
• Triple and double garages --heated
$499,900 -impressive 2st if you want a full time, full service • Dark OAK cabinets-%’ shower in bsmt • Air tight wood burning stove • Predator fenced, cross fenced
home,infloor heat,30x30 garage. realtor, give me a call today! Please see our Virtual Tour • Additional massive family room Please see our Virtual Tour

parksetting, 3acres.
fully developed bi-level - 3 ACRES-West
$375,000 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, huge kitchen
bright and open!! $309,900.00
$579,900-32 acres,
’05 3bedr bung, huge heated
of Strathmore,
3 ACRES, North
of Strathmore
3 bay shop on 1/2 acre lot with shop..all ready to go. $479,900 $498,800 $155,000
fenced paved yard in back. fully developed MLS# C3466234 MLS# C3436593 MLS# C3467332
$249,900 new richlee blt att
• Backs onto Lakes of Murfield Golf Course • Estate Living just before entering Hillview Manor • Power and gas across the road
home, ready now. over 2000 sq ft.
on 2 levels.
beautiful • 3 acres with completely renovated • Breath taking views of water, trees, canal
• Perc test done for septic
& countryside
CarSeland home BUNGALOW-- Fully Fin basement
• Corrals, fenced and cross fenced • 1623 sq.ft. 5 Bedrooms plus 6 not finished • Approach is in
$57,900 fixer home • Ready to build your dream home
THIS 5 BEDROOM, 3 BATH BUNGALOW Three bath, three bed. Great big • Water Hydrant-Well and connected to • Walkout Bungalow • 9’ ceilings on both levels
LOCATED IN HILLVIEW, BOASTS A 16 X $379,900 aspen -immaculate kitchen overlooking manicured Murfield water supply • Low E Argon windows • Close to Strathmore or Calgary via
20 SHOP OUT BACK WITH HOT TUB! 5bedr w/ milsuite potential. yard. Big family room down. • 4 bdms-2 full baths-New shingles and more • 200 Amp service – beautiful home Country Hills Blvd
NUMEROUS UPGRADES! $359,900. hardwood,ceramic, Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour
Stone fireplace. Fantastic family
$205,000 priCe reduCed big kitch, 2teir deck. home. $279,000.
Cozy 2 bedroom home with

$379,900 Cambridge fd 4 HILLCREST
single attached garage on large bilevel, infloor heat,open design, arrowwood CRES.
mature yard. Immediate posssession. osized garage. bungalow MLS# C3450805 $514,900
THIS FULLY DEVELOPED VILLA, Home and all furnishings. • Built in 2006-2x6 construction, 1218 sq.ft., MLS# C3456762
$204,900 3bedr,1.5bath • 3 Bedrooms-2 full baths • 1645 sq.ft. BUNGALOW with BONUS room
affordable,immaculate • Master Bedroom has walk-in closet, over garage with walk-out basement
townhome. large kitch & Cute home and landscaping. $509,900 MLS# C3459363
oval soaker tub • At entry to Hillview Manor
$59,900 l.room. off playground $129,900. • 2nd. Bedroom has walk-in closet
• Extensively renovated, windows, shingles,siding
• Hardwood floors- new OAK cabinets • Hardwood floors, Solid Maple Cabinets.
VACANT RESIDENTIAL LOT IN THE QUIET • Exposed aggregate drive-stamped • 3+2 bedrooms, Bsmt has 2 suites • GRANITE COUNTERTOPS
TOWN OF CARSELAND, BUILD YOUR $149,900 3 bedr mobile on its
own large fenced lot. Squeaky
SpeargraSS concrete patio • Triple Garage 30x24’ HOT TUB • Underground sprinklers, backs onto view
$140,000 hussar PIE SHAPED LOT WITH BACK ALLEY AND clean bright open concept. blvd Please see our Virtual Tour
• RV Parking at the rear
Please see our Virtual Tour
of trees and water
Please see our Virtual Tour
BACKS ONTO GREEN SPACE!! Fully developed home
Totally renovated home with $309,900 4bedr home, on the golf course.
2 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 half baths, $249,900.00 stucco,culdesac,rv parking
Double attached garage.
hardwood floors, fireplace, surround potential,fully dev.Super home! 131 ASPEN
Excellent price to sell. 66 ASPEN
deck, double detached garage with CREEK CRES.
$319,900 4 bedr, fd 2st att garage, Reduced $369,900 CIRCLE
large room above. BANK SALE. big fenced, yard rv parking $309,900. MLS# C3438136 $369,900
• One owner, uniquely SELF designed modified bilevel
MLS# 5.8 Acres NE of Strathmore
WHY RENT.... BUY!!! THIS 3 BEDROOM 1/2 $145,000. 3acres,great building juSt liSted • A stunning floor plan,3 Bdrm on main and 4th. Down
$429,900 MLS# C3455601
DUPLEX IS FULLY DEVELOPED, HARDWOOD, site. 15min south of town. Carseland bilevel, 2+2 • Unique Design
• 13’ ceilings on main 9’ down • A Bird Watchers paradise
gst exempt bedrooms, 2 bath, huge lot, RV • Full finished bsmt with walk up to garage • 1300 sq.ft. developed with fully fin. Basement
BACKS ONTO GREEN SPACE! • 5 bedroom, 3 baths
• A Creek runs through it
• Oversized garage with overhead storage
$84,900 or $139,900 ranchestates. parking, corner fireplace, shows • Hardwood Floors, fireplace • 2337 sq ft 3 bdm, 2 full bath
immediate poSSeSSion terrific adult community. well, priced to sell $199,900.
• High eff. Furnace, power humidifier,
surround sound Massive Back Yard • Backs onto greenspace • Stunning kitchen--Wood burning stove

Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour
$99,900 renovated mod. lyalta
Large 3 bedroom family home with home on lot own, 19 acre tree farm. 3 bedroom
Walking distance to Down Town, nice country views. 2009 home. Shop. Dugout.
beautiful hardwood, huge great room 2 bedrooms, large kitchen open to Living 1179
and triple garage with office all on room with Gas Fireplace, NO CONDO Call hayley & check out details Irrigation. Subdivision Strathcona Rd
mature landscaped 1/2 acre lot. FEES, All appliances included! www.strathmorerealestate.com potential. $699,900. $349,900
MLS# C3465346
104 3 Ave, E, Rockyford
337 STRATHFORD BLVD. $169,900 MLS# C3464856
$309,900 MLS# C3460468 • TWO Garages--one in front--one in back • Well cared for Bungalow
• Raised BUNGALOW 5 bdrms PLUS 6th. Den/bdrm • Backs onto GREENSPACE • 4 seperate lots(130’x120’), can be subdivided
• Walk in closet and full bath off master bdrm • 5 bdms--2 1/2 baths • 3 bdms--1 full bath
• 26x25’ HEATED and alarmed garage • Jetted soaker tub off Master Bdm • Bsmt part dev with family room and bdm
• Will fit the BIG Trucks • Large Pie lot • Attached garage--Tons of MATURE trees
Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour

Dixie Hartell Glenna Mitzner Hayley Poirier Tina Scott

403-934-2001 403-605-6830 403-901-3472 403-901-5388 NEW PR
www.strathmorerealestate.com www.glennamitzner.com www.hayleypoirier.com www.strathmorerealty.ca 201 RANCH RIDGE CO
RIDGE CO $299,900
Maxwell Canyon Creek $229,900 MLS# CS3453003
MLS# C3445944
MLS# 3445917
• NEW HOME WITH AN OLD HEART • 1318 sq.ft. 2 Storey
would like to welcome to their team • Completely and extensively renovated • Massive GRANITE counter top, • Beautiful MAPLE cabinets,
• New insulation under new VINYL siding GRANITE COOKING ISLAND

roSS CollinS • New MAPLE cabinets, flooring, vinyl windows, low E cooking island and MAPLE cabinets
• 4 bedrooms on main floor, New bathroom • MAPLE HARDWOOD floors & fireplace • Upper Laundry, 24’x26’ Attached Garage
• 1250 sq.ft. with a full basement to
• Only garages are attached, not the house • Only the garages are attached, not the home
realtor 403-934-2001 be developed
Please see our Virtual Tour
Please see our Virtual Tour Please see our Virtual Tour
May 27, 2011 • Strathmore Times • Page 27

real estate Professional Directory

Call for a Showing Today on mobile repairs rental equipment
La Shaun Andrews
these Awesome Homes
403-850-4593 Lar-Don
#106 - 304, 3rd. Ave., Strathmore OR - Any MLS Listing!
- FREE Evaluation! RentaLs Ltd.
Light Construction & Garden Equipment • Trenching
New & Used Equipment • Sales & Service
Echo Power

