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Networking Concepts - 2006 SLC

1) Which of the following statements is not true about Wide Area Networks (WANs)?
A) WANs typically have greater bandwidth capacities than LANs.
B) WANs usually use a router for connectivity.
C) WANs cover larger geographic areas than LANs.
D) WANs typically use public transports for connectivity.

2) What is the most common form of copper network cabling?

A) Category 5
B) Category 7
C) Category 3
D) Category 4

3) A peer-to-peer network typically indicates

A) an application server is required.
B) a file server is required.
C) one or more servers is used.
D) no specific servers are required.

4) A peer-to-peer network is also called a

A) workgroup.
B) domain.
C) cluster.
D) home network.

5) A server-based network usually involves one or more

A) LANs.
B) hubs.
C) switches.
D) servers.

6) A peer-to-peer network by definition is a network that consists of ____ workstations or less.

A) 10
B) 100
C) 15
D) 20

7) Plenum grade network cabling is necessary when cabling is installed

A) in wiring closets.
B) in power poles.
C) behind walls.
D) when common “breathable” air is circulated.

8) Crosstalk is wiring phenomena that occurs when

A) improper network cards are used.
B) too many “twists” are untwisted in Category 5 cable.
C) cabling lengths are too long.
D) fiber optic cable is severely bent.

9) 100BaseFX refers to what cable type?

A) Wireless connectivity
B) Fiber optic cable
C) Coaxial cable
D) UTP Cable

10) Clustering is a technology designed to

A) allow more servers to be added to a server farm.
B) have two different server farms located in a central location.
C) centralize servers to one specific site.
D) effect a method of fault tolerance.

11) A “clear text” password is transmitted through

A) no encryption.
B) well-known encoding encryption algorithms.
C) Public Key encryption.
D) Kerberos encryption.

12) What is a valid data rate for a Token Ring network?

A) 16mbps
B) 100mbps
C) 1000mbps
D) 10mpbs

13) Which of the following can be used to reduce broadcasts on the network by separating broadcast domains?
A) Routers
B) Hubs
C) Repeaters
D) Switches

14) What is the speed of a T1 leased line?

A) 100mpbs
B) 10mbps
C) 44.736Mpbs
D) 1.544Mpbs

15) What is the maximum length of a Thinnet segment?

A) 100 meters
B) 200 meters
C) 185 meters
D) 500 meters

16) Which OSI layer is responsible for defining the format used to exchange data among networked computers?
A) Session
B) Network
C) Presentation
D) Physical

17) Which of the following devices forwards incoming traffic to all ports except for the incoming port?
A) Bridge
B) Repeater
C) Hub
D) Router

18) Which of the following network types use fiber optic cabling?
A) 100BaseTX
B) 1000BaseTX
C) 1000BaseLX
D) 100BaseT

19) Which of the following media types is not susceptible to electrical interference?
A) Coaxial Cabling
B) STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)
C) Fiber Optic
D) UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

20) Which of the following refers to the specification developed by the IEEE for wireless LAN technology?
A) 802.11b
B) 802.4
C) 802.7b
D) 802.3

21) Which of the following protocols is commonly used to retrieve e-mail messages from a server to a client?

22) Which of the following protocols is commonly used to send e-mails from one server to another?

23) Bridges forward data from one network segment to another by looking at
A) IP addresses.
B) MAC addresses.
C) NetiBIOS names.
D) the number of physical connections to the bridge.

24) Which of the follow is not a routable protocol?

A) Netbeui
B) AppleTalk

25) A Mesh network topology has what major advantage over other topologies?
A) Speed
B) Redundancy
C) Cost Savings
D) Ease of administration

26) What items are needed for data encryption to work?

A) A Biometric Device
B) Cipher machines
C) Public and Private Keys
D) Smart Cards

27) The redirector, which redirects I/O operations to resources on a server, operates at what OSI layer?
A) Application
B) Presentation
C) Session
D) Network

28) The main function of a firewall is

A) to make Internet connections faster.
B) to directly shield viruses.
C) to prevent unauthorized access to your network.
D) Internet caching.

29) Which of the following access methods is associated with Ethernet Networks?
C) Token Passing
D) Demand Polling

30) What is the maximum speed for the 802.11b standard?

A) 11Mbps
B) 10Mbps
C) 16Mbps
D) 100Mbps

31) Attenuation refers to

A) the amount of resistance in a UTP cable.
B) the loss of data signal in fiber optic cabling because of dispersion.
C) the weakening of data signals as they travel through a media.
D) the “bleeding” of signals from wire in UTP to another.
32) Broadband transmissions refer to what kind of signal?
A) Synchronous
B) Digital
C) Analog
D) Asynchronous

33) Baseband transmissions refer to what kind of signal?

