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Michael J.

Jamison, MBA
931 Byers Avenue, Suite 5
Chambersburg, PA 17201
E-mail: mj836028@westpost.net
(717) 262-8588
Proven leader with 30 years management experience in a variety of industries inc
luding manufacturing, service contracting, and non-profit sectors.
Progressive management style incorporating informed decision making, the develop
ment and utilization of staff, and a process driven approach to continuous impro
Demonstrated organizational performance improvement and quality assurance.
Civic minded through involvement with community initiatives both in commerce and
organization endeavors.
Occupational Services, Inc. www.osinc.org (A non-profit vocational rehabilitat
ion facility), Chambersburg, PA. 2000 - 2010.
Executive Director April 2003 - May 2010
Management of all areas of a $2M+ nonprofit vocational rehabilitation program in
Chambersburg, PA. Responsibilities include P&L, long and short term planning, f
iscal health, program quality and value, budgeting, regulatory compliance, contr
act negotiation, business and community relations, business development.
In the first 3 years increased program revenues by 15%, production revenues 60%
and overall revenues 28%.
Continued growth throughout my tenure providing services to 15% more individuals
per year than previously attained.
Increased awareness of programs and services in the community at large with an e
mphasis on the business community, increasing business partnerships key to progr
am sustainability and growth.
Led the board of directors through a strategic planning process resulting in a f
ormal five year plan.
Developed fundraising initiatives including an inaugural golf tournament in 2009
Positioned the organization for a capital campaign necessary to meet growth obje
ctives as outlined in the strategic plan.
In the past year established 2 profitable entrepreneurial ventures adding to rev
enue base and providing training opportunities for persons with disabilities. A
third venture is ready to be initiated.
Positioned the organization for stability during PA state transition in funding
Assured compliance free, positive inspection results in annual inspections by th
e Office of Developmental Programs, a division of the PA Department of Public We
Production Manager, December 2000 - April 2003
Responsibilities include all facilities and production activities including busi
ness development, OSHA compliance and training, workflow management, customer se
rvice, costing/pricing, and regulatory compliance.
Managed and grew a production facility in a sheltered work environment serving 1
30 adult, developmentally disabled individuals.
Negotiated and maintained production contracts and relationships with area and
regional companies.
Increased awareness of opportunities among local businesses and diversified cont
ract customer base, increasing sales and employment opportunities for persons wi
th disabilities.
Chromalloy, Turbine Airfoils Division www.chromalloy.com (Turbine engine compone
nts manufacturer), Harrisburg, PA. 1998 - 2000.
Production Manager
Responsible for 60 - 70 employees in a union precision machining environment ass
igned to the production of turbine engine components.
Set and maintained production schedules and priorities, assured delivery schedul
es, strict quality assurance, process changes, and continuous improvement activi
Reduced costs through process development and improved production flow.
Exel Logistics www.exel.com (Third Party Logistics firm), Mechanicsburg, PA 1
996 - 1997.
Operations Supervisor (While pursuing a Bachelor's Degree)
Responsible for the second and third shift operation in an automated warehouse (
WMS) environment. Included shipping, picking, receiving, and inventory control a
Central Locating Service, Ltd. www.clsltd.com (Utility locating Contractor), Red
Lion, PA 1992 - 1995.
General Manager Pennsylvania Division
Responsible for all aspects of daily operation, budgeting, planning, and profit/
Additional responsibilities included the hiring and development of personnel, an
d the acquisition and maintenance of contracts.
In first year as manager, increased operating income from 16.8% to 25.7% of reve
nues, reduced defect costs by 37% and direct labor costs by 19%.
Reported to Company President, Syracuse, NY
JLG Industries www.jlg.com (Capital goods manufacturer), McConnellsburg, PA.
Manager, Inventory Control and Office Services, Bedford satellite facility 1988
- 1991.
Responsibility for three supervisors and up to 65 employees and the operation of
all production support departments at the Bedford, PA satellite facility: Inven
tory Control, Warehouse, Quality Control, Office Support, and Maintenance.
Supervisor/Foreman, various production departments, McConnellsburg, PA facility.
1978 - 1988.
Supervised Stock Yard, Welding/Fabrication, Plate Shop, Clean, Paint, and Assemb
Responsible for shop floor planning, meeting production schedules, and liaison a
ctivities between production and engineering support departments.

2003 - Masters in Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University CGPA
1997-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Management concentration),
Shippensburg University, John L. Grove College of Business. Graduated Cum Lau
Volunteer Affiliations:
Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Franklin County Jail Industries Advisory Board
Franklin County United Way Volunteer
Elm Street Project Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity, Cumberland Valley Volunteer
First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle Elder,Treasurer