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ae aed Eee Peo NN FOE oS FN SIR PS Ne : eee A ee BI ae A Woexuunmmn Bavmasy Rommiay Miscanany Design Team: Owen Barnes, Bill Bodden, Eric Cagle, Brian Clements, Steve Darlington, Kevin Hamilton, Jude Hornburg, Andrew Kenrick, Andrew Law, Jody Macgregor, jim pinto, Robert J. Schwalb, Dan White Design Assistance: Timothy Eccles, Alfred Nunez, Orbis Proszynski, Wayde Zalken Development: Robert F. Schwalb Editing: Evan Sass and V3 Studios Proofreading: Scort Neese Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold Cover Art: Ozan Art Cartography: Andrew Law Interior Art: Alex Boyd, John Blanche, Tony Parker, David Gallagher WFERP Brand Manager: Kate Flack Head of Black Industries: Mare Gascoigne ES Special Thanks to Simon Butler and Ewan Lamont A Black Industries Publication First published in 2006 by Black Industries, an imprin of BL Publishing BL Publishing ed 2000-2006, variably reitered Games Workshop. Led in she UK and other countries around the Vea veri All righ nerve NOT 2Ws Green Ronin and the Green Ronin UK eo reledeme retin No part ofthis publication may be ; Product Code: 60040283018 ISBN 10; 1844163105 meena a ec eee ISBN 13:978-1-94416.31046 Copyright © 2006 Games Workshop Limite Al Righs www. Reserved. Games Workshop, the Gaines Workshop log, et t+ OS i e— | _ TAB RN Table of Comtents os CONE INTRODUCTION .... .3 Cxarrer VI: Sociat Conruicr Whar’s In This Book?. AND ADVANCED CRIMINAL TRIALS A Gute To THE Known Wont Disposition ... Advanced Trial Ri A Lancer WorLD Cuarrer VO Santosa, Crry oF Bares ‘The Powers That Be.. Cuarren I: FREAKS, “THIEVES AND TRAVELLING FOLK Carnivals in the Old World Life in the Carnival. Travelling Troupes. (Cuarren Il: Lire an DraTH ON THE REIK. ‘The Greatest River .. Life on the Rei History... Tobaran Politics The Navigator Families ‘Death in the Reik (Carrer III: ADVANCED TRADE AND i ‘Commerce. The City Districts. The Merchants’ Guild. ORGANISATIONS Other Institutions. Trade Zones of the Empire . AND ENCOUNTERS ... Trading Rules Cuarren IX: Mercantile Trade Goods . Tue Curt oF ILLUMINATION «. History of the Cult Theories of Medicine Medical Organisations. Alternative Medicine: Guenm’s BLackrowben SHOP n Charter XIII: Perious Beasts . 10 Medical Treatments: Woun: Beastes Faire and Foule it Medical Treatments: Disease, Creature Statistics. 120 Sickness and Insani 59 Quack Medicine Ly