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Steven K.

18210 Wilton Place 310.324.8430
Torrance, CA 90504-5411 e-mail: su5f9378@westpost.net
Oracle database administrator with experience using Oracle enterprise versions 7
through 10g in Windows (2000 and 2003) and versions 8i through 11g in Unix (Sol
aris, AIX).
Professional Experience:
IBM: State of Texas account (2009 to 4 May 2010)
Supporting Oracle databases for several Texas state agencies. Install, patch, an
d remove Oracle server software. Create, maintain, patch, and remove databases.
Run periodic health-checking, and schedule and correct problems as needed per co
ntract standards. Set up database backup scripts using RMAN. Participate in peri
odic disaster recovery exercise to recover agency databases.
Key projects:
Performed fail-over testing for Secretary of State (SOS) agency election-night
return database (2009)
Improved backup success rate and database uptime of SOS databases
Implemented plan to apply quarterly Oracle critical software patches
Planned, tested, and executed disaster recovery exercise of several state agenc
Migrate agency databases from unsupported to Oracle-supported versions
IBM: Fluor account (2003 - 2009)
Supported Oracle databases in Fluor offices worldwide. Install and remove Oracle
server software. Create, maintain, archive, and remove Oracle databases for POL
, MaterialManager, PDS, and SmartPlant applications. Install quarterly Oracle da
tabase patch updates. Install MaterialManager patches. Run periodic database hea
lth-checks, schedule and correct problems as needed. Set up nightly backups. Re
store data as needed.
Key projects:
Developed and implemented plan to regularly apply quarterly Oracle critical sof
tware patches
Setup Tivoli monitoring of all Fluor Oracle databases worldwide
Create, maintain, and upgrade MaterialManager and Projects Online (POL) databas
Test and migrate databases to newer Oracle versions
Setup and maintain GSD331 standards on all Oracle databases
Developed library of scripts to decrease time spent creating PDS databases
Fluor Corporation (1993 - 2003)
Install, setup, maintain, and remove Oracle software on Fluor servers and client
s. Create, maintain, archive, and remove Oracle databases. Set up nightly backup
s. Restore data as needed. Install patches. Upgrade databases to newer supported
Oracle versions.
Key projects:
Trained personnel to use Intergraph PDS2D process and instrumentation diagram a
pplication; developed training material for PDS2D app; enhanced P&ID program to
provide preliminary counts of piping and control valves.
Supported Intergraph InTools program to create various control system documents
and diagrams for refinery projects

Santa Fe Braun (1983 - 1993)

Designed piping systems, isometrics, and process schematic diagrams for refineri
es using Intergraph CAD sotware.
Fluor Daniel (1981 - 1983)
Designed piping systems, isometrics, and process schematic diagrams for refineri