Mobile RepaiRs 15 Spruce Lane, Strathmore

& FabRication Bus: 403-934-3727 Fax: 403-934-3849

MLS CC3474713 MLS C3461194

mortgages rv storage
JuST On MARkET STunning BungALOw FiniSHEd
wiTH upgRAdES $434,900
$298,700 Walk in to this impressive home with
Naomi Hickey
Mortgage Specialist
This fully finished home has all the hardwood floors and vaulted ceiling! Strathmore/Drumheller Strathmore!
work done, ready to move in! 3 large Amazing country kitchen with loads & Surrounding Area
of room! A total of 5 bedroom all nice
bedrooms with a possible 4th, 3 full
sized and 3 full baths, the master tel 403-934-6383 403-200-6032
baths. Loads of space for all, cell 403-818-1387
ensuite is simply awesome!
with large backyard that backs fax 403-934-6393 Gated, Secure, Low-Rates,
on to green space! Single Wide open family room down leaves naomi.hickey@scotiabank.com
oversized garage with an extra room for everything. Gravelled Sites,
parking pad for 2nd car! Double attached garage, fully fenced Large Pull Through Sites Available
Quick possession! and landscaped yard.

mortgages Check Us Out

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strathmore huxted
Waste Disposal & Port-A-Potties

Professional Directory
carpentry metal roofing
Serving Strathmore, Drumheller & Areas
painting 403.934.5605
10B Bayside Place, Strathmore, AB

Marv Poettcker
window cleaning
WIndoW ClEanIng
Steel • Steel
Steel Steel • Aluminum • Copper
• Aluminum
• AluminumCopper
• Copper• Copper
Custom Carpentry Painting Pro”
& Renovations Metal Roofing Roofing • Custom Flashings • Accessories
• Custom
RoofingRoofing Flashings
• Custom
• Custom • Accessories
Flashings • Accessories
• Accessories Painting since 1975
Bay A, 1115 - 48th Avenue S.E. Bus: (403) 279-2766 Specializing in Repainting
by Roy Chester
Carmon WiebeBay
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2A7 Fax: (403) 770-2277
A, 1115 Bay A, 1115
- 48th Bay -A,48th
Avenue S.E.Avenue
1115 - 48thS.E.
www.metalworkscanada.com Avenue S.E. Bus: Free: Bus:
Toll (403) (403) 279-2766
279-2766 Bus: (403)
1-866-279-2766 279-2766 (Inside / Outside)
Calgary, Alberta Alberta
2A7 T2G
T2GCalgary, 2A7 T2G 2A7
Alberta Fax: (403)Fax: (403) 770-2277
770-2277 Fax: (403) 770-2277 Residential • Light Industrial • Commercial
Ph. 403.901.0884 c. 403.710.2165 www.metalworkscanada.com
www.metalworkscanada.com Toll Free: Toll Free: 1-866-279-2766
Toll Free: 1-866-279-2766 Power Washing • Window Cleaning
co-alta Holdings Residential • Commercial • Interior • Exterior
O 403.901.1137
Eavestrough Cleaning & Repairs
general contractors general contractors C 403.880.3299
Spider Control

Roy Chester 403-520-1974

Whole Home photo / video
Iop row ltd. water well drilling
Specializing in Insurance Claims
Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company
Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia We make your house a HOME

Continuous Eavestroughing • Windows & Reroofs
Aluminum and Smart Board Batons BLACK EAgLE SERvICES
general Contractor / Handyman
Cell: 403-968-9211 • Work: 403-934-4334
Fax: 403-934-4422 • Email: toprowtom@telus.net 403-620-1970 Drilling Co. Ltd
Email: rod@blackeagleservices.com dennis j seibel
For a FREE QuotE Call tom
Specializing in:
furnace & duct • Painting 403.901.5472 . djsmedia@shaw.ca
• Water Well
• Basement Development Drilling
• Family Rooms • Pump Systems:
• Kitchen Reno’s real estate
Supply, Install & Repair
• Bathroom Reno’s
• Play Rooms • Water Conditioning
Furnace Replacement • Repairs & Maintenance
Air Conditioning • Certified HVAC Technicians
• Tile Work Tina Scott Equipment
Plumbing • Duct Cleaning • Laminate Flooring 403-901-5388
• Hardwood Flooring
• Plumbing “Constantly Selling
More Real Estate”
Our Team aT YOur Service!
• Light Electrical
• Deck & Fence Repair Strathmore
Call Today for a FREE ESTIMATE
Serving the rural Community
403-620-1970 Canyon Creek (Strathmore)
www. StrathmoreTimes.com www.strathmorerealty.ca for 58 yearS
Page 28 • Strathmore Times • May 27, 2011 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Don’t pay administration

alBerta’s only or documentation fees, leasing
no fees Dealership air tax, or any other
fees and save big! is BaCk! FrEE diEsEL FrEE hEmi

