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As an accomplished and dedicated professional, I will contribute over 20 years o
f experience in executive and mid-level management, operational efficiencies, bu
siness growth, profitable organizational changes, and client satisfaction/retent
ion. My well balanced approach of proactive management and leadership techniques
, while creating the most advantageous environment for promoting employee loyalt
y, will generate an accomplishment-driven workplace to produce new business deve
lopment and maximized revenue opportunities for the company.
* Formulating market and growth strategies
* Building and leading teams effectively
* Sales forecasting and budget analysis - ROI
* Initiating and retaining client relationships
* Inventory control metrics -IQR
* Employee training and development
* Pursuing cost savings and cost avoidance opportunities
* Negotiating vendor contracts and developing strategic alliances
____________________PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE____________________
2009 - Present - Owner/Sole Proprietor
I am the owner and sole proprietor of a successful home maintenance service comp
any, specializing in repair, renovation, and overall maintenance of residential
and smaller commercial properties. I maintain hands-on responsibility to ensure
complete customer satisfaction for all custom work performed, while managing all
operations of company.
* Prepared bid proposals including materials, construction activities and requir
ements, and labor.
* Performed all repairs and maintenance of private residences and residential pr
operties prior to bank auction, public sale, or rent/lease.
* Ensured compliance with all health, safety, and building code regulations.

VIP CIGAR CLUB., INC., Corona, California

2009 - 2010 - Business Operations Consultant
As V.C.C. Inc.'s business consultant, I worked directly with the president and e
xecutive team to establish and organize corporate goals, author the company's bu
siness plan, and prepare the executive team to present the business plan to pote
ntial investors and venture capitalists to gather support.
* Developed the company's outline for strategic planning, sales analysis, consum
er research, and product usage forecasting.
* Recognized all potential streams of revenue, established the scope of services
, and defined future growth initiatives.
* Directed and guided executive team meetings during all phases of the project f
or review, amendments, and finalization of the business plan.

STAIN DEFENDERS, INC, Corona, California

2006 - 2008 - Vice President
I was able to help revitalized an idle $4 million surface protection company pro
viding sealing application services to commercial and residential sectors. Visua
lized and developed the strategy to target the environmentally conscience consum
er market. Researched, located, and negotiated an exclusive contract with a lead
ing manufacturer of nano-technology surface protection and "green" maintenance p
* Increased profit margin by 21 percent. Achieved an annual overall cost savings
by successfully re-negotiating with vendors to reduce the company's cost-of-goo
* Devised successful market strategies. Developed and executed effective marketi
ng plan to target residential restoration market, leading to new business opport
unities and increased revenue.
* Spearheaded innovative partnership program. Created and presented well-receive
d partnership proposal to existing and potential clients, resulting in the expan
sion of our client base and increasing sales.


2005 - 2006 - Warehouse Operations Manager
I was hired to help coordinate the upgrade and automation of the Spraytech.com p
arts distribution facility after its acquisition by the world's largest manufact
urer of pressure washing equipment, Karcher Enterprises, in preparation of its I
SO 9001 certification. I worked in conjunction with the general manager to succe
ssfully plan, organize, and equip the company's new 133,000 square foot, state-o
f-the-art facility, while maintaining daily warehouse operations and its departm
ents: Assembly, Inventory Control, Order Processing, Packaging, Receiving, Shipp
ing, and Tech Support/Warranty.
* Improved Inventory Quality Ratio. Successfully completed the implementation an
d training of facility's new barcode scanner, weigh counting and conveyor system
. Managed warehouse operations metrics, implemented corrective actions to drive
improvement, and maintain a 99.5 percent success rate in order fulfillment quali
ty, on-time delivery, and inventory accuracy.
* Facilitated plant relocation. Organized, conducted team training, and moderate
d two teams in the planning and execution of our facility relocation that was su
ccessfully completed in a 60-hour period and without interruption of service to
our customers.
* Established Haz-Mat shipping protocol. Acquired Haz-Mat shipping certification
, procured necessary Haz-Mat shipping supplies, and met carrier compliances (UPS
/LTL) as set forth by the CFR49 after assuming the shipping responsibilities fro
m our detergent manufacturing facility.

