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Address: 617 W 231st St., Carson, Ca. 90745

Home Phone: 310-684-1558 Mobile: 310-408-2482
Email: gg31fcba@westpost.net
Security Clearance: Top Secret, SSBI, Sep 2008
Country of citizenship: USA
Current Job: Industrial Security Specialist III (Information Assurance), Raythe
on SAS El Segundo (since 14 Nov 05).
Previous Job: Master Sergeant, United States Air Force. Transitioned from Acti
ve Duty USAF, 1 Sep 04, after 21 years and 5 months of honorable service
TARGET LOCATIONS: Southern California ONLY
OBJECTIVE: To help ensure the US wins against its enemies at all times. To cont
inue to serve my country in the civilian work force after my over 21 years of ho
norable military service. To be able to contribute immensely to the strength and
continued growth of a Department of Defense partner thru ensuring its complianc
e in the requirements of the protection of the national interest of the United S
tates. To further learn and deepen my knowledge in the above field, and to meet
and manage challenges.
Target Job Title: Industrial Security Specialist (upper 3 or starting 4)
Current Duties at Raytheon: Investigate, mitigates and coordinates computing an
d information security risks; ensures Classified Information Systems and its aut
horized users comply with NISPOM Chapter 8, DSS/ODAA Policies, company, and othe
r government regulations. Conducts self-inspections on classified systems; prov
ides assistance and guidance to Information System Security Officers (ISSOs) and
authorized users on a regular basis. Builds Master, Special, Network, Informat
ion, Security Plans and Profiles; configure systems to comply with NISPOM Chapte
r 8 & other requirements towards the certification and accreditation of the syst
em. Conducts Information Assurance training for users and ISSOs; provides securi
ty guidance for programs as needed. Investigates spills and incidents; conduct
clean ups, makes reports and recommendations for corrective or punitive actions.

WORK EXPERIENCES (in the US Air Force): Security Manager/Information Technology

Management/Information Management. All within my 21 years and six months of ho
norable service to the United States Air Force, in nine work assignments at six
bases/countries namely: the Philippines, Republic of Korea, California, Saudi A
rabia, Japan, and United Kingdom.
1. Document Security: Over 21 years of flawless handling, marking, destruction,
safeguarding, tracking, and record keeping of classified materials.
2. Security Container: Mastered every details of its management.
3. Personnel Security: Established a smooth procedure well suited for a unit wi
th a high-volume of security clearance processing needs--saved numerous man-hour
4. Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS): Immediately achieved certificat
ion to use upon launched, unhampered the squadron's security program upon implem
5. Created and tested Emergency Action Procedures for classified materials. Lau
ded by the Base Security Program Manager.
6. Security Briefing/Training: Developed and implemented an outstanding Initial
, Annual, and Refresher Security Program briefing and training program for perso
nnel to include Information Assurance. Zero security incident or violation in o
ver 4 years of my management--materials emulated by other units on base.
7. Risk Analysis (Physical Security): Recommended corrective and preventive mea
sures were eagerly supported by the leadership, made implementation a simple tas
8. Security Management Operating Instruction: Wrote the previously non-existent
but vital squadron operating instruction; covered all subjects about security m
anagement applicable to the unit--copied in envy by the sister unit within the 1
00th Operations Group, modeled by others.
9. Extensive working knowledge of the NISPOM and other DoD Security Management p
ublications and policies thru massive security management experience and attenti
ve reading. Walking reliable reference of peers, supervisors, and subordinates
on the subject.
10. Information Technology Management (IT). As the lead Workgroup Manager of th
e unit, Information Assurance and COMSEC are on my duties too. Ensured over 350
units of IT and other communication equipment are 100 percent in compliance with
Air Force and DoD requirements--shines during inspections!
11. Knowledgeable and experienced in processing possible security deviations; it
s procedures, the investigations, and issued recommendations for actions on an i
nherited incident.
12. Mastered the use of EPSQ/eQIP; both user and Security Manager's edition. Com
piled tips, precise needed info, and simplified instructions for applicants--min
imal errors on first turn-ins.
13. The person to go thru about Visitor Control and issuing passes such as Restr
icted Area Badge. Attention to detail and firmness resulted in seamless procedur
es; ensured only properly cleared personnel gain access to controlled areas.
14. Spearheaded the squadron's Special Access Program. Never let any chance of
infraction to policies and procedures.
My IT Skills and Experiences:
1. Configure/Build computers: New equipment or items needing reconfiguration,
installed Windows XP/2000/or NT and their required patches/updates. Ensured onl
y licensed software was installed and each unit configured to USAF standards bef
ore connecting to the domain.
2. Served as the internal one-man help desk: Effectively utilized a customer-o
riented approach to resolve user problems.
3. Troubleshooting and Repair: Conducted tests and diagnostics, performed visu
al inspection of external and internal parts, then found and implemented solutio
ns to solve problem. Enforced and utilized relevant workplace safety and enviro
nmental standards during computer maintenance. Contacted vendors for any warran
ted unit/parts replacement.
4. Served as the Information Assurance Manager and Communication Security Offic
er. Implemented all security policies, advised personnel on the programs and act
ions to take, and ensured the squadron was in compliance with all Department of
Defense and Air Force Communication Security programs.
5. Maintained accountability of the whole inventory of over 300 pieces of equip
ment, over $350K worth: Desktop/laptop computers, printers, monitors, digital s
enders, servers, digital projectors, and other Information Technology peripheral
s and supplies. Conducted annual and semi-annual 100 percent inventories of the
whole unit's Information Technology/Automated Data Processing Equipment account
. Kept the leadership informed on the overall status of the entire inventory, p
articipated in decision-making as to what IT equipment (and their specifications
) to purchase in support of the squadron and mission.
I also have over 21 years of Information Management experience, dealt and manage
d many AF programs and daily office routines.
EDUCATION: Community College of the USAF
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama; 57 Semester Hours as of - 7/2004
Information Management
Currently enrolled at El Camino Community College in pursuit of
Associate Science Degree in Computer Information Systems; 16 credit hours earned
to date since summer 2009, GPA 4.0.
DSSA Online Independent Study on Information Security Management, Oct 2009
DNI Information System Security Training, El Segundo, Ca. Feb 08
Six Sigma Specialists Oct 2007; 2nd Sep 2009
ISSO Fundamentals (16 hours), Raytheon IDS Security, Woburn MA, May 2006
DSSA NISPOM Chapter 8 Requirements for Industry Feb 2006
DSSA Information Security Basics Feb 2006
DSSA Marking Classified Information Feb 2006
DSSA Personnel Security Management Mar 06
Security Management Course, 17 May 2002 and 15 Nov 2002
NATO Security Manager's Training, 27 Sep 2002
JPAS User Certificate/JCAVS Security Management, 16 Dec 2002
Computer Security Training, 18 Jul 2003, 8 Mar 2002, and 4 Oct 2000
Security Police Augmentation Course, 26 Feb 1993
Workgroup Managers Training, 20 Oct 2000
Basic HTML4.0, 8 Hrs, 13 May 2002
Microsoft Server 2000, 32 Hrs, 22 Jun 2001
Management of Computer Literacy, 20 Hrs, 16 Sep 1988
Records Management Training Course, 10 Apr 1987 and 21 Jul 1988
Supervisors' Safety Training, 29 Nov 1989
Hazardous Waste Generators Awareness Course, 4 Nov 1994
Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School, 28 Sep 1990
Types over 70 WPM