Airdrie Dodge Jeep is proud

to sponsor Olympic Silver
Medallists, Team Bernard.
The same winning values of
hard work, dedication, talent
and training that helped Team
Bernard climb the podium are
what make Airdrie Dodge Jeep airdriE dOdGE jEEp
the most trusted and respected prOud spONsOr OF tEam bErNard
dealership in the province.


2011 DoDge 2011 DoDge raM 1500 2011 DoDge
Journey se granD Caravan se


#1118983 #1119083
(for illustration only)

Canada’s #1 Crossover Vehicle! hemi, trailer tow package, satellite radio and much more. All new 3.6L V6, power windows, rear Stow ‘n Go, very well equipped.
More for Less Price
$0 DoWn More for Less Price
$0 DoWn More for Less Price
$0 DoWn
$19,988 or
$135 B/W
$26,488 or
$178 B/W
$21,998 or
$148 B/W

lease for $172 B/W lease for $199 B/W lease for $167 B/W
‡ ‡ ‡

2011 Jeep 2011 Jeep CoMpass north 4x4 2011 Jeep

Wrangler sahara granD Cherokee lareDo

#1119110 #1118882

Totally loaded for summer fun! Includes chrome pkg, trailer tow and more. All new, totally redesigned. Sun and sound package, heated seats and more. Loaded including the fuel saver 3.6L V6.
More for Less Price
$0 DoWn More for Less Price
$0 DoWn More for Less Price
$0 DoWn
$30,788 or
$188 B/W
$26,988 or
$165 B/W
$37,999 or
$232 B/W

lease for $199 B/W lease for $183 B/W lease for $309 B/W
‡ ‡ ‡

PRE-OWNED ly S 2010 FOrd F-150 2010 hYuNdai

on Km
EXtENdEd Cab XL 4X4 sONata GL
5,3 5.4L V8, 6-speed 2.4L in-line 4 cylinder,
automatic transmission, automatic transmission,
air conditioning, tilt fully loaded, heated

ENGiNE steering, cruise control,

premium audio, stability
seats, air conditioning,
power mirrors, new tires,
WarraNtY control. #13190
$0 dOWN
with 70,179 kms. #12940
$0 dOWN
FOr LiFE!† $24,848 or $176 OaC**
b/W $10,988 or $88 b/W

, ,
of tS at
ed ro ea He Go
at S n S ar ‘n
He at Su ed re ow
Se eat St

For EvEry
vEhiclE AT
2010 dOdGE 2010 dOdGE 2007 dOdGE airdriEChrYsLEr.COm 2004 ChEvrOLEt 2010 dOdGE 2010 dOdGE
CharGEr sXt CaLibEr sXt CaLibEr sXt ‡Lease payments based on closed end lease avaLaNChE 1500 4X4 GraNd CaravaN sE avENGEr sXt
with a guaranteed lease end value of 24,000 km/
3.5L 6 cyl, 4-speed auto 2.0L I-4 cyl, CVT trans, rear 1.8L I-4 cyl, manual trans yr. Finance payments based on 84 mo. term. All 5.3L V8, 4-speed automatic, 3.3L V6, automatic trans 2.4L I-4 cyl, automatic with
rebates to dealer. **Payments based on biweekly
only 24,373 kms. #13171 spoiler, 12,863 kms. #13188 with only 62,560 kms. #13174 payments. GST not included in any prices or with 121,932 kms. #1118881A with 31,063 kms. #13050 only 30,661 kms. #13152
$0 dOWN $0 dOWN payments. †Some exclusions apply, see dealer for $0 dOWN $0 dOWN
$18,848 or $133 b/W
$16,888 or $122 b/W
$10,988 details. Vehicle images are for illustration purposes
only, actual vehicles may not be exactly as shown. $12,888 $18,848 or $133 b/W
$15,848 or $112 b/W

139 East LakE Cr, airdriE

6 Minutes north of Cross-iron Mills 1 877 429 8593 airdrieChrysler.com
CliCk - Buy - save

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