A) Synchronous
B) Digital
C) Analog
D) Asynchronous

34) Which of the following fiber devices can act as a router for routable protocols and also act as a bridge for
nonroutable protocols?
A) Router
B) Bridge
C) Switch
D) Brouter

35) A Token Ring network uses what device to connect to workstations?

B) Repeater
C) Switch
D) Hub

36) To connect two hubs or switches together using UTP, which type of port is typically used?

37) The topology of a network is defined by what OSI layer?

A) Data Link
B) Session
C) Network
D) Physical

38) The primary responsibility of the Network OSI layer is

A) data synchronization.
B) routing.
C) flow control.
D) media connectors.

39) A network switch operates at what OSI Layer?

A) Data-Link
B) Session
C) Physical
D) Network

40) A MAC address refers to

A) a series of jumpers on a network card.
B) the serial number of a network card.
C) a unique number assigned to a network device.
D) a memory location on a network card.

41) A ______ is used in firewalls to provide a safe area for public data that is not part of the public or private
A) firewall
C) proxy server
D) router
42) A CSU/DSU does what function?
A) Acts as translator between a LAN and a WAN
B) Acts as switching device on a LAN
C) Terminates a data signal
D) Routes data

43) Which OSI layer provides error detection and correction?

A) Network
B) Data-Link
C) Transport
D) Session

44) A connection-oriented protocol guarantees what?

A) Fast bandwidth
B) Error free transmissions
C) Delivery of data
D) High Security

45) File and Print services are handled by what layer of the OSI model?
A) Application
B) Session
C) Presentation
D) Network

46) There are ____ layers in the OSI Model.

A) Seven
B) Six
C) Nine
D) Eight

47) Windows 95, Windows 98, and MacOS9 are all examples of what?
A) Peer-to-Peer based operating systems
B) Microsoft operating systems
C) DOS based operating systems
D) Server based operating systems

48) In a Windows 2000 network, a _________ is a collection of computers that share a command database and
security policy .
A) cluster
B) workgroup
D) domain

49) A Group Policy Object (GPO) in Windows 2000 can be found in

A) Disk Management.
B) Active Directory Users and Computers.
C) Disk Quotas.
D) System Properties.

50) On a Windows 2000 domain controller, which of the following can not be found?
A) Local users
B) Local printers
C) Domain users
D) Domain groups

51) In a Novell Netware environment, console utilities are usually implemented through pieces of software called
A) SLMs.
B) TLMs.
C) NLMs.
D) MNMs.
52) In a Windows 2000 network, the default share permissions is set to what?
A) Administrator – Full Control, Everyone – Read, Write, Modify
B) Everyone – Full Control
C) Administrator – Full Control, Everyone - Read
D) Administrator – Full Control only

53) The service required for a system in a Windows Domain to access a resource in a Netware domain is called
A) Gateway Services for Netware (GSNW).
B) Host Services for Netware (HSNW).
C) File and Print Services for Netware (FPNW).
D) Gateway Services for Netware (GSNW).

54) Native Disk Quota support for Microsoft Network Operating Systems began with the
A) Windows 2003 Server.
B) Windows NT Server.
C) Windows NT 3.51.
D) Windows 2000 Server.

55) To allow many workstations to access the Internet through one registered “live” IP address, which service
should be used?
A) Proxy service

56) To dynamically assign the necessary TCP/IP information for a server or workstation to connect to a network,
which protocol should be used?

57) The port number assigned for the POP3 protocol is

A) 110.
B) 43.
C) 80.
D) 25.

58) What is the basic reason for implementing a firewall?

A) It provides NAT functionality.
B) It reduces the cost associated with Internet access.
C) It provides a mechanism to protect one network from another.
D) It allows Internet access to be centralized.

59) If you decided to block access to port 53 on your network, what service would you be blocking?

60) Which of the following passwords would be considered a “strong” password?

A) WE300G0
B) rockonman
C) password
D) l00Ka1ivE

61) Which of the following switches can be added to the “ping” command to make it run continuously?
A) –t
B) –o
C) –c
D) -w
62) E-mail and FTP work at which layer of the OSI model?
A) Application
B) Presentation
C) Session
D) User

63) Which protocol can be used to transfer a file between a Unix server and a Windows 2000 server?
B) Telnet

64) Which utility do you use to check the IP configuration on a Windows 95 or 98 workstation?
A) ping
B) ipconfig
C) winipcfg
D) netstat

65) Which of the following networking standards specifies a maximum segment length of 100 meters?
A) 10BaseX
B) 10Base2
C) 10BaseT X
D) 10Base5

66) To ping the localhost, which command would you use?

