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Gary Wayne Clark gc84867e@westpost.

522 North 955 Road || Lawrence, KS 66047 (785)-423-5385 | (800)-381-949
A dynamic, results-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience offeri
ng focused business management training. As a Keynote Speaker and Trainer empowe
rs and strengthens the knowledge and information base of corporate clients. As a
Private Detective, performs surveillance duties as well as working as an invest
igator by independently applying analytical skills and investigative techniques.
Equipped with an excellent work ethic; possesses a strong sense of responsibili
ty and leadership with a commendable track record of dependability.

a Strong Background in Keynote Speaking

a Expert Trainer and Public Speaker
a Effective and Efficient Corporate Trainer
a Proven in Business Management and HR
a Proficient in Providing Training
a High Energy with Public Speaking Skills
a Strong Knowledge of Investigative Techniques
a Proven in Complex Criminal Investigations
a Expertise in Physical and Electronic Surveillance
a Extensive Knowledge in Human Behavior
a Excellent Communication Skills
a Strong Budgetary Control and Forecasting

Paper Trail Investigations, LLC. State of Kansas
Private Detective / Investigator 2008 a" Present
a Provides training to Human Resources departments in surveillance and in roles
as a Background Investigator, Professional Skip Tracer, and Insurance Fraud Inve
stigator as well as in private security.
a Works with Insurance Adjusters, Attorneys, and Circuit Court House Assistants
on domestic and civil investigations.
a Performs pre-employment background checks for employers and verifies employee
a Handles the overall operations of marketing advertising and the financial succ
ess of Paper Trail Investigations.
a Discretely provides outstanding assistance in criminal and civil liability cas
es, insurance claims, fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing-p
ersons cases, and detailed premarital screenings.
a Recognized as visionary and creative thinker in performing complex computer da
tabase searches.
a Verifies facts, such as an individual's income or employment, makes phone call
s, and visits jobsites.
a Consistently compiled investigative data and interview statements into an inde
xed file summary.
a Conducted interviews of identified witnesses to gather information pertinent t
o issues under investigation.
a Received Private Detective/Investigator license (D-4961) by the Kansas Attorne
y General, through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
Allegro Training and Consulting Lawrence, KS
Senior Vice President / Trainer 1994 a" President
a As Keynote Speaker, set the underlying tone and summarized core message of con
ventions and/or events.
a Provided training in the areas of: Management, Supervisory Skills, Quality Cus
tomer Service, and Diversity.
a Extraordinary ability demonstrated in creating and writing tailored seminars a
nd corporate training.
a Proven ability in managing independent contracting staff, which resulted in ma
ximum team productivity.
a Ensured client satisfaction with offered training as exemplified in high evalu
ation ratings (90-100%).
a Recognized by clients as dynamic and engaging, but also as a quite perceptive
a Responsibilities included: selling and marketing custom designed seminars, uti
lizing tools from direct mail marketing to leads and contacts, writing proposals
, bringing in high volume clients, such as: United Health Care, AT&T, and Portfo
lio Center, and increasing new client base by up to 80%.
a Designed action plans, budgets, and deposits; increased profit by 60%; consist
ently exceed sales goals.
a Proficient in computer systems, which included efficiency in many Macintosh pr
ograms and the Internet.
a Established and developed the framework for the program of events and/or conve
ntion agendas.
a Monitored performance of individuals and provided impartial, timely, and const
ructive feedback.
a Compared individual achievements with objectives; suggested more training to r
einforce learning objectives.

SkillPath Seminars Kansas City, KS

Program Manager 1994 a" 1996
a Handled the registering of all participants for Human Resources related semina
rs and training.
a Created excellent customer relations, as indicated through consistently high e
valuations by participants.
a Was fully responsible and facilitated smooth operation abehind the scenesa of
seminars and training.
a Developed strategies in setting up and selling personal development and skill
building focused training.
a Managed the overall operations, such as handling payments, paperwork and shipm
ent of products.
St. Louis Bread Company Atlanta, GA
Assistant General Manager 1994
a Hired, trained, and managed a staff of 30; insured maximum productivity accord
ing to standards.
a Responsibilities included: handling payroll, scheduling of work, and ordering
supplies for production.
a Demonstrated proficiency in using computer systems, such as Lotus and other ac
counting software.
a Successfully supervised the activities of personal and fully responsible for s
taff's professional development.
a Provided strong organizational leadership and active participation in account
sales and business development that resulted in a significant improvement in sal
Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows, IL
Food and Beverage Director / Manager 1992 a" 1994
a Successfully trained staff in the areas of Total Quality Customer Service and
insured client satisfaction.
a Possessed outstanding supervisory and management skills as well as strong comm
unication skills.
a Provided Quality Customer Service with 80-90% satisfaction scores on surveys r
esulting in repeat business.
a Developed sales, marketing, and promotion through personal contact with local
business, such as Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and Ryan Management Company, which
became Holiday Innas largest account.
a Received highest quarterly rating in the region on overall evaluation, generat
ing a profit of $449K and an increase of lunch revenue by over 30% within a year
North Shore Hilton Skokie, IL
Room Service Manager 1987 a" 1991
a Trained and managed a staff of 20 in the area of Quality Customer Service to e
nsure the highest level of service.
a Supervised the overall operations of the banquet and buffet for all scheduled
events and corporate gatherings.
a Successfully innovated and implemented a late night menu as final criteria for
Hilton's 4-Star rating.
a Provided excellent customer service resulting in exceeding sales goals by sign
ificantly increasing profits.
a Received the highest rating in the United States two consecutive years for cus
tomer satisfaction, quality, presentation, and speedy delivery.
Global School of Investigation
Florence, MA
Training Certification as a Private Investigator 2009
Lawrence Police Department Citizens Police Academy Lawrence, KS
Class President
Introduction to the Forum Leaders Program Atlanta, GA
Public Speaking 1995
HeartMath Boulder Creek, CA
Training in Developing Stress Management Program 1994
Dale Carnegie Chicago, IL
Management Training, Public Speaking, Personal Development 1993
Tennessee State University Nashville, TN
Architectural Design 1984 a" 86