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qiGram Refrigeration’ YORK INTERNATIONAL A/S Spare Parts List Reciprocating Compressor HC/HCL/HCH 6100/8100 @ rercsreors ee Contents In general: Introduction Lists of Spare Parts: Spare Part List HC 6100/8100... 100 mm Compressor, Front View.. : Longitudinal Section, 100 mm Compressor Sectional View, 100 mm Compressor ue... 100 mm Compressor, Back View . 100 mm Compressor, Sectional View, Cylinder. 100 mm Compressor, Longitudinal Section, mech. seal Oil Pump for 100 mm Compressor. By-pass Valve 023 mm, 25 and 12 bar. 5 ‘Connecting Rod + Piston, complete, for 100 mm Compressor. Cylinder with Capacity Control for 100 mm Compressor.. Cylinder without Capacity Control for 100 mm Compressor... Discharge Valve Complete for 100 mm Compressor... Suction Filter Complete for 100 mm Compressor... Pressure Gauge Panel for 100 mm Compressor. Oil Cooler for 100 mm Compressor . Liquid spring for 100 mm Compressor... Coupling for 100 mm Compressor Manometers Oil Filling Valve GVAC..... Electrical Heater and Stem Bulb. Further documentation: ~ Technical Data ~ Service Directions for HC 6100/8100. ~ Installation Directions for HC 6100/8100. ~ Operating and Maintenance Directions for HC 6100/8100, ~ Design Data. s2-e-0089-00 Introduction Application ‘This manual is used when ordering spare parts. Compressors of the HC type are intended for normal cold-storage rooms. HCH compressors are intended for higher Pressure and temperature conditions, e.g. air Conditioning and heat pumps. HCL compressors are used as low-pressure compressors at two-stage plants. 2-00-0059-20 Identification ‘The compressor is provided with a name plate showing manufacturing -year,~ serial number, type, refrigerant etc. Order for spare parts In case of inquiries and orders for spare parts, please always give model, serial number, ro- frigerant, and order number, if indicated,