TILE CLUB, Anaheim, California

2002 - 2004 - Director of Retail Operations
I was responsible for managing all aspects of the daily operations for one of So
uthern California's prominent floor covering retailers. Successfully implemented
a company wide training program, providing the store employees of all 14 locati
ons with the tools necessary to achieve company and personal goals. I worked clo
sely with the advertising department to successfully market a new company image,
which lead to improved customer confidence, more walk-in volume, and increased
* Improved employee performance. Developed, authored, and prepared industry and
company specific employee training manuals, complete with employee skill assessm
ent and promotion testing.
* Improved store operations. Developed, authored, and prepared manuals for store
operations and procedures, and P.O.S. database instruction, to unify daily oper
ations from store to store.
* Initiated "Head Start" program. Conducted the initial 2 day training classes f
or the 100+ current employees as an introduction, and then instituted the protoc
ol for the training of all new employees.

FASHIONCRAFT FLOORS, Anaheim, California

2001 - 2002 - Business Operations Consultant
I consulted directly with the president/owner of a $45 million residential and c
ommercial design center, whose intention was to sell the company and retire with
in 5 years. I meticulously evaluated the day to day operations, prepared recomme
ndations, and initiated operational improvements to successfully increase the co
mpany's net worth. The company was sold in 2006 for $60 million.
* Reduced overhead. Aggressively pursued cost savings and cost avoidance opportu
nities by initiating a buy back agreement with the vendors to relieve warehouse
of unused and excess materials. This resulted in an accumulated credit of just o
ver $140,000.
* Eliminated paper-based record keeping. Purchased and implemented business spec
ific POS and inventory tracking software to upgrade a previously paper only fina
ncial and inventory tracking system. Software improved accounting proficiency, r
educed order processing times, and increased inventory accuracy.
* Elevated standing in the industry. Organized and developed a quality control p
rogram utilizing installer incentive programs and superintendent feedback report
s. This resulted in a higher quality of workmanship and reduced the cost of cust
omer service calls and repairs by 43 percent in the first year.

VISTA PAINT CORP, Anaheim, California

1992 - 2001 - Store Manager / Outside Sales
My role as store manager/outside sales was to effectively supervise and profitab
ly control the P&L of multiple store locations for a $100 million coatings manuf
acturer. Strategically prepare monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales forecasts ba
sed on market trends and advocated these reports to the executive team. Professi
onally maintain customer relationships with over 300 accounts. I conceptionaliz
ed, successfully presented my plan to the executive staff, and directed the deve
lopment of the company training program; Vista University.
* Exceeded annual sales quota. Utilized creative sales and marketing techniques
to repetitively exceed annual sales quota by as much as 11 percent within each t
erritory and throughout entire tenure.
* Ensured inventory accuracy. Maintained a 98 percent or better inventory accura
cy score of all stores through good inventory control practices and an active cy
cle count and location audit program.
* Vista University. Developed, co-authored, and implemented company wide store p
rocedure and training manual. Conducted classes in management skills, product kn
owledge, customer service, job specific, inventory control, and team building.
1986 - Associate of Arts, General Education
Central Texas College, Nuremburg, Germany
15 Credits Earned
____________________PROFESSIONAL TRAINING____________________
2005, Certificate of Completion
U.S. Department of Transportation, C-Tech Industries, Springdale, AR.
D.O.T's Hazardous Materials Regulations, 49 CFR Parts 100 to 185
2005, Certificate of Completion
Crown Equipment Corporation, Springdale, AR.
Train-the-Trainer, Forklift Operation Training
1998, Certificates of Completion
Southern California Training Council, Irvine, CA.
Inventory Management Skills I & II
Project Management & System Processes
Team Building
1997, Certificates of Completion
Southern California Training Council, Irvine, CA.
Management Skills I & II
Job Specific "Tools" Training
1996, Certificates of Completion
Southern California Training Council, Irvine, CA.
Customer Service Skills I & II
Sales Effectiveness
1985, Certificate of Completion
United States Army, Nuremberg, Germany
Battalion Management & Training Systems