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Pulse Pump Manual Iwaki Metering Pump Model: EW-BOBVO-20EPF2

Procedure for stroke rate adjustment

Determine the appropriate stroke rate and stroke length base don pump operation conditions and liquid properties. The following method is recommended to determine the set values in consideration of pump performance features.

1. Set stroke length at 100% (knob) and then adjust the stroke rate so that an approximate amount is arranged.

2. Measure the Discharge amount.

3. If the discharge is lower then required, increase stroke rate and measure again.

***Note: If each drop affects the system make stroke length very small to minimize the affect.


When operating the pulse pump you must be very patient, expect to wait an hour or two after the drops start, to see the actually range of the pH. This is really a trial and error process because for days you must keep readjusting the pulse pump, because there will be a build up of KOH in the system and you won’t require is much to stay in the pH range you require. The biofilter can be very sensitive to abrupt changes in the pH, therefore its better to slowly increase the pH over several days.

1. When initially starting pulse pump, check the pH every 10 minutes for the first hour (if the

pH becomes too basic at an extreme rate, stop the pulse pump and wait for the system to


- If the pH is increasing slowly pass you desired pH, reduce the SR.

2. After the intial hour monitor the system every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours.

3. When at a desirable range and the pH is still increasing, begin to decrease the SR, keep

checking the pH every half hour.

4. When the pH will stabilize at a SR of 2, it is safe to leave the pulse pump on for the


5. Wait at least one full day before adjusting stoke lengths

6. Once adjusting the SL, its safe to just check the pH every other hour.

- When taking or adding fish to the system you must make changes to the pulse pump settings.

Journal of 2009

When I first started the trial the required time for the pH to be within the required range took approximately 2 hours at SL:65 and SR:.55. - The very first day yielded very sporadic peaks.

After the first day, the time required to get into range was approximately 10 minutes, once this occurs start decreasing the stroke rate.

***Note: during these first trials, the pulse pump was never left on during the night causing huge fluxes in the pH, resulting I very stressful conditions in the water.

*** Note: once you can stablize the system with SR:2, SL:65, you will be able to safely leave the pulse pump running over.

-After 2 weeks of running the pulse pumps the SR: 2 and SL:40 is keeping within a pH range of 6.45- 6.50

April 22: SR:1 SL: 60, pH: 6.5

April 23: Reduced SL to 45 b/c pH is still rising, possible reason, we haven’t had any real rain in the past few weeks, water is more buffered before entering (pH: 6.61).

May 7: After the break we had to readjust the pulse pump to get levels back to normal because the SL was reduced and the hose started to clog, resulting in a decrease in pH. The pH read 4.7, I readjusted the stroke length to SL: 3, SR:60, by the end of the day the pH was with in normal range but still rising therefore I reduced the SL to 2.

May 10: After the weekend the levels stablized and I felt confident to reduce the SL:40 and SR: 2.


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