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Steven W.

Vande Lune
501 Portland Ave.* Morrison, IL 61270-2943
815-772-7303 * sv81c894@westpost.net

Seasoned product engineering professional with over 18 years experience with all
phases of new product development of EM products from concept to production sta
rtup as well as current product support.
Team member and leader of two new product development programs, ($15M and $20M),
that developed high volume EM controls from concept to production release for W
hirlpool, Maytag and G.E.
Versatile, resourceful and adaptive team leader with excellent project managemen
t skills, a variety of design skills, and manufacturing experience. Excellent wr
itten and verbal communication skills.
President, Geothermal Design Project. Morrison, IL. 5/08 - Present
Senior Project Engineer, Tyco Flow Controls, Prophetstown, IL. 5/06 - 2/08
Project Leader, LED Illuminator for high pressure/temperature boiler level gauge
. Conceived design of new optics superior to the competition, completed CAD layo
ut. Validated optics, designed enclosure, PC board foot print, electronics packa
ging & mechanicals for 15 sizes. Managed technicians, built test prototypes for
submittal to 3rd party approval bodies.
Project Leader, conducted high visibility investigation into a major manufacturi
ng problem, identified root causes and solutions, presented results to upper man
agement, recognized for thoroughness and quality of presentation.
Adapted low pressure conductivity probe level gauge design for 450 PSI use.
Project Leader. Developed new eductor jet nozzle size for a new customer. Built
test apparatus, performed R&D to develop new performance curves.
Senior Project Engineer, Wells Manufacturing, Fond du Lac, WI. 3/03 -3/06
Project Manager, RFI filter for various auto fuel tank pump systems. Conceived d
esign, justified capital expenditure, developed DFM design for a semi-automated
manufacturing cell, evaluated joining/welding methods and robotic handling appro
aches. Supervised Solid Works CAD design. $510,000 new revenue.
Managed over 30 new switch projects to be produced in China. Write ARs to justif
y tooling, write test specifications, performed validation tests, evaluated and
approved designs as needed. Provide technical expertise to Chinese contacts to
develop designs and solve design issues. $600,000 new revenue.
Project Leader, implemented lean mfg. Kan Ban supermarket system for fabricated
parts at 3 plants. Researched material flow, developed a calculation spreadsheet
for production control plan. Established material handling system. Reduced inve
ntory levels by over $500,000 in 04 and 05, increased inventory turns from 4 to
12 turns.
Director of Engineering, Bimet Corporation, Morris, IL. 6/01 - 7/02
Managed project to adapt European hydrostatic temperature controls to the North
American market and achieve agency certification. Submitted products for UL and
CSA certification. $2.0M+ sales potential.
Developed a new electronic hot water temperature control for InSinkErator. Desig
ned packaging adaptation to the existing tank design, helped select, develop and
test components, presented design prototype to customer. $1.2M annual revenue p
Managed UL, CSA, IEC agency files. Planned testing and submission of new product
Defined new position requirements to support the new business plan.
Managed engineering department and customer application test lab. Two direct rep
Lead Product Engineer, Invensys Appliance Controls, Carol Stream, Illinois. 11/9
7 - 6/01
Team member of a $15M program to develop two new generation washer controls. Mai
ntained weekly issues-action-status reports to management. Proposed design chang
es, troubleshoot R&D issues and resolve within established time lines. $4M+ reve
nue potential.
Team leader and primary Whirlpool technical contact for washer applications. Ana
lyzed OE machine schematics to apply value added new washer controls. Simplified
schematics; eliminated a $3 relay, $1.8M system savings. Reduced wiring harness
cost $1 per machine, $500,000 system savings.
Composed formalized engineering department procedure for new washer control mode
l development that was adopted as departmental standard practice.
Team leader of an R&D team that developed 3 new models of dryer controls based o
n the current product platform. Performed cost estimates, developed Pro-E models
of designs, tested prototypes. 1.8 million units new business potential.
Team leader of a group that developed a concept for a new generation dryer contr
ol. $2.0M annual sales volume potential.
Project Manager, Cummins Diesel Engine Company, Columbus, IN. 6/97 - 11/97
Product Design Engineer, Emerson Electric Inc., Indianapolis, IN. 6/94 - 4/97
Project Leader. Conceived and designed an end of cycle mechanism for a dryer con
trol. Presented concept to Maytag winning full funding. Led a design team from
start product launch. Planned project time lines, employed DFM/DFA methods, rece
ived a patent award. Increased revenues by $600,000.
Team member of a $20M program to develop a new washer control. Troubleshoot deve
lopment issues performed FEA analysis and verification testing of parts. 4.2 mi
llion annual volume.
Lead current product engineer responsible for washer control design support. Sol
ved a chronic mechanical clutch problem for a high volume washer control model.
Avoided future line stoppage at large OEM customer.
Designed and presented two sub-interval switch drive concepts to Management for
an existing washer control: One modular design had low capital costs and high fe
ature costs, the other integrated design had higher capital cost and low feature
added cost.
Graduate of Margerison-McCann Management Training Program.
Product Design Engineer, Honeywell Inc., Microswitch, Freeport IL. 1/90 - 6/94
Proposed redesigned and cost reduced heavy-duty limit switch. Reduced parts coun
t and assembly costs. Planned project and justified capital expenditure. $96,000
savings potential.
Proposed redesigned and cost reduced compact limit switch. Reduced parts count a
nd assembly costs. Planned project, wrote justification for capital expenditure.
$72,000 savings potential.
Team leader for adressable bus electronic control project. Selected and designed
switch elements, actuator heads and electronic PCB and packaging. Provided func
tioning prototypes to the customer ahead of schedule. Recognized by management f
or fast and accurate design response.
Team member of a G.E. - Honeywell joint venture. Identified complementary and re
dundant product options for industrial push button controls manufactured by both
firms, recommended direction to integrate products.
Manufacturing Engineer, Dwyer Instruments, Michigan City, Indiana. 3/87-12/90
Team member of a group that moved an $8 million manufacturing firm from Chicago
to Indiana. Documented process lines, designed new equipment, laid out new proc
ess lines at the new facility.
Education: BSME, University of Illinois, Champaign Illinois, fall 1986. GPA 3.9
of 5.0.
Training: 60 hours Lean training, 80 hours Green Belt Training. Proficient with
Computer-Vision Pro Designer, AUTOCAD. Supervised designers using Solid Works
and Pro-E. MS proficient.