A) ping
B) ping host
C) ping
D) ping

67) Which of the following is considered a private address range?

A) 172.10.x.x
B) 127.x.x.x
C) 10.x.x.x
D) 182.x.x.x

68) Which of the following is a valid MAC address?

A) 00FE:56FE:230F:CDA2:00EB:32EC
B) 00:D0:59:10
C) 00:D0:59:09:07:51

69) Which of the following technologies can be implemented on a switch to create multiple separate networks?
B) Proxy
C) Subnet masking

70) What is maximum throughput of a BRI ISDN connection?

A) 128Mbps
B) 128Kbps
C) 64Kbps
D) 64Mbps

71) What is the maximum cable length of a 10BaseT network?

A) 50 meters
B) 100 meters
C) 185 meters
D) 500 meters

72) Which of the following is considered a disaster recovery method?

A) Off site data storage
C) Disk Mirroring

73) Which of the following services provides name resolution services for FQDNs?

74) Which of the following network types is easiest to add new nodes to?
A) Ring
B) Star
C) Bus
D) Mesh

75) At which layer of the OSI model does a NIC operate?

A) Network
B) Data-link
C) Transport
D) Physical

76) Which of the following security protocols is protocol-independent?

A) IPSec

77) Which of the following WAN technologies offers speeds as high as 2.4Gbps?
C) Frame relay
D) X.25

78) Which of the following statements is true of IMAP?

A) IMAP is used for sending as well as receiving e-mail.
B) IMAP is more secure than POP.
C) IMAP can only use be used for sending e-mail
D) IMAP uses port 110.

79) Given two devices connected to a 100BaseT switch configured for full duplex, what is the maximum throughput
A) 200Mbps
B) 16Mbps
C) 100Mbps
D) 10Mbps

80) Which of the following authentication systems uses tickets as part of its authentication process?
C) Kerberos

81) What physical interface does a transceiver use to connect to a LAN?

D) RJ-11

82) The IEEE standard defined for Ethernet Networking is

A) 802.11.
B) 802.3.
C) 802.1.
D) 802.4.

83) Which of the following standards uses a dual ring configuration for fault tolerance?
B) 802.5
C) 802.3
D) 802.2

84) Bridges are network devices used to

A) provide routing.
B) allow dissimilar networks to communicate.
C) act as a switch.
D) divide larger networks into smaller ones.

85) The protocol OSPF is most closely associated with what device?
A) Bridges
B) Routers
C) Hubs
D) Switches

86) What is the function of ARP?

A) It resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses.
B) It resolves IP addresses to MAC addresses.
C) It resolves hostnames to IP addresses.
D) It resolves WINS addresses to DNS addresses.

87) Which of the following port ranges is described as “well known”?

A) 65535 to 78446
B) 0 to 1023
C) 49152 to 65535
D) 1024 to 49151

88) Which of the following best describes the function of the default gateway?
A) Allows a single Internet connection to be used by several users
B) Provides the route for destinations outside of the local subnet
C) Used to communicate in a multiple-platform environment
D) Identifies the local subnet and formulates a routing table

89) A T3 lines offers transmission speeds up to

A) 6.312Mbps.
B) 312.412Mbps.
C) 44.736Mbps.
D) 274.176Mbps.

90) OC-3 offers transmission speeds up to

A) 1.244Gbps
B) 51.84Mbps
C) 622.08Mbps
D) 155.52Mbps

91) Frame Relay can not be used over what technology?

B) T3
C) T1

92) A computer that connects to a server-based network is generally called a(n)

A) Client.
B) terminal.
C) hub.
D) PC.
93) Category 3 grade cabling supports the following maximum speed:
A) 4mbps.
B) 10mbps X.
C) 100mbps.
D) 16mbps.

94) UTP is an acronym that indicates what wiring type(s)?

A) Wireless connections
B) Category 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 cable
C) Coaxial cable
D) Fiber optic cable

95) The acronym “NIC” refers to:

A) National Internet Council.
B) Network and Internet Commission.
C) Network Interface Card.
D) Network Interconnectivity Council.

96) RIP functions at what level of the OSI model?

A) Network
B) Presentation
C) Physical
D) Application

97) A firewall would be best suited for which environment?

A) Only Private Networks
B) Public-to-Private Networks
C) Public-to-Public Networks
D) Private-to-Private Networks

98) What is the maximum length of a Thicknet segment?

A) 100 meters
B) 185 meters
C) 500 meters
D) 200 meters

99) NTFS is an example of what?

A) File Storage Method
B) Sorting Sequence
C) Routing Protocol
D) Memory Location